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greengirl: hello is anyone there?
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greengirl: anyone here?
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greengirl: anyone here?
(greengirl groans loudly)
(greengirl feels like nobody is listening to him! :()
greengirl: or her!
greengirl: bye bye then x
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changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to james
james: good morning
Guy B.: Hi James
james: how are things?
Guy B.: How's everything in Japan?
james: sunny and warm
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james: rather in contrast to my own disposition :P
changed username to rich-c
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rich-c: good evening, gentlemen also good morning
james: how are things on that side of the ball?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Wed May 31 21:04:46 GMT-04:00 2006: james : james: g'day, rich
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy B
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich-C
james: bonjour
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: Guy, you are unusually early
rich-c: oops - am I off here?
Daniel Bienvenu: clouds ... rain ... wind ... storm ...
james: you're here
Guy B.: Hi Rich
james: for how long is anyone's guess :P
rich-c: didnt see any postings so I was feeling left out
james: we're all talking behind your back ;)
rich-c: that's OK Daniel, wait till you see what just blew through us on the way to visit you
james: just keep it on that side of the pacific, ok?
rich-c: we even had a tornado warning just to the north of us this afternoon
Guy B.: We had some severe weather on Monday.
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob!
BobS: hi kids
rich-c: think it was part of the same system we'er in now, Guy
rich-c: for some reason most of the rain and storms went by Toronto either to the north or south
BobS: most bypassed us too......until last night and we got about 3/4" of it
BobS: slept right on thru a baby
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rich-c: we were watching deluges wander along maybe 30 miles from us, on the weather radar
james: ah yes.. the proverbial baby.. the only baby in my experience that actually sleeps
changed username to Judy
rich-c: Bob and Judy - where did you pop from? Anyway, welcome
BobS: yes, the other night, we lucked out but south of us they had 3-6" of rain and flooding
BobS: from home mon
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Judy: Michighan
Guy B.: Hi Bob and Judy
BobS: came in on a stealth storm my man
BobS: anyway Richard, did you get my revised price?????
rich-c: when we went out shopping at noon it was sunny and 28° - now after teh rain it's 18° and dropping
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BobS: same her humid and hot, then cold and humid
rich-c: yes and it still has me mystified - sounds like it is based on at least four hours labour for a less than half hour job
Judy: the temp is falling here too, but a welcome change
changed username to Ronald
james: we finally just warmed up
rich-c: were you dealing with a ral service writer or just someone who didnt understand the question, so to speak?
james: one of the coolest mays on record
BobS: you could have all the yuck we have now a bucket?
james: my bucket is already full of yuck :P
Ronald: Good evening all you fine looking people
rich-c: do they have a website and email address, Bob?
BobS: hey ron !!!!! how are ya ??????
Ronald: well enough thanks
BobS: no.....just a phone #
james: welcome to june, btw. looks sunny and warm for those of you still in may
rich-c: hey, the whole Pacific is checking in early - must be high tide time
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: Hi Judy, Hi rich
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rich-c: could you send me that then, Bob?
changed username to Dr. D.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: hello Rich
Ronald: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: hi all
Dr. D.: I am a bit under the weather tonight
Ronald: evening Dr. D.
rich-c: oh? what bit you, Rich?
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: some respiratory bug that started Monday morning
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Dr. D.: It has been so hot...bleh
Ronald: Hot rum, Dr. D. - till you can't see the end of the bed
Guy B.: Weather's great.
Dr. D.: it was 45 C in the car on the way back from Toronto Tuesday -- A/C not working in the car :-(
rich-c: are you sensitive to smog, Rich?
Dr. D.: Your air smelled terrible Richard, even though I know it is blowing up from the US
james: hello dr
Dr. D.: Alternately smelled like vinegar, burning tires, or sewage all the way to Buffalo
james: i thought toronto was self-sufficient for smog
rich-c: yes, well over half our crud originates in the Ohio valley
Ronald: You guys in Toronto got one of those inversions going again?
Dr. D.: Air here in Cleveland today is okay, but it is still too hot
rich-c: but much of it blows over Cleveland to get to us so you should have it worse
Ronald: yuch!
BobS: ok......1-616-662-9090 @ 2000 Chicago Dr SW ...... Jenison, MI or Hudsonville, MI ......not sure which tiny city it belongs to
Judy: it was a little cooler here today, only 85
rich-c: no, but did have a very large wrm air mass - have a cold front passing through now, with suitable fireworks
Dr. D.: In any case, I was in Toronto on short notice this weekend due to unexpected opportunity to talk to an immigration lawyer
Ronald: ah, thank the Good Lord for the cool rainy west coast
Guy B.: Hi Folks, I'm still here, but I'm chatting with a very special girl. But, I'll keep up here.
Dr. D.: Rin and I got some good info.
BobS: and ??????
rich-c: OK Bob got it copied, many thanks - I can cope from here - have a 5¢ per minute phone plan
BobS: tis easier for you to immegrate to canada than for Rin to come to US ?????
Dr. D.: We will get married in Windsor, then I file paperwork to bring her over...but she has to stay in Canada until it is processed, 6-8 months.
Dr. D.: Dissolution final hearing is 11 July.
BobS: for honeymoon purposes, that sucks sir.............
Judy: that sounds like the pits to me
BobS: course you can still visit back and forth
Dr. D.: Assuming we can get suitable documentation in paper form, we are hoping to have the wedding first, at latest second week of August.
Dr. D.: After that is too close to start of classes etc.
BobS: this year ?????
Dr. D.: The sooner the wedding, the sooner the 6-8 month clock can start ticking.
Dr. D.: Yes Bob.
Dr. D.: But it all depends on when the court here actually will generate the paper version of the dissolution--that will be needed in order to get Ontario wedding license.
james: it's too bad there is no mechanism to make it easier for canadians and americans in this situation
Dr. D.: This is the only way to guarantee that Rin will have a green card when she comes over.
Dr. D.: To do it the reverse, her come here and get married, she can't work for 3 years.
rich-c: be interesting to see what would happen if she just applied for a green card on her own ;-)
Dr. D.: And that is unacceptable on all fronts.
james: the relationship is not the same as other countries'
Ronald: sounds like quite a maze
Dr. D.: It would be less hassle were I to emigrate to Canada, but that is impossible for work and family reasons, otherwise I would have considered it.
Guy B.: Has anyone have their payment for the con coming? I have Dale's on the way and me.
rich-c: hope you got an honest immigration lawyer - there is a plague of charlatans around
Dr. D.: It is a maze, Ron, but Rin and I are committed to navigating it.
Ronald: of course
Dr. D.: This guy is best friend of one of the lawyers in Steve Peters' office.
Dr. D.: He is clueful.
rich-c: I have my time consumed with other issues, Guy, but hope to get to the bank to get the money order soon
BobS: governments have this....rather strange way of showing compassion and respect for their own citizens
Ronald: I'll get that off to you tomorrow Guy. Thanks for the reminder. It had slipped what passes for my mind
rich-c: well, there's nothing like treating everyone equally
Dr. D.: I must tell you, Guy, that at this point, I think it unlikely that Rin and I will be able to attend the convention...if we come at all, it would only be for Saturday and Sunday.
Guy B.: Ok, no problem. I'll update my spreadsheet.
rich-c: once Canadians need passports to enter the US, Americans will need them too to go home after a trip out of the country
Dr. D.: Yes, it is stupid poor excuse for looking like there is border security, totally sham.
rich-c: I haven't had time to talk to Amy yet, Guy, about our extra four days - but they should count towards your convention contract
james: not to mention it doesn't really solve anything, since if i recall the terrorists were already in the u.s, legally no less
Ronald: exactly James
Dr. D.: It is a joke, James.
rich-c: well, that's what they get for electing the wrong party
james: twice, no less
james: not that canada can claim any better
BobS: all this security is just to pi$$ off the public, at least it seems that that fact is the only real outcome of it
Ronald: Would it have made any difference?
BobS: no
rich-c: some folks are slow learners - though there are doubts about the first time, still
Daniel Bienvenu: I,m back
BobS: andn then we have William Clinton............
BobS: politics is another entirely different world kids
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
BobS: one I do NOT want to enter
Ronald: Read an article in this mornings National Post about Mr. Clinton's budding friendship with Belinda Stronach
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.d
rich-c: yes, he certainly seems to be doing a lot to salvage American goodwill abroad these days
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron!
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
BobS: heck I don't even want to see it !!!!!
Judy: hi, Daniel
Ronald: Salut Monsieur
Daniel Bienvenu: salut à vous!
Ronald: above a picture of them both, it said, "Is this Bubba's new Blonde?"
BobS: that was my thought when you typed it Ron
BobS: another bimbo ??????
Ronald: yeah
BobS: oh boy.............let's talk intellegently now
rich-c: I would not pay much attention to sleazy right-wing gossip mags
Judy: yes, he was not our finest hour
james: rich, you're an ann coulter fan, i presume ;)
Dr. D.: We are hoping that cost of wedding + immigration will be $1000-$1500.
Daniel Bienvenu: here... it's raining... a little storm... not enough to turn off my computer.
rich-c: don't you have a surge protector on your power bar, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Dissolution should be within $1500, maybe a bit over, but no surprises from initial estimates.
Ronald: I have little faith left in politicians from either side of the border
rich-c: bet I could come up with less, Ron
Judy: usually it is the lesser of two evils
Dr. D.: Richard is more cynical than any of us :-)
rich-c: been around longer, seen more
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I have a huge power bar that said "protection" on it... but I don't want to experiment it.
Ronald: thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
BobS: faith in THERE is an oxymoron
BobS: very true Ron
rich-c: you are likely OK with it, Daniel
Ronald: still trying to figure out what kind of session to work up for the 'con
rich-c: you need whole-house surge suppression to cope with a direct hit, but a moe distant strike what you have should be fine
Ronald: any suggestions?
Dr. D.: Comparison of all the computers you've ever had in your snake-pit, that would be interesting.
Dr. D.: You have used more different platforms than any of us, could provide informed compare/contrast.
Ronald: hmmm.
james: how old is the adam now? 22?
Ronald: now there's a thought
Daniel Bienvenu: I think our house is not grounded... I think the electric here is old and not safe.
rich-c: yeah, that way no one else would need to volunteer for anything - Ron could fill every session
Dr. D.: I know Rin liked Neil's history stuff, it would be more history.
rich-c: and still have content left over!
Guy B.: I thought it is 23.
Ronald: thank you Dr. D. I might just run with that
Ronald: 2006-1983
Dr. D.: It certainly would be stuff nobody has heard before at an ADAMcon.
rich-c: I've noticed most Quebec houses still seem to have lightning rods, at least in the rural areas
Ronald: I don't have as many now, but the memories linger
Dr. D.: Memories are good enough, you are not writing Wikipedia entries :-)
BobS: and linger, and linger
Ronald: true
james: hmm.. so 22 or 23 depending on when it was first available, or are we counting from conception?
Dr. D.: EOS source listing begins June or July 1983
Dr. D.: IIRC
james: :D
Ronald: that sounds like a good enough peg
Ronald: for the beginning, I mean
rich-c: yeah, now it's old enough to drink - and jpin you when it drives you to it
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: twin
Dr. D.: Sorry, killed a window by accident.
Dr. D. changed username to Dr. D. 2
Daniel Bienvenu: r2d2?
Dr. D. 2 requested to ban Dr. D.
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: it happens, Rich - but you seem have caught it quickly
Dr. D. 2: haha
Ronald confirmed ban
Dr. D. 2 changed username to Dr. D.
Guy B.: The force is among us, Luke.
Dr. D.: Back to normal now.
Ronald: Use the Force
Dr. D.: Duct tape and WD-40
rich-c: don't forget the pushpins!
Ronald: THAT's RIGHT!!
Dr. D.: A distant 3rd IMHO, Richard
Ronald: out here, pushpins are invaluable
Ronald: but then, so is duct tape and WD-40
rich-c: well, we approach things diffwerently north of the border, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: at my job, there is a real star wars fan. each time we talk he said something from one of the star wars film like "prepare my ship" or "I can read your mind"
Dr. D.: Viva la difference (or however it is spelt)
rich-c: wonder where Pam and Erin have got to?
james: differences are good, without them we wouldn't learn much
BobS confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Erin is not feeling well tonight either, I was on the phone with her a bit before logging in here.
Dr. D.: Pam, I dunno.
james: i think things would be quite boring
rich-c: yes, Star Wars and STar Trek and a few others have big fan bases among the younger generation
Ronald: speaking of the Force, I went to see the DaVinci Code Monday night
Ronald: Can't understand for the life of me what all the fuss is about
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the "davinci code" movie too
rich-c: is it as much of a turkey as the critics say?
Dr. D.: Rin and I saw it 2 weeks ago, it is bleh
Ronald: I mean it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it, but it remains Fiction
Dr. D.: I never read the book, she did though
Ronald: I bought the book, but gave it to my daughter-in-law
Dr. D.: For a "treasure hunt" movie, it is not so good..."National Treasure" was IMHO loads better.
BobS: so you all say the hype will not make a moneymaker of it ???????
Dr. D.: And there is really sick and sadistic stuff in it, too. Not my cup of tea.
rich-c: I gather teh book itself is quite a good read
Ronald: Oh, I'm an easy pushover for any type of story line like that, and I'll buy just about anything Tom Hanks does
Ronald: suspended my critical faculties
Daniel Bienvenu: I only regret to not have enough time for imagination, trying to figure out what is the solution for the thing with lettres.
Ronald: Found myself chasing down Opus Dei in my Encarta
Dr. D.: For worshippers of "Bloom County"?
Dr. D.: <runs>
rich-c: there is some reason, I gather, to suspect the DVC portayal of it is very fictional
Guy B.: Opus
Dr. D.: could not resist the bad pun
Daniel Bienvenu: my friends will not go see this movie because (they said) "Tom Hanks is not a good choice for this movie, not credible".
Ronald: ohhhh!
Ronald: forgive me, I'm a little slow
Dr. D.: "Bloom County" has been gone for about 15 years now, so no prob
rich-c: some think he is the only thing the flick has going for it
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Ronald: Whilst over in E
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you!
rich-c: personally I can't jusdge, I haven't gone to a movie since " Gone with the Wind"
BobS: Pamela !!!!1
BobS: hello der
rich-c: hi daughter, tv show over now?
Pamela: greetings, everyone
Dr. D.: hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, talking to Aunt C.
Dr. D.: gossip tsk tsk
rich-c: oh, and you got off so soon?
Pamela: tried to make it short and sweet, still took 45 minutes
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: hi Pam
Pamela: thank you Guy, I can use something cold : )
rich-c: with Cynthia, that constitutes short and sweet
rich-c: ]you get off easy; you're just a niece, not her sister!
Pamela: no, it was short because I wanted to get online!
Dr. D.: Rin can never get off the phone :-S
Pamela: Dad, are you having trouble getting your e-mail?
Pamela: and when she finishes bending Erin's ear, she bends mine
rich-c: no, although there was a lot of srver trouble all over the 'net this afternoon
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm chattingn with Carla right now
Pamela: alright, maybe I'll wait and try again later
rich-c: you using mailwasher?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) boy, talk about divided attention, Guy! : )
Pamela: yes, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: off topic question : is it better a chatroom with the "typing space" up like this chat, or at the bottom like a messenger?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I have been doing this since I've got on
rich-c: remember if you right click on a message you can read it in Mailwasher then leave it on the server to download later
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changed username to Ronald-Life-2
Pamela: it didn't want to download at all. I'll look at it again after chat.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello ronald twin
Ronald-Life-2: Clobbered by the beach ball of death
Ronald-Life-2: kill Ronald please
Pamela requested to ban Ronald
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Pamela: there we go
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ronald-Life-2 confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: it's friend! noooooo !
rich-c: that comes with Amigas- the snake pit have a new occupant?
Daniel Bienvenu: too late!
Ronald-Life-2: Thank you
BobS: feel better do we ?
Pamela: anytime, Ron : )
Ronald-Life-2: :)
rich-c: I am so put off with Windows I have ordered a ubuntu disc
Ronald-Life-2: seems like everytime someone comes on while I'm typing a message, I get that
Ronald-Life-2: try it Rich, you'll like it
Pamela: Rich, what time did you two go in on Monday?
rich-c: if it really works out, I'll have four discs extra to sharev with my friends
Guy B.: Ok, I have a break here.
Ronald-Life-2: you're still with us Guy
Dr. D.: We left about 6:30 AM.
Dr. D.: Got there in 20 minutes.
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: welcome, Dale
Pamela: yeah, traffic didn't heat up till about 7:30
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: HI, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: if it doesn't work. I think I can do a copy of the 3 cds of mandriva 2006.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Ronald-Life-2: Anyway.... was trying to say that over the weekend in Edmonton, we all of us watched Brokeback Mountain
Pamela: and should I ask when you got home?
Ronald-Life-2: That, to me, was a better movie
Dr. D.: It was delayed by us being invited to Lisetta's place.
Daniel Bienvenu: long time no chat Dale
Ronald-Life-2: Hi Dale
rich-c: well, the critics haven';t savaged it the way they did DVC
BobS: heard it was Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: it's raining here!
Dale: Being unemployeed takes way too much time. I swear I had more free time when I was working.
Dr. D.: We didn't get back until 7:30 PMish, but we went straight to Perkins for supper.
Dale: Very long time.
Pamela: so you avoided evening rush - probably just as well
Ronald-Life-2: you unemployed Dale?
Dale: I was in Vienna, Austria
Dale: I was in Graz Austria
Dale: I was jet laged
Dr. D.: We stayed off the 401, came up Eglinton.
Dale: Then I had Jeffrey's soccer game.
Dale: Finally I'm on.
rich-c: might have done better on Lawrence, Rich
Dr. D.: We were in no hurry at that point.
Ronald-Life-2: what led to the globehopping Dale?
Dr. D.: See the sights, windows down.
Pamela: I was worried about evening rush, but realized that all those people leaving downtown at 5:00 wouldn't be near home until after six. I had smooth sailing all the way (all 10 minutes of it).
Dale: Sort of unemployeed. I'm setting up a new business, for which I'll be hiring employees in the fall.
Guy B.: Dale, did you visit Salzburg?
Pamela: pick me, pick me!
Dale: Didn't make it to Salzburg.
rich-c: how's your programming, Pam?
Dale: I'm making robots in my new company.
Ronald-Life-2: good. order me a housemaid
Dale: I went to Austria to attend the European Conference on Computer Vision.
Ronald-Life-2: aha!
Dr. D.: I think you can import them from the Ukraine or Estonia, Ron.
Ronald-Life-2: :)
Dr. D.: They reportedly come cheap.
Ronald-Life-2: (evil grin)
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I didn't programed yet the sound emulation
Dale: Not far off Ron. For my robots, I'm targeting an application in the kitchen.
Ronald-Life-2: Dale: while I have your ear
Dale: "self-loading dishwasher"
rich-c: if you can make one that cooks dinner, Frances wants the first off the line
Dale: Jill says "Hi all".
Daniel Bienvenu: but I saw a comment in a genesis emulator source code about the sound emulation with sdl. something tricky.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Jill!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Jill
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Jill
rich-c: hi to Jill
Guy B.: Hi Jill
Ronald-Life-2: Suggested to me this evening, that I do a session for the 'con on the "History of the Snake Pit", and the various incarnations of computing devices that have been there
Daniel Bienvenu: allo!
Ronald-Life-2: Could fill up an hour or an hour and a half with that - related all to ADAM of course
Dale: I didn't submit my PCB design. But I plan to tomorrow.
Daniel Bienvenu: tell me how much by email... with your address again.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald-Life-2: you're in charge of the schedule right?
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: I need pcbs this summer
Dale: I didn't even finish my 1k ColecoVision game :-(
Dale: Deadline was today I think.
rich-c: daughter, there's two of you - which is real?
Pamela: heck, I lost my connection
Dr. D.: I hate to run, but I need to go take some cough medicine and get to bed.
Dale: Schedule yes. Do you have a topic?
Dr. D.: I am running out of gas for tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: the minigame compo for the 1k games is done.. it's actually the 4k minigame contest
Pamela: g'nite, Rich
Judy: Hi, Dale and Jill
Dr. D.: So good night, all.
Ronald-Life-2: PCB's - (n) chemicals whose sole purpose is to be driven around the countryside until they are spilled
Pamela changed username to Pamela2
Guy B.: Nite Dr. D
Dr. D.: Travel safe to the strawberries this weekend, Pam.
rich-c: nite, Rich - get well soon
Ronald-Life-2: Night Dr. D
Dr. D.: thanks Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D, R2D2 and 'rin!
Pamela2: I will, Rich, thanks : )
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela2: or rather, we will
Judy: was outside is really nice out there tonight
Dale: I've noted you down for an hour and a half then.
Ronald-Life-2: Yes Dale - "Residents of the Snake Pit"
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c requested to ban Pamela
Pamela2 confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Ronald-Life-2 confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ronald-Life-2: The devil made me do it Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: I will take a batch of one hundred pcbs to start.
Pamela2: I feel so much less divided now : )
Ronald-Life-2: thank you sir, so it is written... so let it be done
rich-c: after all that effort I need a drink - brb
Dale: I had a 1k entry that I was working on in March. It looked good to me.
Pamela2: has it cooled off, Judy?
Dale: Oh well, maybe I can finish my Choplifter game before the deadline.
Judy: yes, it has and we have the door open now and it is wonderful
Daniel Bienvenu: 1k category, this will run until May 10th
Daniel Bienvenu: 4k size category will run until August 31st
Judy: I think we were the only ones that didn
Daniel Bienvenu: 8k experiental size will run until Oct 31st
rich-c: it has cooled off here too - we have doors and windows open
Dale: They extended 1k to May 30th.
Judy: t turn on the ac this weekend
Pamela2: we've opened up because it's cooler out than in, but the humidity is still up and there's not a breath of air
rich-c: for a while - I think there's a whiff of pole pussy out there
Pamela2: oh, ick Daddy
Dale: But my Mom had a fall on the weekend, and I needed to give her some TLC.
Dale: Nothing broken, but bruses galore.
Ronald-Life-2: not good Dale
Pamela2: is she okay Dale?
Judy: that is down now, just kind of blew out, no storms or anything
Dale: she's recover. Triped on a decorative stone in the pond.
Pamela2: good - hopefully it'll travel this way -soon!
rich-c: by all means, Dale - us older folk don't bend like we used to
Daniel Bienvenu: May 30th... it was yesturday
Pamela2: ouch, Dale
Ronald-Life-2: brb
Judy: not cool, Dale
Pamela2: anyway Dale, did any of my post about hiring come thru before I got dumped?
Dale: I've tripped on that same stone. But I fell the other was into the spruce tree. I was just scratched. She fell on the stone walkway. :-(
rich-c: I've smacked a leg four times in the last 18 months, and still have teh lumps crom at least two
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to ask... what is tlc?
Pamela2: sounds like the offending stone needs to be fixed or removed, Dale
rich-c: tender loving care, Daniel
Pamela2: stands for Tender Loving Care, Daniel
Dale: It did. At first all I'm planning to hire is a Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer co-op student.
Judy: tender loving care, Daneil
james confirmed ban
Dale: What they said.
Dale: :-)
Ronald-Life-2: Want everyone to know that I'm eating French Vanilla ice cream
rich-c: Pam has a lot of good office skills, Dale, and an exceptionally professional telephone manner
Pamela2: I'm always open to new opportunities. Why thank you, Dad
rich-c: and I am sipping a fine biere noire
Daniel Bienvenu: the first thing i got on google was "the learning channel"... ok, now i know!
Dale: Well, it'll be a while before we have customers. First we need to develop a product. <grin>
Pamela2: there is that : )
james: dale i missed part of the convo - what are you planning on doing?
Dale: That too, but my mother doesn't watch that much TV ;-)
Ronald-Life-2: All right.... here it is...... for bachelors.........
Ronald-Life-2: A floor dusting robot
Dale: I'm starting a new company in the fall.
Ronald-Life-2: Also for bachelors..... a window washing (exterior) robot
james: is it secret?
Dale: We'll be making robots, and my first target is in the kitchen. "self-loading dishwasher"
james: i have a dishwasher, but don't tell miyuki :P
Pamela2: Why do I envision a lot of broken crockery?
Dale: LOL
Ronald-Life-2: your secret is safe James
Ronald-Life-2: you're on the edge of progress Dale
Dale: Well, that's what the professors at the computer vision conference said: "I suppose that it would have to drop the dishes infrequently"
rich-c: we don't even have an ol' plain vanilla dishwasher
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr. 514
Dr. 514: Hello all.
Daniel Bienvenu: 514?
Pamela2: Hello, Guy
Ronald-Life-2: that's the one after 513
Dale: Area code?
james: 514.. isn't that the montreal area code?
rich-c: right - that's the Montreal area code?
Dale: For sure.
Ronald-Life-2: yes
Ronald-Life-2: Chris?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... and what about the Dr.
Dr. 514: Well, I've always wanted to be a Doctor...
rich-c: OK, hi Mr. Foster (won't say Guy and confuse the issue) ;-)
Dr. 514: Hi Rich, ya guessed it.
Ronald-Life-2: oh right!
Daniel Bienvenu: allo Guy
Pamela2: excuse me, I had it first : )
Ronald-Life-2: was thinking about the fellow who was here last week
rich-c: you just type faster
Dr. 514: Pam: Oh yeah, you did! Thought you were saying hi to the OTHER Guy.... (excuse the pun)
james: well dale, i'm sure you have people clamoring for work etc but if you decide at one point you want a website done, i'd be honoured if you considered me
Pamela2: sorry, forgot to spell it Gui
Dale: Gooey?
rich-c: sorry, I forgot his last name - M---?
Dale: Is he a cookie?
Daniel Bienvenu: Selon les messages sur colecoprogramming, il y a un "wanna be coleco programmer" à Montréal.
Dr. 514: Dan: Pixelboy ou kek chose comme ca?
Daniel Bienvenu: aucune idée
Pamela2: no, Gee (hard g)
Daniel Bienvenu: le courrier utilisé c'est vedge33
Ronald-Life-2: (ron spills ice cream down his shirt)
Dale: I've been reading the yahoo list lately. But I haven't posted yet.
Pamela2: la version francaise
Dr. 514: James: Hey there, long time no see....
Ronald-Life-2: you can dress me up, but you can't take me out
Pamela2: Ronald, quit wasting ice cream
Ronald-Life-2: I know, I know
Pamela2: I haven't spilled mine yet
james: hey
james: ca va?
Dale: Jeffrey's soccer game was cancelled tonight due to thunderstorms. *Had* to go to Baskin Robins as a result. ;-)
Dr. 514: Oh BTW, for anyone interested.... It's a GIRL. There goes my hair! I already noticed 2 white hairs creeping up on me.
Pamela2: never mind, for me it's not lunch unless I'm wearing it on my front
Pamela2: definitive ultrasound, Gui?
Ronald-Life-2: oh shucks Dale....ain't life tough
Dr. 514: Pamela: Yep, definite.
Dale: Exactly.
Dale: Good to know Guy.
Pamela2: you poor thing, Dale > chat > Wed 2006-05-31
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