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Compyprog: I guess i am early
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Compyprog: Hello
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: Hmm, that's a handle we haven't seen before - but hi, anyway
Compyprog: Hello
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rich-c: should I know you?
Compyprog: I am a friend of Guy and Daniel
changed username to Judy
rich-c: then much welcome, good buddy
rich-c: hi Judy, whre's the old man?
Compyprog: I have created two Coleco applications
Judy: hi, Rich
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Compyprog: CVDRUM and CVSYNTH
Judy: Bob is right here, thought he was on
changed username to RobertoS
rich-c: good for you - not the specialty of we two now, but the experts will be along soon
RobertoS: yup yup yup
RobertoS: so who is compyprog
RobertoS: ............
rich-c: for instance, Bob knows a little about such things
RobertoS: ahso!!!!! WELCOME friend of guy * Daniel
RobertoS: &
Judy: welcome Compyprog
RobertoS: take it that you are into the programming for colecvision also ????
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changed username to Daniel B.
Daniel B.: Hello Rich, Robert, Frank and Judy
rich-c: salut, Danial
rich-c: nous avons un de vos amis ici ce soir
RobertoS: hiya Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
Compyprog: Yes I program Colecovision. I try anyway
rich-c: Daniel, I am honestly working on that stuff for you
RobertoS: trying is believin' !!!!!!
Daniel B.: perfect
rich-c: I amsure with the help of Daniel and Guy you should do well, Frank
RobertoS: heck I do NOT even try, BASIC is past my expertise.......much less programming for games
Compyprog: Yes they have been an excellent help
Daniel B.: Frank is the best coleco musician I know
rich-c: but today was typical - the van rad sprung a leak and I had to take it in for service
Compyprog: Thanks Daniel
rich-c: then we had a surprise visit from Frances' sister and one of her sons
Judy: how is the leg doing, Rich?
Compyprog: Yes my name is Frank for those of you that see Compyprog there
rich-c: significantly improved, Judy - I can bend it reasonably freely now
rich-c: also I seen to have lost about half the weight of the water in the swelling
Judy: that is good news, Rich
Daniel B.: yes, good news
rich-c: we are hoping to take a trailer trip, maybe starting Aug. 26th
RobertoS: heck, ya'll gonna LIVE !!!!!!!!
(RobertoS gives ice cream to all his friends!)
rich-c: we have the trailer home now and are working on it
Daniel B.: I like ice cream
(RobertoS gives rich-c some poutine.)
rich-c: actually Frances is working on it while I attend to the van
RobertoS: working????? like waht is the matter with it????
Daniel B.: but don't mix poutine and ice cream.
rich-c: we indulged ourselves tonight and got a box of the ice cream Turtles
rich-c: there are areas that need repainting and the whole thing needs cleaning
rich-c: she has done the back bumper and is starting on the A-frame
RobertoS: THAT would be YUCKY
rich-c: after 22 years it is definitely far from pristine 8 - (
Compyprog: I heard a rumor that someone is giving away ADAM computers. Is this true?
RobertoS: well.......from what I remember @ AC03, was in NICE shape
RobertoS: 'course taht was..........
RobertoS: like 14 yrs ago, eh????
rich-c: well, Guy just got one and there have been others
rich-c: I have Colecovision stuff I want to unload - sell the rare stuff, more or less give away the common
Compyprog: I would really like an ADAM. The Colecovision is nice but I want more power for Future programming
rich-c: to start with, do you know what they cost to ship? they weigh about 19 - 20 kilos
Compyprog: I don't know. But I will pay it
rich-c: if you want to be patient I can likely find one - send me an email
Compyprog: I like below the pond :) in the US so it could be expensive
rich-c: my address is
Compyprog: Do you have any of the MIDI stuff for the ADAM too?
rich-c: the ones I have sold into the US I have charged $100 US delivered - but that was when the US$ was higher
rich-c: I have one MIDIMite - likely the last one avaialbe for purchase - it is nw, unused
Compyprog: I live in Pennsylvania
Compyprog: Erie PA
rich-c: oh, just around the corner of the lake - we are in Toronto
Compyprog: I could even come up to Toronto
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rich-c: have to see when Dr.D. is next coming to Toronto - he'll pass through Erie on teh way
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changed username to JUDY
rich-c: in fact his eldest daughter is starting college there this fall
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changed username to BobS
changed username to Xena
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changed username to <undefined>
Compyprog: Where is she going? I teach at one of the colleges
rich-c: I bet that Xena has red hair
BobS requested to ban RobertoS
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rich-c confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban Judy
Xena: indeed she does hehe
<undefined> confirmed ban
Xena confirmed ban
Xena confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Compyprog confirmed ban
BobS: Erin the RED
Daniel B.: ok... 'rin!
BobS: .........
rich-c: and we saw a bit of your mother and brother today
<undefined> changed username to Tired Dr.D.
JUDY: hi, Erin
Tired Dr.D.: Hello all
BobS: jsut a wee teeny bit
Daniel B.: oops... hello tired Dr.D
BobS: yo Dr D
BobS: why tired?????
Xena: howdy y'all
BobS: you are still younger thatn me
rich-c: OK - Dr. D. (Rich) - we have a new CV programmer wants and Adam, lives in Erie, PA
Xena: I'm glad they got over there today
Xena: Garth has headed home
Compyprog: Yes Hello Dr.D
Tired Dr.D.: Hello Compyprog
JUDY: hi, Dr D
rich-c: Frank teaches in one of the colleges in Erie
Tired Dr.D.: My eldest daughter is starting at Mercyhurst in 2 weeks.
Tired Dr.D.: If it's Mercyhurst I will fall over dumbstruck...
Compyprog: Small world I teach at Mercyhurst
Tired Dr.D.: <thud>
Tired Dr.D.: My daughter is doing archaeology.
Compyprog: I teach at the branch campus though
Tired Dr.D.: We are taking her up the 27th.
Compyprog: I teach in North East, Mercyhurst North East
rich-c: still, I bet wee could find a way to get an Adam to him, if he's patient
Tired Dr.D.: Wow, very small world
Compyprog: Sure, I am patient
Tired Dr.D.: Between Mercyhurst and driving through to Toronto to see Ms. Rin, I expect I will get there sometime in the next month when I'd have time to make deliveries.
rich-c: since Dr. D will be visiting here at intervals, an Erie at (I expect) shorter intervals, a connection could be possible
Compyprog: I wouldn't mind going to Toronto also Rich
Compyprog: I love it there
Compyprog: Yes that would be nice
rich-c: OK I will keep that in mind
rich-c: I will be unavailable till about mid-September, though
Compyprog: That's okay we start college on Aug 31
rich-c: we hope to take about a 12-day trailer trip leaving Aug. 26th
Compyprog: I will be busy for the first couple of weeks
Tired Dr.D.: What do you teach? I am a biologist...currently teaching human anatomy, comparative anatomy, human physiology.
rich-c: 'rin, any idea whre Pamela is?
Compyprog: Holy crap, that is what I teach
Tired Dr.D.: hehe
Compyprog: I teach a&P
Xena: she just left here about 10 minutes ago and said she had to eat but would be on
Compyprog: Both introductory and intermediate
Tired Dr.D.: very small world indeed...I'd not have thought it possible.
Compyprog: Where do you teach?
Tired Dr.D.: I came up as a developmental biologist, chick limb development.
Tired Dr.D.: Case Western Reserve University.
Compyprog: Very nice
Xena: twilight zone....very cool
Compyprog: I am still working on completing my master's
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Tired Dr.D.: My first post-doc was muscular anatomy of marine slugs...ended up being an 11-year job.
changed username to Guy Foster
Compyprog: I would like to move on to Bioinformatics
Tired Dr.D.: Hey, they are trying to start that here...
BobS: hi guy
Xena: hi Guy (it's Rin)
rich-c: hello Guy, you're a bit late this evening
Compyprog: Possibly someday get a Ph.D
Tired Dr.D.: It is a big buzzword of no defined meaning, but sounds cool to marketroids :-)
JUDY: hi, Guy
Daniel B.: yes, twilight zone....
Guy Foster: Hello all... I'm later, and will be on a bit later as well, I logged in during the commercials. Watching a show, that ends at 10:00 PM.
Compyprog: I love computers and biology. A great way to combine the two
Guy Foster: Will be back... at 10:00 PM, just wanted to log in.
rich-c: heavens, you're as bad as Pamela ; - )
Daniel B.: ok Guy!
Daniel B.: talk to you later
Xena: hehe Uncle Richard
Compyprog: Guy i got MSDOS 7.1 to install
rich-c: Rich, send him your paper on using the Adam in your slug observations
Tired Dr.D.: Hehe
Tired Dr.D.: I could do that.
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changed username to Guy B.
Tired Dr.D.: Send me your postal address, to
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
Tired Dr.D.: I can send you a reprint
Daniel B.: Hello Guy Bona
Tired Dr.D.: Figure 2 (IIRC) has an ADAM in it
Xena: hey Guy
rich-c: whoops! didn't see you come in, Guy
BobS: hiya Guy
JUDY: hi, Guy
Xena: how's it going?
Daniel B.: Let me introduce you, Frank alias "compyprog"
Compyprog: Sure I will email both Dr.D and rich-c
Compyprog: Should I log back in with my real name?
rich-c: I'll be looking forward to it
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Been busy and tired. I'm trying out a new program on my new processor. Seems to be better. I have 14 days left on the trial.
Xena: Ron!!!!
JUDY: hi, Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Compyprog: Are these chat's logged in case I crash? :)
Ronald: Ahoy Maties
rich-c: do as you please - follow Erin's example, or Daniels - your choice
Tired Dr.D.: No prob it's okay, we all have fun with nicknames here
Tired Dr.D.: Xena is about the most creative with it, thoughj.
Daniel B.: If you want to change the username in the chat, then go in the menu
Xena: :-)
Tired Dr.D.: Hi Ron
rich-c: ahoy yourself - is your island threatening to subside beneath Pacific waters?
Ronald: Hi all
Guy B.: Xena has to be Pam.
Compyprog changed username to frank the compy
Xena: any word from James...speaking of Islands
rich-c: no, Rin
Guy B.: Where is she, Rin?
frank the compy: Now I am frank the compy instead of compyprog
Daniel B.: no, I've got no reply from james
Tired Dr.D.: Yes I was just typing...what about James and the quake?
Guy B.: I hope he is Ok.
Xena: she is getting something to eat and will be on soon
rich-c: be who you like, you are welcome whatever you choose
Xena changed username to Rin-the-Ginger
rich-c: Guy, what hour of what day is the least hassle for driving around Chicago?
Daniel B.: the Ginger?
BobS: none richard
Guy B.: Usually between 9 AM and 2 PM.
Rin-the-Ginger: the Brits call their redheads "ginger"
Rin-the-Ginger: or ging-er
Daniel B.: I didn't know that
BobS: 11pm at night the freeways are busy and going 80mph.......130km
Guy B.: Andy after 6PM is better too. Everyone is usually home or getting home from work.
BobS: thought you wanted to take the lake ferry across
Tired Dr.D.: ging is the German past tense-or-other of the verb meaning "to go"
rich-c: what about Sunday morning - enough of those good Christian truckers off the road to make a difference?
frank the compy: If you all want to check out the Coleco work I did ...... go to
Guy B.: There are trucks on the weekends too, but they are not as numerous as they are during the week.
rich-c: we found out we'd have to be aboard by 8 a.m. - settled that issue
Daniel B.: your cvsynth web page is already up?
Tired Dr.D.: I just saved that reference, Frankj.
rich-c: we are toying with the idea of camping at Niles, MI Saturday night then taking an early run on Sunday
Tired Dr.D.: Frank.
frank the compy: I have some cvsynth stuff up but it is old stuff from the past versions..... but it is here at
Tired Dr.D.: BTW, my name is Rich, too, but since rich-c is more venerable than me, I go by Dr.D.
Guy B.: I'm currently looking at two hotels that would seem to work for all of us in the Oakbrook Terrace area.
rich-c: where is that?
frank the compy: Yes Dr.D my hobby in the summer is to program music programs and jam! Keeps me fresh for the Fall :)
Tired Dr.D.: I think rich-c is going to be especially venerable this coming Monday, right?
Guy B.: Out west of Chicago about 15 miles from the city.
rich-c: yes, I complete my third quarter-century
Tired Dr.D.: Third quartile :-)
Ronald: brb
Guy B.: My friend Marsha, took me out to dinner last night at The Cheesecake Factory. Very elegant, but nice place.
Tired Dr.D.: Looks like we are talking over their heads, Richard :-)
rich-c: Guy, on Sunday morning would I n3eed to use !-80 & I-39 or would I-294 be tolerable?
JUDY: we went there down in Florida acouple of years ago, Guy
Guy B.: I-294 would bypass the city altogether, since you will be south and west of the city. I-294 is the Tri-State Tollway.
Tired Dr.D.: Where are you going, Richard?
rich-c: I know that, I've been on it, I don't want to meet that traffic again - is it fairly clear Sunday mornings?
rich-c: Frances wants to see Taliesen
Ronald: Cheezecake --- YUM
JUDY: it was really good
BobS: BUT,'s the construction situation......I heard it is BAD all around the city
frank the compy: So you have programmed Biology Applications for the ADAM-- Dr.D?
Guy B.: Yes it is. I've drivin it on Sundays and it's no problem. Be aware the tolls for cash are 80 cents.
Ronald: not for people like me
BobS: need some space to wander Ron????
BobS: :-)
Ronald: Was referring to the cheezecake
rich-c: in Toront gas is $1.02 a litre today. I should worry about an 80 toll?
Ronald: here on the island we're at $1.06 per Litre - for regular
JUDY: it went up to 2.79 a gallon here
rich-c: the big pain will be getting the change - which I can't do because I don't know what the extra for the trailer will be
Guy B.: The only constuction right now is the I-94/80 394 interchange. They are building a whole new entrance and exit ramps and that should be completed this year. The other is on I-294. from the 163rd St toll plaza to 95th St. They are adding a new fourth lane in each direction. That will be a 2 year project. It's underway now and will continue into next summer.
BobS: THAT kids is getting pricey, eh??
BobS: we are probably going to hit $3 by Labor day
Ronald: multiply our rate by 4 Bob (give or take)
rich-c: what is that doing to traffic, Guy? (Do I want to know ; - ) )
Guy B.: Were at $2.83 here at some stations. Chicago is already over $3.00 a gallon.
BobS: 3.8
Ronald: right
BobS: and take the conversion, tis still a little higher than here Ron
Tired Dr.D.: Frank, I built some special hardware for the ADAM center slot to synchronize video cameras.
Ronald: your gallon is 4/5 or ours
Ronald: or is it the other way around?
Guy B.: Tying things up with lane closures. But, the project should be done by November of this year.
Ronald: damned expensive, whatever it is
rich-c: their gallon is 3.8 litres, ours is 4.5
Tired Dr.D.: I figured today that $2.79/gal was about 83 cents Canadian per liter
BobS: well Guy, you HAVE to keep track of the road situation, we are driving into O'Hare in January
rich-c: that won't help me the end of this month, Guy
frank the compy: That sounds amazing Dr.D.
JUDY: then they will start something else, Guy, construction never ends around here
Tired Dr.D.: And that the 95 cents per liter I last paid in Toronto was $3.03 US per gallon.
Ronald: Frank, have we met?
Ronald: Ron Mitchell from Comox British Columbia
rich-c: depends on exchange rate - the US dollar is under 1.20 Canadian today
frank the compy: I don't believe we have, Ronald?
Tired Dr.D.: The journal article (from J. Exp. Biol.) explains what it does in a bit of detail.
Ronald: I'm the western tail of the organization
Guy B.: If you want to bypass the construction. Then you can take I-90 Indiana Toll Road which will lead you to the Chicago Skyway and Dan Ryan. But, I think you would be better off on I-80/94.
frank the compy: I am a programming friend of Daniel and Guy, I love to play with music and the Coleco
Tired Dr.D.: But not enough for anyone to build one IIRC...I just described what it did, not really any circuit design like it was a EE senior project or something.
rich-c: oh frank - you azsked if this chat is logged - yes it is
Ronald: aha..... great guys, both
rich-c: I-94 is awfully close in, isn't it?
frank the compy: Cool that way I can look at the log if i miss something
Tired Dr.D.: You can read 5 years' worth of back logs too
Guy B.: It is. That's a busy highway.
Tired Dr.D.: just start from
Daniel B.: yes, and you can probably search for a word in google and found a link to one of the adamcon log archives.
Tired Dr.D.: There is a link to the archives
rich-c: I think Dale (our host) prefers the term "archived"
Tired Dr.D.: Not sure I follow you Rich
Ronald: Somebody want to fax me a can of Diet Coke, or do I have to go all the way to the fridge?
frank the compy: Okay sorry archived :)
(Guy B. gives Ronald a can of Diet Coke.)
Ronald: TU
Guy B.: There you are Ron.
JUDY: a fax copy is rather dry, Ron
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Ronald: true.... I'll be back
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi
Daniel B.: HEllo Dale!
Tired Dr.D.: He must want ginger ale then, Canada Dry <runs>
Guy B.: Hi Dale.
rich-c: well, just talking about you - hi, Dale
JUDY: hi, Dale
rich-c: our new visitor Frank was asking about archives
Dale: Sorry I couldn't be here last week. But I'm just home from work, etc. and thought I'd check in.
Rin-the-Ginger: hi Dale
BobS: Hiya Dale !!!!!!!!
Guy Foster: Ok, I'm back. Hi everyone!!!
frank the compy: Hello Guy
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Daniel B.: hey Dale, how is going your try for a 4k coleco minigame?
Dale: The chat archives are posted as usual.
JUDY: welcome back, Guy
Guy Foster: Thanks Rich! Hi Frank.
Guy Foster: hey there judy!
Dale: Daniel, I've been working away. I'd still like to make a 1k minigame, but I haven't been able to fit either of my ideas into 1k.
Ronald: Can of Diet Coke is now in hand
Guy Foster: Come on Dale, its
Guy Foster: only 1024 bytes! ;) how hard can it be?
Ronald: Hi Mr. Foster
Daniel B.: try 4k, it's easier
Guy Foster: Hey Ron... seems like there's a full house tonight!
Ronald: yup, that there is
frank the compy changed username to Frank E.
Frank E.: Changed to Frank E. instead of the goofy compy thing
rich-c: whatever turns you on, Frank
Guy Foster: Frank: did you end up talking to Rich about the Adam computer you're looking for?
Ronald: Oh we all try wierd names Frank, but then some nights we get serious
Ronald: First names only
Frank E.: So how capable is the ADAM when it comes to MIDI and music applications?
Ronald: very
Dale: The Adam is quite capable.
Ronald: there is an interface called the MIDI Mite
Daniel B. changed username to Daniel Welcome
Ronald: and a suite of software to go with it
Ronald: that's the good news
Frank E.: What music applications were created for it?
rich-c: I have the last remaining Midi-Mite - is it worth his buying?
Dale: Ron has done more generally than I, but I've done some interresting things with the Midi interface adaptor.
Ronald: The bad news is that you might have trouble finding one
Ronald: I would suggest it is, yes
Frank E.: i hope rich can hook me up with one
rich-c: it's sitting in my basement awaiting a buyer
Guy Foster: Rich: How much Rich?
rich-c: I hope I still have the software; I think I do
Ronald: If not we can fix that
Daniel Welcome changed username to Daniel BRB
rich-c: have to look it up, Guy. I think it is =/- $100 Cdn
Ronald: Sequel, version 2, and PD MIDI utilities
rich-c: sounds like something I have if I can only find it!
Guy Foster: I'm sure Frank E. wll be interested.
Frank E.: I would pay a resonable price. Are there any docs I should look at on the web concerning the midi stuff
Ronald: sounds like it....
rich-c: he has asked already
rich-c: nope, just ask Ron or Dale - they can tell you anything relevant
Frank E.: In other words any great sites I should check out
Guy Foster: Rich: Yes, we had talked earlier wonderng if a MIDI interface exists.
Ronald: There was a good manual produced by the maker, Chris Braymen. I have it here
Frank E.: How many voice polyphony?
Guy Foster: Dale: I tried the CONTROL - R while booting up, but I still can't see my ADAM's version number?
Frank E.: Just like the 3 channels
Ronald: You've got 8 tracks, and 16 voices, I believe
Frank E.: Whoa that is nice
Dale: The MidiMite comes with some okay software, but the great software is SEQual which is a seperate application. It works great.
Ronald: it takes the standard 0-127 range of program changes
Frank E.: What all does MidiMite come with?
Guy Foster: Man, the ADAM really impresses me. Oh BTW, I finally got one last week, from an ex ADAM user called Moe Sherman.
Ronald: the only drawback is that there's no music notation editing capability
Tired Dr.D.: The version number should show up in one of the SmartKey labels that was blank blue before
Ronald: That was a resource problem I'm guessing
Guy Foster: Thanks Dr.
rich-c: and you hit the control-r just after the POST is completed and the screen is up
Guy Foster: R57?
Ronald: You can edit what you play, but you have to figure out which measure - which note from a text list of notes for each measure
Dale: Daniel check out
rich-c: that's off teh ark - the final was R80
BobS: Guy.......boot it up and do NOT hit the ESCAPE button for word processing. hit control & R and the version # will show up inthe smartkey III posaition
Dale: Which is what I have so far.
Guy Foster: Dale: i was impressed with the choplifter game, really nice btw Dale.
Dale: Sort of choplifter-ish.
Daniel BRB changed username to Daniel B.
Guy Foster: So I have an older version?
BobS: si
Tired Dr.D.: YES
Tired Dr.D.: I covet the ROM image of it...
Ronald: There's also a set of PD drivers for it that will allow you to transfer your midi files to version readable by the ADAM sound chip
Frank E.: How many versions are there?
BobS: were R 57, 59& 80
rich-c: you may want advice from Dr. D. on how to make it work and keep it working
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Is the only difference in the ROM?
Tired Dr.D.: I saw an Expansion Module 3 system at ADAMcon 12 I think that was like R54
Dale: Guy, I took your encouragement to abandon the 1k format, and now you fly across a wide terrain, in 1.7k
Tired Dr.D.: My first one was R59
moved to room Meeting Place
Tired Dr.D.: I have several R80s
changed username to Pamela
Tired Dr.D.: I have heard/seen R57
Ronald: re-hi Pamela
rich-c: most Exp3 models I've seen were R79
rich-c: hello daughter, time you got here!
Pamela: hi, there
JUDY: hi, pam
Tired Dr.D.: I have a total reassemblable disassembly of R80...I would like the others for comparison/historical purposes.
Pamela: sorry, things to do
Guy Foster: DR. D: I can dump the rom for you if you want.
Daniel B.: very impressive for less than 2k
Tired Dr.D.: Track bugfixes mostly...look for code fossils...some interesting stuff in there...
Tired Dr.D.: That would be super Guy F
Dale: r79 and r80 were the common ones in Toronto area.
Frank E.: What version are the ones you have rich-c?
Rin-the-Ginger: (no, I haven't checked mine yet)
Daniel B.: doing that in C will normally takes me about 4k
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Is the only difference in the ROM or are there anyy hardware differences?
rich-c: I only ever keep R80s - I don't like bounces on my sales
Tired Dr.D.: I think it was mainly bugfixes in the WP
Rin-the-Ginger: hi Pam
BobS: think it was basically the smartwriter rom,,,,,,,yes????
Daniel B.: hello Pam!
rich-c: you got it from me, Rin, so it's R80
Tired Dr.D.: However, revisions are correlated in some cases with physical hardware differences.
Pamela: hi, Rin
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Rin-the-Ginger: okay
Tired Dr.D.: I.e., my R59 was one of the ones that was totally reworked and jumpered all over to be fixed from the Christmas 1983 release.
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Guy Foster: Will I come across any hardware/software incompatibilities?
Dale: Guy F, did you look at my latest chopper rom?
Pamela: Hi, everybody
BobS: lo
Guy Foster: Dale: Yep, just played it... very cooL!
Tired Dr.D.: It has 4 EPROM sockets filled, and both 6801s and the MIOC socketed.
Tired Dr.D.: Hi Pam
Guy Foster: Greetings Pam!
(Daniel B. hugs Pamela)
Pamela: Rich, why so tired?
Tired Dr.D.: Long day
Pamela: ah
Tired Dr.D.: Short night, you kept Rin out too late
Dale: I'm going to keep working on it. I've drawn a fighter jet, and I'm still debugging the balistics for the tank.
Tired Dr.D.: So we didn't get to talk until late
Ronald: It's that workin' thing Dr D. You gotta get rid of that
Dale: Hopefully I can finish it before the contest deadline.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Rin-the-Ginger: hehe
Tired Dr.D.: Also work-related headaches today.
Daniel B.: contest deadline is end september
Guy Foster: Mid to end of Septemeber.
Pamela: hey, don't blame me, it's all Aunt Cynthia's fault : )
Ronald: work is a headache
Rin-the-Ginger: exactly :-)
Ronald: Keep tellin Bob that
BobS: AND a four letter word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tired Dr.D.: Well, this headache is partly due to the Americans with Disabilities Act
Ronald: come to the Island, we'll lay you to rest
Ronald: yup
Daniel B.: (we are talking about his contest named minigame compo 2005 : )
Dale: There is some bug in my animation routine. The flames on the burning building are supposed to flicker, but they don't seem to.
rich-c: oh? why are disability questions a problem for you?
Frank E.: I wish I could write a game that fast
Tired Dr.D.: I have a quadriplegic student who decided TODAY to take my comparative vertebrate anatomy lab...which is all dissection...I must find some way to "accommodate".
Tired Dr.D.: If he had done this during spring preregistration, I would have had all summer to come up with something.
JUDY: you don't need to tell him that, ron
Ronald: ah yes - the policy so states, no doubt
Tired Dr.D.: As it is, the first lab meets 2 weeks from tomorrow.
rich-c: ouch - a para fine, but quad? you may have to invent some new devices
BobS: see ???? Dr D is getting 'killed' by that work thingy
Ronald: That's right
Tired Dr.D.: He can move one hand enough to jiggle the joystick on his wheelchair, I am told.
BobS: I have GOT to be careful here........
Ronald: he stilll has to fulfill your course requirements
BobS: so like HOW the heck can he do the lab???????
Frank E.: Yes, that will be challenging Dr.D
Dale: It seems like the 1k category is hard, because about have of last year's entries are "not done".
Daniel B.: Dr.D is certainly more intelligent than me, I have no idea how he will be able to "accomodate" the course for this guy.
Tired Dr.D.: That is not ADA's problem, it is mine/CWRU's.
Guy Foster: Rich: Do you have any disk drives/controller cards?
Ronald: yes, I supose you have to make every reasonable effort to make it possible for him
BobS: disk drive controller card is onboard the disk drive Guy
Guy Foster: Dr. D: How can you dissect if you can't use the tools?
Frank E.: Does the college provide an aid?
Ronald: by the way- speaking of dissection
Ronald: Anybody want some slugs?
Daniel B.: I don't think the power of mind is helpful
BobS: nope
Pamela: oh dear, again Ron?
Ronald: Great wonderous Pacific Coast ones
BobS: got ground squirrels here....nasty little suckers
Ronald: yep, 'fraid so
Daniel B.: helpful to use tools
Tired Dr.D.: *IF* someone can provide a clueful assistant, I think I can do something for him.
rich-c: I have one unused 3.5" disk drive left
Guy Foster: Daniel: It's like writing a 1K mini games in C, it's just not possible.
Pamela: Dr. D sized Pacific coast ones?
Tired Dr.D.: I don't know if it is the student's responsibility, or the Department's, etc.
Ronald: There was one headed for my back door the other night. Critter had crawled right up onto the step and was about 1 foot from being inside
Tired Dr.D.: I am waiting to hear from the Educational Support Services here that handles disability cases.
JUDY: no, don't want them having enough trouble with ground squirrels
Dale: Jill has some baby squirrels. Shes looking for foster parents for them.
Tired Dr.D.: Slugs R fun
Tired Dr.D.: Slugs are not tasty though
JUDY: we got one but there are more
Rin-the-Ginger: hehe
BobS: spread broken eggshells all over the porch Ron
Pamela: is that personal experience, Rich?
Ronald: Cheezies kill 'em
Frank E.: Edinboro U in Pa provides aids for students with disabilities
BobS: cool
Ronald: cheezies will also kill me
Tired Dr.D.: Nope, just reasonable inference from internal anatomy
Daniel B.: the smallest sized game I can program in C for the ColecoVision is probably 3k... but don'T expect many sounds and animations
Frank E.: But I don't know if my school does. I guess I should look into that too
JUDY: never heard of them before this year, almost look like a chipmonk
rich-c: yes, they are cute little devils, very friendly
Pamela: interesting Judy - you see lots of them out west - look like chipmunks, but bigger
rich-c: but they're western beasts, don't know how you got them
Dale: Well, in 2k I can do wonderous things. Music, graphics, even game play.
Tired Dr.D.: Like I said, I would like to have known in April instead of 2 weeks before classes start...sigh.
JUDY: nasty little creatures
Dale: In 1k, it seems I can do graphics or music or gameplay.
Pamela: nasty how?
rich-c: maybe you should find out what Stephen Hawkings uses...
Frank E.: That is the nature of the students--Procrastination
JUDY: making holes in the mulch
Pamela: Hawking is a physicist, though, isn't he?
Tired Dr.D.: Hawking has more resources than me
rich-c: I know, Frank, if it were a major we'd all be laureates
Pamela: you are right, Frank
Tired Dr.D.: And more mobility than this student
Dale: But of course that is in assembler not in C.
Rin-the-Ginger: well kids...time for me to hit the hay....5:30 bells
Pamela: and I'd have graduated summa cum laude
Daniel B.: congratulation Guy F., your 4k game is accepted in the contest. and i can see now even more 1k and 4k game.
Rin-the-Ginger: have a good night and week all
Tired Dr.D.: me too, brain is shutting down, sigh
Pamela: ick, Rin
rich-c: take it easy Ron, see you Monday
Ronald: damn work thing again eh Rin?
Rin-the-Ginger: I know!!
Pamela: nighty night
Rin-the-Ginger: :-)
JUDY: night. Rin
Daniel B.: bye 'rin
Frank E.: Bona Sera
rich-c: sorry, night RIN
Tired Dr.D.: Work and houseguests
Tired Dr.D.: make everyone tired
Guy Foster: Serial number of the R57 adam is A 5013790
Ronald: Rin, Ron, ----- she's better looking than me
Tired Dr.D.: Nite nite all...and nice to meet you, Frank. Biologie u"ber alles!
rich-c: well, I didn't want to say anything, Ron, but...
Ronald: I know
Tired Dr.D.: <poof>
Rin-the-Ginger: night Judy, Daniel, Frank, Uncle R, Riches, Guy, Ron, Bobs, Guy, Pam and Dale
Frank E.: Likewise Dr.D
Tired Dr.D. left chat session
Rin-the-Ginger: thanks Ron :-)
Pamela: night Rich
Dale: Guy F, I've never gotten the hand of the Adam serial numbers, but it is an R57?
Guy Foster: Good night all!
Rin-the-Ginger left chat session
Ronald: Night Rin - go straight home now
Guy Foster: DALE: YES, IT'S AN R57
Daniel B.: you are leaving too Guy F?
Guy Foster: Sorry for the caps. :)
Dale: Defiantely rare.
Guy Foster: daniel: no, i'm staying, i'm saying goodbye to the people that are leaving.
Daniel B.: ok
rich-c: Maybe he should swap it to Rich for an R80
Guy Foster: it comes in a quasi-mint box too.
Dale: If you take it all apart, I'd be interested in seeing pictures of the traces on the back side of the bottom board.
Frank E.: He's a lucky GUY ...haha
Ronald: What's the trick for determining which Revision you have? (In smartwriter somewhere, no?)
Daniel B.: hehe
Guy Foster: I'm going to take it apart, dump the Roms for Dr. D, and take pics.
Pamela: groan, Frankie
rich-c: after the POST, hit control-R, Ron
Ronald: that's it
Frank E.: Sorry for the shameless pun. I couldn't resist Pam
Dale: Aparently the full production ones are all r79 or r80 but the r57s needed to be rewired a bit.
rich-c: it shows in the III "Smartwriter" box on the entry screen
Pamela: 'salright, we like puns here
Guy Foster: Frank: Watch it, i'm not the only "Guy" here. We can gang up on you.
Pamela: why is M. Bona so quiet?
Dale: In the smart typewriter before you hit escape, hit Control+R
Frank E.: Hey Guy is my father's name too. Small world
Guy Foster: The tape mechanism seems to not function properly, instead of reading the tape, it simply keeps on trying to rewind it all the time.
rich-c: Dale, why don't you swap Guy a surplus R80 for his R57?
Guy Foster: A fully loaded R80? :-D :-D
Pamela: you make it sound like a Corvette, Guy
Frank E.: And then send one of the puppies down across the lake too. :D
rich-c: don't ge4t greedy, Guy - say rather one that works for one that doesn't
Ronald: right...... like WOW !!
Guy Foster: Rich: it works Rich...
Pamela: I know this is redundant, Frank, but I was late after all. Where are you from?
Frank E.: Erie PA USA
rich-c: somewhat, for a while - but R57s have an earned reputation...
Daniel B.: Rich means about the noumberous bugs fixed between revision 57 and the revision 80
Pamela: ah, okay
Pamela: a hop skip and a jump away
Guy Foster: Well it'll be fun to take pics of this thing...
Dale: Guy, I'll see what I can do for you.
Guy B.: Me quiet?
Frank E.: Guy: did you ever get the sound going?
rich-c: and archive them on Rich's Adam website with the rest of the CV technical stuff
Dale: I may be able to get you one from an MTAG member.
Frank E.: Guy F that is
Pamela: yes, you Mr. Bona
Guy Foster: Frank: I didn't get the connetor yet...
Ronald: Somebody at my door BRB
Guy Foster: Off to get a screwdriver... will disassemble it while chatting. :)
Daniel B.: be right back
Frank E.: Is it just an RCA cable or more complex?
rich-c: wonder if Tom Mackie out in Saskatoon still has that Adam stuff he was offering?
Frank E.: Was the Adam more popular in Canada than the US?
Guy Foster: Frank: It's a DIN connetor I believe.
Ronald: I'm hearing things
Frank E.: Oh good old DIN like a midi cable
Dale: Frank, it was sold to the public in Canada for one year more than in the US,
Frank E.: Oh I see
rich-c: per capita I think it was - all the H&R Block stores used them
Dale: That means that there were a lot of "late" adopters in Canada.
Frank E.: Really taxes done on the Adam, Cool
rich-c: Coleco wrote a specific program for them - Coleco had a major base in Montreal
rich-c: Block used them until electronic filing came in
Frank E.: Really when was e-filing adapt up there?
Frank E.: *adapted
Dale: Guy, it is a 7 or 8 pin DIN connector (of which there are 2 styles)
rich-c: for commercial maybe ten years ago, but for the general public only 2 - 3 years
Guy Foster: 7 pin over here.
Dale: And at AdamCon I connected the sound using paperclips and an RCA cable, while I was playing the videogames from my session on Saturday.
rich-c: it is still voluntary; most private individuals still do it on paper
Pamela: is that a variant of pushpins, Dale?
Frank E.: McGyver's in the house :)
Frank E.: Yeah do what works
Dale: It seems to me that sound is in the right spot that you can use a more common 5 pin DIN connector.
Dale: For sound and composite video off of a DIN connector you need the proper 7 pin one.
Frank E.: So then a DIN simple to what is used in MIDI cable should work?
rich-c: yes, and they're hard to come by now that Radio Shack is "no more"
Frank E.: I mean similar
Frank E.: So is the ADAM stereo?
Dale: I've been using paper clips instead of DIN connectors since I got my TRS-80 model 100 portable computer in 1985.
Ronald: Some of us were worse..... we used pushpins
Ronald: mentioning no names of course
Dale: on the m100, it was the modem that used a DIN connector. And the RadioShack cable was $75 -- out of my price range.
BobS: and alligator clips !!!!!!!
Pamela: says Ron, studiously looking at the ceiling
rich-c: I'd hold that "worse" for further examination, Ron
Ronald: :(
Ronald: you may have a point Rich
Dale: Frank, no the first system that was stereo was several years later.
rich-c: at least pushpins have insulated tops
Guy Foster: Man there sure a lot of screws on this ADAM, more than I anticipated.
Frank E.: Darn stereo would be nice. So it is basically exactly like the ColecoVision for sound?
Dale: And you need a long handled screwdriver to reach them all.
rich-c: yeah, that is one place where Coleco did not cut corners
BobS: Guy, they did not want it to break open when dropped
Ronald: Oh Hey..... next year we have to have a "Take Apart the ADAM " contest
Dale: Colecovision exactly unless you get the MidiMite.
Ronald: Daniel can be one of the contestants
rich-c: and I hope you have a long enough Phillips or it's gonna be a LONG night
Pamela: I'll do it Ron, if you'll coach me
Guy Foster: It seemed nicely assembled though, not done in haste like i would have expected.
Ronald: you're on kid
Frank E.: So what all does the MIDIMite come with?
Dale: Pam was up for one this year, but ...
JUDY: not me, I already lost once
Pamela: yeah, Erin wasn't that keen
BobS: PAM chickened OUT
Ronald: 2 standard midi cables, the manual, and the software, Sequel 2
Ronald: There's also ( I believe) a PD disk of Christmas carols
Dale: MidiMite comes with in, out and thru, a .MID player utility, and a mini sequencing program.
Pamela: t'wasn't me, Bob but I didn't want to force Erin into it and she didn't seem too comfortable
Frank E.: Is the software on Tape or Cart?
Dale: The enhanced sequencing program was seperate, and came out a year later.
Ronald: was a tape originally, but Chris sent me a couple of updates on disk
Dale: Usually distributed on floppy, but I'm sure it'd work on tape.
rich-c: doesn't matter, almost all disc software can be copied to tape cartridges
Frank E.: So you should have a floppy drive too, then?
Dale: The SEQual software made extensive use of a memory expander too.
Guy B.: No, she's a secretary with the VA at Hines Hospital.
Ronald: There's also two earlier programs - one would play a list of midi files, and the other would transfer Videotunes files to MIDI format
Ronald: (forgotten the names of them)
Dale: I'd recommend a disk drive or hard disk.
rich-c: disc drives are prertty hard to come by these days, Dale
Frank E.: Sounds like the ADAM is a lost musical treasure, that needs rediscovered
Ronald: yes, especially if you're going to play something like the annual Christmas Card
Dale: Not required, but recommended.
rich-c: Ron has opinions on that dsubject, as valid as they are prejudiced 8 - )
Ronald: Well, Chris developed all of this in the late '80s and I don't think he attracted the interest with it that he expected
Ronald: :)
BobS: and maybe the interest it deserved
Frank E.: I have done some pretty crazy things with just the ColecoVision and music. I would like more power
Dale: He demoed it at AdamCon 01, and released it later.
rich-c: well, I think the pricing was an issue - $100 was serious money back then
Frank E.: I need to complete my all Coleco/Adam band :D
Ronald: that's right. It was really quite a piece of work, but you pretty much had to be able to play a keyboard to use it
rich-c: well, the Adam gives you 64K of memory to play with, which is a good start
Pamela: you sound like Tim Allen, Frank
Guy B.: I have a Midi Mite, but I haven't used it. Don't have a Midi keyboard.
Guy Foster: Frank wrote the tune for my mini game competition entry...
rich-c: I've been holding back the MIDI for Frances' use, but she hasn't touched her keyboard for years and is deep into the Amiga now
Frank E.: I have a SK-1 keyboard. Anyone remember those? You could sample any sound and patch it across the keyboard
Ronald: I still find it easier to develop my scratch MIDI file with the ADAM. It's more user friendly than the newer stuff - or maybe it's because I'm just used to it
Pamela: forgive the ignorance, but how does a Midi keyboard differ?
Frank E.: I would love to develop something on Coleco/ADAM that could do sampling
Guy B.: I won that back in the 90's. Still in it's original box.
Dale: Ron, I've tried other software, but SEQual was an amazing program.
rich-c: it's a keyboard with a MIDI output, Pam
Pamela: which is as clear as mud, Dad
Ronald: A MIDI keyboard is an electronic piano PAM - with output/input for other MIDI devices
Ronald: including the computer
rich-c: OK, it's one that lets you record exactly your playing onto disc or tape
Frank E.: It is a keyboard that can output data about the note, velocity of the note and other things
Pamela: ah, okay
Ronald: there's a standard list of instruments called the General Midi Standard, that keyboards mostly adhere to
Ronald: so 1 is always a Grand Piano, 57 is a trumpet - etc etc
Pamela: and you have one of these Dad?
Guy B.: Well folks. Going to call the night. I'm working again this Saturday. Will see you all next week.
Ronald: there's that WORD again
Pamela: Guy, you have got to stop working on weekends!
Frank E.: Nice to meet you Guy B
rich-c: OK, goodnight Guy
Ronald: Hell, he's got to stop working period
Dale: My keyboard doesn't have velocity information or vibrato. I've always missed those features, but they tend to double the cost of the unit.
Guy B.: We're bombarded and the extra money helps.
JUDY: night Fuy
Ronald: it's bad for the health I tell ya
JUDY: that is Guy
BobS: WORK !!!!!! everybody HIDE !!!!!!
Ronald: oh... yes..... money
Ronald: aya
Pamela: all you have to do is arrange one little lottery, Ron
Dale: see ya Guy B
Guy Foster: ARGH!!! I have a botch job of an ADAM. It even has hand written stickers on the EPROMS... haha.
rich-c: yeah, we're in favour of money
BobS: but Guy does it WORK??????
Guy B.: We usually peak this month, so it will get better. See you all next week.
Guy B.: Poof
Ronald: geez!!
Pamela: dont' work too hard
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: thatis the main thing....I think I have a R57 down stairs also and it works, so don't knock it
Frank E.: Are they scratch and sniff -- Guy F. Those were popular at the time
Dale: Guy, it is an early one -- 100% defective rate, or so the QA manager told us at AdamCon 02.
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: that's how they were built, and for its historical value it is preferable to an R80, Guy
Guy Foster: I'm taking pics and will be posting it up in a few minutes....
Guy Foster: If anyone cares to see that is.
Ronald: certainly
Frank E.: Sure
Guy Foster: I see ALF written on the EPROM stickers... wonder what that is.
BobS: a caartoon chaaracter
rich-c: Dale, Dr.D, and the other techies will be fascinated
Guy Foster: EOS 6 REV. 57
Pamela: Dale, do you the pics from convention Sunday up yet?
Frank E.: So is Adam an acronym?
Pamela: sorry, do you have
Dale: I think that hand written EPROM stickers were a very common practice at the time. Made by hands, you know.
BobS: eos7 was in the r80 was it not?
Guy Foster: Franke: Adam, Eve, Apple. Get the connetion? :-D
rich-c: Oh wow, EOS 6 - aren't the common ones all OS7, Dale?
Ronald: don't believe so
Guy Foster: It says EOS 6
Ronald: didn't Adam Osbourne have something to do with the name?
Ronald: Not sure
Frank E.: So does Guy have a rare gem?
Dale: Pam, I've got them here somewhere.. I should really post them before I forget.
Pamela: we need historian Neil or Murray
rich-c: If you'e a techie, I'd say that he does
Ronald: exactly
Dale: Frank, it is a pun on Apple -- Adam is supposed to have an Apple compatible BASIC.
Ronald: ah.....
Pamela: please don't forget Dale, I'm using Dr. D's group photo as wallpaper at work and I'd like to have a variety
Frank E.: Nice compatible to Apple II then?
BobS: and Eve Electronics was probably namde after the ADAM
Frank E.: I have an Apple II/e
BobS: or did hank make other sytem harware as well?????
rich-c: Not really, Frank - there are critical differences
Dale: Richard OS7 is the CV game rom, the EOS ROM is EOS 6.
Ronald: I have a Mac SE and an SE30
rich-c: Dale, are those because Apple has a Motorola processor and Adam an Intel with conflicting instruction sets?
BobS: gott \a run kids........see ya'll next week, eh??????
Ronald: but I've culled my herd considerably
JUDY: well all think I will call it a night, talk to you next year
BobS: GOOD tis settled then NEXT WEEK it is !!!!!!!!
Pamela: night, Bob and Judy
JUDY: that is next week
BobS left chat session
Dale: Pam, I made a compilation CD-ROM that I gave to everyone who attended that I could find on the Monday. Chock full of stuff.
Frank E.: 6502 vs. Z80A right
Ronald: next year?
Ronald: yes
rich-c: night Bob and Judy - see you next week
Dale: Maybe I could burn you one. I got pictures from almost everyone.
Pamela: that would be lovely
Ronald: nite Bob, night Judy
Frank E.: Good night bob and judy
Pamela: want to mail it?
Dale: Z80a is from Zilog not Intel.
Ronald: At one time Frank, I had 25 computers - all the way from Timex Sinclair thru 386 to various versions of Mac....and an Apple II3
Dale: Zilog is a company started by former Intel employees.
Ronald: IIe
Pamela: this is what I get for disappearing after Sunday night
Guy Foster: Zilog rocks!
rich-c: Oops! I knew that! But it used the Intel instruction set, didn't it?
Ronald: had to downsize
Dale: The cpu is different, but the Basic was almost exactly the same.
Dale: Handy for type in programs from magazines.
Ronald: until you got to calling, poking and peeking
Frank E.: Whoa a collection to envy there Ronald
Frank E.: so the Apple II is more like the Atari 2600 same processor
rich-c: you never saw his apartment in Ottawa...
Frank E.: The Coleco uses a similar processor to the one used in modern TI calculators
rich-c: yes, Apple, Atari and Amiga were the principal Motorola users
Pamela: Hey Ron, have you gotten any wedding pics yet?
Dale: The coleco uses the same processor that is in the GameBoy, and GameBoy Colour.
Ronald: now I have only a few - an eMac, an iMac, an iBook, a Powerbook an AMD Duron box, and 5 Adams
Frank E.: Oh yes I can't forget the GameBoy too
Dale: The GB Advanced uses a 16bit cpu that is closely related to the Z80
rich-c: I've always wondered how Gary Kildall made CP/M work on computers with different instruction sets
Pamela: sheesh, I'm a piker with only an AMD K6 II and a P100 notebook
Ronald: not yet Pamela, the newlyweds will be here for labour day weekend, and they're bringing the proofs with them
rich-c: proofs? proofs? no jpeg files?
Pamela: well don't forget to post some Ron
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Dale: Richard, CP/M require an Intel 8080 or Zilog Z80 for the programs to work.
Ronald: I've put some jpegs up on my .Mac site, but I have to organize them
changed username to Daniel B
Frank E.: I have an Apple II, TI 99/4A, Mac Power PC, AMD 900 Linux Box, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, NES, Nin64, etc.
Ronald: so they're not in the public area yet
Daniel B: Wow! my computer freezed then crashed
Guy Foster:
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changed username to Dale
changed username to Frank E.
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Dale: Hi Frank.
Frank E.: What happened
changed username to Ron
Frank E.: That was strange
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: It looks like the chat server crashed. I restarted it.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to D.B.
Ron: We died
Ron: now we're alive again
Dale: I'll replace the Java VM for next week's chat, maybe it'll be more stable.
Frank E.: This is a pretty nice chat program is this Open Source or GPL?
D.B.: Goodnight Frank, Ron, Dale and Guy... it's probably my return in the chat that didn't help the chat session tonight
Frank E.: Good night
Dale: It crashed, and I had to restart the server.
Ron: Night DB
Ron: ain't technology grand
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
D.B.: Bonne nuit et mercredi prochain!
Ron: my laptop battery crapped out at about the same time
D.B.: (Good night and .... see you next wednesday)
Ron: yes sir!
D.B.: and Dale, keep me informed about your minigame project(s)
Dale: I will.
D.B.: *poof*
Ron: Well folks, I'm going to say g'nite
D.B. left chat session
Dale: I think that I have a good start, for sure.
Ron: we'll see you all next Wed
Dale: Ron, have you done any programming this week yet?
Dale: Maybe solve a problem with the rest of the week.
Ron: you would ask.
Frank E.: Goodnight everyone it was nice to meet you all. I am going back to work on my DOS computer
Dale: See you again Frank.
Frank E.: See you next wed
Ron: About all I've done is buy yet another licence for Real Basic for the Mac, and also installed a version of Visual Basic .net on my duron - that I got about 3 months ago
Frank E.: Hopefully I can get rich to get me an Adam so I can start programming on one of those too
Ron: but - yes- keep asking - and mention the Adamcon report too - that's my priority for the rest of this week
Dale: That'd be cool Frank.
Frank E.: Bona Sera
Frank E. left chat session
Ron: anyway 'nite all
Dale: Haven't you posted your report yet?
Dale: :-)
Dale: Bye for now.
Dale: poof
Ron: no - I'm a procrastinator
Ron: have to do it before the end of the month, because I'm off to PEI for a month and a half after Labour Day
Ron: l8r
Ron left chat session
Dale left chat session
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