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rich-c: test
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello rich!
Daniel B: wow... I miss something?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: no, you didnt miss a thing - everyone is late tonight I guess
Daniel B: I had a good news to tell, I don't know if it's too earlier for that...
rich-c: don't know where they are - touch of spring fever, maybe? ;-)
Daniel B: Well, my 4 months contract will be extended
rich-c: I rather thought it would be - from your reports you have been doing good work and are needed
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changed username to BobS
BobS: helLO kiddies
rich-c: it is quite common too for companies to hire people on a term contract and just "happen" to discover they need them to stay on
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BobS: and I thought I was late and would be the last one in
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Robert, wondering when you'd arrive
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: well, Dale, good to see you
BobS: almsot forgot man
Dale: Anyone heard any news of AdamCon?
BobS: prolly gonna be July mid month
rich-c: no but when GuyB appears I'm sure we will - he is usually late though
BobS: no hotel yet I guess
BobS: he mentioned dates last week, but had no hotel yet
rich-c: he did have a named one in mind but hadn't talked to them seriously
Dale: What's the date?
BobS: SMACK that boy
rich-c: don't think he's the world's most effective negotiator anyway
BobS: July 13-16 i think, but DO NOT QUOTE ME
Dale: Earlier than he had said previously.
rich-c: is July 13th a Thursday? if so I think that's the start date
BobS: maybe I should offer to holler at the hotel??????
BobS: yes thursday
rich-c: by all means do; you've had moe experience
rich-c: just after the Champ Car race here
BobS: well maybe have to approach it tonight when yhe shows up
rich-c: tactfully, of course...
BobS: ya
Dale: Daniel, are you online too?
rich-c: but considering the difficulty he has been having, sone strong suggestion thst he accept assistance is I think in order
rich-c: yes he is, and celebrating a contract extension
rich-c: whoops! have I fallen off?
rich-c: no, jut everyone else
BobS: COOL congratulations DANIEL
BobS: Im here mon
Dale: You're here Rich.
rich-c: I'm sure that he earned it
Dale: Just Daniel isn't talking.
Dale: Maybe surfing at the same time.
Daniel B: sorry, was away
rich-c: he often goes wandering off checking email or stuff
Daniel B: hello Dale,
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Daniel B: Hello Bob
Dale: I haven't heard from you lately, so I resolved to join in the chat to see what you were up to.
BobS: Hi Daniel
Dale: Did you ever get time to do SDL reading?
Daniel B: received emails asking me to release more cartridges... but I need pcbs for that.
Dale: I think I'll be brave and take the plunge and make a prototype before the end of the month.
Daniel B: I saved the tutorial on my computer, I didn't check it yet. I have stuff to prepare for this week-end... ccjvq meeting
Dale: I've desk checked it and I think it is correct, but I have to take a big breath and try one.
Dale: Just one tiny thing to change first (the pads on the card edge connector aren't the right shape yet).
Daniel B: I checked the source code of vice (commodore emulator) but they use SDL only for graphics.
Daniel B: I give my advice for sound emulation for bluemsx emulator... I will check the source code of this emulator to see if they use SDL for sound emulation
Daniel B: ... given...
Daniel B: for the minigame multicart, micheal is waiting for a test rom with software menu.
Dale: I think bluemsx is purely DirectX, if I remember correctly.
Dale: You were writing the menu?
Daniel B: well, the software menu I did before for another multicart project need to be modified for this project
Dale: Quiet night.
BobS: yes very quiet
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changed username to Geoff
Daniel B: Did you tried to make a 8K version of Get Booty?
Daniel B: hello Goeff!
Geoff: Hey dude. :)
Dale: I've done some fairly significant enhancements to Get Booty but still bugs.
Daniel B: oops
Daniel B: Geoff!
Daniel B: sorry
Geoff: whaaats happenin'?
Dale: Geoff!
BobS: Hi Geoff
BobS: not much mon
BobS: Daniel got hsi job EXTENDED
BobS: for how long Daniel
Daniel B: 4 months.
Daniel B: it's like stpe of 4 months
rich-c: well hello geoff - don't have our folks with the disc drive problems yet
Geoff: Rich... any new info on their problem?
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BobS: cool, that is 4 months longer than before.......and then maybe longer!!!!!!
Daniel B: it was like that before I started working for them
changed username to Pamela
Daniel B: hello Pam!
BobS: HEY Pam
Pamela: hi there
BobS: hello der
rich-c: nope, just what you've seen on here - I'm not the guru after all
rich-c: hi daughter
Dale: Hi Pam
Pamela: hey, Dad
Geoff: I just got a non-working drive in the mail from Dave Sands to play with... got it working mostly.
rich-c: go for it
BobS: what brand of drive Geoff?
Pamela: what's new, folks
Geoff: it was a coleco drive
rich-c: well if you've got a hope, we'll encourage them to gamble postage on you
Geoff: heheheh... I'm game if they are.
BobS: and what did you do to get it working???
rich-c: good news and bad news here
Geoff: You know... I'm not quite certain. ;)
Geoff: I fiddled with the read pulse width control, but then I put it right back where it was.
Geoff: and it still works mostly.
BobS: :-)
Geoff: It's still a little flakey, but before I started it wouldn't work at all.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) what does that mean, Dad?
rich-c: sounds like you're on the right track then
Dale: Here is my latest build:
Geoff: I suspect that it might have to do with the power supply. Gonna stick it on the oscilloscope at work and see what the supply looks like.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) respirologist was very enthusiastic about my progress yesterday, cut back on the medication
Dale: I've added 4 skill levels. Level 1 is the old one. Level 2 works and adds the ship moving horizontally. Level 3 and 4 have bugs still.
Daniel B: message to James, if you look at the log right now... "hello! how are you? your wife? Case? and Aiden?"
Dale: Also it adds a map screen as intro, and a score summary screen when you get a ship.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) less prednisone? That's good
rich-c: (PRIVATE) but Dr. Santo tells me I have GERD - gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Pamela: (PRIVATE) is that relatively easy to deal with at least?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) howeever Zantec should control it adequately, just that it won't ever go away
Daniel B: what is the time date of this game.rom file?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good
Dale: Feb 2
Pamela: (PRIVATE) how's Mom?
Daniel B: ok
Daniel B: it' 02-02
rich-c: (PRIVATE) growing square eyes on the laptop, as usual
Daniel B: of year 2006
Pamela: (PRIVATE) : )
Daniel B: 2+2+2 = 6
Daniel B: :-)
rich-c: (PRIVATE) got a new version of Logo to play with so she's well occupied
Dale: Level 3 is supposed to add variable number of masts on the opposing ship. Level 4 is supposed to add an attack round where you need to sink the other ship before it sinks you.
Geoff: Lookin' good, Dale!
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel B: Hi Guy!
Dale: Thanks Geoff.
rich-c: hello Guy, everyone is waiting for the Adamcon word
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so did I miss anyone earlier?
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Dale: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! Sorry I'm late, had to take a pup out before I even got online.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) other than Daniel's contract extension, no
Pamela: (PRIVATE) extension?? woo hoo!
rich-c: yes, when they need walkies, they need walkies - or else
Guy B.: The person at the hotel will be getting back to me this week, so I'll let you all know soon.
Pamela: s'alright, Guy, I just got here myself
Dale: I'v tried playing the old Get Booty, and in comparison I don't like it at all. The map screen and the score summary add a lot IMHO.
rich-c: which hotel, and how enthusiastic is he about negotiations?
Daniel B: Did you check the minigame compo web site this year?
Daniel B: the contest is already started
rich-c: "I'll get back to you" isn't the sound of someone eager for our trade
Dale: I've been working on the ever elusive 1k game category.
Geoff: Dan, Dale... have you guys done anything with the emulator this past week?
Daniel B: there is a difference this year for the cathegories
Daniel B: I didn't write a line of code on adamemsdl project
Geoff: haven't done anything in the past couple of weeks myself.
Dale: The submission dates are staggered, so that you'll have time to enter each category.
Daniel B: and an "experimental 8k section contest"
Dale: Well, Geoff, I've been prototyping an on screen keyboard for the PSP version. Probably not useful for the Windows version.
Daniel B: knowing that Q*Bert on CV is 8K...
Dale: 8k really leaves the realm of minigame, in many ways I think.
Dale: I have to finish the launch menu screen, then I'll be ready to publicly release the PSP version of the emulator.
Pamela: Bob, how is the employment search progressing?
Dale: Most Atari 2600 games are 8k AFAIK.
BobS: sucks Pam.....working 3 days this week. that is HARD work !!!
Pamela: you're right, that sucks
BobS: and maybe a few days next week
Geoff: Cool. :)
BobS: NO that is too much work.......
Pamela: did I miss something, Bob? Did you find another job in addition?
BobS: I want to use unemplyment for awhile
BobS: noe still same job
BobS: just more hours for temproary
BobS: temorary
BobS: oh well farn dingers
Pamela: I got the gist, don't worry : )
Dale: I did my annual review yesterday. I turned out okay.
Dale: Who knows, I may even get a raise.
Pamela: was that a surprise, Dale?
rich-c: now where has Guy got to?
BobS: checkin mailo no doubt
Guy B.: Your right!
rich-c: so where is tis hotel, Guy?
Dale: Well, I suppose I got "Outstanding" last year. But before the eval I was a little morose about my role in the company. The review boosted my spirits a little.
Guy B.: I'm looking at the Holiday Inn in Oakbrook Terrace.
Pamela: well it's nice to hear of a review that boosts the spirits : )
rich-c: well, they have full broadband internet anyway
Dale: Jeffrey wants a drink before bed. brb
rich-c: don't know how they are on the price scale - many are high for what they deliver
rich-c: you will have to do some hard-nosed negotiating I suspect
Guy B.: Yes they do and wireless Internet as well. The hotel is in-between two shopping centers and scores of restaurants. Some within walking distance.
rich-c: yes, but do they throw in a continetal breakfast so we don't have to leave before we're awake?
Pamela: have you given any thought to things other than the hotel Guy, such as the banquet location, or a Saturday outing?
rich-c: and can they give us a light lunch at a decent price?
Dale: Back.
Pamela: which shopping centers, Guy?
rich-c: there is some interesting Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the area, and downtown the Field Museum is justly famous
Guy B.: I'm looking at all what they have, so I don't want to keep you all in suspense.
Guy B.: Oakbrook Center and Yorktown Mall.
Dale: Being Mr non-sequitor tonight, I was thinking about ox last night, and why I don't see any anymore.
BobS: WHOA dude, all the ones I can find are expensive!!!!
Dale: But some reading on Wikipedia made it all clear.
rich-c: when we went to Chicago for the art exhibit we stayed right on the extreme south edge
Guy B.: Oakbrook Center has Marshall Fields, Sears, Crate and Barrell. Yorktown has Carson's, Von Mour, Penneys and a standalone Target.
rich-c: and at one point found a Polish restaurant just down the outbound road that had a terrific buffet
Pamela: Oakbrook Centre also has a Coldwater Creek - woo and two hoos!
rich-c: big deal, is that, daughter?
Pamela: Dad, FYI, I'm taking Mom and going shopping
Pamela: Coldwater Creek is the clothing company I keep getting the wonderful catalogues from
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changed username to Russ
Russ: hello all
rich-c: hello Russ, how goes it tonight?
Guy B.: Hi Russ
Pamela: they're on the 'net, but I want to be able to try on clothes - they have so much gorgeous stuff, I could probably spend all my customs allotment and Russell's too
Pamela: Hi, Russ
rich-c: Geoff is on and scored some success on reviving a Coleco drive
Russ: cool
Pamela: I'll bet Mom would like their stuff, too
rich-c: thought you had other objectives for that money
Russ: i haven't done anything this week
Russ: except work
Dale: Hi ya Russ.
Pamela: make my day, Guy - tell me there's a Lane Bryant, too
Geoff: Hey Russ.
BobS: Hey Russ
rich-c: story of our lives, basically, though some are out of it
Pamela: no, I have objectives for other money : ) (Don't ask what other money, I don't know!)
Guy B.: Yes, there is a Lane Bryant in Oakbrook. Jeanene's favorite place.
Pamela: Yes! Yes! Yes! Well, I'm a happy camper : )
Pamela: or convention goer, as the case may be
Pamela: FYI, I'm stealing Jeanene too : )
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Pamela: It pays to have a native along
changed username to Mitch
Mitch: evening all
Pamela: well, if it isn't Mr. Mitchell
Mitch: indeed
BobS: RON !!!!!
Dale: Hey hey Ron.
Pamela: hi, stranger - nice to see you : )
Daniel B: Hi Ron!
rich-c: hey, Ron - wheer have you been?
Daniel B: Hi Russ!
Daniel B: Hi Mitch
BobS: was just thinkin of ya today and missin ya also
Daniel B: sorry .. was away again
Geoff: brb
Pamela: Ron, I was wondering - what's being cooked up for the Mighty Mitchell Award, or is that Dale's responsibility this year?
rich-c: so how's about a report from the left coast - had any good ferry sinkings lately?
Russ: just curious..would a light pen work on an ADAM?
BobS: oops lost Mitch
BobS: for sure Russ, with the correct interface
rich-c: must have gfone down with the boat
BobS: andother ferry sinking???????
rich-c: yes, this adft3ernoon I believe
Pamela: yeah, they sunk a ferry yesterday in the Queen Charlotte Islands
Dale: It's all up to me to come up with the MMMM Award
BobS: oh oh
Pamela: is it going to be diabolical, Dale?
rich-c: fortunately they got eeryone off OK
Dale: (much maligned [but highly coveted] mighty mitchell award)
Dale: I'm not sure yet.
Dale: I've been reading a lot of books on games and such. We'll see.
Pamela: remember us poor, computer illiterate people when you cook it up
Dale: I'll try to remember.
Dale: :-)
Pamela: (Pamela tries to look suitably dazed and confused)
rich-c: oh, Dale, you still using your JamCam?
Dale: Hmmm...calculating Pi is sounding less appealing than it once was. ;-)
rich-c: or more to the point, know of any website that would have an XP driver for it?
Dale: Not really, I gave it to Jeffrey.
Dale: There is a site that had good historical archive of drivers, I think it is called or some variation.
Daniel B: it looks like DGen/SDL (Genesis Emulator) use SDL audio facilities...
Daniel B:
Dale: I can always find it if I really want to.
rich-c: probably the appropriate useage, but I hate to chuck it because the driver doesn't fit my OS
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changed username to Ronald
Pamela: round two, Ron
rich-c: welcome back, Ron - going to stay a while this time?
Ronald: having my problems tonight
Pamela: speak firmly to the computer, Ron
Ronald: can't seem to find an alley between the blue screen of death, and the beachball of death
rich-c: I'll give it a try, Dale, and maybe make Google sweat a little
Ronald: I know eh
Pamela: what?? No Mac tonite?
Ronald: It's the Mac that's working (for the moment)
Daniel B: ... hmmm will need to clean up the source code to write an os independant audio sriver for adamemsdl.
rich-c: a beachball is cheating - that's for Amigas
Dale: Did you look at
Ronald: Anyway, really must apologize for my absence of late....... bound up in some community stuff on Wednesday nights
Ronald: and it ain't done yet
Pamela: we miss you, Ron
rich-c: no, I got something out of the program that was "jamonline" but the site's been sold
Ronald: Yes, and that works both ways
rich-c: now has nothing to do with the camera in any way
Pamela: what does it have to do with now, peanut butter? :: )
Dale: Daniel, I'm willing to help with the audio driver, but I want you to take the lead on it. Assuming you're up to the task.
rich-c: an only electronics retailer - somewhat shady, it feels like
Pamela: Ron, how are the newlyweds doing?
Geoff: bak.... I can help with the sound too if you guys need any help...
Ronald: hell they'll be coming up on the first anniversary soon
Dale: The URL I gave has directions and a downloads section for XP and JamCam 3.0
Ronald: well.....July 2
Ronald: was over to see them about a month ago
Pamela: time flies - believe me, I know
Ronald: They're headed off to Italy at the beginning of June
Daniel B: ok, I will try something during the next month... I can't promise to start coding before that.
rich-c: OK got it copied Dale - large size thanks
Pamela: wow, colour me green
Daniel B: green?
Ronald: I know..... keep threatening to go with them..... one of these years
Pamela: for envy, Daniel : )
rich-c: jealoussy, Daniel
Pamela: how long are they gone, and does Francesca (is that right?) have family over there?
Ronald: yes... and yes, her father is in Florence. The visit about every other year
Daniel B: ok! :) it's not green sick, it's green jealoussy
rich-c: green sick is what they had on the ferry
rich-c: seems the lifeboats were small and teh sea was big
Ronald: Hell of a place to put a rock eh? We seem to have devised a new variation of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
Ronald: and so far we're not good at it
Pamela: Rock always wins : )
Ronald: indeed it does
Daniel B: Ok, if I play againts you, I have to choose paper then
Ronald: if you're a ferry boat, you have no chance
Ronald: I've been on that one dammit
Ronald: was a while ago, but I was there
Pamela: just be glad it was then and not now, Ron
rich-c: having ridden them on the Victoria - Tswassan run, they seemed pretty adept at rock dodging
Ronald: yes
Geoff: BC Ferries?
rich-c: there's one place there that's the only time I've seen a boat make a skid turn
rich-c: yes, they sank one today up Ron's way
Pamela: just kick out the back end, and turn right : )
rich-c: got to and it's the first thing you'll see, I reckon'
Geoff: heh.... they sank one of the ones that I was on shortly after I left from Vancouver last year.
Geoff: or beached it or something... can't remember.
Pamela: well then you have excellent timing, Geoff : )
Geoff: heheheh
rich-c: beahing they are very experienced at
Geoff: I think it was the "Queen of Saanitch"
Pamela: Ron, have you been reading the archives? Guy has set a date for the con
Daniel B: rock ... paper ... scissors ...
Pamela: scissors
Daniel B: give me time to type !
Pamela: fooled ya!
Daniel B: to tape my answer...
Daniel B: r.. p.. s...
Daniel B: r
Pamela: paper
Dale: Just put your answer on a digital data pack and send it online.
Daniel B: ok, you win!
Pamela: I think I cheated : )
Dale: Daniel are you going to make a rps game for the gamecompo?\
Dale: Have the computer outthink the human player?
Daniel B: I have no idea which mingame I will do this year. but I will certainly do one
Daniel B: Ron is gone?
Pamela: darn, looks like we lost Ron again
Dale: There is an annual RPS game competition for computer players, and another one for people held in Toronto.
Pamela: it occurs to me that there are some people out there who take their games waaay too seriously
Dale: I still hope to finish my choplifter game for the 4k category.
Pamela: me, I'll stick to Donkey Kong Jr.
Daniel B: ho... I know how to play R-P-S here... we need to send private message with our answer to a third person
Dale: Just think though. You could hold the title of "International Rock Paper Scissors Champion".
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Dale: I've heard them interviewed on the radio, promoting the competition.
changed username to Mitch-again
Guy B.: HI Ron
Daniel B: hi Mitch-again!
rich-c: Heeee's baaaack!
Mitch-again: I want to do harm to both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Pamela: join the lineup, Ron : )
Mitch-again: :)
Geoff: Mitch.... what sort of internet connection do you use?
rich-c: be my guest - I've been harassing Gates' minions since the last time you were on here
Mitch-again: cable
Pamela: great, now I have the theme to Welcom Back Kotter running around in my head : )
rich-c: did you know they have Escalation Engineers?
Mitch-again: have a wireless router that's my gateway
Dale: I hear that Fry electronics sells a sub $200US desktop machine which comes with "Linspire" (formerly Lindows).
rich-c: yes, and it gets more tempting every day
Daniel B: it's gettin' late... it's time to say goodbye
Pamela: Ron, did you see that Guy's set a date for the convention?
Dale: It's a Athalon 2400+ too
Daniel B: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Daniel B: goodnight!
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel, and congratulations on your contract extension
Dale: I'll see you later Daniel.
Mitch-again: July 13 ??
Pamela: Yes
rich-c: right, now you're a long term working man - bonsoir et bonne chance, Daniel!
Daniel B: talk to you later Dale!
Geoff: see ya Daniel.
Mitch-again: right.... nite Daniel
Daniel B: Don't hesitate to send me an email
Pamela: now all we have to do is find Montreal Guy a job, and boost Bob's hours, and we're laughin'
Mitch-again: always remember, work is a 4 letter word
Daniel B: Guy Foster?
Pamela: ah yes, but so is food - and rent
rich-c: you got that right, Ron
Dale: I will Daniel. I'd like your opinion on my 1k game entry idea.
Pamela: oui, Daniel
Mitch-again: I know
Mitch-again: will be in Chicago, the Good Lord willin
Daniel B: ah... I was sure he got a new job last time we talked.
Pamela: the timing's good for you, right Ron?
Daniel B: well
Daniel B: bye!
Mitch-again: yup. I'm ok with that
Pamela: I can't remember, Daniel - we'll have to ask
Pamela: yay
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: ya did good, Guy
BobS: now to get the hotel groupies to return Guy's call
rich-c: yes, Guy Foster got a job with the Montreal Metro and was hugely enthusiastic about it, IIRC
Pamela: oh, yeah, I forgot about that
Mitch-again: nothing like being employed eh?
Pamela: okay, time to work on Bob then
BobS: I can take's just ....the money aspect
Mitch-again: speaking of Bob, had a message about a week ago from Bob Sebelist
Pamela: heck, I'd retire too, if someone would pay me to do it : )
rich-c: really? how's the Maine Adam Group?
BobS: what did he have to say?
Dale: Jill says Hi.
BobS: haven't heard form bob in a LONG time
Mitch-again: I gather - not active any more - but he did ask if I'd received some compilation disks he'd prepared
rich-c: sorry, Pam, Super 7 remains most uncooperative
Pamela: Hi Jillian!
Mitch-again: for Adamcon 15. Apparently Herman was supposed to bring them
Pamela: we're goin shopping in Chicago - save the date!
Geoff: guess it's time for me to take off.... later guys!
BobS: last I heard from him, he was working again.......running some comapany or other
Mitch-again: told him I hadn't seen them
rich-c: see you Geoff - take care!
BobS: and not doin hardly ANTHING with computers at the mometn
Pamela: night, Geoff
Mitch-again: Night Geoff
Mitch-again: right
Geoff: don't stay up too late. ;)
Geoff left chat session
BobS: nite Geoof
Russ: night Geoff
BobS: Geoff
Dale: Jill says that her contract is supposed to be done by July 13, so she should be avialable to come. Yea!
Pamela: who us (innocently looks at ceiling)? Never
rich-c: motorcycle taking up too much of his time?
Mitch-again: is that Russ as in Russ and Pamela?
Pamela: nope, different Russ
Mitch-again: aha
Pamela: mine goes by Russell
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call the night. I will let you all know via e-mail and the web page on the progress on the hotel.
Pamela: only his mother calls him Russ
rich-c: that's Russ as in Wisconsin with a busted floppy drive
Mitch-again: you got a website Guy for the 'con/
Pamela: keep pushing, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hug to you - I'm excited already
rich-c: OK, we'll be waiting breasthlessly, Guy
BobS: puahsin HARD
Russ: sorry i wasn't paying attention
Mitch-again: Hi Russ in Wisconsin
Guy B.: Ron, I have tentatively set July 13-16 as the dates.
Pamela: s'okay, Russ, we're taking your name in vain
rich-c: and if you need help, call Bobn - he has free time and experience
Russ: my floppy isn't floppying
Mitch-again: right Guy, I got that ok.
BobS: course you weren't, we were not talking important stuff either !!!! :-)
Guy B.: OK folks. I'm gone. See you all next week.
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: can holler at eh hotel or do whatever Guy
Dale: See you then Guy.
Mitch-again: Night Guy
Russ: nite Guy
Mitch-again: I need to get a passport..... and this year I'm gonna actually do it
BobS: I HOPE he gets it in gear.......or there will be no convention this year
Dale: Mine expired last week. :-(
Pamela: yeah, they're on my to-do list too
BobS: supposedly you don't need them yet....but
Dale: Gotta get new pictures and get them signed.
BobS: we got ours last fall
Mitch-again: I have the forms.... all I gotta do is get butt in gear
rich-c: go to the shop with your papers in order - it gets things done much faster
Mitch-again: that's the conventional wisdom here too..... take it, don't mail it. That means a trip to Victoria for me
Mitch-again: no big deal
Pamela: little difficult to do when you work 8:30 to five, Dad
rich-c: get the application form off the web or even better from Tonks' office, Pam - expedites matters no end
Dale: The time for needing it is coming sooner rather than later.
Mitch-again: exactly
Pamela: I've got the apps already - just gotta do the paperwork, get the photos, and then take a morning off to go into the office
Mitch-again: last time I was thinking about this was just prior to El Paso, but then that wouldn't have worked out anyway
Mitch-again: me too Pam
Pamela: at least, I have the apps somewhere . . .
Pamela: I really have to clean up this back room : )
rich-c: get the photos is easy but a nuisance, but it's key to the rest
Mitch-again: certainly shouldn't leave home without one
rich-c: yes, the Yanks seem to find them very amusing
Pamela: I would probably be alright, as I have a photo drivers licence, but Russell doesn't have any photo ID
rich-c: they looked at Fran's and mine, said, "Oh, you're Americans" and waved us on
BobS: the whole thing is a pain in the backside......
Mitch-again: exactly Bob
Pamela: ya got that right
rich-c: yes, that's the real reason Frances got one too - it's her only photo ID
Dale: There is still a chance for a repeal before the deadline I think.
Pamela: my real problem is going to be getting Russell in for a photo
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Russ: oops
Mitch-again: out here you can get a photo ID from the gov't. Mom had one.... she never drove, so when the airlines started asking for ID, she had to do something
rich-c: I think Staples has started doing them now, Pam, or maybe it was Shoppers - one or t'other, not sure
Pamela: The only photo ID you can get in Ontario is a health card, or a bar card
Dale: In Ontario it is called an "Age of Majority Card"
rich-c: yes, can't you see Frances with her card? yes, she got one!
Dale: A health card works for border guards, but not at bars is my experience. :-)
Pamela: I haven't needed ID at a bar or a liquor store in ten years
Mitch-again: I don't go to bars no more. Got tired of ending up on the floor
rich-c: unfortunately they won't give us old folks the cards with our pictures on them - costs too much they claim
Pamela: which I suppose is pretty good for a forty-year old
Dale: Well, some dance clubs seem to id most every one. Either that or I hang out with a young crowd.
Pamela: the last time I was carded was just after my 30th birthday. I laughed.
Dale: I may have to plunge into a photo health card. I think I lost mine.
rich-c: somehow they never seem to ask me
Mitch-again: no comment Rich
rich-c: yes, that's the only way to get a new one - lose the old
Pamela: The woman said "well, I guess you're over 19 then" but I showed her anyway
Mitch-again: Oh by the way, y'all might be saddened to know that my Duron died
rich-c: then they really make you jump thorouhg hoops to get the replacement, I'm told
Pamela: not true, but don't get a new one unless you have to - the old ones don't expire
Dale: Power cube?
Dale: Or magic smoke?
Mitch-again: 2nd CD Rom drive was too close to the mother board..... killed a capacitor which led to grief
Pamela: the new ones are like drivers licences - expire every five years
rich-c: your Duron died? what happened, were you overclocking it? habe a power surge?
BobS: must be the local electric company surges
Mitch-again: so now I've got a 1.8 Gig Sempron on a new Mother of Boards
BobS: oops
BobS: smoke got out
Mitch-again: yep....
Mitch-again: then there was dead silence
Pamela: (funeral dirge plays in the background)
rich-c: I have a Sempron 2800 in my laptop, seems very nice
Dale: Should have had one of Guy's magic smoke collectors. Then you could have repaired it.
Mitch-again: 1 Gig RAM and a new updated DVD/CD burner combo
Mitch-again: that's right.... I've still got one around here somewheree
Dale: Sounds like a nice machine.
Pamela: desktop or laptop, Ron?
Mitch-again: desktop.... but I've also got an Acer laptop with the same processor
BobS: well lkids, time to to do that 4 letter word tomorrow.....not too stenusously you understand........
BobS: it would HURT me
rich-c: long as you have a high-end motherboard, Ron
Russ: nite Bob
Pamela: g'nite Bob - tell Judy Hi for us
Mitch-again: Bob... one of these days you have to stop that
BobS: so.....see you next week ...... YOU TOO RONALD !!!!!
BobS: I know
Mitch-again: sure hope so Bob, but i'm not sure
BobS: bye all
BobS left chat session
Dale: Yeah...I've been low grade sick for like 2 weeks. I have to get my beauty rest.
Dale: Goodnight all.
rich-c: night Bob - take care, take it easy, and see you next week
Pamela: night, Dale
Mitch-again: be well all.... you're watches are faster than mine
rich-c: night Dale, see you next Wednesday
Dale left chat session
rich-c: you're watch is OK, it's just that the sun runs slow out there, Ron
Mitch-again: Rich, are you guys still chatting on Saturday ??
Mitch-again: oh... that's it
Mitch-again: ok
rich-c: no, that went away for lack of interest
rich-c: now that the CFL season is upon us, there's a conflict, too
rich-c: not to mentin the racing season
Mitch-again: sort of thought so.... it's just that with Wednesdays going the way they seem to have, I don't want to lose touch
Pamela: gimme a break Dad, that doesn't start till June
Pamela: says the football widow
rich-c: June is only about five weeks away, daughter
Mitch-again: I'll be finished this nonsense on the 24th of May weekend
Mitch-again: but till then, it's going to be hit and miss
Pamela: excuse me, what calendar are you reading?
rich-c: OK, if anything happend, shoot out an email to the list and invite everyone to show up
rich-c: you never know who might be able to arrange some free time
Pamela: try thirteen weeks, Dad
rich-c: just over a week left in March, four in April, then into May
Mitch-again: you're confusing me, both of you....stop it!!
Pamela: I like Dad's world - I want to go live there : )
Mitch-again: your time will come Pamela
rich-c: then you'd never catch time to do anything, it whips by so fast
Mitch-again: true
Pamela: no patience, that's my problem, Ron : )
Mitch-again: Lord grant me patience, and I want it now
Pamela: oh yeah
Mitch-again: :)
rich-c: speaking of whch, it's getting away from us again
Pamela: and on that note, I'd better head for bed
rich-c: ditto and likewise, I'm afraid
Pamela: it is getting away from me Dad - I meant to call you this weekend but forgot
Mitch-again: right.... been good to touch base with y'all again...... too long between visits
Mitch-again: night to all
Pamela: y'all come back real soon, hear?
Pamela: night, Ron
Mitch-again: sure will try
rich-c: glad you got back, Ron - hope you'll get more openings soon
Mitch-again: I'm just gonna have to re-arrange things, that's all
rich-c: anyway, Pam, call when you can
Mitch-again: sleep tight
rich-c: the rst - goodnight all!
Pamela: will try for tomorrow or Friday night, Dad
Mitch-again left chat session
rich-c: OK
Pamela: in the meantime, goodnite, Daddy
Pamela: say g'nite to Mom
rich-c: consider it did
rich-c: night all round
Pamela: g'nite, Russ
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: poof
Pamela left chat session
Russ: nite Pam
rich-c left chat session
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