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rich-c: test
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changed username to Borat
Borat: hullo?
rich-c: well now - welcome borat, are you new here?
Borat: Hey Richie, nah, it's Guy F with another pesonna tonight.
rich-c: I know you like them, it's just some are hard to guess
rich-c: especially when they may involve a bilingual witticism
rich-c: is there a story behind the new name?
Borat: Sure is!
rich-c: don't just sit there - tell us
Borat: - best Borat description I've seen. He's actually getting sued by the Kazakh government (9th largest country in the world) for ridiculizing Kazakhs.
rich-c: how did he manage to do that?
Borat: He has a show called the Ali G show, and it's one of his characters... Very funny dude from the UK.
Borat: So today I was in a Borat kinda mood...
rich-c: ah, another of these British comedians - they seem so adept at satire
Borat: Mr. Bean, Black Adder come to mind... Monty Python.
rich-c: sorry, Monty Python is after my time, so to speak
rich-c: I do not watch significant tv or go to movies and havent for years
Borat: It's sometimes better that way.
rich-c: I think it depends to some extent on your age
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: with movies I figure my admission pays for the picture - if I'm going to be subjected to commercials I will watch the thing on tv at home for free
Borat: Rich-C: I've got a few friends who are in their early 30s who are totally disconnected from the news, TV and movies, I envy them sometimes. :)
rich-c: hello Daughter, this is Guy Foster with us
Pamela: Gui, why are you hiding under that disguise
Borat: Rich: Yeah, true... That's why it's good to arrive at a movie 20 mins late, you'll be just in time for the beginning of the movie. :)
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Borat: Pamela: I am Borat!
Borat: I come from the age of BBSing, and we all had nicknames. Real names are used for signing checks... :)
rich-c: same way, outside of sports nothing I want to see on tv
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rich-c: yes, I'm also very active on a board at the moment, and we all use screen names
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela changed username to Tiny Rainbow
Tiny Rainbow: well then . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Borat: Hey salut l'gros.
rich-c: personally I prefer one that is easier to type
Tiny Rainbow: we'll see if anyone figures this out
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a tons of emails... just checking a few seconds if any urgent stuff. be right back
Borat: I've been using: "Time-Bandit" as my screen name for close to 20 yrs.
Tiny Rainbow: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam Rainbow
rich-c: I forget whether that is a game name or science fiction titile
Borat: Rich: Ah, actually it's both! :)
Borat: They had Time Bandits as a sci-fi flick, and then Time Bandit as an Atari ST game.
Tiny Rainbow: c'est cheating, Daniel : )
rich-c: you two going to call her 'tit arc-enciel?
Borat: Tit Arc-en-Ciel? Hmmm, sounds like an adult name there... :) Sorry, couldn't resist.
rich-c: en ciel
Tiny Rainbow: i'd use it, but it won't fit in the twelve character limit : (
rich-c: well, she is fairly well grown up
Borat: hahaha
Tiny Rainbow: that's p'tit Dad
rich-c: yes, that's an option, Pam
Tiny Rainbow: let us not tempt fate
Borat: Rich: Since you're an old-time computer user like me... You probably remember this... I picked up a Vectrex system a few days ago. Been looking for one for ages, and finally found one.
rich-c: heard of teh system but never encountered one in the silicon, so to speak
Borat: Yeah, they are kind of rare, they use vector graphics instead of raster. Weren't sold for too long but they have a cult following these days.
Tiny Rainbow: I'm going to download my e-mail - brb
rich-c: not the only computer of which that can be said 8 - )
Borat: Yeah, but the funny this is that it's more popular now than it was when it was in production. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: sending email... second
rich-c: there have been a number of products like that over the years
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings from the Windy City and yes, it is snowing here.
rich-c: hey, a Yank - we're being invaded! ; - )
Guy B.: Looks like we have a couple of new one Rich.
rich-c: we got the wind and rain but not the snow yet here
Borat: Shoot the yank! they owe us money on our lumber.
Borat: hi guy b,guy f here...
rich-c: no, just some regulars playing name games
Guy B.: The snow is leaving, but the cold will stay.
Guy B.: I should have known. How are you going Guy?
rich-c: yes, it's on its way to visit us next several days
Tiny Rainbow: hi, Guy
Tiny Rainbow: I'm using an alias - it was Gui's idea : )
Guy B.: We missed the severe weather yesterday, but Sunday was really bad with the wind.
Borat: We had snow yesterday, but it left us.
rich-c: it tore through here in the dark morning hours, so I slept through it
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: we're on the borderline where it may snow or rain
Guy B.: Now who is Tiny Rainbow???
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry guys, I'm sending another email... just a second<
Tiny Rainbow: don't tell
Guy B.: Pam?
Tiny Rainbow: darn
rich-c: gotcha
Tiny Rainbow: what gave me away?
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it was snow, then rain... it's like slush on noth sides of the road here
Guy B.: I think the clue gave you away.
Borat: Dan: Your program works really well, unfortunately the editing is buggy, but I don't really need editing features, so it'll do fine.
(Guy B. gives Tiny Rainbow a can of Diet Coke.)
Tiny Rainbow: thanks, Guy
Borat: James says hi to everyone, he won't be able to make it, he's going for lunch soon.
Guy B.: Anytime.
Tiny Rainbow: man, I just finished dinner, and he's already through sleep and breakfast, and on his way to lunch. Hmm.
rich-c: I assume he was too far south to be affected by the earthquake and tsunamis yesterday
Guy B.: Abby is going to see the vet this Saturday. Nail trim and two of her paws maybe infected again.
Borat: He hasn't told me anything about it, so guess he's ok.
rich-c: again, Guy? where is it coming from?
Tiny Rainbow: well, please say hi to him Guy
Borat: Will do!
Guy B.: I hope with this cold weather now here, I hope this will do it until the warm weather returns.
rich-c: you mean control the infections?
Borat: Saw an awesome report a few weeks ago about phages being used to cure infections.
Guy B.: Yes, I hope so. I know she will have to go back on the antibiotics. The herbal medicine is really helping her legs. She took off like a rocket on Monday.
rich-c: make sure she takes the full prescribed course of the antibiotics, Guy
Guy B.: I always do. I stick a pill inside her food and give it to her. Swallows it right down.
rich-c: some dogs do find ways to slyly cough them out
Tiny Rainbow: dogs are much easier to pill than cats
Tiny Rainbow: put it in their food and a cat will eat around it
Guy B.: I had that happened a couple of times already.
Guy B.: One of our radio stations here in Chicago is going to play Christmas music starting this Friday evening until Christmas Day.
Borat: 5 weeks of X-mas music... That should put you in the festive mood.
rich-c: well, it's likely an improvement over their regular programming
rich-c: depends on how they define Christmas music - there is a huge classical repetoire
Guy B.: And I have a whole slew of Christmas CD's and records. Including I got some with Andy Williams and Jim Nabors.
Tiny Rainbow: you know, I'm not so sure that's a good idea
Tiny Rainbow: you may be heartily sick of Christmas music by then!
Tiny Rainbow: at least it's not the same 12 songs over and over and over . . .
Guy B.: Are you kidding! I love Christmas music.
rich-c: well, if after the 200th repetition of Jingle Bell Rock someone breaks as visits them with a shotgun...
Tiny Rainbow: try listening to it in a department store from Nov. 1 to Christmas Eve : )
Tiny Rainbow: ow
Tiny Rainbow: sorry, it's hard to type with my pinky bandaged
Guy B.: Oh I agree that some songs are played to death too much and I ought to know.
rich-c: there are also things like the Nutcracker Suite and Messiah
Tiny Rainbow: I discovered the hard way that our new potato peeler is as sharp as advertised
rich-c: what did you do to your pinky
Guy B.: I'm wearing one of my old wrist supports on my right hand. Seems the new ones I use at work are helping.
Tiny Rainbow: tried inadvertently to peel it : )
Guy B.: It stopped snowing here.
Tiny Rainbow: you know Guy, I have a CD of Amy Grant's Christmas songs and it's all I listen to for Christmas music at home (except the Nutcracker Suite that I got from Mom)
rich-c: wonder where our Michiganders are? out shovelling?
Guy B.: I bet they are. Wisconsin and Michigan are getting hit up there.
rich-c: we have as number of LPs of hymns and carols, some familiar, others less so
rich-c: I imagine the Yoopers are quietly vanishing under the load, but Grand Rapids is in the banana belt
Tiny Rainbow: I must confess, I love Christmas music too and even though we get bombarded with it for weeks, you'll still find me singing along right up until the end
Guy B.: At least I'm getting the database together for my music. I got my movies entered over the weekend and I'm 3/4's done entering all my DVD's.
Guy B.: Me too, Pam.
Tiny Rainbow: Silver bells, silver bells . . .
rich-c: I do like them and my overload point is prretty high too
Tiny Rainbow changed username to Pam
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changed username to rich-c
Pam: there's a radio station here which plays nothing but Christmas music starting Dec. 1, I think, and I listen to it when I'm in the car, except in the morning
Pam: Oops, sorry Dad, did I knock you off?
rich-c: got bounced when Pam changed her name
Daniel Bienvenu: I like some christmas music... I prefer the classic ones, not the remix or the new funky version of these great songs.
Pam: sorry, Daddy (hangs head)
Borat: Bah.... HUMBUG.
rich-c: yes, in many instances the classic arrangements are teh best
Pam: of course, now I have "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" running around in my head
rich-c: even if it means singing adeste fideles in the original Latin
Guy B.: Watch it Guy
Borat: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
Guy B.: Oh, yes. I have that song too.
Guy B.: But, we know you're NOT a Grinch.
Pam: eventually everyone pulls a Grinch
Borat: If you have a chance, watch "Badder Santa". Awesome movie.
Pam: usually when standing in a 20 person line to buy a Christmas present
Daniel Bienvenu: I must admit that I don't want to see, on tv or in a theater, Nutcrackers. Only one of the songs, one time, it's ok... but not all the songs.
Guy B.: I picked up Elf at Sam's Club last week.
Pam: Gui, who shops for Christmas, you or Sandra?
rich-c: or when trying to find a parking spot to get in to buy a present...
Borat: Pam: Good question! None, we don't celebrate Christmas. :)
Pam: non?
Guy B.: What???
rich-c: all sorts of folks don't for all sorts of reasons
Pam: Chanukah? Kwaanza?
Daniel Bienvenu: Everybody here have to go shopping for a gift... "echange de cadeaux"
Pam: whatever the Wiccan festival is? (I can't remember)
Borat: Kwaanza I think is celebrated by africans, no? :) I'm not african... haha, close though, being that my mother is from north africa.
rich-c: you more into eid, then?
Borat: eid? don't even know what that is, what's that???
Daniel Bienvenu: (when I said here, I mean my house)
rich-c: the Islamic festival at the end of Ramadan, now playing
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you think Dale will be online tonight?
rich-c: we also have Happy Divali signs sprouting up here and there
Borat: Oh OK, Ramadan I know what that is, didn't know the name for their end of fasting holiday... Thanks, learnt something new!
Borat: Divali?
rich-c: the big Hindu festival
Borat: Man, being from Montreal, I sure don't know much.
rich-c: in Toronto, one gets to hear about them all - endlessly
Borat: I don't understand the need to have to compete with christmas by the other religions.
Borat: And I hate it when people ask me: "Oh you don't celebrate christmas? so what do you guys do instead of christmas?".
rich-c: they don't, all have their own derivations, some that go by the lunar calendar are way off
Borat: christmas is the celebration of the birth of jesus...
Pam: brb, gonna go get a sweater
rich-c: essentially the root of most celebrations is the winter solstice - then the light returns
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you send pictures to Ron for the christmas electronic card?
Pam: holy wrinkles, batman
Pam: sweatshirt hasn't been out of the drawer for a while
rich-c: maybe we should just revivie the old Roman Saturnalia
Borat: Different faiths that celebrate christmas even celebrate it on different days/months, such as the greek orhodox.
Pam: here comes the wind
rich-c: yes, they can't agree on the common calendar
rich-c: don't know about the wind, Pam, but there's minimal precip around
rich-c: lots is a big patch from Barrie up to Sudbury
Pam: it's howling around the balcony - just started
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's too late for me... I'm addicted to sudoku
rich-c: and Buffalo and vicinity are catching hell
rich-c: but we are doing very nicely so far
Pam: what is sudoku Daniel? I've been hearing about it everywhere
Daniel Bienvenu: and if you see the web site named sudokudan it's not mine.
rich-c: it's a game, Pam. The Star publishes a puzzle every day
Borat: I've only heard Sudoku, from Daniel, look it up, looks like numerical puzzle games.
Daniel Bienvenu: In 1979, a Mathematician did a new game and published it under the name "Number place"
Daniel Bienvenu: Later, the game was presented in Japan and it was a success
Daniel Bienvenu: To present the game in Japan they named it a very long name first but was finally reduced to Sudoku, That means Su (one) Duko (number)
Borat: Sudoku has been derived the Rubik's Cube of the 21st century to give you an idea.
Borat: I still prefere my Rubik's Cube. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: During the last year, europeans and americans started to love Sudoku... and japaneses prefer the original name "number place"
rich-c: same fundamental idea as a Rubic's cube, though not directly comparable
Pam: so you have to move the numbers around so they're in the right place?
Daniel Bienvenu: the game consist of putting only one number in each case of the grid
rich-c: en anglaias, "cell" of the grid is clearer, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: you cn put two times the same number in a line (horizontal or vertical) or inside a box
Daniel Bienvenu: a box is a set of cases
Daniel Bienvenu: in the grid
Daniel Bienvenu: ok ok
Daniel Bienvenu: cells
Borat: cellule
Daniel Bienvenu: the standard game version is a grid of 9x9 cells
Daniel Bienvenu: with box of 3x3 cells
Daniel Bienvenu: so it looks like a tic tac toe, with tic tac toes inside of each space
Daniel Bienvenu: and you need to fill up the grid with the numbers 1 to 9
Borat: Does it have any connection with magic squares?
Daniel Bienvenu: someone name the numbers : digits, do you prefer that term?
Pam: either one
Daniel Bienvenu: no link with magic squares, or it's a coincidence because the standard version don't look at the 2 lines \ and / of 9 cells
Daniel Bienvenu: it's really, vertical and horizontal lines only with the box of 3x3 cells
rich-c: yes, you must fill each 3 x 3 square with the digits 1 through 9 with no repetitions
Daniel Bienvenu: that's right
Daniel Bienvenu: the easy level is when you can check the cells around to figure out that only one number can fit in that cell.
Pam: so how does it become a game - do they get you started by pre-filling some numbers?
rich-c: then you must fit each 3 x 3 square into the 9 x 9 square so that every line, vertical and horizontal, also has all nine digits
rich-c: yes, you get some starting numbers scattered over al the small squares
Pam: ah okay, now I get it
Daniel Bienvenu: the medium level is when you need to check where one (missing) digit is all around a 3x3 square to see where to put it in the 3x3 square
Pam: are the 3x3 squares fixed ( and I don't know how to explain that)
Daniel Bienvenu: a more difficult level need to write down small clues in the cells to figure out a solution
rich-c: the grid is 9 x 9 subdivided into 3 x 3 squares - that make sense?
Daniel Bienvenu: and the most difficult level is when you have to try a digit in a cell and see if it will solve the grid
Pam: yes, but what I mean is - hmm, how to explain my question - okay. let's try this:
Pam: rows down the left hand side are 1 thru 9, columns across the top are A thru I
rich-c: right grid, questionable visualization
Pam: is a box always A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 etc?
Daniel Bienvenu: YES
Daniel Bienvenu: the box are like the cells in a tictactoe game
Pam: so a box can't be B2, B3, B4, C2, C3, C4 etc?
rich-c: similarly ABC - DEF -GHI
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly
Pam: gotcha
Pam: so a box must start or end on the outside edge of a grid
rich-c: just look in the Star any day Pam, it's there
Pam: oh sure, like I ever get my hands on a paper
Borat: I'm going to look tomorrow, see if it's in the Montreal Gazette.
rich-c: well, any old day will do, long as it's the Star
Borat: Or rummage through a dumpster for yesterday's paper! Hmm, forget it, not such a good idea. :)
rich-c: I think it's even on their website
Pam: I don't get to the paper before the vultures descend on it at work
Borat: ARGH! You said that word.
Pam: and when they're done, it's usually covered in the detritus from lunch
rich-c: don''t leave any pieces lying about the lunchroom or stuff?
Pam: what word? the four letter one beginning with W?
Daniel Bienvenu: another new game appear also... the game name start with the letter k and it's the same idea of have no repetition of the digits in the same line, but in this new game the clues are totals, so you have to figure out which digits fill up the non-isometric grid to make the sums equal to the clues
Borat: Yeah, I'm still out of it... Trying to forget.
Pam: je m'excuse
Borat: haha, it's cool, don't worry.
Borat: actually, it's gotten so bad, I'm thinking of starting a company. At least that way I'll be able to get hired.
Pam: what kind of job are you looking for?
Borat: Electronics maintenace/repair is what I have a degree in.
Pam: ah, you're edumacated
Pam: starting your own company is never a bad thing, Gui
rich-c: there should be a fair demand for that skill
Borat: Had an interview a few days ago with a hospital biomedical department repairing and maintenaing the medical equipment, doesn't look like they are calling me back.
Borat: Yeah there is, but for the 50 CVs I send, I get 3 calls, and out of those 3 calls, I get 3 interviews, and none of them work out.
Daniel Bienvenu: (Sudoku grid example : expert level)
Daniel Bienvenu: 52. ... .4.
Daniel Bienvenu: ... 7.2 ...
Borat: Maybe I'll just forget about finding a job and concentrate more on Soduku.
Daniel Bienvenu: 7.. 6.. .35
Daniel Bienvenu: .3. ... ...
Daniel Bienvenu: ... .97 ..8
Borat: But I'd like to open a business, got ideas, just need the funding.
Daniel Bienvenu: ..2 ..8 ..9
Daniel Bienvenu: .8. ... 7..
Daniel Bienvenu: 4.. ... 5..
Pam: got some tools Gui?
Daniel Bienvenu: .5. .2. 6..
Borat: Hand tools you mean Pam?
Pam: yes
Borat: Yes, certainly do, not an extensive amount but yeah, I do.
Pam: well, for electronic maintenance etc
Borat: Oh, usually it's supplied by the companies. :)
rich-c: and the necessary electronic teesting tools too, I'd assume
Borat: Supplied by companies, if I had to buy the equipment required, I'd never have all of them.
Pam: that was 19 umbers, Daniel
Pam: numbers, sorry
Pam: barn fandaid
Daniel Bienvenu: you have to replace all the dots by digits 1-9
Daniel Bienvenu: it's hard to visualize the grid here
Pam: so is that grid 99 x 99 Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm able to solve the sudoku at this level
Daniel Bienvenu: it'S a 9x9 grid pam
Pam: but you included 54 and 72
rich-c: can';t be, Pam, with only one use of a digit per row or column
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 5 then 4...
Daniel Bienvenu: each digit represent a cell
Daniel Bienvenu: each dot represent a cell
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry for the confusion
Pam: well I'll have to try it Daniel, and see how spectacularly I fail
rich-c: GuyB, you are awfully quiet of late. Still with us?
Pam: I'll let you know how I do
Guy B.: Oui
Daniel Bienvenu: let me give you a normal level grid
Daniel Bienvenu: . . . . 2 7 3 . .
Daniel Bienvenu: . . 8 . 3 . 5 . 6
rich-c: glad to know it - I gather sudoku is not your type of game
Daniel Bienvenu: 6 . . . . . . . 2
Daniel Bienvenu: 2 . . . . . . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: . 5 . . . . 2 9 .
Daniel Bienvenu: 7 . . 9 8 . . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: . . 5 . . . . . .
Guy B.: Never even attempted the game.
Borat: I gather talking about Sudoku ain't the best way to meet women in bars either. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: . . 6 . . . . . .
rich-c: yeah, that figures, Borat ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: grrr... it looks like the applet didn't write down the entire line correctly
Daniel Bienvenu: well, after the line with only 5 it's :
rich-c: pity
rich-c: now you'll have to debug the applet again
Daniel Bienvenu: . . 6 4 . . . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: . . . . . 5 . 8 3
Daniel Bienvenu: it's probably my fault too. I have yahoo messenger running
rich-c: can't imagine why anyone would want a messanger program of any sort, but then I'm an old fogey
Pam: no comment
Pam: anything I say could and would be used against me
rich-c: yep, them's the rules of the game 8 - )
Borat: Yeah, who needs messenger when the pony express is still in operation! ;)
Pam: Daniel, I've got the grid so I'll try to solve it and let you know next week
rich-c: I find email moe than adequate to my needs
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will send the grid by email, do you think it will be appreciate sending sudoku grids in the adamcon mailing list?
Pam: probably not, Daniel
rich-c: send it as a small attachment, folks can open it or not
Borat: Yeah, email is good, she-males on the other hand...
rich-c: you are not necessarily the only sudoku addict on the list - possibly, not necessarily
Pam: so I can only use each digit from 1 to 9 in each box, and each box has to work with the other 8,, right?
rich-c: you got a problem with your new PQ leader, Borat?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I already said in the mailing list that I wanted to program a sudoku game for coleco. if no one here played sudoku, I can't then send the rom file to be tested.
Borat: Rich: Is he the new PQ leader?
rich-c: you can semnd whatever you like, maybe someone will use it, maybe not
Pam: Daniel, one question: what about diagonals, do I have to worry about them too?
rich-c: yep, didn't you catch teh news today?
Daniel Bienvenu: don'T check diagonals
Pam: okay
Daniel Bienvenu: some sudoku version add diagonals
Borat: Rich: Not today... so he is eh? Oh boy.
Pam: shudder
Daniel Bienvenu: but not the standard one everybody played
Daniel Bienvenu: there are many variations
Borat: As they say in french: "Ca va swinger dans cabane!"
rich-c: well, maybe if he gets elected premier he'll lay off the coke
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw smaller grids, 6x6 and the box are 3x2
Borat: So the PQ leader is a gay cocaine user... Awesome, we sure are open minded!
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw bigger grids, 16x16 with the diagonals that help to solve in some case
Pam: I must say I'm not sure I'd want the province to be known for that : )
rich-c: well, the coke is new, but there's a number of gay types federally and minicipally
rich-c: the talk is Svend Robinson is contemplating a comeback next election
Borat: Rich: Well, gay is a lifestyle, not one I can comprehend, but it's their business and doesn't affect their judgment. Coke on the other hand, I dunno... I prefer Pepsi myself.
Daniel Bienvenu: bah! sometimes I think that the politic we have here can't be worst because of a coke story.
Pam: well Daniel, I'll see how I do. I'm better with words, but I love crosswords and these might be similar enough to get me going
Pam: well said Gui
rich-c: if you want some reeal fun. try explaining Canadian politics to an American
Daniel Bienvenu: if you hate digits, you can replace them by letters or symbols if you want.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's just the the game was done with digits, and it's now a convention
rich-c: likely because it's most convenient, Daniel
Borat: Actually, try explaining the Canadian political system to a Canadian! When we were learning the american and canadian political system, I had a hard time with the canadian. The american one was much simpler.
Pam: can someone convicted of grand theft sit as an MP?
rich-c: simpler, as moer suitable for idiots? yeah, I'd buy that
rich-c: not after conviction, as far as I know - just can't be arrested in the House
rich-c: and yes, on the carnuts board this week, I had to sort out a couple of Canadians
Daniel Bienvenu: less voters each election... soon the candidates will be choosen by doing a rock paper scisor contest
Borat: In which way?
Pam: I've never studied the American system
Pam: not sure I want to
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
rich-c: well, outline why we just don't work in remotely teh same way at all
Pam: goodnight Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Guy
Pam: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Pam: (PRIVATE) : )
rich-c: starting with the differnce between representative and responsible governement, separation of powers, etc.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK, see you next Wednesday, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too. goodnight everyone! see you next week
Pam: okay Dad, still here?
Daniel Bienvenu: (i hope)
Pam: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: take care! bye!
rich-c: enjoy, Daniel - bonsoir
Borat: Yeah, don't get me started with Americans...
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Borat: Out of respect for Guy B I didn't say anything... :)
rich-c: and yes Pam, I am still here
Pam: well don't say it here, where we're on record then
Borat: I know, and I won't...
rich-c: better not, Borat, Frances and I were both born in the USA
Pam: I can't tell if you like that fact or detest it, Dad
Borat: Guess you made the right choice.
Borat: I lived in the US of A for a bit too.
rich-c: actuallly we were dual citizens from birth but "returned" to Canada very early and stayed
Pam: I don't think I could live in the US
rich-c: still, last time we went to the US the border guard looked at the "place of birth" on our passports
Borat: I tried New York City, didn't work out for me, came back to Canada and now embrace this glorious country.
rich-c: he said "oh, you're Americans" - not sure whether to be pleased (convenience, rights) or scared
Pam: it just occurred to me that you're bilingual, Guy
rich-c: as the child of two American pareents, Pam will have a US citizenship claim if she wants it
Pam: (note correct spelling now that Guy B is gone)
Pam: no thanks Dad
Borat: Yeah, my wife's mother is American too... dunno if she's entitled to anything.
rich-c: likely has a strong claim whether it's automatic depends on where she was born
Pam: Guy, have you tried to get a job with the federal government?
Borat: Pam: I haven't actively looked for one, although I do look at their sites once in a while, I think in Ottawa biligual jobs are in demand.
rich-c: why would he? when anything breaks, they just buy a new one ; - )
Pam: bilingualism is sought after in the government jobs
Pam: even if it's not in your field, it might help you get a foot in the door
rich-c: I gather that's a bit of an understatement, Pam
Borat: Well, I'm going to try and see how I can get a grant from the government to start a small business...
Pam: can't hurt - and your skills are in demand
rich-c: don't think they'll be moving on anything till after the next election, now
Pam: well the bureaucracy goes on, will he nill he
rich-c: yes, but they aren't always doing certain things
Pam: think outside the box, Guy
rich-c: like at the moment, they're scared to buy the airplanes our Forces desperately need
Borat: Pam: Yep, trying to do that now... My business idea is pretty out there, haha...
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Pam: Robert, you are late
Borat: Hi BobS...
rich-c: where have you been, stranger?
BobS: hi me mates
BobS: sorry i am late, but........
Pam: outside shovelling?
BobS: was out and about and it is AWFUL
rich-c: yeah, we know, you got stuck in a snowdrift
Borat: Hope ya got them winter tires on!
BobS: you cna't shovel thsi sh4t
BobS: sh%t
BobS: it is slick as 'stuff' here and not getting any better
BobS: schools gonna be clsed to morrow
rich-c: nemmine, they had a picture of outside Winnipeg in the paper this morning
Borat: We got a bit of it yesterday, but today in Montreal it was like 14-15 degrees C.
BobS: and the phoen lines are goofed up...took me 13 minutes to get online
rich-c: it showed a Range Rover that couldn't get out of the ditch
Pam: ah, glorius winter
BobS: that is almost the way it is here
BobS: can't get up the dirveway and park
Borat: Range Rover with bad tires ain't gonna cut it even if it's 4 wheel drive.
BobS: driveway
rich-c: who said anything about bad tires?
BobS: got to the top and slid right b ack into the street witht hething in park and foot on the brake
rich-c: all an SUV does is get you stuck deeper, farther from home
Pam: neat trick, Bob
BobS: and our drive is not that steep........bout 3' up in about 40 ft long
Borat: Rich: Well, if it's a newer model, it ain't winter tires that are on there, that's for sure.
rich-c: been thee, done that - no fun at all, is it, Bob?
BobS: then I fell on my tush getting stuff out of the trunk
Pam: ouch is right
Pam: no padding
BobS: not enough
BobS: what did I miss?????
BobS: was home @ 10:30 but delayed here
BobS: and now here I ma
Pam: Canadian and American politics, sudoku, job hunting
BobS: am
Pam: not much
rich-c: other than GuyB who was quiet, a discussion of sudoku among the Canadians
BobS: who's job hunting?????
Pam: Guy Foster
Borat: Me.
BobS: ok, well then get agood one !!!!!!!
Pam: and me, but not officially
BobS: in what feild??????
BobS: computer stuff????
Borat: Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do... Yeah, electronic repair/maintenance and computers.
BobS: ais it a tough sell to get one??????
Borat: Probably not, but I'm not going for those $8/hr job.
Borat: $8 CDN.
BobS: job pay sucks here for most things too
BobS: got snow falling in Toroonto yet?
BobS: Toronto
Pam: nope, just lotsa wind
BobS: that is ONE LONG time Guy
rich-c: now, we aren't expected to get much
BobS: snow on the way babe
Borat: dang.,
Pam: only 25 years for me
rich-c: but the weather radar does not give a happy picture for Buffalo
BobS: 6 and counting..........
Pam: now here's a dilemma for you - how are you supposed to stay 39 forever and retire at 65?
BobS: I acn DO IT
Borat: Oil of Olay
rich-c: it ain't easy
rich-c: Bob, are you still on amiodarone?
Borat: Wish I had my retirement at 33, when I can use it... at 65, I'm sure I'd want to stay home, much more than now at least.
BobS: yup sitll on it
BobS: 200mg per day
rich-c: I had to go off - toxic side effect, gave me a type of interstitial pneumonia
Pam: btw, Dad, please tell Mom thanks for the e-mail update
rich-c: will; do
BobS: bummer Richard
Borat: Heart problems eh, hope it's nothing too severe.
rich-c: just atrial fibrillation, Guy
BobS: will live....that is the bad news
rich-c: it's the breathing problems that are difficult - my CT scan Monday was not nice
BobS: bad lung xray?????
rich-c: sort of in the "you mean this guy is still alive?" range, Bob
rich-c: the doctor is trying to get the edema reduced with diuretics, for now
Borat: Rich: Did you ever smoke?
BobS: and how long were you on it ??????
rich-c: over 50 yea4rs, Guy
BobS: SMOKE ????????
Pam: he smoked for 55 years, Guy
Borat: Yeah, back then when cigarettes weren't considered deadly.
rich-c: let's just say, Guy, that the underlying statistics still are not nearly as scary as the propaganda paints them
BobS: no, the outlook right now smoke you die by 55
BobS: and it tain't true
rich-c: that is not what the lifespan numbers say, Bob
Borat: You probably don't die at 55, but your quality of life I'm sure suffers. I smoked for what, 5 years, a pack a day, and I tell you, I was out of breathe all the time and just didn't feel healthy.
rich-c: if I recall on average smoking costs you about 18 months of life expectancy
Pam: I'm gonna cut out folks - my head is starting to swim
Borat: Take care Pam!
rich-c: OK Pam, see you whenever
Pam: soon I hope Daddy
rich-c: good
BobS: see ya Pam
Pam: maybe I'll kidnap Mom on Sunday during the football game . . . we'll see
Pam: in the interim though, gotta sleep
rich-c: sounds like a plan
BobS: time to head to bed here too
BobS: be here on time next week though
Borat: Take care guys, guess I'll be heading off too then.
rich-c: right - night, Roberto
Pam: good night everyone
BobS: ta ta
Pam: kerpoof
rich-c: bonsoir, Guy
Borat: See you next week Bob, Pam and Rich!
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BobS: nighty nite
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Borat: Take care Rich.
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