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rich-c: check
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
rich-c: salut, Daniel - cava ce soir?
Daniel Bienvenu: oui
Daniel Bienvenu: ou est tout le monde?
rich-c: tres bien - j'ai quelques problemes de sante
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
rich-c: it's early days yet; not all the world is as punctual as you and I
rich-c: hello daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: for tonight I'm punctal
Pamela: I'm just finishing up making dinner - I'll be right back
rich-c: you are running late - c u then
Daniel Bienvenu: question about english
rich-c: yes, the others will likely drift in over the next 10 - 15 minutes
rich-c: proceed
Pamela: i'm here, just listening while i eat
Daniel Bienvenu: Why Sean is spelling S-E-A-N but it prononces SH-OWN ?
rich-c: ah, got the table set and all
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changed username to Harvie
rich-c: because English is not phoenetic in it's spelling - and that isn't English
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Harvie!
Harvie: Hello all
rich-c: hi Harvie
Pamela: hey harvie
rich-c: Sean is a Celtic name
rich-c: sort of like Siobahn - try to care pronouncing that?
Daniel Bienvenu: question 2 : the EAN in SEAN and OCEAN... it's the same sound?
Pamela: or Sinead
Pamela: or Aisling
Harvie: How about Phred :)
rich-c: close, Daniel, but not quite, though it would pass the uncritical ear
rich-c: try shawn as in shawl and you're close
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Daniel Bienvenu: for years, I was sure SEAN prononced SEEN. I still have a lot to learn
rich-c: don't worry, even Anglophones get tripped up on that one more often than not
Pamela: I did for years
rich-c: and when it comes to English, even I have a lot to learn - and I've had 3/4 of a century to work on it ; - )
Pamela: as for the others they are pronounced Shavonne, Shinade and Ashleen
Pamela: good Celtic names all
rich-c: only Siobahn I asked about it pronounced it "She - Baahn"
Daniel Bienvenu: err... and how we have to prononce them?
Pamela: there, I've finished stuffing my face
rich-c: a person'e name is pronounced the way that person pronounces it - simple courtesy
Pamela: I was told Shavonne
Pamela: true
Pamela: brr, it's cold back here
rich-c: grab a cat for your lap ; - )
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Pamela: it's not my lap that's cold!
changed username to BobS
Pamela: greetings, Bob
rich-c: hello Roberto
BobS: hiya kids
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS: on my new dsl.......
BobS: gott check itout
Harvie: Hola Bobbee
rich-c: then go get a sweater
Pamela: gonna
BobS: ANd am working on computers to sell from doug
rich-c: so you finally went and splurged?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I remember a magic show by Coperfeild and the guy in the public was a french guy named "Richard" (Ree-Shaar) and asked again for his name and tried again with an english touch, and he had to finnaly spell his name.
rich-c: that's common - there's a racer from Quebec now named Andrew Ranger
rich-c: he's just accepter the English pronunciation rather than try to explain...
Pamela: that it rhymes with manger?
Daniel Bienvenu: for me it rhymes
rich-c: but how would you pronounce a family name "Dalziel:/
Pamela: as in je mange etc
Harvie: Dee - All
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changed username to Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob!
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Roberto: durn having a time here aren't I ??
Pamela: having trouble Bob?
Roberto: got dumped or something
rich-c: close enough, Harvie - I'd say "D L" is the way I've heard it
Daniel Bienvenu: wow
rich-c: that's OK, English Lord Beaulieu pronounces it "Bewley"
Harvie: I should have typed Dee- ell
rich-c: six of one, half a dozen of the other
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Harvie: How about Worcester?
changed username to Bob
rich-c: as in Wooster?
Bob requested to ban Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie: Ron
rich-c confirmed ban
Bob: well CHIT
Bob: wassup???
Harvie: Right on
Bob: the minute I stop typing, I die
Bob: l';
Bob: ;l
Pamela: that's not good Bob
rich-c: down southwest of Chicago there's a small city called "Marseilles"
Daniel Bienvenu: err... you still there Bob?
Pamela: perhaps it's time to go back to dialup, Bob
rich-c: visiting Frenchmen and Quebecois can never find it cuase teh natives don't know what they are talking about
rich-c: thye pronounce it like "Marcel's"
Harvie: Everything in Illinois is mispronounced
Harvie: Braidwood is Bridewood and Cairo is Kayro
rich-c: well, it's hard to miss on Chicago, but...
rich-c: I've never quite managed to find out how the natives pronounce 'DesPlaines", even by asking them
Harvie: Or Duquoin
rich-c: yes, any name with a French derivation seems to throw the Yanks
rich-c: 'bout the only place that gets it right is Sault Ste. Marie, MI and that's cause the right answer is across the river
Pamela: I must be tired because I can't think of any examples : )
rich-c: saw a blink; have we lost Bob again?
Harvie: In Michigan there is Mackinac (Makinaw) Island
rich-c: try Detroit, for starters
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changed username to TRY AGAIN
Daniel Bienvenu: It's hard to explain but we didn't pronunce the 't' in Montreal. it's like m'awn-ray-all
TRY AGAIN requested to ban Bob
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
TRY AGAIN: SUCKS here.......
TRY AGAIN: don't quite know what to think
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob?
TRY AGAIN: ya mon tis I
rich-c: that's what you get from buying discount internet, Bob
TRY AGAIN: must be the Canadian contingent throwing me out
Harvie: The cheque must have bounced at the ISP Bob :)
rich-c: they just can't do it for 9.95 a month yet
Pamela confirmed ban
TRY AGAIN: ti/s more !!!!!
TRY AGAIN: but is not really asctivated til Fri
rich-c: the problem as to be on your end since all the rest of us are doing fine
TRY AGAIN: right
rich-c: aha, that may be the explanarion, then
TRY AGAIN: maybe it is becasue of my bad eyes and the little print
TRY AGAIN: when I make it bigger, I die
Pamela: I must be living right - I seldom get dumped unless everyone does
TRY AGAIN: that is what I thought was happening
TRY AGAIN: but alas tis not
rich-c: yes, but you are on dialup, not DSL
TRY AGAIN: so what did I miss?????
TRY AGAIN: maybe I need to keep talking !!! :-)
Pamela: pronunciation trials
TRY AGAIN: What did I catch about Ronald???????
Daniel Bienvenu: we discuss about how to pronunce some words
TRY AGAIN: anything????
Pamela: nothing
Harvie: My bad typing Bob
rich-c: not much - we have been trading stories about pronunciations of names in various language
TRY AGAIN: has been a long time incognito, yes????
TRY AGAIN changed username to BobS
rich-c: well, you have been in and out a lot
Pamela: yes, he's been out of touch for more than a month
BobS: well he was going to PEI for a long vacation
BobS: maybe he stayed !!!!! and there are no phone lines
Pamela: still, it's very unlike him
BobS: got his email address??????
BobS: yell at him and see what happens
rich-c: you're right, didn't reealize it but he hasn't been by for a long time
rich-c: I would see that as cause for worry - his health is not the best
BobS: just emailed him I did
rich-c: have to see what resu;lt you get, then
Pamela: has anyone tried to call him?
rich-c: you and Judy are off crusing soon, aren't you?
BobS: no, mid January
BobS: that is like.........2 1/2 months out
rich-c: oh, maybe they'll have put the caribbean back together by then
rich-c: man, they took a real series of pastings last few months
BobS: going DEEP south Caribbean
BobS: will still be ok
rich-c: I'm surprised there's a cruise port left open
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy!
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: well New Orleasn is closed for sure
BobS: and Galvaston may not be good
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: think you can get the dsl to work better than Bob can?
Judy: hi, everyone
BobS: JUDY!!!!! me bride !!!!!
BobS: will see if she gets knocked off
rich-c: I'd think after this last one Miami- Ft. Lauderdale - Pt. Everglades might be dicey too
Judy: why would that happen?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still there
rich-c: yes, but you're on dialup, Daniel, so you shouldn't have problems
Pamela: well, all is well with Ron
Pamela: I just called him
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm having a problem to connect to a forum. I will try later
rich-c: you got a eply?
Pamela: yup, he answered the phone. He's eating dinner and will try and be on later
Pamela: was away for six weeks!
rich-c: that is seriously good news
BobS: well WHY the heck is he not telling us ????
Pamela: probably didn't have a lot of time to get online
rich-c: things happen and time goes by so quickly
Pamela: heck, I go into withdrawal if I miss more than one week
rich-c: let Pam tell you about our letters from the Prime Minister, Premier of Ontario, and two cabinet ministers
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(Pamela laughs heartily)
changed username to Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: Ron, I thought you were going to finish dinner??
rich-c: hey Ron! too long time no see!
Ron: rumors of my passing are greatly exaggerated
Ron: Hi all
Harvie: Hello Ron
Pamela: we missed you
Ron: been away down east right up to a week ago
rich-c: yeah, here we were hoping to get a carload of dirt from Spud Island
Ron: seems like most of my relatives had dialup and it wasn't worth trying
rich-c: oh man, how quickly you get spoiled...
Ron: that's for sure
Pamela: you know I'm going to look at my cell phone bill in a couple of weeks and wonder who the heck I called in BC : )
BobS: YO Ronald !!!!!! WB mon !!!!!
BobS: nice "walkabout" ??????
Ron: Hi Bob
Ron: yes.... good trip.... glad to be home
BobS: island still standing?
Ron: which one?
BobS: no hurricanes?
rich-c: did a fair spot of RVing, didn't you?
Ron: there are now 2 in my life
Ron: yes.... all around Nova Scotia
Judy: sounds like a good way to live
rich-c: you got some blowby from one of the hurricanes, didn't you?
Ron: helps if the RV you're using has breaks
Ron: My cousin's did not
Pamela: must have been beautiful at this time of year
Pamela: stopping is overrated : )
Ron: ---- gotta check the burgers....brb
rich-c: yeah, I've found that pulling back on the wheel and yelling "whoa" just doesn't cut it
Pamela: well, I missed that performance!
Pamela: and just when did you attempt that maneuver, Dad?
Judy: never, I hope
rich-c: long, long ago, long before you wre born - the details are hazy
Pamela: good
BobS: and NOW he wants to buy another?????
BobS: teach him about BRAKES pam
Judy: would not be a good thing to get in the habit of doing
rich-c: this wasn't with an RV, Bob
Pamela: well considering that I don't think he ever learned about horses . . .
Ron: Actually, apart from that, the RV was a good way to travel..... except I opened my big mouth before we left and said I'd pay for the gas
Harvie: Happened to me on Mount Norquay, exciting time indeed
Pamela: oh, ow, Ron
BobS: OUCH!!!!!!!
Ron: feeding the beast about $120 to $150 per day for the better part of a week
BobS: course, you had a good time, yes?
Ron: absolutely
Judy: oh, oh, not a good idea with the price of gas these days
rich-c: Hoo boy - what was it while you were there, $1.25/lire?
BobS: driving too FAR then mon.....gotta keep the total down
Ron: between $1.12 and $1.19
rich-c: you just don't understand Nova Scotia, Bob
Pamela: what's gas like on the island, Ron?
Pamela: yours, I mean
Ron: in the maritimes it had been up at $1.40
rich-c: we got up to $1.12 here briefly - currently about .89
Ron: here? .... now about $1.18
Pamela: really??!
Harvie: 81 cents monday
Ron: yep.... we're also on an island. They have to float the stuff acros
Ron: s
rich-c: the Island is always more expensive than the mainland, Pam
Pamela: the highest I bought at was $1.22, just after Katrina
Judy: it has gone down some around here, 2.36 a gallon
Ron: brb
BobS: OUCh, you really caught heck with the prices Ron
rich-c: when we went over i to York State we were paying about $2.85 a gallon
Pamela: 62 cents a litre, that's not bad Judy
BobS: sucks Pamela....but tis the world we are now livin in
Judy: we filled up tonight so if it goes up again we are full
rich-c: how good it looks depends on where you're looking from
rich-c: why should it go up tonight?
Pamela: I'd be happy to go back to 62 cents/litre
Daniel Bienvenu: here it's approx 99 cents a litre
Judy: they don't need a reason they just do it for greed
rich-c: yes, I think the difference is more Quebec taxes than the oil companies
Pamela: so where did you go after NS, Ron?
BobS: heck i would be happy to 25 cents a litre, gallon whatever !!!!!
rich-c: we have a website that gives prices all day, every day around Toronto
Judy: we have that around here also
Harvie: I must go, good to hear from you Ron, goodnight all
Pamela: goodnight, Harvie!
rich-c: my problem is that my city/highway gas mileage varies so much
Judy: night Harvie
rich-c: night Harvie, see you next week
Harvie left chat session
Pamela: I must say, mine is pretty consistent. Without highway travel, I get about 235 kms to 3/4 tank of gas
Pamela: considering my commute is a whole 4.9 kms, that gets me pretty far
rich-c: I have a much bigger tank, of course, but tend to fill just under the 3/4 mark
BobS: oops missed harvie
rich-c: got all the way home from Plattsburgh (over 600 KM) with lots still left
Ron: Night Harvie
Pamela: what I don't get is how with a 65 litre tank, I can fill at 1/4 tank and only put in 35 litres
rich-c: but this winter I'll likely be filling with 300 km on the clock
Ron: Ottawa Pam - revisiting some fellow retired colleagues there
Pamela: nice!
rich-c: did you happen to run into Guy Cousineau?
Ron: yes
rich-c: so how is Guy doing? still at Agriculture?
Ron: never did see him
Pamela: how were you travelling Ron? By car?
Ron: did manage to have lunch with one other AUFG ex, however. And also saw James, who was in town
rich-c: oh - pity - he was one of your old originals
rich-c: oh, THAT's where james has been
Pamela: I didn't realize that James was still here
Ron: rented a vehicle for the last 3 days. The first 3 were spent more or less wandering central Ottawa
Ron: Yes. He's back in Japan now I think
Pamela: it was a long trip for him too
RoWed Oct 26 22:07:15 GMT-04:00 2005: rich-c : rich-c: yes, Vancouver would be only about half way home for him
Ron: Myuki?
Pamela: Miyuki
Ron: ok.... met her too
Pamela: she was with him on his first school trip - lovely lady
Pamela: then they must have brought the kids too - did you see them?
Ron: also met Case and young Aiden - (who slept through our time together.... he must have been impressed)
Ron: yep
rich-c: let's just say, Ron, that at that age they have other priorities
Pamela: they're such cute kids - like Dale and Jillian, they do good work
Ron: would seem so
Ron: exactly
Pamela: any idea why they were here?
rich-c: they plan to return sooner or later - just keeping an oar in, I'd guess
Ron: Not sure exactly, except James told me they'd driven up to Sault Ste Marie the previous week
rich-c: beautiful country, but not what I'd expect, I admit
Pamela: so now that the trip is over Ron, what's next?
Ron: rebuild the pocket book
Pamela: : )
BobS: good plan man
Ron: spending Christmas in Victoria with Jeff, Francesca and Leslie.... then over to Edmonton for the 27th thru New YEARS
Pamela: who is Leslie?
Ron: sorry.... my ex wife
Pamela: ahhhh
Pamela: hard to believe Christmas is only two months away
Ron: we're good friends, as long as we don't try to inhabit the same house
Pamela: aaaaggghhhh!
rich-c: or in this context, Jeff's mother
Pamela: that's good : )
Ron: yes, that's right
Judy: Christmas sounds good but not winter
rich-c: well, Frances and I passed the 50 year mark this month
Pamela: and what a party it was
Ron: Hey!
Ron: I'll bet
Judy: congradulation, to both of you
Pamela: we had a nice small, intimate gathering at my place
Judy: that is quite the milestone
rich-c: yes, Pam organized a dinner at her place, with Frqnces' bridesmaid and matron of honour
Ron: Oh my. that must have been an occasion
rich-c: that's Erin's mother, and Marilyn from Connecticut
Pamela: I was actually impressed at how well it came together
BobS: I'll BE BACK!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Ron: yes Gubernator
Pamela: oh Judy, I'll have to get a picture of the quilt Marilyn made for us as a wedding gift - it's stunning
Judy: must be he will be coming up
rich-c: yes - Erin had a folio of congratulatory letter - Paul Martin, our Premier and two members of Parliament
Judy: yes, I would like to see it
Pamela: note to self: send thank you note to Marilyn
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Ron: Hi Dale
Pamela: we started requesting those months ago, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale!
Pamela: hey, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, welcome aboard
Judy: hi, Dale
Dale: Got Jeffrey decidedly to bed.
Dale: Ron! You're back.
Daniel Bienvenu: And now, the one million dollars question... 1K or 4K ?
Ron: Large as life, twice as ugly, Dale
rich-c: yes, but where has Bob gone?
rich-c: he has a new DSL connection, Dale, and keeps gettin bumped
Dale: I decided 4k is easier, and since I'm almost out of time, 4k it is.
Judy: no, he just came upstairs will be coming back on
Pamela: I'll have to see if we can get a digital picture of it Judy, and e-mail it to you
rich-c: with that much elbow room you should stand them on their ears, Dale
Ron: something tells me this ball game is going to be won by a single home run
Pamela: who is winning, Ron?
rich-c: oh, is the Series on tonight?
Ron: 0 -0
Judy: sounds like a plan
Ron: top of the 6th
rich-c: that's why GuyB isn't here
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be a very compact 4K game with all the optimization effort you did in the project
Pamela: <Pamela's eyebrows go waaaay up>
Dale: Jeffrey was off daycare today, so he and I went to "Thomas Live" at the local mall -- Thomas the Tank engine again.
rich-c: if the Cubs get the run, that's the series for them
Ron: Yes, Guy would have other priorities tonight
Pamela: Judy, I was astounded when Marilyn offered to make the quilt - I said, are you sure??? Do you know we have a king size bed?
Pamela: Apparently that didn't faze her
Judy: what is the design?
Dale: Jeff is nominally sick. But he's really not too bad, just bad enough to keep home from daycare.
rich-c: to call the result stunning is to understate matters
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changed username to Bob
Pamela: ummm - don't know how to describe it. Hang on, let me check.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob?
rich-c: ah, see you made it back
Bob: I warned ya !!!!! now I am back
Judy: what does he have, Dale?
Bob: upstairs on the laptop
Bob: hi Dale
Bob: Jeffy sick???
Bob: hjklhj
Ron: laptops are good...... if you have a lap
Bob: oh I got taht
rich-c: siode issue, Dale - is Spaniel Chat still available and free?
Bob: maybe TOO much lap
Dale: Just a little diarrhea. Gotta keep him home tomorrow too I think.
Ron: ain't gonna go there
rich-c: then get a bigger laptop
Dale: Spaniel Chat is still free. I'm not sure how easy it is to find nowadays.
Judy: that would be hard on the potty training, too!!!
rich-c: got a buddy way want it - OK if I refer him to you?
Pamela: Judy, the best description I can give you is a compass rose design
Pamela: but modified
Dale: Sure. Send him to my hotmail address.
Judy: what are the colors?
rich-c: right - thanks
Pamela: background is navy, burgundy stripe all the way across the top and bottom, and half way between them on each side, star points are burgundy and turquoise on a beige background, and salmony points on the backing square that the compass and surrounding ring are on
Judy: sounds pretty
Dale: I found the download address:
Pamela: could probably draw it better than I can describe it. It sounds like a jumble of colours but they work really well together
rich-c: got it, Dale - thank you
Judy: sounds good to me, need several colors to make the design
Pamela: i"m almost afraid to use it. I must remember to ask Marilyn to send me info on it's care and feeding
Ron: burgundy,navy, salmony, turquoise...... what happened to red, yellow, orange, blue, purple?
Ron: :)
rich-c: get your mother to take a picture, POam, so you can email it
Pamela: I probably will Dad
Judy: we use ours all the time, throw in the washer and the dryer, no problem
Ron: (male colour sense)........ or lack thereof
Judy: most quilts are made of 100 percent cotton
Pamela: I'm half tempted to use it as a wall hanging
rich-c: Marilyn is into making all sorts of quilts - including one with thatch from Samoa
Judy: if it is for king size bed it would be a big wall hanging
Judy: who is Marilyn?
rich-c: an old university friend, matron of honour at our wedding
Pamela: big wall : ) but seriously, I think it will actually be better cared for if I use it as a bed covering. Our place is really dusty, and it will get washed more often that way
Judy: they do wear well
rich-c: yes, good ones get handed down the generations
Ron: Local club here raffled off a beauty just before I left. Didn't win
Judy: our first quilt is about 10-15 years old
Judy: washed often the dog liked to sleep on it
Ron: a dog of good taste
Judy: yes, she was
Pamela: that's one thing I plan to discourage - no cats will be sleeping on it if I can help it : )
rich-c: I agree - not on THAT one
rich-c: oit's a bloody masterpiece, by an expert
Ron: bases loaded - 2 out - bottom of the 6th
Judy: that will last for a while, that is what I said first, but the dog won
Pamela: of course, having said that, the cat will now find it absolutely irresistable
rich-c: guess eh'll just have to get used to sleeping in the living room then
Judy: especially when you are gone, the cat does what he,she wants
Bob: and the score?????
Pamela: he actually hasn't been up on the bed fro a while - the new one is too high for him to jump up onto without a step and the path isn't clear at the moment
Ron: no score
Judy: so then you may win
Pamela: we'll see : )
Bob: AH HA, that is the good thing not get a new young cat
Judy: yes, then you will lose
rich-c: there are complications to that, Bob - Russells sister houses "orphans"
Ron: a cat will sleep where a cat wants to sleep, and there's nothing to be done about that
Pamela: well, we plan to take a break for a while once Inky is gone. However, I expect that won't be for at least a couple of years yet. He's in pretty good shape for an old man
Bob: keep thema t Russell's sisters
Judy: by then the quilt will be a couple of years old and you will relax about it
Pamela: yes, Lindsay fosters mama cats and kittens to keep them out of the shelter and away from the airborne respiratory virus
Pamela: until they've had their first shots and are weaned
Ron: At my cousin's place there were 3 cats, one of whom slept in the chair that I more or less appropriated when I was there. Did I get some dirty looks!
Pamela: the great thing is, i can go to Lin's and get my kitten fix without wanting to take them all home with me
Bob: but you were bigger, yes?
Ron: like who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my chair?
Pamela: Erin has a cat like that
(Bob gives Ron a can of Coke)
Ron: I'm a sucker for that unending stare
Bob: hey, where's Guy...either one for that matter ???
Pamela: Dad, do you remember Aunt Audrey's cats?
Judy: a softy
rich-c: that was a long time ago, Pam
Ron: yup
Pamela: the one was not a people cat, but Tiko would climb onto your lap, put one paw on either shoulder, lie on your chest and purr in your ear for as long as you would sit still
Ron: Her name was Babe, and Babe eventually got her way
rich-c: yes, but remember my cat allergy
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... you must not visit me then. we have a cat
Pamela: all you had to do was let her sit on you Ron - problem solved : )
Pamela: you did okay on Saturday Dad
Ron: I offered, but she declined.... she wanted me out of that chair, and she just sat there until it happened
rich-c: well, Inky stayed well away, and I guess there wasn't much cat hair around
Pamela: never try to out-stubborn a cat : )
Ron: besides, I have no lap.... cats have the same problem as laptops
Ron: exactly Pam
Pamela: all the dust bunnies are now residing in my vacuum cleaner : )
Dale: My cats make themselves scarce when there's visitors. I've had many people say "are you sure you have cats?" :-)
rich-c: anyway I was having other problems Saturday
Ron: how many Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: Shouby is the name of our cat
Daniel Bienvenu: we pronunce it "shoo-bee"
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: an unusual name, Daniel - why did you choose that?
Pamela: Inky is actually short for Mr. InquisWed Oct 26 22:49:22 GMT-04:00 2005: Daniel Bienvenu : Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe it's ridiculous, but the cat reacted to this name so...
rich-c: so don't quit when you're winning!!!
Pamela: I recall reading an article on a pair of kittens named Willow and Soot, just before we got our two.
Judy: I think I will be signing off for now, very tired, went to exercise this morning and scrubbed the master bath this afternoon, talk to you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy!
Pamela: I loved Willow and that was perfect for the ginger tabby, but Inky named himself.
rich-c: take it easy and take care, Judy
Pamela: Night, Judy. will send a picture as soon as I can
Judy left chat session
Ron: Am I still here?
Bob: yes kids.....time to "head for bed"
Pamela: yup
Pamela: g'nite Bob
rich-c: you sound like it, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob!
Ron: Nite Bob
rich-c: nite Roberto
Bob: cept for ron, it is early on the west coast
Bob: nite all nest week yes?
Bob: YES
Ron: had a battery gassing at me about being discharged
Pamela: yes
Bob left chat session
Ron: Niters Bob
Pamela: well, I'm very glad I called you, Ron
Ron: yes, Pam I'm glad you did too.... although I was intending on being here
Pamela: I am sorry I interrupted your dinner, though
Ron: It's just that my routine around here gets a little disorganized at times
Ron: and supper gets later and later
Pamela: and it's difficult to get back into it right after you return
rich-c: (PRIVATE) seeing Dr. Santo tomorrow - he wants me to go to hospital
Pamela: heck, I was still muching on mine when I came online at 9:00
Ron: well, I have had more than a week
rich-c: and you went the deasy way on time zones
Ron: true
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, that will depend on how you're doing, I think.
Ron: My head will return to normal sooner or later ...... or whatever passes for normal
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hopefully you will show much improvement and that won't be necessary
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, I hope to convince him I'm at least stable
Pamela: (PRIVATE) better living through chemistry : )
Pamela: I don't know Ron, you seem pretty normal to me : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, I did some fiddling with teh timing of my antibiotics
Ron: welll......
Pamela: (PRIVATE) don't forget to press the issue of the fatigue Dad
rich-c: (PRIVATE) oh, that I intend to
Pamela: yess????
Pamela: (PRIVATE) please do
Ron: I have my moments
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'll call tomorrow to check in and see what he said
Ron: suppertime is still a problem
rich-c: (PRIVATE) anyway, I was decently functional this afdternoon
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I'm updating my Coleco programming in C document, do you want a copy by email?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's good news!
rich-c: (PRIVATE) OK, my appointment is 2.30 and he may want x-rays after
Pamela: for some reason, Ron, Wednesdays always get away from me
Ron: Yes, that too.....
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'll probably call when I get home, about 5:30 or so
rich-c: anyway, all, us old folks need our shuteye - time for me to sign off
Dale: HI
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich!
Ron: yes, good to be back all....good to talk to ya's again
Pamela: (PRIVATE) take care Dad, and feel better. how's Mom (in ten words or less)?
rich-c: nite Dale, Daniel, Pam, Ron
Pamela: night, Daddy
rich-c: (PRIVATE) so-so
Ron: nite Rich
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hmm. Okay, will check on that too. Nite for now.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: someday he's gonna tell us what colour that is
Ron: 8 bells, and all is well
Pamela: I think he's got the right idea though. Much as I hate to leave, I think it's time I went to bed too.
Ron: one of the primary ones
Pamela: I'm glad you're back Ron
Ron: thank you Pamela
Pamela: Dale, I haven't had a chance to say more than hi tonite. Please say hi to Jillian and Jeffrey for me
Ron: I owe you a phone call
Dale: I will.
Ron: Nite all...... I go too
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ron
Pamela: gnite, Daniel, take care
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Ron: :)
Ron left chat session
Pamela: I'm outta here. Kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's time to say goodbye. take care of you and your familly
Daniel Bienvenu: and try to make it for the contest!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sending to you now my updated coleco prog in C document
Daniel Bienvenu: 7 x 4K games plus a software menu = 32K, 15 x 4K games plus a software menu = 64K... should be a good idea to put all the coleco 4k games into one cartridge, no?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's difficult to make you react... I think you are not there.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dale!
Dale: My brother is here.
Dale: So I'm distracted.
Dale: He walked away, so you have my better attention.
Daniel Bienvenu: Neil was there?
Dale: 64k ROM? Do you have circuit boards set up for that?
Dale: Still requires a switch right?
Dale: No, my other brother Keith.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, based on the bankswitch technology, almost any size of rom can be used.
Dale: Seven games?
Dale: External bank switching or on cart bank switching.
Dale: Is there 7 minigames?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm thinking about a special sircuit in the cartridge, activated by software.
Dale: I feel that I'll only finish one, unless I find coding time on Saturday.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I did at least 2 good 4K minigames
Dale: I found a few lists of movie names to use for that sharks and fish game that I talked about before.
Dale: It'll probably require lots of tuning to get the game balance right.
Dale: It'll have to wait until after the contest.
Daniel Bienvenu: the 7 minigames idea is not for the contest. :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: simply an idea of doing something with all our minigames
Dale: Are there advantages to finishing your submission early?
Daniel Bienvenu: no advantage
Dale: I tend to be a proctastinator, and hand everything in at the last minute.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, my minigame was done before the contest started
Dale: But oyu knew that the contest was coming.
Daniel Bienvenu: If I have time, I will tweak it up before the end and send a second one.
Dale: So coded it to about 4k and just had to optimize it a little.
Dale: The 1k submissions for this year were better than last year's I think.
Dale: Better game play.
Daniel Bienvenu: I agree
Daniel Bienvenu: we will have to download a zip file a few days after the deadline to test the games.
Dale: Maybe that's what has motivated people. I think I could make a better 1k game than most of last year's submissions.
Dale: But this year's are much harder to beat I think./.
Daniel Bienvenu: we don't have to test all the games, but we must vote for a couple of them.
Dale: I'll vote for all of the ones that I can manage to run the emulator.
Dale: Maybe I'll send you a preview for final comments.
Daniel Bienvenu: last year, I had a problem to test one minigame, not because of the emulator, because the game was written in a way I didn't understand
Dale: Where's GuyF today?
Dale: Do you know?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know. I didn't talked to him lately
Dale: Maybe he got a new job and is busy.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's possible
Dale: That'd be good.
Dale: I wonder if he finished that game conversion that he was working on.
Daniel Bienvenu: good question
Dale: It sounded like he had only one thing left to fix up. Did you try it? It seemed really good.
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried some versions, I don't know if I tried the latest one
Dale: Well he sent me a copy that had everything but joysticks input working -- even music and interupts.
Daniel Bienvenu: last gulkave I have is dated August 22
Dale: Hmmm...
Dale: Yes, that is the last one I got too.
Daniel Bienvenu: CRC DF6593C2
Dale: Jill says Hi.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Jillian!
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you?
Dale: Jill: stressed
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to keep Dale chatting lately tonight!
Dale: Jill has a new job, and is trying to do well and learn it too.
Dale: A real challenge.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still in job hunting
Dale: I can't even get to
Dale: Isn't that where his homepage is going to be?
Dale: Or is it somewhere else on his site.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's curious... maybe he decided that coleco scene didn't "rock'n roll" enough for him
Dale: So do you know what you're looking for in a job? Are you living in Quebec City right now?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm applying for almost everything that needs someone good with computers.
Dale: Hmmm...last weekend was Sandra's birthday.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sandra's birthday?
Dale: Time-Bandit's wife.
Dale: So says the message board on
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! you are cheating!
Daniel Bienvenu: you didn't knew about her birthday before tonight
Dale: You're right.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, happy birthday Sandra.
Dale: But if I read the montrealbbs more often I would have known on October 1.
Dale: I say the same.
Dale: Maybe I did know, because my birthday is in October as well.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe she will read the log
Dale: Jill says happy birthday Sandra too.
Daniel Bienvenu: sometimes, google gives me direct links to old adamcon chat logs.
Dale: Defiantely. I have a large amount of webbots that read the adamcon chat logs regularly.
Dale: My site is optimized for search engines, actually.
Daniel Bienvenu: before leaving, you must know that the colecoshop forum restarted before James goes in travel to Canada, erasing the previous messages.
Daniel Bienvenu: you saw the discussion about an hangman game... but there are more messages now
Dale: I've actually searched for non-Adam related topics and had AdamCon chat logs come up, since we chat about everything under the sun.
Dale: I'll have to check it out. I haven't been to the site for a while.
Daniel Bienvenu: for the log visitors, colecoshop can be found at :
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you like the new icvgm version?
Daniel Bienvenu: having trouble with it?
Daniel Bienvenu: did I alrady asked you?
Dale: I have a LZ77 decoder that works in 208 bytes and can decompress to RAM.
Dale: I think I told you that I liked it.
Daniel Bienvenu: good!
Dale: But I've only really used the 3.0 one, other than a quick test of the version 2 one to make sure that it worked as described.
Daniel Bienvenu: using 208 bytes to decompress 100 bytes to 300 bytes is not economic
Dale: LZ77 is the basis for ZIP, gzip, zoo, etc.
Dale: No, but for a hangman ROM it is fine.
Dale: The decompressor is written by Jeff Frowhein. I think I could rewrite it in less than 150 bytes, but still a bit heavy for a 1k colecovision ROM.
Dale: That is why I'm switching to the 4k format.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! are you planning to do a classic hangman project -or- something original, very animated like a flower running and you have to save it by solving the hangman puzzle?
Dale: I think I talked a little about it with you 3 weeks ago.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I have a bad memory tonight
Dale: I was planning to take my WaTor game, and add a hangman type aspect to it.
Dale: Based on movie titles.
Dale: How it works is every time you take a load of fish/sharks to the harbour, you can use those to buy letters.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's original.
Dale: Once you've bought some letters, then you can solve the movie names until you get free guesses until you get one letter wrong
Daniel Bienvenu: I really like your games. it's always very original
Dale: Then you have to go back out fishing again.
Dale: LOL, I try.
Dale: So this week, I gathered some movie titles -- I played a IBM PC game called "Old Judd" which was a traditional hangman game based on movie titles.
Dale: Judd would be hung if oyu guessed enough wrong letters.
Daniel Bienvenu: most of the time, someone can say "hey! your project is like this game!" and I'm frustrated because I never played this game before.
Dale: I think you could make up to 9 mistakes.
Dale: It was written in Basic. I have no idea where it is from, but it was freeware.
Daniel Bienvenu: I never played old judd
Dale: It even had sound effects. I was most impressed with it at the time.
Dale: So ytour problem is that you don't play enough different games? Then you invent games that everyone knows?
Daniel Bienvenu: we can see the problem that way. so my projects are not original like yours.
Dale: The nice thing about LZ77 is that it is not variable bit encoding, so it is pretty simple.
Daniel Bienvenu: even my actual spaceship minigame is probably a clone of a classic game, but mine have not this or this goodies
Dale: Well, my problem is that I'm a terrible gamer, so my game ideas usually aren't developed enough to progress as the player gets better.
Dale: I tend to think of flat ideas where the game just doesn't build enough.
Dale: That's what I'm looking to get better at.
Dale: Well, I read an interesting article on game design, and it said:
Dale: An exact copy of a game is a clone.
Dale: A copy of a game with one change is "derivative"
Dale: A game that is completely different is "unplayable"
Dale: And a game with two changes of a classic is "fresh and original"
Dale: That is what we're going for.
Dale: Very similar to existing games, but with two twists.
Dale: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I think I did two real original games in my life
Dale: I've made up a whole bunch of card games.
Dale: There's only two that I really played more than a few test hands.
Dale: But I always start off with some elements from one or more other games. That makes it easy to learn.
Daniel Bienvenu: the first one is a platform game starring santa clauss. with his magic power, Santa place gifts in front of him to walk on them to reach the chimneys.
Daniel Bienvenu: gifts are floating... not moving.
Dale: Sort of like building a road in front of you with gifts?
Dale: Or like building a bridge in front of you?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and which reaction do you think I had after playing Lemmings for the first time?
Dale: I think that if you encoded the hangman words in groups of 200 or so, then decoding it would still work fast, and could compress pretty well.
Daniel Bienvenu: one option in Lemmings is placing blocks to create a kind of ramp.
Dale: Defiantely. Have you played my Lemons game? It is a simplified Leamings game with corser graphics.
Dale: Lemings did come to mind for me.
Daniel Bienvenu: the second original game I did is a platform game (again), where everything is hidden. you have to jump or walk on a specific space to make visible parts of the platform.
Dale: It is a traditional cartoon thing to do -- build a bridge, or train track as you move along.
Dale: One of the best features of AdamBomb 2, right?
Dale: Have you played AdamBomb 2?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure I tried Lemons. I tried your java applet about moving path decision.
Daniel Bienvenu: I never tried adambomb 2
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried for sure the mayan adventure demo
Dale: AdamBomb 2 is really fun. I'll have to try to see if I can find you a copy somewhere.
Daniel Bienvenu: arg, I'm unable to solve your lemons
Dale: The character based graphics in Lemons is a little confusing, because there can be more than one lemon in a square.
Daniel Bienvenu: I lost one lemons
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I resued only 11
Daniel Bienvenu: need practice
Dale: For level 1, try this:
Dale: restart the level.
Dale: Highlight one of the first lemons that comes out.
Dale: He'll turn red.
Dale: wait until he hits the right edge of the screen, and turns around.
Daniel Bienvenu: shit, only 1 rescued for the second level. I'm really poor
Dale: When he is a couple of squares from the 5 square platform hit 'b'
Dale: He'll build, reverse direction, and build more.
Dale: Highlight one on that new ramp.
Dale: When it gets to the top hit 'e'.
Dale: All of the lemons will be rescued.
Dale: You get the idea.
Daniel Bienvenu: I restarted, I didn't recued any lemons
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't got the right timing
Dale: It moves pretty quick, so it helps to have a plan before you start each level.
Daniel Bienvenu: more I try less I rescue... maybe it's because I'm not fully concentrate
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, finally. I got it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to press and release the b key to start building the ramp right over the ball spot
Daniel Bienvenu: no need to explode any lemon
Daniel Bienvenu: great game!
Dale: Pretty fun, once you get the hang of it.
Daniel Bienvenu: good game... sometimes frustrating but good!
Dale: I wrote it a long time ago now.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like a click'n play adventure game where you cannot continue your game because you didn't find the object you need to do an action to open a door or something like that.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's frustrating when we are stuck in a game and walking around again and again in the same places
Daniel Bienvenu: point's click adventure
Dale: It looks like the last update to the game is from August 31, 2000
Daniel Bienvenu: arg... point and click
Daniel Bienvenu: I finally say it
Dale: Anyway, I suspect that it is bedtime for me once again.
Daniel Bienvenu: whoa! I did something wrong, the applet stoped. A lemon tried to go through the top of the screen (I accidently explode a lemon too close to the top).
Dale: I thought it was a small game, but the .class file is 21k. Way to big for the games competition. I'd have only 8k available.
Dale: I tried that also. I think it is an array bounds problem that throws an exception.
Daniel Bienvenu: hopefully, the chat applet didn't crash
Dale: Can't legally access level[2][-1]
Dale: The chat applet is in a seperate instance.
Dale: The game runs just in your webbrowser and not on
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's certainly late like you said a few minutes ago.
Daniel Bienvenu: I wish you good luck with your 4k minigame , in time for the contest
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dale! take care!
Dale: Bye for now.
Dale: (the way we started this conversation :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Dale: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
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