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Dale: Hi
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Dale: I'm in early, but I'll have to put Jeffrey to bed soon.
Dale: Have you got any closer to a date for AdamCon?
Guy B.: Not yet. I'm thinking around end of July early August.
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Dale: Have you talked to hotels about availability? Probably have your pick at this point.
rich-c: greetings, gentlemen
rich-c: ah, talking about the next Adamcon, are we?
rich-c: Dale - before I forget, Frances was complaining she couldn't find the latest chat archives
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hiya guys
rich-c: hello, Roberto - the other two seem to have finked out
BobS: fashionablylate I am
BobS: oh whacked?????
BobS: serves them right
rich-c: welcome to the club - I wasn't first tonight, either
BobS: I amhaving a HELL of a time w/ my desktop, just reloaded and still not stable on the internet
rich-c: no, just seem to have bailed - maybe they're on Instant Massanger or something
BobS: or just got dumped
rich-c: yes, I wasw having problems too - when I was in hospital yesterday, Frances couldn't get it to load
BobS: well shoot, what doin in hospital????? stayed ? or jsut visited?
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changed username to Harvie
Dale: Hmm...the chat archives are supposed to autoupdate. I'll have to figure out what is amiss.
BobS: he's back !!!!
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: had real scary chest xrays - showed increasingly serious pneumonia despite my having no symptoms\
rich-c: hi Harvie
Dale: Just helping Jeffrey.
Dale: Usually I put Jeffrey to bed then log in. Today I logged in, then started to put Jeffrey to bed.
Harvie: Why is Guy so early???
rich-c: took them a while to figure it out, but I have amiodaronal lung
Dale: I'll probably have to leave again soon to tuck him in.
BobS: hi Hrvie
BobS: Richard, that is NOT nice mon
BobS: and WHAT is that????
rich-c: you would know, and you just made an understatement
rich-c: one of the nastier side effects of amiodarone is that it can attack the lungs
BobS: oh oh that waht the amio stuff does to the lungs????
BobS: ya mon NOT good eh?
BobS: what does it do?
rich-c: mimics a sort of interstitial pneumonia, but no temperature, no coughing, just some shortness of vreath, and extreme fatigue
BobS: and the cure????
rich-c: tincture of time
BobS: how much of that stuff were you on ?????
BobS: I am taking 200mg per day
Harvie: The cure is quit breathing :)
rich-c: I suspect withdrawing the amiodarone helps, but that raises other issues
BobS: life SUCKS don't it?
rich-c: I"m on something similar - pink pill?
BobS: perchance I leave quickly.....tis bwecause I am updating to IE 6.1
BobS: yup pink pill about half the size of a penny
Guy B.: Greetings for all those that just came in.
rich-c: OK, come back and test it later
BobS: YOU Guy
BobS: YO
BobS: that's better
BobS: WHAS SUP ?????
rich-c: well at leasst we weree here, Guy
BobS: puter says it is installing ie6 as we are talkin here
BobS: did I get lost?
Harvie: Installing IE( any version) is just silly
BobS: ll did
rich-c: yes, but you have to reboot to make it stick, I reckon
Guy B.: Ok, some of you have been asking about Adamcon 18????
rich-c: oh ahrvie, it may not be perfect, but it has its uses
Harvie: Yes rich, every miscreant on the net has a use for it
rich-c: I am using Mozilla but recognize there are things IE does I'm more comfortable with
Harvie: Yes Guy, how are the arrangements going?
rich-c: yeah, but every hacker-buster has a defence against it, too
Guy B.: FireFox is better than IE. But, I had run into some websites that won't work with Firefox, but with IE.
rich-c: yes, and some of them are fairly important websites, too
Harvie: Just identify Firefox as IE Guy
rich-c: huh?
Dale: I've run into fewer sites still, that work in Firefox and not in IE.
Guy B.: I'll be looking at hotels next month during my final vacation. So, I'll let you all know as soon as I find something.
Dale: But c'est la vie, I guess.
rich-c: moral: if it don't work, have a backyup, right, Dale?
Guy B.: I'm using Firefox now. And both my Dells have it.
Dale: Exactly Richard.
rich-c: Dale, I hope you are looking south and east of Chicago
rich-c: remember there was a reason why AC3 ended up in South Bend
Dale: I look where Guy tells me to. :-)
Guy B.: You mean Me Rich?
rich-c: you're doing the looking, aren't you?
Guy B.: I'm looking west of Chicago.
rich-c: easier for mostt attendees if you can stay east- like Slopsemas, Dr. D., all Canadians but Ron, etc.
Dale: brb
Harvie: I guess Bob dropped out
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Guy B.: On the construction area. Right now it's I-80/294/94 area as the state is building new ramps and widening the entire highways in that area and that will be ongoing all next year.
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rich-c: lokely rebooting to install IE
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changed username to Bobs
Bobs: here I si
Bobs: is
Guy B.: You have returned.
rich-c: yes, see, here he is now
Guy B.: Where's Judy?
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changed username to Bob
rich-c: yes, but 294 and 94 are up to the northwest, and the stretch f I80 may be navigable
Guy B.: I have new wrist supports for both my wrists. I'm going to have a test done on my right hand as I may have more moderate Carpal.
Bob requested to ban Bobs
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Bob: ouch!!!!
Bob: since when my mna?
Bob: man
Guy B.: I got one wrist support on my right hand. Work is going to be the challenge. I'm on vacation this week. And I have my Adam back online with a new TV.
rich-c: I assumew you are not suggesting internet use when you say online
Bob: probably nojt Richard
rich-c: face it, an Adam does not have what it takes to connect to the 'net
Guy B.: No, I had to get a new TV, since the old one went bust. I haven't used it in a long time. Today, I tried it out and with a few kinks worked out. It went fine.
rich-c: I prefer to use a proper monitor (Commodore 1702 or similar) for a better picture
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Guy B.: I copied one disk image from AdamEm so I can use it with the Adam and that was Smartfiler.
changed username to Ron's Recliner
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron's Recliner: evening all
rich-c: hello Ron -enjoying the Pacific sunset, are you?
Harvie: Good Evening Ron
Guy B.: How's everything out there, Ron?
Ron's Recliner: sun has disappeared
Ron's Recliner: been cloudy and cool all day
rich-c: right - it's late in the season and you're much further north
Guy B.: Were getting a warm spell tomorrow.
Bob: hello Ron
Ron's Recliner: Hi Bob
rich-c: we had quite a glorious day here today, really
Ron's Recliner: Spent the morning at the curling rink and the afternoon in a dentist's chair
Ron's Recliner: my jaw is just coming back to life
rich-c: ah yes, dentist chairs are so inspiring...
Ron's Recliner: some crown and bridge work
rich-c: I need a new crown a.s.a.p, but my bridgework seems OK
Ron's Recliner: Right
Harvie: Was working on a bridge myself today :)
Ron's Recliner: what kind of bridge?
rich-c: dentist keeps phoning for appoinemtns, but if I can make it Frances cant and vice versa
Harvie: Red Hill Creek Expressway ( Hamilton)
Ron's Recliner: aha
rich-c: oh, I'll bet the natives love you - do you have the militia out to guard you at work? ; - )
Harvie: No novacaine needed :)
rich-c: but a bulletproof vest might help...
Harvie: Naw, the Hamiltonians seem to have become accustomed to things they don't like
Ron's Recliner: You'll all be happy to know that they have snow up the mountain - the one we went to at Adamcon 15
Guy B.: Mount Washington?
Ron's Recliner: Mt. Washington, elev 5200 feet
rich-c: you're welcome to it - you need not send it on
Ron's Recliner: no eh?
Guy B.: Wonder how much snow?
Ron's Recliner: Looks like 6 - 9 inches.... not much, but they'll be happy to have it after last year
Ron's Recliner: they had no snow up there at all last year
Guy B.: Not much for skiing.
Ron's Recliner: no, they'll need more than that
rich-c: not much for agriculture or irrigation either, which depend on the snowpack
Guy B.: I think you need 24" for a good base.
Bob: got to be kidding me....NO SNOW !!!!
Bob: it was almost cold enough when we were there in July to snow
Ron's Recliner: that's right Bob..... apparently it was one of these once in 50 year cycle things
Guy B.: Bob, now you know how unpredictable the weather can be.
rich-c: almost don't hack it, Bob
Ron's Recliner: BC ski industry had a bad year last year
rich-c: just so they are ready for 2008, eh?
Ron's Recliner: yes
Harvie: Oh OH, I have been summoned, Bye Bye all
Bob: bye Hrvie
Ron's Recliner: nite Harvie
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: night Harvie
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Guy B.: Abby and I are walking again and she is happy.
Ron's Recliner: regular daily walk?
rich-c: this is good news, Guy - well recovered, is she?
Guy B.: Yep, taking a gradual increase, but no problems so far. Seems that herbal medcine is working.
Bob: tha is good news Guy
Bob: NOW, if we can just het you healthy
Guy B.: Paws are all healed up and just a progress report to the vet to see how's she's doing.
Guy B.: Yep, now it is my turn.
Ron's Recliner: sounds promising
Bob: AND it is your paws that are bad too
rich-c: Bob, are you on digoxin and/or diltiazem?
Guy B.: She likes liver sausage and I've been putting the stuff in there. Sealing the ends and letting it sit in the fridge for a while. Then I give it to her when I feed her. Doesn't even taste the stuff, just the liver sausage.
Guy B.: She loves it. I don't it though.
Guy B.: eat it that is.
Bob: sounds gross to me mon
Guy B.: But, I had to find a way to have her take the medicine and Jeanene gave me that idea and it worked.
Bob: whatever wqorks
rich-c: if you mean liverwurst, seems Abby has better taste than you twwo, then
Guy B.: Dogs will like most anything that you give them.
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changed username to Steph
Guy B.: Some things have to avoided.
Guy B.: Hi Steph.
rich-c: hi Steph, good to see you back again
Steph: Hello all
Guy B.: Anyone have Openoffice on your computers?
Steph: Too much things to be done last week.
Bob: probably not anyjmore, i am blowing them up left and right
rich-c: I have the predecessor, the old freebie StarOffice
Bob: if Open Office is pay, then NO I don't have it
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rich-c: as with Open Source, you usually get better for free than with the pay stuff
changed username to BobBACK
Guy B.: Openoffice released version 2 a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded it and it took 15 minutes through the DSL. It's a big file, 65MB. It's free and can read and write all of MS Office files.
BobBACK: wha happen
BobBACK: FREE?????
Guy B.: Yes!
BobBACK changed username to BobS
BobS changed username to BobS
rich-c: yes, all the Open Source stuff is free - Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, GIMP, the lot
BobS: oh oh
BobS: whew, I am still here
BobS: who makes that eing free and all
BobS: being
Guy B.: I haven't installed it yet, but there is a new separate Database program.
rich-c: just Google Open Source and take your pick - sourceforge,org often has lots of good stuff
rich-c: the trick is, since you get the source code you are expected to managed it yours3elf - and help is scanty
Guy B.: Bob, go to and check it out. I use it all the time. Even though I have Wordperfect 2000 and I got that for free.
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c: yes, I have Wordperfect Office 12 as a freebie too, but haven't installed it yet
BobS: I am low tech here......use Windows Write, Wordpad or whatever it is
Guy B.: I got mine courtesy of Lexmark when I bought my Z52 printer several years ago.
Dale: I'm back.
BobS: that's good
Dale: Jeffrey is now asleep, or close enough for me.
rich-c: got it all sorted out now, Dale? ; - )
Guy B.: My notebook has Office 95 on it and I use that too.
Guy B.: Where is Jill Dale?
rich-c: we had a local computer builder giving it away free to anyone who wrote in and asked
Dale: I use OpenOffice quite a bit, but at work they make me use Word or Excel once in a while.
rich-c: with the file interchangability, how can they tell?
Guy B.: At work, I have to use Word and Excel.
Dale: Jill had a hard day, and handed tucking in Jeffrey to me, and went to bed to do some reading of her novel.
BobS: Word is simple
BobS: even I can use that
rich-c: anything beyond Notepad is too elegant for my tastes
Dale: Well, certain things don't display correctly in OpenOffice. I hear it is much more accurate in OO 2.0
Guy B.: Now I heard that Microsoft is going to release a new version of Office next year. And they are going to try to convince everyone who hasn't upgraded.
Guy B.: Of course, Office is their big cash cow.
rich-c: and I am sure they will be highly successful - hell, how many computer users know there's an option?
BobS: and yet, we have copies of Office97 (which they do not support anymore) and they pull them when you list on Ebay
Dale: I hear that the state of Michigan (I think) has standardized on OpenOffice. And Microsoft is quite upset. It is one of the bigger states anyway.
Guy B.: Corel is trying to whoa people that their's is better than Microsoft, but they haven't got many takers.
Ron's Recliner: Fell aslleep
BobS: would tend to tick off ol' Bill wouldn't it.........
Guy B.: Oh I bet.
Dale: Hi Ron.
BobS: RONALD tis only about 7:15 by you....not time to sleep
Ron's Recliner: Hi Dale
Ron's Recliner: I's this "chair from Hell"
BobS: no. soun ds very comfy actually
Dale: I actually finished a game. Well not really, I just submitted it for judging.
Guy B.: I read one of the reviews in's website that Boston has switched from Office to Openoffice.
Dale: I submitted I made a game called "Get Booty", submited it to the mini games compo on the last possible day.
Guy B.: Isn't that the one you demostrated at the con?
rich-c: well, whole countries are switching from Windows to Unix
BobS: hope you WIN Dale
Dale: Then I got a great idea for a couple of enhancement, and finished those today. Oh well, they won't get judged.
BobS: make it an improved model for next year.....along with your new submittal
Ron's Recliner: aha.... the creative thing happenin'
Guy B.: Good luck, Dale.
rich-c: Bob: once again - are you on Digoxin and/ or Diltiazem
BobS: nope richard, using generic ZESTRIL
BobS: and taking amiodorone
BobS: need to retire though....would make life easier
BobS: and lazier
rich-c: OK, don't know what that is but I will have Frances search it
Ron's Recliner: brb..... gonna have to find myself a 222
BobS: ZESTRIL is a common blood pressure med just off patent a year ago
Dale: I added an animated map cut scene, and animated the title screen.
BobS: cool
Guy B.: I'm on that. Got the generic one Liznopril.
BobS: that's the one guy
BobS: lisinopril
rich-c: yes, apparently it's one of the a.c.e inhibitors
BobS: NOW tghe fool wants me on know what the costs????????
BobS: yikes
Guy B.: That has kept my blood pressure in line.
rich-c: yes, Frances' doctor is pushing her to take it but Frances is resisting - of course we get it "free"
Guy B.: My doctor told me my cholestrol is little high, so I will have to cut back on a few foods and continue to lose weight.
rich-c: sounds like very reasonable advice to me, Guy
BobS: mine is good, but with the heart problem, he thinks I can get dow to 70 ....... only dead people have it that low
Dale: We'll see how I do. I'm competing against both Guy Foster and Daniel. Of the three games, this one is the one that Daniel liked the best, so that is the one I finished.
rich-c: IIRC, there have been a fw studies released lately that make Lipitor look very good and effec tive
Guy B.: Now that Abby and I are walking again. I think I'll be able to do that.
BobS: it should be good at about $2 a pill
BobS: per day
BobS: got to keep the drug companies in business yo know
rich-c: there hae been seminars run by medical groups pushing these studies
rich-c: but there are also some doctors who doubt the validity of the trials
Dale: There are 20 games in my category, so I think I face lots of competition. The marking includes comments, and that'll be the most interesting part I think.
rich-c: my doctor seems to feel I have troubles enough with other things without worrying about my cholesterol
BobS: mostly, the company which advertises the most and gives the doctors the best perks sell sthe most prescribed medicine
rich-c: well, here for publicly bought medicines, it's strictly from the provincial formulary
rich-c: all us seniors get our drugs "free" - but they must be from the formulary - generic if avaioable
rich-c: also all druggist are required to substitute tehe cheapest version of teh drug unless the doctor specifies otherwise
BobS: hey, free is free.........lovely idea
rich-c: well yes, considering all the pills I'm popping these days, it is a definite asset
Dale: Steph, you haven't said much.
Ron's Recliner: out here we pay
Ron's Recliner: a percentage
Dale: Are you paying attention?
rich-c: actualy I pay a dispensing fee ($6.11) with each prescription, and a $100 deductible overall
BobS: course we are we not look it????
rich-c: yes, but he's wondering about Steph, Bob
Ron's Recliner: Don't believe I have met Steph
Ron's Recliner: ??
BobS: oh ok
Steph: My son don't want to sleep
rich-c: seems to be chronic, Steph
Dale: Always a problem.
rich-c: my kid having long since flown the nest, that is no longer one of my problems
Steph: I think he's gone for the night now
rich-c: yes, once they zonk out, they tend to stay that way
BobS: lspeaking of....where is the Pamela?????
rich-c: interesting question - but it was Frances she gossiped with last night, so I don't know
rich-c: it does seem a little time since her tv program would have ended, though
BobS: probably fell asleep
Ron's Recliner: I can relate to that
rich-c: likel;y on the phone with Kimberly or Emily or Erin orone of her other girl friends
Steph: Hi Ron, I'm from St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, it's near Montreal.
Ron's Recliner: as in College Militaire Royal de St Jean?
Ron's Recliner: was there many years ago
rich-c: that's one way to show you know the place!
Steph: Sorry, Hi Dale.
Ron's Recliner: no place for a 17 year old with no sense of humour
Steph: Where do you live now Ron?
Dale: Just trying to nudge you awake Steph.
rich-c: there's a fascinating backstory on that, I'd bet
Ron's Recliner: Comox British Columbia
Ron's Recliner: oh yes Rich
rich-c: will you spill or do we have to push?
Ron's Recliner: I'm on an Island - named after Captain George Vancouver
BobS: yank pull......beat it out of ya
Ron's Recliner: he discovered it, then he gave it to me
rich-c: well, there are certain aboriginals who might question that...
Ron's Recliner: ah.... what do they know
rich-c: too much for the Islanders' comfort, I suspect
Ron's Recliner: indeed
rich-c: ah well, they produce some absolutely stuuning art
Guy B.: Well folks. Going to check my e-mail at work and then call it the night. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: night Guy
Ron's Recliner: G'nite Guy - be well
BobS: but now you have a deed for the whole thing ????????
Guy B.: Poof
Steph: Bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
(BobS snickers evilly)
rich-c: got a fw issues of my own to deal with, so I'm going to bail too
rich-c: see you all next wekk (I hope)
Ron's Recliner: still trying to decide which I like best -- Prince Edward Island or Vancouver Island
BobS: ya tis about that time here also kids.........
Ron's Recliner: my life seems somehow tied up with Islands
rich-c: depends on your views on snow
BobS: heck they are both islands Ron, what is the diff ????????????
Ron's Recliner: a factor Rich, quite definately
rich-c: anyhow, I'm away
Dale: Bye Richard.
BobS: so be ggod and I will see you all NEXT WEEK
Ron's Recliner: be well all-- don't do anything I wouldn't do
rich-c: colour me gone
BobS: ok will do
rich-c left chat session
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Steph: Good night Rich
Dale: Did you try the rom I posted Ron?
Ron's Recliner: oh you know me Dale, I'm not really a gamer - but I'll go have a look
Dale: Echo?
Dale left chat session
Steph: Time to go to sleep now, good night all. See you next week.
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Ron's Recliner: Nite Steph
Ron's Recliner: Will go get it
Steph left chat session
Ron's Recliner: Anyway- see ya next week
Ron's Recliner: be well
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