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Jillian: Beep!
(Jillian gives ice cream to all his friends!)
(Jillian sneezes)
(Jillian quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
(Jillian's head explodes!)
(Jillian is thrown out of the window.)
(I'm sorry, Jillian, but I can't do that.)
(Jillian gives Jillian some poutine.)
Dale: I'm early
Dale: Noone here.
Harvie: Hello Wicks
Dale: Hi ya.
Dale: Jillian is lurking for now.
Harvie: Hiding were you?
Dale: How are you doing today Harvey?
Harvie: I expected to see rich clee but remembered he was on a trip
Harvie: Fine as always Dale, and you and family?
Dale: I'm doing good.
Dale: I was out for dinner at a wing place, and had a good time.
Harvie: Is the little guy better than he was at whitby?
Pamela: Good evening, all
Dale: I replaced the Java vm component on this server to see if I could make it more stable.
Harvie: Hi Pam
Dale: Hi Pam.
Dale: So, I came back in time for the begining of the chat.
Harvie: How long ago Dale?
Pamela: i'm impressed that you both made it, Dale
FredK: Hi there!
Dale: Last week by the time I arrived it was Pam, Guy Foster and I who were online.
Harvie: Hello FredK
Dale: Hi ya Fred.
Pamela: last week was one of those days : )
Pamela: hello, Fred
Harvie: I had to leave early last week
Dale: Well, I've changed the chat server. Jillian is actually watching "Secrets of the Dead"
Dale: (on History channel)
Pamela: So is Russell : )
Dale: Pick of the night, I guess.
Dale: What's new Fred?
FredK: very busy, work,kids,long distance studying! and you?
Dale: I have my last class in Level Design for Games is tomorrow. Gotta get my assignment done.
Harvie: brb
Pamela: you're procrastinating again, Dale : )
Dale: A 3D level for Unreal Tournament 2004 that I've been working on all summer.
Dale: Not really, it is quite good, but I want it to be excellent.
FredK: wow sounds very interresting
Pamela: how long will that take you?
Dale: My instructor says that it is coming together nicely.
Pamela: good evening, cuz
Erin: howdy, howdy
Dale: We've been working on the level basically exclusively in class for 11 three hour classes which are partly labs and partly lectures.
Dale: Hi Erin.
Erin: hi Dale
Pamela: Hi Rich, hi James
Dr.D.: Hi all.
james: hello
Erin: hi Hun
Dr.D.: Too tired to stay long :-(
FredK: Hi
Pamela: class prep getting to you Rich?
Dr.D.: Yesterday ended at 1:45 AM today, today began at 5:00 AM.
Dr.D.: Yes.
Erin: hi Jillian
Dr.D.: Hi Jillian, long time no see here,
james: rich, you must be exhausted
Dr.D.: Hi James and Fred and Dale etc. etc.
Dr.D.: Yeah kinda
Dale: So I've probably put 20 hours into my level in that class, and the previous course met for 8 three hours classes, where I did another 16 or so hours of work on it.
Dr.D.: Have to get up early again tomorrow, prep the vert lab and write a brief handout before 1:15 PM.
james: i'd be getting to bed now if i were you
Pamela: have classes started already Rich?
Dr.D.: As stated, I can't stay long :-)
Dr.D.: Yes, Monday.
FredK: geez Dale, what a task!
Harvie: Hello Doc, Erin and James
Pamela: ah, okay. Less confused now am I.
Jillian: Hello All.
Erin: hi Harvie
Jillian: Just distracted by tv.
Pamela: Hey, Jillian
Pamela: was just telling Dale that Russell is watching the same program
Dale: The other course was "Intro to Game Production".
Jillian: stunning scenes.
Pamela: Rich, what happened with your quadriplegic student?
Harvie: So james, you survived the Quake?
Dale: We learned 3D Studio Max, Photoshop (for texturing), and a little UnrealEd/Maya.
james: yeah, not so much as a quiver over where i am
Pamela: so you're in the right part of the country then James?
Jillian: hard to understand the naration with Jeffrey's added comments.
Dale: In this course we mastered UnrealEd, and did a little of the other things.
Dale: On the map it looked quite far away.
Dr.D.: Pam, he is the reason I have had long hours.
Dr.D.: Accommodations v1.0 won't quite work, so it's Plan B by tomorrow afternoon...
Erin: hi Uncle Richard
Pamela: what's plan B?
Pamela: Hi, Dad
FredK: Hi Rich-c!!
Dr.D.: Hi Richard, heard you had some adventures on your trip.
rich-c: hello to all - looks like a great crowd
Pamela: Dad, how's Mom today?
rich-c: not sure I would call them adventures, Rich - rather messages and not nice ones
Harvie: Hi rich, I thought you wouldn't be on tonight
Dr.D.: Messages?
Dale: We'll see, I've replaced jamvm with sablevm. Maybe it'll work better.
rich-c: simply put, we may have proved that trailer travel is no longer possible for us
Dr.D.: Traffic, Richard?
rich-c: To Pam: she is very dis-spirited
Pamela: oh dear
Dr.D.: Is Frances okay, Richard?
rich-c: to Rich - no, deterioratioin - mechanical on the trailer, physiological on our bodies
rich-c: that's a relative term, Rich - she is not happy
james: did something happen?
Dr.D.: What is with the trailer?
rich-c: the water tank leaked, the bed/table broke, the refrigerator died, plus some other worries
rich-c: and that was just in the first 48 hours
Dr.D.: Ai!
james: not an auspicious beginning
Harvie: Just another normal trip then rich :)
Dr.D.: fridge could be fixed I think?
Dale: James, I just wanted to do a reality check on cartridge shell pricing. At what price is it cheaper to buy old carts and take them apart?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I keep having this urge to jump in, but it's Dad's story to tell : )
rich-c: meanwhile my medication wasn't sufficient to control my back spasms - they just got worse
Dale: I've been shopping ofr alternatives.
james: that's a good question and one i hope to be able to answer soon, as i have a lead on a very good deal for a mold
Erin: (PRIVATE) hehe yeah....oh was your day?
james: i hope to make plastic casings available for developers though colecoshop at a very fair price
Pamela: (PRIVATE) 'twas a zoo
rich-c: no Rich, the fridge was beyond repair - and a new one costs more than a 23-year-old trailer is worth
Dr.D.: A new fridge is more than a trailer?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) the first hour and a half it was dead - perhaps a dozen phone calls - then, all hell broke loose
rich-c: the trailer is small, light, and 23 years old
FredK: lol sorry
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so needless to say, the day went by very quickly after that
Erin: (PRIVATE) oh nice....least the desk was clear :-)
Dale: I have a supplier that doesn't require a mold, but the trade off is per item labour.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, it was by 5:00 : ) but just barely
rich-c: look at the prices of RV refrigerators and you will understand - Dometic and Norcold are teh main brands
Dale: Richard, now that is a strange reality.
james: well let's put it this way; if i get the mold at the price i'm hoping too (basically only paying for materials)
Dr.D.: It is some special size or power supply?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) this will be the first time in twelve years that I'll actually go on vacation and leave nothing undone
james: it'll be just a matter of having a good sized lot made (say 1500 to start)
rich-c: RV fridges need to be three-way, 110v/gas/12v
Erin: (PRIVATE) it's a good feeling, eh?
Dr.D.: I bought a mini-fridge, rectangular upright, GE, at WalMart, for $110 a couple months ago, when we needed one to take to the park for Christina's grad party.
Dale: I sent Scott Gordon the PCB manufacturer in the Toronto area that was recommended to me.
Dr.D.: Gas too?
rich-c: they also need to be heavily insulated and shock resistant
james: and the unit price should be good. sorry i can't give numbers, i really don't know them yet
rich-c: they use an absortion cycle, not compressor
james: guy foster and i are working on some stuff too
Erin: hi Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yes, but sorta weird. I was thinking today that I don't think anyone realizes just how many small unnoticed things I do every day for people.
Montreal Guy: Hullo all.
Pamela: Hey, Guy
FredK: Hi Montreal Guy?
Dr.D.: I see, Richard.
rich-c: hello Guy Mk.2 - how's the Foster folks?
Dr.D.: Hmmm, maybe they sell Peltier-effect ones now?
Harvie: It's an evaporative ammonia condensing system Doc, the evaporator and condensor and inner case are all one piece, to repair the fridge is to replace all but the outer shell
Erin: (PRIVATE) it's very possibly true, sadly
Dale: The price I was quoted was $5/200, with minimum order being 50. I'd have to pay a one time Engineering fee.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I hope they'll notice while I'm gone : )
Dr.D.: We had a small fridge in the rented van we took both to ADAMconj V and ran off 12V cigarette plug.
Dale: $5 each in batches of 200 (to be clear)
james: $5 for $200? how much for the engineering fee?
Erin: (PRIVATE) now that's an important one :-)
james: does the engineering fee apply per batch?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'm hoping to find out who will be covering me so I can give a comprehensive lesson in Reception 101 over the next couple of days
Dr.D.: Ammonia is the very first kind of fridge is so corrosive they invented Freon to replace it.
Dale: I'm still working on the final design.
rich-c: was it buiult in, Rich. or a free-standing chest like the Koolatron?
james: wow
Harvie: There are 12volt hermetic type compressor systems but they are very expensive
Dale: The engineering fee is to create the initial design. If it is right, then it is one time only.
Erin: (PRIVATE) would be nice...although at the same time could also show how invaluable you are
Dr.D.: IIRC it was free-standing, but I would be shocked if RV accessory makers didn't make a replacement for an older type...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) even on the way home, I was thinking - I need to make a list
james: well $5 for $200 is very cheap
james: guy, are you following this?
Montreal Guy: James: Not really.
Dr.D.: Freon was a godsend to the fridge people...inert, noncorrosive, nonpoisonous to touch or eat or drink...
Dale: I just wonder if that is the right realm of pricing.
james: dale is working on getting plastic casings
Dr.D.: Nobody thought about the ozone in 1930 at DuPont, of course.
rich-c: quite - but Harvie has explained things far beeter than I could
Dale: No, not $5 for 200, but 5*200 for 200.
Harvie: The newest refrigerants are mostly propane
Pamela: (PRIVATE) would be an even better demo if it takes four people to take up my slack. Of course, that's also taking into consideration that they all have their own work to do
Dale: Which is very expensive each.
Pamela: kaboom = not good
james: ah, ok. i'm sort of, in a sick way, happy to hear that because i think we can do much better
Pamela: (PRIVATE) what about your day? I've done all the talking here : )
james: $5 per piece is pricy
Dr.D.: Yikes why such expensive stuff Harvie?
Harvie: "There are no known cases of coolant leakage in cars that have caused explosions"
Dr.D.: Peltier effect need 12V, good heatsink, and an exhaust fan.
Dr.D.: Ford, 1978, Re: the Pinto, right?
rich-c: that's what the Koolatron has, I belive
Dale: The advantage of the manufacturing process is they will do 1 or 12 or 200 or 1000.
Erin: (PRIVATE) it was good...Steve announced to everyone and the new EA today that he wants me to move up and do policy
Harvie: Peltier is not very efficient
Montreal Guy: Dale: What are you using for a mold?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yay!
Dr.D.: If you can afford an RV, you can afford inefficiency :-)
Dale: As opposed the traditional mold which is expensive setup, but pennys per impression when done in 1000s.
Harvie: Koolatron is a thermocouple
Pamela: (PRIVATE) now is that instead of or in addition to the LA stuff?
Erin: (PRIVATE) it was very 10 minutes before the meeting we were outside and he asked if I wanted it
rich-c: if you'e going to put it in a vehicle and bounce off into the boonies, it's better than nothing, Harvie
Erin: (PRIVATE) instead of LA
Dale: The process does not use a mold. It is a process of machining, scoring and gluing.
Dr.D.: CNC right Dale?\
Dr.D.: Machine it out of a block of plastic.
rich-c: yes, but it uses a heatsink and fan
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so when does it become official?
Dr.D.: No free lunches with thermodynamics :-)
Dale: I'm just thinking that $5 each, maybe doesn't make it cheaper than buying used carts and reusing them.
Erin: (PRIVATE) once the contract is signed
james: i'm lucky to get a free lunch out of my wife and that's after paying for the groceries :P
Dr.D.: hehe James
Montreal Guy: Dale: That's why we're thinking of getting a mold done, initial price is expensive, but then it's pennies per cart.
Erin: (PRIVATE) but with Steve saying it I am confident
Montreal Guy: Dale: But it might be cheaper the CNC way if not too many carts are required.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) if he's said it to everyone, that's pretty good proof
Dale: Exactly.
Erin: (PRIVATE) that's what I figure :-)
Dale: I figure the market at about 200/year overall.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so what direction do you plan to take in formulation of policy?
Dr.D.: You ready to sell your Turkey and Rabbit Salad games, Dale?
Dale: So buying 10,000 cart shells would last the next 50 years :-)
Erin: (PRIVATE) don't know yet...need to see where work needs to be done to have a better idea
Montreal Guy: Dale: Where do you get your figures of 200 carts/year?
Dale: Maybe some day Rich. I suffer from the "my project is not quite finished" artists' syndrome.
Pamela: I was having an interesting discussion with Russell and his mom (separately) about disclosure during the employment interview process as it pertains to clergy and sexual orientation.
Dale: That is my guess of the market of the 5 or 6 titles that are published per year.
Dr.D.: What Pam?
Erin: (PRIVATE) sigh, I'm really tired tonight....almost all packed
Pamela: sorry - that shoulda been an aside to Erin
Erin: (PRIVATE) oops
Dale: It could be wildly inaccurate, but I don't see 2000/year happening.
rich-c: Like, I assume those who ask your religion and sex life, so to speak?
Dale: What do you estimate the market at James?
james: a) none b) none
james: sec
Montreal Guy: Pamela: Went for my interview last week, and boy oh boy did they commit all kinds of "interviewing" mistakes during the interview process, such as asking me for my birth date, social insurance number, etc...
Dr.D.: Not sure I want to know any more Pam...include me out.
Pamela: no, more along the lines of asking about sexual orientation when the position you're interviewing for is minister at a church
Dr.D.: Interview?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) sorry, sweetie : ) it escaped on me
Dr.D.: MYOB is what I would say, but I am not a clergyman.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) how much packing do you have left?
Montreal Guy: Pamela: I've even had interviews where people asked me my ethnic origin. Oh boy!
rich-c: there are laws here in teh discrimination codes that forbid certain questions
Erin: (PRIVATE) not a prob...may have started an interesting conversation :-)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'll say!
rich-c: in fact, I believe it is even illegal to answer them
Erin: (PRIVATE) just the stuff that I have to throw in in the morning
Dr.D.: You can always say that you are "human"
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, you're better organized than I am, that's for sure
Montreal Guy: Lots of laws, but frankly, if you don't play the game of answering them, you most likely will not get a job, and that's the bottom line.
rich-c: refuse to answer, Guy, and if you don't get the job, sue the basstards
Dale: Uh oh I've scared James away.
Harvie: It's illegal to demand your SIN but not illegal to ask for it
james: sorry, case came up
Montreal Guy: Harvie: yep, they can ask for it, but I'm not obliged to give it, true.
james: hmm.. hard to estimate the market right now
rich-c: you might even got a job you'd not have got on "merit"
Erin: (PRIVATE) I get up too early to do it so got it done
Pamela: I would hope that anyone who was told to MYOB would admire your integrity
Dale: Does 20/year 200/year or 2000/year sound like the right range?
rich-c: hope spriongs eternal - real life is different
Dale: I based my figure on the sales of Daniel's Game Pack through GDG.
james: well it depends on how many titles are produced
Dr.D.: My brain is sprong.
Dr.D.: I think I need to sleep.
Pamela: LOL - my reality cheque went sproing
Montreal Guy: Hey, wanna hear a funny one? They asked me to take a medical exam, urine analysis, blood, etc... without even giving me a job offer, and that's for the government.
Dr.D.: So, I will bid you all good-night.
Dale: Good night Dr D.
Pamela: good night Rich - good luck with plan B
rich-c: night Rich, see you next week
Dr.D.: Until next week, Starbase Cleveland over and out.
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Dr.D.: Yeah, I need it Pam.
Erin: (PRIVATE) I'm going to call Rich so I think I will head out too....thanks again for taking care of my Bebe
FredK: Bye Rich!
james: night, rich
Dr.D.: Bye Fred
Pamela: (PRIVATE) no probs - email me or call and let me know you arrived safely please
Dr.D.: Bye James and Harvie and Mary Ellen and Jason and Jim-Bob and John-Boy...
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Erin: (PRIVATE) no prob will do you
rich-c: hey, he left and I'm still on - I think
Pamela: you're still here, Dad
rich-c: guess I'll have to wait for the Grand Universal;Dump tonight
Dale: Maybe the new server change is for the better. It is more rich proof?
Pamela: what amazes me is the techniques used in interviewing these days
Erin: well folks, clock at 5 am tomorrow and I have to finish packing so have a great week and good night
Harvie: Yes but what are you "on" :)
rich-c: goodnight Rin
Pamela: night, sweetie
FredK: bye Erin
Erin: nite Uncle Richard and Pam
Harvie: Goodnight Red
Montreal Guy: Pamela: Yep, everything goes.... BTW, they called me back last week after the interview for a medical. So my chances might still be positive.
Erin: Nite Fred
Pamela: that's great news, Guy
Erin: night Harv :-)
Dale: Richard, I've done the long promised replacement of the Java VM on the server.
Montreal Guy: Pamela: Yeah, it sure is...
Erin: bye all
rich-c: now all I have to do is get the latest Java for my laptop
Pamela: whatever the outcome, be sure to contact the interviewer and thank them for the opportunity to meet with them
Montreal Guy: Dale: Daniel's game don't sell a whole lot... Astro Invaders in the past 2 months has sold over 115 copies I'm told, and Eduardo Mello's game are selling like hotcakes. Scott, author of Astro Invaders is releasing another title, so I think that the market is there, just need to have interesting titles available.
Pamela: if the interviewer is willing, you might even ask why you weren't the successful applicant, and what suggestions he/she might have for you for future interviews
rich-c: hello Ron
FredK: Hey Ron!
Ronald: Hello All
rich-c: and welcome, Daniel
Pamela: job hunting has come a long way since I was doing it in 1985
Daniel BeOS: hello Ron, Harvie, Rich, GuyF, Pam, Fred, Dale and James
Dale: Do you think that more than 8 titles a year is plausable Guy F?
james: eylo ron, dan
rich-c: hello Guy B.
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
james: guyb
FredK: Salut Dan!
Dale: Hi Guy B.
FredK: Hi GuyB.
Pamela: well, Daniel, Ron and Chicago Guy - now we have the complete package. Greetings, all
rich-c: gee, two bail and three more come on - how about that?
Montreal Guy: Dale: I have no idea... although this year, at least 4-5 titles have been release or are scheduled to be released.
Harvie: Hi Ron and Daniel
Daniel BeOS: Sorry to be late tonight. I tried an old version of BeOS
Dale: Right, so 4-6 titles per year is my estimate.
Pamela: Guy, one of the things I was told many months after I was hired was how impressed they were that I sent a "thank you" email to the interviewer
Ronald: Will have to leave you guys for a while - my laptop battery is low, and I'm out and about..... hopefully will get back in a half hour or so
rich-c: that had its devotees in its day, Daniel
Guy B.: And I had to cook dinner for me and that's why I came on late.
Ronald: poor planning
Daniel BeOS: My dialup modem connect is more stable and faster under BeOS than Windows
Pamela: your time starts: now, Ron
Harvie: Hi Guy, I didn't see you come in
Guy B.: Speaking of my laptop battery. Might as well charge mine up. I'm on the desktop though. Be right back.
Montreal Guy: Daniel: What's with the BeOS? Switching over to that OS?
Daniel BeOS: Unfortunatly, I was unable to install firefox and connect to the chat session
Pamela: brb
Daniel BeOS: No, only trying for fun
rich-c: I doubt the writers of Firefox ever expected a demand for a BeOS version
Daniel BeOS: BeOS team stoped supporting things and some third party groups did variations and new software for this OS
Montreal Guy: Daniel: Want fun? Try MenuetOS, a 100% assembly language graphical OS that fits on a floppy....
Guy B.: Ok, it's charging.
Pamela: sorry, all this talk of low batteries reminded me that I had to recharge my cell phone
rich-c: I think except for a few hard-core types they'll have all moved to Linux
Harvie: "Leenux Roolz"
Guy B.: My first Dell has a new hard drive and I had a heck of time finding a spot for it as well as keeping the old one.
Pamela: Guy, if you're not careful you're going to end up with a snake pit like Ron's
rich-c: well, it seems actually successful at challenging Bill Gates and all his works
Daniel BeOS: @Dale: hello :D
Guy B.: I'
Daniel BeOS: What is your estimation 4-6 titles per year?
Guy B.: Pam, I'm getting rid of three old ones, plus two old monitors. I have to wait until October. That's when a recycling fair is being held.
Daniel BeOS: Talking about releasing coleco games per year?
Pamela: good for you : )
rich-c: some places, Guy, have regular year-round recycling groups
Pamela: I have a nifty device at work which allows me to switch back and forth between hard drives at the touch of a button - saved a lot of space on my desk
Montreal Guy: Pamela: You mean switch between computers, no?
Pamela: yes, Guy
Harvie: My joints tell me I have overextended my keyboard time, so Goodnight all
Montreal Guy: Pamela: Ok, I have one of those too, they're awesome!
Dale: brb
Guy B.: Some places charge a fee just to dispose of them. This fair will not charge a fee, plus they will take some old electronics like TV's and stereos. I have an old TV that died, so I'm taking that there as well.
FredK: bye Harvie
Pamela: goodnight Harvie - better living through chemistry!
rich-c: goodnight Harvie, thanks for the explanations, and take care
Guy B.: Bye Harvie.
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Harvie
Montreal Guy: Guy B: Why not just put everything in your car, and drop it on your least favorite neighbor's lawn at 3AM?
Guy B.: I wish I could do that Guy F.
Pamela: how do you switch yours Guy? Mine is the scroll lock key
rich-c: mot good, Guy - there are groups that can recycle old computers (at least DOS ones)
Montreal Guy: Pamela: Yep, same here, I press SCROLL LOCK 2 times really fast and switch from one to the other.
rich-c: in Toronto the outfit is called "reboot"
Montreal Guy: Rich: What can one do witha 286 or 386 these days? I have a few here that I'd love to put to good use...
Pamela: besides a good boat anchor? : )
Montreal Guy: Or a doorstop, yes... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: That's remember me an OS by the same team who did GeOS... Supposed to be a miracle OS to continue using old PC.
Pamela: one of these days I'll have to boot my 486 and see if it survived Y2K
rich-c: see if there is a Montreal group for freecycle on Yahoo, or just look at
Guy B.: Not around here. I was searching websites around here. Cook County has two of these recycling events. One in the spring and in the fall. It will be worth waiting a month and half. Since September 1st is tomorrow.
FredK: I still have XT, per Rich I can use it as a hard drive for Adam someday!
Guy B.: I'm still keeping my P133. Going to use it for DOS as well as Windows.
rich-c: yes, Rich wrote the program that makes that possible
Guy B.: Adamserve, I believe he released that for everyone to download at his website.
rich-c: Guy, if you can make a computer do usable work for you, hang onto iy
rich-c: I just passed my P166 laptop to Frances' sister and it is doing everything she wants for her
Montreal Guy: The important thing with those older computers is to have the right software.
Guy B.: Exactly.
rich-c: yes, you have to allow for the limited memory, especially on laptops hard to upgrade
Pamela: our laptop is a P100 (if that) and Russell is using to run older games. Seems to work fine for him. I don't have any patience with it - it's too slow
rich-c: it is unwise, I am told, to run Windows XP on anything less than 256K of RAM
Pamela: I'm also coming to the conclusion that we need two computers in this house - one for each of us
james: rich, can i stop you at "anything" :P heh heh
rich-c: you point of view is far from unique, james ; - )
FredK: I would say so too, becuz would like to run XP on 512 myself
rich-c: Mr. Gat4es and all his works are not universally loved
Daniel Bienvenu: question to all but specially to rich-c : the new java virtual machine used for this chat server didn't crash yet or kick someone ?
Guy B.: My Compaq 233 does the job nicely. Even using the emulator as well as the software that came with it.
Montreal Guy: Yep, 512 minimum for Win XP for me.
Guy B.: That's my notebook.
rich-c: not yet tonight
Guy B.: I wonder how much memory the new Windows is going to need?
FredK: Yeah recently I am having problems with Emulator, does not work on XP so I put it on my PII only disk images fail......
rich-c: with all the built-in spyware and coverups, a gigabyte maybe?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think... 1 GigaByte of ram will be the new standard for windows users
rich-c: it's getting close to being the standard now
Montreal Guy: Rich: Well, these days, programmers don't optimize their programs, instead of optimizing, they're like: "Well, they'll get more memory if it runs too slowly".
Guy B.: Whoa, that would require a whole new PC for me then.
rich-c: the very cheapest machines have 256K, discount brands trying to show off have 512K
rich-c: makes that 256M, 5`12M, etc
Pamela: 256K would be a huge step up for me - from 64
Pamela: sorry, meg
Montreal Guy: I have 512 megs on all my system, considering 1 gig.
rich-c: it's not unusual to see a "free upgade to 1 gig RAM" in computer ads now
rich-c: have to look in my manual to see how much my Acer laptop will accept
Guy B.: Both of my Dells limit is 384. My Athlon can go up to 768. I have 384 in that system now.
Pamela: when all else fails, read the instructions
Montreal Guy: Pamela: ... or: take out the hammer.
Pamela: or use a bigger hammer- you're right, Guy : )
Guy B.: I finally brought Jeanene's computer back to her place. She finally got her new desk up.
Pamela: gonna step out for a few minutes - back shortly
Dale: Instead of optimizing the program, they optimize the programmer's time.
Daniel Bienvenu: did you ever heard about the tera computer? it was an ideal personal computer challenge that suppose to be 1 terabyte ram, 1 terabyte disk, 1 teraflop cpu... and the year I heard about this in year '96, Intel did virtual a cpu running 1 tera floatingpoint computations.
Dale: But Daniel, the games would have to come on 20 DVDs!
Dale: It'd take a long time to install them.
Guy B.: And not everyone has a DVD Rom drive.
Dale: Carts come up faster I think. ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, new format in the future maybe.
Montreal Guy: BlueRay
Dale: Iso-chips, like on Babylon-5.
rich-c: yeah, that about quadruples a DVD's capacity, doesn't it?
Montreal Guy: Rich: Not sure how much, but with that technology, finally we can have high definition quality on a disc.
Geoff: Heeeellllooo!
Guy B.: Pam's back.
Dale: Geoff! Good to see you.
Guy B.: Hi Geoff
Geoff: thanks. :)
FredK: Hi
rich-c: Hi Geoff!
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a problem wanting to fit even more data in a small space
Geoff: how's everybody?
Dale: Doing good now that you're here. ;-)
rich-c: still on teh right side of the grass - and you? 8-)
Dale: Time to start the party.
Daniel Bienvenu: A party?
Guy B.: I'm done working Saturdays. But, still working overtime.
Geoff: hhehehehe doing good, got power, dry land...not too shabby.
(Dale gives Geoff a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Geoff: sweet. :)
(Dale gives Daniel Bienvenu a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
Dale: Drink up. There's more where that came from. :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: some music?
Geoff: /me gives Dale a nice frosty Moosehead.
rich-c: hey Geoff, hold out for a St. Amboise Biere Noire - even better than Guiness
Geoff: heheheh
Montreal Guy: You either love Guiness or hate it...
Geoff: Rich: pretty good, huh? Where's that made?
(007 music plays in the background)
rich-c: it's originally from Quebec but was recently bought I think by Olands, and is in Ontario distribution now
rich-c: I think it's a companion to Moosehead so maybe national distribution is in the future
Geoff: I really enjoyed the Granville Island Brewery stuff when I was in Vancouver earlier this year.
Dale: A good place Geoff. I've visited there too.
Geoff: heheheh, had a great time in BC... great seafood up there, BTW.
rich-c: there are a lot of boutique breweries turning out a range of highly acceptable producets
Montreal Guy: Beer is getting cheaper than gas! $1,34/L over here today...
rich-c: gas was $1.039 a litre in Toronto this afternoon
Geoff: On the way home this evening I noticed that one station had gas at $2.72/gallon for the cheap stuff....wish I could use less than premium.
Dale: I paid $1.03, but saw 1.199 to 99.9 today.
Montreal Guy: Rich: Yeah, we're the worst hit when it comes to gas prices, most expensive in the country.
FredK: well Lady and Gentlemen, have a great night, gotta hit the sac in preparation of tomorrows traffic!!
Dale: See you Fred.
rich-c: OK Fred, take it easy and come back soon
Daniel Bienvenu: I predict another raise of 25% in the next days
Montreal Guy: Daniel: Based on what Daniel?
Geoff: later, fred. :)
Guy B.: Pruce here went up 20 cents. Midgrade and premium is over $3. Regular just a penny short.
FredK: Ok thanks! Good night-Salut!
Guy B.: Bye Fred.
Dale: The prices were artifically high, so I think that this is the spike.
rich-c: well, if Katrina did the anticipated damage in teh gulf and to the refineries onshore, gas will stay expensive
Guy B.: You can thank one monsterious hurricane for this.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I base my prediction on Katrina sequel
Montreal Guy: The barrel has stayed at the same price, yet the raise gas prices.
Geoff: I still can't fathom the devastation... went to NO a couple of years ago... hard to believe 80%+ of the city is submerged.
rich-c: they have always known this was coming, they just didn't know when
Guy B.: And it will take several months for New Orleans to get rid of the water.
Montreal Guy: What about the Iraq stampede, that could cause prices to rise also?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the city was virtually underwater
rich-c: when you build below sea level, you know sooner or later the levees are going to break
Guy B.: I doubt that.
Geoff: I wonder how much of the place was below sea level when it was originally built.
rich-c: no, I think any Iraq influence has been negligible for a year or more now
Guy B.: Good question.
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam
rich-c: well, the historic French Quarter wasn't flooded, apparently
Guy B.: This was by far, the worst hurricane.
Pamela: I'se back
Dale: Richard that's not what I've heard.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: based on force evaluation is was as big as hugo
rich-c: not necessarily - Galveston got hit pretty bad a few years back
Pamela: thanks, and please - send chocolate
Geoff: That's what it looked like on the news this morning... I guess it might be a little different now.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Pamela: : )
Guy B.: Knew you like that.
rich-c: yes, I'm going by what Frances told me she found on the Star website
Pamela: after today I needed it
Pamela: twas a busy day
Montreal Guy: Apparently, hurricane season will be deadlier and last longer that previous years and will even reach coastal Canadian areas more often.
Geoff: really? how often has that happened?
rich-c: some are saying so, as an offshoot of global warming
rich-c: well, Point Pleasant Park in Halifax was destroyed by hurricane damage last year
rich-c: they only got it reopened a few weeks ago
Montreal Guy: Rich: yes it was, and they are still recovering apparently.
Daniel Bienvenu: high temperature of golfstream is responsible of hot summer in US and Europe and also responsible for the hurricans.
Geoff: really? wow, it seems like I never hear of anything that far north weatherwise.
Pamela: we usually only get the remnants of them, Geoff
rich-c: usually when hurricanes hit the maritimes they've cooled to the severe tropical storm level
rich-c: but they are very familiar with hurricane rains there
Geoff: One of these days I'll visit NS.
rich-c: and Toronto still remembers (with good cause) Hurricane Hazel
Montreal Guy: In 2003 Nova Scotia was hit on Sept 28 and 29, 100mph winds, 100000 without power, floodings, deaths...
Geoff: wow.
rich-c: in fact, we're having fallout from Katrina in Ontario right now
Montreal Guy: We had lots of rain this morning as well in Quebec due to Katrina.
Dale: It really gets around.
rich-c: yes, Toronto only got an inch or so overnight, but we wre the lucky exception, apparently
Pamela: and it was spread out over several hours
Geoff: Surprisingly we got little rain from this storm here, but lots of wind.
Daniel Bienvenu: If humans can't do anything about hurricans, tornados... why we think we can defend our planet againts asteroids and comets?
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: what I want to know is, if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make better tasting envelope glue?
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight GuyB
Geoff: Later, Guy. :)
Pamela: night, Guy
rich-c: because, Daniel, it requires far less force to chance the orbit of an asteroid that to stop a hurrican
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: nite Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too!
Guy B.: Poof
rich-c: comets are basically soft - "dirty snowballs" with a stone core
rich-c: they don't have to be destroyed, just have their direction changed a little
Montreal Guy: Daniel: By analyzing the trajectory of celestial objects that are to collide with eart, we are able to intercept them and change their trajectoy. With a hurricane, it's a little bit different. What could we do?
Pamela: we were discussing last night what would happen if you detonated a nuclear bomb in a hurricane - the conclusion was you'd have a radioactive hurricane
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on our actual knowledge on hurricans, droping down the temperature of the water kill the hurrican. Maybe a ice bomb project to shoot hurrican can be fun.
Dale: Might work. It might rain frogs though.
Geoff: I heard that the water temps in the gulf during Katrena was 95 degrees in some places.
Pamela: we can deal with pestilence afterward : )
rich-c: it seems the levels of energy involved in a hurricane make a nuclear bomb irrelevant in comparison
Pamela: that's pretty mind boggling, isn't it
rich-c: well, it's like earthquakes, but people knowingly live on or near major faults
Pamela: maybe we need to find a way to move an iceburg into the Gulf and cool it down some
rich-c: james for instance has to know that sooner or later his area will be hit by a major quake
Dale: It the object (like a comet) is far enough away, just a tiny change in trajectory would make it miss the Earth.
Geoff: the water sure was warm while I was down there a few weeks ago. :)
Montreal Guy: Dale: Yeah, but there's always compensation, otherwise we would have never landed on Mars.
rich-c: well, tropical waters always seem warm to us northerners
Geoff: it was bathwater temps in Destin. heheheh
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe droping a large quantity of liquid azote infront of the hurrincan path to make it change path and never touch the ground...
Dale: My point is that it is easier to nudge a comet than it is to destroy it.
Montreal Guy: Dale: Yeah, that's what I was saying, intercepting it and changing the trajectory.
james: i am invincible
james: sec
Pamela: maybe we're looking at this from the wrong angle - maybe we need to find a way to stop a hurricane's rotation
rich-c: what';s the matter, james, desk shaking again ; - )
Dale: a space ship traveling counter clockwise at 90% the speed of light.
Daniel Bienvenu: like doing a huge fan spinning in the hurrincan eye to try making the hurrican spining the other way?
james: yeah
james: too bad we can't name earthquakes like we do typhoons and hurricanes
Dale: Speed of rotation determines the classification.
james: earthquake aiden just struck
Montreal Guy: James: Hehe
rich-c: yes, they'd be commonplace in your household about now 8 - )
Pamela: exactly - so, if you can stop or slow the rotation, you lower the damage
Dale: Well there is always "The Big One" in California.
Montreal Guy: So the best thing is to intercept a hurricane, and make it deviate towards Cuba.
Pamela: exactly, Guy! : )
rich-c: unless Mt. Ranier blows taking Tacoma with it, or B.C. gets whats's overduw, or the mississippi valley slides again, or...
Dale: It'd ruin the cigar crop, if I ever took up cigars.
Pamela: there are some interesting theories about earthquakes too
Pamela: after all an earthquake is caused by a large slippage of one of the plates
rich-c: oh, plate tectonics basically seem to be pretty well figured out
Pamela: if one could somehow control the slippage at a constant, infinitesimal rate, you could stop devastating earthquakes altogether
james: are they any closer to an explanation for "earthquake weather"
rich-c: things like the Madrid fault are not explained by plates, though
Montreal Guy: So where on earth can one go to be safe from hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes and GST?
Daniel Bienvenu: an old tiny plate then?
Dale: Siberria?
Pamela: Antarctica
rich-c: nor are the quakes around Watertown, NY and into western Quebec
Montreal Guy: We had a quake here a little while ago in Quebec.
Pamela: of course, the snowstorms are a bitch . . .
rich-c: choose one to live with - Guy - of the lot I'll take the GST
Montreal Guy: Rich: ;)
Geoff: what are you guys going to do about our revised daylight savings time? <rolling eyes>
Pamela: roll our eyes : )
Daniel Bienvenu: well, Quebec have earthquakes too... but some are made because of the instability of a comet collision (many years aog of course)
Dale: The tiny earthquakes that come to Toronto area, according to a Seismologist I heard interviewed are understood well enough.
rich-c: we're deciding whether to play along or ignore it and hope it will go away
rich-c: something like many of your states, I gather
Geoff: heheheheh
rich-c: the further north you get, the less incentive there is to play along
Pamela: you know, I have yet to feel one of those, and yet I've been with others who have felt them
Dale: I'm thinking we'll ignore it the first shift or two.
Pamela: too much gravity, maybe : )
rich-c: I gather, Dale, that there is a fault along Lake Ontario, but it's pretty well inactive
Geoff: In our case it works out in our favor... of course we are right on the edge of CST/EST.
Pamela: where are you, Geoff?
Dale: I was in California on business when a 4.0 struck. The people in the diner were mostly non-plussed. But it was the talk the next morning at my meetings.
Geoff: Huntsville, AL.
Pamela: oOo
rich-c: right - I guess you have wet feet at teh moment, then?
Montreal Guy: Between 3.5-5.4 it is often felt, but rarely causes damage. Less than 3.5 it isn't even felt.
rich-c: how close were you to the epicentre, Dale?
Dale: 6 km I think
rich-c: OK, you should have felt teh bump, anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
Pamela: we had one like that a couple of years ago - I was in the coffee shop and didn't feel it, but apparently people in the office tower did
Pamela: hey, Ron
Ronald: So the moral of the story is ..... don't leave home without recharging your batteries
Ronald: also took longer to eat the liver and bacon that I ordered for supper.... was talking to you guys from the restaurant
Geoff: Not to stray too far off topic, but.... Who knows something about AdamNET
Ronald: that is the topic Geoff
Geoff: ;)
Pamela: with all due respect, Ron - ick
rich-c: we were at Disneyland once when a faily major quake struck upstate a bit - all I felt was a strange jolt on the ride we wre o
Ronald: I know.... not everybody likes 'em
rich-c: I've tried to teach her, Ron, but her mother's influence is too strong 8 - (
Pamela: sorry, Daddy : )
james: what's ick?
Geoff: What do the four bytes mean in the PCB?
Ronald: Suspect Dr. D or Dale or Daniel would be the only standing experts on Adamnet
Pamela: liver
Pamela: <shudders>
rich-c: it's a form of sushi, james
Daniel Bienvenu: (not me)
james: liver?
Ronald: I love it...... but not with onions..... have to tell em to hold the onions
Dale: I don't really know that stuff. Dr. D gave me the documents, but I haven't studied them.
Pamela: give me a good steak anytime
rich-c: well, it depends on how well the onions are cooked, Ron - well done they're delicious
Ronald: start byte? stop byte? (wild guess)
Dale: Dr. D emulated the PCB for the AdamServe project.,
Ronald: program is between here and here
Dale: He knows it cold, I suspect.
Ronald: Program Control Block right?
Pamela: if he doesn't sleep through it : )
Geoff: documentation... I have some info on the DCB, but no info on PCB or what the different status values mean for the DCBs.
Geoff: processor control block.
Ronald: ok I wasn't even close
Dale: Ron may have subliminally learns some stuff from Guy Cousineau.
Ronald: yeah..... by osmosis
Daniel Bienvenu: in the word pcb, b is not for board?
rich-c: it happens, Ron
Ronald: :)
Dale: It isn't in the ATM or EOS Programmer's Guide? I'd have thought it would be in one of those places.
Geoff: might be... I'll have to check.
Pamela: well folks, I think I'm for bed
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pamela!
Geoff: I don't have a copy of the ATM anymore... isn't that on Rich's site?
rich-c: ok daughter, take it easy and sleep tight
Ronald: I'll vote for bed.... I mean who would be against bed?
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ronald: Nite Pamela
Geoff: later!
Pamela: no comment Ron
Pamela: it would only get me in trouble
Ronald: not go there
Dale: The status values are defined somewhere in one of the ATMs. If you can't find it, I'll check my paper copies of the ATM.
rich-c: yeah, the old man's watching
Pamela: Night, Daddy - I'll see you at some point over the weekend
rich-c: OK, don't expect to go anywhere
Pamela: g'nite, everyone - see you next week
Pamela: kerpoof!
Ronald: yes, I seem to recall it's in there somewhere. My copy is still packed in one of the closets around here
rich-c: think it's about time I followed Pamela's example - bed calls and there's much duty to be done before I answer
rich-c: so I had best get about it
Dale: Jill says that it must be time for bed.
Ronald: by the way Dale...... you'll be happy to know.....
Dale: I think I agree. So until next time.
Ronald: that my report is done - 7 pages..... I just have to proof it
Dale: Good news Ron!
Ronald: then I'll get it to Bob S for the Ann disk
Ronald: finally!
rich-c: goodnight, all
Ronald: niters Rich.
Dale: Now I'll finally find out what happened at AdamCon when I was chasing after Jeffrey.
Ronald: :)
rich-c: colour me gone
Ronald: yes, you did that for a time didn't you
Dale: For sure.
Ronald: So here on the west coast..... it's not quite dark
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to interrupt but I did an update (again) for my getput library. will be online in my web site later tonight
Ronald: geocities?
Daniel Bienvenu:
Dale: This week I didn't make much progress on the chopper 4k game, but I hope to get back to it in the next week. Gotta get it finished. My hostages are stranded, and running to the Consolate across the border right now, and not waiting for the chopper.
Ronald: yup. Got it bookmarked
Dale: It crashes the emulator (VColeco) when I try to pick up passengers.
Ronald: are they balanced assymetrically Dale?
Dale: I had to stop and create a symbol table compatible with BlueMSX to debug it.
Ronald: ??
Ronald: I'm being silly
Dale: Assymetrically in a triangle relationship: chopper, 2 tanks, and one jet fighter.
Ronald: aha-- I knew it! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe!
Ronald: One day, I am going to understand everything Dale has said over the past 16 years
Ronald: then..... watch out
Dale: <very big grin>
Daniel Bienvenu: it's an ultimatum?
Ronald: exactly
Dale: Ron says he's a closet programmer.
Geoff: getting close to bedtime... gotta run.
Ronald: more like a wannabe
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight geoff
Dale: The best thing about computers he says. Now why doesn't he program more he wonders.
Ronald: what part of the country are you in geoff?
Dale: Alabama.
Ronald: ah
Geoff: Ron: N-NE Alabama.
Ronald: ok
Dale: It was an FAQ tonight.
Ronald: I almost had it.... or so I thought.... until one of our 13 year old members of AUFG accused me of writing spaghetti code
Geoff: good chattin' with y'all tonight... I'll check back with you again. :)
Dale: Server worked perfectly tonight. I'm very pleased.
Ronald: never wrote another line after that
Dale: Except for the lego competition.
Dale: And at AdamCons.
james: who was that, ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, it seams like the new java virtual machine you are using is fixing the major problem with the chat
Ronald: Oh that's right...forgot about that
Dale: Spagetti code has it's place.
Ronald: not you James..... another young fella I used to pick up in our end of town to take to the meetings
james: when confronted with the noodly appendage of spaghetti code, i bow before it's might
james: yeah, that's why i'm asking
james: *its
Dale: Tony Morhen, now that was a spagetti code writer.
Ronald: I'm beginning to realize that
Ronald: Would at one time have fought to the death to defend him, but the more I read....
Daniel Bienvenu: N'oubliez pas de regarder Octo-Puce avec Claudia Thériault et Yavon Dufour prochainement à la télévision. (a word from the past...)
james: defend whom? sorry.. my brain is just not functionning today
Dale: His code works, but elegant it's not.
james: can i interest anyone in a set of slightly used toddlers?
Ronald: Tony Morehen
Dale: Can't have everything.
Ronald: Send 'em back when they're 35 James
Dale: Then he switched cold turkey to Visual Basic. Go figure.
Daniel Bienvenu: I discovered the quines during the weekend.
james: lol
Ronald: yeah, so I understand
james: case is well toilet trained
Daniel Bienvenu: A quine program is a program that print out on screen is listin without cheating like the LIST instruction in basic
james: as i was blearily reminded at 1 and 3.30 a.m. this morning
Dale: bye all
Ronald: it gets better James, honest it does
Ronald: nite Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Dale!
Dale: poof
james: hell, it damn well not get any worse
james: *better not
Ronald: how old are they now?
james: case is 41 months and aiden is 15 months
james: i'm 372 months
Ronald: lovely. must generate some interesting interactions
james: i suppose i could say he's 3 1/2 :D
Ronald: In your case, after a while, you start counting backwards
Daniel Bienvenu: it was your birthday this month?
james: if it's still august there, then yess
Ronald: it is
Daniel Bienvenu: I knew I forgot somthing
Ronald: well, not where Daniel and Guy are
Ronald: it is here
james: montreal is eastern time zone, right?
Ronald: I'm headed off to Prince Edward Island in about a week.
Ronald: going relative-sponging
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm 10 months younger than you then
james: p.e.i. very nice
james: went there for our honeymoon
Ronald: there for 5 weeks, then gonna spend a week in the Ottawa area
james: uhmm.. ron - when are you in ottawa?
Ronald: Oct 9 - 16
james: cool. cause guess what?
Ronald: hey!
james: i fly in on the 28th of september
Ronald: We'll have to get together my son
Ronald: how long are you there?
james: brother's wedding is in sault ste. marie. up there from thurs oct 6 to mon oct 10th
james: back in ottawa until the 17th
Ronald: all right!
Ronald: I'll e-mail you a phone number - staying with some friends
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I can't be there too.
Ronald: oh - hey wait a minute
james: and of course if you have access to email while there, we can get in touch easily
Ronald: you're in the Sault 6 to 10?
james: yup
james: going to take the boys on the agawa valley train tour
Ronald: I'm leaving Ottawa to come back home on the 16th
james: case should enjoy that and the foliage at that time of year should be specatcaular
Ronald: oh.... you said until the 17th
james: so a day before i leave to come "home" to japan
Ronald: I was thinking I'd miss you by a day
Ronald: good.... we'll have lunch or something
james: so we're both in ottawa from the 11th to the 16th
Ronald: right
james: well could definitely arrange to meet somewhere, would be a waste not to
Ronald: I don't know how that's gonna work..... I've got at least 30 people in Ottawa who would not forgive me if they knew I was in town and didn't look them up
Ronald: but we'll make it happen
james: even if it were for just an hour or so
james: lol
Montreal Guy: James: Maybe I can make it up to Ottawa with Daniel, would be fun!
Ronald: including some old AUFG members
Ronald: John Krzyzanowski, Doug Paterson
james: 15th and 16th are out for me since that's my last weekend in town until march and my mother would kill me
Ronald: Looks like the thurs or the fri
james: though my current fatigue and state of mind, i can't say she wouldn't be doing me a favour
Ronald: anyway.... we'll figure something out
james: yeah,going camping wiht a good friend of mine (tight since gr. 7 which was a *Long* time ago now) that's supposed to happen tues-thurs aft
james: so thursday or friday is our best bet
Ronald: right.....
james: maybe john and doug could join us. doesn't have to be anything formal. lunch or coffee or whatever
Ronald: will see if I can set that
Ronald: up
Ronald: do you remember them both?
james: but i will definitely be in town during that time
james: honestly, i think i've met them only once
Ronald: probably.... they were my age group minus 10
james: i'm hoping i'd recognize them but i don't know.. 31-14 is quite some years ago
james: sorry, can't do maths right now :D
james: 17 years?
Ronald: I hear ya
Daniel Bienvenu: most of the time, I can only recognize faces, not names
Ronald: For me, it's gonna be some week - with people to see etc
james: but i don't see why we couldn't do something four an hour or two on a thurs afternoon or friday lunch
Daniel Bienvenu: but between 14 and 30 years old, our faces change pretty well.
Ronald: should be possible. We'll make it so
james: i know you're busy so i won't hold it against you if we can't hook up, but this is by far the best opportunity that's presented itself in quite some time
Ronald: It ain't my face that's changed :(
james: glad i made it back to the chat today
james: lol. i'm really laughing here
Ronald: there's more of me in the middle
Ronald: yes .... glad you did too
Ronald: Anyway guys..... I'm off ..... away...... didn't get my after supper nap
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodday james
Ronald: see ya's next week.... from somewhere ...... I've got some time to kill at Calgary Airport.... and it's a WIFI there
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too
Ronald: so I might get to the chat
Ronald: nite all
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
james: good night dan
james: well ron, i'm going to make a note so i don't forget that we're both in ottawa from 11th-16th oct > chat > Wed 2005-08-31
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