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rich-c: verify\
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changed username to Harvie
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu<
rich-c: welcome, Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu< changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO!
rich-c: et Daniel, salut
Harvie: Hello Gentlemen
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich is there! Rich is there!
rich-c: so how are we doing this chilly evening?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was worrying last week about you Rich
Harvie: Yes rich, I see rumors of your demise were premature:)
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rich-c: of course I'm here, as "always"
changed username to FGuy
FGuy: Greets to all...
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy!
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: well actually Pamela was supposed to tell you what was up but she got a cold and went to bed and complet4ely forgot
rich-c: bienvenue, GuyF
FGuy: Wow, I'm glad I remembered about tonight's chat, I totally forgot about it for the past 2 weeks.
rich-c: in fact she even phoned here to say she wouldn't be on and forgot why she got teh answering machine instead of us
Harvie: We got out the black arm bands and all :)
rich-c: hardly - I was off in a very nice restaurant with engaging company; cry no tears for me!
Harvie: I know if you passed on you would tell us:)
rich-c: quite - ghostly email messages drifting about the ether...
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changed username to FGuy
FGuy: Grrr, hate Java applets.
rich-c: anyway, as I've said, growing old ain't for sissies
rich-c: I think it will be a long time befoer I wimp out yet
rich-c: I see you're twins, Guy - connection troubles again?
FGuy: Growing Old Ain't for Sissies. That would make a great bumper sticker.
rich-c: if I could get my printer going maybe I'd make one up
FGuy: No, no connection problems, it's just that when I surf, I really surf, I have like 20 windows open, and sometimes when one clicks a link, it decides to close the Java window.
rich-c: my view on that is ruddy well serves you right, but that's just my way
rich-c: I prefer to devote all my attention (well, most) to the immediate task
rich-c: not that I don't have Free Cell running under the chat window...
FGuy: I do 20 things at once on the net, check my email, program a game, download a torrent, do some FTP work... there's too much delay between messages, that I can do those things and still pay attention to the convo.
Daniel Bienvenu: off-topic question : do you think it's time for me to give the answer for the Sudoku grid I sent to the mailing list last time?
FGuy: If I hear Sudoky one more time, I'm going to kill someone.
rich-c: I didn't get into that so you'll have to seek your answers from others
rich-c: what sort of processor and memory do you have to handle that multi-tasking, Guy?
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FGuy: I have 512megs, P4 2.8GHz, standard config, running Windows XP, thing is, I have 2 of those computers hooked up together, and use a switcher...
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: good evening
rich-c: hey, daughter, why did you let evryone down last week?
Harvie: Hi Pam
Pamela: too sick, Daddy
rich-c: yes, but you could have told them why I was missing
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pam!
rich-c: surely getting the answering machine when you phoned should have reminded you
Pamela: but everyone had so much fun speculating : )
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Pamela: actually, it didn't
Harvie: Guy, multitasking is much better in Linux
FGuy: Rich: Even as we speak, I am building an an antenna for my other hobby, which is amateur radio...
changed username to Judy
Pamela: and i was in no shap to puzzle it out
Pamela: greetings, Judy
rich-c: hello Judy, where's teh old man?
Pamela: shape, that is
Judy: Hi, all!!!
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: he is right here with me
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy!
rich-c: keeping him out of mischielf, are you?
Judy: we just got our power back, has been off for an hour
Pamela: hmm, maybe I should go and get my needlework
rich-c: then hello to Bob too, by proxy
Pamela: greetings to Grand Rapids
Pamela: there, that should cover it
rich-c: any idea why it went out, Judy?
Judy: he is tired, working way too hard
rich-c: what has he been working at?
Judy: not a clue
Judy: but it sure got dark in a hurry
FGuy: Yippee, found a torrent for the Victoria Secret Fashion show that was on last night on TV, which I missed.
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rich-c: yes, with sundown at 4.41, dark comes quick and lastws long
Judy: and was starting to get cold in here, down to 65
Judy: doing a remodel at the office building
rich-c: yes, even with oil or gas heat, you need volts for teh management circuitry
Harvie: Getting an echo from you Judy
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
BobS: YIKES, a whole bunch here tonight
rich-c: ah, now he's joined in I see - found some toothpicks to hold up the eyelids?
Harvie: Must be at my end, the duplicates just disappeared
Daniel Bienvenu: Good evening Harvie (I think I forgot to say hi to you tonight)
BobS: Guy is twins????
BobS: I had a slight nap I did
Pamela: I have twin Guys
Judy: just glad that it came back on now is supposed to get down to 5 degrees tonight
Pamela: colour me jealous, Bob
FGuy changed username to TheReadGuyF
Harvie: I think we came in at the same time Daniel
TheReadGuyF changed username to TheRealGuyF
rich-c: yes, we'll have to remind him when he re-enters to change teh name a bit so we know which one to delete
TheRealGuyF: I'm here, multitasking, but still here. :)
BobS: hey, you could take a4 minute wink too
rich-c: we're currently -10 C which is about 14 F
Pamela: I could, but I'd probably sleep for an hour instead
TheRealGuyF: Why oh why doesn't Canada and the US use the same units for temperature, would make things so much easier.
rich-c: they do - it's been teh U.S. law since the very late 1800s
TheRealGuyF: When I lived in the US, for 6 months I had no idea what temperature it was because I just couldn't relate. All I knew was that if they said it was 100F, it was going to be really hot. :)
Judy: that is true, Guy
rich-c: it's just that the government can't get the people to believe it
BobS: has something to do with MR Celsius and MR Fahrenheit being mad at each other and making their own scales
Judy: no two people can agree on anyone
Pamela: I use celsius for really cold and farenheit for really warm - let's face it, 80 sounds warmer than 28
Judy: that is anything
TheRealGuyF: I think celcius makes more sense, but then again, why wouldn't I... 0 is the freezing temperature of water, so it's an absolute value I can relate to.
rich-c: no, Yanks are just bloody minded - want a common system with Burma while teh rest of teh world goes happily uniform
BobS: actually celsius would be more accurate.......w/ freezing at zero
Judy: that is good, Pam
BobS: but what the heck I was raised this way
Pamela: and minus 10 sounds colder than 14 : )
Harvie: So were we Bob
TheRealGuyF: Is the US the only country to use Farenheit as their units of temperature?
Daniel Bienvenu: here, we use F degrees to cook something and for the water temperature in the pool. otherwise, it's always celcius.
Pamela: I was in 4th grade when the metric system was brought in, so I tend to switch hit depending on what I'm measuring
rich-c: yes, but Celsius degrees are too fat - 5/9 ratio to F - doesn't give teh fine sense of gradation F does
TheRealGuyF: Rich: That's true, F is more precise, but then we could always use 37.5C to get more precision instead of the absolute value.
Pamela: I cook with Imperial measures, and I tend to measure distance in inches and feet, but drive in kilometres and measure temp in both
rich-c: anyway, officially Canada is metric, in practice Canadians want it both ways
Daniel Bienvenu: well celcius give the easy answer for the water "states"
BobS: Daniel, that IS different.......
Pamela: lets face it, when was the last time you weighed yourself in kilos?
rich-c: the apples in my supermarket at priced in pounds, though there is a kilograms "asterisk"
rich-c: at teh doctors office earlier this month (nyahh, nyahh) ; - )
TheRealGuyF: Man was I totally confused when I went to England and weighed myself one on of these electronic machines, and on the print out, it gave my weight in, get this, not kilos or pounds, but in STONES.
Pamela: actually, stone, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: last time weighed myself? well, it's a long time ago.
TheRealGuyF: Yes, the stone unit.
rich-c: I say old man, a noticable spot of tradition, wot?
Pamela: wonder what the conversion ratio is for stone : pounds
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rich-c: it is, if I recall, about 14 lbs. , not far from 6 kg
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: brb
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello GuyB
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello, Other Guy ; - )
Pamela: greetings to Chicago
TheRealGuyF: Greeting GuyB, do you come in peace?
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: I see Guy F is for real.
BobS: yo have GOT to be kidding..........and I thought the english and canadians were the same for numnbers
rich-c requested to ban FGuy
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Guy B. confirmed ban
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Daniel Bienvenu: i think it's 454g for 1lb... so the value is lower in kilos than lbs
BobS: cept for pounds and dollars
Pamela: exactly, Daniel
TheRealGuyF: And US gallons and UK gallons ain't the same either.
Harvie confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe we can feel lighter then by using kilos
TheRealGuyF: uh-oh, hope the system didn't crash.
rich-c: yes, a kilo is IIRC 2.254 lbs.
BobS: UK gallons same as CA gallons, no????????
Guy B.: A lot better tonight. Last week, we only had 4 of us.
Judy: is way to confusing for me
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard there was two different gallons
TheRealGuyF: BobS: We use liters.
BobS: imperial. gallons??????? not used ata ll anymore???
rich-c: yes, Canada uses teh Imperial gallon - the former colonies take theirs from an old wine barrel, actually 8 - )
TheRealGuyF: Well, a plane ran out of fuel in the 70s because of an improper conversion between two gallon units.
Judy: is anyone done Christmas shopping?
rich-c: you mean the Gimli Glider? that was a metric to English conversion got messed up
Guy B.: I'm a 1/4 way through.
Pamela: 3.8 litres to a US gallon folks
BobS: and how much for an imperial gallon???????
BobS: like 5 quarts, ???????
TheRealGuyF: Well, it's a good thing we don' t use hectares anymore.
Pamela: 4.2 I think
BobS: oh lord.....although I think they are used in surveying still
rich-c: let's say it's about 4.54 litres
rich-c: yes, hectares are becoming more standard
Harvie: 5US 32 oz=1quart, Imp 40 ounce = 1quart
TheRealGuyF: Man, so much confusion between units, countries have went to war for far less!
rich-c: oh well, I still can;t visualize an acre, and don't even mention arpents...
Pamela: just how big is an acre in feet or yards?
Pamela: ar-who?
BobS: and THAT Real Guy is the truth and sorry to say........
BobS: 3 hectares, 2 rods and a meter swuare
rich-c: not only that, teh ounces are of slightly different sizes
BobS: square
Harvie: Not true rich
Pamela: I only know three teaspoons to a tablespoon : )
rich-c: very subtle, Harvie, but apparently they are
Pamela: had to do some math the last time I baked - yuck
TheRealGuyF: What's annoying is when I go to the states, it's hard to adjust to the speed limit there. Even on my speedometer, the miles are very small and hard to read, so it's easier to get a ticket.
rich-c: and no, I'm not going to multitask to Wikipedia to argue that one 8 - )
Judy: I have one cookbook that tells all that stuff for me, then I don't have to figure it for myself
Pamela: heck in some states, i have a hard time keeping up!
rich-c: when I had to convert teh other way, I memorized the conversions, so it doesn't fuss me now
rich-c: except when stateside I have to remember to do teh downward conversion, or else
Pamela: just divide by .4, that's usually close (100 kms = 60 mph)
TheRealGuyF: Speed limit in some states is higher than in Canada, so that's ok with me... 65 miles / hour is a bit over 100.
Pamela: sorry, .6
rich-c: km to miles, multiply by .6, it's close enough (50 -> 30)
TheRealGuyF: Well, it could be worst, Americans could be driving on the opposite side of the street like in England... So it ain't that bad. :)
Harvie: .625
Pamela: we've chatted about trying that if we ever travel to the UK - I must admit to having trepidations
rich-c: I figure I'll be close enough to avoid any tickets just using the rough conversion
Pamela: all your reflexes would be backwards
BobS: it is a BUMMER Pam, jsut ask Judy and my son in law..........
rich-c: yes, in teh perioid of high British immigration here we had the reverse problem, and it was significant
Judy: it was a real trip!!!
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Harvie: In ST.Kitts I kept forgetting about the opposite side until someone came the other direction and "kindly" reminded me
changed username to TheRealGuyF^2
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Harvie confirmed ban
TheRealGuyF^2: Thanks.
BobS confirmed ban
Judy: that happened to Bob also
Pamela: well, just think about this Bob - all the pedals are in the same place, but you're on the wrong side of the vehicle. You look the wrong way, you check the wrong mirrors, you turn the wheel the wrong way. Ugh.
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: still having problems GuyF?
Guy B.: Getting dump Guy?
BobS: THAT was the problem all right, kept doing things wrong and then i DID
TheRealGuyF^2: In England, in Picadilly Circus, a main tourist attraction, on the streets they have large signs saying: "Look to your right"
rich-c: yes, I've never driven on lefft hand rule and doubt I'd do well as I'd want to
rich-c: so no Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,,,,,,
BobS: as long as there was traffic, I was fine....the problem surfaced when we turned off the main road and no traffic....
Pamela: well, at least you won't be driving yourself, Dad : )
BobS: BOOM back to the regular side of the road
rich-c: yes, and a lifetime of habits took over
Judy: and were faced by a little old lady, she didn't know what to do
Harvie: In the gravel pit the haul road is left hand drive because the rock truck cabs are offset
BobS: that is the way I was taught
BobS: so...........
TheRealGuyF^2: They should make a TV show like that. Recently they had "Canada's worst driver", they should make a sequel and bring those people from the show to England, and have them drive there, hahah, would be a blast.
Pamela: so, I guess the key is to travel while you're young, before your reflexes are so deeply ingrained
Judy: would be different
Pamela: trust me, Gui, the UK has it's share of terrible drivers too
rich-c: did you know Sweden used to be right hand drive but had to change because of all teh visiting Scandanavians and nearby Europeans?
Harvie: I asked a fellow from India if they drove on the left or right side and he said both
BobS: OR hit the ditch !!!!!!!
Pamela: I watched Canada's Worst Driver, and I have to admit that I'd probably have trouble with some of the challenges too
TheRealGuyF^2: Pamela: Yeah, the final challenge, drive in Montreal, haha, something I do daily...
Pamela: but I don't think I'd have any trouble driving around Montreal
rich-c: why, what sort of challenges were they using, anyway
Pamela: let's see . . .
rich-c: oh, Montreal is trying to displace Toronto as teh driving pits of the world
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich: I've been to TO once so I can't really comment, but Montreal is pretty bad.
rich-c: Pamela, Montreal can make New York look like pussycat run
Pamela: they had a stopping challenge, a night course, a really narrow course, parallel parking in a tight spot, reversing, all sorts of things
TheRealGuyF^2: Thing is in Montreal, no one respects anyone, so if you start being courteous to everyone on the road, you'll never get anywhere, you have to adapt.
Pamela: oh, and navigation, something very few people succeeded at
rich-c: on my visits I have found Montrealers to be worse drivers than Torontonians - however difficult that may be to believe
Pamela: hey, I can be nasty with the best of them : )
Pamela: I must say, from what they showed on the final challenge, I wouldn't have had any trouble navigating around Montreal (except maybe no right turn on red).
rich-c: unfortunately, an unduly high level of aggression is a survival essential in Toronto
TheRealGuyF^2: Yeah, but the thing is, driving in Montreal for years on end, without letting people get to you, now that's the challenge!!! Got into a major scrap a few days ago with this man in a rush, who started yelling insults at me because I wasn't turning onto oncoming traffic fast enough for him.
Harvie: The (in)famous "Montreal Stop"
Pamela: they've abolished that now, haven't they?
rich-c: the problem is, Montreal drivers are suicidal, not just homicidal like in Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: walking in montreal is a nitemare too. no place with the light to say "hey people you can walk accros the street now".
rich-c: GuyF, I spent 30 years commuting daily on teh busiest stretch of the (thought to be) busiest highway in the world
Daniel Bienvenu: it'S chaos
TheRealGuyF^2: Dan: Haha, when you're a pedestrian in Montreal, you're on your own. Wonder why Montreal still doesn't have the turn right on the red light rule? It would be a nightmare.
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich-C: Which one?
Pamela: the 401, Gui
rich-c: I think they are finally getting into conformity with teh Uniform Traffic Code, now almost universal in North America
Daniel Bienvenu: I think you answered your question guy
Pamela: and believe me, you couldn't get me on the 401 during rush hour for all the tea in China now
TheRealGuyF^2: Daniel: Which question did I ask?
Daniel Bienvenu: why...? it's a question
rich-c: the 401 at the 400 junction (which I went though twice a day) is 16 lanes wide and carries 500,000 cars a day
TheRealGuyF^2: Daniel: It was a sarcastic affirmation asked as a question.
Daniel Bienvenu: not familiar to this in a chat session
TheRealGuyF^2: Daniel: I wasn't asking it, I didn't specify "I wonder", I said "Wonder why.... ?"
Pamela: and teh 400 /401 junction is one of the most poorly designed junctions ever
rich-c: ah, just because they keep laying all those trucks on their sides, that's just teh drivers...
Pamela: to the point where I won't get on the 401 at Weston road going east - I go over to Jane and get on there instead
TheRealGuyF^2: Big cities suck... I wish I was a country dweller.
rich-c: nothing to do with sight lines or closing corners or wierd superelevations...
Pamela: and when coming home from the trailer, I bail at Finch and come down Arrow road, rather than try to get onto the 401 and off at Weston
rich-c: saves you a lot of time, I recokon
Pamela: or disappearing lanes
rich-c: inbound
Pamela: oh, yeah
rich-c: but we obviously have to give you some lessons in how to intimidate an 18-wheeler
Pamela: did it all last summer, and in every case, I discovered when we got farther south that I'd made the right decision
rich-c: of course, when you get to teh 30-wheelers, discretion is advised
Pamela: me, I don't argue with anything that has more wheels than me : )
Pamela: and that includes duallys
rich-c: ultimate law: the larger vehicle has teh right of way
Pamela: reality: smaller vehicles get too easily squished
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich: 2nd law, if you're going to hit a larger vehicle, make sure you're going faster, that will negate the mass advantage.
Pamela: I have no desire to imitate a pancake
Judy: that is one reason never to be the smallest on the road
Harvie: Well, I gots to go,Goodnight all
Pamela: goodnight, Harvie
TheRealGuyF^2: Take care Harvie.
rich-c: oh, I was watching a video this afternoon of a Smart car hitting a barrier at 70 mph
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: nite Harvie, take care of arthur
Pamela: I'll bet that was ugly
rich-c: yes, it did get kind of messed up
Pamela: I didn't know Smart cars could do 70
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changed username to Steph
rich-c: the commentator remarked on how well the underlying structure had held up
rich-c: we were rather sceptical of anyone surviving even so
rich-c: hello Steph, welcome back
Steph: Hi everybody.
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Pamela: I'd love to have a small car for commuting
TheRealGuyF^2: Hey JAMES!!!
Pamela: hey, Steph
Guy B.: Hi Steph
changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James
Pamela: Hi James
TheRealGuyF^2: I win... It's James.
james: they, sorry, totally forgot
james: been insanely busy here
BobS: got to get a Smart car then pam...theya re CUTE
rich-c: good morning james - how's life in Nippon?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james
james: very snowy
james: want some?
TheRealGuyF^2: BOBS: Models in Canada are only 2 seaters
TheRealGuyF^2: BobS: They have 4 seaters in Europe though.
rich-c: Toronto is getting stiff with them, Bob, but you can't buy them in the U.S.
Pamela: that would be okay with me, as long as I had a larger car for transporting people
Steph: Working hours have changed, it's almost impossible for me to be here now.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's snowy here too
TheRealGuyF^2: I drive a pretty big car, an Acura 3.0CL, and sometimes feel cramped in the drivers seat, I'd be scared to try out a SMART car.
Pamela: and a Smart car wouldn't do if I had Erin with me when shopping - between us we fill the tailgate : )
rich-c: they do have the ForFour model coming, I believe, also teh convertible
rich-c: how much snow do you have now, james/
james: uhmm... lots
james: in excess of 30 cm
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich: Yes, the 4 seater is coming soon, a bit larger though, looks to be as big as a Toyota Echo.
BobS: but they HAVE to get great gas mielage
james: most of it within the last 3 days
BobS: mielage
Pamela: mileage, Bob : )
TheRealGuyF^2: Humm wonder if gas mileage is an accepted term in Canada. :)
rich-c: don't they offer a 3 cylinder turbo diesel in Europe?
BobS: petrol mil AGE
Pamela: well they'd need it in Europe, gas is incredibly expensive
Daniel Bienvenu: 30cm it's about 12 inches
james: i think "fuel efficiency" would cover all bases
rich-c: yes - Canadians still use teh English system when they don't think the Americans are watching
james: lol
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich: Hahaha.
rich-c: there aer some advantages to litre/100 km - if only the rate wre constant
Pamela: what are gas prices like in Montreal, Gui?
TheRealGuyF^2: Pam: 99.x
rich-c: do you really want to know, daughter?
TheRealGuyF^2: 99.x/liter
Pamela: really - I bought gas at 91.5 the other day
TheRealGuyF^2: Had to siphon a couple of liters from the neighbor...
rich-c: yes, I topped off a few days ago and it set me back over $70
TheRealGuyF^2: Rich: Cool, will pass by your house, just got a siphoning tool, might be able to put it to good use. :D :D :D
Pamela: sigh - $20 used to fill my tank (65 litres) and now it buys me less than half a tank
rich-c: I'll bet james is grinding his teeth over how easy we're getting off
BobS: YOU are kidding me, no ????? $2.99 per 1 litre?????
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) dear james, how things are going about coleco?
TheRealGuyF^2: No, 99 cents per liter.
rich-c: no, just under buck a litre, Bob, the 2 is from his screen name
TheRealGuyF^2: The 2 probably appeared because of my insane nickname.
Steph: one day, .89, the other one .99
Pamela: the lowest I've seen recently is 86.5
rich-c: here is changes morning, noon and night by a nickel a litre or more
TheRealGuyF^2: They know that people are using more gas these days, so they're taking advantage of it.
rich-c: have you checked Toronto Gas Last I looked they had a station at 79.3 - at 1 a.m. in Mississauga
TheRealGuyF^2: Someone dared to say this morning that gas stations make no money, and the money they make is selling lottery tickets, alcohol, and chocolate bars, yeah right.
Pamela: alcohol? at a gas station???
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TheRealGuyF^2 changed username to Guy Foster
changed username to Ronald
Pamela: I'm not spending half a tank to go chasing cheap gas, thank you : )
Ronald: Hail
rich-c: in washer fluid and in the gas, Pam, also gas line de-icer
Guy Foster: Pamela: Yes, no lighters or matches, but alcohol, yes.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron! Hi Steph!
Pamela: greetings, Ronald of the West
Ronald: aha
BobS: HALLO west coaster!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: greeting to teh left coast!
Pamela: no Dad, as in drinking alcohol
BobS: just discusting gas prices...what are they ont he island ?????
Guy Foster: Pam: Beer mostly, but some cheap wines, etc...
Pamela: interesting - Ontario stations carry cigarettes, lighters, matches etc but no alcohol
Guy Foster: Pam: Why not?
Pamela: disgusting is right, Bob
Steph: in Quebec you can have beer at gas station. Hi Daniel, Hi Ron
rich-c: no, they do not sell alcohol, even in Quebec as far as I know
rich-c: are teh alcohol sales on station property on an adjacent depanneur?
Pamela: alcohol is only sold at LCBO stores or Beer stores in Ontario, and some small winery outlets in grocery stores carry a small selection. You can't get it at teh corner store, at gas stations or anywhere else
Ronald: sorry... phone rang
Guy Foster: OK, we can, we can buy beer at corner stores.
Ronald: gas here..... about 96.6 cents a litre
Ronald: down quite a bit
BobS: so about the same, island or not
rich-c: yes, the small grocers can sell both beer and wine, been that way for years now
Pamela: speaking of which . . .
Guy Foster: We can even buy bottles of alcohol on Indian reserves, but that's something else.
(Pamela gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
rich-c: it's time for my St. Ambroise Biere Noire - brb
Ronald: Bob and Judy..... I took a senior's bus tour over last weekend. We did Butcharts Sunday night. Beautiful in the dark
Ronald: all decked out for Christmas
Steph: Guinness ohhh yeah
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you got more christmas pictures for the e-card?
BobS: you are making me JEALOUS Ronald
Pamela: oh hey, did you folks hear - they're closing Cullen Gardens as of January 1st, permanently
Ronald: well I don't think the ADAM would do it justice, but yes I got quite a few pics
Ronald: aw..... that's unfortunate Pamela
BobS: good thing we got to see is then....why closing ????????
Pamela: yes, I thought so too.
Guy B.: What! At least we got to visit it. How come?
Pamela: lack of revenue, Bob
Ronald: isn't that sad eh?
rich-c: Steph, I can't understand why a Quebecois would give a Guiness a second look
Pamela: they're just not getting the numbers anymore
BobS: yes for what they have there they need to turn a LOT of money to keep it going
Ronald: fer sure
Guy Foster: I'm glad we went to Cullen Gardens then... Guiness, bleah, not my kind of beer... It's an acquire taste I heard.
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) can you repeat? how coleco things are goin for you james?
rich-c: not only that, the developers want teh land and ae waving around REEAL big bucks to get it
Pamela: I was of the same mind - that it's good we got to see it one last time
Ronald: of course
Steph: I don't understand the meaning of give a guinness a SECOND LOOK
Pamela: wonder what Neil and Dale think
rich-c: yes, dark beers are an acquired taste - but so rewarding when you do
Pamela: beer - ick. Dark beer - double ick.
rich-c: why you wouldn't reject it after teh first try because you can get better
Pamela: (Just my opinion).
Steph: I worked for Guinness for 8 years as a service technician.
Guy Foster: I find them too bitter
Ronald: I don't drink it no more; got tired of waking up on the floor
rich-c: yes, althugh teh St. Ambopise being an oatmeal stout teh flavour is different
rich-c: go to and you'll find it makes the 100th percentile
Ronald: speaking of the card Robert..... progress is slow..... I keep shooting myself in the foot
Ronald: but should have it to you by the weekend
BobS: speaking of the wondering,tonight bout that...........
BobS: quit limpin' and do it!
Ronald: it seems like the process gets more and more difficult each year...... or perhaps my faculties are fading, I dunno
rich-c: do't notice any of us getting any younger
Ronald: anyway, we'll get 'er done good sir
Guy Foster: yeah...
BobS: don't do it from scratch......that is what I did last year, just picked some good songs, and used some old and new pp pics
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to RichardII
BobS: oh oh
BobS: someone jsut got dumped
BobS: like the ronald man
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy Foster: Poor Dany boy got dumped.
RichardII: everyone get dumped or just me?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to bounced west
Pamela: and Dad, from the look of it
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
bounced west: It's a big dirty world out there
Guy Foster: Dan is back.
Pamela: can you say boing, Ron?
bounced west: right
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry... the chat session stoped for no reason here.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Roberto
RichardII: yes, seemed like teh server must have had a hiccup
Pamela: i'm okay
Roberto: bacdk I am
bounced west changed username to Ron
Guy Foster: Only prob I saw was a 20 second delay of sorts...
Ron: Ain't technology grand
Roberto: ya mon
Pamela: okay on three, everyone shout at Whitby . . . : )
Daniel Bienvenu: who didn't had to reload the spaniel chat application in the last minute?
Pamela: me
RichardII: speaking of which, Pam, if you need some cheap oddball computer stuff, the Super Computer Sale in in Leaside Sunday
Judy: I am not having a problem
Guy Foster: Man, I was so mad.... a few days ago, I found out that a store that I want to buy things from is located in Whitby! I should have bought things when I was there...
Pamela: I just need a cheap computer : )
Steph: No problem here
Daniel Bienvenu: ok then, a problem with my computer maybe then
Ron: I was unceremoniously ejected from the thing
Pamela: oh wait, that's what I already have
Daniel Bienvenu: then then then then... I repeat, then then then
RichardII: oh, well, factory diredct are now over at Orfus and Dufferin
Pamela: that's where I got this one, remember?
RichardII: but teh new ones are so cheap used ones just arent worth buying
Pamela: December 29, 1999
Daniel Bienvenu: james still there? or busy?
Roberto: can't even sell used anymore
RichardII: that's why I mentioned it, they've branched out
Guy Foster: James is idling.
Guy Foster: Is BobS=Roberto?
Pamela: Russell and I are coming to the conclusion that we need two separate computers
Roberto: ya kon
Roberto: mon
Roberto: got dumped and I HAVE RETURNED
Guy Foster: Cool, got the hint when you were talking about selling computers. ;)
Ron: his and hers
Judy: but I didn't , in the same room on the same line, go figure
RichardII: have you seen what MDG has on offer for $800? Including a 19" LCD monitor?
Roberto: P2 400 mhz sustem w/ 17" 1 call only, no takers
Pamela: you bet, Ron
Roberto: for $100
Ron: one of our local 2nd hand resellers has had to close his doors
RichardII: he offered $100? hope you grabbed it and ran
Roberto: he didn't even come and look, I was asking #100
Pamela: he wants gaming capability and I want essentially a business computer
Guy Foster: Lots of old systems lying around... People keep their computers longer. A 4 yrs old system that I have, a PIII 1.0GHz with 512 memory is fine for anythign I throw at it, even seems faster than my P4 2.6 laptop.
RichardII: well, that figures
Pamela: of course, I still want to be able to run my old games, but they're mostly things like Jeopardy, pinball, scrabble, crosswords and such
RichardII: you can stay low end, Pam - business apps are not demanding at your level
Ron: we all must have bigger, faster,newer
Roberto: why ????????
Ron: because we must
Roberto: K.I.S.S. remember ?
Judy: I am plenty fast, don't need any faster
Pamela: and Freecell is still one of my favourites
RichardII: I have a Sempron2800+ widescreen laptop but the only way I can justify it is because it was so cheap
Daniel Bienvenu: i think i knew what k.i.s.s. mean, but i'm not sure it'S the same k.i.s.s. we are talking about.
Ron: Here now I have the ultimate Geek setup. My duron is attached to a 19 inch monitor AND a 15 inch Flat Screen LCD Benq - I've got y'all in stereo
Pamela: keep it simple, stupid
Ron: definately NOT KISS
RichardII: you'll be pleased to know, Pam, Freecell continues in Windows XP
Pamela: now that's scary, Ron
Ron: Can move from one to the other and put different stuff on each
Pamela: I know - I occasionally sneak in a game at work
Guy Foster: KISS=Keep it simple stupid
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's the k.i.s.s i remember
Ron: no no....."Kissing IS Slow and Sensuous"
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe!
RichardII: just like one of those Lotus-landers...
Ron: :)
Pamela: no comment
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Bordel
Ron: we had our Mac Club Christmas party last night...... and attendant gift exchange. Guess wha t I got
Bordel: Dang, probs with chat again.
Pamela: what, Ron?
Roberto: a computer??????
RichardII: can I ask any XP users - do they have the old Explorer interface hidden anywhere or am I stuck with that stoopid "My computer" setup?
Ron: 2006 calendar of bikini clad young women
Ron: Now WHAT am I supposed to do with that?
RichardII: Bordel? haven't seen that name before - welcome
Roberto: could have a heart attack
Pamela: enjoy
Ron: wouldn't know what to do with them
Bordel: Bordel=GuyF.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
RichardII: OK, don't think I want to ask teh genesis of that
Ron: au bord de l'eau
Ron: don't drown
james: back
Ron: front
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back james
Ron: port, starboard
james: :D
Pamela: you don't have to do anything Ron - they're decorative : )
Ron: thank you Pamela
Ron: I suppose I shall hang the calendar up when the time comes
Bordel: Hey there James!
RichardII: maybe I should offer to swap you for my classic car catalogue from my mechanic?
RichardII: calendar
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Well james, is it true that you abadon colecoshop domain name?
Ron: would prefer little kittens
Ron: thanks, but no thanks, Rich
Ron: Maybe I'll send it to my ex
Pamela: Dad appreciates decorative : )
james: (PRIVATE) yes, if you want to pay for it, be my guest
Ron: Oh by the way, Daniel, that sure was a nice warm Santa you sent.
RichardII: hardly seems like her kind of thing, mais l'on ne sait jamais
Bordel: Hey, haven't seen Dr. Drushel in a while, or Erin, how are they doing?
Ron: Don't you want your name on him somewhere?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still looking for a job, I'm not lucky.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Ron
RichardII: IIRC rich was on two weeks ago for bit
Pamela: they're fine, Gui - Erin didn't leave work till after 7:00 tonite so that's why she's AWOL, and Rich has been just as busy writing lectures and marking exams
Pamela: most nights Erin is too tired to do much but eat and go to bed
Ron: it's all work, I tell you.... WORK..... arghhhh!
Bordel: Pamela: How come? Work is that hard?
RichardII: Ron, I thought you gave up that dirty four-letter word years ago
Pamela: Erin is the Issues Manager for the Ontario Minister of Labour
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) What is the plan now for colecoshop site, and for the casings, and the pcbs?
Ron: well yes, of course....but when I hear of others suffering.... I want to reach out
Bordel: Pam: Sounds important.
Pamela: and is currently filling in for the legislative assistant as well, which means she has to be in the office by 7:45 am and often doesn't leave till after 6:00
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Taking my last personal day off this Friday and still have some Christmas shopping to do. So, see you all next week.
RichardII: you'll get over it - they're entitled to their turn too ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Guy B
Ron: I suppose
Pamela: g'nite Guy
RichardII: see you Guy, take care
Bordel: GuyB: Aww come on, we were just getting started!!!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Ron: Issues Manager.......hmmm........ sounds like a fun assignment
james: (PRIVATE) i don't know dan, why don't you do something about it instead of bitch and complain all the time? you have more free time than i do.
Guy B.: poof
Judy: night Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: she's writing policy now
james: (PRIVATE) you had a newspaper interview and didn't even mention the site, so why the hell should i even bother?
Ron: keep me in the know, keep me white and squeaky clean, and make sure I have a way out of the scrum when the time comes
Pamela: and yes, she loves it
Steph: nice to be with you again, I have to quit, I don't know when I could come back.
Steph: g'nite all, take care.
Pamela: good night Steph
Ron: nite steph
RichardII: OK Steph, hope you can make the next one
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) I'm bitching and complaining? I'm sorry to give you this impression.
Steph left chat session
Judy: night Steph
Pamela: so now instead of calling her, her mother calls me : )
Pamela: me, she can reach
james: (PRIVATE) i've told you so many times there's a guy doing casings and pcbs
Pamela: oh, oh, oh - went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Monday
RichardII: and?
Pamela: awesome
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) About the newpaper, the journalist had no more than 500 words for the article about the ccjvq club. it's a miracle that he decided to use two paragraph for coleco things you know.
RichardII: still as neat as ever on teh special effects?
Pamela: they took a few liberties from the book but the departures made sense and it was very fast paced
james left chat session
Pamela: definitely. Wait until you see the Quidditch Cup stadium. My jaw dropped.
RichardII: I'm still trying to find time to watch Star Wars 2 on teh laptop, want to try it out
Daniel Bienvenu: well, goodnight james
Ron: Just finished burning that one to DVD a week or so ago
RichardII: btw, remember That's Entertainment? Found a video of it at teh glorified pawnshop last week
Pamela: it was the fastest 2.5 hours I've had in a long time
Pamela: video or DVD?
RichardII: not only that, I think I have the sequel - and have picked up teh first two LOTR on tape too
Pamela: my father buying movies
Ron: I want the whole set now.... and I'm willing to pay
Pamela: who'da thunk it?
RichardII: hell, one of these days I'll get out the old beta vcr and watch teh classics!
Pamela: you'll have to vacuum the dust bunnies out first Dad
RichardII: maybe next time you're over we could watch something
RichardII: by now they're dust dragons, but wotthehell
Ron: Well folks, I better go work on the card some before I fall asleep
Pamela: I'd love to , but we never have time. I'd have to be there from 9:00 am
Ron: Bob is waiting patiently
Roberto: si senor
Roberto: time to go here also......
Ron: so be well, and we'll see y'all next week
RichardII: gee, and you're three hours earlier than us - OK, sweet dreams and see you next week
Pamela: g'nite Ron, g'nite, Bob
Ron: I know, but I'm tired tonite....for some unfathomable reason
Roberto: will wait for the inevitable email from the west coast
RichardII: night Robert, and also Judy - till next week
Roberto: nite
Ron: bye all
Pamela: gn'ite Judy
Roberto left chat session
Ron: (fade to black-west coast)
Judy: yes, good night all
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Ron
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Bob
Ron left chat session
Pamela: it must be bedtime
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Guy Bordel
Pamela: g'nite, Daniel
RichardII: beginning to look that way, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Richard
RichardII: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: think so.
RichardII: so Guy, looks like we're being abandoned - tile to go I guess
Pamela: I guess I shall bow to the inevitable. Maybe I'll get some sleep for a change.
RichardII: so a good night to you, till next week
Pamela: Dad, I'll call, okay?
RichardII: night, daughter - take care
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: g'nite to Mom too
Pamela: night, Guy
RichardII: right, don't forget I have that songsheet for you too
Pamela: cool : )
RichardII: will pass on
Pamela: we'll work it out
Pamela: I'm outta here, folks
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
RichardII: so, lady and gentlemen, colour me gone
RichardII left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Bordel left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-12-07
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