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rich-c: Hi daughter
Pamela: Hey Daddy
Pamela: how's New York?
rich-c: dont count on my being on too long
Pamela: I'm not sticking too long myself
rich-c: the connection here is rather tenuous
Pamela: how are you doing?
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello rich
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Daniel B: hello Pam
rich-c: anyway Fridt we move to the Holiday Inn in Plattsburgh, ny
Pamela: you're going to call me tomorrow night after 9:00 though, right?
rich-c: \we are?
Pamela: yes, you are : )
Pamela: please
Pamela: it's easier than trying to communicate everything on a tenuous connection
rich-c: OK your mother says she will
Pamela: thank you : )
Pamela: Hi, Mommy!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: salut rich!
Daniel B: ca va?
Pamela: sorry Daniel, wanted to get that out of the way
Pamela: wow, my connection is slow tonite
rich-c: she was looking over my shoulder but now she has gone away
Pamela: must be something to do with the 36 e-mails i'm trying to download
Pamela: that's okay Dad
Pamela: there, much better now
Pamela: hello?
rich-c: well, I hve been having a terrible time wsith Thunderbird
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rich-c: this connection is in and out
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: stick with it, Dad
Daniel B: hello Harvie!
Pamela: Hi, Harvie
rich-c: hi Harvie
Harvie: Hello all
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rich-c: BTW, Pam, I'm having another session with my back
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Daniel B: Hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! White Sox 5 Red Sox 4 going into the 8th inning. White Sox lead the series 1-0.
Harvie: Been having Internet problems the last couple of weeks 9intermittent access), had to get a new DSL Modem
Pamela: well join the club, Dad
Pamela: Hey, Guy
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: Guy, you had better make sure the Adamcon hotel has GOOD beds
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Guy B.: Oh, they will Pam. I'll make sure.
Pamela: I've been hobbling around since Thursday with a major pain in my butt
Guy B.: What happened?
changed username to GoHabsGo
Daniel B: hehehe!
GoHabsGo: Hi all.
Pamela: greetings, Gui
Harvie: Hi GuyF
Daniel B: il y a du hockey ce soir?
rich-c: FyuG has joinedd us
Guy B.: Guy, should have known it was you.
GoHabsGo: Daniel: Ouin, enfin c'est revenu 'sti! Sortez les bieres.
GoHabsGo: Sat. Leafs vs. Canadians! Can't wait. It'll be a massacre.
rich-c: of which?
GoHabsGo: Rich: It's so obvious... :)
Pamela: no comment . . .
rich-c: well as a true blue Leaf supporter, I do know
Guy B.: Well folks, I have my glasses and they indeed help me out. I'm not wearing them now. Since I can see the screen.
GoHabsGo: Rich: It's all good, when the Habs are eliminated, I supporte the Leafs myself! ;)
Pamela: Guy, in answer to your question, I must have done something the wrong way because the sciatic nerve in my back is acting up and I have a golfball sized knot in my buns
Guy B.: Ouch.
Pamela: yeah, you could say that. Makes driving (and walking) a bit of a challenge
rich-c: have you tried Robaxacet
Guy B.: Did you twist yourself?
Pamela: however, it netted me the bonus of having Russell carry all my stuff to and from the car on Friday when we went to the trailer. : )
Pamela: no, robaxicet doesn't do much for me
rich-c: yes, your mother hyas been doing that for me
Pamela: dunno what i did. It gets twitchy sometimes
rich-c: talk to
Daniel B: prompt rétablissement Pam!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I guess I shouldn't tell Guy that menstrual cramps were the trigger, huh? : )
Pamela: merci, Daniel
rich-c: dr. Santo. He gave me prescriptions that work well
Pamela: it's just inconvenient. Dad is the one I worry about
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I wouldnt
GoHabsGo: Well, I hope you feel better soon.
GoHabsGo: Both of you.
rich-c: face it - old age is not for sissies
Pamela: it just goes to show you, I am my father's daughter
GoHabsGo: Hahaha, that's a good one, "Old age is not for sissies". I'm going to remember that one when I become old and turn 40.
Pamela: speaking as one who has turned 40, I don't plan to get old
GoHabsGo: Peter Pan!
Pamela: or wait, was that "I don't plan to grow up"
Pamela: I can never keep those two straight
rich-c: Well, you'll note Pamela is telling her experiencws now
Pamela: just keeping you company, Dad : )
rich-c: meanwhile Frances is nursing a cold hich limitsz her sleeping
rich-c: a bed too hard for her didnt help eitheer
Pamela: so have you two done anything?
rich-c: yes - sleep - bad backs and sleeplessness do not ncourGE ACTIVITY
Pamela: alright, we'll talk tomorrow Dad
rich-c: we got a camping mattress for her to use softeneing her bed
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Guy, what happened?
Daniel B: hello Guy!
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I froze.
Harvie: Get dropped Guy?
Pamela: that's a good idea, Dad
Pamela: did you bring your own pillows?
rich-c: sheesh! I'm working from a motel hot spot and even sharing the connection doing better than the rest of you
Pamela: I'm okay now that I'm not downloading e-mail
Guy B.: Abby is on some herbal medicine for her legs. Vet confirmed that both her knees on her hind legs-arthritis. But, she is walking.
rich-c: no, I never do, your mother always does
Pamela: good for her. I recommend it.
Harvie: Where you is rich?
Pamela: that's good news for Abby, Guy.
rich-c: guess that's one of her traits you inherited
Pamela: or learned, not sure which : )
Guy B.: It will take about 2 weeks. The stuff smells like cinnamon powder and I mix it in her food, but I'm going to try other foods, like cheese.
Daniel B: @GuyF : Je regarde un numéro comique à TQS LOL
Pamela: I'll be back in about five minutes, I gotta go get my dishes started soaking.
rich-c: OK, I hopre I can last that long
Guy B.: Looks like I'll have my Adam up again. I got a new TV for it, the old one that I had connected to it. Stopped working.
rich-c: yes, I have an old TV I formerly used as my Adam monitor
Guy B.: This TV has a separate video ports for games and since I have a standalone Adam with the audio/video plugs. Thanks to one Bob S.
rich-c: it does make life easier
Guy B.: White Sox Win. Take 2-0 in the best of five. Next game in Boston.
Harvie: I have to sign off, hope to see y'all next week
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
rich-c: thesae years I have mostly used Commodore 1702 monitors
Daniel B: ok harvie! talk to you next week!
rich-c: nite Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Daniel B: (where are everybody?)
rich-c: Pam is off on an errand, I'm trying to stay awake
Daniel B: I have to quit the chat session in 40 minutes
rich-c: we seem to have lost Guy Foster
Guy B.: And I'm watching the interviews on the White Sox victory.
Daniel B: ok...
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Daniel B: who is there?
changed username to Dale
Daniel B: hello Dale!
Dale: Good evening all.
Guy B.: Ok, Now I can concentrate on everyone. Hi Dale.
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Daniel B: Bonsoir Dale!
rich-c: remember when one team finisheds firsat in each of the two leagues, and went straight to the Series?
Dale: Is hockey upon us already?
Guy B.: Yep, all thirty NHL teams are playing tonight.
Dale: It seems like only a year anda half ago the season ended ;-)
rich-c: hello Dale - tonight I'm wrestling with a laptop keyboard nd dicey hpotspot
Daniel B: should we take this time to talk about coleco stuff you keep for sale, rich?
Dale: Whereabouts are you Richard?
rich-c: I am not at home so cant get or give you answsers, Daniel
Dale: What kind of a hotspot did you find?
Daniel B: ah yes, I forgot ... oops!
rich-c: Lake Placid, NY, Dale
Dale: Is the trip going better than the last one?
rich-c: motel has a wirelesas netqork that works in thelobby and often spills into our room
Pamela: sorry, took longer than I thought
Guy B.: That's good range there.
Pamela: I have performed miracles - there really is a counter under all those dishes
Pamela: Hi, Dale
Dale: Hi PAm.
rich-c: regret to sy not appreciably, Dale
Dale: Jillian grants Pam permission to buy one new "Nora Roberts book".
Pamela: Pam says thank you, but this is penance for the one I just bought : )
rich-c: my back is acting up and FrAnces has a cold and cant sleep
Pamela: and more miracles, I haven't read it yet
Dale: LOL Pam.
Pamela: I'm saving it for the weekend
rich-c: hell, I havent even opened last Sturday's Star yet
Dale: Jill says she would suffer to read it for you Pam.
Pamela: such sacrifice is appreciated but not necessary : )
Daniel B: I'm worrying a bit... I have no news from James. I hope is trip to Canada is going fine
Pamela: I'll bet he's enjoying not having to tow around pre-teen girls everywhere
rich-c: I would expect so - likely juszt hving problems finding an inernet connection
Pamela: Dale, tell Jillian that I'm suffering through re-reading all the J.D. Robbs at the moment instead
Dale: Daniel, I'
Dale: I'm trying to make a game fit in 1k. But it's hard.
Dale: Check out:
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Dad, why don't you go to bed? I know you're tired.
Dale: It is only the graphics, and it doesn't fit in 1k. Still need game logic.
Daniel B: Dale, I'm unable to make a cool coleco game fit in 1k.
rich-c: I'm sort of running out of patience with this erratic setup
Daniel B: My record is 3.5k
Pamela: are you in the lobby or in your room, Dad?
rich-c: and the posture makea my back holler
Pamela: and speaking of worried, has anyone heard from Ron lately?
Dale: I've got the source so far in
Daniel B: got it!
rich-c: (PRIVATE) thats what i'm leding up to, Pam
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good.
Dale: Is Z80 code just bigger than 6502 code?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) room
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, get some rest Dad - and I hope Mom has good pharmaceuticals to help her through her cold : )
Daniel B: It's similar. I see z80 asm coding as an huffman version of the 6502 asm codes
Dale: Or do I just need to adopt a 6502 coding style to make it happen.
Daniel B: sometimes you need more bytes, sometimes less
rich-c: no idea where I will be next WednesdY but will be online if I can find a connection
Pamela: good luck Dad - don't forget to call me tomorrow night
rich-c: we won't forget
Daniel B: the commodore 64 minigames have enogh ram and tools to make a self-decompressed game
rich-c: goodnight all
Pamela: goodnight, Daddy. G'nite, Mom.
Daniel B: bonne nuit rich!
Daniel B: talk to you next week!
GoHabsGo: Yeah, C64 has enough RAM for that, the CV doesn't, but Dale, why not submit a Coleco Adam game? You'd be able to add compression techniques using the extra RAM.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B: Ho! Hello again GuyF!
GoHabsGo: You calling me a HO?
Dale: I have a decompressor that decompresses into VRAM.
Daniel B: There is a problem ... you can't really submit an Adam minigame.
Dale: I could use a more sophisticated decompressor, I guess.
Pamela: okay guys, I'm gonna jump ship too - I need to go deal with Mt. Dish
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Daniel B: because of the need of emulators for all computers and systems
Pamela: by the way, Erin says hello
GoHabsGo: Yeah, but you need to decompress it into RAM to execute it, can't execute it from VRAM.
Pamela: see y'all next week
Pamela: g'nite folks
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Daniel B: be right back
Daniel B: bonne nit Pam!
Daniel B: nuit
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me Too!
Dale: The 2600 game that won the 1k contest last year didn't appear to be compressed.
Pamela: kerpoof!
GoHabsGo: Technically you can cheat, the MSX emulator that emulates the CV gives you 16K of RAM, but, shhht, don't tell anyone.
Pamela left chat session
GoHabsGo: Atari 2600 can't use compression, has even less RAM than the CV, 128 bytes I think.
Dale: gotaq put Jeffrey to bed. I'll be back if you're still here.
GoHabsGo: When is the deadline BTW?
Dale: Oct 31.
GoHabsGo: OK, I still have time to finish my game.
GoHabsGo: I'll be around, see you soon.
Guy B.: Well folks, going to go myself. We'll see you all next week.
GoHabsGo: CUL8R.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
GoHabsGo: Ker?
Daniel B: I'm here
Daniel B: I'm back in fact
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates
Daniel B: Hello Bob!
BobS: a little late, but better late than never, eh????
Daniel B: yes!
BobS: GOHABSGO ???????????N
BobS: Richard, that you mon??????
BobS: what did I miss????
Daniel B: hehehe! It's GuyF
BobS: ok Guy
Daniel B: Rich, Pam, Harvie and GuyB were there.
BobS: oh man....and I done missed them huh????
Dale: Back for a bit.
BobS: they say anything earthshaking?
Daniel B: Well, Rich and Pam talked about thier health problem
BobS: oh oh
BobS: mpw wjat
BobS: now what
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BobS: just richard's....or both?
Dale: Pam did dishes -- she says that the rumor is true, the counter is under all those dishes.
BobS: inagine that !!!!!!!
Dale: Jill, Jeffrey and I went to a church roast beef dinner.
BobS: and in the bargain.......she got some CLEAN dishes too
Dale: Lots of pie. Yummy.
left chat session
BobS: that is the BEST part Dale !
Dale: I had Blueberry, and Rasberry-rhubarb.
Daniel B: Pam said : "Pamela: Guy, in answer to your question, I must have done something the wrong way because the sciatic nerve in my back is acting up and I have a golfball sized knot in my buns"
Dale: Jeffrey had cherry.
BobS: cool Dale
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changed username to Steph
BobS: oh oh, Pam has got a wee bit of a problem there
Daniel B: Steph?
Dale: Jill had pecan and lemon merangue.
BobS: and Richard?????
Steph: Hello all
BobS: really the mighty one?
Dale: Something about that church and pies, but I'm not sure of what the connection is.
Dale: Hi Steph.
Daniel B: HArvie was there too, but he got internet problem.
BobS: a REAL steph ???? or Ron in disguise ?
Steph: I start using my adam again after 15 years
BobS: cool WELCOME BAK !!!!!!
BobS: so tis not the mighty Mitchell
BobS: vacations are tough........and he is one hum dinger of one
Dale: The blueberry pie was perfect. I think it was made with wild blueberries, and it wasn't too sweet and gooey like they sometimes turn out.
BobS: where you located Steph???? US or Canada?
Daniel B: Hello Steph! I don't think we already meet before.
BobS: DALE!!!!!! you are making me severely hungry here
Steph: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada
Dale: LOL. Well, they only have these dinners once per year. I almost missed it this year.
BobS: as for us.........Daniel * gohabs are in Montreal and Quebec, Dale is Toronto, I am in Michigan
Dale: Is that on route 20?
Dale: Sounds familiar.
BobS: which is where??????? got to be upriver somewhere near Quebec City or Montreal, right?
Daniel B: yes, sounds very familiar
Steph: It's near Montreal, about half an our
BobS: great
BobS: meet the three aformentioned programmers and myself the user
Steph: Nice to meet you
BobS: Where was Freddie from, guys........around Quebec also was he not?
Daniel B: Guy (alias Gohabsgo), Dale and I were talking about how to fit a coleco minigame into 1K.
Dale: Do you have an Adam now? Have you tried the emulator?
BobS: stuff REAL hard men !!!!!!!!!
(BobS smiles)
Steph: Yes, I have two
Dale: Well, Daniel, I figure by rearranging my graphics a little, I can squeeze out another 100 bytes.
Steph: But no I did't try it
Daniel B: And probably cut in the polyphonic sounds
Daniel B: for a few extra bytes
BobS: well......the emulator is only for those who don't have a real ADAM and those who want to use the ibm as if it were the ADAM
BobS: and just for the heck of it
Dale: I wrote a GIF decoder in assembler, and fit it in 1k. But I suspect that if I extracted out the LZW decompressor I'd use up half of my 1k ROM for the contest.
BobS: if computers can't be fun, they are nto any good
BobS: not
Daniel B: need another format
Daniel B: each game is different
Steph: I have to learn everything again I don't remember a lot of thing
Dale: Well, I only use 27 characters in the name table, so I could try bitpacking those. Run length encoding helps, but I need more space.
Dale: I could always simplify the graphics, but I like them as they are now.
Daniel B: discovering again something we learned in the past, it's a mix of nostalgic and happyness emotion.
BobS: tis true Steph.....myn sister ( a few years ago ) tried to get a letter OFF a data pack, but forgot she pulled the reset all the time and could not figure out why the ADAM kept rebooting
BobS: oh yes..........I need to hit Store/Get and then Smartkey VI...........
Steph: I want to use my Adam like a microcontroller if it's possible, for robotic projects.
BobS: things are EASY to forget
Dale: That's a good project.
BobS: OH BOY.....then the guy you need to talk to is Dr Drushel
Daniel B: Yes, Dr. Drushel
Daniel B: wasn't online tonight
BobS: THAT is what he does some in college level and had us doing a few years ago at the annual ADAM convention
Dale: The easiest way to do that is to use a parallel printer card, if you ever upgraded to have one of those.
Steph: I have to quit now but are you here every week at this time?
Dale: 9-11pm on Wednesdays.
BobS: yup, every Wed starting @ 9pm EST
Daniel B: Well, we try to be online each week.
BobS: so stop by again !!!!!
BobS: some of us later than not........
Daniel B: Sometimes we are only 5 online like now... but normally we are 10 online
Daniel B: at the same
Daniel B: and more
Dale: Daniel, do you think I should keep working on fitting it in 1k, or do you think I should make it 4k and enhance the Get Booty game?
BobS: if it were not for our female contingient, we would be larger group tonight
BobS: pam, erin judy
BobS: maire
BobS: marie
BobS: spelling, not a good finger exercise
Daniel B: My personal opinion? If getbooty can fit in 1K in time, go for it. otherwise, stop cutting in the project and make it a 4k minigame
Dale: You can look at some of our previous chats (and get a feel for attendance) at:
Steph: I will be there, nice to meet you.
Dale: Nice to meet you.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Steph!
Dale: If you have any questions, we are always happy to stop gossip and try to help.
Daniel B: aurevoir!
BobS: nite Steph
Steph: Bonne nuit tout le monde.
Steph left chat session
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Dale: Well, so far it feels like it might fit. I've been trying to get the graphics to display in about 600 or 700 bytes, and right now it is using 1075 bytes.
BobS: squish'em Sam !!!!!
Daniel B: Hehehe!
Dale: But rearranging them without really changing them I think I can free at least another 100 bytes.
Daniel B: you will have to cut somewhere and graphics is the best place to find extra bytes to cut
Dale: I'll have to come up with a good compression representation to record the color table in less space.
Dale: I think that there are less than 16 specific color table values, so maybe I could put them into nibbles instead of bytes, and then use a lookup table.
Dale: I'll have to work on something like that, I think.
Daniel B: the characters 135 and 157 are very similar... why not having this "water/miss" pattern as one sprite pattern rather than defining two characters?
GoHabsGo: Ottawa Sens with the game!
Dale: Favoured in the East.
GoHabsGo: Yeah, favored here too!
Daniel B: A better rle compression can be done if the green character pattern #158 should be done dithered like this
Daniel B: should be re-done, not dithered like it is now
Dale: I think I'll try a variable length encoding:
Dale: Runlength encode all graphics into nibbles, with analysed popularity. If the character is in the 15 most common, encode in 4 bits. If it is not encode in 12 bits (4 bit flag, plus literal byte).
Dale: Like huffman, but not optimal. Easier to code than huffman, I think.
Dale: Less overhead too, I suspect.
Daniel B: a kind of compromise
BobS: hokey smokes lost me there guys......time to call it a night here CARRY ON !!!!! :-) SEE you next week !!!!
Dale: Sorry Bob. Just brainstorming ideas.
BobS: poof
BobS: no problem have at it
BobS left chat session
Daniel B: See you next week Bob! Sorry to talk a bit technical tonight
Daniel B: too late...
Daniel B: Well, your nibbles coding idea should free a couple more bytes, but maybe not enough
Daniel B: considering the extra bytes to code the decompressor
Dale: The best case is that the tables shrink to 50%+15 bytes.
Dale: Right now I have 564 bytes of RLE encoded graphics.
Dale: But 60 of them are just uninitialized data, which I can manually edit out (should fix my compressor to eliminate trailing 0 byte runs).
Dale: So about 500 bytes. If I can get it to 300 bytes, and use 50 bytes on the decompressor, then I'm laughing.
Daniel B: well, with my icvgm last version I can put the charset at the beggining and then use the right vram address in the code to make the patterns fit at the right place in vram
Dale: Do you think that proper huffman is a better option?
Daniel B: Well, I think coding a proper huffman will take too much space in your 1K
Dale: I have code that replicates the appropriate part of the colour and pattern table into the bottom two sections of the screen.
Daniel B: Personnaly I prefer setting the vdp registers to make all the 3 sections of the screen using the same charset and colors
Dale: I suggested LZW, but you thought last week that the decoding tables would use too much RAM.
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel B: this way, i don'T have to copy the charset and the colors
changed username to GOSENS!
Daniel B: hello!
Dale: Can I really make a Coleco Adam submission? Then I'd have 24k of RAM.
GOSENS!: hello
Daniel B: the problem is the emulator. I'm not sure there is a good Coleco Adam emulator for MacOS, or Linux
Dale: Hello GOSENS!.
GOSENS!: hello :)
Dale: AdamEm works fine for Linux.
Dale: I think that Ron uses SoftPC to run AdamEm under Windows on his Mac. I'm not sure about Dr.D.
Daniel B: AdamEm still the only good Coleco Adam emulator
Dale: Is that VDP mode legal? It is definately undocumented.
GOSENS!: how is everyone?
Dale: How well does it work on various emulators?
Daniel B: I'm using this vdp setting all the time
Dale: We're doing great tonight.
GOSENS!: just thought i'd drop by to say hi
Daniel B: Well, on MESS this setting didn't work because the ti 9928 emulation is not quite right
GOSENS!: i'm going to head to bed soon. have a very early morning
Daniel B: I'm fine!
Daniel B: But who is Gosens?
GOSENS!: heh heh
Dale: Oh yeah, and what's up for you in the morning?
GOSENS!: i should think it would have been obvious
GOSENS!: long drive to sault ste marie
Dale: Did you get that job?
GOSENS!: what job?
Dale: Bad guess.
Daniel B: sault ste marie?
Daniel B: James?
GOSENS!: yeah
Daniel B: is it you?
Dale: That was my first guess, but I forgot you were in Canada right now.
GoHabsGo: Sens won tonight, yeah man...
GOSENS!: yeah, sorry i couldn't come on earlier, was busy getting ready
GoHabsGo: BTW, it's Guy F...
Dale: We are just talking about what I'd need to do to fit my Get Booty game into a 1k ROM.
GOSENS!: what a lame way to decide a game though
GOSENS!: a shootout. gimme a break
Dale: Discussing graphics compression options.
GoHabsGo: Want to fit the booty into a 1K game? Exercise it!
GoHabsGo: Sorry, spurt of humor, ignore it.
Daniel B: I was worrying a bit James. I'm so happy you are safe.
GOSENS!: thanks
GOSENS!: anyway, i should get to bed
GoHabsGo: (PRIVATE) Oooh Jamie Poo, you are safe! Have a great night.
Daniel B: When you will be online again to talk?
GOSENS!: dunno
GOSENS!: possibly a few weeks
GOSENS!: as next wednesday i'll be good and drunk
Dale: Did you get to go to the game in person?
GOSENS!: no, just here at my parents' place
Daniel B: I had messages from colecoshop users (and me) that there is a problem with the email function. error for the confirmation, etc.
GOSENS!: i've told you a hundred times already that email is not working on my system
GoHabsGo: So change the method of validating users to: NONE
Daniel B: I checked the php config and it looks like it's not php fault
Dale: When I created my account it gave some kind of failure message.
GoHabsGo: Overrde it for now, go into the PHPBB admin.
Dale: When you're back home, I could try and help you with your exim config.
GOSENS!: yeah, i don't have email installed on my server yet
Daniel B: ok, I'm opening the web site and login
GOSENS!: @dale, that woudl be very much appreciated
Dale: no problem.
GoHabsGo: If you give me access James I can do it for you no problem, been playing around with PHPBB for a few weeks now, know my way around it pretty well now.
Daniel B: ok, I'm ready... where is the option
GOSENS!: anyway, my insane parents think i'm getting up at 5 tomorrow so i should get to sleep
Dale: Guy, last week I posted the full game done in C to
GoHabsGo: Sweet, I'll check it out.
GOSENS!: (PRIVATE) admin, deflektor
GOSENS!: guy, did you get my private?
GoHabsGo: Yes, thanks.
GOSENS!: that should do the trick
GOSENS!: anyway, tomorrow is a long day
GOSENS!: so i should get to bed
Dale: I'm recoding it into assembler to see if I can make it fit in 1k.Talk to you soon James.
Daniel B: Bonne nuit James!
GOSENS!: thanks, ttys everyone
GOSENS!: good night!
GoHabsGo: OK James, it's fixed... take care.
GOSENS!: *poof*
GOSENS! left chat session
GoHabsGo: ker.
Daniel B: So Guy, you will fix the problem?
Daniel B: ho... it's fixed
Daniel B: wow! that was fast
Daniel B: where was this option?
Daniel B: err...
Daniel B: hello?
Dale: I donb't knwo the option.
GoHabsGo: Just testing it out by registering myself. Works.
GoHabsGo: Just registered myself as Time-Bandit
Dale: But I've seen it in other non-PHP BB setups.
Daniel B: tell me.
GoHabsGo: It's in the phpbb configuration, validation method, set it to none, instead of user. With user, it sends an email to the user and waits for the user to click on a link to authenticate the email. With none, it just registers the user.
GoHabsGo: Until James fixes his email.
Dale: Daniel, why doesn't ICVGM have an invert button? I'm often wanting to recolour map the cell, and flip all of the colours.
Daniel B: it doesn't have this button because no one asked for it before
Dale: Don't you find that it'd be useful? I'd especially like it in ICVGM 2, but it'd be useful in v3 as well.
Daniel B: Where I can add this button?
Daniel B: bellow the two "Flip"?
Dale: Below the FlipX and FlipY buttons? A Rotate button would also be handy if you're in button adding mood.
Daniel B: it was the space for "rotate" but rotating a character with multicolor is not possible sometimes
Dale: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
Daniel B: how rotating the colors?
Dale: Don't touch the colours?
Daniel B: the flip-Y button also change the colors
Dale: It'd be closer to the desired effect at least.
Daniel B: I deleted the rotate button because of the colours problem
Dale: Well, at least invert then, which inverts the colour of each pixel.
Daniel B: inverting only the colours or inverting the pattern?
Dale: I mostly use ICVGM v2 which doesn't have the colour trouble.
Dale: Sprites don't have the colour trouble either.
Daniel B: and Icvgm v2 should have a rotate button already
Dale: Leave the colour table alone, and reverse all of the pixels to use the opposite colour is what would be the most useful to me.
Daniel B: ok, just inverting the pattern data
Daniel B: I will program it tonight
Dale: I tend to copy patterns with different colour tables, but like to have the colours match nearby characters for better compression etc.
Daniel B: on both v2 and v3?
Dale: Especially v2.
Daniel B: are you using version 2.13?
Dale: Let me check...
Dale: Yes, 213.
Dale: I see now that rotate is in v2.
Daniel B: ok then I will program espacially for you a beta v2.14
Dale: Maybe that's why I miss it in v3.
Dale: Thanks Daniel.
Daniel B: can you send me an email? then I will reply it with the zip file
Dale: k
Daniel B: ok, I'm working on it
Daniel B: now
Dale: Sent to your yahoo account.
Dale: Do you know how much RAM a Z80 based Sega has? Is it the Genesis that is Z80 based?
Daniel B: Well, I'm not sure about Genesis and Sega Master System. You must check the FAQ of these systems
Dale: Probably the Master System then.
Daniel B: SegaMasterSystem games are coded in z80 and use rom banks to be able to run bigger games
Dale: I was looking for compression and z80 and came across a reference to Sega.
Daniel B: there is a cool web site for sega master system maniacs, with some developer tools and info
Dale: There are some references to miniLZO on a GameBoy site, with work done by Jeff Frowhein.
Daniel B: I programmed the "invert" button
Daniel B: It takes time because I had to re-arrange the buttons a bit
Dale: Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer
Daniel B: now, zipping and sending the new version.
Daniel B: do you prefer, zip or gz ?
Dale: zip is good.
Dale: My Linux make files do tar.gz out of habit.
Daniel B: sending mail
Daniel B: takes a few seconds to attch the file...
Daniel B: done!
Dale: I have mail.
Daniel B: Well, I think I should add the same button on the v3 version.
Dale: Beautiful.
Dale: Works like a charm.
Dale: Thanks. Yes. Please add it to v3 if you get a chance.
Daniel B: I'm working on it right now
Daniel B: copy-paste and adding the button.
Daniel B: Are you sure the rotate button should be back in v3? I'm not feeling great with the colours problem
Dale: Well, skip the rotate button if you don't like it. I just miss it.
Dale: usual the decompressor is too big to use in a 1k implementation.
Dale: At least my nibble decompressor would be tiny.
Dale: Anyway, I have an early morning tomorrow. I'll have to call it a night. Thanks again for the Invert button.
Daniel B: Ziping the v3 new versionwith rotate and invert buttons
Dale: Will try it tomorrow. Gotta sleep. Goodnight.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Daniel B: goodnight Dale
Daniel B: Bonne nuit guy!
Daniel B: Bonne nuit Guy!
Daniel B: C'est fini!
Daniel B: * poof *
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