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MerryXmasBob: YO
MerryXmasBob: who's there?????
changed username to rich-c
MerryXmasBob: and a happy holiday to ya'll
MerryXmasBob: MR clee
rich-c: heuresu nouvelle annee, mon ami
MerryXmasBob: and how are you????
MerryXmasBob: ya sur emon
MerryXmasBob: I have conquered the virtual machine thingy and am online again
MerryXmasBob: with the main laptop I use
rich-c: sstill vertical, and beyond that I don't complain ;-)
MerryXmasBob: did you not go to the doctor since last week?
MerryXmasBob: or am I a little behind?
rich-c: you should mention that to Pamela when she comes on - she is having problems and doesn't seem inclined to tackle th4em
rich-c: actually I think her grief is from teh virtual memory manager
MerryXmasBob: problems with what???
MerryXmasBob: somehow I had dumped, thown out, or otherwise blown awasy Java virtual machine
MerryXmasBob: finally just got the correct version for win98 and isntalled it
rich-c: yes, saw teh espirologist on the 22nd and the cardiologist the Friday before
MerryXmasBob: and what did the espir......tell you?
rich-c: cardiologist passed me till June, respirologist puts teh next appointment in March
MerryXmasBob: that is GOOD news, yes?????
rich-c: respirologist said OK, go fetch a CPAP setup, here's teh requisition so teh governemnt pays part
rich-c: well, I guess they figure I'll last that long ;-)
MerryXmasBob: and a CPAP setup is what???????
rich-c: he also said I could go touring, just make sure my out of country health insurance was up to date
rich-c: essentiallya Continuous Positive Airway Pressure setup\
MerryXmasBob: ah ha........think that may be what my dad and brother use........air pump machine that forces air into amask which you wear at night??????
rich-c: helps you breathe in and maintain a clear airway, cuts sleep apnea and snoring
rich-c: you got it
rich-c: in fact if sleep apnea runs in teh family, you should look into it
MerryXmasBob: I cannot imagine using it, but they both swear by it for getting a good sleep and restful too
rich-c: well I only got a six hour try but the difference it made was incredible
rich-c: and that ws with teh wrong type of mask with dicey fitting, in a strange bed (sleep clinic)
MerryXmasBob: hey if it helps you, GREAT
MerryXmasBob: use it and enjoy
rich-c: the prices for these things are absolutely outrageous, but with a government subsidy plus my own "gap" insurance, no big deal
MerryXmasBob: did you see on the news about the road collapse in Vancouver downtown?
rich-c: no, that must be very recent - last few hours
MerryXmasBob: maybe jeff mitchell is not doing his job ;-)
MerryXmasBob: was today sometime
rich-c: you must remember that I do not watch TV, see teh news on websites
MerryXmasBob: saw it on the 6:30 news I think
rich-c: what was it, water main break?
MerryXmasBob: don't know,..........a big piece of the sidewalk and street collapsed into a hole of a building they were building in downtown......fell right into the basement it did
MerryXmasBob: didn't appear to be much water in the hoel
MerryXmasBob: hole
rich-c: probably poor shoring on the part of the builder - they can be very negligent
MerryXmasBob: AND on another note.......Toronto is collecting old evergreen xmas trees to get the chemical to make Tamiflu with
MerryXmasBob: 'course, artificial trees don't count, even if you throw them away
rich-c: that hasn't hit our papers yet - they are all preoccupied with the gunfight on Yonge Street
MerryXmasBob: AH.....tell me more
MerryXmasBob: happened before last Wed chat didn't it?
rich-c: Boxing Day - all teh crowds - block up from the Eaton Centre
rich-c: bunch of about 15 ppunks got hostile with each other, guns came out
MerryXmasBob: sounds familiar..........had the same thing here, but no guns
rich-c: didn't care where they fired - cops have found 65 casings so far - killed a teenage girl, wounded half a dozen other innocent bystanders
rich-c: that makes 50 firearms murders in Toronto this year, almost all of the gang or drug realated (or both)
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: we had a kid shot down on the steps of his church, at teh funeral of a murdered friend
MerryXmasBob: that sounds like a small number compared to the population of Toronto though
MerryXmasBob: HI PAM
Pamela: good evening
rich-c: well, compar3ed to say New York at over 1500, yeah, it's small potatoes
rich-c: (hello daughter)
MerryXmasBob: you are not going ot go and get married again or something.....are you ?
Pamela: is it just me, or is this thing really slow tonite?
Pamela: who me, Bob?
rich-c: but Toronto is not a place where violent crime happens - normally
MerryXmasBob: ya you !!!!!
MerryXmasBob: you did that once you know........
Pamela: nah, once was enough
Pamela: now I just celebrate anniversaries
(MerryXmasBob winks)
rich-c: yes, I'm finding the site slow to load and slow to post
Pamela: like the rest of the world
MerryXmasBob: me too Rich.....thought it was my new virtual machine or smething
MerryXmasBob: something
Pamela: but it sure was fun while it lasted
rich-c: ypour mother's birthday is on a Friday the 13th this year
Pamela: I noticed that, Dad
MerryXmasBob: how'd your Xmas go in Toronto ????
rich-c: it's also the first advance poll day - wonder if we dare?
Pamela: LOL, Dad
MerryXmasBob: NO.........the 13th of Jan ?
Pamela: Christmas was hectic but good Bob
rich-c: Pamela and Russell hosted a very pleasant dinner for us and Russell's mother and sister
Pamela: and we had enough turkey left over to feed a small third world country
MerryXmasBob: it is ALWAYS hectic
MerryXmasBob: COOL, you are a good daughter
Pamela: Mom loved it - all she had to do was show up and eat : )
MerryXmasBob: best way
Pamela: oh, and make the plum pudding of course
MerryXmasBob: she does that??????
rich-c: and the hardds sauce - I just had to choose and bring the wine
Pamela: she's not going to get out of it as long as she's able
MerryXmasBob: good job for you Richard
MerryXmasBob: then you know you have the correct one
rich-c: you can tell our daughter is a real hard case
Pamela: Dad is chief sommelier and chauffeur
rich-c: yes, the six of us drained two bottles in quick order
Pamela: Mom is chief consultant and pudding maker
rich-c: Pam, is it your virtual machine or virtual memory manager that doesn't work?
MerryXmasBob: well bottle does not last long
Pamela: twas kind of interesting though - we had a sort of "battle of the Moms" - well my mother said this, and my mother said this
Pamela: virtual memory manager Dad
MerryXmasBob: aren't they part and parcel of the same??????
rich-c: oh, the one Bob just solved was the virtual machine
Pamela: we went back and forth about the turkey all day and finally settled it by what else - consulting our mothers
rich-c: well, they are parts of teh core OS and closely related
rich-c: but your machine will still work, if badly, while Bob's crashed out
Pamela: hallo?
Pamela: sorry, thought I'd died there for a moment
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rich-c: so how did Christmas go for you and yours, Bob?
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: well, seasons greetings, Harvie
Harvie: Hello all
rich-c: hello Harvie, missed you last week - happy new year
MerryXmasBob: had a good time with the kids....and got lots of 'good' stuff too
MerryXmasBob: hey Harvie
rich-c: you and Judy play host?
Harvie: Sparse crowd tonite
rich-c: the others seem to have taken to arriving late last week or twwo
rich-c: I notice our Quebecois haven't shown up yet, nor Guy
Harvie: Yes I'm a week late myself :)
MerryXmasBob: nope went to oldest child's home
Pamela: I was sorry to miss last week, but I simply had too much to do that night
rich-c: rich and erin are in Windsor with other thins on their minds
Pamela: actually, they're in Cleveland, Dad
Pamela: left Windsor yesterday afternoon
rich-c: oh, she went there, rather than other way about?
Pamela: and they did think they'd be here eventually
rich-c: ah, OK, and back to Toronto what - Monday?
Pamela: Rich went to Windsor early on Boxing Day and stayed overnight. They left for Cleveland yesterday afternoon and will be back here on Monday.
rich-c: well, erin has to be at work, but I think Rich has a day or two slack
Pamela: Rich will stay here through Tuesday night and leave Wednesday morning
rich-c: right - I knew it was something like that
rich-c: what are you and Russell up to for New Year's Eve?
Pamela: Russell has to work, and I'm going to Emily and Chris's, I think - I haven't heard from Emily yet to confirm
rich-c: that ounds fun - they are an inter4esting couple even on non-holidays
Pamela: we very much enjoy their company and we don't get to spend nearly enough time with them
rich-c: so Harvie how did your Christmas go - especially with arthur?
Harvie: I can't stay, just wanted to check in and offer my best wishes to everyone, so Goodnight
Pamela: which brings up a bit of a conflict - we're supposed to have dinner with them on the 14th, so can we celebrate Mom's birthday on Sunday?
Harvie: Pretty good rich
Pamela: do come back and stay some time, Harvie - we're missing you
rich-c: goodnight to you, Harvie, and a happy New Year - see you then
Pamela: Happy New Year
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: you'll have to ask your mom (sound familiar?)
Pamela: echoes from the past : )
Pamela: we'll talk : )
MerryXmasBob: man he left in a hurry.......something we did ???
rich-c: oh, do you have the current Harry Potter book (6th?), have you read it, and have I borrowed it yet?
Pamela: yes, yes and no
MerryXmasBob: now THAT is decisive
rich-c: his arthritis gives him a pretty hard time, and I suspect can get even more hurtful very suddenly
rich-c: will it be available for borrowing soon?
Pamela: got it the Sunday morning of the convention, read it the same night, then re-read it
Pamela: of course you may borrow it
rich-c: yes, but how about Russell?
MerryXmasBob: so "how" does he work ????? or is that an attention getter ?
Pamela: same deal -he's read it twice too
Pamela: he who, Bob - Russell?
MerryXmasBob: nno, Harvie
rich-c: I gather that his job gives him major difficulties, but a guy's gotta eat
Pamela: he has a septic business, I believe
rich-c: yes, and has always had issues
Pamela: either design and build, or maintenance I think
rich-c: for instance, he's so heavy he can't legally use most ladders
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: greetings, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, have a good Christmas?
MerryXmasBob: Hi guy
Guy B.: Yes I did.
rich-c: so how did you pass it?
Pamela: which reminds me Dad, I forgot to show you the necklace Russell got me for Christmas. Don't let me forget again.
Guy B.: I went to my cousins on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day with Jeanene's family.
rich-c: next time you come over - hmm, we're building quite a list ;-)
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: and how did Abby view all this?
Guy B.: Got a surprise for you all. I may have found a hotel for Adamcon 18.
Pamela: Yay! Where is it?
rich-c: long as it isn't a shock, Guy...
Guy B.: Stayed at home, but she got a new jacket and dog dishes with a stand.
Pamela: aww, that's so sweet
rich-c: those should keep her happy
MerryXmasBob: COOL
Pamela: Inky got stoned on his new catnip bag
rich-c: anyway, about the hotel...
rich-c: (we here?)
rich-c: yes
Pamela: tell all, Guy
Guy B.: I sent an e-mail to the hotel for some more information. But, it is in Bolingbrook. Which is southwest of Chicago and right off I-55. It's the LaQuinta and it has wireless internet (Free) in every room, one meeting room, but I think it will be enough for all of us, free breakfast and yes, there is a pool.
MerryXmasBob: getting a cat blitzed.........SHAME !!!!
MerryXmasBob: YA MON
Guy B.: Oh yes, double beds.
rich-c: how are the overall rates, and do they have two-bed rooms?
Pamela: but it was so much fun, Bob!
Guy B.: That I'm going to inquire on.
MerryXmasBob: location seems ok, awasy fromthe big city
MerryXmasBob: AND the traffoc
Pamela: is it close to a mall?
rich-c: if it's on I-55 does that mean we can bypass Chicago?
Guy B.: Yes, it's away from the city. There is shopping and restuarants nearby. And some additional shopping is up north like Lombard and Oakbrook.
Pamela: and the airport?
rich-c: be a fair piece from teh airport, Pam
MerryXmasBob: south of the city and west
Guy B.: It's closer to Midway. But, I can pick anyone up from either Midway or O'Hare.
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi everyone
Guy B.: You can bypass the city by taking I-80/94 to I-294 then to I-55 south.
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: found it on the map
Pamela: Hey, Judy, belated Merry Christmas
MerryXmasBob: midway is a nice smaller airport
Judy: Did you all have a merry Christmas
Guy B.: Yes
Pamela: close to the junction of I55 and I355
MerryXmasBob: Happy HoolaDays......Happy HoolaDays
Judy: and a Belated Merry Christmas to you also
Guy B.: Yes, that is correct Pam. It's past I-355. The hotel is on Route 53.
Pamela: Hmm, I'm going to have to look up my stores and see what's close
Pamela: is there access to downtown by public transit Guy?
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Judy: How was shopping there after Christmas?
Guy B.: Wal-Mart is just a few minutes from the hotel and there are other stores there as well.
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: good evening!
Guy B.: I'll check Pam.
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
MerryXmasBob: Hiya Daniel
rich-c: hello Judy - I was just offlien looking at Mapquest
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: hi, Daniel
rich-c: their search machine had an error and wouldn't produce
Daniel B: Hello Pam, Rich, GuyB, Bob and Judy
MerryXmasBob: good holiday ??????
Judy: hi Rich
Pamela: Joyeux Noel, Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel - tu es un peu en retard - trop di dindon? ;-)
Daniel B: My computer is running slowly. I suspect the presence of a spyware.
rich-c: nope, th9is website is just slow
Daniel B: last week, my monitor overheat... now my computer is running slowly
Guy B.: I just found out last week from work that our IT dept is planning to upgrade all of our PC's to WinXP pro and Office 2003.
Pamela: sheesh, I've spotted Oak Park, Oak Lawn, Oak Forest and Oakbrook so far - what is it with Chicago and their oaks?
rich-c: surely you are fully defended against computer intrusions anyway?
Judy: we are all slow
MerryXmasBob: chat is running slowly Daniel
Guy B.: We have a lot of Oaks, don't we!!!
rich-c: oh great, Guy - I have XP on the laptop and I am not impressed
Judy: they have to name them something., Pam
MerryXmasBob: it does not impress me either Ricahrd
rich-c: takes foever to boot and does all sorts of dubious things behind your back
Daniel B: *updating adaware*
Guy B.: Well, I just setup my sister in-law's new Dell notebook on Christmas and got some more exposure to WinXP. Plus, I'm planning to get a new notebook as my current one is falling apart, literally.
rich-c: I think my computer is flexible enough to last some few years yet
Guy B.: Hopefully, I'll have it by the con. And I'm planning to get a Dell.
MerryXmasBob: HEY DUDE......YOU'RE GETTIN' A DELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MerryXmasBob: what a GUY
rich-c: there are some quite resspectable computers on sale here under $1000 Canadian - some bargain stuff is $700 or less
Guy B.: I have two old Dells now here at home. Both from work.
Pamela: what are you working with at work now, Guy? Are you not already on XP?
rich-c: here, Dell apparently has decided to take on the local giant, MDG, and man are they having a price-cutting battle
Guy B.: We are using Win2000 and Office 2000.
rich-c: by the way, I'm seeing the laptops I like best are Acer (which I bought) and Compaq
Guy B.: Compaq is owned by HP. So, the support is through there.
Pamela: I'm using an HP at work and quite like it
rich-c: yes, seems Compaq are being used as the AMD-based, lower price line, hp's are upmarket
rich-c: yes but is that a laptop or desktop, Pam?
Daniel B: did you tried at least one time the new dsk files from ANN web site?
Pamela: one thing I've discovered is that although there is nothing wrong with our current monitor, I am coveting a flat screen
Pamela: it's a desktop, Dad
Guy B.: Back in the late 90's, we had Compaq's then we had to get new PC's for the year 2000. So, all of us got new Dells with WinNT at the time, then in 2001 we got upgraded to Windows 2000.
rich-c: yes, I am impatiently waiting for my CRT to break so I can justify buying a flat panel LCD
MerryXmasBob: have you run the Dec ANN disk Daniel ????
Pamela: well, I'm told that it may be a while - we have a ViewSonic which I understand is an excellent monitor
Daniel B: yes, I saw the pictures, including the one by bob and judy.
rich-c: yes, they have a name for quality, Pam - one of the premium lines
MerryXmasBob: Ron did a GREAT job, yes??????
Pamela: and it's large enough, viewing-wise - but it takes up so much room on the desktop!
Guy B.: I ran an advisor to see if WinXP would work with my Athlon. Some hardware would need new drivers and some programs that are using Windows 98 will not work with WinXP at all. This program removed my printer drivers and I had to re-install them.
rich-c: and if you have to move it, it weighs a ton and a half
Daniel B: Yes. Ron is very patient to use VirtualPC on his Mac computer.
Pamela: now i'm so used to the flat screen at work which is quite far from me, and I feel like I'm too close to the one at home
rich-c: well, XP does have a wizaard that sometimes will tell you if a program is XP compatible
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Guy B.: I like the one at work and I don't need to use a glare screen like I had to with using a monitor.
rich-c: and if I recall you usually have to change printer drivers to suit new OSs anyway
Pamela: Erin and Rich will be here soonest - just got an e-mail from her
changed username to Rich-n-Rin
rich-c: that must be them coming on now, then
Rich-n-Rin left chat session
Daniel B: hello 'rin!
Guy B.: The new printer I have will work with XP as the setup disk has drivers for WinXP.
MerryXmasBob: AHSO.....and here they is !!!!!!11
Daniel B: gone
MerryXmasBob: or was
rich-c: hello to Cleveland - how was the trip?
changed username to Rich-n-Rin
Pamela: there they are!
Daniel B: hello again
rich-c: back - just dropped a twin
Guy B.: HI Dr D and Rin.,
Rich-n-Rin: Chat is not happy with Firefox.
MerryXmasBob: hey kids !@!!!
Daniel B: Hello R&R
Rich-n-Rin: Hello all.
Judy: hi, Dr D and Erin
Rich-n-Rin: This is Safari now.
Pamela:tall Java Rich?
MerryXmasBob: well.........FIRE fox then
Rich-n-Rin: And it is very sloowwwwww updating.
Rich-n-Rin: hehe would love to Bob
Pamela: posting has been very slow
MerryXmasBob: but we are here and workiing
rich-c: for me, it seems happier with Firefox than with IE, ever since I started using it
Rich-n-Rin: Hi Judy, hi eeryone.
Rich-n-Rin: Yes, of course Guy :-)
rich-c: the server here is slow tonight, though
Rich-n-Rin: This chat seems happiest with the old Exploder for Mac...
Daniel B: I'm using Firefox for months now and it's going just fine... except when playing macromedia flash content
Guy B.: Christina home from college for the holidays?
Rich-n-Rin: Yes she is Guy.
Pamela: ya gotta love this age of instantaneous communication - sent an e-mail to Erin's Blackberry, in Cleveland!!! and got a reply back almost instantly
Rich-n-Rin: I got her 2 Fridays ago.
Guy B.: When does she return?
Rich-n-Rin: Monday.
Rich-n-Rin: We had the girls over for supper tonight, just took them home.
Rich-n-Rin: That is why we were late getting here.
Daniel B: the problem is the cpu load... when playing many flash banners at the same time. it crash when it needs special things like transparency and motion blur special effect from the latest flash plugin
Pamela: any trouble getting the chairs over the border?
Rich-n-Rin: Rin made Shepherd's Pie for us.
Guy B.: I go back to work on Tuesday. Using up my last 3 vacation days and then have Monday off for New Years.
Pamela: hmm, wonder where she got that idea?? : )
Rich-n-Rin: We were perhaps 5-10 minutes ourselves at the border.
Rich-n-Rin: But the waiting line was long, took us an hour just to get there.
Pamela: really, why so long??
Rich-n-Rin: Traffic stopped dead halfway across the bridge and then crawled from there.
MerryXmasBob: holiday.........
Judy: Bob didn't take off any time for the holidays
Rich-n-Rin: Lots of people crossing, and all the inspectors were taking a long time, it seemed.
Guy B.: Rich and Erin. Since you just came on. I told everyone else, that I may have found a hotel for next year's con.
Rich-n-Rin: Big change from when I got into Windsor at 7:30 AM Monday, I was the *ONLY* person there either way, and the gal waved me through with a couple questions.
MerryXmasBob: being jerks for the holidays.......typically US customs
Rich-n-Rin: That is great, Guy!
MerryXmasBob: makes us all warm and fuzzy ya know
Pamela: what I would like to know Guy, is have you set a date???
Rich-n-Rin: The eleventy-first of Septober.
Pamela: great, that works fine : )
Guy B.: I sent an e-mail for more info. I'm planning to be in July.
rich-c: isn't that your birthday? ;-)
Rich-n-Rin: hehe
Pamela: smarta** Daddy
rich-c: did you remember there are parts of July Ron can't handle?
Rich-n-Rin: Mine is the same day you had your bionic hip installed :-)
Guy B.: That's August Rich. He already told me. July is fine with him.
Pamela: Erin, question for you - do you remember seeing my black pearl necklace recently?
Rich-n-Rin: IIRC Ron was saying no to August 1st weekend last week.
rich-c: anyway, Guy, we plan to come if health permits, and I hope to drive
MerryXmasBob: July is fine here too. as long as we know so we don't plan a 'walkabout' then
Pamela: July is fine for us
Rich-n-Rin: [Rin: no]
Pamela: 'kay. Thanks.
Guy B.: Ok, I'll let you all know as everything gets put together.
Rich-n-Rin: Hire a chauffer, Richard...
MerryXmasBob: your NEW black pearl necklace ??????
Pamela: that would be me, Rich : )
MerryXmasBob: shame!!!!
Rich-n-Rin: hehe
Pamela: no, the new one is an opal
rich-c: comes a little pricey, Rich, and they get underfoot
MerryXmasBob: ah
Rich-n-Rin: Rin has no *BLACK* pearl necklaces here.
rich-c: besides, do you think I could EVER ride with someone else driving?
MerryXmasBob: Pam says she is a real deal......
MerryXmasBob: and smiles alot too
Pamela: you ride with me, Dad
Rich-n-Rin: Hard to say Richard :-)
Pamela: although I must admit we were thinking of flying
MerryXmasBob: Richard......don your air mask and yell out HIHO Silver and RIDE man !!!!!
Rich-n-Rin: I could get Rin a black licorice twist necklace though
rich-c: well, yeah, but I showed you how, and (for a change? ;-)) you listened
Pamela: that's no help on this end, Rich
Judy: and then she would have a snack , also
Pamela: just goes to show you're a good driving instructor, Dad
Rich-n-Rin: I had to go to 4 stores to find true licorice candy for my Dad for is not popular.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
rich-c: no, the mask is strictly for sleeping, Bob
Pamela: ah, chocolate . . . smoothes out the rough edges
Pamela: got an idea, brb
Rich-n-Rin: That is what 100-grit sandpaper is for <runs>
MerryXmasBob: yes Richarc, but you would look so CUTE driving on the freeway with it on
Rich-n-Rin: Toronto Bandito
MerryXmasBob: thas a GOOD one
Rich-n-Rin: Si senor
Judy: scary thought
Pamela: you better run, Drushel
Rich-n-Rin: So I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
Pamela: found it!
Rich-n-Rin: <protrudes lingual element noisily at Pamela>
Judy: we did, and you?
Rich-n-Rin: Yes :-)
Rich-n-Rin: Rin brought me a new COLECO video game...actually 2:
Pamela: I love you too!
MerryXmasBob: but with a lot of cross country travel..........
Rich-n-Rin: One to play, and one to dissect!
Guy B.: I did. Only returning one gift. A Sudoku board game.
Judy: your pearls or chocolate?
Daniel B: one to dissect?
Pamela: my necklace, Judy
Guy B.: You got one of those Coleco games! Which one?
Rich-n-Rin: The girls played it has the "look" of CV games, but they are not...too much graphics resolution.
MerryXmasBob: cut up? .....ruin?.......break?
Pamela: I tend not to wear it much in the summer so it got put aside for a while
Rich-n-Rin: The head-to-head with 12 games built-in.
Rich-n-Rin: Well, it actually looks like it comes apart pretty easy (some Phillips-head screws), but Rin didn't know that.
Guy B.: I have Ms. Pacman and I got Pacman Plug and play.
rich-c: btw, the local glorified pawnshoip has a Colecovision game for sale
Rich-n-Rin: And it is tiny.
Daniel B: ho the new coleco tvgame system... that is a bunch of electronic games for tv with NES graphics and sounds
rich-c: they are asking $35 for it - and it has no power supply!
Rich-n-Rin: Two controllers, and the left one has the CPU and 4 AA batteries in it, and the video/audio out cable to the TV.
Rich-n-Rin: Yes Daniel, I am thinking it is more NES than anything.
rich-c: oh, is this something like the Atari and Commodore 64 repreises?
Rich-n-Rin: Some of the sprite design and sounds are vaguely like ColecoVision stuff.
Daniel B: the football game plays exactly like the electronic game made with only red del. I'm sure I played this game 20 years ago
Rich-n-Rin: There is a Turbo-like game that has cars lifted from Spy Hunter...the sound of the cars is like the one in Turbo.
Pamela: we were kinda worried, Rich. You spent a lot of time talking about it last chat and we were afraid you'd buy it for yourself : )
rich-c: so says teh guy who worked out teh codecs...
Guy B.: Atari came out with Atari 2600 flashback 2. 40 built in Atari 2600 games and it plugs into the A/V TV inputs.
Rich-n-Rin: Nope, I wouldn't have bought it at all...since it was clear from the packaging that it was *NOT* a true ColecoVision reprise.
Daniel B: If you visit the actual coleco web site, you will see the t-shirt section... they are all using sprites and graphics from this little tv game system.
rich-c: yeah, I think it's something like that, Guy
Rich-n-Rin: Have to wait for Guy F. to make one for us...
Pamela: ick, I just smeared the screen
Rich-n-Rin: I have seen the site.
Rich-n-Rin: Smeared?
Rich-n-Rin: Lipstick?
Rich-n-Rin: Chocolate?
Pamela: unsure
rich-c: sticky fingers?
Rich-n-Rin: Butter :-)
Pamela: the latter, I think : )
Pamela: all better now
Pamela: sticky fingers, that is
Daniel B: well, RiverWestBrand who exploit the coleco liscence now didn't sell any ColecoVision system actually, it still only under coleco name not colecovision name
rich-c: use the cleaning cloth you use for your glasses, Pam
Guy B.: I wonder if any Colecovision games are going to be like this? There is an Intellivision one out now.
Rich-n-Rin: They have many disclaimers that they have nothing to do with Coleco Industries or their descendants.
Pamela: my sweater won't reach that far, Dad
Rich-n-Rin: Well, it will be fun to talk about for an ADAMcon session :-)
rich-c: smarta** dughter
Rich-n-Rin: I also have a DYNA clone that I bought from Telegames many years ago.
Pamela: : )
Judy: be carefull what you clean your glasses with, Bob broke his last week cleaning them
Daniel B: we know that hasbro bought the company, and let riverwestbrand exploit the names head-to-head, coleco and colecovision. but RWB have no idea what to do with colecovision name
Rich-n-Rin: I guess I could do some comparative anatomy...appropos since I am teaching comparative vertebrate anatomy.
rich-c: I was doing some cleaning yesterday (Pam faints away) and unearthed an old ADAM souvenir
Pamela: I knocked a nosepiece off at work doing it that way not too long ago
Guy B.: I have both 80 Atari classics and Intellivision games on CD for the PC.
Pamela: (loud thud as Pamela hits the floor)
MerryXmasBob: OK Dr D and are in charge of TWO (count 'em) minimum sessions for ADAMCON this year
MerryXmasBob: disect the new coleco games
Rich-n-Rin: Two minimum?
rich-c: I found one of those old sterling silver ADAM charms that were made up for Adamcon 10, remember?
Rich-n-Rin: Have to translate the instructions from Jinglish to English first...
Rich-n-Rin: Oh my, yes I remember of them, Richard...10 was the one I couldn't attend.
Pamela: there were charms????
Pamela: how cool
Rich-n-Rin: I never saw one in person I don't think.
Pamela: we should add it to my charm bracelet, Dad
MerryXmasBob: yes Richard......and I had an ADAM keychain, but lost it in the river one day whilest tubing
rich-c: you can see it next time you come over - remember to ask
Rich-n-Rin: I will. Do you want to see us when we are in town?
Judy: and the keys that were on it
Pamela: wait, I need to start making a list . . . : )
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BAIR
Rich-n-Rin: We will be coming to Toronto Monday and staying all day Tuesday, I will leave Wednesday morning after taking Rin to work.
Daniel B: Welcome!
Pamela: Merry Christmas, Bob!
Rich-n-Rin: Bob Bair, hello!
rich-c: the Great Bair himself - we are honoured by your appearance, sir!
Guy B.: Hi Bob B.
BAIR: hEY happy new year to every one
MerryXmasBob: BOB !!!!
Pamela: HP and the charm, what was the third thing, Dad?
MerryXmasBob: good to see you man !!!!
rich-c: yes, we will see how all teh various schedules work out
Guy B.: How are you doing?
Judy: hi, Bair
Rich-n-Rin: We are at your disposal, Richard...not making too many specific plans.
rich-c: try the laptop, check the music (bring the book)
Rich-n-Rin: If it works out, great, if not, we will try again sometime later.
Daniel B: I think I know this name... Bob Bair... let me think
Pamela: we're missing something
rich-c: oh yes, and see if the scanner interests you
MerryXmasBob: And a happy new year to you and Virginia ALSO
BAIR: hey bob got your card thank you I can't tpye any better
rich-c: and still have the carol sheet, and I think there's something else
MerryXmasBob: farn dingers, eh
rich-c: and Bob, the very best of new years to you and Ginny
MerryXmasBob: Bo Bair was our esteemed ANn treausurer for mayny years Daniel. and ADAM friend
BAIR: lost mother law about a month ago
rich-c: Bob Bair is a long-time Adam groupie, Daniel, but has not been that active of late
Rich-n-Rin: Sorry to hear that, sir.
MerryXmasBob: our sympathy Bob.....sudden? or known coming?
rich-c: oh dear - our condolences, Bob
Daniel B: we chat here in march this year
Guy B.: Sorry to hear about that Bob.
MerryXmasBob: youe retired now Bob???
BAIR: Oh I don't think was any better than any one else was but it was fun
Guy B.: Bob B, in case you don't know. I'm hosting next year's Adamcon here in Chicago.
Judy: sorry about that Bob
BAIR: Virginia said this is my last year to work for tower
rich-c: and then?
Rich-n-Rin: Retire to Aruba...
MerryXmasBob: I WANNA go too
BAIR: Emergency Management a lot more
Pamela: an excellent plan
Rich-n-Rin: That's Aruba, North Dakota :-)
Rich-n-Rin: Or was it Manitoba...
Daniel B: I'm looking at the chat log... it was a very small chat session in march.
rich-c: so some while before you toss in the towel yet, Bob?
Judy: you won't see me there
MerryXmasBob: no....Caribbean
Pamela: how about Kokomo?
Daniel B: I saw that bob bair said he liked small cities better.
Rich-n-Rin: Kokomo Indiana.
rich-c: he's already in Indiana
BAIR: I just hope I never have any thing as bad new orleans can't spell tonight
Rich-n-Rin: I know, hence the irony.
MerryXmasBob: in a lot smaller town thatn Kokomo
Judy: been there
Rich-n-Rin: <Rich is being verbally abused by Rin right now over his last comment>
MerryXmasBob: no, New Orleans was a MESS.....and still is
Pamela: go, Rin!
Rich-n-Rin: New Orleans should be abandoned...
MerryXmasBob: smack him rin
Rich-n-Rin: No way to keep the ocean back.
MerryXmasBob: no, not abandoned....just razed to provide fill material and then build on top of it....about 10 feet up
Rich-n-Rin: "Let them mount up upon themselves, if they see not the humour in it" -- J.R. "BOB" Dobbs, 1953.
MerryXmasBob: or more
rich-c: yes, I'm glad we got to see it before it was destroyed
BAIR: Kendallville is north about 3 hours
rich-c: I think the property owners might have opiniions on that
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
MerryXmasBob: was not to much to see Richard.....french quarter was smpared anyway
MerryXmasBob: spared
Daniel B: hello Dale!
Pamela: well, good evening Dale!
Dale: Merry Christmas all.
MerryXmasBob: hiya Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Rich-n-Rin: Hello Dale
Daniel B: happy new year all!
rich-c: hi Dale, is it you been keeping the server busy tonight?
Pamela: Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New Year too
Dale: Sorry.
Judy: hi, Dale
Rich-n-Rin: No, it's us Richard.
Dale: I am keeping it busy.
rich-c: hey, it's your machine, after all
Rich-n-Rin: hehe
Dale: I meant to pause my heave bandwidth use during the chat.
rich-c: trying to get the Future Shop website untangled? man, were they overloaded Christmas night!!!
Rich-n-Rin: Bittorrent, Dale? :-)
MerryXmasBob changed username to BobS
Dale: Downloading a backup CD ISO.
Rich-n-Rin: ah
BobS: oh oh.......a big selling night ?????
Dale: Uses lots of bandwidth while it's running.
rich-c: that shouldn't take that long on a good DSL line
Rich-n-Rin: <Rin is vegging>
Daniel B: the "AdamBomb 2 which was introduced at last AdamCon was much talked about, and Bob Bair (our Games Expert) taught impromptu sessions on AdamBomb techniques to all of the gamers who were stuck."
Pamela: it's past her bedtime : )
Rich-n-Rin: <and cracking her neck, eww>
Daniel B: So you are the game expert?
rich-c: well, they had their Boxing Day specials on on the website starting at 12.01 a.m. Boxing Day
Rich-n-Rin: Yes, I better put her to bed.
BAIR: ho I don't think I ever that good
Dale: Oh ho, Bob Bair, it's been a while since I've seen you on chat!
Rich-n-Rin: Another travel day tomorrow: we are going to my Dad's for the afternoon and evening.
Daniel B: I never played Adambomb but I hear about it many times
rich-c: I was there but twice got put on ignore and dropped - and I was one of the first ones in
BobS: the FIRST man or woman to go the distance with the game !!!!!!! HURRAY
Rich-n-Rin: I thought Judy and Meeka were the ADAMbomb experts.
Pamela: remember what I was saying about sleep, Rich???
Rich-n-Rin: They had the maps.
Guy B.: That's what I thought too.
Rich-n-Rin: Schlafen macht gut, ja
BobS: after getting hints and the correct updates for the game from the BAIR
Dale: The maps were numbered in the "Bair-order".
rich-c: finally had to order when I got up next morning - fortunately there was stock left (very limited item)
Guy B.: No wonder.
Judy: Bob got me going, many hints from him
Dale: There. I paused my download. Chat server should be snappier.
Daniel B: I want to try this try this game at least one time in my life.
Daniel B: oh yes
Rich-n-Rin: Rin says, "Talk to you next year, folks" :-)
BobS: seems the game had errors and Bob was one of the only ones to get the update before the author went incognito
Daniel B: it's really fast now
Rich-n-Rin: It is a good game.
Daniel B: amazing
Rich-n-Rin: Both games.
Judy: yes, you should
Pamela: Night Rin, Happy New Year, and see you Tuesday
rich-c: OK Rin see you when you're back
BobS: will have to take it to convention this year, yes ????????
Rich-n-Rin: Good night all.
Dale: My excitement is I got a PSP for Christmas.
Guy B.: Bye RIch and Rin.
Rich-n-Rin: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
BobS: DRUMROLL.......PLEASE......ok, will do it, just remind me later ok?
rich-c: meanwhile Happy New Year to you and Rich
Rich-n-Rin: Don't have too much egg nog etc.
Pamela: Rich, give us a call when you get in on Monday
Judy: night, Rin, happy new year
Daniel B: bonne nuit Rich'nRin
Dale: But, I updated it to the latest firmware before checking into homebrew.
BobS: nite kids !!!!
Rich-n-Rin: Thanks Richard.
Rich-n-Rin: <poof>
BobS: PSP Dal;e???????
Dale: Now I find out that updating is a mistake. The latest firmware doesn't readily play your own code.
Dale: A PlayStation Portable.
Pamela: what is it about the men and their toys???
rich-c: saw a review said the X-360 is a more powerful maching but PSP has all the good games
Daniel B: do you think they did the new firmware to protect commercial games and avoid homebrewer to make games for it?
Dale: Handheld games machine with WiFi, proprietary discs with games/movies, and Memory Stick duo for your own stuff
BobS: ahso.......HEY you are a big kid.....
BAIR: hey we have to have toys it is a must
Dale: (pictures, video clips, and until recently homebrew games).
BobS: hmmm..........."the one with the MOST toys wins ????"
rich-c: I tend to regard "proprietary" as a dirty word - sort of synonym for exploitive pricing
BobS: I am with you Richard
Dale: I'm not defeated yet. The latest software supports web browser with JavaScript, so I can still make web based games for it.
BAIR: with my toy though I canmake money with it
Pamela: "the only difference between the men and the boys is the price and the size of their toys"
rich-c: how do you do that, Bob B?
Guy B.: My nephew has PS2, Gamecube, NES64 and a PSP. I think he gave up his Gameboy and gave it to my great niece.
BAIR: how about the price ofthe toy
Daniel B: hehe! price and size of their toys... good one!
Dale: Well, okay the format for the Disc "Universal Media Disc" is now accepted by ECMA International as an open standard.
Pamela: Judy, stop snickering : )
BAIR: my tactor was 12000.00
BobS: now.....waht IS the deal with Sun & Microsoft about this Java business??????
rich-c: but it's like 2-3/4" and runs backwards, or something...
BobS: that mean the chat won't work in years to come?
BobS: lost ya Bob
rich-c: I gather Microsoft stoped working the losing lawsuit route and bought the necessary rights
Dale: So technically is is not a proprietary standard any more. It is however encrypted, and the keys haven't been cracked.
Guy B.: Seems Sun won it's case against Microsoft and Microsoft will have to use Sun's Java instead of their own.
BobS: except that the price of 'your' new toy for Xmas was $12,000 ?
BAIR: yes
Pamela: and what are you using a tractor for, Bob?
BobS: and this was?????
rich-c: wow, I buy new toys but not in that league
BobS: gonna start farmin' he is
Pamela: yes you do, they're called cars, Dad
Guy B.: By the time I get my new notebook. one PC will still be running Windows 95 and that is my P133. The others have Win98.
rich-c: though he was already doing that - or was the tractor borrowed?
BAIR: well I do gardens plow snow and still helpall of Tims friends
Pamela: is this thing full size, Bair?
rich-c: so upgrade it if you have enough memory and disc space to do it - Win98SE is a momory hog
BobS: MONSTER size Pam
rich-c: monstrers I had gathered cost a lot more than on 12K
Judy: better sign off now, get some sleep, have to keep up with Ryan, takes some doing, Happy New Years to all!!!!
BAIR: it is a ford a 21horse
Pamela: Happy New Year, Judy. Good night.
Dale: Happy New Year Judy.
rich-c: happy new year, Judy, see you next week!
Daniel B: happy new year judy!
Judy left chat session
BAIR: have a good new year
Pamela: You bought a Ford? You rock, Mr. Bair
BobS: 21 horses...a LOT of power
rich-c: what's it they say, get a Ford for work and a Deere for show?
BAIR: thank you
BobS: I got Ford'
BobS: s
BobS: 2 of them
BAIR: it was $1500 cheaper than a deere for the same size
rich-c: see above
BobS: well kids, time for me to go also.....with the bride......I want you to ALL have a great new year....sober and not too fun, but safe.
BobS: And MR Bair....come back soon eh??????
rich-c: on the old auto chat board we used to have a tractor collector from upstate New York
Pamela: Happy New Year to you too Bob. Nite!
Daniel B: Good night BobS! Happy new year! Talk again next week!
BobS: enjoyed talking to you again
Dale: See ya BobS.
BAIR: yea I will try
Guy B.: Bye Biob
BobS: nite nite all
Guy B.: Bob
rich-c: night and happy new year to you too Bob - take care
BobS: to the NEW YEAR and BEYOND !!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Well time for me to go too. Happy New Year to all!!!!
Pamela: Happy New Year, Guy.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you.
Daniel B: So Bob Bair is the game expert? Did he played the game EVIL3? I were unable to make a map to play this game
rich-c: he's off teh teh exclusively tractor boards now, I hear, but had a lot of interesting asides while with us
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too!
rich-c: night Guy, keep us posted on teh hotel
Guy B.: Will do.
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel B: Happy new year GuyB!
rich-c: looks like we lost him, Daniel
Dale: EVIL3? Is it a CV carT?
BAIR: I did enjoy the time with you guys
rich-c: don't recall it on teh Coleco list, Dale
Daniel B: EVIL3 ... it's in one of the dsk files (ANN)
Daniel B: nov05ann.dsk
rich-c: well, when you can, make a little more, Bob - a Chicago Adamcon is a good excuse!
BAIR: I have never seen it
Daniel B: I sent a message in the adamcon list about it... I suppose.
rich-c: you did - no response does NOT mean unread, just that no comment seemed appropriate
Daniel B: Welcome to the third part of the E.V.I.L. trilogy. We're all counting on you.
BAIR: well don't travel much after my stay in the hospital and after loosing my son Tim
rich-c: and obviously reasonably so, Bob, but is Chicago (actually Bolingbroke) that far?
Daniel B: "Electronic Video Intelligence Laboratories (E.V.I.L.), bent on gaining control of all the world's computer systems, built MCC-E1. This computer was short-circuited by a hacker who is known as Fig-Leaf. E.V.I.L. constructed a new Master Control Computer (MCC-E2), and added Artificial Intelligence and special protection circuits. Agent Fig-Leaf entered MCC-E2's memory circuits, and discovered a diabolical plan, Which E.V.I.L. had already begun."
Daniel B: Agent Fig-leaf, if you are still out there, this message is for you: Since MCC-E2 can't be destroyed, why not re-program it? We've found that by setting just three bytes (Bytes 'A', 'B',and 'C'), MCC-E2 will erase most of its memory, and run only "Demo" programs. The numbers to set the bytes, will be found in MCC-E2's own memory. Each unit of memory in MCC-E2 can be called a "room."
rich-c: for me, I plan to attend so long as my health allows
Pamela: well you'll just have to stay healthy then Dad
BAIR: the best way to do adam bomb is keep a map while playing the game and it is easy
Pamela: and yes, that's an order : )
Daniel B: "** Make a map as you go. Remember that this is a computer circuit, so the routes can criss-cross, and jump around."
Dale: I was good to see you this year Ricard. I know it was a channgening year for you.
rich-c: I'm working on it, daughter
Daniel B: this phrase makes me crazy... "the routes can criss-cross"
rich-c: yeah, that was the weekend I was wearing the penecillin pump, wasn't it?
Daniel B: I played once and some routes can be taken only in one direction.
Dale: One way paths in both directions?
Pamela: such a lovely accessory, Dad
Dale: One way paths can be a bit of an issue.
BAIR: well I used graph paper and it was easy
Daniel B: and it's like CUBE film... each room is different
rich-c: yes, at least when I have the holters they don't put a needle in my arm
Daniel B: and similar at the same time
Dale: Each room is different helps to map it though.
Pamela: Dad, I'll be in touch, probably tomorrow evening, and we can do some plotting for Tuesday
Daniel B: many rooms are named REM where nothing happen... there is a black REM room, a green REM room, a red one, etc.
Dale: I always mapped text adventures before the Adam.
rich-c: whatever you want, Pam, sounds reasonable
BAIR: adn once you get each room down they stay the same
Pamela: In the meantime, it's time I got some sleep so I shall leave you all to your games
Pamela: Happy New Year to everyone
Daniel B: well, the bytes A,B,C may change the situation for a door I never found yet
rich-c: OK, goodnight now, sleep tight
Pamela: g'nite, Daddy
BAIR: happy new year to you
Daniel B: goodnight Rich!
Pamela: g'nite, guys
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B: This is one of the EVIL3 author comment : "** ADAM may behave a little strangely while this program is running. Expect the unexpected. I would not, however, suggest listing the program, since I did something sinister to a couple of lines."
Dale: You haven't fond A B and C?
rich-c: think daughter has teh right idea - the hour is getting on
rich-c: so for all of you - heurese nouvell annee - and see you next year!
Daniel B: I found B and C last time I tried, where able to set them to the right values at the right room, but still missing A
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Bye Richard.
Dale: Missed him
Dale: I don;t think I've seen it before.
Dale: Sounds interesting though.
Dale: Bob, have you tried it?
BAIR: no
Dale: Maybe you should download the ann disk Daniel mentioned.
Daniel B: Interresting but makes me crazy because going always down can make you return to the top room in the plan where you can't go up.
BAIR: i haven't heard of it before
Daniel B: it's the nov05ann.dsk one
Daniel B: ** "REM"- These rooms are "safe", and mostly ignored by the computer.
Daniel B: ** "DATA 'A', 'B', & 'C'"- These rooms contain the values to be set in BYTE 'A', 'B', & 'C'.
Daniel B: ** "BYTE 'A', 'B', & 'C'"- When all three are set correctly (to the number values found in "DATA") the mission will be accomplished.
Daniel B: ** "IF/THEN"- While a certain condition exists (mentioned in the room), a "door" will open, to let you move "Down", revealing one or more hidden rooms.
Daniel B: ** "ACCUMULATOR"- Each time this room is entered, all 3 Bytes are reset to "0".
Daniel B: ** "ENDLESS LOOP"- The Arrow Keys won't work in this room. Perhaps you're stuck forever!
Daniel B: ** "GOTO"- You get a choice of 1 of 3 Smart-Keys, each leading to a different room.
Daniel B: in the endless loop you can press the IV or VI key to appear in a (i think it's pseudo random) room.
Dale: Sounds cool.
Dale: Is it entirely text, or is there any graphics?
BAIR: i don't have much time for games any more
Daniel B: it's text only. but some screens look like having garbage on screen
Dale: I'm sorry to hear that Bob.
Dale: I'll admit with my three year old the computer games I get to playu have changed a little.
BAIR: ema takes alot of time this year
BAIR: hoping that when i retire fromtower it slows down some
BAIR: I have been at tower for 31 years and ema for 34 years
Daniel B: In aug05ann.dsk, there is a game named chainreaction that is very similar to the game Explosion I did for the ColecoVision in the gamepack#2 prject.
BAIR: I don'take ann disk any more
Dale: Maybe I should check out that disk.
Dale: The ann disk is available for download from BobS's site
Dale: htttp://
BAIR: how do i get to his site
Daniel B: oct05ann.dsk ... I don'T know how to play or use it. I think I need another disk image to run it.
Dale: Scroll down and choose Adam News Network Disks.\
BAIR: may be i will try it some time
Daniel B: aug05ann.dsk that contains ChainReaction, there is also a game named Jumping Jack. I'm sure I played a game like that with my Vic-20 when I was young
Daniel B: floors with ladders and then some holes appears at random and we have to jump over them.
Daniel B: can be a nive idea for a 1K coleco game Dale.
BAIR: there was one kind a like that with coleco
Dale: Definately not bootable.
Daniel B: oct05 is not bootable, yes.
Daniel B: so i think something is missing
Dale: Do you think it is all text based?
Daniel B: evil3 is in nov05
Dale: Well, you could insert it in Disk B, and boot SmartBasic in Disk A.
BAIR: well i have to go it has been nice talking to every one and happy new year to you
Daniel B: happy new year Bob Bair!
BAIR left chat session
Daniel B: fast
Dale: Found the B data room.
Dale: (Set it to 32 it says)
Dale: Is it the same each game or different?
Daniel B: it's a different value each game
Daniel B: last time I played it was 31 for B
Daniel B: and 20 for C
Daniel B: when reaching a IF THEN room I saw the condition "if B is set to 189" to unlock the hidden section
Daniel B: I feel like being in the CUBE film but without the logic of going up, down left and right because of the criss-cross routes
Dale: I was thinking about how to get an CV emulator on the PSP, but apparently there is MAME and MSX already.
Dale: Jillian says "Hello. Merry Christmas."
Daniel B: Marat takes his fmsx emulator to do his colem project.
Dale: So that's pretty close, right?
Daniel B: Hello Jillian!
Daniel B: Well MSX is a computer, with a different BIOS and I/O ports
Daniel B: otherwise, it's the same graphic chip
Dale: It runs at 222 MHz at peak performance, so it should not require anything other than a port of an existing Z80 emulator.
Daniel B: not the same sound chip
Daniel B: and also, not the same memory map
Dale: fMSX is available for PSP, I guess.
Daniel B: so coleco adam is close to the msx-1 computer
Daniel B: there is also coleco emulator for palm and pocketpc ... maybe you can find a source code if you are lucky
Daniel B: Happy new year Dale, Jillian and Jeffrey!
Dale: I'll have to look around.
Dale: It would be nice to have games I wrote work on my PSP.
Daniel B: I'm sure you can play coleco games on PocketPC... maybe not all your games on palm, but some of them may work
Dale: Guy didn't byte to my invitation to review my PCB design, so I'll have to do it next week.
Dale: Gotta work on my dialog engine for the Adam Street game as well.
Daniel B: Well, Guy had a bad week. last time I talked with him he got frustrated.
Daniel B: Did you talk about Guy Foster?
Dale: Guy Foster is who I meant.
Daniel B: yes, he is frustrated
Dale: Must make an appointment about injection molding soon too. I need to see how much money I need to find to make the carts, and make sure it is worth the money.
Dale: Is there someone out there with cases of unused shells still?
Dale: I'm not well enough connected to know.
Daniel B: Something between him and Frank (alias compyprog, the one who did the music for Guy Foster's Space Hunter project )
Dale: Hmmm...that's too bad. I hope that they can work it out.
Daniel B: I have cartridges here to recycle to release new games. But I'm missing pcbs
Dale: Well, as soon as I feel confident that my design is correct I'll make a bunch.
Daniel B: take your time, it's better checking twice than having a bunch of unusable things
Dale: For sure.
Daniel B: If I win loto, I will send you more money for more pcbs.
Dale: It may still take me more than one try to get it correct. I'll have to ask Nat at Precision what his price would be for a prototype/sample so that I can test just one.
Dale: np
Dale: Once I send you some PCBs, you can sell them and should have money to buy more, don't you think?
Daniel B: well, it's better if you sell the pcbs by yourself to avoid having twice shipping cost in the price
Dale: I owe you like 8, to replace the samples you sent me plus the ones you prepaid for.
Dale: I was assuming you were going to populate them with games before you sold them.
Dale: AtariAge sells bare PCBs, and ones with GALs on them.
Daniel B: this year, I did 10 cartridges for mathieu boyer for his game named "maze maniac". he asked for more.
Daniel B: I did also 20 more cartridges for Steve Begin.
Daniel B: this summer I had enough to make 40 cartridges. Now, I have enough for 10
Daniel B: If I release finnaly a new game, I will need about 50 pcbs
Dale: Well, I'm making 100 of my boards, with plans to reorder every 6 months. I of course need to give them to someone with actual content though.
Dale: That's not really me.
Dale: So if you and Goo Deal Games want some, that's really who I'm making them for.
Daniel B: Well, you have actually more coleco projects in run than me
Dale: Ahhh.. but I never finish anything, is the key.
Daniel B: It looks like GoodDealGames want to do a second batch of Gamepack
Daniel B: some orders are waiting
Dale: Or maybe my games just aren't fun enough. Or something.
Daniel B: don't under-estimate the fun of your games. your games are more oriingal than mine.
Dale: I'd like to tune up my Get Booty game with 2 more types of ships
Dale: And add a rapid battle mode against a military ship (who shoots back).
Daniel B: oh I forgot to tell you that you can go ahead to boost your minigame project. the multicart project will be a reality after the tests michael is currently doing with gal chips
Dale: So the GAL somehow keeps persistent which of the four cartridge images are active?
Daniel B: I waited to announce it to Guy Foster at the same time, but he wasn't only.
Dale: Is that right?
Daniel B: ... he wasn't online.
Dale: I was hoping he'd come too.
Daniel B: well, it looks like the gal chip can act as a circuit, including a bankswicth logic.
Dale: That's handy.
Dale: Something for me to try and design over the winter.
Daniel B: Joe Grant is developing a variation of his coleco pcb design (the one available in atariage)
Daniel B: the new variation can take 64K rom chip
Dale: Nice.
Daniel B: it will be difficult to see the difference between the two designs
Dale: I was wondering if we should do a surface mount version of the PCB. It is probably a bad idea.
Daniel B: atariage said that when his actual stock of coelco pcbs will be very low, he will pay for a new batch, made with the new design
Dale: But my supplier, Sayal electronics, has about 500 surface mount 32k ROMs (27C256s).
Dale: It would probably not be compatible with your burner. That is more important.
Daniel B: do you mean one time programable chip?
Daniel B: actually, I think my burner can't handle them
Dale: They are still EPROMs. But without the UV window.
Daniel B: can'T be erased?
Dale: DIP is where it's at then.
Dale: That's the part I'm not sure that I understand. EPROMs without the window would be challenging to erase by UV.
Dale: Maybe they are electrically erasable, but I thought that those are 28C256s.
Dale: I bought a couple of samples to try, but haven't yet.
Daniel B: the window is a crystal to transform the uv light into energy (frequence?) that erase data
Daniel B: my eprom burner software have a menu where I can select the chip I'm using
Daniel B: my default setting is a CMOS # 27C256
Dale: I see you are featured in the front page of AtariAge -- at least the ColecoNation is, and you look to be a contributing writer.
Daniel B: ther is also NMOS # 27256
Daniel B: EEPROM # 28C256
Dale: Well, the 27C256 comes in two variations: DIP and SMD.
Daniel B: flashmem # 28F256
Daniel B: that's all I saw for now in the menu
Dale: I should buy some 28F256. Do you know of a source?
Dale: That would be the best for my own tests of my software.
Dale: I think anyway.
Daniel B: no, and I think it's not the same pin-out
Dale: I've looked it up, and it is the same pin-out.
Daniel B: need to check that
Daniel B: well, if it's the same pinout then you can use it. I know someone that test is creations with a flash memory
Dale: No one on your discussion list commented on speed of EPROMs (90ns, 120ns, 150ns).
Daniel B: faster than wasting the 15minutes for a UV eraser
Dale: What does that mean do you think?
Daniel B: eprom speed? i think it's time reaction of switching to the right memory cell
Dale: Plus I don't have a UV eraser. So it would be simpler not to get one I think.
Daniel B: go for a flash mem then
Daniel B: it's not cheap
Dale: I asked what speed of eproms you and scott etc. use.
Daniel B: but it's better to avoid uv eraser
Daniel B: what speed of eproms? no idea
Daniel B: the only thing I know is that I'm using a ttl 74LS08 that works just fine
Dale: Well, I'll go with what I learned from RAM that Gary Bowser bought for the Adam RAM expanders way back when.
Dale: The TTL speed is not an issue for sure.
Dale: Okay, well, I should get to bed I guess.
Daniel B: well, at least we know that everthing is possible... need time but should work soon
Daniel B: goodnight Dale!
Daniel B: Bonne Année!
Daniel B: Best wishes!
Daniel B: Take care!
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Daniel B: Bonne et Heureuse Année 2005 à tous!
Daniel B: Bonne et Heureuse Année 2006 pardon! :-P
Daniel B: I have joy in my face because of youuuuuuuu!
Daniel B: *poof*
Daniel B left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-12-28
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