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Harvie: Hello Guy
Dale: Hi all.
Dale: How are you doing today?
Harvie: Hi Dale
Harvie: How are Jill and Jeff?
Guy B.: HI All, I was thr first here.
Harvie: Hi Bob
BobS: howdy howdy
BobS: how all?????
Harvie: Marvellous
BobS: that's gtood
BobS: and how are Guyl Dale, Jill and Jeffery????
Harvie: How is it in Michigan
Dale: Well, we just got the builder to replace the dead grass that didn't take.
Guy B.: I have my second Dell almost done. Installed Windows 98, Mozilla Firefox, Sygate Personal Firewall. Still have to install an internal modem and the 17" monitor and yes, a 5 1/4" floppy drive.
Dale: So we've been dancing in the sprinklers.
BobS: mi is HOT hot hot
BobS: and got the dirve done yet?
BobS: friveway
BobS: driveway
BobS: needed another coat of asphalt no?
Dale: Well they don't pave the second coat until spring.
Guy B.: Some storms north of me. Bob, you might get some storms coming your way.
BobS: ok that works
BobS: said we should get some rain about 1am
BobS: most of rain going north of us
BobS: dry in toronto also?????
Harvie: They promissed us rain tomorrow, It'll probably be sunny :)
BobS: figures
Guy B.: My dog is going in for a blood test on her thyroid. Her count might be down and the vet thinks thats what is happening to her paws.
BobS: ABBY!!!!!! staraighten up
Harvie: Hello rich
BobS: yo the traveling boy!!!!
rich-c: hello all
Guy B.: She will. She's hanging in there. In the meantime, back on antibiotics.
Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich-c: had to drop the trip, Bob - back spasms
BobS: oh boy.......bummer dude
rich-c: got as far as Frankenmuth, then turned and ran for home
BobS: neede rest.......
rich-c: we also had problems with the trailer that didn't help
BobS: not good
BobS: what lind of troubles?
rich-c: just back from picking up prescriptions - that's why I'm a little late
rich-c: refrigerator died was the big one
Guy B.: Oh boy Rich.
Harvie: Da congelateur she no congel
rich-c: tu as raison, Harvie
rich-c: btw, Pam is up at their trailer this week so won't be joining us
BobS: LOT of refrig troub;e giong are the 3rd one I know of this year
Harvie: What's that, your raisins went bad? :)
BobS: CAMPING WPRLD here we come
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome abopard
Judy: hi, everyone
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: we got a bar fridge and had it installed but Frances has issues with the sound
BobS: guiness got warm Harvie
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: bite the bullet and buy the right thing mon
Guy B.: Abby is going in for a blood test tomorrow on her thyroid
rich-c: that has an expensive sound to it, Guy
Judy: what a bummer
Guy B.: Vet thinks her count might have dropped. No, it isn't that expensive. But, if her count is down then this is why her paws aren
Guy B.: aren't healing up.
Judy: I see
rich-c: OK - slow healing in anybody is a problem
Guy B.: Both Jeanene and I are keeping our fingers crossed to see if that is it.
rich-c: I can understand that and sympathize, Guy
Guy B.: She's been through a rough 2 years on this. And I think she will get better.
Judy: is your back better now that you are home, Rich?
rich-c: we can certainly hope so, Guy, for both your sakes
rich-c: no, Judy, it got progressively worse
rich-c: I'd have been to the doctor easrlier but with the long weekend, no chance
rich-c: in fact 6:30 this evening was the earliest they could come up with
Judy: and what seems to be the problem?
BobS: bad back
rich-c: same back spasms I've had off and on since Pamela played in a sandbox
(BobS gives Judy some poutine.)
(BobS sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Judy)
rich-c: just move the wrong way and zap - forget about moving at all for the next few days
BobS: how did ya get home?
rich-c: is it your birthday today, Judy? or is that the only song Bob knows?
(BobS sends Judy some air conditioning)
(BobS hugs Judy)
Judy: that is the only song he knows
BobS: neat huh?
rich-c: drove - had no choice - but once set in one position I'm fine as long as I don't move
BobS: its beginning to look a lot like christmas
Judy: don't need the air anymore today, is cooling off nicely
Harvie: Bob, you are an old smoothie
Judy: or something
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: we haven't used our a/c for weeks - paired exhaust fans in the kitchen going all night do a fine job
Judy: hope it improves quickly, Rich
rich-c: me too - it's been rough for over a week and I really don't need that
rich-c: meanwhile we may have to try to find a motorhome like yours
rich-c: woder where our French contingent are tonight?
BobS: motorhomeing is the way to go for sure
rich-c: well, I don't have to risk my back lifting a hitch and sproing bars into place
rich-c: on the other hand there's still the battery which did me in on one of my earlier episodes
rich-c: and coming homw, we got 13.6 MPG at 60 mph with the trailer in tow
Harvie: My one ton truck gets 6 mpg
Guy F.: Hi all.
BobS: motorhomes do NOT get good gas mielage
rich-c: well, at least one of our Quebecois - welcome, Guy
Harvie: Hello the other Guy
rich-c: I know, the older ones have that built-in headwind
BobS: hiya guy
Guy F.: Hey there Rich, Harvie, Bob!
Guy F.: Hi to everyone else!
rich-c: Frances says she likes the layouts on some Chinooks, but is not impressed with the Born Free
Guy B.: Hi Guy
Dale: Hi Guy F.
Guy F.: Guy: How's the dog?
Guy F.: Dale: Hey there!
Guy B.: Going for a blood test tomorrow on her thyroid. She is walking on the right hind leg.
Judy: hi, Guy
Dale: Do you wanna see the progress I've made on my game? You can now rescue some hostages.
Guy F.: Dale: Sure, what's the link?
Dale: The file is chopli4k.rom
Guy F.: ok thx
Dale: No longer works in VColeco, but works well in BlueMSX or AdamEm.
Dale: So far no fire fighting though. Bullets don't hit anything yet.
Guy F.: Well, you still have a whole 1K!!
Dale: Well, I need the space for sound effects. But it is going to fit in 4k okay I think.
Guy F.: Awesome! You're bound to get a real nice rating.
Dale: For some reason VColeco crashes about 1 minute into the game. I'm not sure why.
Dale: I should try it on the Adam to see how it will work.
Guy F.: Did you try it on a real CV?
Dale: I don't have any easy way to try that. No eprom burner.
BobS: COOL Dale, but it has been done, why do it agian???????
BobS: again
Dale: I'm working on it for a minigames competition Bob.
BobS: oh ok
BobS: well then GOOD JOB
Dale: The game can be either 1k or 4k. This one is currently almost 3k, so it'll be in the 4k category.
Dale: Thanks.
Guy F.: Lil Buddy died a few days ago.... how sad. (Gilligan)
BobS: saw that......Maynard G Krebs
Dale: Most of the games that win are based closely on existing games.
BobS: so that they are recognizeable and playable by judges?
rich-c: isn't that true of almost all games? just two or three basic plots?
Dale: The original game that it's inspired by is 16k.
Guy F.: Well, it's hard to make an original game that's really popular that hasn't been popular before.
rich-c: yes, a quest is a quest, but you can still do a certain amount of manouvreing within that
Dale: The original choplifter is based on a real life incident where Canadians liberated some US Prisoner's of War that were being detained after a conflict.
Dale: The judges seem to be made up mostly of other entrants. Would you say that that is correct Guy F?
Guy F.: Yes, the judges are the other programmers.
Dale: As you may have noticed I've been studying game design, and the "Net dot Wizdom" is that:
Harvie: I must say goodnight, have to get my feet up
rich-c: one would think they would be most aware of the challenges, then
Dale: a game that copies another game is a clone,
Dale: a game with one change is "derivative".
rich-c: OK Harvie, see you next week - take care
Dale: a game with two variations is "fresh"
Dale: and a game that is completely different is "unplayable" :-)
Dale: See you later Harvie.
rich-c: there is more truth to that than one would admit, Dale
Judy: night Harvie
Dale: I was at the CNE on the weekend, looking at some of the board games that were being introduced there, and of course...
Dale: they say "Easy to learn, difficult to master" or something to that effect.
Dale: That is the holy grail of game design.
Guy F.: CNE = Canadian National Exhibition?
Dale: Correct.
Guy F.: Did you meet David "the bullet" Smith Jr.? :D
rich-c: I haven't been to the Ex in years - too little change year to year to make it weorthwhile
Dale: I did. But then he shot himself 75 feet in the air!
Guy F.: Hahaha.
Dale: Luckily his net was well positioned.
Dale: I was very excited this year because they reintroduced butter sculptures.
rich-c: it's all in knowing how to land
Dale: All done by a variety of art students.
rich-c: hate to admit it, but I didn't know they'd been discontinued
Dale: His cannon shot him up at 15 degrees off of vertical. It was the best 4 seconds you can imagine.
Guy F.: They had a butter sculpture of the beatles in the 1970s that was apparently very impressive.
james: morning, folks
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: hi james
Guy F.: Good evening James.
james: how are all?
james: hmm.. i think that was english
Dale: Hi James.
james: hi dale
rich-c: we're doing fine - but didn't you just get a typhoon or something?
james: oh, hey dale - i was wondering if sometime (not today, too busy) i could pick your brain again
Dale: The butter sculpture that I remember from the 70's was of Elvis.
james: yeah, direct hit
james: fortunately, i'm rather inland and surrounded by mountains
Dale: Sure James.
rich-c: so you didn't have to grow gills unless you wanted to go outside? ; - )
james: still, the front window of my school was leaking and i spent a good portion of the evening and night mitigating the damage with towels
Guy F.: James: So you're pretty safe from everything.... Typhoons, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Mother-in-laws....
Dale: Guy F are you just well read on Toronto trivia?
james: lol. not yet. some places got hit really hard though. water up to the height of traffic signs
Guy F.: Dale: What do you mean?
rich-c: we know about things like that from our trailer - a real fun sport 8 - (
james: lol. well i *live* w/ my mother-in-law
Dale: You seem to know all about the CNE. Not as topical in Montreal, is it?
Guy F.: Dale: Well, lots of Montrealers wish they lived in Ontario...
rich-c: well, it is supposed to be a "National" exhibition
james: fairly safe though :)
Guy B.: HI James
Guy F.: Most of my childhood friends have left Quebec to go live in Ontario...
Dale: I see. I see.
Guy F.: I don't identify myself as a: "Quebecer", even though I was technically born in Quebec.
Dale: Well, I bought two more paintings at the CNE from my favorite "modern impressionist" painter.
rich-c: yes, my dentist is a Montreal refugee
Dale: That makes my total collection 5 plus one I gave away.
Guy F.: Dale: Who's your favorite artist?
rich-c: who would that be, Dale?
Guy F.: Dale: I am quite the art colletor myself... ;)
Dale: His name is Alejandro Elegino.
james: is weird al yankovic considered an artist? :P
Dale: I had a waterfall in the living room when you visited, and a sea scape in the breakfast area both by him.
rich-c: name does not ring a bell - but then anyone after de Tonnacour is news to me...
rich-c: what sort of art do you collect, Guy?
Dale: Well, I've only really seen his work at the CNE, but I don't get out that much.
Dale: Both Jill and I really love impressionism.
james: the quebec contingent isn't here this morning
james: i'm going to blink off for a sec
Guy F.: Dale: If you like impressionism, this is the artist that I've been collecting... his name is Gino Hollander, he's a US artist, awesome work, some of his work is on the website:
rich-c: yes, and there have been a couple of good exhibitions of late - Monet in Chicago, and Turner/Whistler in Toronto
Dale: I'm more for landscapes, but definately some cool stuff.
Dale: There is a really nice one of a sailboat that sticks out to me.
rich-c: I would think yo'd be looking at Group of Seven and their friends and heirs, Dale
Guy F.: Dale: Yes, he's famous for his sailboats, I have a small acrylic painting of his of a sailboat, but not a large one unfortunately. He's really awesome. I have a lot of his earlier work, later 60s, early early 70s.
james: did i miss anything?
Guy F.: Dale: Can't say I noticed any of those paintings when I came to your house?!? Were you hiding them from us? :D
Guy F.: James: Yes, you missed the typhoon!
rich-c: maybe he dropped offline because the typhoon didn't miss him?
Dale: I assure you I wasn't hiding them. You stood right next to the one in the livingroom.
Guy F.: Dale: I'm going to look at the pics that Daniel took of your house, maybe I can spot them there.
james: well it hit is pretty directly. fortunately it was weakened by the time it made landfall here
Dale: Hey, James, check out my game I'm working on for the minigames competition:
james: yeah, i heard you were working on a game. choplifter right? excellent choice, good sir.
Dale: Well, Richard, I'm not yet in the league of Group of Seven. Maybe some day.
rich-c: I wasn't thinking purchase, Dale, although many have been reasonable to my eye of laet; just appreciation
Guy F.: Rich: Alexander Young Jackson from the Group of Seven produced some exquisite paintings, and he was from Montreal too. :)
Dale: If you rescue the people, and land in just the right spot on the helepad, you can rescue 16 hostages in the latest version.
Ron-Calgary: Yo!
Dale: Hi ya Ron.
rich-c: Although I couple of Lawren Harris studies I could covet went for really big prices of late
BobS: testing
Ron-Calgary: evening all from the flat bald prairie
BobS: HI ron!!!!
james: hey ron!
rich-c: jello, Ron
Dale: I'm quite inspired by some Tom Thompson stuff for sure.
Ron-Calgary: Hi Rich, Bob
rich-c: hello, that is - I'm mpt Jack Benny
Ron-Calgary: I knew that Rich
rich-c: so what are you doing in Calgary? thought your folks were in Edmonton
Ron-Calgary: On my way thru back to Toronto/Charlottetown
Judy: hi, Ron
james: are you driving, ron?
Ron-Calgary: red-eye doesn't leave until after midnight -
Ron-Calgary: nope flying..... at least I was until a few minutes ago
rich-c: now, you're on a wireless hotspot in the air terminal?
Ron-Calgary: Sitting here at the Dairy Queen in the terminal (yeah, a hotspot) munching on a burger
Ron-Calgary: Ain't technology grand eh?
rich-c: well, some folks are getting around to it
BobS: aw jeolous
BobS: tis my mna
BobS: man
BobS: headed where?????
BobS: PEI ????
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ron-Calgary: Charlottetown PEI
BobS: long way to go my man
Ron-Calgary: home for me
Ron-Calgary: as in the place of my birth
Guy F.: Dale: Very Van Goghishy...
james: and eventually ottawa to meet james. the whole purpose of his trip, actually :D
rich-c: still doesn't lessen the distance, Ron
Ron-Calgary: yes... that's right James
james: heh heh
BobS: how long a trip??????
Dale: (PRIVATE) I'm wondering about those cartridge shells. Can I help out?
rich-c: by air, about 5000 miles each way, I'd guess
Ron-Calgary: very long. I leave here at 10 to 1 am get into Toronto at 6:30 am.. and then leave Toronto for Charlottetown at 3 pm
BobS: no. how long you gonna be gone from home?
Ron-Calgary: gets to Charlottetown at 6pm tomorrow night
Ron-Calgary: oh,...... until October 16
Ron-Calgary: spending a week in Ottawa on the way back
BobS: a REAL vacation,eh?
james: test
BobS: keep sleepin mon
rich-c: you're here, james
Ron-Calgary: yep fer sure
Judy: not the greatest way to go, Ron
rich-c: coming through TO at all, Ron?
Dale: James, can you see us through the rain?
BobS: got an alarm clock with you??????
james: nice and sunny here today
james: such was not the case a couple of days ago. nor was my disposition
rich-c: yes, last week we had our dose of rain, with severe localized flooding
Judy: we could really use some rain here
rich-c: of course New Orleans overshadowed everything, in the North American media
Judy: we have been dryer than a bone
james: dale - not sure how to reply to private messages
Guy F.: Hey there Ron!
Ron: Hmmmmmm
Ron: seems technology might not be so grand
Guy F.: hehe
Dale: You'd highlight the name of the person you want to send to, then click the "Send Private Message" button.
Judy: it is really awful down there
Ron: a slight bump in the road
rich-c: highlight the name you want to reply to, type it in, and click on send [privae message below
james: ah.. ok, wrong order. thanks, rich
BobS: what is a vacation without a few bumps ron?
james: (PRIVATE) dale, can you see this?
rich-c: I do it on occasion with Pam
Dale: (PRIVATE) Sure.
Ron: Anyway Judy, yes.... it's not the best of timing, this trip, but Air Canada was not great either. When you're going west to east, that far, they seem to have trouble doing it in a day
Ron: time change and all
james: (PRIVATE) my friend in new york says he'll do the mold for the carts
james: (PRIVATE) he's just finishing up a major project and i think once that finishes he'll have the time to help
BobS: heck charter a jet!!!!
BobS: one daytops
Judy: living in an airport,sucks
BobS: an dit's all over
Ron: what am I? Made of money?
BobS: UNLESS it is a really nice airport
rich-c: yes, three time zomes and should be four, except Eastern is way exaggerated to avoid splitting Quebec
Ron: agreed Judy, but I'm gonna do it
Ron: Just bought myself a camcorder, so I've got 24 hours to figure it out
Judy: the trick is stay cool and go with the flow
Dale: (PRIVATE) That's excellent. Can I contribute anything? I don't know that I'd ever use any quantity of shells, but I might have some cash, or skills that you could potientially use.
Ron: exactly
Dale: (PRIVATE) I'd like to help if it makes sense.
Judy: that could work
Ron: somewhere around 7 am tomorrow morning, I will probably lose it at least once
BobS: do NOT lose the instructions
Judy: gives you something to do
james: (PRIVATE) well once we have the mold, and i don't think it'll be totally free, but a *lot* cheaper than normal, likely under $1k
Ron: yes
Ron: nope. Got 'em
rich-c: the trick with a camcorder, as I understand it, is to accompany it with a computer with a humungous hard disc at all times
Ron: exactly Rich. One needs lots of space
james: (PRIVATE) at somepoint after having the mold made, we'll need to have the casings made
Dale: (PRIVATE) That does sound like a good deal. Scott Gordon was saying recently about $6k including a volume of carts produced, but that is mostly mold costs.
Ron: silence across the land
james: (PRIVATE) yup, that's typical. we'll see but basically i think i'll be able to get the mold for near the cost of materials
james: (PRIVATE) so it really is our best bet. i had to leverage some favours for this to be done
Dale: That's why
rich-c: oh, I'm sulking because I misplaced my binoculars, can't find them anyplace
Dale: we were talking about the group of seven.
Ron: would like one of theirs
Dale: I like landscape paintings you see. Very quiet.
rich-c: yes - do you favour the McMichalke with much of your custom, Dale?
Ron: ah, yes
Dale: Believe it or not, I haven't managed to visit there.
Dale: Mostly I've seen their stuff at the National Gallery in Ottawa.
rich-c: I don't know - some of Lawren Hrris's mountains and icebergs are hugely powerful
Ron: What would you pay for an A.Y. Jackson these days - suppose it depends on which one.
rich-c: we've been up a number of times - even met A.Y. Jackson when he was resident there
Ron: I know little of their work, only that it's Canadian, and it's famous
Ron: cool
rich-c: the hot Canadian At the moment is Cornelious Krieghoof
Ron: Doesn't even sound Canadian
Guy F.: he was dutch born
Ron: brb - more diet coke
rich-c: but the McMichael is dedicated to the Group of Seven as a specialist collection, so it'a very good
Dale: The updated Java VM seems to solidly fix the problems we were having with the chat server. But we'll have to have a week with 12 visitors to know for sure.
rich-c: the AGO has a rather good collection - so does the U. of T.
Guy F.: Cornelius Krieghoff was very gifted, I'm looking at some of his paintings. Awesome!
Ron: will have to do some reading - something else to pass my time
rich-c: there's a period of Riopelle's work I find quite striking, but his curret productin leaves me pretty cold
Dale: At the CNE they had a touring exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, with physcial representations of each one.
Dale: Maybe 30 or more devices and gadgets.
Ron: originals?
rich-c: didn't know about that - sounds fascinating
Dale: They had 3 books by the artist's hand.
Ron: man was ahead of his time by a few hundred years
Dale: The devices were made fairly recently I think.
Dale: Some of them they cut corners (like wooden gears with no teeth), but for the most part the devices worked.
Ron: wouldn't have had the manufacturing techniques they have today
Dale: The irony is that they tend to have hand cranks, but with big "Do Not Touch" signs.
Ron: <grin>
Dale: There were people playing with them everywhere. :-)
james: that's like making a big red button and then putting a sign under it saying "do not press"
Dale: Some really fascinating devices. I've never had a chance to see life sized versions before.
Ron: you just know someone's gonna do it
Dale: Some were simple things like changing rotation into recopricating motion (turn the crank and the post moves back and forth) made of wood.
BobS: he should have just used the "EASY" button from Staples
Ron: totally off topic, but my Island cousins tell me gas is $1.40 a litre down there
BobS: better walk a lot
Ron: might affect my Cabot trail trip
Ron: right Bob
Dale: Some were more abstract, like a "helecopter" made of a spiral of fabric on a square basket -- the physical thing looked both like the drawing and like it couldn't work.
Ron: was he even close Dale?
rich-c: around here it is $1.223 a litre today
Ron: to the required design, I medan
Ron: mean
rich-c: but gas is always more expensive in the Maritimes, Ron
Ron: true
Dale: And then some things that required a little metalwork to make happen. Lots of fun. They put the exhibit in the middle of the "new products" section, where Jillian buys all of her gadgets.
BobS: why????? .......because they 'can'
rich-c: still I suspect that the prices will be a little more reasonable fairly soon
BobS: lotta screaming here and now the price is going 10-15%
Dale: Well, it was $1.35 or so on the weekend here. Saw 1.19 today.
james: we're at $1.40cdn/litre
Ron: somebody has to be making money out of the current situation
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
james: could be more, haven't filled up in a week
rich-c: yes, now they are getting a handle on how much gulf production was shut down abd how badly the refineries were hit
BobS: the oil companies are making record profits Ron ....... and not ashamed of it
Ron: well James, that's what analysts here keep telling us. The rest of the world is up there and always has been so don't expect too much
rich-c: OK Guy, sleep tught
james: they take any opportunity to raise prices. they won't come down
Dale: It still costs the same to pull it out of the ground.
Guy B.: Poof
Ron: niters well
james: they wait for the sheeple to get accustomed to the new prices and keep gouging
BobS: gonn aleave here too guys/////tired and sore.....might have what little ryan had this weekend which turned into tonsillitis
james: ouch
BobS: see ya next week kids n!!!!!
rich-c: give it a good rest, Bob - see you next week
Dale: In Venisuala the cost is 3.9 cents/litre.
rich-c: and don't pass it on to Judy!
Dale: Almost worth the drive.
Ron: sheeple (rotfl) you been listening to that guy on the radio?
james: it's a common nomenclature used by foreigners referring to the japanese and their mindset
james: by bob!
james: oops. missed him
Dale: They don't have to pay world market prices there I guess. :-)
Ron: niters Bob
Dale: Goodnight Bob.
james: japanese gas is middle-priced i think. much cheaper than europe
james: but used to be a good deal more pricy than canada, until recently
rich-c: unless there's a massive government subsidy, since gas is an internationally traded commodity
Dale: They get it and refine it locally there, and export the rest.
rich-c: the proportion of our gas price that is taxes is shocking
Dale: It makes them good money I hear.
Ron: suppose everybody got that e-mail that was making the rounds about not buying gas Sept 1
rich-c: yes tho0ugh I think it's 39 a litre, not 3.9
james: farking government. if the could tax the air we breathe, they would
Dale: In Canada they decided that gas is a good thing to tax, so they do it 5 times in various ways.
james: *they
Ron: ah the Taxman
rich-c: including tax on tax, which is foul
Dale: I saw someone on TV talking about how it costs $3 to fill up there.
rich-c: sounds like someone on Fox - they are not noted for their accuracy
Dale: They don't really think about what it costs, because it is so little.
Ron: I need to start walking again anyway
Ron: but not tonight
Dale: In Canada the oils companies have to sell it at world commodities prices to even themselves.
rich-c: yes, it cost me $75 to top up after my trip home from Frankenmuth
james: it could be a lot cheaper in canada too, but it'll never happen thanks to nafta and no inclination to build domestic refinery capacity
Dale: PetroCan does that for example.
Dale: Makes me want to build an oil refinery.
Ron: now let's do that
rich-c: there hasn't been a new refinery built in North America since 1973, apparently
Ron: we'll build our own- we'll call ourselves "Adam Resources"
rich-c: I could live with that 8 - )
Dale: Well, weren't there some destroyed by Katrina?
Ron: so I hear
rich-c: not destroted, apparently - just disabled
Dale: I think they'll be building a couple somewhere in North America soon.
james: by domestic, i meant canadian, not that it makes a difference
Guy F.: If you want to get back at the big gas corporations, I suggest everyone to gas and dash... No just kidding, but I did hear of more incidents like those happening nowadays.
rich-c: actually james it does make quite a difference
Ron: how Trudeau endeared himself to the west.... the National Energy Policy
Ron: guess we ain't gonna do that no more
james: unless we scrap nafta, and there are certainly many arguments in favour of that
rich-c: no, that one did not play very well, did it?
james: trudeau may have been an ostentatious ass but he got that right
Dale: Nafta's been good for my business.
Ron: we must have an uprising of the masses - a revolution
james: it's a double-edged sword, really
rich-c: yes, and they are getting louder, james, what with BSE and softwood lumber
Ron: didn't make many Albertan friends though
james: but since damn near everything is made in china and outsourced to india it makes me wonder if it's even worth caring
Ron: Right James. Do we make anything on this continent any more?
rich-c: that's one of the reasons advanced for at least rewriting NAFTA - common tariff/quota wall
james: a friend of mine said it perfectly
james: his soldering iron gave up the ghost
james: "this damn 1950s american crap just doesn't last"
Ron: :)
james: his father had been using the thing
Guy F.: James: Weller?
james: i'll have to ask him actually
james: probably
rich-c: anyway, it's been a long hard day here, so time for me to toddle
rich-c: goodnight, all - see you next week
Ron: right - you're still 2 hours ahead of me
Dale: Bye Richard.
Ron: so it's time
Guy F.: Later!
james: hmm people seem to be bailing
rich-c: colour me gone
james: ron, still looking forward to our date
Ron: Calgary Terminal is very quiet tonight
Ron: got the food court to myself
james: spent many a time there waiting for the transfer to banff
Ron: aha
Dale: Guy, I'll see if I can find a picture of you with that painting. :-)
Ron: they really got good WIFI service
Ron: seems like the entire terminal is a hotspot
james: i hope to have a laptop by then
james: we'll see what the ministry of finance says though. this trip to my brother's wedding is putting me in the poor house until november or december
Ron: try it, you'll like it
Ron: I hear ya James
Ron: they are still fairly pricy..... for a decent one anyway
james: i'd probably get something used. want to put everything i do in class into a database on my network
james: and eventually integrate it with the independant study. grand ideas. need time and money to implement
Dale: They've come down a lot with mass production of LCDs.
Ron: wonder if they have lease-backs in Japan
Ron: That's a good way to get a deal
Ron: people lease 'em.... then return 'em
Dale: That's how I got my current laptop. Reconditioned 2 year old one from IBM.
Ron: sure..... and usually they work quite well
james: there are lots of good deals on yahoo auctions japan
Ron: Dale, I have the first 3 volumes of Harry Potter with me. A friend loaned them to me
Ron: Loaned the one I bought in Whitby to Jeff.... he's read the others
Dale: I think that starting with book 6 would be okay still.
Ron: Dr. D. said don't do it
Dale: I read it with that in mind, and it's fine.
Dale: I read book 3 first anyway.
Ron: right..... just jump in
Ron: Nope..... I intend to start at the beginning
Dale: I'd seen the first movie before I read the first book, and after I read other books in the series.
Dale: They are all interconnected, backwards and forwards.
Ron: It may take me 600 years, but I'll do it
Ron: right
Ron: damn!
Dale: I found the first chapter of the first book the hardest (it being the third book I read of the series).
james: i spaced out
Ron: That reminds me..... I forgot to upload my Adamcon Report
james: what book/series?
Ron: It's on the Duron at home
Dale: Harry Potter.
Ron: guess it'll have to wait till I get back
james: i've read about 3 pages of the first book
james: hardcovers are just to big to lug on a plane.
Ron: I'm a very slow reader James - takes me a long time to do a 300 page novel
Dale: I like the opening of the fourth book best as a first chapter.
Ron: usually too busy doing too many other things
Dale: I'm tempted to recommend skipping chapter 1 of the first book, and coming back to it later.
Ron: will keep that in mind Dale
Dale: The books are page turners. You really want to know what will happen next.
Dale: Hi ya Daniel.
Ron: Hey Daniel
Daniel: Hi Dale, Ron, Guy and James
Daniel: Sorry to be that late tonight
Ron: Hell, haven't had a book do that for me since Perry Mason
Daniel: watching tv and forgot it was wednesday today
Ron: It's ok Daniel you're here and that's the main thing
Guy F.: Daniel: What the hell man, talk about a time to join? 11:16PM! What's up man!
james: hi guy
Ron: The clock here in Calgary terminal says 9:16
Ron: we're slow in the west
Daniel: I had some fun testing and playing with BeOS during the last days.
Ron: I'm travelling east Daniel, Im at Calgary waiting for a connection to Toronto
Daniel: It`s good taking a break of programming.
Guy F.: Oh yeah? Cool.... I've been playing around with a space systyem I have, trying to setup a PVR system.
james: how's it going, guy?
Ron: PVR?
Ron: Personal Video Recorder??
Dale: I'm back.
Guy F.: Yeah, PVR to record TV.
Dale: Sorry, I let my battery run flat.
Guy F.: james: pretty cool....
Dale: Had to plug in again.
james: keeping busy?
Daniel: I was surprized to see interrest growing about BeOS.
Ron: right..... I'm about to do the same. If I disappear momentarily I'll be looking for a plug -in
Guy F.: Daniel: What can you do with BEOS???
Ron: It's an operating system is it not?
Daniel: Well, BeOS is like a mix of windows and linux.
Dale: I have a good friend who used to work for Be Inc, writing some of BeOS. Good money while it lasted, I hear.
Daniel: Palm own the intellectual rights... but BeOS 5 was released to public in year 2000 before Palm paid for the source code.
Ron: Be right back guys..... think I better move before my battery gives up.
Daniel: Actually, an opensource project named Haiku is a clone of BeOS with Java virtual machine and network better support.
Dale: I even developed a commercial app and made a BeOS version.
Daniel: But the big surprize is Zeta... by Yellowtab and rumored as based on the unofficial source code of BeOS 6
Daniel: Zeta is available on the market for 100$
Dale: Okay, well that's as long as I can last without giving out the URL to my rom again: for Daniel.
Daniel: thanks for the url.
Daniel: and it looks like your new java virtual machine is better
Dale: Yes. No problems today. Not even replicated Richard Clees.
Dale: And that never happens.
Dale: You can now rescue the hostages and return them to the consolate if you land in exactly the right spot on the helepad.
Dale: I'll have to work on the bullets next. Need the tank and the helecopter to destroy things.
Daniel: where is the right spot? I crashed with all the hostages
Dale: I'll see if I have enough rom for sound effects and the Jet.
Dale: You have to drift down to the spot. It seems to be jsut left of centre.
james: choplifter is fun. sometimes i'd just land and squish as many as i could
Dale: I'm almost at the point of working on playability. I tend to like games that are too easy, so I'm hoping you can give me advice when I get ot that point.
Dale: grin. I call that "Anti-choplifter" -- you have to shoot them before the tanks can.
Daniel: yes, I finally did it. the hostages are all safe
Daniel: fun!
Dale: Never mastered that. The tanks always got one or two.
Dale: Well, I'll keep working on it. In a week, I think I'll have the rough game play working, and then on to sound design.
Daniel: in a week? good news!
Dale: Are you back Ron?
Ron: now I have juice
Ron: yup, that would be me
james: arright gents, i need to make my departure. will keep you all informed of progress with the project
Dale: All you missed was me shamelessly trying to get people to try my half finished game.
james: oh, ron my regular email is dead for an indefinite period of time
Ron: aha
Daniel: I received for the 3rd times some comments about space trainer. They all want better control, a 1 player mode agains cpu and keep the space bubbles more longer in place.
Ron: so where do I get ya James?
james: james_de_carlo at hotmail dot com works though
james: and i'm checking it regularly onw
james: *mnow
Guy F.: I'm off, take care everyone.
Ron: ok, got it
Daniel: the compo ends in october so I have time to tweak it up
Ron: Nite Guy
Ron: You guys all need to get some sleep
james: and i need to get to work :D
Daniel: yes, I've got an error when sending an email to you james yesturday
Dale: To get the highest score in the contest, you need to both make it challenging to be satisfying to play, but easy enough that they get into it and see your work.
james: ron, any luck contacting the others?
Daniel: goodnight ron!
Daniel: goodnight guy!
Dale: Good night Daniel.
Ron: nite Daniel
Ron: work?
Ron: what's that
Dale: I'd better go too, I guess. Have a good flight Ron.
Ron: Anyway guys - be well Think I'm gonna snooze here in Calgary
Daniel: I will try to be online more sooner next wednesday. :-)
Ron: nite Dale
james: good night, ron. are you sleeping at the airport?
Daniel: * p o o f *
Ron: Will try to get on next week - depends on what we're doing with the family
james: ron, before you go - what email addy should i use?
Dale: Okay Ron. Have fun either way.
Dale: poof.
Ron: use the James- I'll be checking it via webmail
james: sounds good. will be in touch very soon
Ron: right on - we need to keep in touch
Ron: l8r
james: *poof*
Ron: poof > chat > Wed 2005-09-07
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