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rich-c: this is a test to see if I can connect
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Russ? who dat?
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Russ: Hello
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rich-c: hey, youse guys is yumpin the gun!
Russ: oops
rich-c: Bob I know, welcome Russ whoever you may be ;-)
Russ: <------new
Russ: hello
rich-c: noticed you were here earlier, Russ
Russ: i've been a little excited about checking this out
rich-c: well, feel free to introduce yourself - or just lurk if that pleas3es you more
Russ: recently pulled my ADAM out
rich-c: we're just a bunch of folks so nuts we still play with 23 year old computers
BobS: rioght are????
rich-c: hi Robrt, how are things in Grand Rapids?
rich-c: we have a visitor ith us - neat, eh?
BobS: welcome then Russ.....hope you are a "yank", as richard likes to day.....I feel a littel outnumbered here sometimes you know
Russ: wisconsin here
BobS: COOL mon !!!!!!
rich-c: aw come on, teh Canadians are more talkative but still outnumbered - when everyone turns up
BobS: michigan here
BobS: RISHCARD you are OUT numbered
BobS: anwhere near milwaukee?????
Russ: just north.....Grafton
rich-c: jeeze, I'll have to phone Pamela (my daughter, Russ) and tell her to get on
BobS: think we had some guys in Mil with ADAM's
rich-c: that was history, I'm afraid, Bob
Russ: cool. I know noone with an ADAM
rich-c: I'm hoping to get out to Wisconsin in September
BobS: richard, remember the Milwaukee guy????? wasn't colecoguy, but something like that
BobS: have his name on the tip of my tongue.........
BobS: but.......
rich-c: well hey, Russ, that's what the internet is for - now you'll meet a number
rich-c: there is also a mailing list you can join
BobS: he has stopped in here.....and the professor from Chicago.....Willie B !!!!!
Russ: i'll have to sign up
rich-c: wasn't teh oen from Milwaukee the security expert?
rich-c: how does Dale have the list set up for new subscribers, Bob?
rich-c: is it self-register or apply, so to speak?
BobS: let me think///////
BobS: OR let me get it...... and then sign up !!!!
rich-c: anyway, it's, right?
BobS: yes he was in security
rich-c: forget his handle, but it's Michael who uses Colecoguy
BobS: wasn't michael
BobS: he even had the domain name locked up for wahile
rich-c: btw fair warning now, I am using the world's most screwwed up computer at the moment and may crash out anytime
Russ: it can't be an ADAM then
BobS: figures, you always get knocked off
rich-c: and Frances is using the laptop so I don't have a backup ;-(
BobS: naw, Richard likes those ibm animals
Russ: we have some mac users here?
rich-c: no, I followed Microsoft's instructions in installing an XP upgrade
Russ: never upgrade, i've heard
rich-c: now I've had one of their escalation engineers (in China, I suspect) working on it for two weeks trying to unscrew it
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Russ! ... Russ?
rich-c: salut, Daniel - nous avons un nouveau ami ce soir
Russ: hello Dan
BobS: Hey Daniel....from 'ol Montreal
Russ: was just playing Dac-Man the other day
BobS: ya mon hi dude
Daniel Bienvenu: Russ Perry Jr?
rich-c: bite your tongue, Bob - Daniel is in Quebec City (actrually, Ste. Foy, asuburb
Russ: no, i'm new
BobS: looks like we have a CONVOY
BobS: sorry Daniel
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BobS: DEFINE yourself !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Russ Kumro?
BobS: oh oh, looks like richard got canned
changed username to *Geoff!*
rich-c: no, I show myself here
*Geoff!*: That's better.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Geoff!
*Geoff!*: Hey there.
rich-c: hey Geoff, back for a rerun - good to see you
BobS: Hi Geoff
Russ: hi Geoff
BobS: well just b ecause you think you are here, Richard, maybe you are dreamong
rich-c: Geoff, Russ is an Adam owner who just found us
Daniel Bienvenu: Welcome Russ!
Russ: Thanks Dan
*Geoff!*: Hey Russ. :)
rich-c: I admit I likely shouldn't believe what this machine tells me at this stage
BobS: maybe Geoff remembers.......a guy in security business.......heavy into ADAM at one time and still interested
*Geoff!*: nope! Fraid not...
Russ: you've not no backup Bob
rich-c: you been following the discussion on disc drives on the mailing list, Geoff?
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*Geoff!*: yeah, sure have.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: did you post any advice for Dana?
Russ: disc drives? i need to get on that list
rich-c: greetings, duaghter
BobS: mostly IF you do NOT know how to fix a disk drive, you are screwed and need another working one
Pamela: g'day
rich-c: I picked up Hub for you today
Pamela: thank you : )
BobS: g'day me matetress
rich-c: you can pick it up when you bring over the lampshade
Pamela: 'kay, Dad
*Geoff!*: Hard to tell from the description, but I would think that since the drive is acting as though the computer is off...(i.e. drive light on all the time)
BobS: is that wahta a girl mate is called?????????
*Geoff!*: and he's already checked the cabling...
Pamela: dunno, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: (loading my emails...)
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Pamela: allo, Daniel
BobS: ya, missed the part about light on all the time, that is classic cable in wrong port
rich-c: I have two MI drives for sale, but I need to see $150 each out of them - under my cost, btw
BobS: what sizes??????
*Geoff!*: yeah, could be that.
rich-c: I do not think many flks will view this with enthusiasm or even understand
rich-c: one 320 one 720, effectivewly brand new
rich-c: demo miles only, you might say
BobS: 2 things VERY important with ADAM disk drives......cable in correct port AND drive turned on......
Russ: MI drives?
BobS: I hate to tell you how many times I have had the drive off and can't figure out WHY the darn puter won't work
*Geoff!*: I have fixed one bad drive controller in the past... can't remember what was wrong with it though.
Russ: are those hard drives or floppy?
rich-c: Micro Innovations - Mark Gordon built them
Russ: d'oh. i;ve heard of them
rich-c: double density floppies, 5.25" and 3.5" respective;ly
BobS: used to be Dan Elliiot in Missouri was the disk drive repair whiz, but last I heard, he is not doing them anymore
rich-c: Pam, did you get the gmail invitation?
Pamela: I did, thanks Dad
rich-c: right, and teh same for Harold Pines
*Geoff!*: If anyone has a drive that they'd like me to try and repair, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
Russ: i have a drive question
Russ: i've got a 5.25 drive but no power cord
Pamela: brb, gonna go check something out
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: I think Dana would seriously appreciate an offer, Geoff
Russ: is there anything compatible....atari or coleco sterring wheel plugs maybe
rich-c: and thus no power supply, right?
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changed username to GuyzzzF
BobS: can check out voltages adn let you know Russ........nothing exciting, just need the correct (think 12v or 5v) voltage adn polarity
BobS: hey Guy
GuyzzzF: Hi Bob! Hi everyone.
BobS: got a newer guy than you mon.......say HI to Russ form Wisconsin
Russ: i don't know if it works, i wouldn't have a problem buying the correct one but want to check it out first
rich-c: now there's our Montrealer - good day, Mr. Foster
Russ: hi Guy
GuyzzzF: haha, good day Rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi GuyF
GuyzzzF: Salut Dan.
GuyzzzF: HI Russ.
BobS: the ZZZZZZ man is from up ther in the far north also Russ
*Geoff!*: It's just a 9V AC power supply. As long as the new supply is rated over 31VA, you're okay.
*Geoff!*: Atari used the same power brick for some of their early 8-bit computers and disk drives (Atari 400 I think used one).
rich-c: what about teh connecting cable, Geoff? IIRC it's a little unique?
BobS: Mitchell had this plug into the wall sucker with screw leads to go to the dirve
BobS: frive
rich-c: silly but I can't look at mine because my Coleco drives are down in the basement, where be dragons
BobS: drive
rich-c: no pushpins? ; - )
rich-c: (private joke, Russ)
BobS: not your standard 4 wire phone cable, but one with 6 wires all hooked up
Daniel Bienvenu: I received good news about the special minigame multicart hardware tests. Micheal want to do a real test with a valid software menu and some minigames.
BobS: NO pushpins OR alligator clips richard
rich-c: that's for teh data and no sweat to get, but what about the power cord from the power supply to the drive?
GuyzzzF: Dan: Thanks for your effort, I'd really like to see that cart published one day, would be nice to have as a memory of my Colecovision programming efforts.
BobS: only 2 wires and has to fit the plug in
rich-c: yes, but isn't that what Russ is saying he is lacking?
*Geoff!*: I'm looking at a schematic for the controller right now...
Russ: I have the cord that connects the drive to the computer
Russ: just looking for a plug to give the thing juice
rich-c: yes, that's your six-wire RJ-11 for teh Adamnet
Russ: looks like the keyboard wire right?
rich-c: you do have the power cube and its wall plug?
*Geoff!*: he still needs a power supply though.
rich-c: right, Russ
Russ: no wall plug
rich-c: uh?
Russ: just the unit and a cable to plug into the ADAM
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changed username to *Geoff!*
*Geoff!* requested to ban *Geoff!*
*Geoff!*: whoopsie!
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: but the wall plug is built into the pow3er supply cube - well, hardwired
rich-c: btw Pam, it's a huge mess still but I am on with the desktop right now
Russ: just looked at my drive. it has a spot labeled power with a little hole under it
rich-c: am I still on?
rich-c: right - the disc drive uses an external power supply, a little bronze-coloured cube
rich-c: you'll also find a switch on the back to designate drive 1 or 2
BobS: more like a drab brownish green isn't it?????
Russ: never seen it....bought the thing off eBay a few years ago with an ADAM
rich-c: your basement must be even damper than mine! ; - )
Russ: i do see a switch
rich-c: OK Geoff is the guy who can tell you how to get a replacement for the power supply
*Geoff!*: The drive I have right now has a black transformer instead of the usual beige colored one.
rich-c: the MI power supplies are big black bricks, but his is a Coleco (I assume)
BobS: the switch is to set it for drive 1 or drive 2 Russ
BobS: IF you have 2 drives
*Geoff!*: Yeah, mine's stamped with the same label as the beige one, but it's black.
Russ: ok
BobS: 12vac is good, but which is + and - inside of plug or outside.......assume inside is + but not sure
rich-c: really? you have a prize - I've never seen or heard of a black one
BobS: me niether
BobS: neither
BobS: OR someone painted the thing
*Geoff!*: yeah, it's unusual. All the atari ones are this color.
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rich-c: OK, that's likely Guy and who else?
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: what happeded to pam???????
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, trouble getting on again?
Russ: hi Guy
BobS: hi guyB form chicago....whats the word on conventino this summer mon ???????
BobS: convention
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
*Geoff!* confirmed ban
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Guy B. confirmed ban
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Guy B. confirmed ban
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Guy B. confirmed ban
*Geoff!* confirmed ban
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rich-c: yes, Guy. got us a place to get together yet?
BobS: Guy, Russ is in your neck of the country
Guy B.: I'm working on it. This is tenative, but I'm looking at July 13-16.
BobS: cool works for me..........
Guy B.: And I'm,
BobS: I am easy though you understand
BobS: what?????
rich-c: I can live with that, but you have to hurry 'cause folks have to book holidays early
Guy B.: And I'm looking at surgery for my right hand.
BobS: right matey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: well you can have surgery the week before and then rest it
rich-c: before you look at that, Guy, look awfully closely at your medical plan and company policy on long leaves
Guy B.: It will out for me as well, since when I return to work. I'm probably will be starting overtime again.
rich-c: also look at some of the support groups on the subject- they can be seriously scary
*Geoff!*: I believe this is the same PS as the ADAM drive one....
Daniel Bienvenu: strange to not see Dale online tonight... I've got a new email from him now.
*Geoff!*: yeah, I got that too.
Guy B.: Right now. I haven't decided on setting a date for the surgery. But, I'm looking at two weeks off from work and a 6 to 8 week recovery with a 95 success rate.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: Dale usually has his hands too full to join us, Daniepity because if he does come on he can add Russ to teh mailing list tout suite
Guy B.: And I goy my new Dell notebook today. I haven't opened the box yet.
Russ: i think i have a p\PS for an Atari 800 somewhere
Russ: PS i mean
Pamela: Hi, I'm back
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy!
*Geoff!*: I believe that's what you'll need... I think the 400/800 PS is the same thing.
Guy B.: HI Pam
Russ: sweet
Pamela: I don't know how you stand the suspense, Guy - I'd have it open right away
*Geoff!*: Look on the back and see if it sez 9VAC 31VA.
BobS: bout time my dear
rich-c: Pam, Source is offering the updated clone of my notebook for $700 this week
Pamela: sorry, was checking some stuff, and on dial up, it takes a while. Plus I had a site which didn't want to load
Pamela: interesting Dad, but I'm not there yet
Guy B.: Well, I got home late due to a freight train and I had to pick up Annie. Then we have the rain here.
Pamela: er?? a freight train??
rich-c: that's OK, another two months and it will likely be $500
Pamela: you have to explain that one : )
Russ: not to be retarded but where would it say 9VAC 31VA?
Guy B.: There is a railroad crossing on the way home.
Pamela: Just how long was that train??
rich-c: I would think, daughter, that you are sufficiently familiar with grade crossing delays?
Pamela: yes, but the seldom last more than five minutes
Guy B.: Don't tell that to me here.
*Geoff!*: Russ, on the back of the supply it should say
Pamela: sorry : )
rich-c: well Pamela mostly only has to cope with little commuter trains
Pamela: I guess they don't want to tie up the bus routes for too long
Pamela: we get the odd freight train, mostly later at night and mostly about 25 to 30 cars long - about five minutes
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) What was the 'convoy' you talked about earlier?
BobS: raining here too Guy
Russ: it gives some info....60Hz, 120V, output +5V, DC 1.5A
Pamela: so Guy, have we got a convention date yet?
*Geoff!*: nope... that won't do it... rats.
Guy B.: Off and on? That's what it has been doing here.
Russ: actually this plug is a 7 pin, maybe this isn't right?
Guy B.: I'm looking at July 13-16.
*Geoff!*: nope... should have the same barrel plug as the drive.
Pamela: okay, good. Our vacation calendars came out today and they have to be back by March 31st
rich-c: but are you looking at a place, Guy? any quotes yet?
BobS: (PRIVATE) just an old joke Daniel.....about having more than one truck ( or people....or whatever) going the same way
Russ: i'm sure with all the classic systems i have, i got something laying around here
Guy B.: I'm going to have Jeanene call the hotel I would like to have convention at and see if I can get something setup. I'll keep you all posted.
rich-c: time's a'flitting, Guy - some of our limited-leave folks are getting antsy
Daniel Bienvenu: j'ai faim! brb
Pamela: well, I'll book that week and if necessary, I can change it later. As long as I don't clash with my relief, I should be okay
BobS: ya mon.....remember last year, when we were all worried about Dale getting a place.....WE'S HERE MON
rich-c: so Daniels's hungry - guess he was wroking late again
Pamela: brb,
rich-c: where is Rin tonight, Pam? She and Dr.D. on Messanger?
Russ: anyone know about ADAM expansion to identify them as to what they are?
Guy B.: You guys have to be patient. I have been having a few problems of my own and now the surgery for my right hand and the left could be next.
rich-c: well, there are teh memory cards, and the MIB-3 basically
*Geoff!*: Russ: how many pins are on the card edge?
rich-c: the MIB-3 has serial and parallel ports, a fancy version has a boot prom for a hard disc
Russ: 22 pins, 2nd slot
rich-c: what sort of connectors does it have on it?
*Geoff!*: That's probably a serial card...
Russ: i have a 64k states that on the card at least
rich-c: don't serial cards usually get put in the first slot, Goeff?
Russ: it has 6 different chips...
Russ: a chip that looks like something couldplug into
Russ: and a chip with pins sticking out of it
*Geoff!*: Sounds like maybe an MIB-3 card.
*Geoff!*: Does it have any connectors on it, jumper blocks, etc?
BobS: Russ...go here.... http;// and then follow the links to get to ADAM'S House.....Terry has pics on there of different boards
rich-c: doubt it Geoff, the MIB-3 has the two sets of connector pins across the top
Pamela: Dad, Erin probably worked late tonite - she was off for two days with a nasty cold and so is probably catching up
rich-c: yes, at the moment they have a lot of prep to do for the early budget
Pamela: sorry, the food thought set up a train of thought which I had to go deal with to avert yogurt disaster
Russ: Geoff...i'm not real familiar with terms like jumper blocks
BobS: the pics of the ADAM boards are kind of crude Russ, but gives an idea.....eack board should have SOME identification on it
rich-c: that's OK, soon it will be time for my biere noire - et jai un grand soif
BobS: very few had nothing on them
Pamela: it's 10:00 - do you know where your beer is?
*Geoff!*: sorry... I'm a little disconnected right now... talking to the girl on the phone too. :) bbl.
BobS: in da fridge!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: you got it, Roberto
BobS: gettin' cool mon
rich-c: but not for much longer
Russ: i'll have to look osme more for pics. i haven't found any yet that look like what i've got
rich-c: no numbers or maker's name or anything?
BobS: you could always buy one from Terry for $20 for the power eh?????? bad idea :-(
rich-c: wonder if it could be a dot matrix printer interface card? they were often anonymous (for good reason)
rich-c: also have teh strange pin or apparently useless hole where you connect the addressing wire for memories over 64K
Russ: there's a PVK-1JK-AS
Russ: and it says mem and adr under that
rich-c: got a serial cable you could t4ry to see if it fits teh pin setup? could be a clue
Russ: there's numbers on the chips
BobS: hmmmm doesn't sound familiarlike
BobS: like
Russ: there's 2 rows of 13 pins each
rich-c: my printer interface card has 22 pins on teh connecting edge
BobS: wrote it down, will research it with cards I have ........ later
rich-c: no maker name - lettering HE 3 VO OW P
Russ: the opins are in even rows...aren't most connectors more on top and 1 or 2 less on the bottom?
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changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: Hi, Rich
Dr.D.: Hi everyone.
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Sorry I am late, was on the phone with Rin, she is sick again.
rich-c: Russ, the chips are SN74L series
Dr.D.: She missed 2 days of work and was sent home early today.
Pamela: I wondered about that
Dr.D.: If she is not better by Friday, she will not be able to get through the border on the bus to come visit Cleveland this weekend :-(
Pamela: what, the Americans don't want her germs? : )
rich-c: Russ, when I say connecting edge I mean the surface that plugs into the slot on the Adam
Dr.D.: Nothing that looks like avian influenza.
Russ: one chip has MDP1601-332G on it another has GRAYKILL and under that open on it
rich-c: not a row of freestanding pins like it has on the top
Pamela: this cold that's been going around is a nasty one, known for it's Klingon tendencies
Russ: the area that plugins to the slot on the adam has 22 pins, the pins on the card in that slot has 26 (2 rows of 13)
Pamela: she will more than likely be well enough to travel by Friday
Dr.D.: I dunno, she is hacking pretty bad right now, and I don't mean on her ADAM, either.
Pamela: SOP when she's sick, Rich
rich-c: I am at least 99.9% certain what you have is a serial printer interface card - the whole description matches mine
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dr.D
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel, I am sorry I missed last week's chat...I hope you are feeling somewhat better now.
Russ: and that's used for what? hooking up a printer I assume?
BobS: serial ???????? or parallel
BobS: ya mon
BobS: at one time it was possible to hook up an Okidata serial printer
BobS: mostly there were paralle printer cards though
Daniel Bienvenu: about my grandma, it's better now. about my job, it's something else. we are in a rush now at my work.
Russ: ahhh....looks pretty old to me. didn't know that was an option back then
Pamela: Rich, do you want me to go check on her?
Dr.D.: We had a Silver-Reed serial printer for our Sanyo MS-DOS clone in 1985 :-)
Dr.D.: I just put her to bed, was talking to her on the phone.
rich-c: I am running a AStar NX-1000 dot matric printer (9 pin) off mine
rich-c: some people could run 24 pin printers but I couldn't - no one knows why
BobS: it's becasue of your yank blood living up in canada........
(BobS gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr.D.: A quick question for Guy B.: any idea when a weekend will be chosen for ADAMcon?
Russ: hmmm...don't really have much need for another printer on my ADAM or the card for that matter.
rich-c: brb - gotta go get a glass for that stout
Dr.D.: It is getting to be time for me to plan what I am doing in July...
BobS: ya
Dr.D.: My June is already filled up.
Pamela: he said July 13 - 16, Rich - I asked the same question earlier
Dr.D.: Thanks Pam.
Guy B.: Dr. D., glad you asked. I'm looking at July 13-16.
Dr.D.: I will put it into the info queue
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey Dr.D! are you still working on coleco/adam schematics and documents restoring?
Dr.D.: One plan is for Rin to take the train to Windsor beforehand to visit her family, I drive there one day, we leave for Chicago the next.
Dr.D.: I haven't done anything recently, Daniel.
Dr.D.: All the scans I had, I put on my webpage; nobody has given me any more.
Russ: do any board schematics exist?
Dr.D.: Yes Russ
BobS: ya mon
Russ: i have a broken capacitor on a board. don't know the rating tho
BobS: almost EVERYTHING exists, tis just a matter of finding it
rich-c: yes, Windsor - Chicago is not a devestating drive
BobS: tis an easy one mon
Dr.D.: Cleveland-Chicago isn't either, just 6 hours.
BobS: YOU have GOT to slow down on the turnpile Dr D
Dr.D.: Then we would come back to Cleveland, then maybe on to Toronto.
rich-c: really? from Toronto it is much more than that
Guy B.: Annie had quite a day last Saturday.
Dr.D.: I don't speed
BobS: oh ok
Pamela: yeah, but add another six hours for Toronto to Cleveland and that's a long drive
rich-c: then you should so you don't get run over ;-)
Dr.D.: I was just remembering when I went to Neurosciences National Meeting there in 1993 or 1994, memory is of 6-hour trip.
Pamela: I'm thinking we might fly
rich-c: though actually in Ohio it isn't necessary
Dr.D.: I do note that most traffic on the QEW and 401 moves at 120-130 kph
Dr.D.: Or 75 MPH
rich-c: depending on timing, Pam, maybe you could come with us
Pamela: yeah, do 100 on the QEW and you get run over
rich-c: I like to lag back at 110 - 115 when I can get away with it, which isn't always the case
Dr.D.: I saw an interesting video on Google Video this week, a group of "protesters" in Atlanta formed a block of cars and drove the posted 55 MPH speed limit, so nobody behind could pass :-)
Pamela: problem is Dad, we want to play tourist as well and will probably stay an extra couple of days - if we have a two day drive either way, that sorta puts paid to that idea
Guy B.: There will be construction this summer and I'll find IDOT's website and add the link to my webpage for those who are driving in.
Pamela: because I for one am not going to try to drive from Toronto to Chicago in one day
Dr.D.: We are used to Orange Barrel Season in Ohio :-)
Dr.D.: Would be doable if Russell drove and you could switch off...
rich-c: I'm afraid making it in a day is a bit beyond us old folks, even with a relief driver
Dr.D.: I am going to Norwich, VT for the 150th Anniversary Convention of Theta Chi, 8-11 June, me and 2 other alumni are driving there, 9.5 hours.
Dr.D.: But after all the 5-hour drives to Toronto from Cleveland, a 3-hour shift and tradeoff will be nothing.
Pamela: I looked at the calendar and figured if I took the 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th, and 19th off, that would net us enough time to fly in, fly out and spend a couple of days sightseeing in addition to the convention
Dr.D.: Richard, you can afford to take as long as you wish to get there :-)
rich-c: we can make it to Grand Rapids in a day, but Chicago is just that little extra bit beoyond
rich-c: besides, it takes six hours to get from the state line to teh hotel - at least
Dr.D.: Far be it for me to invite you to someone else's house, but maybe you could do a Toronto-Windsor leg and visit Cynthia; I doubt she'd complain.
rich-c: no, but I woulsd have a fw thins to say about the bridge and Detroit traffic, and Frances might too
Pamela: Interestingly, all of these scenarios have been brewing in my head for a while
Guy B.: I found the website, so I'll add the link to the Adamcon 18 webpage.
Pamela: I didn't think that the traffic around Detroit was all of that bad, Dad
Dr.D.: Ambassador Bridge has not given me any probs in Windsor.
Pamela: and the sum total of our border experience was about 30 seconds
rich-c: let's just say there are days, then there are days, and the bad ones I've met....
rich-c: anyway, Sarnia/Port Huron is a far faster routing
Dr.D.: And the bit of I-270 bypass around Toledo that is currently closed for renovation is on the Ohio side, you would miss it.
Pamela: so, IYHO, is it faster to go through Michigan, or PA and Ohio?
rich-c: and a huge lot easier on the nerves, too!
Dr.D.: Hehe, can't have it both ways, Richard, either drive to make time, or drive for sightseeing :-)
rich-c: I don't plan any rubbernecking on that route, Rich - been there, done that
Dr.D.: I would do Ohio-Indiana-Illinois just because I know I can get there that way.
BobS: go thru Mi for sure....straighter shot
Pamela: LOL
Dr.D.: Bob is the Michigan Man, so I defer to him.
rich-c: we'll be going in through Port Huron to Flint and Lansing, turn down around Grand Rapids most likely
BobS: major construction around Detroit yet in late Dec.....but clear from Pt Huron thru Gary In
Dr.D.: However you go, just don't make that left turn at Albuquerque.
rich-c: I won't - my Spanish is non-existent
Dr.D.: For Daniel, that is a joke from a Bugs Bunny cartoon...
Dr.D.: And maybe for Richard too...
Pamela: isn't the tag line "it's a killer" ?
rich-c: Bugs Bunny I know about - that line, no
Dr.D.: He uses it in about 5 different cartoons...tunnelling and then coming up in the wrong part of the world.
Dr.D.: The reason, was making that wrong turn.
rich-c: oh, eat your heart out, Rich and Pam - we got the complete works of Tom Lehrer today
Pamela: it came already? That was fast
Dr.D.: I like him in small doses only.
Dr.D.: And he dropped out of sight 40 years ago, too
rich-c: yes, they actually only promised to ship it today
Dr.D.: He got too depressed by the world and stopped laughing at it
Pamela: my faves - Pollution, New Math, and Vatican Rag
rich-c: well, it includes everything he ever performed, some duplicatess, even some never before published
Dr.D.: I don't know any of them by heart, never had the records, only heard other people play them.
Dr.D.: I know much much more Spike Jones...or Monty Python for that matter
Pamela: I know pretty much all of TW3 from hearing it in my childhood
rich-c: oh, I thought your position was the intellectual snobbery of a biologist confronting a mathematician ;-)
Pamela: what, no Monty Python?
Dr.D.: There are numbers in biology, but life is more than numbers, I will say that.
rich-c: yes, we have a good Spike Jones LP, and back in the 78 rpm days my family had a fw
Dr.D.: I have a 78 of Der Fuehrer's Face
Pamela: that was a category on Jeopardy the other day - one we both got all the clues for
rich-c: yes, that was a classic - if I could sing, I'd be able to sing that for you
Dr.D.: The 1960 LP collection "Thank You, Music Lovers" was played into the ground by me...still have it, scratches and all.
Dr.D.: Hitler put the fatwa out on Spike for that one...
rich-c: we need to find out how to patch our LP turntable/amplified into the computer so we can record LPs then burn them to CDs
Dr.D.: Winamp or its ilk ought to let you do it.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Dr.D.: I have an LP of my Mom's vocal group singing a Christmas Concert in 1960 that I want to do that to.
rich-c: I still have to investigate the software on the laptop, I think it permits it - what typoe of file to I want to make?
Dr.D.: She sang with a women's chorus in Cambridge OH called "The Musigals" for 2 years when Mom and Dad lived there.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Dr.D.: AIFF would be the biggest but best quality
rich-c: Bonsoir, Daniel
Dr.D.: Nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Nite Dr.D
Russ: nite Dan
Dr.D.: Save MP3 for post-processing later, it is a lossy compression format
Daniel Bienvenu: nite Russ
Daniel Bienvenu: bye BobS
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Geoff!
Dr.D.: They did a concert in 1960 that was recorded and records were pressed...I have 2 extant copies, hers and her mom's
Daniel Bienvenu: bye GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: which program produces AIFF?
Dr.D.: All of is the actual file format used on CDs
Dr.D.: Audio Interchange File Format I think it stands for
Dr.D.: You could also do WAV
rich-c: so would it allow direct burning to the CD then? or rather, direct into and out of memory?
Dr.D.: Nobody can do that, have to record to HD and burn later
Dr.D.: The burning is too slow I think to burn straight to the CD
rich-c: but if I create a 30-minute AIFF file on my hard disc, then I can burn it directly to the CD, you're saying?
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: There are programs that will let you make a multi-track CD from arbitrary audio files.
Dr.D.: Mac iTunes for one
Dr.D.: I am sure Winamp and its ilk will also
rich-c: and then teh file won't be over 750 MB, if it is to fit on a CD?
Dr.D.: Yes
Dr.D.: 60 minutes of audio, thereabouts
Dr.D.: No matter how you have it, to make an audio CD, it will get converted to AIFF.
rich-c: I doubt any of our LPs run over 30 minutes - at lest per side
Dr.D.: That is why I said, might as well get AIFF to start, have max quality.
Dr.D.: A standard LP will easily fit both sides onto a single CD
rich-c: cool!
rich-c: now I just need teh patch cords to take the output from the turntable to the computer
BobS: nto hard to find Richard
rich-c: and of course a computer that is working, to receive them!
BobS: duh yah
Dr.D.: Still computer woes, Richard?
rich-c: the laptop only has a single jack, though I suspect it does support stereo
BobS: I think it is a love/hate relationship Dr D....between Richard/Gates
Dr.D.: Use the Flintstones method: myna bird to mimic sound, engrave groove on stone record on turntable :-)
Pamela: ya got that right, Bob
rich-c: there is a Microsoft Escalation Engineer in (I suspect) China who by now is likely contemplating suicide
rich-c: it is that much of a mess, and getting worse
Dr.D.: If it's Win98 it is only you escalating, they are not supporting it anymore AFAIK
rich-c: no,. I made teh mistake of following the directions for the WinXP upgrade disc.
rich-c: today I called up Media Player to read the help file
rich-c: I got blocked, it told me I needed to upgrade "now" so I clicked OK
rich-c: it downloaded the files and installed them (it said) but then stopped on teh "opening cabinet files" bit
rich-c: since it said installation 100% complete, I said wotthehell and clicked close
rich-c: I not only didn't get MP10, mpw I've lost MP9 as well
rich-c: I am not amused
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night, Will see you all next week.
Dr.D.: hmmmm
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Russ: nite Guy
Pamela: thanks for nailing down the dates for us
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie does too.
Dr.D.: Nite Guy
rich-c: my tsr's are lost and won't load either, my Mozilla programs won't connect to the internet. just for samples
BobS: nite guy. holler ASAP about dates K ??????
rich-c: about the only thing running right is FreeCell
Guy B.: Poof
Dr.D.: :-(
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: nite Bob, till next week
Dr.D.: I think it's time for a Mac, Richard...
BobS: well then you can play, A game
Pamela: whatsa TSR?
rich-c: well, I have an old Windows 3.1 game set, and everything in that works too
BobS: the stinkin' routines
rich-c: terminate and stay resident, like Zone Alarm, your anti-virus, that sort of thing
Pamela: ah
BobS: ahso....speaking of which,.......where is James of Japan origin??????
Pamela: dunno
BobS: anybody heard of him?????
rich-c: yeah, he hasn't been here the last few nights, nor has Ron
Dr.D.: Eaten by Gojira :-)
BobS: right
Dr.D.: Or gamera
BobS: Ron is long absent, no?????
Pamela: yeah, it's been a few weeks
Dr.D.: I hope he's okay
Pamela: i"m sure he's fine, Rich
rich-c: yes, he isn't as fussy about his health as he needs to be
Pamela: just galivanting
rich-c: you're likely right, Pam; we hope so
BobS: ever since he retired, he acts like he doesn't have to check in he is the energizer bunny
rich-c: happens to all of us, Bob
Pamela: well, someone send the man an e-mail and see what happens
rich-c: when you have that much free time you use it, plus about 50% more
rich-c: I sent him a couple of jokes this week
Pamela: but jokes don't require a response
Pamela: send him a question and see if he responds
Dr.D.: is one for you tech types
BobS: ready
Dr.D.: You should always carry with you a length of fiber-optic cable.
rich-c: true, but they have been known to evoke one, or even just a counter, just so they've been riminded you're here
Dr.D.: It will allow you to be rescued if you are ever stranded on a desert island.
Dr.D.: If you get shipwrecked, take out your piece of fiber optic cable and bury it in the sand.
Dr.D.: Within 30 minutes, someone driving a backhoe will appear to dig a trench that will cut the cable.
Pamela: good one :)
Dr.D.: When this happens, you can be rescued by the man on the backhoe.
rich-c: that's so true it hurts!
BobS: THAT is a GOOD one Dr D
Pamela: unless of course, he happens to be shipwrecked too : )
Dr.D.: Douglas Adams had it wrong: you need to know where your fiber optic cable is, not your towel.
BobS: naw, nobody gets shipwrecked with a backhow
rich-c: don't be a wet blanket, daughter - that is a funny!
Pamela: there are numerous responses to that comment, none of them printable : )
Pamela: cute, Rich
Pamela: and on that note, it's time I went to bed
Dr.D.: yeah me too, up at 5 am I must be
Pamela: ick
rich-c: yes, it's time for us old folks to pack it in, too
Dr.D.: have to grade 29 exams
Pamela: double ick
Dr.D.: So...good night to all.
rich-c: any idea when you'll be by, Pam?
Dr.D.: Well, before Friday at 4 PM.
Pamela: soon, Dad
Pamela: gnite, Rich
BobS: nite Dr d
rich-c: OK, let us know when you do
Pamela: at the very least, I'll see you Sunday for the party
rich-c: goodnight to you, then
rich-c: and Dr. D.
Pamela: nite, Daddy
BobS: and on that note, I also need to wander on and OFF to the sack. see ya's next week, same time and same place, YA ??????
Pamela: g'nite Russ, Bob, and Geoff
BobS left chat session
Russ: nite Pam
rich-c: and Russ, great you came by, come again real soon (next Wed. at 9E)
Dr.D.: And I'll probably see you sometime *NEXT* weekend Pam, I am planning to be in Toronto 17-20th.
Pamela: sounds good Rich
rich-c: nite Geoff, hope you'll be more regular now
Pamela: I'm outta here
Pamela: Kerpoof!
Dr.D.: Just hope Rin is well enough to travel Friday.
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Russ: yeah, i should go too, thanks for letting me visit. i'll probably be back next week
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: we'll look forward to it. Russ
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Russ: definately appreciate the help
Russ: nite
Russ left chat session
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