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<undefined>: hi Russ, glad to see you back
<undefined>: how's th9ings in Wisconsin - pretty cold?
<undefined> changed username to rich-c
Russ: hello
Russ:'s gonna snow tonight
rich-c: forgot to ;og in properly at firdt - sorry 'bout that
rich-c: but now you can see who it is
Russ: yes i recognize your name now
rich-c: yes, we all seem to have tha big load of arctic air headed for us - you just get it earlier
Russ: summer will be here soon
Russ: thank goodness
rich-c: right - we'er only six days from the vernal equinox
rich-c: March really has teh temperature extremes here
rich-c: apparently over the century plus records have been kept, our Marhc15th temperature has ranged from 22 below F to 78F
Russ: wow that is quite a difference
rich-c: yes, a range of 100 degrees F
rich-c: so have you done anything interesting with your Adam in teh past week?
Russ: not really, i've been busy. tried to get my disk drive to work
Russ: found some power supplies and the light comes on
rich-c: that's an Adam disc drive?
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Russ: but when i pull the reset nothing happens except smartwriter
Russ: yes
rich-c: when you pull reset teh light on teh disc drive should flash
Russ: hmmm i didn't notice
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Russ
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
Russ: hi
rich-c: one trick you might try is to get a "lead" pencil with a very sharp point
rich-c: salut, Daniel! comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: trying your adam diskdrive...?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va bien!
Daniel Bienvenu: et vous?
Russ: yeah...i'm getting power but....
rich-c: then use the point to clean each of teh little wires at each end of the cable
Russ: you mean the 6 pin?
rich-c: je vais assez bien, merci
Daniel Bienvenu: my diskdrive didn't work... I only saw the red light but nothing seems to work.
rich-c: yep, run teh pencil akl,ong teh exposed part of each of the six wires
Russ: we should start a club
Russ: BDD
Russ: broken disk drives
rich-c: yes, the Coleco disc drives tend to be cranky
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Russ: i will try that
changed username to ginger CLE
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
rich-c: yes, it will break through any corrosion and improve the conductive surface
rich-c: hi Rin, see you managed to join us tonight
rich-c: meet Russ, a new visitor from Wisconsin
Russ: hello
ginger CLE: hi there, yes indeed I did
rich-c: rin the REdhead is my niece, Russ
ginger CLE: hi Russ, nice to meet you
rich-c: what's the CLE? (/) of the Legislative Assembly?
ginger CLE: nope I'm in Cleveland
rich-c: pity Geoff isn't on (yet, anyway) - he is fairly knowledgable about disc drives
rich-c: oh, over with Rich - will he be on soon too?
ginger CLE: unfortunately Rich won't be on tonight. He's gone to a Board of Education meeting then he isdoing a Theta Chi thing
ginger CLE: so it's just me and Monty Python
rich-c: leaving you to fend for yourself - the brute!
ginger CLE: hehe
rich-c: or are you babysitting one of the girls?
ginger CLE: technically I should have been home Tuesday night
ginger CLE: I just got lucky that some meetings were cancelled and I have taken full advantage of it
rich-c: don't think you wil quite meet that deadline - will you be driving or flying?
ginger CLE: driving now. I am able to stay the full week
ginger CLE: so we will likely head to TO late tomorrow or early Friday
rich-c: I guess you can live with that situation!
ginger CLE: indeed I's a hardship but I'll have to make due <martyr pose>
rich-c: when you fly, to you fly out of Burke or the main airport?
rich-c: test
ginger CLE: I haven't flown here except in passing to El Paso and that was out of Pearson, which seems to be a commuter flight schedule
rich-c: I was referring to the Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, where they run the Champ Car races
rich-c: of course El Paso would go from teh main field inland
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ginger CLE: oooohhhhhhh....I think it was the main
changed username to Pame<undefined>
rich-c: hello daughter
Pame<undefined> changed username to Pamela
Pamela: There, that's better
Pamela: the hand is quicker than the brain
rich-c: you can correct your name under teh Edit menu
rich-c: ah, see you did already - OK
Pamela: Hi, Dad, Hi, Rin
ginger CLE: hi Pammie
Pamela: Hi, Daniel, Hi Russ
Russ: hello
rich-c: Daniel and Russ are having problems with their disc drives, but Geoff isn't on to help them
Pamela: ah
Russ: he was a big help last week
Pamela: well, I spent the last hour talking to Cynthia
rich-c: Rin, do you know if Rich has managed to get any of the five drives I gave him going again?
Pamela: so as usual, I'm running behind
Pamela: I have messages for both of you
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
rich-c: beyond what was in teh emails today?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: uh, I think so
Pamela: Erin, you there?
rich-c: you can send them as regular emails now if you like - your mother is on the laptop and can get them
ginger CLE: sorry Rich just here to say hi before he goes to Theta Chi
rich-c: say hi right back at him for us
rich-c: Pam, before I forget, I am going to pick up a load of (free) CD jewel cases tomorrow
rich-c: the owner is trying to give away 12,000 or so - want any?
Pamela: ah, no - thanks, Dad
rich-c: OK - if we ever get around to burning our vinyls to CDs we'll need a lot
Pamela: Rin, don't forget to e-mail your mother if you haven't already and let her know you're staying in Cleveland till Friday (please, she's driving me nuts!)
Pamela: Despite the fact that I told her tonite, you should anyway
Pamela: and, she called me to tell me that her friend Elizabeth's mother died last Friday night - the funeral is this Saturday
Pamela: and that's what I supposed to tell you as well, Dad - you and Mom
Pamela: I don't think that was in the e-mail she sent to you and Mom
rich-c: OK I have passed on the word
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: (PRIVATE) btw, what has Graham done that has Cynthia so upset?
Pamela: Dad, has Mom mailed Cynthia's birthday card???
rich-c: no, I mailed it for her (smartass) yesterday
Pamela: (PRIVATE) oh lord, he bought a house - I'll tell you about it verbally
Pamela: well, mine arrived today (smirk)
<undefined> changed username to bair
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Pamela: Erin?? You there?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) OK there was something about aluminum wiring in her last note I believe
ginger CLE: I'm here hang on
Pamela: (PRIVATE) oh yeah - that's the tip of the iceberg
rich-c: right, Daniel, we're waiting for you to join in
Pamela: ok
Pamela: hi, Bair!
bair: hello to every one
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rich-c: the Great Bair treds our woods - welcome!
Russ: hi bair
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: hello, Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Russ: hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy!
rich-c: and now we have Chicago Guy too - hello there
bair: I was here last week after my meeting but it was too late
rich-c: well, tonight you have made it with time to spare - isn't even time for my beer yet
rich-c: so how are thngs back home in Indiana?
bair: got to have your beer
Pamela: I'll be right back, gonna go hang out with my hubby for a few minutes
rich-c: absolutely - can't do a whole session of this without a glass of stout
bair: they are great and I can't wait for retirement
rich-c: having been retired for 15 years, I wholeheartedly recommend it, except that it takes up so much of your time
rich-c: I just can't figure out how I ever managed to get time to work
bair: I will have ema to keep me busy
rich-c: Guy, any further word on the Adamcon? Time's a-flittin"
Daniel Bienvenu: I will do a couple of nitemares if I continue reading about US Experimentations
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: not just teh ema, more will pop up than you'd ever guess
Daniel Bienvenu: they want to control our mind? and the weather?
bair: well just not to work will be ok
Guy B.: Rich, I sent an e-mail to the hotel I'm interested in having the con and I haven't heard a word. So, it looks like I'll give what I need to Jeanene and have her call them to set something up.
rich-c: yes, just think about not having to go out in weather like today - or at least, pick your shots
Russ: good reason to control the weather
rich-c: regret to say it, Guy, but I doubt you'll get any sort of deal unless you're talking face to face
bair: well this year has not been to bad I have a soft cab for the tractor now
ginger CLE: Rich says hi
Daniel Bienvenu: in one part of these documents, it talks about creating emotions like fear and love to control a population
rich-c: they want to make sure you're not a competitor checking up on them, or fronting for a biker gang, or something
bair: hey love is ok
rich-c: Daniel, I'm on teh messed up computer and can't copy the URL for that - could you email it to me?
Guy B.: I know. So, I'll write down everything that we need and set an appt. up.
ginger CLE: he's off again
rich-c: good show - you can likely find out if they want to talk seriously with a phone call
Pamela: now where did he go, Erin?
Pamela: Russell says hi, by the way : )
rich-c: you came in late - errands, Pam
ginger CLE: he's off to some Theta Chi thing
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Rin, did you send your mother a birthday card?
Pamela: ah, gotcha
bair: that sounds like fun
rich-c: you just got a good weather year, Bob - for us we just had teh wrmest winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) since 1948
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) no, I forgot...I'll have to send her an e-card and get her something nice :-S
Pamela: (PRIVATE) please do - I'm hearing about it and since when did I get adopted???? : )
rich-c: Bob, do you know anything that would help anyone with an Adam disc drive that won't work?
bair: yea the weather has not been to bad except for the tonados
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) I dunno :-)
rich-c: hoo boy! you have tornados already?
bair: yea
rich-c: worst we've had is small thunderstorms and even they wre a surprise
bair: could the drive be dirty
Pamela: Rin, did you get the bit about Elizabeth's mom?
rich-c: yes, that's the suggestion one always forgets to make - first, clean the drive!
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) the school store didn't have large enough sweaters Pam, they only go up to 2XL and not an oversized one :-(
Russ: whats the best way to do that?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, thanks for checking anyway - guess I'll just have to get smaller : )
rich-c: and in my experience, if that fails, do it again and again
ginger CLE: yes, I saw that, that's too bad...I gather she had Alzheimer's
bair: is it the power supply
Russ: i don't have an original power supply so....
Pamela: dementia, and a-fib, and a host of other ailments, but she was just shy of her 90th birthday
rich-c: use a disc ddrive cleaning kit, with teh dummy disc and cleaning fluid - 3M used to make a good one
ginger CLE: sigh
Russ: the drive dosen't seem to access the disk at all
rich-c: I know there are other power supplies that can be substitued but don't know which they are
bair: some times if you un plug every thing and start over that might work
Russ: i tried an atari 5200 and a nother one
Russ: got the power light to come on tho
rich-c: when you plug it into teh computer, does the light go on?
rich-c: and, when you pull the reset button on the computer, does the light blink?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) believe it or not, I didn't hear a word about Graeme and the house tonite (except in context of packing and dust allergies). Shocking.
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) wow, that is surprising
rich-c: do you have the switch on the back set to the drive 1 position?\
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, she only had an hour but still . . .
bair: some times the spring is not working right
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) very surprising...
bair: the spring on the door
rich-c: well, if the light blinks, the Adamnet is sensing it's there
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) how's kitty?
rich-c: yes, some of those doors can be a pain to get set
Russ: both lights are always on
Daniel Bienvenu: to see if the problem was the cable, I switched it with the one for the keyboard. result : the cable worked fine. the problem is my diskdrive
Pamela: (PRIVATE) she was fine last night and this morning, (per Lin) - I haven't been down yet tonite because my evening got so screwed up but I'll go after chat.
rich-c: in that case you sjhould be able to hear the drive running constantly
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) coolio and thanks again
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I spent an hour with her last night - took my book down and just canoodled with her for a while
bair: if all fails A B I G H A M M E R
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'll do that again tonite
Pamela: or read the instructions : )
rich-c: try turning the drive off and on again using the power switch on the back
Daniel Bienvenu: but the manual said to turn on the diskdrive before the computer, right?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) my evening got out of hand - I fell asleep for a while after work, then your mom called and I lost an hour to her, so I haven't eaten, either. I'm sorta hungry but don't know what I want
Russ: i only see a power switch on the front
rich-c: yes, because in the POST the Adamnet looks for the peripherals
Russ: i've been turning on the drive prior as well
bair: don't forget there was a time that I un plug every thing and started over and that did work
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) oh geez...hopefully something yummy
rich-c: sorry - I use MI drives not Coleco so I forget details
Pamela: (PRIVATE) at this point I'll settle for filling : )
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) :-)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) it's silly, because I don't normally see you during the week anyway, but I miss you
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) <hugs>
Russ: i'll have to play with it some more
bair: do you have two drive shook up
Pamela: (PRIVATE) thanks : )
Daniel Bienvenu: me? no
Russ: it's been sitiing for more than a few years
Russ: me neither
Pamela: Russ, have you evicted the dust bunnies?
Russ: yes but not the connections
bair: if you pick it and shake it do you hear any thing rattle like some thing loose
rich-c: if cleaning teh cable doesn't work, and cleaning the drive heads, things get desperate
rich-c: especialy if the drive is being deteced and in fact is running
rich-c: the disc-in-place detector can gum things up too but I forget the details as to how - Guy, do you know?
bair: have you tried smart writer and smart basic
Guy B.: What's going on with Bair's drive?
Pamela: I'm gonna go chase some food - BRB
rich-c: not Bob's, Russ' and Daniel's
Daniel Bienvenu: like rich said : "colour me gone" ... goodnight !
Pamela: (PRIVATE) you're not leaving yet, are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to try to sleep well
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonsoir - a la prochaine!
Pamela: night, Daniel
Guy B.: Can they read anything off the disk?
Russ: nite
ginger CLE: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you again next week
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) soon probably, I'm zoning a bit
bair: Yea mine is ok just tring to thinik of things I have tried in the past
Russ: i don't think the disk spins at all
rich-c: we'll look for you
Guy B.: Night Daniel
rich-c: if both lights are lit teh disc should be spinning, Russ
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, I won't be long, but just in case, goodnight, love and hugs and kisses to you both
Daniel Bienvenu: and rich, I sent the link by mail, ... try vol-3 chap-15
rich-c: merci, Daniel
Russ: ner hear one but i'm assuming i'd know it
Daniel Bienvenu: it's frightening
ginger CLE: (PRIVATE) love you too, hugs and kisses
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Russ: seems quiet
rich-c: yes, a slight hum, maybe a subtle vibration - some suggestion of movement, anyway
Guy B.: When your reading or writing, the light should go on and you might hear some clicking. That should indicate the disk is spinning.
bair: the phone is ringing so see you all next week by for now
Guy B.: Bye Bob.
rich-c: night Bob
Russ: by bair
bair left chat session
Guy B.: My pup decides to get in-between me and the computer.
rich-c: I have nevr seen the read/write light lit without the drive spinning
rich-c: oh, how is Annie doing, Guy?
Guy B.: Playing away right now. She is growing and will be six months on Monday.
rich-c: try very gently to slide a disc in - just teh slightest bit at a time - and see if any sound or feel suggests movement
ginger CLE: well folks I think it's time for me to sign out for the week. Hope everyone has a great week! night all!
Pamela: night, sweetie - see you Friday
Russ: nite CLE
rich-c: OK Erin, see you in due course, on line or lie!
rich-c: live
ginger CLE: night all!!
ginger CLE left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Rin.
Pamela: and I hate to be a party pooper but I'm gonna leave to - I lost a great deal of my last couple of evenings to the phone so I have go catch up
Pamela: gonna go prove that the rumour of a sink in my kitchen is true
rich-c: wow - we're losing everyone!
Pamela: sorry, Dad - I got ambushed last night and tonite
rich-c: anyway, goodnight, daughter - and btw the lampshade is great, better than the original
Russ: nite pam
Pamela: glad to hear it, Dad. I'll try to call, maybe tomorrow evening
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Pamela: nite Russ
Pamela: Nite, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: Amiga tomorrow, Pam - try Friday
Pamela: pets to Annie
Pamela: okay, Dad
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too. Annie says HI
Pamela: g'nite, Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: Kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: maybe, Guy, Russ should just give up on the disc drive and get the Adam emulator for his DOSbox
rich-c: or else find an old 286 or sometrhing and set it up as an Adamserve server
Russ: i could do that
Russ: i have a 166
Russ: pentium mmx i think
rich-c: too bad Dr. D. isn't on tonight - he is the one who wrote Adamserve and can tell you all about it
Guy B.: AdamServe could work if he has a 5 1/2 drive on his PC.
rich-c: yes, that level of Pentium has pretty well dropped off teh bottom edge of usability now
Russ: i think i have a working 5 1/2 drive for PC
Russ: i know, my 200 has naslite on it...good for server
rich-c: wonder if Rich could set it up to work on a 3.5" drive as well, as long as it has DD capability?
rich-c: it's OK Russ, I even have a 5-1/4 DD drive as my B drive on my Athlon 1600
Guy B.: If you have two of them, either 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 or one of each. Then Adamserve will work. You will need a serial port for the Adam and one for the PC and a null modem or serial cable.
rich-c: Guy, clue him in further while I go fetch my beer
Guy B.: Dr. D wrote the program and has several versions for different size drives. I believe he has made available for everyone to download.
Russ: i've got his site bookmarked
Guy B.: There is another option. The Adam Emulator. Do you have that?
Russ: i've downloaded that also.
Guy B.: Did you download the utilities?
Russ: i had pulled out my ADAM to use it a bit and am hoping to move from there
Russ: i haven't tried the emu yet
rich-c: right, having the real thing at the ready is comforting, somehow
Russ: this has been a 2 week old project for me
rich-c: mine is at my elbow as I work here on the Athlon
Russ: i've been just picking up machines for the past 4 or 5 years
Russ: goodwill, friends, ebay
rich-c: I even use it from time to time for little chores for which it is the best choice
Guy B.: The emulator is great when you don't want to use your Adam right now, but later you can transfer the image from your hard drive to an Adam disk and use it in your Adam.
Russ: i have CP/M and a few other disks so naturally i wanted to see them
rich-c: andthe Adam is great when you don't want to use your DOSbox
Russ: wow
Guy B.: I have four Adams. Three standalone and the Expansion Moduel 3 with the Colecovision.
rich-c: I can have an envelope addressed and ready and the Adam turned off again before Windows has even booted
Russ: neither of my expansions work right
Russ: i believe it rich
rich-c: don't even ask how many Adams I have - but when I loaned them for a convention, there wre over 1000 lbs. in the truck
Guy B.: I'm using a standalone now, since my computer cart has the room for it. The Expansion three is in my closet.
Russ: i don't have a good place for mine, this has been temporary until i use the emu
rich-c: we have four computers up and running (sort of) the laptop, desktop, Adam and Amiga
rich-c: I am still driving the Microsoft engineers quietly nuts trying to untangle the XP installation on the desktop
Russ: the upgrade?
rich-c: yes, used the upgrade over Windows98SE - and now I'm sorry
Guy B.: I can a BIOS upgrade for my Athlon and I'm think I'm going to buy it and upgrade this to WinXP.
Russ: i've done a BIOS upgrade once
rich-c: for some reason it didn't catch half the software at all, or any lf the settings, and fibbled the TSRs - for starters
Guy B.: How did it go?
Russ: mine went without a problem
Russ: i booted of a disk
rich-c: you need a BIOS upgrade more than just the update flash
Russ: i'd like to flash my laptop
Russ: yes i misunderstood
Russ: i just flashed an update
rich-c: well my Athlon is on a high-end MSI boardd so getting the BIOS upgrade and flashing it was not problem at all
rich-c: but I didn't do that for XP I did it earl;ier for another reason
Guy B.: I bought a new Dell notebook and I haven't configured it yet and now I have PC Relocator coming, so I migrate all the apps off my old notebook to the new one.
Russ: my laptop has no disk drive tho so i'd have to flash it from dos i think
rich-c: get one of those little thumb drives - or even use the flash disc from you digital camera
Russ: there's an idea
rich-c: I am using the keychain drive to transfer data between the desktop and laptopo all the time now
Russ: i have a home NAS and VNC running
rich-c: we also used the flash disc from Frances' digital camera once too
rich-c: don't recognize the abbreviations
Russ: i might be able to boot it from cd
rich-c: yes, just go into your BIOS and set the boot sequence to suit
Russ: VNC is a remote program for controling another computer
Russ: nas is a server
rich-c: when I'm fiddling about I often make the sequence floppy - cd - IDE
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changed username to BobS
Russ: the laptops pretty new for me so i haven't looked at the bios
BobS: H:EY Russ......glad i caought you.....
Russ: hi bob
rich-c: OK, since I use neither I didn't know the terms and don't know the utility
BobS: the card you were describing last week is an Orphanware paralle port card 9center slot0 for a printer
rich-c: hey, Slopsema finally looked at the calender ;-)
BobS: nope just got home
BobS: where is everyone???????
BobS: lost?????
Russ: well with VNC i'm actually using the laptop in my living room to control the computer in my office to use this program
BobS: or I missed them eh?"
Russ: :)
rich-c: a likely excuse! 8-)
Russ: for a printer
BobS: oh well it works for me
Russ: thanks for the info
BobS: were cleaning out part of the antique mall today and then to Judy's mom's house
rich-c: yep, Pam and Erin and Bair and Daniel all checked out early, and Dr, D, had other obligations
BobS: well I never.....
BobS: the Bair was here eh?
Guy B.: Hi Bob. Did you get any severe weather over the weekend?
BobS: and how is he doing???? and Virginia?
BobS: nope, just wind man
rich-c: yep, and he suggested he'd like to be back next week too
BobS: and tomorrow 3-6' of snow
Guy B.: Same here.
rich-c: yeah, we get the snow Friday - I'm not looking forward to it
Guy B.: Have to check on the snow here. I heard about 2 or more for us.
Guy B.: Look on the bright side. Spring starts next week.
rich-c: though with the wind from the NW we will escape most - it's the other side of the lake will catch hell
BobS: that would be good guy, because you are supposed to get it worse than us
Guy B.: Where's Judy?
rich-c: Guy would get worse from a NW wind? sounds odd
BobS: Judy is ight here
BobS: right
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: If the wind comes from the northeast, then we will get some lake effect snow.
BobS: storm is going southeast form Minnasota
rich-c: yes, but this wind is from the northwest - that's why we escape anything much
Guy B.: Depends where it might land and the wind direction.
BobS: oh sh*tm that measn we will get lake effect maybe, although the heavier snow was supposed to go south of us
rich-c: NOAA Buffalo today said the centre is up around James Bay - monstrous system
Guy B.: I'll have some photos of Annie, including her photos taken at the animal shelter and some I've shot.
rich-c: I'll tell you, between the Buffalo and Toronto radars, we get a pretty good picture of what the weather is doing
BobS: NOAA says now....1'2 tomorrow and possible 1 tomorrow night
BobS: 1-2
Russ: i think we're getting about 6
BobS: you can HAVE it Russ
Russ: we just got rid of it all
rich-c: you're near the lake, Russ, but shouldn't you be upwind for like effect snow?
Russ: 57 for a high saturday
rich-c: sheesh! we'll be lucky to get up to freezing, in the low 20s overnight
Russ: paper says says 4 at most
Russ: it's cold here again now too
rich-c: it all depends on who they buy their weather from
BobS: you have to BUY the stuff???????
Russ: snow is suby has all wheel
rich-c: around here, NOAA and Environment Canada are fr more accurate than Accuweather, Weatheer Channel, or other commercial outfits
BobS: I better put some cash aside for sunny and WARM
BobS: and keep saving
rich-c: you can get iot free from the gummint but if you want the other forecasts (for publication) you gotta pay
rich-c: I suppose if newspapers and radio stations use the government agencies they have to pay them too
BobS: hmmmm it would PAY them to get accurate forecasts and then pay some inexpensive guy to repeat it, rather than have all the fancy equipment
BobS: and mulitple weatherpeople
rich-c: for all I know the Weather Channel may very well buy some of their info from the governments
rich-c: I think the newspaper buys from Accuweather because their graphics are more attractive even if their predictions are wonky
Russ: i'm just going to buy my own satelite
BobS: OR lick your finger and hold it up !!!!!!
Russ: hah
rich-c: why? NOAA puts the stellite dta - in several spectra - on thier websites for free
BobS: I swear taht sometimes that method would work better tahn watching the news
rich-c: be your own weatherman!
rich-c: forget the news - the newspaper is out of date, and broadcasters never even look out the window
rich-c: go to NOAA and get teh word from the pros and the data they used in making the call
BobS: am I here?
BobS: yup
BobS: SO lick your finger mon
rich-c: are you all here? ;-)
Russ: i'm here
Russ: for now
rich-c: yes, so far the board hassn't felt like kicking us off tonight
BobS: ya mon I is here
BobS: well we are only 4 you knolw
rich-c: oh, that doesn't faze it when it's in a bad mood - it will toss two as happily as 20
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
rich-c: OK Guy - hope you will have some firm answers for us by then
BobS: well Guy, be good, did I miss any convention news tonight????
rich-c: sleep tight
Guy B.: Going to work on that.
Russ: nite Guy
Guy B.: See you all. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: well we ned IMPUT
rich-c: I guess it is about time to wind down - did you get any useful leads on the drive tonight, Russ?
Russ: i have a few things to try
rich-c: well, give them a shot
Russ: hopefully this weekend
rich-c: to be honest, I'm not optimistic - when these drives go, they go
rich-c: still, a few folks did find out how to fix them so it can be done
BobS: yea good luck though right?
Russ: can you read the disks on a PC with the emulator?
BobS: ANY drive is hard fro use inknowing to fix
rich-c: even try running them with teh case off to see if there's a heting issue
BobS: does it work cold??????
rich-c: yes, there is a utility on Guy's page that lets you make a DOSbox drive think it's an Adam drive
BobS: (assumign it looks like a heting issue)
rich-c: actually the Adam format is the DOs format missing a sector, apparently
rich-c: also, most high-density floppy drives also have a double-density capability (which Adam requires)
BobS: yes Richard.....the ADAM uses only 160k of the dos 180k old disk format and 8 sectors versus 9
Russ: i'll have to install my 5 1/4 in my PC
rich-c: OK - can't advise on that as t the moment XP is having an issue recognizing mine, but I hope to cure that
Russ: what card would i need for the ADAM to connect it if i wanted
BobS: you can install anduse ADAM emulator or ADAM-DOS (pd program)
rich-c: I assume a serial card if you can find one, therwise an MIB3
BobS: no card these are dos based programs which read ADAM disks
Russ: ok
rich-c: yes but you still have to interface with teh Adam as teh DOSbox is essentially aserver
Russ: i'll have to go to guys and dr. d's sites
rich-c: yes, you will find Dr.D's especially helpful
BobS: do taht russ, maybe things will get cleaarer
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, the withcing hour is close upon us - time to pack it in
Russ: i think i'm going to go
changed username to GuyF
GuyF: Just dropped in to say hi!
rich-c: hello Guy - we're all about to leave!
BobS: welcome mon
Russ: hi guy
BobS: weel HI there sir.......
GuyF: No problem, I'm even surprised anyone is still here.
rich-c: but hello anyway
GuyF: will try to make it on time next week.
rich-c: thirty seconds later and there wouldn't have been
GuyF: ha! well have a good nigth gentlemen....
Russ: nite all
rich-c: yes, Russ has to bail, and I'm also out of time
rich-c: good night, Guy, and Bob and Russ
GuyF: later
rich-c: colour me gone!
Russ left chat session
rich-c left chat session
BobS: later dudes. time for me to blow also, come EARLIER next week guy
BobS left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-03-15
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