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Harvie: Hello
Harvie: Hiya Bobbo
BobS: Hi Harvie, we are the only ones, eh?
BobS: does that make you feel sad or bad ???
Harvie: So far. Rich Clee is usually here early
BobS: yes, he is usually the very first....unless I beat hijm
BobS: thought I was a little late
Harvie: Did you get t'storms today?
BobS: NO, but they got some to the west and south of us and to the eat and north of us
BobS: we were kinda in a no man's land in between
BobS: supposed to have a chance tonight and then tomorrow
Harvie: We had a half hour storm in Brampton at 5:00 PM
BobS: you NEED it !!!!!!!
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BobS: not like New England did....but we had our own delugew here a few days ago
BobS: got almost 5" here
BobS: 4"
Harvie: There he is!!!
BobS: bout time Richard
rich-c: greetings, Harvie and Robert
BobS: got rained out did ya ?????
rich-c: Pamela is here so I had to delay to talk with her
rich-c: no, we had a thunderstorm this afternoon but it was nothing here
BobS: ahso
Harvie: Are you still "on sabattical" Bob?
BobS: speacking of "ahso".......haven't seen James lately
rich-c: in fact I spent most of the afternoon running errands and didn't need my umbrella
BobS: that's good
rich-c: he was on after you left a week or two ago
BobS: yes still on a check today for 2 weeks "work"
Harvie: Running errands, or "Hobbling"
rich-c: well, the latter - among other things I managed to give my right leg a rather nasty knock a few days ago
Harvie: Gonna have to wear shin pads rich :)
BobS: you have GOT to be more careful Richard
rich-c: now have an absolutely gorgeous bruis3e, but an ice pack followed later by heat have it under control
rich-c: you're right Bob, big bruises when you're on Warfarin are not funny
BobS: banged it ......or fell.............
BobS: darn stuff, eh ?
BobS: my mom is on it and she does the same thing......NASTY bruises
rich-c: swung teh van door shut without stepping outside of the arc of teh closing door - ouch!
BobS: like OUCH dude !!!!!!
rich-c: well yes, it was more like that - leaves it kind of tender
Harvie: The next time you do that ..don't bother
rich-c: I must admit that I'm paying a tad more attention to what I'm doing since - distraction does not pay
BobS: tis funny how many things we take for getting our of the way of doors without even thinking about it
BobS: BUT sometimes, we misjudge
rich-c: wonder where teh rest of the gang is tonight - and btw when Guy wants the money
rich-c: right, and the meds that come with older age don't help, with their side effects
BobS: well. guy doesn't have any registration stuff on his page yet
BobS: he wanted help (again), so i gave him a page with updated pricing on it and told him "use it or not"
rich-c: I really don't have time to check his website, I assume he will email us when necessary
BobS: maybe he is going over taht
BobS: that
rich-c: wonder how he's doing on planning Saturday? I offered no few observations
BobS: need input,,,,,,need input...................
rich-c: told him if we were going downtown to have dinner pre-arranged so we could do that after the destinations closed
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rich-c: also told him that if we didnt leave the hotel till after lunch that would leave insufficient time for most attractions
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Daniel Bienvenu: pas grand monde
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
BobS: HALLO Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: hallo Harvie, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: allô
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: but we don't have too many here yet
BobS: how's thinks in Quebec City???????
BobS: things
rich-c: Pamela is in the living room talking to her mother
Daniel Bienvenu: clouds
BobS: ah ha.....better than rain
Daniel Bienvenu: rain... last night
Daniel Bienvenu: late during the night
Harvie: I hope the rain keeps up
Daniel Bienvenu: tommorow... rain again
Harvie: Then it won't come down ")
rich-c: why are you hoping for rain, Harvie?
BobS: good one harvie
rich-c: (groan)
BobS: read carefully Richard
rich-c: anyway, I have to go to court tomorrow morning - finnally getting to grips with that s.o.b. builder
BobS: no rain today....that's all I got to say..........
BobS: AH>>>>>>>what about ??????
BobS: sob builder you hired ???
rich-c: busted our fence, sidewalk, lawn, trespass, approprition of property, assault, nuisance, among other things
BobS: good heavens are in DEEP doodoo
rich-c: no the one who threw up teh monstrosity next door
rich-c: I'm not in trouble - he is
BobS: oops. not a great looking abode next door eh?
BobS: only if he loses and you win
rich-c: I'll win - the only sorry part is that small claims court is limited to 10K in awards
BobS: AND he has to repair all the stuff ?????
rich-c: he finally has a buyer, though they haven't closed yet - first serious since Feb. 2005 when it was first offered
rich-c: no, I have had it repaired, now I'm suing him for the costs
rich-c: trial time is hard to come by - the preliminary hearing was back last fall
BobS: oh man......yo got a lot of criminal element in Toronto
rich-c: just your run of the mill sociopathic developer
rich-c: he's also getting a summons from the Ontario Home Warranty Program for not registering
rich-c: he is legally required to register before putting a shovekl in the ground - which he did in October 2004
BobS: I take it that this registration is mandatory ??????
rich-c: and there's good reason to believe he's trying a rather timeworn tax dodge, so will doubtless hear from the Feds
rich-c: yes, this registration is mandatory, with penalties for failure
BobS: so maybe the house is not going anywhere.........
rich-c: we're also wondering why a city bylaw enforcement officer came by takling measurements of the driveway
rich-c: and then came back a day later and had a loud argument with him
rich-c: oh, the buyers are very committed to it
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Harvie: Hello Guy
rich-c: they have a painter in, and have been taking delivery of appliances
rich-c: hello Guiy, what's the word?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
BobS: YO Guy
BobS: rianing there??????
BobS: raining
Guy B.: We had rain here, but it's over. Had some hail with it.
BobS: ouch
Guy B.: I was on the train when that storm hit.
rich-c: I am not in favour of hail, since I park my van outside
BobS: cool
BobS: or noisy......
rich-c: you take the train or subway home, Guy?t
Guy B.: But it reelly got cool here.
BobS: it did here too this afternoon.......was nice and sunny; then windy and got a cold breeze.....later it warmed up agian
Guy B.: I take both Rich. Blue line which goes in the subway then transfer to the Purple line via the Loop elevated.
rich-c: yes, when it rains and especially when it hails, you get a really drastic temperature drop
BobS: he's a RAIL rider, that guy.........
(BobS quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
rich-c: Having some New York background, I tend to refer to the El as a subway too
(BobS gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Guy B.: Been for the past 26 years.
rich-c: anything run by METRA I'd consider a subway, rail would be BN or SantaFe
Harvie: In Brampton we have an above ground-rrubber tired subway
rich-c: in Toronto we call those buses, Harvie
BobS: I like taht analogy Harvie
Harvie: But us suffistiscated folkses won't ride busses rich
BobS: so you politely say NAW and just walk ??????
rich-c: yes, you have that new bus transit setup, don't you?
Harvie: No we ride the above ground subway
rich-c: Harvie is being awkward
Guy B.: Ok, I guess we have the Shedd has the top vote. Everyone agree with it?
rich-c: Guy, what direction are things headed for Saturday activities?
rich-c: that's the aquarium, isn't it?
Guy B.: Yes, unless you would like to go to the Adler Planetarium. I'll check both to see the hours again, so we can plan ahead.
Harvie: The Shedd is where we park the lawnmower
rich-c: how do you propose to get there?
Guy B.: We can either drive or take the L then we would have to take a bus there.
rich-c: how close does the bus come to the Shedd?
Guy B.: I think, but I'm not sure. It may go up to the door.
rich-c: I need to know - not just guess. I can only walk so far. Please remember that.
rich-c: assuming it closes at 5 or so, where do we eat dinner and how do we get there?
Harvie: I must depart, good talking to you all, hope to see you next week
Guy B.: If we drive, then we can have dinner back around the hotel.
BobS: be good Harvie
rich-c: see you Harvie
BobS: nite
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rich-c: drive through Chicago rush hour traffic? NO WAY! Been there, done that, never again.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye harvie... oops, too late
Guy B.: Weekends are not that bad than during weekday rush. The exception is if there is a major event in town and it might involve closing streets or something else.
BobS: tis FUN Richard
rich-c: like say a King Tut exhibit at the Field closing at the same time?
Guy B.: Let me check. Be back in a few minutes
rich-c: does anyone know - aren't there any decent restaurants in downtown Chicago?
BobS: have not the faintest idea Richard
Guy B.: Ok, Shedd is open till 6 PM on weekends.
rich-c: I have no problem driving into or out of downtown Chicago - just not in rush hour
Daniel Bienvenu: only four we are
rich-c: that is certainly a help
Guy B.: Let check the Adler
rich-c: what do you have in mind for restaurants for the four convention days?
Guy B.: Adler Planetarium is also open till 6 PM. This would give us more time to explore.
rich-c: we won't have time to do even one of them really thoroughly, so it's either/or
rich-c: if the majority want the Shedd we are perfectly agreeable to that
Guy B.: Not everyone is here tonight. I should ask everyone again.
rich-c: we are going to go there anyway, either during convention or stayover time
rich-c: well didn't you get replies to your email?
Guy B.: Some, but not from everyone who is planning to attend.
rich-c: well, like, how many? quarter? half? three-quarterrs?
Guy B.: About a quarter.
rich-c: so say five people
rich-c: we know Ron wants to go to a ball game, but may do that on another stayover day
rich-c: Robert, have you and your crew voted yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: ... to the ball game .... to the ball.... nah nah nah.... ... to the ball game... .... to the ball ...
Daniel Bienvenu: err... what is the song?
Guy B.: I know Ron wants to see the Cubs.
Guy B.: Take Me out to the Ballgame.
rich-c: take me out to the ball game
BobS: Aquarium probably
rich-c: that's the Shedd
rich-c: I'd guess Pam and Russell would go along with that too
rich-c: so that would make six or seven in favour
BobS: most dont care as long as they get tog o
BobS: top go
BobS: to go
BobS: oh heck you know what I mean
rich-c: well, as I've told Guy, I have physical issues so have to govern myself accordingly
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? wikipedia said there is two version of this baseball song
rich-c: I'm willing to drive into and out of town in off-peak hours and take others with me
rich-c: though the others are likely to be Pam and Russell
rich-c: I need the cargo space so the third row of seats are out of the van
rich-c: how different are they, Daniel?
rich-c: if one is markedly older than the other, assume the older one is the original and better known
rich-c: Frances and I take our time seeing a museum, etc. even beyond our need for frequent rests
Daniel Bienvenu: the "chorus" part is the same
Daniel Bienvenu: but rest probably was adapted because of the evolution of the baseball
rich-c: how different are the words (lyrics)?
Daniel Bienvenu: go take a look :
rich-c: not right now, my time is limited - but if only one alludes to peanuts and CrackerJack, that's the original
Daniel Bienvenu: both versions have this part
rich-c: that would make both pretty old - wonder if they're simply local variations?
Daniel Bienvenu: [chorus] Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back. Let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win, it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, At the old ball game.
Daniel Bienvenu: except that part, the rest of the song is different
rich-c: the rest of the lyrics are little known and very rarely heard, so I can't help top of my head
BobS: well kids, got to check on some see ya's next week, eh ?????
BobS: nite all
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rich-c: nite Bob, take care, see you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: too late....
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week... and have a good adam convention
rich-c: you're off too? bonsoir, Daniel, a la prochaine
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Guy B.: The Adler has a group package available. I'll see if the Shedd has one.
rich-c: so Guy - you do understand my needs re convention activities?
rich-c: I'd say if the majority want Shedd then forget the packages, get what the folks want
Guy B.: Let me print out the prices and see what everyone would like to do.
Guy B.: Then I'll take another poll.
rich-c: I doubt the prices will make the slightest difference
rich-c: is this just because you prefer to go to the Adler?
Guy B.: Oh there is, Rich. There are different prices.
rich-c: of course there are different prices. Ruth's Chris costs more than White Castle, too, but it won't stop me from preferring it
Guy B.: The Oceanarium is extra and I never been there, but I think everyone will want to go there.
Guy B.: So, I'll gather everything from the website and take it from there.
rich-c: so be it - but unless any difference is really huge, it won't matter
rich-c: Frances and I expect to go to both the Adler and Shedd anyway
rich-c: oh, and don't count on folks to be checking your website - send out emails
Guy B.: There will be links Rich as well as the e-mails.
Guy B.: I got some help with the registration, so that will go out this weekend or before.
rich-c: that is still doing it the hard way, but if you send out emails every time you make an addition, I suppose it will serve
Guy B.: It will Rich
rich-c: though I don't understand why you can't just put it in the email in the first place
Guy B.: I can Rich. I will send more e-mail's out as it goes along. So, I will do that.
rich-c: that way everyone gets to see it when it's new
rich-c: the way to get and keep customers is to make it easy for them to deal with you
rich-c: that's why they put prepaid return subscriptioin cards in magazines
Guy B.: Ok. I do that then. I'm going to get going here. I'll see you next week. I might be on the notebook next week. I'm setting up a wireless network and I'm hoping to try that out next week.
rich-c: OK, best of luck, see you next week, with luck hear from you sooner
rich-c: night now
Guy B.: Poof
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