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Ginger: hi Uncle Richard
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rich-c: hi Rin
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hi Rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Ginger: hi Daniel
Daniel B: <waves>
rich-c: Frances was on the computer mostly today, and lik3ed your report very well, Daniel
Ginger: <waves>
Ginger: it was very well done :-)
rich-c: I haven't had time to read it, or Dale's "trqanslation" yet - sorry
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HI KIDS !!!!!
Daniel B: the translation is ... well... not good
rich-c: got home OK, Roberto?
Ginger: howdy Bobs!
BobS: ginger...........
Daniel B: hi Bob!
BobS: yes got home safely and happily
BobS: saw 2 major accidents on the way home, but didn't involve us and happened shortly before we camne to them so traffic was not backed up much
rich-c: Frances said it was a little free, but hilatious in places - Whci does not necessarily indicate a "good" translation
BobS: i LIKED Dale's translation of your post Daniel.......was from your heart !!!!!!
rich-c: sounds like you got lucky then,
BobS: very llucky, could have been in long lines of stopped traffic
rich-c: which entry port did you use going back to the USA?
BobS: went thru tunnel @ Windosr
BobS: windsor
rich-c: seill a masochist, eh?
rich-c: still
BobS: had NO trouble gettign back in ,,,,,did not even ask for id or birth cert
rich-c: really? that's quite unusual for that road, I've heard
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changed username to Guy Foster
Guy Foster: Greetings everyone.
rich-c: salut Guy!
Ginger: hi Guy
BobS: YO Guy
Guy Foster: BobS: How was the drive back home?
BobS: good trip home mon?????
BobS: yes easy trip back little long but
rich-c: hope you enjoyed your Adamcon as much as we enjoyed the Quebec representation
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Guy Foster: BobS: Yeah, trip was pretty decent...
changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: doktor
Daniel B: After seeing you in person, the adamcon chat is different, I can add a face, a voice, an attitude to the names
Guy Foster: Rich: We certainly did!
Dr. D.: Hi everyone.
Ginger: isn't it cool Daniel?
Dr. D.: Hi Ginger
Dr. D.: And Daniel and Guy
Ginger: hi Doctor
Guy Foster: Greetings Dr. D!
rich-c: yes, the contact is very revealing - sorry I was personally not up to par
Daniel B: the adamcon chat is better now, less problem to figure out who is who.
rich-c: hello Rich
Dr. D.: We are just glad you made it, Richard.
Guy Foster: Daniel: Not connected to Yahoo! messenger?
BobS: "ain't it COOL ??????"
Dr. D.: Now you see how weird I am :-S
rich-c: yes - we will turn off the air conditioning tonight and make do with the fans
BobS: true. true
Ginger: <smirk>
Dr. D.: I liked all the A/C...
Guy Foster: I finally know most of the people here by their names/aliases, but one question. Who's Ginger?
Dr. D.: You old cold people
BobS: naw TOO cool
Ginger: oh shoosh Frosty
Dr. D.: Who was at the convention who had red hair, Guy?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy Foster: Dr.D: Ahhhhh, OK... <blush>
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Dr. D.: hehe
Ginger: hehe
Ginger: Hi Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, got back to Chicago OK I assume
Guy Foster: Hi Guy B!
Guy B.: About 15 minutes late and that's because of the airline switching the gate numbers around for everyone.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: We forgot to take your digital camera pics. We ended up making a CD with all of the pics combined. and gave it away in the morning.
BobS: hey Guy B
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Guy B.: When I checked out, I got a CD-Rom. Must have been from Neil
Dr. D.: I still have pix here...
Guy Foster: If anyone wants the pictures, I can .zip them up and put them on my website.
rich-c: why don't you just post it on one of the chatters' websites so all can share?
Guy B.: That explains it Guy. Thanks.
Daniel B: I almost saw all the pictures burned in the cd-rom
Dr. D.: I haven't even looked at the ones I took...
Guy Foster: A lot of very nice pictures were taken at the event. Some people are very talented.
Dr. D.: Lots of duds during the fireworks display I am sure (i.e., no fireworks).
rich-c: I haven't had time to look yet - cramped my leg in Guy's room and now it's all but grounded me
Daniel B: I were in the conference room during the fireworks
Guy Foster: Fireworks were surprisingly very good, considering how far away we were from the harbor.
rich-c: I'd have thought you would have neede to be up higher
BobS: actually we were NOT far from the harbor, we took a trip down after leaving the hotel....was only about6 city blocks away or so
Guy Foster: We had a clear view of the fireworks, which was right next to the Canadian Tire.
rich-c: yes, but there are other buildings obstructing the view
Guy Foster: Hope the chat server behaves tonight.
rich-c: oh, shame, Guy - now you've gone and broken the spell 8-)
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Ginger: hehe
changed username to Pamela
Daniel B: hi Pam!
rich-c: hi daughter
Ginger: hi Pam
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Daniel B: <big hug>
Pamela: hugs back
Guy Foster: Hey there Pamela!
Pamela: Hey Rin, Guy, Rich, Dad, Bob, and Guy
Pamela: sorry I'm late
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Pamela: i'm glad to see that everyone made it home safely
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Ginger: hi Judy!
Guy Foster: Hey there Judy!
rich-c: hello Judy - aren't networks great?
Judy: Hi , everyone
Pamela: Daddy, first of all, how are you feeling?
Daniel B: I dont' know why but now I saw BobS as David Letterman.
rich-c: well, we haven't heard from Ron yet, but maybe he got a slow airplane
Judy: he wasn't going right home was he?
Guy Foster: Ron I beleive said he was to stay 2 extra days.
rich-c: so-so, Pam - the IV needle worked itsel loose and I had to call in the nurse to remove it
Dr. D.: Ai Richard
Dr. D.: That is not good :-(
BobS: LETTERMAN ??????
Pamela: : ( is right
rich-c: only lost one cheduled injection though, but it did mess up my arm
Ginger: oy
Dr. D.: Probably all swollen and bruised?
Guy Foster: BobS: Maybe he meant, funny like Letterman, which I would have to agree!
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
BobS: ok, I will take that as a GOOD thing !!!!!
rich-c: let's say it isn't pretty, Rich - Frances is glad I'm on the oral antibiotics
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy Foster: BobS: Sure is!
Ginger: I dunno Guy....Letterman is quite the catch :-)
Pamela: Guy, how was your flight home? Better than the trip here, I hope
Guy B.: I got my new processor Monday. And it's sounds WAYYYYYYYY different.
Pamela: but he's caught, remember? Wife and baby now
Pamela: different how?
Guy B.: I got to the airport about 20 minutes late. Better than 8 hours.
BobS: sounds?????
Guy B.: Sounds are all different. It's not the same as the old processor.
Pamela: so we'll all sound different to you next year then?
rich-c: and not easy for you to determine if it's more realistic
Guy B.: I may have to have it re-programmed. I have until August 31st to decide which is better for me.
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Guy Foster: Pamela: I can't wait to go to "Lick's" now... too bad we don't have one around here.
Judy: we didn't have near the delays we had on the way
Pamela: got you hooked, did I, Guy? : )
changed username to james
Guy B.: You did my dear.
rich-c: good morning james
Ginger: hi James
Pamela: good morning James : )
james: good morning
Guy B.: HI James
BobS: hi james
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: pooped thank you
Judy: saw two accidents but they didn' t slow us down too much
rich-c: still on the right side of the grass
Guy Foster: Pamela: Yep... now I have to find where the closest Lick's is to Montreal... :)
Guy B.: Recovering and now I'm working overtime.
Guy Foster: Greetings James.
Dr. D.: I had no delays at all :-) 35 minutes back to Toronto Sunday night, 5 hours 15 minutes (deducting lunch stop) from downtown Toronto to Cleveland.
Judy: hi, James
Ginger: probably helped leaving later...good to know
Pamela: good luck, Guy - you may have to try Ottawa
rich-c: sounds like maybe you were flying a bit low, Doc
Guy Foster: Pamela: Ottawa it is then!!!
Dr. D.: Ate a salad at Denny's at the Angola service plaza on the NY some Harry Potter 6.
james: glad to see everyone has made it back ok
Guy B.: The delay at the airport was they switched the gate numbers on the flights and confused everyone.
Pamela: I make no guarantees, Guy
Dr. D.: I bought a copy at Loblaw's Monday morning (40% off).
Dr. D.: Hi James.
Guy Foster: Pamela: I'm sure they have a website. :)
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changed username to Dale
Guy Foster: Pamela: Maybe I can call them as if they deliver to Montreal. :)
Ginger: hi Dale
Pamela: hey, Dale
Dr. D.: Hello Dale.
Guy B.: Pam, I have to thank you for telling me to leave early. Good thing I did.
Guy Foster: Greetings Dale.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
james: what's this about ottawa?
Pamela: wouldn't it be nice, Guy
rich-c: I figure I'll be ready to borrow Pam's copy juyst after she and Russell finish it
Pamela: maybe there's a new business opportunity there
Daniel B: hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, didnt see you come in
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: Guy (B), I figured it would be better for you to be early than late, especially for a flight that early
Pamela: Have you finished it then Rich?
BobS: Hi Dale
Pamela: Dale, did my post go through to the col Adam list?
Dale: James, I hear that you want to go to AdamCon 20 in Ottawa.
james: aiden is cranky and sleepy. i'll be back soon
Ginger: he did...but it was Scotty that died at the end :-(
james: i would love that
Dr. D.: Re: Scotty, heavy sighs
Guy B.: Paid off. Got there early. Manage to print my boarding pass at the check-in kiosk and got through customs and security with no problems.
Pamela: I'm so glad, Guy
Guy B.: Now, I'm going to plan out for next years.
rich-c: then all you had to do was stay awake until they allowed boarding
Dale: Pam, I haven't seen it come through. Are you subscribed?
Pamela: Guy, how long is the flight from Toronto to Chicago?
Pamela: I should be Dale, but I may have the wrong address - hang on whilst I check
rich-c: only about two hours, isn't it?
Guy B.: Pam, I heard on the radio that a truck overturned on 401 and it blocked all three lanes. And I got off at 409 when it started backing up.
Guy B.: It was an hour and half.
rich-c: wel, 409 is the natural route to the airport anyway
Guy B.: And it was clear sailing all the way.
Pamela: is this it?:
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Guy B.: That's the old one Pam.
Dale: No. I moved to
changed username to Ron Back West
Ginger: hi Ron
Daniel B: hi ron
Ron Back West: back
Guy B.: HI ROn
Dr. D.: Hello Mighty Mitchell!
Dr. D.: <scissors>
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron Back West: evening all
rich-c: hey Ron, you made it - long flight to Comox
BobS: hey !!!!! the WET coast heard form
Ron Back West: yessir
james: back
Dale: <paper>
Pamela: ah, no wonder
Ron Back West: rock
Dr. D.: Ron wins!
Judy: we saw one that had rolled but it was on the entrance ramp
Dr. D.: Broken scissors can't cut paper
Pamela: hi, Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron Back West: Hey Bob- did you guys have to go back to the hotel Monday night?
james: dale, was the con that just finished #17 or #18?
Ron Back West: Hi Pam, Judy
Dale: Was 17.
Daniel B: #17
Dale: has some stuff.
Judy: no we were home
james: so i think that means i'd want #19 in ottawa, not #20. if this can be done
BobS: no, were back home in Gr on Monday night
Pamela: okay, fixed. Gonna re-send.
rich-c: why don't you talk to everyone who got pictures and invite them to post them
Daniel B: Guy Bona is in charge of the Adamcon next year.
Dr. D.: I will gladly take 20 :-) Only 3 years to prepare
Ron Back West: Ok, must have been somebody else - another Grand Marquis, same colour with Michigan license plates. And a hat on the back seat that looked like an Adamcon hat
Dale: has a tuned up version of the game I was discussing during the show.
Ron Back West: I thought -oh oh... something's amiss
Daniel B: I'm downloading the new version, Dale.
BobS: OUCH !!!! a parallel world here........
james: hey ron, glad to see you've made it back to the wet coast
Guy Foster: Dale: Let's check the game out!
Ron Back West: Thank you sir..... I'd forgot how much I hated waiting in airports
Dale: Richard, I actually gathered up all of the images I could and made CDs that I gave out to those who contributed.
james: lol. yeah, we used to have a really bad layover in vancouver going from osaka to ottawa
Judy: we stopped and picked up the ref and made it home by 7
Dale: Guy B, did you get a CD when you checked out?
Ron Back West: so y'all got a double
rich-c: it' all comes back to you in a hurry the next time, doesn't it?
james: i can't believe we used to go directly from my wife's house to my parents' place without stopping
james: this time we're breaking it up and flying northworst with only a 1hr layover in detroit
Daniel B: ho! I saw a screenshot in the warmfuzz folder
Judy: Bob got a little wet putting the fridge in
Ron Back West: I'll bet
Ron Back West: Hot in Michigan?
Ron Back West: phone is ringing BRB
Daniel B: ok, it's an old screenshot
BobS: si, just like in Whitby
Dale: It is in the zip file and called result.rom
Judy: yes, high 80's and it rained tonight
Pamela: I must say, one of the things I like about being on dial up is NOT having to answer the phone
Judy: just got the grass cut and it started raining
Pamela: that's the way it goes, Judy
Pamela: I think it's written somewhere: cutting the lawn shall make it rain
rich-c: it's almost as effacacious as washing your car - but doesn't attract birds
Dale: I can beat the computer now, if I use both hands to carry items. The computer only ever uses one hand.
Judy: it really needs it so I wasn't complaining, would do any good anyway
Dr. D.: I mowed the lawn this morning and no rain yet here.
Pamela: well, we had a beautiful day - much cooler, no humidity, clear skies and no smog
Pamela: actually worth going outside
rich-c: yes, last week we told our gardener to trim the hedge instead as the grass wasn't worth cutting
james: pamela, surely you weren't in toronto then :P
Pamela: I did have to double check, James : )
Daniel B: Wow! you improve the game and add a title screen and receipe screens between the games.
Guy Foster: Dale: how do you carry items when you're over them?
Dale: The top left corner of the sprite has to be over the object you want to pick up.
Dr. D.: You didn't ask me to cut any hedges on Monday, Richard :-)
Judy: needed it in places
Dale: Then hit either the left or right fire button.
Judy: and Ryan liked the ride
Dale: Daniel, I added that on Monday.
Guy Foster: Dale: And then you press the fire button?
Daniel B: thank you to slowdown the speed of the coleco bunny. :-)
rich-c: no, you did more towards reducing the cluuter (a.k.a. preserving heritage items)
Guy Foster: Dale: Ok, so the ears of the bunny have to be on the item....
Dale: Top left corner in particular.
Pamela: yes Frances, there really is a basement . . . : )
Dale: I still need to make it so that the paw of the bunny is the pickup point. It would make more sense.
Pamela: what did you end up taking home, Rich?
Guy B.: Yes, I got the CD. Thanks
rich-c: if Rin takes one of the Adams, Pam, will you take another to keep up woith her ; - )
Guy Foster: Dale: Yes, but that's easy to change I guess. Pretty impressive. All that's left is some sounds.
Dr. D.: I took paper docs and books.
Pamela: sure Dad, just as soon as I add another room on : )
Dr. D.: And 3 to-be-tested disk drives.
Ginger: I would like to have one :-)
Dale: I have some sounds compiled in, I just need to trigger them.
Dale: Mostly.
Judy: in an apartment?
Pamela: I'd love to have one if I just had the space
Dale: I also want to write a little jingle to go with it.
rich-c: it can be arranged, Erin, soon as I am less - uh - physically challenged?
Guy Foster: Dale: I started work on my shooter-game. It's advanced pretty well in 24 hours, but I still need to work on the AI.
Guy Foster: Dale: Yes, a nice fast-paced background jingle when the rabbits are running around.
Guy Foster: Dale: What's those numbers that appear inside the brick wall?
Pamela: believe me Judy, I wish I could add on.
Daniel B: need help? you know, I improved my coleco sound knowledge reccently
Ron Back West: back
Pamela: however, I'd settle for getting some of this junk outta here
Pamela: I am my father's daughter
Guy Foster: Daniel: speaking of which, dunno if it's my computer, but did you change your java applet recently? A lot of the sounds don't work on my end.
Dr. D.: I am pretty sure that the actual sorting/disposal can be easily done in a single longish Saturday, as long as there is a dumpster.
Judy: you just have to rent the apartment next door and you have an added room
Daniel B: the applet is the same, and i didn't recompile it
Guy B.: Rich C, did you copy Qbasic from your desktop to your laptop?
Pamela: don't think we haven't considered it : )
Pamela: unfortunately, it's just a little impractical
rich-c: have been too otherwise occupied to even look to see if I have it, Guy
Guy Foster: Pamela: garage sale time!
Pamela: mais Guy, je n'ai pas un garage
james: cd /var/www/
james: oops
Guy Foster: james: hmmm. :)
Pamela: www.oops?
Judy: they aren't all they are cracked up to be anyway, Guy
Ron Back West changed username to Ron
james: lol. trying to get something running on my linux box
Dr. D.: Anybody successfully grabbed my PowerPoint presentation yet?
Ron: Speaking of JAVA applets, Dale, did you change the one Spaniel is using?
Guy B.: I figured out why I couldn't transfer through our own notebooks. Needed a crossover cable. I'm going to put a Powerpoing presentation for you on the emulator and the utilities.
Ron: Was unable to get in with my Mac
Guy B.: Powerpoint
Daniel B: I didn't read the whole Coleco prog manual, but my own coleco prog document will take some info from this doc for sure
Dr. D.: You couldn't get my PPT Ron?
Ron: couldn't access the chat from the Mac
Dr. D.: Oh, you were talking about Spaniel.
Ron: ya
Dr. D.: I see (brain is foggy, it is too warm here)
Ron: your pres has arrived DR. D. I haven't opened it yet
Dr. D.: You should enjoy the bonus final slide, eh Ginger?
Ginger: <smirk>
rich-c: I think MS makes a Powerpoint viewer now that can be downloaded free
Daniel B: yes, here it's warm too... I want to return to the hotel and hear Bob says "Welcome to Alaska"
Pamela created action SO/A/C
Dr. D.: She knows what it is :-)
Guy B.: Your Easyoffice may have one. Does it?
Ginger: indeed I remember
Judy: we have turned on the air again, I really didn't want to be cold anymore
(Pamela sends Dr. D. some air conditioning)
Dale: Ron, I didn't change it yet. I'll do it for next week though.
(Pamela sends Daniel B some air conditioning)
Guy B.: I turned mine off for the day. Had it one for the dog.
rich-c: not sure - StarOffice on the desktop does
Guy Foster: Dr. D: how can i access your presentation? I missed it, so I'd like to see it.
Judy: but after it rained it turned awful
Guy B.: Take a look the next time your on it.
Dr. D.:
rich-c: also got a giveaway disc today with a lot of Corel stuff on it
Dr. D.: if memory serves
Dr. D.: It is 9.3 MB, so hope you have DSL...
Guy B.: We did get some rain here. Then some severe weather hit south of me.
Pamela: we haven't had any rain since Sunday
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Daniel B: it's about the hardware, right?
changed username to MacMitch
Guy Foster: Dr. D: The path is valid.
rich-c: we had some rain overnight but not enough to wake us up - the grass appreciated it though
Judy: they had some t-storm warning south of us, also
Guy B.: Ron, you're on twice.
MacMitch: Ok, well so much for that theory ... guess it must just be my laptop
MacMitch: Yes, I know.... .I'll kill off one
Pamela: you don't have your tongue in the right place in your cheek, Ron
Ron left chat session
Dr. D.: Still some working brain cells for me then, Guy.
MacMitch: There
Pamela: Ron, when did you get home?
MacMitch: About 5:30 pm our time
Dale: Guy F, the numbers on the brick wall are debug code still. The joystick position.
Pamela: ah, just recently then
MacMitch: Flight was about 20 minutes late getting in
MacMitch: yes
Pamela: so did you have dinner with M & D last night?
rich-c: did you get a chance to snooze on the way?
MacMitch: yup. We ordered in pizza
MacMitch: good time had by all
Pamela: good.
MacMitch: I snoozed at the airport, I snoozed on the plane, I snoozed in Calgary.... the day was one big snooze
MacMitch: snoozed in the east, snoozed in the west
Judy: we didn't even have to show id at the border to get back in
rich-c: ah, you had a layover in Calgary, then?
MacMitch: 2 hours
Pamela: did they ask you anything interesting Judy?
rich-c: wouldn't do me - for some reason I've been snoozing all day
MacMitch: I don't mind layovers. Would rather have too much time than too little
Judy: what was our plate #
rich-c: didn't even get up until 10.30, back to sleep after lunch
Pamela: really? That's different
Judy: that was the most important thing on her mind
Daniel B: Question : What is the problem with the hour in usa to have a new law to keep the advanced time 9 months per year?
Pamela: Rich, what about you?
Dr. D.: What about me?
rich-c: they are just trying to make the rest of the world annoyed with them, Daniel
Pamela: any problems at the border?
Dr. D.: Nope.
Dr. D.: Guy looked at my passport.
Dr. D.: Asked where I was at, I said Weston, Whitby for computer convention, Weston again, then here.
rich-c: actually it's the revenge of the southern red states (where sunrise/sunset don't vary much during the year) on the blue states where they have winters and things
Pamela: did he know where any of those places were?
Dr. D.: What did I have in the car? Clean clothes, sack of dirty clothes, laptop, printer and scanner for laptop.
Dr. D.: Have a nice day.
Dr. D.: How should I know?
Dr. D.: It was the truth.
Pamela: tee hee
Judy: and if we bought anything
Guy Foster: Do Americans have to pay any duty fees when they buy things in Canada?
Dr. D.: All of your Dad's stuff fit conveniently behind the rear seat and the hatch, after some reorganizing.
Dr. D.: Probably if you buy a lot of stuff...but since I don't drink or smoke, and those are the two things most people try to bring back to the States...I am safe.
rich-c: with free trade most items are duty free - but there are exceptions both ways
BobS: after 48 hours, can bring back $700 of stuff i think it said....including some alchohol and some sigarettes
Pamela: I thought it was the other way around - people import those things to Canada from the States
BobS: cigarettes
Dr. D.: All the Americans want Canadian high-test beer.
rich-c: they are cheaper at the duty free store going either way
james: so next year's con is in chicago?
Guy Foster: When I go to the states for less than 3 days, I have to declare everything, and pay close to 30% taxes. After 3 days I can bring in about $450 worth of products, and pay duty on the rest.
Pamela: wow, we only get $300 (I think) after 48 hours
BobS: sowed the customs lady my tshirt and Judy said she bought some shampoo/conditioner
james: pam - that's apparently being reviewed
rich-c: I doubt it - they don't seem to seek out the higher-alcohol brands
BobS: said GOOD BYE to us and away we went
Judy: told me my hair looked good
Daniel B: I like Whitby. I didn't saw the entire city but i like what I saw.
Pamela: good - I want to go clothes shopping next year
Dr. D.: That isn't what Erin's friend Pat said...
Guy Foster: Daniel: It's a pretty big city.... Surprised I hadn't heard of it before my trip there.
rich-c: check with Canada Customs and find out what is duty free, Pam - though rmember you WILL have to pay sales tax
MacMitch: Monday I drove up to Canadian Forces Base Borden and saw the house I used to live in 53 years ago
Dr. D.: Wow Ron
james: how old were you at the time, ron?
MacMitch: about 7
Pamela: I just pack it
MacMitch: give or take
james: wow
MacMitch: looks like they were about to tear them all down.... none of them were occupied.... the married quarters
Pamela: speaking of which, what if any sales tax does Illinois have, Guy?
BobS: glad you found it ron
james: dale, are you still here?
Guy B.: Now that Adamcon 17 is over. I'm going to start on 18. And going to get rid of a couple of old computers here.
Dale: I'm here.
MacMitch: me too....
james: @guy, are they adams?
Dale: Jeffrey says that I should be playing a PS2 Nascar game.
james: lol
Pamela: apparently everyone has the cleaning bug : )
Dale: So he is trying to distract me with that.
MacMitch: yeah Dale, get your priorities straight eh?
Daniel B: Jeffrey is better? good!
Pamela: how is he feeling, Dale?
Guy B.: We do have a sales tax here. But, several cities added more to the base tax. We also have a sales tax to fund mass transit.
Judy: Bob had to play games with Ryan, also
Dale: Jeffrey is a bit better, but I couldn't get him to take an afternoon nap, as much as I tried.
Guy Foster: Hmm, Neil is not on tonight.
Dale: So he is a little gumpy today.
james: how old is he?
Dr. D.: Neil is rarely here AFAIK
MacMitch: I can relate to that, and I had my nap!
Guy B.: No Adams James. They are PC's.
Guy Foster: Guy B: Phewww, because getting rid of an Adam would be... blasphemy!
MacMitch: a chargeable offence
Dale: Neil is usually on only when I ask him explicitly. A few times a year.
Dr. D.: Guess I am going to jail in 3 weeks then
Guy B.: I have two here at my place and two more at my sister in-law's crawl space. Both in the original boxes.
rich-c: oh? how many would you like, GuyF, and when would you like to come collect them?
Pamela: we'll protect you, Rich
Guy Foster: Guy B: Awesome collector's item!
Dale: Jeffrey is 3 1/2 years old.
MacMitch: In that case Dr. D., it is justified
Dr. D.: Magic Chef brand 286, right?
Dale: James did you download my updated game.
Dr. D.: Doubles as a toaster oven.
Guy Foster: Rich: Hehehe. Until I buy myself a house, I cannot bring in anything more into this crowded little appartment of mine.
Guy B.: One of my Adam's is the Expansion 3.
Dale: We were discussing it earlier.
MacMitch: brb
Pamela: cook your eggs on the hard drive?
Dr. D.: No that is the baloney slicer attachment
Guy Foster: I would like to get the ADAM expansion module that plugs into the Colecovision though.
Dr. D.: Cutting wheel
Pamela: ah
rich-c: wellm get shopping, your market may take off like ours
rich-c: here they buy a bungalow for $400,000 just to tear it down
Pamela: considering the difference in housing prices we discussed Guy, now would be a good time
Pamela: (says she, who lives in a glass house)
Guy Foster: Rich: Those are the prices you would expect to pay in the prestigious areas of Montreal, but around Montreal, things are still reasonable.
Guy B.: That one was my first Adam. The others are the standalones.
Dr. D.: Not much glass in your apartment, Pam.
rich-c: well, get one while they are still rasonable, Guy
Pamela: that's because I've been throwing stones : )
BobS: got some here Guy, not oxed, but in good shape
BobS: boxed
Pamela: got that nice big picture window in the living room : )
Guy Foster: Pamela: Here, you can still get something decent for $150K.
Guy B.: I'm going to turn one PC into a DOS machine for the emulator and Adamserve. And install two original 360K floppy drives.
Guy Foster: Pamela: Even $80K if you don't mind driving for an hour. :)
Pamela: it makes a person jealous, Guy
rich-c: that won't even buy a secondhand, rundown condo in Toronto
BobS: so prices are more normal in Montreal eh?????
Pamela: heck, that's a half decent downpayment around here
rich-c: yes, very substantially more sane. Bob
james: $80k for what, a house?
Guy B.: My Dell will have two new upgrades. One, a 40GB hard drive and a 17" monitor that I will get free from work.
Guy Foster: James: Certainly.... nothing too big or luxurious, but yes.
james: wow
Pamela: I second that
Guy Foster: - to see properties for sale in Canada.
james: in ottawa if you want a single home, you're starting at about $220k
Guy B.: This I would love to see sometime.
james: yeah, miyuki and i spend a lot of time on that site
Guy Foster: James: Thinking of going back to Canada? :)
james: oh, we plan to eventually
james: idea is to get my mutual funds built up and then subsidize the purchase of a house on the interest
james: so once the school is paid off, i've got ten years to slave away and invest
Guy Foster: James: You'd need lots of mutual funds for that.
rich-c: it can be done but it ain't easy, james
james: yeah, figuring on $300-$400k
Daniel B: Did I say something bad? Bob is not talking at all...
Judy: he is watching a movie at the same time
BobS: nope.....listening
Pamela: of course not Daniel
Guy Foster: Daniel: Yeah Dan, he's mad at you! :)
rich-c: naw, he's gone looking to see how many surplus Adams he wants to unload...
BobS: none.........ADAM'S ade collector items
Pamela: speaking of quiet - Erin, you've hardly said a word
rich-c: all the time, Bob - so where are these collectors?
Ginger: dozing and watching
Judy: we may need the room when we close up the antiques
Pamela: how's work going?
rich-c: I gather the antique trade isn't what it used to be?
Ginger: been very busy...still getting up to speed on a lot of issues
Judy: that is an understatement
Guy Foster: I guess there must be fluctuations with Antiques. I've seen a lot of Antique shops in Montreal closing, yet there are a few that seem to be doing pretty well. (the ones that deal with eBay)
Judy: this is the worst year that we have ever had
rich-c: hard in a government that can't make up its mind - and messes up when it does
Pamela: I'll bet. : )
Ginger: words of wisdom...from the press
Judy: we have bought on ebay so the prices aren't good on there either
Guy Foster: Judy: Hang on to those antiques, the market will come back, I'm sure of that.
rich-c: I had such high hopes for the Liberals when they came in - well, at least they are a little less crooked
Judy: have sold a few items on there but it is really iffy
Daniel B: Question : Neil's presentation he didn't do at the Adamcon, is it possible to have a copy the powerpoint file of it?
rich-c: yes, eBay is something of a lottery, isn't it?
Judy: not a problem we have 3 booths full not to mention the stuff that we have in the house
Guy Foster: Rich: Yes. Items that sell for $350 one week, will sell for $75 the next week, etc....
rich-c: yes, and one of the worst for the yo-yo actioin is the Adam
Guy Foster: Rich: I can believe that. Colecovision is pretty strong though.
rich-c: maybe I should try flogging my TI-99/4A instead
james: i see those for sale on ebay from time to time
Dr. D.: Don't flog it too hard, poor thing, only 256 bytes of CPU RAM...
Guy Foster: Rich: You have any disk drives for the TI-99/4A?
Dale: Daniel, a copy of Neil's powerpoint is on the CD i gave you.
rich-c: I do not understand why the Colecovion would sell and the upgrade, the Adam, won't
Daniel B: not the presentation based on newspapers
rich-c: yes, I have the cabinet with the hosepipe and a couple of drives in it
Daniel B: the one about digital camera... something like that
Guy Foster: Rich: Might have to do with the fact that youneed to buy a printer with it to make it work.
Dr. D.: I have the Expansion Unit, with RAM upgrade, serial/parallel card, and I think the disk drive.
Guy Foster: Rich: Awesome! Was looking for one last year. Let me know if you ever want to get rid of it.
Dr. D.: And somewhere, an entire set of schematics, full-sized.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: You also own a TI-99/4A?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Dr. D.: And the XRAM cartridge, speech synthesizer, TI BASIC, some game carts
Dale: Daniel, I don't think he prepared a presentation for that, as he continued on with the history sessions.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Fully loaded TI-99/4A I see!
Daniel B: ok
rich-c: I have about six but just the one console - but I'm open to offers
Dr. D.: I got it from a guy who also had some ADAM stuff, way back when.
Guy B.: I would say that Coleco at least, kept their word that they released the Adam Expansion Module 3.
MacMitch: Get thee behind me Satan!
Dr. D.: I think it was $50 for the whole lot...or maybe it was just whatever was needed to cover shipping.
Guy Foster: Rich: Sure thing!
MacMitch: I have no room for such things
rich-c: when did that ever stop you, Ron?
MacMitch: It has to now
Dr. D.: Or maybe it was shipping to cover the lot and some ADAM stuff...I can remember the guy's name, but nothing else.
Dr. D.: Had to have been 1992 or so.
rich-c: BTW Bob, did you get the copies of the Makine emails I sent you?
Daniel B: Question : Is there someone here who have a picture of the Coleco company? I can't find one.
Guy Foster: Daniel: It would be wise to look through Montreal newspapers. Perhaps they had a picture of it inside.
rich-c: The Coleco company has several locations including W.Hartford, CT., Amsterdam, NY and Montrea;l
Daniel B: any picture of one of theses building?
rich-c: Gppgle it and see what you get
BobS: yup I did Richard
Guy Foster: Daniel:Let me seeif I can find anything for you.
BobS: trouble is the shippign form CA to US
Guy Foster: Daniel: I found a COLECO truck....
Dr. D.: There was a place you could buy old stock certificates, including from Coleco.
Dr. D.: They wanted $120 for one about 5 years ago...
rich-c: it is expensive, Bob, as we have nothing like small packet rates, but in qualtity it isn't bad
Dr. D.: It was pretty but too pricey
Pamela: that would be the one worth $2.55 or whatever it was, Rich?
Dr. D.: Something like that...though now, worthless as stock.
rich-c: not necessarily, Pam, a single stock certificate can cover a number of shares
james: dale, if you rejoin us, i'd like to ask you a couple questions about running java stuff on linux
Dr. D.: I am going to have to go...gotta get up at 6 AM to take Elanor to school.
Guy Foster: Have a good night Dr. D.
Pamela: that was all-inclusive, Dad : )
Guy B.: Bye Dr D.
BobS: nite doktor d
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. D.: Nite all
Pamela: goodnite Rich
james: good night!
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-c: that does mean it's time for some shuteye - take care, Rich
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel B: bye Dr.D ... too late
Guy Foster: Hmmm, distance of 847 miles from Montreal to Chicago.
Pamela: holy cow, that was fast
Dale: James, yoyu didn't respond to my last two comments to you.
rich-c: that's a bit dicey to drive all in one day, but easy over two (if you're young enough)
james: i have to admit that i didn't see them
Dale: But I run java stuf f on Linux.
james: aiden left a deposit that i had to withdraw
Pamela: LOL, James
james: ok, i'm just wondering how. i'm trying to set up nfcchat
Guy Foster: Rich: About 600KMs/day. I could probably manage that... probably better to take the plane though.
james: so far i've unzipped the package and put it on my box and i'Ve installed jamvm (java virtual machine)
Ginger: well g'night folks...alarm says 5 am
Pamela: I checked and we have enough air miles right now for one round trip air fare to Chicago
Ginger: see you next week
Dale: I've done an apt-get install jamvm
rich-c: night now Rin
Pamela: oh, ick sweetie gnite
james: yeah, exactly what i did
Guy Foster: Speaking of chat, I must admit that the chat is behaving amazingly tonight.
Ginger left chat session
Judy: night Erin
james: well it helps when there's only one rich-c :P
Dale: It seems to be reasonablly good, except for the occasional lockup with a large number of connections.
Guy Foster: Hehe.
rich-c: yes, I haven't been drop[ped once (touch wood)
Daniel B: Bye 'rin... too late again
james: we could forcibly remove him :D
MacMitch: Be well - all who are saying g'nite
Pamela: you have to be quick, Daniel : )
james: but he might put up a fight
Pamela: careful, he'll whack you with his cane : )
james: so dale, is jamvm what you've been using to run spaniel chat?
Dale: What zip have you downloaded?
Daniel B: is it a "pace" game saying goodnight to those who are leaving?
james: nfcchat
Pamela: sometimes : )
Dale: jamvm just for a month or so.
Guy Foster: Daniel: Just set yourself up a macro.
james: from i downloaded the binary
james: ok, so i'm on the right track then
james: i know that to actually run the java chat server i need the java virtual machine
Dale: Daniel :-) it's all reflexes.
james: i used nfcchat last night on another site and i really liked it
rich-c: think I'd better get up while I still can get up
Pamela: you heading out Dad?
rich-c: as Guy knows, too long on a chair cramps my legs
rich-c: so time for me to duck out - goodnight to all
james: good night, rich!
Pamela: Dad, I'll try to call tomorrow night
Dale: I'm thinking of trying sablevm instead, to see if it works better.
Guy Foster: Goodnight Rich! (quick Daniel,say goodnight)
rich-c: OK, I'll be here
Pamela: goodnight till then, Daddy
BobS: nite richarda
james: sablevm is another java virtual machine?
Daniel B: bonne nuit Rich!
Judy: night Rich, hope you feel better sooon
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel et Duy
Daniel B: YES!
MacMitch: How is your arm Rich? The one with the bandage on it?
Guy Foster: Get well soon Rich!
rich-c: take it easy all - a la prochaine
Guy B.: Bye Rich
Pamela: ta da
Guy Foster: <poof?>
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: I have a shell script that runs every 15 minutes, to make sure that the chat server is running.
Dale: Guy F: you can say goodbye for 15 minutes (or an hour)
james: ok, 1st question - i've installed jamvm - how do i start it or know it's running?
Dale: But if you say poof, you promise not to continue the conversation.
james: lol
Guy Foster: <poof>. Didn't a wizard in Zork use that word?
Dale: Well, once I have the paths set up correctly, I start the java application:
Dale: java SpanielChat2Server >/tmp/spaniel.up 2>/tmp/spaniel.err &
Pamela: okay Mr. Bona - what pipe cleaner creations are we going to make to represent Chicago?
Guy Foster: Pamela: Perhaps a gun? :)
Dale: Pam LOL
Pamela: LOL
Guy B.: Hmmmm. Haven't thought about that yet. Any ideas?
james: hmm..
Guy B.: No, we are NOT the mob here.
Pamela: I'm thinking about it
Guy Foster: Guy B: ... but it is Chicago!!!
Guy B.: I know.
Pamela: perhaps we should make that next year's MMA
Guy Foster: MMA?
Pamela: Mighty Mitchell Award
Guy Foster: Ahhh yes....
Guy B.: Anyone heard of Sam Giancana?
MacMitch: mighty mitchell aswardc
MacMitch: award
Dale: I guess it is my problem to determine the contest for the MMA.
Pamela: but no, that's Dale's job next year, isn't it
Pamela: that name rings a bell, Guy
Pamela: but I don't know why
Judy: no, I have not, Guy
MacMitch: yes dale
Pamela: famous mobster perhaps?
Dale: HCMMMMA (the Highly Coveted but Much Maligned Might Mitchell Award)
Pamela: and Dale, please, no chess - I don't know how to play it
MacMitch: you dihrty rat
Guy B.: He was the BIG boss of the Chicago Mob. He was murdered 30 years ago and that still remains unsolved. When I grew up. My neighbor was Sam's brother and I never knew that until my mom told me.
Dale: Pam, I was kidding about the chess thing. I'll come up with something appropriate though.
Pamela: ah yes - seems to me there was a Biography about him on A&E
Pamela: <huge sigh of relief> THANK YOU
Daniel B: Question : At the Rock Paper Scisor game, Dale did Rock then ___ then rock again... what is the word missing here?
MacMitch: bear in mind that the originally stated purpose of the MMA was to encourage programming
MacMitch: not that we ever did thaty
MacMitch: that
Dale: Rock crushes Scissors
Dale: Scissors cut paper.
Guy B.: Anyway, you guys don't have to worry about anything like that. But, there is a lot to see and I have an idea for a sidetrip.
Dale: Paper smothers rock.
Pamela: isn't it that rock dulls scissors?
Guy Foster: Dale: I like the modified RPS version better.... What was it again? Earthquake, Human, Roach?
Dale: You can also play water wood fire:
MacMitch: right... that's better
Dale: water puts out fire
james: @dale, is there a way to use apt-get to just tell you *where* something has been installed?
Dale: fire burns wood
Dale: wood floats on water.
MacMitch: water douses fire
MacMitch: water rots wood
james: most woods do
Dale: James, try dpkg -L jamvm
MacMitch: let's hear it for water
Guy Foster: YaY
Judy: and on and on
MacMitch: :)
Pamela: I am in favour of water, especially the kind enclosed in a pool and chlorinated
Guy B.: Well folks, got to get going. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Guy Foster: Take care Guy!
Judy: night Guy
MacMitch: nite Guy. Good seein' ya again
Dale: Water doesn't really rot wood. In Ottawa river, they are recovering logs that were stuck in the log drive 100 years ago. Water preserves wood.
MacMitch: Pam.... not if you get your hair tangled in the intake
Dale: See ya Guy.
Daniel B: bye guy
BobS: later Guy
Pamela: my hair isn't long enough : )
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
MacMitch: I think
MacMitch: oh
Guy Foster: DanB: Still there?
MacMitch: was one of these pools like Dale has in his back yard
Daniel B: GuyF: yes...
Guy Foster: Daniel: Good!
Dale: James, I posted my whole presentation to including a reasonablely playable game.
Pamela: Judy, what is the ultimate size of whatever you were crocheting?
Guy Foster: Afghan sized?
Judy: 40 inches and it is going to be a tablecloth
Pamela: wow
Pamela: double wow
Judy: I am on round79 of 119
Guy Foster: 2/3rds done!
Pamela: how long does a round take you?
Judy: a long time
Pamela: I'll bet - that's a lot of yarn
Judy: in the time we were gone I did 2 rounds
Pamela: so, you should be done round about December?
james: sec, i'll try it. seem to have misplaced virtual coleco
BobS: I gonna leavenow guys and gals
Guy Foster: Judy: You definitely don't want to get bleach on that thing by accident...
BobS left chat session
james: have a good one bob
Pamela: night, Bob
Guy Foster: Night Bob.
Judy: don't know, haven't done much so it is new for me
Daniel B: Wow... he was fast
Daniel B: bye Bob
Judy: talk at you next week
Pamela: good luck and good night
Judy left chat session
Dale: Well, there is one in for sure.
Dale: (a virtual colecovision exe)
james: i think i've got one here.. just moved some stuff around a few weeks ago
Guy Foster: - a better emulator. Virtual Coleco has certain annoying bugs.
Pamela: Dale, I know you'll get or have already gotten my e-mail, but let me say again: good job to you and Jillian on this convention. A wonderful time was had by all.
Dale: Thanks Pam.
Guy Foster: Well, I'll be idling for a few minutes, will be back shortly.
Pamela: and on that note, I'm heading for bed so will say good night
Pamela: see everyone next week
Pamela: Guy, please say hi to Sandra
Pamela: Dale, please give Jillian a hug for me and tell her I'm sorry I didnt' get a chance to say goodnight on Sunday
Dale: Jillian, said that she really liked meeting Sandra too.
Pamela: gnite Daniel
Daniel B: Well I checked all the pictures on Google with the keyword "coleco", no coleco industry, no coleco building, nothing except the truck Guy talked earlier
james: interesting game
Daniel B: bonne nuit Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: It demonstrates a few of the ideas in my presentation.
Daniel B: good presentation you did
Daniel B: easy to understand the logic
james: @dale, i'm gonna put this chat server stuff aside for now
Daniel B: It will be difficult to do better next year Dale
Dale: BRB
MacMitch: sorry about that, had someone come to the door
Daniel B: hello again
MacMitch: to return a video they had borrowed some time back
james: wb ron
MacMitch: have you ever seen "The Pirates of Silicon Valley"??
Daniel B: twice
MacMitch: that was the one that got returned
Daniel B: A story on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
MacMitch: thats the one
james: not much there yet
james: think i'll download that sometime
Dale: back.
Guy Foster: back as well.
james: in fact i'm downloading it now
Guy Foster: James: I'm really impressed so far with the Colecoshop. I know it'll be a hit!
Daniel B: Do you have an idea of what you are going to talk next year at the Adamcon Dale?
james: when we get it mostly up, yeah
james: on that subject dale, i'm going to worry about the chat server later
Dale: Daniel, I of course could do better. I ran out of time to do a hands on portion of the presentation.
james: hopefully it'll have been up and running for awhile by the time adamcon 19 in ottawa comes around :D
MacMitch: php eh?
Dale: Daniel, I usually just talk about whatever I do in February/March, which annually is my highest recreational programming time of the year.
Guy Foster: Dale: Might have to do with it being the coldest too. :)
james: the forums are php
james: and at some point this summer i hope to learn a little php and database connectivity to mysql
Dale: I also tend to have a lighter workload at the office, and have an itch to create something.
Guy Foster: Ron: Oh yes, before I forget. About the hobby we were talking about: - a good starting point.
james: conceptually, i doubt it's all that different from .asp connecting to databases
Dale: Pretty similar James.
Guy Foster: Ron: They had a Jay Leno competition, where they did a Morse Code vs. Text Messaging. Guess who won?
MacMitch: got it Guy, thanks. I'll check that out - looks interesting
Dale: But I like PostgreSQL better than mysql (not to start a giant flame war)
james: so uhh dale.. can i pick your brain a little more about dns?
MacMitch: morse
Guy Foster: Ron: Indeed.
james: lol
james: i wouldn't have the knowledge to argue the merits of one sql over another
MacMitch: I remember several marine incidents where I was happy to have International Morse
Dale: DNS.
MacMitch: doesn't matter what language you speak, you can convey your situation
Guy Foster: Ron: Not only that, MORSE code can reach places using very low power that voice simply cannot.
MacMitch: absolutely
Dale: Well, I think you missed something important in the daemon.log.
Guy Foster: Ron:Ahh, I wish I could pick your brain and know morse code.... Unfortunately, it seems like way too much work.
MacMitch: It has to arrive in that place in your head where you can do it in your sleep
james: wasn't it only a few years ago that they took the transatlantic morse cable offline?
MacMitch: It was supposed to be dead by 1980 James, but in actual practice, it was more like 1990
james: interesting
Guy Foster: Ron: You said you listened to Shortwave Radio as well?
MacMitch: there were old rustbuckets running around the Pacific where upgrading wasn't practical, so they kept Morse alive until most of 'em sank
james: is the cable still laid out?
MacMitch: I have no idea, but I suspect so.... probably part of some contingency plan, but I'm guessing
james: in case aliens attack and we just have no other way to get a message to europe :P
MacMitch: it would be something like that, yes
james: @dale, just saw your message. i wish there were a way to change colours in this
james: how do i view the log?
Guy Foster: In periods of crisis, the first to go down are usually the communications.
james: @guy, sounds like marriage
Dale: If you "grep /var/log/daemon.log" what do you get?
MacMitch: :)
Dale: You should get something like:
james: lol. let me check
Dale: Jul 20 23:24:56 asterix named[625]: master zone "" (IN) loaded (serial 2005052302)
james: does that command actually produce output to the screen or do i have to go look for it?
james: because it returned nothing visible
Dale: Output to the screen.
Dale: A bad sign.
james: ok. nohting then. i think i know what the problem *may* be but i'm not sure
james: do i have to use rndc reload to have the changest take effect before restarting bind?
MacMitch: Anyway good gents - I'm not sure what time zone I'm on here, but I think I may be down a quart
MacMitch: so I'll bid you a fond g'evening
Dale: Are you sure that you have a record in /etc/bind9/named.conf that points to the domain file we were discussing last week?
james: lol. ok ron. you have a good evening
Daniel B: good evening
MacMitch: niters
Daniel B: talk to you next week
Dale: See you later Ron.
MacMitch: yup
james: @dale, let me check
MacMitch left chat session
james: well my diry is /etc/bind and not bind9
Dale: Daniel, I think that this is the first time I wrote my own powerpoints.
Dale: Well, I use bind 8, and I put my files in /etc/bind/named.conf
james: but i do have a zone "" entry
Dale: So that seems plausable, I guess.
james: ok, did you see my question about rndc?
Dale: To make sure that the output I'm looking for wasn't logrotated away, stop and restart the bind server
james: ok
Dale: /etc/init.d/bind9 stop
Dale: /etc/init.d/bind9 start
Dale: Then run the grep again.
james: ok, did that but just bind, not bind 9
james: empty
Dale: Daniel, usually I make a hand out in a word processor or hand write my notes.
Dale: dpkg -l bind
Dale: for me returns
Dale: bind 8.4.6-1 Internet Domain Name Server
Dale: But last year, and the year before, I cheated and presented your presentation.
james: rc bind 8.4.6-1 internet domain name server
Dale: Not ii bind?
james: hmmm...
Dale: Removed, with just the config files left?
james: status=not/installed/config-files/unpacked/failed-config/half-installed
Dale: Are you sure that you're bind server is even running?
james: /err?=(none)/hold/reinst-required/x=both-problems
Dale: Do a dpkg -l bind9
james: (status,err: uppercase=bad)
james: ok
james: ii bind9 9.2.4-1 internet domain name server
james: and same stuff above as when i did the dpkg -l bind
Dale: I think that you're using the wrong config files, or the wrong version of bind.
james: seems to be the case
Dale: ii is good: install/installed
james: what does rc mean?
Dale: Switch back to bind8 then, and you'll use the version that I do.
Dale: unless you have a reason to choose bind 9.
james: so maybe my config files aren't in the proper location?
james: ok, so apt-get remove bind9 and then reinstall 8?
Dale: apt-get install bind will remove bind9 and reinstall bind 8
james: ok
james: will i lose my named.conf and zone files?
Dale: No, they belong to bind8 already.
Dale: And by default it doesn't remove config files.
james: ok
Dale: Which is why they were there already.
Dale: Daniel, I would certainly be willing to talk about other parts of that book that my slides were based on.
james: actually it asked me if i want to install their version or keep mine
Dale: Is there anything that you'd specifically like to hear about?
james: and "n" means to keep mine
Dale: I'd keep yours.
james: ok, so it seems to have completed
james: should i do a dpkg -l bind again?
Dale: Sure.
Dale: You should now see ii bind
Daniel B: I didn't read the pdf file... but I certainly want to hear again the presentation
james: ok, ii bind 8.4.6-1 idns
james: so now i should try and look at the daemon log, right?
Dale: So do a /etc/init.d/bind start
james: ok
Dale: then try the grep /var/log/daemon.log
Daniel B: For me, AI programming is a good subject. but for the non-programmers....
james: well we get output
james: unfortunately it doesn't seem very happy
Dale: There is lots to be said still about AI programming.
Dale: The real issue is getting some interactive content into the presentation.
Daniel B: Actually, I want to know how you can implement what you said at the Adamcon 12 if you set the walls in the WarmFuzzy game.
Dale: James, what kind of output do you get?
Dale: You're referring to: right?
james: sec.. too much to type
Dale: Well after AdamCon 12, I implemented this in assembly for an Adam supergame.
james: stuff is invalid, database naming error etc
Dale: I found that the algorithm I used was not as fast as it could be, and came up with a better method.
james: wish putty would let me select a part of the screen to cut and paste. not the whole damn thing
james: sec
Dale: I think I presented it at AdamCon 13.
james: ourd named[9812]: mail name "\(" (owner "") IN (primary) is invalid - rejecting
james: Jul 21 12:41:20 gourd named[9812]: /etc/bind/ database naming error
james: Jul 21 12:41:20 gourd named[9812]: /etc/bind/ Database error near (bad name "\(")
james: etc.. i think the other errors are being caused by the first
james: i don't as far as i know, have a mail server set up yet
james: is that a problem?
james: test
Daniel B: 1..2.. testing :-)
Dale: Daniel are you still on?
Daniel B: yes, i think so
Dale: Well James, it looks like your missing a space between 'com.' and the '('
Daniel B: what is in this picture?
james: i need a space there? oh..
Dale: Maybe AdamCon 14 -- but it looks like I didn't publish my notes from AdamCon 14 anywhere obvious.
james: @dan, i think it's the hind end of a coleco truck
Daniel B: yes, it's possible
james: hmm.. restarted bind, it's still not happy
Daniel B: but i'm looking for a picture of the company... must be one
Dale: Here is a picture of my notes:
Dale: :-)
james: still complaining about the mail name
james: nano
james: oops
Daniel B: yes, your notes... i saw a note about your project "adam street", what is this project?
Daniel B: ho! a building!
james: @dale, do you have an ssh client?
Daniel B: is it the one in Montreal?
Dale: Is is a session I did at AdamCon 14 about writing "Interactive Fiction"
james: @dan, not sure if the building is actually a coleco factor or not
Dale: James, I thought you'd never ask.
james: would be easier than my trying to relay all this stuff to you through the chat or ftping files over my local network and then emialing them to you
james: let me email you some info
Dale: I have never implemented the game that was described at AC14, but I may have included my outline for it in perhaps.
james: only thing i ask is that you don't change anything. let me do it so i can learn
Dale: np James.
Daniel B: yes, I saw the sub-folder "adam street"
james: at what email addy should i send you the info?
james: dan, if you are curious, i did my search under pictures at
james: sent
Daniel B: thanks James!
Daniel B: Yes, I'm curious, but I'm also tired... Good night Dale, James and Guy
james: good night, dan!
james: sent you the info, dale
Dale: Is it okay for me to install screen, so that we can share a terminal window with each other?
Dale: I'm online now.
Dale: See you Daniel.
james: sure
Dale: Wow, 400 not upgraded?
Dale: You are a might behind on updates.
james: and i can't express enough my thanks for your help
james: don't know how to update
james: know nothng about recompiling kernels
Dale: apt-get update
Dale: apt-get upgrade
james: that's it?
Daniel B: take care <poof>
Daniel B left chat session
Dale: Do it after I log off in case there are other tools that I need to install.
james: ok
Dale: Okay, pick a window, and type screen and hit enter twice.
Guy Foster: I will be going to sleep too... Take care everyone.
Dale: I'll use screen -x to join you.
Dale: Guy F., it was great to meet you in person.
Dale: Say hi to Sandra from Jill and I.
james: ok. do i need to do the same?
Dale: You need to type "screen" and hit enter twice
james: lol. i'm gonna get a dunce cap :D
james: sec, i'll do that
Dale: Guy, I'm keen to see your mini space fighter when it is ready.
james: ok, done
james: ooh, elite, you like vi. nano is there too if you prefer
Dale: Maybe I'll get back to some assembly programming when I've got the warm fuzzy game well rounded.
Dale: Well James, I've used vi since 1990, so I'm used to it :-)
james: i've used it a bit
james: by no means comfortbable with it
james: miyuki came in and i missed part of what you did
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