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rich-c: hey, swe have someone new - from upstate New York, perhaps?
rich-c: do I get to say Hi Steve?
rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hey Dad, where is everyone?
rich-c: hi daughter - I was getting lonesome
Pamela: I'll bet!
rich-c: I don't know - we had a visitor on when I signed on but he just vanished
Pamela: anyone we know?
rich-c: have a good game of free cell going though ; - )
Pamela: well go ahead and finish it - I'll be right back
rich-c: if I'm right, he's a former Adam dealer from upstate New York, very near the border in the Lake Champlain area
rich-c: OK
Pamela: there, that's done -just checking e-mail
Pamela: surprised, since I replied to Chris last week, I haven't heard from him
rich-c: I tend to refer to it as checking my spam
rich-c: really? that is a bit surprising, he must have called you for a reason
Pamela: I just wonder where all this stuff comes from - its not like I give out my email addy to just anyone
Pamela: well, he may check his email as often as we check ours
Pamela: : )
rich-c: well, if anyone sends you an electronic greeting card, they get it that way
Pamela: that sentence took me twice the time to write after making all the corrections
Pamela: I have fimble ningers, apparently
rich-c: given my typing talents I am in no position to criticize
Pamela: yes, but I usually admit to being a typist
Pamela: not tonite though
Pamela: got a bad case of the klutzes
rich-c: besides I am still on the laptop, while corresponding swith a nice little girl Isuspect is in Mumbai
Pamela: corresponding with who??? where? Why??
rich-c: her name is Lori Cai (officially, anyway) and she works for Microsoft Support
Pamela: and what makes her a "nice little girl"??
rich-c: her manner is such that I suspect she is not a North American - more south-east Asian polite
Pamela: don't tell me, she's under 30
Pamela: your P.C terminology is slipping, Dad
rich-c: I would guess so,and her English is good but likely a second language
rich-c: why? what m I saying that isn't PC? "nice little girl"?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening... duo!
Pamela: yes, Dad
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Pamela: ca va bien??
rich-c: us old lechers are allowecd an indulgence on that, daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine.
rich-c: how is the job going?
Pamela: and Dad, don't you dare pull out the age card. You were never and aren't a lecher
Daniel Bienvenu: and you? ça va vous?
Pamela: oui, Daniel. C'est un jour miserable
Pamela: non, c'est n'est pas vrai.
rich-c: yeah, but that's just between us (and your mother)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's a terrible time for us here... my great-mother is dying.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
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Pamela: Hello, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
changed username to BobS
rich-c: oh dear, what is the cause, and how old is she?
rich-c: greetings, Guy
Pamela: oh sure, every one is turning up at once
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: Ich bin here !!!!!
rich-c: hello Bob, didn'
rich-c: t see you sneak in
Pamela: is that your great grandmother, Daniel?
BobS: so???????? hotel???????
BobS: course ya didn'tsee me....I am in stealth mode
Pamela: hey, Bob
BobS: oh oh...who's grandma?????
rich-c: that explains it all ; - )
Guy B.: I'm going to send another e-mail to inquire. I have Mozilla on Tabs, so I can multitask.
Daniel Bienvenu: she's about 80 years old... no cancer
Daniel Bienvenu: she's the mother of my mother
rich-c: not that many of us live to be 80, Daniel, we wear out first
BobS: all good so far Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: she's my last greatmother
Pamela: vos grandmere, Daniel
rich-c: in English we we call her your "maternal grandmother""
Daniel Bienvenu: soins paliatifs... she's dying.
Pamela: palliative care only? What's the cause?
rich-c: it is never easy to take, Daniel, espedcially if you have been very close
Pamela: allo?
Pamela: okay, just quiet
rich-c: Guy, I have a little joke to send you - which email address should I use?
Pamela: send him Voters, Dad - it was hysterical
rich-c: liked that, did you?
Pamela: : ))))
Pamela: I'll be back shortly, gonna go talk to R for a few minutes before he leaves
rich-c: one of the many I picked up on carfnuts - we have a humour section
BobS: watching olympics kids?????
Daniel Bienvenu: At the beggining, she was at an appartment, then at the hospital but my mother helped her to go to the toilet. the hostipal requested to not to that. so at an high-speed, my grandmother having health problems, then unable to move, then...
BobS: canadian skater RIGHT NOW
BobS: Groves
rich-c: no, the Olympics bore me stiff, and I don't have time anyway
rich-c: Daniel, that sounds like a stroke
BobS: ih ya....but dey are not too vad
BobS: bad
Daniel Bienvenu: doctor said it's a consequence of a degenerative problem, probably parkinson.
rich-c: yes, our national teams have been doing fairly well in many cases
BobS: yes they have richard
BobS: coming on STRONG! !!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that not moving is bad
BobS: \Groves is in gold position
rich-c: it is Daniel; you must learn to accept that she will not last much longer
Daniel Bienvenu: I accepted... it's not the case for my sister.
rich-c: I am sympathetic; over time I lost all my grandparent and parents and a younger brother
BobS: Kristina Groves just got the gold, I think..........2+ seconds ahead of everyone else and not too many skaters to go
rich-c: I have some idea of what a loss is all about
BobS: but it is ALWAYS tough to see your relatives fade out if not that they die suddenly
Daniel Bienvenu: she's having important exams for her studies at university. she cannot think of her exams now.
rich-c: it is a very hard experience to go through, Daniel - my fatgehr died wshen I was 19
BobS: it is life i guess, but not fair, eh?
rich-c: father
rich-c: I hope you will be able to offer her some support
Daniel Bienvenu: I accepted the situation last year, after knowing that my grandmother needed a special installation to lift her to clean the bed.
rich-c: at least she has been there for you for a long time, much longer than most grandparents
rich-c: yes, those last years are tough - I will be 80 in five years, if I make it, and know what it means
rich-c: Bob, how is our men's hockey team doing?
Pamela: sorry, I'm back.
Pamela: I think our team lost today, Dad
Pamela: was just watching the scroll on CP24 - we're up to 18 medals
rich-c: pity, but at least our women got gold - by a hiuge margin
BobS: don't know, they just started today......US lost to Finland I know so I think they are out
Pamela: won four today, one of which was not men's hockey : )
BobS: but is hockey double elimination?????
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, let's talk about something else... @rich : did you received my reply last night
rich-c: a lot of those were quite unexpected - some of our folks have quite excelled themselves
Pamela: dunno
Pamela: what's double elim?
rich-c: yes, I gather things are on hold - did you get my answer back?
Guy B.: Just read Dr. D won't be here. He's watching 2 hours of Monty Python.
BobS: got to lose TWO to be eliminated
rich-c: no, these now it's lose and you go home
Pamela: yes, Russell is taping it. It's on again next week and the one after that as well. We may not see Rich for a while.
rich-c: why, doesn't Rich have a VCR?
Pamela: we lost to three teams, Bob
Pamela: who knows, Dad
rich-c: looking at a VCD - DVD combo last weekend, but then wondered what I'd do with it
rich-c: have a VCR, and DVD playersa on both computers, and the laptop is a widescreen
BobS: OK, now Klassen is in gold and Groves is in silver medal position
Pamela: our VCR is making funny noises recently. I fear for it's lifespan
rich-c: Guy, that email address please?
Pamela: yes, Cindy Klassen won her fifth medal today
rich-c: you can borrow our old beta machine if you like 8 - )
Pamela: and Guy, can you give us an idea of dates? I know you said July but any narrowing down yet?
Guy B.: Use
Pamela: thanks Dad, that would do us a lot of good
Pamela: especially since all of our 200 odd tapes are VHS
Guy B.: It will be July. I'm eyeing either July 13-18 or 20-23.
Pamela: okay, hang on while I get my daytimer
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : I checked twice, and maybe I forgot to click send last night. I asked, in my last email you may not received, if your offer include the rf-switch?
BobS: TIS OFFICIAL.........Klassen GOLD and Groves SILVER - 2 fast canadians
Pamela: woo and two hoos!
Daniel Bienvenu: woohoohoo?
Pamela: exactly : )
Guy B.: Annie is asleep.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight annie
Pamela: is she snoring?
rich-c: you mean that tv/game thingy? I can gthrow that in if needed
Guy B.: No, just looking so cute.
Pamela: awwwwww
rich-c: guy, check your email
rich-c: maybe you should post the options Guy and ask for feedback
Pamela: Guy, either weekend is good for us, but the 13th is better
rich-c: far as I know it makes no nevermind for us
rich-c: you have any feelings on the subject, Bob?
Pamela: Bob???
BobS: well
BobS: lessee
BobS: don't make anyhow to us
rich-c: too busy wathcing teh pretty girl skaters
BobS: BOB????? ich bin here
rich-c: we'll have to tell Judy on him
Pamela: better check with Ron though Guy - I know he does a family weekend thing in July sometime
BobS: think Ron is busy later in July
BobS: but not sure
Pamela: hang on, gonna check something
BobS: and
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) did you offer include the rf-switch to be able to plug the coleco to the tv set?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) if he need them I can throw in the switch and cable, no problem
BobS: any connection with hotel yet Guy?? do they have a preference
Guy B.: I sent another e-mail and to my second e-mail address. Hopefully I'll hear something, otherwise I'll see about going there during the weekend.
rich-c: I am surprised you haven't heard from them - are they that loaded with business?
BobS: shouldn't be Richard....but who knows
BobS: maybe they are not too computer literate
rich-c: I would think with gas prices as they are summer travel will be much curtailed this summer
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) well, he didn't have an rf-swicth... he only have new consoles.
Pamela: sorry, guys, I was trying to find the chat where Ron said what weekend is no good for him from last year, but I couldn't find it
rich-c: in fact I'd expect anyone in the hospitality business to to doing some sweating these days
BobS: gas staying high there too Richard?
Pamela: it's come way down in the last couple of weeks, Bob
BobS: gets to $2.10 here and then up to $2.40 of .50
rich-c: and if the Nigerian rebels manage to pot a tanker, then - don't even think about what that will do to prices
BobS: or
Pamela: I bought gas at 80.9 the other day, and saw it as low a 77.5
BobS: still high then
Pamela: considering it was up at 97.5 about two weeks ago, believe me, that's an improvement
rich-c: well, it got down to 80¢/litre briefly b ut is 85 - 87 now
Pamela: Lin said she saw it as low as 70.5
Guy B.: Sorry Rich, didn't get the e-mail.
Pamela: timed it right for a change
Pamela: bought gas last night
BobS: same crap as here, why can'Wed Feb 22 22:18:19 GMT-05:00 2006: rich-c : rich-c: best on Toronto Gas Prices when I looked was 74.5
Pamela: actually got 3/4 of a tank for less than $30.00
BobS: instead I think they are fooling themselves, the consumers are into playing the game
BobS: at leawst we low cause it will go up
rich-c: just a sec Guy, I'll see if it bounced
Pamela: Russell tells me that the best time to buy gas in Toronto is Thursday night between 10 p.m. and midnight
BobS: we filled up Mon at low $2 price and now it is $2.40-50
rich-c: oh, I haven't bought my gas for this month yet - still enough left from the January fill
Pamela: no comment
Pamela: although I now go two weeks on a tank
Pamela: my 4.9 km commute is a big help that way
Guy B.: We are around $2.25. Depending where you get it at. It will vary.
Pamela: that would be about 59 cents/litre. That's really good.
rich-c: Guy, I don't have a bounce notice - maybe you should look again?
Guy B.: I'll look in my trash bin. hang on.
rich-c: what, Guy? I'm not on your spam filter whitelist? SHAME!
Pamela: speaking of which, I got one of those Mensa International word contests from Lin the other day - where you add/subtract or change one letter in a word to get a word with a different meaning?
rich-c: haven't seenthose
BobS: and you won?????
Pamela: oh, it's hysterical. I'll try to remember to forward it tomorrow
Guy B.: Rich, it hasn't come through yet. I'll get it eventually.
Pamela: no, this was the results from this year's contest. My favourite:
rich-c: unfortunately Thunderbird does not have a "send again" option
Pamela: Caterpallor (n): the colour you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you're eating
rich-c: the Globe & Mail Books section has something similar evry week
rich-c: if it isn't there in a reasonable time tell me and I'll resend it - or want to give me another address to forward it to?
Pamela: how about "inoculatte": to take coffee intravenously when you're running late
Pamela: here's one for Erin: Arachnoleptic fit (n): the frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web
Pamela: there's a cat in here who would like to say hi
rich-c: hi Inky (meow, purr, purr)
Pamela: he's purring
BobS: purrr right on back
Pamela: he's much happier now that someone is paying some attention
rich-c: oh? usually he seems to want to go off into his own world most of the time
Pamela: unless he's being sucky, as right now
Pamela: he's got his butt on one arm and is patting the other
rich-c: Pam, you plan to drop by here anytime soon? We have a new Quizno's discount flyer
Daniel Bienvenu: I answered to the guy (for the colecovision) that you have an rf-switch. I also have an rf-switch but mine accept a coax cable, not uhf-vhf.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello :-)
Pamela: was thinking that Dad - haven't seen you for a while
rich-c: yes, we're here and so are you
Pamela: will ahve to get organized and get over there
rich-c: wait too long and you'll have two HUBs to pick up
rich-c: you still haven't got the election papers
Pamela: I know, I know
rich-c: never mind, I'm still battling the desktop computer
rich-c: ain't every day you can stump Microsoft on their own products!
Pamela: it's good for them
BobS: will keep them humble
rich-c: yes - truth to tell, I suspect I do have a Plan B of my own that will work
Pamela: Guy, now that you've been working in XP for a while, what do you think?
rich-c: I will tell you I think it stinks - and I dread Vista
Pamela: what's Vista?
Pamela: oh, the next gen, I assume
rich-c: right, and you don't want to meet it
rich-c: a couple of our canuts guys are in IT and are even using the beta - they are impressed, but not favourably
Guy B.: It's not bad. I'm planning to order my new notebook shortly as my Compaq is still running, but the line problem is worse, plus another break occured and it's on the battery pack.
BobS: me don't know anything about XP
Pamela: I've been fuzzed
rich-c: well, maybe Doug can ease you into it gently
rich-c: start now, it's painful if you rush it
Guy B.: Got some shortcuts from one of my co-workers who took a course on what's new with WinXP. Right now, my new notebook will be the only one to have WinXP.
BobS: why I need it????????
Pamela: I use XP at work and don't have any problems with it
rich-c: because MS will be ending support for 98SE soon and you'll be somewhat hung out to dry - no updates or such
rich-c: with your own home IT department you might not have too many problems
rich-c: but there will be issues of new hardwaree, new drivers and stuff eventually
rich-c: I've already flashed teh BIOS and upgraded the USB drivers on my desktop
Guy B.: Now all my PC's have OpenOffice 2.0 on them. I took Wordperfect 2000 off my Athlon as it is obsolete and Openoffice will read Word 2003 files.
Pamela: I don't know of anyone still using Wordperfect.
rich-c: I habe gthe freebie version of Easy Office which is good enough to make the paid version tempting
Daniel Bienvenu: Pretty good alternative this OpenOffice 2.0... but need a pentium III to not wait minutes before starting
Guy B.: It was free from Lexmark when I bought my Z52 printer. Part of a gift when I bought it. Corel was trying to have me upgrade, but at over $100. Decided no thanks.
rich-c: I'd say try Easy Officve, Daniel, but no way you can download it on a dialup connection
rich-c: yes, I have the Corel suite, got it as a freebie, but never installed it
Daniel Bienvenu: I will keep open office 2.0
Pamela: I still ahve Lotus Smartsuite on mine, haven't used it since I started the new job
Pamela: I must admit, I'd probably use it more if I was working with it as well
Daniel Bienvenu: I like its integrated option to export to pdf document format
Pamela: but we're on MS Office at work
Guy B.: Openoffice 2.0 is using the OpenDocument standard and now even Microsoft is thinking about using this for their next version of Office. What this Opendocument is it can be read without the original office suite that it was created in.
rich-c: a number of suites have that, Daniel, but if it works for you, count your blessings and enjoy it
Pamela: anyway, I'm starting to drift which is a sign it's time for bed
rich-c: yes, you have to be up early tomorrow
Pamela: ick, unfortunately
rich-c: so take it easy, daughter, and sleep tight
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) I got a reply from this guy who want a colecovision.
rich-c: goodnight now
Pamela: I will. Thanks Daddy. Gnite
rich-c: (PRIVATE) and?
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) his address : 6040 des chataigniers montréal\quebec h1m 2j6
Pamela: goodnight, everyone
Guy B.: Nite Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) he is interrested, he want an estimate for the total with shipping.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
BobS: nite Pam
Guy B.: Looks like it's time to go myself. See you all next week.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
BobS: yes kids....time to head off for sleepland here too I guess
rich-c: (PRIVATE) does he have an email address?
Guy B.: Nite Bob
rich-c: OK Guy, Bob, see you next week - night for now
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) yes, but it looks like he cannot read english
Guy B.: Rich and Daniel, will see you next week.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir guy... too late
rich-c: (PRIVATE) it's OK, tell him to send me an inquiry in French and I will try to answer it in French
BobS left chat session
rich-c: bye Bob
rich-c: looks like just us two lefct, Guy
rich-c: anyway, given time and a dictionary I can still commit fairly passable French
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) err. based on his french writing quality in forums, I don't think you will be able to translate, but I can do it for you if you don't understand. I will transmit your email to him.
rich-c: well, enough to be understood anyway, though specialized words like joystick might throw me
Daniel Bienvenu: he is typing into texto / sms style
Daniel Bienvenu: more phonetic
rich-c: OK, that I don't think I should challenge - I could get overmatched
rich-c: literary French I can cope with, regional slang not so easy
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Daniel Bienvenu: ok, do I give him your actual email, or another one to avoid spam things?
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined>: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
<undefined>: I guess the party is over.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, yeah...
rich-c: hello, whoever you may be
<undefined> changed username to Guy<undefined>
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyFoster?
Guy<undefined> changed username to GuyF
GuyF: Yes
rich-c: we are thinking of closing down, but can be sociable a little longer
GuyF: Just got back from my monthly ham radio meeting...
Daniel Bienvenu: easy guess.... GuyB was there earlier
GuyF: ah, good!
GuyF: it's nice and snowy in montreal tonight.
rich-c: ah, it's you, Guy - hi
GuyF: well, I'm glad I managed to find a few of you here.
rich-c: Daniel hs someone in Montgreal wants a Colecovisin, we ere discussing his needs
GuyF: Very nice, finding a good home for a CV is a charitable thing to do!
rich-c: you've got snow? they keep threatening us but we hardly see any
rich-c: wind, now that's another matter!
GuyF: Yes, we've got snow, it's nice and white everywhere tonight... means I'll have to shovel though tonight at work.
rich-c: to be honest, I'd rfather it be a profitable thing to do ; - )
GuyF: Rich: Lots of people buy CVs as well if they're nice and in working condition.
rich-c: I no longer shovel snow - doctors get real shirty when 75 year olds with heart issues do it
GuyF: Rich: Even 40 yrs olds can die from heart attacks shovelling snow!!!
GuyF: It's a dangerous activity to do first thing in the morning.
rich-c: yes, I just put out half a dozen non-working ones in the garbage but have one or two left OK
GuyF: Rich: They can always be salvage for working chips, such as the sound chip, cpu, etc...
GuyF: Even the ROM
GuyF: But who's go the time to dismantle CVs!
rich-c: also have joysitcks, power supplies, some expansion modeules, and stuff
GuyF: Best thing would be to ship it off to Daniel and let him take care of the distribution, he's got lots of contacts in the CV world.
rich-c: exactly - I offered them on the Adam mailing list some while ago but no takers
GuyF: There comes a time in a man's life where he has to get rid of his excess toys. ;) I'm doing the same as well, got rid of many many things recently. Need the space.
rich-c: my problem is getting the stuff together, testing it, listing it, and pricing it
rich-c: takes time I just don't have
GuyF: Rich: I know, I end up just taking everything, putting it into my car and giving it to the Salvation Army.
rich-c: oh, our runs have been more to Goodwill, of late
GuyF: goodwill is even better! non-profit.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go sleep now...
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) which email I can give him?
GuyF: Daniel: Take care jerky!!!
rich-c: there is also a recycling website where evrything must be a free giveaway
Daniel Bienvenu: you too! both of you!
GuyF: yes, freecycle I think...
rich-c: (PRIVATE) oh, let him use the direct one (cleechez)
rich-c: that's it, Guy
GuyF: I have a problem with old electronic equipment, I find it hard to part with it, and even harder to resist the temptation of buying them.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
rich-c: funny you shoud say - er, care to make me an offer on a really neat TI99/4a? ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
GuyF: For example a Mac IIVX I saw at the Goodwill last week. It was complete, super clean and selling for $19.99... I couldn't pass it up, and ended up buying it.
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) ok
GuyF: Rich: Found one, mint in a box last year for like $10. I sold it on eBay for $20.
GuyF: They were nice computers, ressembled a lot the Adam technically.
rich-c: oh dear - you're getting a bad case of archicomputerphilia!
GuyF: I know, I tend to buy things that I used to drool over in the 80s and couldn't afford. If I find an Apple 2GS I will buy it immediately, even though I have no use for it... anything AMIGA I will buy, etc...
rich-c: maybe you should check with TPUG and see what they have for sale at teh moment
rich-c: will tell you what's in stock
GuyF: I got a really nice Adam computer last summer, and had to give it away because it was taking too much space. Luckily it was a rare R57 version and Dale put it to goo duse.
GuyF: TPUG Is the Amiga group?
GuyF: ec horny? haha
rich-c: Toronto Pet Users Group originally, now anything Commodore including Amiga
rich-c: Ernie Chorny is the main Amiga activist
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
GuyF: Actually, I have 6 C-64 I would love to give away for free, maybe they can put it to good use.
rich-c: anyway, an R57 Adam is frare because no one could make the damn things run
GuyF: haha, that's true. the guy who gave it to me only used it for smartwriter, nothing else. couldn't make the tape drive work or anything.
rich-c: maybe you should offer a swap
GuyF: anyways, I'm off, have to go to work tonight, my last night and haven't eaten yet!!!
GuyF: Thanks for the email, I will get in contact.
rich-c: tell Ernie I sent you - he has Adam sympathies too, by the way
GuyF: Yes, I will! Thanks again Rich, it's always a pleasure to talk to you, take care of yourself!
GuyF: Till next week when we will hopefully meet again.
rich-c: right, we'll shut down now and see you next week - take care
rich-c: night now
GuyF: bye
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