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Dale: Hi ya Geoff.
*Geoff!*: Howdy!
Dale: How are things in your part of the country?
Dale: It's been an unusually warm winter around here.
Dale: Have you been up to any Adam stuff lately?
*Geoff!*: Same thing here... it got up to about 75 degrees here.
*Geoff!*: hard to stay at work today. heheheh
*Geoff!*: Yeah, actually. I've been working on a driver for Adamem the past week for Windows XP.
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changed username to rich-c
*Geoff!*: howdy Rich! :)
Dale: I started an SDL port of AdamEm, but I've been having trouble figuring out why it stays solid black.
*Geoff!*: yeah, that's actually exactly what I was using. :)
rich-c: well, greetings both - is that Geoolf Oltman?
*Geoff!*: yep.
*Geoff!*: I've got it halfway working now.
Dale: Does you version work better than mine?
rich-c: hey, great to have you join us - a real pleasure
*Geoff!*: You can play it using the keyboard, no sound yet... my joystick support isn't working so great. :)
*Geoff!*: And, it compiles in Linux as well as Windows with no changes in code.
Dale: Any chance you could share the source of what works?
*Geoff!*: Sure. I was trying to get a hold of Marcel before turning it loose, but I haven't heard back from him in the past week.
rich-c: sounds like you are doing some Adam programing, Geoff?
*Geoff!*: Yeah, a driver for ADAMem that will compile in Windows (and Linux, and hopefully OS X as well).
*Geoff!*: I've got a neighbor with a Mac Mini I was planning on taking the code over to to try compiling it.
rich-c: OK, some day I will find a way to make Adamem work for me
*Geoff!*: I think one of Microsoft's updates severely broke DOS emulation...cause the dos version of ADAMem (as well as several other DOS programs) no longer works for me.
rich-c: thought at the moment I just installed XP and it is a mess
Dale: I emailed him about 3 weeks ago.
rich-c: GuyB tried to install Adamem on my XP laptop at Adamcon, but no joy
*Geoff!*: huh... wonder where he's at?
Dale: I want some SDL code that I can target to the PSP.
*Geoff!*: SDL works for the PSP as well? Huh.
*Geoff!*: I started the project just to learn a little more on how to program a desktop system. All of my skillz are for embedded systems. heheheh
Dale: I don't know. Daniel says that he rarely replies but he got an email from him in January some time.
*Geoff!*: I figured I would try and make a decent front end using gtk+ after getting the emulator working on Windows.
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Dale: Yeah, it's really killing me not to have access to my ColecoVision/Adam stuff, on my PSP.
changed username to Harvie
Dale: I was planning on building the front end in SDL. I'm happy to share if it works for you.
*Geoff!*: heheheh, that would be pretty cool to have. I guess you have to put the emulator on a memory stick, or is there a way to burn UMDs now?
Harvie: Hello folks
rich-c: good evening, Harvie
Dale: Memory Stick is the way for now.
*Geoff!*: Dale: sounds good. :
Dale: Hi Harvie.
Dale: Marcel's rule is that you have to tell him what you changed. Not that he has to reply ;-)
*Geoff!*: are there any gui libraries that work with SDL? Looked like all it really had was low level stuff.
*Geoff!*: what's your addy?
rich-c: what are the hardware requirements for the memory stick, and when will they be available?
Dale: It is pretty low level stuff for sure. I haven't really looked into GUI widgets, as all my SDL stuff just uses very basic controls that are just as easy to hard code.
*Geoff!*: My stuff is on its way to you now.
*Geoff!*: I'm working on the joystick routines right now... they sorta work for a digital usb controller, but as soon as you move and let off, it acts as though you are holding up and to the left. :)
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*Geoff!*: All the keyboard should be correctly mapped for ADAM use.
changed username to Daniel
*Geoff!*: And, joystick emulation.
Daniel: hello!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Dale: A memory stick is a flash rom card like an SD memory card or ...
Daniel: hi Dale! how are your projects?
Harvie: Hello Daniel, my condolences on your loss
Daniel: hi Rich! did you finally fix the problem with your computer?
*Geoff!*: Yeah, sorry to hear about your grandma.
rich-c: all my sympathy, Daniel
Daniel: hi Harvie!
Dale: Daniel, Geoff has independently started porting AdamEm to SDL.
Dale: I guess it was time.
rich-c: I thought your bilingual email was very graceful
Daniel: hi *Geoff!*
*Geoff!*: I guess this calls for a collaborative effort, eh? :)
Daniel: what is the status of the "porting"?
rich-c: and it may asurprise you to know that I read it in Frrench without difficulty - you wrote it well
rich-c: no Daniel, all the settings match between the laptop and desktop, but it will not connect to the internet
Daniel: thanks rich! I tried to write it in a way I can translate easily
Dale: Well, I'm a master of keyboard routines. I can do them right away.
rich-c: you did a sterling job of it, Daniel - and I recognize it wasn't easy
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changed username to Pamela
*Geoff!*: Dale: did it work, did it work, did it work? ;)
Harvie: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi, everyone
Dale: Daniel, I've been working on lots of PSP stuff lately. Mostly in SDL, so it works on the PC for testing, and on the PSP as well.
rich-c: hello daughter - we have a real oldtimer with us tonight
Daniel: hello Pam!
Pamela: so I see - Hi, Geoff
Pamela: Daniel, hello - how are you doing?
*Geoff!*: Hi Pamela!
Pamela: I'm feeling very out-gendered right now : )
Daniel: I'm fine, and you?
Pamela: tired but good
*Geoff!*: Pam.... This is a chat for an obsolete computer, right? ;)
rich-c: yes, you're teh only female at the moment - but Im sure that will change
Daniel: Dale, where is the new cource code? I want to try it too!
Dale: I'm thinking of taking one of the SDL projects and making a 1k game for the mini games compo.
Pamela: are you guys gonna talk tech for a while?
Dale: and get JumpingJack.
Dale: It requires the SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll that is in the SkaterMaze.
rich-c: there will likely be a fair bit of that, Pam
*Geoff!*: Dale: did you ever get sound working on your port?
Pamela: okay, i'm gonna go surfing for a bit and I'll be back
rich-c: maybe wait till Bob and Guy show up - Harvie of course is here
Pamela: I'll check back in half an hour or so
Dale: I bounced it to you Daniel. You should have it in your email.
Pamela: TTFN
rich-c: OK, we'll look for you
Pamela left chat session
Daniel: TTFN?
Dale: Geoff, I've always used SDL_mixer for sound under SDL, so I was planning to dive in an learn how to add sound, but Daniel is the sound expert.
rich-c: ta ta for now, Daniel - Anglo slang
Dale: Means "Tah tah for now" -- or goodbye.
*Geoff!*: sweet! maybe we can get this sucker working 100% soon then. heheheh
Daniel: In french, here, Tah tah means the same.
*Geoff!*: I gotta clean up the source. I started with the X driver as a guide.
rich-c: I guess it's Franglais
Daniel: when a boy or girl is waving his hands to say "goodbye!" we also said it's doing "ta ta"
Dale: The X driver is a good place to start. I started with the SVGAlib driver, and I think that that was my mistake.
*Geoff!*: Frankly all the code having to do with 16, 24, or 32 bpp is probably unnecessary now.
Dale: I've been thinking for several years that if I could get a native windows implementation, I could run a BBS over TCP/IP to an Adam with a serial port as a telnet host.
Daniel: Someone named Maxim in SMSPower web site helped me with my soundbank project to procude well the noise emulation
*Geoff!*: I thought about that too... it'd be pretty cool.
Dale: SDL will transparently translate for the hardware. (if it isn't too slow)
Dale: Daniel did the patches come through to your newcoleco email address?
Daniel: checking now
*Geoff!*: I had a thought that it would be really cool to build a USB<->ADAMnet adapter that could interface with the emulator to allow you to use the floppies and keyboard.
Dale: I was discussing the opposite device with Guy F: a USB to AdamNET device, so that I could attach 64 MB memory key to the Adam for example.
*Geoff!*: Yeah, that'd be good too... especially if you could make it work with an MSDOS type directory structure.
Dale: Time to tuck Jeffrey in.
Dale: br
Dale: brb
Daniel: wow... did you heard about the coleco cartridge with a usb port?
*Geoff!*: No! Who's working on that? Good idea though. :)
Daniel: checking for the web site about the usb coleco cartridge
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel: hello Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Harvie: Isn't USB too fast for the ADAM?
*Geoff!*: Hi Guy!
rich-c: hi Guy, hows's Annie?
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: and any reports on the conventin?
Guy B.: She;s doing great. Playing with her toys at the moment.
*Geoff!*: Daniel... that's pretty neat.
rich-c: glad things are going well there
Guy B.: Not at the moment. I'm seeing a specialist on Monday for my right hand. That's the one with the Carpal.
rich-c: ah yes, all the joys of medicine - I wsas over for a stomach xray this morning with barium
rich-c: btw Pam is off surfing, swill be back
Daniel: I compiled the new files in the adamem sdl project
Daniel: no error
*Geoff!*: Does it work?
Daniel: I have to continue the tests, but it looks like the same result as before for me. Where are the modifications in the code?
*Geoff!*: hmm
*Geoff!*: m
*Geoff!*: Well, I've changed things all over while I was testing, but I thought I changed 'em all back. I'll have to try building with the original source code set again and see if it works.
Daniel: I see... I forgot to add the new files in the project
Daniel: err... a lot of warnings and errors... probably something still missing or in conflict, or both
*Geoff!*: Did you use my makefile?
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changed username to rich-1
rich-1: oops, fell off again
Guy B.: Rich, not again!
rich-1: yes, things suddenly got suspiciously quiet
Harvie: I gotta go, hope to see you all next wed.
rich-1: did I miss much?
rich-1: OK Harvie, take care, see you
Daniel: I see the problem. Dale send me the files as texts, so my email software wraped the text, so I have to ask these files again but this time into a zip archive
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Harvie left chat session
Guy B.: By the way. Your e-mail message didn't get through to me. Apparently, my e-mail address never showed up on my account. Now, it's back and it is working again.
*Geoff!*: What's your email addy, Daniel?
Daniel: try
rich-1: OK Guy, I'll try to resend it
Daniel: Dale? I need a zip files
rich-1: FWIW, I didn't get a bounce on it - go figure!
rich-1: is there another address I might use?
Daniel: zip the files to sent me earlier
Dale confirmed ban
Dale: I'm back.
*Geoff!*: they are on their way.
Dale: Making a zip file...
Daniel: Geoff! I received your email.... without any attachment
*Geoff!*: whoops! how about now?
Daniel: checking again
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changed username to *Geoff!*
Dale: I sent mine finally.
*Geoff!*: whoops....
Dale: Now to build it...
rich-1: Guy, got aznother address to suggest?
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Daniel: I received your zip file, Geoff.
*Geoff!*: cool
changed username to IlluminatiGuy
Daniel: Let me think....
Guy B.: Why Rich?
IlluminatiGuy: Hello everyone.
Daniel: Foster
Guy B.: HI Guy
IlluminatiGuy: Yesiree.
rich-1: g'day, Mr. Foster
IlluminatiGuy: hiya Guy, Dan and Rich.
IlluminatiGuy: Dan, sorry to hear about your grandma. Mine passed away 2 years back, wasn't easy.
rich-1: so I can forward it as Thunderbird does have a "send again"
Daniel: hello Guy!
Dale: Hi Giy.
IlluminatiGuy: Hey Dale!
IlluminatiGuy: I heard the weirdest thing today on my way to wal-mart... My wife out of the blue says: "When is the next Adamcon, I'd like to go!". I was like flabbergasted!
Guy B.:
rich-1: well, if Guy ever gets things moving... ; - )
*Geoff!*: It's in Chicago this time, yes?
rich-1: naw, that's the one I used - I need another
rich-1: well, somewhere around there
rich-1: though the last time we looked at Chicago we ended up in South Bend, IN
*Geoff!*: Went there during thanksgiving for the Dr. Who convention... it was C-O-L-D.
rich-1: which I think those wsho were tehre will agree wasn't half bad
rich-1: well, you southerners get chilly easily - how do you liek our high of 27F today?
rich-1: that by the way was better than the forecast promised
IlluminatiGuy: It's been very cold in Quebec these days too.
*Geoff!*: Well, when I got on the plane in the morning it was 68F, and when I landed in Chicago it was 19F. :)
rich-1: and don't even ask what we're getting overnight (with snow)
*Geoff!*: hint: it's only a couple hours flight.
rich-1: should have email Guy first to turn up the thermostat ; - )
Dale: My GCC is too new. It has lots of issues. :-(
rich-1: yes, Fos, you're further north and those chill arctic highs get a cleaner shot at you
Dale: But the issues are ones that I had to deal with in my port too.
*Geoff!*: I'm using gcc 3.4.5.
*Geoff!*: not sure what I'm using in Linux, but it compiles there too.
Dale: Hmm...I'm using gcc 3.4.4 for cygwin. Should be pretty close.
*Geoff!*: I'm using the MinGW version.
IlluminatiGuy: where's Dan?
Daniel: I compiled the new files.
Daniel: with dev-cpp
Daniel: and I had To comment all the FASTCALL
*Geoff!*: yeah, I had to do that too.
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*Geoff!*: I guess they got rid of that in newer versions of GCC or something.
changed username to Pamela
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Guy B.: HI Pam
changed username to BobS
BobS: so there!!!!!
Dale: FASTCALL needs to be moved between the return value and function name:
BobS: HI KIDS!!!
Pamela: i'm back
Dale: void FASTCALL Z80_out(...);
rich-1: welcome back, daughter, hi Bob, GuyB message is resent
*Geoff!*: ahhhh...I see.
Daniel: Ok, let me try that
*Geoff!*: I just ended up "fixing" the #define for it. ;)
Pamela: I'm still the only girl. Hmmm . . .
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rich-1: yes, wqhere is Erin tonight? and Bob, don't we get Judy or Meeka?
Dale: I also had to rename _argc and _argv to my_argc and my_argv, as _argc and _argv are reserved.
*Geoff!*: yep... did that too.
Pamela: dunno 'bout Erin
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hello Judy
rich-1: and Rich said he'd bed late and isn't here yet
BobS: she's here dear
Guy B.: HI Judy
*Geoff!*: gcc documentation is a little sketchy.
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: I doubt he'll make it then
Judy: and Guy,
rich-1: hey Judy, Pam was just complaining about being the only female here
Pamela: I've been off surfing
Judy: Hi, Rich and everyone else
Pamela: I HAVE to get DSL
*Geoff!*: hey judy!
Guy B.: Well, it finally happened. The cable to my Compaq notebook that connects to the battery, broke. I can still use the computer with the power supply though. Time to order that new one.
rich-1: you folks taken up watching tv Wednesday nights?
rich-1: GuyB, check your email now
Pamela: time for a new notebook perhaps, Guy?
Guy B.: Annie is asleep and she will be looking forward to meeting all to the con.
Judy: no, we were moving out of the antique mall today
Guy B.: I have one my wish list at
Judy: we have taken up moving as an occupation
rich-1: right - you told us earlier they wre closing down - gather your pleas went unhdeard
Pamela: any money in it Judy? : )
Judy: no, but I am sure tired
Pamela: I'll bet
Pamela: it takes it out of you
Pamela: part of the reason I swore I was never moving again
rich-1: btw Pam, I have a surplus laptop bag if you want it - remind me Friday
Pamela: we have a bag for the laptop, thanks Dad
Daniel: fastcall ... compiling
Judy: we moved Mandy on Saturday and Tuesday we finished up with her now today we started with the mall
Pamela: probably worth more than the laptop : )
Guy B.: Nothing Rich.
Daniel: no error
*Geoff!*: sweet...
Daniel: running
Daniel: a saw a window
*Geoff!*: workie, no workie?
Daniel: namED AdamEm SDL 1.0
*Geoff!*: yep...
Daniel: iT's black
*Geoff!*: hmmm...
Daniel: blank screen
rich-1: well, it's been sent, so should arrive soon
*Geoff!*: maybe it's that fastcall stuff. I'm not using it.
Pamela: so what's the word on the con, Guy?
Daniel: and I cAn't close the application
BobS: (PRIVATE) Daniel, just read the messages......our sincere sympathy on your grandmothers passing away........
*Geoff!*: Click on the window and hit F10.
Daniel: using all the cpu
Daniel: I need to kill the process
Guy B.: I've printed out the hotel's phone number. I'll jeanene contact them to set something up.
*Geoff!*: d'oh!
Guy B.: In the meantime, I'm seeing a specialist on Monday for my right hand.
Daniel: (PRIVATE) Thank you Bob!
Pamela: Oh? Carpal tunnel problems, Guy?
Judy: what is wrong with your hand?
Guy B.: Yep, already confirmed that.
*Geoff!*: Yeah my CPU usage is maxed while it's running too.
BobS: (PRIVATE) it ALWAYS hurts when it happens Deniel, but remember, YOU have all the memories and can remember them often
Dale: Hmm...
Daniel: cpu usage too high... I had problem to kill the process
rich-1: an Adam program that takes all your procdessing power? seems new coding is in order
Guy B.: Got Carpal in my right hand. Two my fingers are tingling and I'm loosing some of my grip.
Dale: Well, I need to link in a dummy Sound function still...
BobS: YIKES, to take it easy mon
*Geoff!*: Did you try the keyboard?
IlluminatiGuy: Carpal? Is that indian food or something?
Pamela: ask my mom to explain it, Gui - has to do with the tunnel that the nerves run through at the base of your hand
Guy B.: I have a special keyboard at work and I'm wearing new splits for both hands. I'm using one for the right hand right now.
rich-1: no, Geoff, it's the place where you get that excruciating pain in your wrist after typing too much
Daniel: I only saw a blank screen... I supposed something missing or running too slow
Pamela: caused by too much repetitive work, such as typing
Guy B.: Espcially with the work I do.
rich-1: wow, you have it seriously bad, Guy
*Geoff!*: Just curious if you could end the app by hitting the quit key (F10).
Guy B.: Acted up back in December.
Daniel: ok, I will try again.
Pamela: do you have a wrist rest for your keyboard, Guy?
Guy B.: I have that here at home and at work.
Daniel: yep, f10 kill the process instantly
rich-1: yes, and once it acts up you're on the edge forever - it's rough
*Geoff!*: So the keyboard scanning works.
*Geoff!*: I wonder if you force it to reset if it works.
*Geoff!*: I think it's Alt-F11/F12 for that.
Daniel: do you think screen refresh is the cause of the high cpu usage?
Pamela: I have a marvelous one, made of foam, about three inches deep, same height and width as the keyboard, made by DAC
Guy B.: I have one of those ergomomic ones.
Dale: I have achived SmartWRITER!!!
*Geoff!*: I don't think so... the emulator only calls the update screen routine if the screen data changes.
Dale: F10 quits.
Guy B.: And how did you do that Dale?
*Geoff!*: Sweet!
*Geoff!*: /me does the dance of joy
Guy B.: That I knew. F10 quits the emulator.
Pamela: keeps your wrists flat when you type, which is very important in preventing further damage
(Dale gives *Geoff!* a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Guy B.: I'm trying.
*Geoff!*: heheheh
Dale: And you said no keyboard.
Pamela: mmm, chocolate : )
Dale: The keyboard even works.
*Geoff!*: yeah... I think everything is mapped correctly.
Daniel: By doing Alt-F11, I saw a ColecoVision default screen over a screen filled with the full caracter set (00-FF, three times).
*Geoff!*: workin on the joystick stuff right now.
Dale: Daniel, the default was to do an emulator is to refresh the screen with no delays.
*Geoff!*: that must have something to do with the FASTCALL stuff.
Dale: That'll max the CPU.
Daniel: I saw it like a flash... only a second
rich-1: what CPU is in your computer, Daniel?
Dale: Only a real concern if you're trying to do something else, or are worried about battery usage (like on my PSP).
Pamela: had to mention chocolate, didn't you Dale : )
Daniel: still have Pentium 400Mhz, Windows 98se
(Dale gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-1: Pam, did your will power slip again? ; - )
Dale: (to be fair)
Pamela: like me, Daniel
Daniel: I will take a diet coke too!
Daniel: brb
Pamela: it did indeed, Dad - couple of brownie cookies are doing the trick
*Geoff!*: I put some code in there for the ReadTimer() function... wonder if you can use the sync option and slow it down. Haven't tried that yet.
(Pamela gives Daniel a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-1: I guess your computer is more easily overloaded tyhan some of the newer ones like Dale and Geoff are using
Dale: The problem is that the SDL timer routine is only accurate to about 22 ms (according to the docs).
*Geoff!*: hmm
Dale: So that means, it'll probably be either too fast or too slow with a timer delay.
*Geoff!*: without any options on my machine it runs at the right speed it seems.
Daniel: thanks pam!
rich-1: Bob, you're unusually quiet - exhaustion?
Pamela: so Judy, since you've moved out of the antiques mall, now what?
Pamela: pas de problem, Daniel : )
Judy: we only took the first load home not finished, yet, three more loads or so to go
rich-1: did you hire a truck or are you using the family car?
Judy: it is all coming home to the basement and will stay there for a while
BobS: to pace myself as an "older" sort you know
rich-1: guess you'll have to get Bob busy on eBay
BobS: family car and a trailer
Pamela: there's only so much room in your basement : )
Judy: Bob has been making room on his time off, he is down to less than 2 hours a day at work
BobS: ya Pam but I cleaned a WHOLE lot of it out!!!!
Pamela: wow, I'm impressed
Judy: so true, but we will have to put it in there
BobS: threw stuff out like a MAD Russian I did........and then squeezed thigns together
Pamela: please explain, in words of one syllable, how you accomplished this, for those of us who are clutter-challenged?
rich-1: oh, it's amazing how much a basement will hold : < }
Judy: he is putting things on ebay already, sold some last week
Pamela: believe me Dad, it never fails to amaze me
Dale: I'm trying to build a target for PSP now. Have to use the cross compiler.
Pamela: I can't believe how much stuff we got rid of in August, and hardly made a dent
rich-1: oh, a bit more has departed since
BobS: the dumpster gods were calling
Daniel: time to say goodnight!
Pamela: shock and awe!
Daniel: bonne nuit!
Pamela: g'nite, Daniel
Judy: he did get rid of a ton of stuff in the last couple of weeks
BobS: and then of course.........some things could be packed in tighter
BobS: .....mostly dumpster gods though
Daniel: Give me news by mail!
Dale: Daniel, we should get together on sound for Geoff's work.
rich-1: but I have inquiries to deal with for a Colecovision, a copy of Logo, and a disc drive
BobS: nite Daniel
Judy: but there is an awful lot of stuff left in the malls
Dale: Good night Daniel.
Pamela: so Bob, wanna come do our back room? : )
Judy: nite Daniel
Judy: if the pay is right
Daniel left chat session
Pamela: all the pizza you can eat : )
rich-1: bonsoir edt nos pensees sympathetique, Daniel
BobS: do ti get travel time???????
BobS: I
Judy: we are on a limited budget right now
BobS: need cash, cold HARD cash
*Geoff!*: sound would be good.
Pamela: I can't pay in American dollars, though : )
Pamela: will you take Canadian tire money?
rich-1: how are the rturns from eBay these days, btw?
Judy: than your work won't get done
BobS: ALRIGHT !!!!!!! ct dollars
Pamela: shucks
*Geoff!*: figured the sound support would be the trickiest.
Pamela: think I have at least a couple of bucks worth
BobS: ebay is suffering the fate of msot of the us......."slowly lowly"
BobS: most
BobS: heck pamela.....I have a couple of bucks worth
rich-1: ah - I did get a couple of DVDs there VERY reassonably recently
Pamela: well then, you could double your money : )
Dale: This is great work Geoff. I'll give you an update on my SDL front end, and any sound progress I make in the next week.
Pamela: btw Dad, did you see that HP - Goblet of Fire is out on Tuesday?
Judy: not good enough, Pam
rich-1: of course one came from Malaysia with captions in English, Chinese, Malay aND tHAI
Pamela: c'mon Judy, that's a 100% profit : )
*Geoff!*: Dale: Cool deal. In the meantime, I'd like to see what you've done if you don't mind.
BobS: HUNDRED percent ??????????
Judy: he has to stay put and job hunt
Pamela: well if you insist . . .
rich-1: yeah, that's the movie, right? I guess it wont be on DVD till later
*Geoff!*: Dale: I don't know if it'll matter or not, but that code is hard coded to do 8 bpp.
Pamela: no Dad, out on DVD on Tuesday. Best Buy is already advertising the two-disc, widescreen edition for $29.99
Dale: My port of AdamEm doesn't really work -- not nearly as far as you got. Get it at
rich-1: don't feel a great necessity to own HP - LOTR and Star Wars are ednough
Pamela: btw Bob, I did talk to one of our auto auction drivers briefly
Dale: Geoff, hard coded for 8bpp is the best choice for SDL I think.
BobS: and???????
*Geoff!*: yeah, I couldn't see any need (at least for now) to do anything higher since we only need 16 colors.
Pamela: he likes the work and says that rate of pay is on a sliding scale depending on distance. Some of the dealership drivers are hourly and have flexible hours
BobS: and he does what for sure????????
Dale: Did you want the diffs of what I changed to your code to make it work?
*Geoff!*: yeah... might come in handy for when I try to compile on Mac OS X/
Pamela: also, you could try the rental companies -they're always looking for drivers. They like the older guys -good driving records and lower insurance risks
*Geoff!*: and hey, if you want to share your code too... :)
Pamela: we have at least four big auto auction companies around T.O. and they're constantly ferrying vehicles around
rich-1: sorry bout the shouting, folks
*Geoff!*: woot! just booted CP/M off of a disk image. :)
Judy: you just needed to be heard, Rich
BobS: didn't really have time to look in depth at ti Richard
BobS: got abook from a us guy about delivery today which i have to look at also
Pamela: so if you have any interest in driving all day, those are some good leads. Heck, you might be able to walk to work depending on how close your nearest dealership is
Dale: Here is it, with the binary (and a Dev-Cpp project file too):
*Geoff!*: that didn't work for me.
*Geoff!*: file not found
rich-1: yeah, we have a discussion on the same subject gping on - have a guy in Chicago would take driving work
Dale: Typo. Sorry.
*Geoff!*: that's better. :)
Pamela: which reminds me, I should wander down to Cruickshank and see if they're hiring
BobS: for you Pam ??????
rich-1: you think they might have an opening for you?
BobS: looking again are you?
Pamela: ya - literally two blocks away
Pamela: oh, yeah - I'm so tired of all the drama going on at work
rich-1: and an employee discount on parts and servicve...
Pamela: plus, there's a definite glass ceiling in our office for women
Pamela: and cars : )
Pamela: in an office of over 50 people, we have not a single female manager
BobS: work place 'humor' no doubt......or shall we place hassles?
Pamela: they actually went outside the company to hire a manager rather than promote a woman from within
Judy: just started raining here, we are under a winter storm warning tonight
BobS: sometimes theya re worse!!!!
BobS: freezing rain, ice.....all the good stuff
BobS: testy
BobS: oh slow down
BobS: nite Guy
Dale: Geoff, I moved all of the FASTCALLs to the spot requires by gcc >= 3.0
*Geoff!*: Dale: did you just have to change the FASTCALL stuff?
Guy B.: Well folks, time to go for me. See you all next week.
*Geoff!*: Judy: yep.
Guy B.: Poof
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Judy: am I still on?
rich-1: our winter storm warning hs been withdrawn, but swe are scha : Pamela: the place is gossip central - it's always something
Judy: I think I am going to say goodnight, cause nothing is coming thru to me
changed username to rich-2
rich-1: but I don't have to drive again till Tuesday, far as I know
Judy left chat session
Pamela: it's certainly clear enough out there at the moment - I had a beautiful view of the crescent moon earlier
rich-1: but I don't have to drive again till Tuesday as far as I know
changed username to rich-2
rich-1: not responding to mde either - i'll retry
Pamela: (PRIVATE) gn'ite, Guy - good luck with the con.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-2: rich-2
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changed username to Pamela
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rich-2: just got back - go figure
changed username to Pamela
Dale: That was a wierd hiccup.
Pamela: okay, that was weird
rich-2: certainly was - I took three tries to get back on
Dale: And renamed the _argc/_argv.
rich-2: gotta watch these cheap servers, Dale ; - )
Dale: And finally commented out the Sound call.
Dale: That's all to get it to run.
*Geoff!*: Cool.
Dale: Adding sound will be more work.
Pamela: I think it's time for bed anyway
*Geoff!*: that'll be a big job I think.
BobS: sounds about right pam
BobS: got to see the nes and then sleep time
rich-2: OK Pam, sleep toght, see you Froiday
Pamela: can't believe it's 11:00 - the evening flew
*Geoff!*: Just started a Zaxxon supergame disk image with it. :)
BobS: be good ALL , and will see ya'll next week, yes????????
Dale: Using keyboard?
Pamela: gnite, Bob (and Judy)
BobS: ta ta
Pamela: ETA about 5:45 depending on traffic, Dad
now that I can see what is going on I will say goodnight again
rich-2: you going too? nite then, Bob and Jiudy
*Geoff!*: well.... there seems to be a problem there... it starts but I can't select a new game.
BobS left chat session
left chat session
Pamela: g'nite, everyone
Pamela: kerpoof
Dale: I'm using sdl-config to get the libs, etc. for my PSP build.
Pamela left chat session
rich-2: think it's tgime I left you folks to your programming
*Geoff!*: ohhh, I think I know why I can't select a game...
Dale: You need to shift the keyboard to joystick mode.
rich-2: so good night all, see you next week
Dale: I think it is F9.
rich-2: colour me gone
Dale: It depends on your keybindings (X11 and dos versions were different I think).
rich-2 left chat session
*Geoff!*: F9 did it... cool.
Dale: By Rich.
*Geoff!*: See ya Rich!
*Geoff!*: I think the only keys I may not have mapped are the Wildcard and Undo keys right now.
Dale: Guy, are you thinking of entering the minigame compo in the 1k category?
Dale: Hmm...I think I have a PSP version of AdamEm, thanks to you Geoff. I'm going to test it.
*Geoff!*: cool.
Dale: No keyboard on the PSP, so I'll have to emulate it with a grid for typing...I'll have some work to do still if it works.
*Geoff!*: yeah... I'm sure there's still plenty to do....especially with no keyboard. :)
*Geoff!*: I was thinking about tying gui stuff straight into AdamemSDL.c, but given you're trying to do a PSP version maybe front end stuff should stay out of there.
Dale: I think that the front end should be outside of the InitMachine/TrashMachine code, so that it runs before the emulator starts, and when you exit the emulator, it goes back to the menu.
*Geoff!*: yeah... that sounds like a good idea.
*Geoff!*: It'd be nice if you could swap disk images while running the emulator.
*Geoff!*: ...or carts...or joystick settings, etc.
Dale: Well, swapping disk images while running the emu is supported.
Dale: It drops into text mode temporarily.
*Geoff!*: okay, didn't know about that.
Dale: I've always thought it should have a nicer menu, with directory browsing.
Dale: Ctrl+F9 is the key sequence.
Dale: I don't know what your version will do.
Dale: "Change options"
*Geoff!*: right now, nothing... the code is commented out.
Dale: Well, now you know what goes there.
*Geoff!*: hehehe
*Geoff!*: I may have to sleep with the AC on tonight.
Dale: :-D
Dale: For my PSP I use gcc version 4.0.3 (the latest and greatest, I guess).
Dale: It thinks too much:
Dale: Coleco.c:1496: warning: suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous 'else'
*Geoff!*: yeah, I've seen a few of those on the version I'm running too.
*Geoff!*: I wonder how hard the Nintendo DS is to program?
Dale: Clean build. I'm going to transfer it over.
*Geoff!*: sweet
Dale: I hear that the DS is okay to program.
Dale: I wouldn't be suprised if SDL is available even.
*Geoff!*: I've got a DS... no PSP tho.
Dale: Transfer complete. Now boot it up to test (takes like 3 min ...)
*Geoff!*: Wow... why so long?
Dale: Smiles all around.
Dale: It worked first try!
Dale: Well, Sony doesn't favour Homebrew. So I use an exploit in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, to take over the machine and launch my application.
*Geoff!*: AWESOME!
Dale: It shows up wide screen by default. Will wonders never cease.
(*Geoff!* gives Dale a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dale: You definately made my day.
*Geoff!*: hehehe...I'm surprised that you and Daniel were working on an SDL port of your own.
Dale: Now to decide on how to do the launcher, so that I can pass in parameters into it.
Dale: Well, I just got a PSP for xmas, and quickly discovered that not being able to play my ColecoVision ROMs that I wrote was annoying.
Dale: So, I wanted to do a port.
*Geoff!*: how many cv roms have you done now?
Dale: Then Daniel complained that the DOS version wasn't working well, and convinced me to start.
*Geoff!*: I think MS really broke DPMI somehow... every program I have that uses it crashes and burns.
Dale: Well, I've got like 8 incomplete projects, but I have 2 or 3 fairly polished games.
Dale: Here is a screen shot...
*Geoff!*: LOL! That's great.
*Geoff!*: Did you tell it to work in full screen mode?
Dale: Nope, it did that by default.
Dale: Must be your code.
*Geoff!*: huh
*Geoff!*: maybe there's an option when you create the screen.
Dale: I'll have to add joystick emulation and a .cfg file with parameters, so I can start a .rom file.
*Geoff!*: Does the memorystick have a real filesystem on it?
Dale: The .cfg file is supported, so I'll just have to drop one in.
Dale: The file system is mapped as:
Dale: ms0:/psp/game/adamem
Dale: (for memory stick port 0)
Dale: And it looks in Windows and Linux as a regular fs with directories, etc.
*Geoff!*: How are you going to do the joystick keypad? Some sort of virtual keyboard?
Dale: Hmm...that could be trickey. But there is an emulator for Atari Jaguar, which has the same problem. I wonder how they solved it.
Dale: I have four direction buttons, analog stick, four fire buttons, two triggers, and SELECT and START, and a HOLD switch available.
Dale: That gives me quite a bit. With the SQUARE and TRIANGLE button as shift keys, I could get the numeric keypad from the arrows, and use the analog joystick maybe.
*Geoff!*: Maybe you can use one of the buttons to pull up a floating keyboard, and cursor over to the keys. Would be tricky I suppose.
*Geoff!*: Really for most games you could get by with just having 1-4 to start the game.
Dale: I would do that for typing in the Adam mode, but would it work for games?
Dale: I think that special key maps for particular games is already supported by AdamEm.
*Geoff!*: It would kinda suck for games like Mouse Trap probably... unless you paused the game somehow while accessing it.
Dale: It is an option at least to pause the game. But it would be jarring for sure.
Dale: Maybe START would pop up a menu, to press a key, and START again would let go of the key.
*Geoff!*: Maybe you could have an option to map just certain keys, or use the triggers to shift the keys on the front from one set to another.
*Geoff!*: Yeah.... left shift, the XYOX is 1,2,3,4, Right shift 5,6,7,8, both together 9,10,#,*.
Dale: Hmm...adamem.cfg wasn't read on first pass. I wonder why. I'll try it on my desktop machine...
*Geoff!*: maybe it has something to do with the path?
*Geoff!*: that's something I haven't tried yet.
Dale: Hmm...ignored on the desktop too.
Dale: Boots into SmartWRITER, instead of reading the commandline options: -cv getboo4k.rom
Dale: Ah hah. It has to do with what I named the exe.
*Geoff!*: ahh
*Geoff!*: I tried just sticking the -cv option in a file and that worked.
Dale: I wonder what it thinks the exe is called in the PSP.
Dale: Need to do a test...
*Geoff!*: I need to get more disk images.
*Geoff!*: For your homebrew games did you use assembly or Hitech-C or something else?
Dale: Yes.
Dale: I do about half in Hi-Tech C, using Daniel's dist, and getput library.
Dale: The other half I do in assembler.
Dale: Traditionally I did logo, assembler, TurboPascal, Manx C and SmartBASIC.
*Geoff!*: I may have to try using those sometimes. I really wanted to write a CP/M Plus BIOS at one point, but never got around to it.
Dale: The cross assembler I use is different than the one that Daniel uses. It doesn't really make a difference I suppose, but I happen to like mine quite well.
*Geoff!*: which one do you use?
Dale: The assembler I use is from Thomas Shearer's Z80 pages (
Dale: And I have an example of it with an incomplete SuperGame at
Dale: I do it in Linux and in Windows under cygwin.
Dale: Gift Run was done in C: (source in )
Dale: I entered the 2005 minigames compo, and my entry (Get Booty 4k) is at
Dale: It ranked 13 of 20. Not bad for a first entry. I'm working on an enhanced 8k version for an AtariAge cart, along with Daniel and GuyF's entries.
*Geoff!*: what are the rules of the competition?
Dale: It was done all in assembler.
Dale: Well, there are two categories for 8-bit computers: 1k and 4k.
Dale: For the 2006 compo, the deadline is May 10th for 1k and aug 31st for 4k, with a proposed 8k category for Oct 31st
Dale: Check out
Dale: And you can download the votepack to try last year's entries.
Dale: You can submit for any system with a moderator. There were like 9 systems in last year's compo.
Dale: Then it is judged by your peers. Most entries are voted on by about half of the voters. Mostly by other game programmers.
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Dale: Last year I found that for a ColecoVision game, it was a breeze to put the game in 2k, but nearly impossible to fit it in 1k.
*Geoff!*: There's three of me now! Whoops!
Dale: I'll kick some old ones out maybe...
Dale requested to ban *Geoff!*
*Geoff!* confirmed ban
Dale requested to ban *Geoff!*
*Geoff!* confirmed ban
Dale: Did it work?
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Dale requested to ban *Geoff!*
changed username to *Geoff!*
*Geoff!* confirmed ban
Dale: That's better.
*Geoff!*: yeah
Dale: Sorry about tat.
*Geoff!*: s'all right.
Dale: Did you find
*Geoff!*: Yeah... quite a bit of 2600 stuff on there. Not too surprising.
Dale: Feel free to use my getboo4k source if you're so inclined.
Dale: Last year I found that for a ColecoVision game, it was a breeze to put
*Geoff!*: Cool, thanks.
Dale: a game in 2k, but impossible in 1k. I'm going to try again for a 1k game with a test game I've done in SDL.
Dale: It is JumpingJack:
Dale: If you have SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll it'll work under Windows even.
Dale: In it you basically jump over gaps, as you decend a building.
Dale: Sort of an ultra simplified Donkey Kong, with only a jump control.
Dale: There are disk images at
Dale: Also at the ANN page:
*Geoff!*: How do I drive it?
Dale: Are you running Windows?
*Geoff!*: Yeah
Dale: Use space to jump.
*Geoff!*: I'm not sure it's working quite right.
Dale: It's very strange. I'll get it working nicely on Windows, any it'll be uneven on the PSP. So I get it working well on the PSP, and on Windows it is slugish.
*Geoff!*: It only seems to update when I click my mouse out of the window and then back in.
Dale: Must be something I'm missing in my SDL code to equalize it on different speed framebuffers.
Dale: Maybe you don't have a good build...let me check.
Dale: Hmm...looks like it suffers from my delta update optimization. It makes it fast on the psp, but slow on Windows SDL.
Dale: Do you want a better build?
*Geoff!*: maybe later. I think it's about time for bed. :)
Dale: Good plan. For me too. Thanks again for sharing your code.
Dale: TTYL.
*Geoff!*: No problem... let me know how it works out for you. :)
*Geoff!*: later.
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