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rich-c: hello Guy
Fyug: Hello sir.
Fyug: Glad you can read backwards. :)
rich-c: Fyug is from Adanac, right?
Fyug: Hahaha, yeah.
Fyug: So, what's new?
rich-c: yes, it took a second's thought, but that6 was it
rich-c: not a great deal - quite the Grand Prix you had last weekend
Fyug: Yeah, lots of visitors.
rich-c: the attendance for teh ravce itself was reported at 120,000 - and 320,000 for the whole weekend
Fyug: Woah... it really showed. Downtown was packed.
rich-c: not at all surprised - even if your local boy didn't exactly cover himself with glory
rich-c: still, I'll bet his restaurant did well
Fyug: his restaurant alwasy does well, it's on the busiest street of montreal. Crescent street.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: jolly good mates !!!!!
rich-c: well, it has to have a bit more going for it than location - restaurants live on repeat trade
rich-c: hello Robert!
BobS: hello der
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Fyug: It's also a bar/dance place. Really nice, was there 2 years ago... I'm sure it's changed.
changed username to Rich-c
BobS: and HOw are the 2 of you and the new.....ooops gone
Rich-c: sorry - got dumped
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BobS: oops trouble already ?
BobS: oh oh
BobS: richard gone again
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changed username to rich-C
changed username to MacGuyF
rich-C: sorry - dumped again
Fyug: BobS: How's the job search going along?
Fyug: hmmmm, looks like the chat is acting up on me too.
BobS: guy...yo got trouble too eh ????
MacGuyF: Hmm, I typed that like 30 seconds ago, and now I see it? Woah.
MacGuyF: Yeah, some problems there with the server.
BobS: yes very slow
rich-C: well, we have a thunderstorm
BobS: and I haventr' been dumped.....yet....not good though
BobS: ah ha
rich-C: but that's here, and I think Dale's server is in Whitby
MacGuyF: It's fine over here, weather-wise.
BobS: we have missed all of them so far......forecast rain, storms, etc and then we get nothing
rich-C: still it might be in Toronto, in which case it's vulnerable
MacGuyF: Was raining the past 2 mornings when going to work at 6:00 AM, but gets nicer during the day. Nice, humid and sticky.
rich-C: we have a cold front approaching so are getting pop-off thunderstorms ahead of it
BobS: and YOU can have them Richard
BobS: casue we don't want them
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rich-C: actually we need a few, Bob - it has become too dry here of late
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all
rich-C: hello Dale
BobS: well it has been REAL fry here too, but severe thunderstorms are not a good way to get the moisture
BobS: hi Dale
MacGuyF: Dale: Hey Dale, nice surprise to see you this early.
Dale: Just had two instant blackouts.
BobS: oops
Dale: Site seems up still though.
rich-C: just having some minor server problems - is the storm bothering you?
Dale: It is.
Dale: My non-server desktop was reset twice.
rich-C: oh, our storms aren't that severe - enthusiastic but not menacing
Dale: Both blackouts were for <1 second each.
rich-C: I have mine on a ups but it hasn't beeped yet
BobS: beep beep
Dale: Usually means a transformer switch-over.
rich-C: yes, line down, switch to another
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changed username to Judy
MacGuyF: Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan!!!
rich-C: welcome, Judy
MacGuyF: Err I meant, Judy Judy Judy Judy Judy!
Judy: good evening everyone
rich-C: we were just discussing the dubious merits of thunderstorms
Dale: I'm planning on meeting Neil too to drive down. We have a van with two benches lined up.
MacGuyF: Dale: Where does Neil live?
Dale: Are you still planning on coming with me GuyF?
rich-C: you mean for Adamcon?
Dale: He lives in Ottawa.
MacGuyF: Dale: Oh boy... I don't think I can say no. :)
rich-C: with three drivers you should be able to take it as a straight through run easy
Dale: Four drivers with Jillian.
Judy: are you having thunderstorms, rich?
MacGuyF: I can take a few days off of work, no problemo. Send me an email: - we'll work out the details.
Dale: No problem.
MacGuyF: Cool, I get to bring my Mac Mini to the con.
rich-C: thought she'd be pre-occupied with Jeffy, with others to do the dirty work
Dale: sounds good. Have you got the SDL AdamEm working on there yet?
MacGuyF: Hmm, good question. I have a nice Colecovision emualtor, but for Adam, haven't checked it out yet.
Dale: Jeffrey is a daddy's boy anyway.
BobS: that is the idea Richard.........Jill drives and DALE takes care of Jeffery
rich-C: right - it's a New Age these days ; - )
Dale: When do you leave Richard?
rich-C: we plan to leave Tuesday, maybe overnight in Grand Rapids, and get into Chicago fairly early Wednesday
MacGuyF: When do you plan on being back in Ottawa?
rich-C: gotta realize us old folks don't have the road endurance you do - and we have only one driver
Dale: I've got nothing happening after AdamCon, but we plan to leave Chicago Monday morning.
MacGuyF: Oh nice, so how many nights will we be staying in Chicago? 5-6?
rich-C: we will be hanging about through Wednesday, starting home Thursday marning
MacGuyF: (need to tell the wife tonight, have to wear a hockey helmet when she starts throwing the pans at me)
MacGuyF: Very cool. I have to talk to Guy B then! Hope he shows up soon.
Judy: that does not sound to heathy, Guy
Dale: Well, I want to be in Chicago Thursday evening....let me check mapquest for estimated driving time.
MacGuyF: Judy: Healthiert than wearing no helmet!!!
MacGuyF: So how many mights do I book in Chicago?
BobS: how is Sandra coming along??????
Judy: that may be true
rich-C: I think it's 8 - 9 hours from Toronto, not sure
BobS: other than pregnant................
MacGuyF: BobS: Sandra unfortuantely, works... and she doesn't have the freedom I have of making up hours to get vacation time, etc... so I don't think she'll be coming.
Judy: how is she feeling?
rich-C: can't she get a convenient weekend flu bug?
MacGuyF: I'd say a 12 hrs drive from Ottawa? No? I'll bring my GPS along, should come in handy.
BobS: work.......sucha FOUR LETTER WORD
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MacGuyF: Sandra is feeling great, she got some bad news yesterday though, concerning the pregnancy, she might be diabetic.
rich-C: that kind of complication you DO NOT need!
Judy: what does she have to do about that?
BobS: hopefully she is NOT........just the hormone thing from being pregnant
MacGuyF: No, she went today at the hospital to do some more tests, and we'll see.
MacGuyF: I think pills or worse, insuline shots.
Judy: bummer
rich-C: she may be able to control it through diet
MacGuyF: Yep, she's going tomorrow to a dietician to find out what to eat.
MacGuyF: We eat lots of pasta and greasy stuff, so that might be a major prolbem.
rich-C: you'd better earn to love broccoli!
BobS: need veggies and fish mon
MacGuyF: I love it alraedy!
Judy: fruits and vegies are better
Dale: Total Est. Time: 9 hours, 16 minutes Total Est. Distance: 567.79 miles from my house
Dale: 4 hours from Ottawa.
rich-C: OK, or a bit under 9 hours from Toronto - told you so ; - )
MacGuyF: So about 13 hrs from Ottawa.
Dale: Leave montreal at 7am, meet Neil in Ottawa, drive to Brooklin, get Jill Jeffrey and I, hit Adamcon in the evening?
BobS: with the border jerks in a good mood, no rain, and the wind at your back
Dale: brb
MacGuyF: Will you be meeting Neil in Ottawa? I was thinking of taking a bus to Ottawa.
changed username to unrefined
rich-C: I hope Mapquest told you to go via Sarnia- Port Huron - that gets you onto the 70 mph roads faster
unrefined: hello
MacGuyF: Unrefined! Good one.
unrefined: jkkkkkkkkkkk
unrefined: how is eveyrone?
unrefined: ^--^
MacGuyF: ^o^ Fine and dandy! ^o^
rich-C: that sounds like Jeffy
Dale: Neil will be driving from Ottawa to Toronto, I think.
rich-C: hmmm - Jeffy isn't into smilies
MacGuyF: Dale: Oh OK, so maybe I can meet up with him then and take off with him.
Dale: I expect so.
MacGuyF: Dale: Awesome... Now I need to talk to GuyB!!!
Dale: We'll work it out exactly on email though.
MacGuyF: Dale: Yep.
rich-C: so we'll have the pleasure of your company - that's really neat, Guy
rich-C: it will help GuyB also - he had to guarantee a certain number of nights
MacGuyF: Rich: Yep! We'll have fun! ;)
MacGuyF: Rich: Know a quick way to Hooters from the hotel? :D
Dale: Is Pamela going?
rich-C: I don't even know any way - is there a Hooters in Chicago?
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Dale: Just for her I've prepared a fun Mighty Mitchell award competition.
changed username to Think Pink!
MacGuyF: Hmm, I'm seeign Pink all of a sudden.
rich-C: yes, she and Russell are flying in Friday morning, staying through Wednesday night
Dale: Didn't Hooters start in IL?
MacGuyF: There must be one in Chicago!
Dale: I've been to one in Chicago, years ago now.
Dale: Better food than you might think.
MacGuyF: How are the wings there? ;)
rich-C: seems we have a couple of shy participants
unrefined: sorry to be so quiet
rich-C: that sounds more like Daniel
BobS: can't think pink..........
Think Pink!: Have you guys thought about this color one yet?
MacGuyF: Rich: Yes, apolegetic Daniel.
rich-C: it's what I'd expect of Erin, but pink isn't her colour
Dale: Is it a world cup soccer thing?
BobS: yup........light red........darn white
unrefined: it's not dan
Dale: Brazil is green...
unrefined: try again
Think Pink!: Ok, give you guys one clue and you will know who I am
MacGuyF: Erin
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changed username to Ron
Think Pink!: Just opened up on Sunday
unrefined: so now we know it's not ron
unrefined: greetings, ron
Ron: yup.. it's me
rich-C: hello Ron
Dale: Hi Ron!
MacGuyF: Hiya Ron!
Ron: How is all
unrefined: perty good
Dale: I have the Mighty Mitchell competition ready to go.
Ron left chat session
Dale: Now do I need to find a clock?
MacGuyF: Do we have any previews of what the t-shirts will look like?
Dale: Sorry.
Think Pink!: You guys give uo?
rich-C: well, it isn't Pamela because teh thunderstorm is still around
Dale: I'll be submitting the design tomorrow, once I have the number of shirts from GuyB.
BobS: yup
unrefined: hmm..
Think Pink! changed username to Guy B.
MacGuyF: James?
rich-C: hello Guy
Guy B.: I fooled you guys didn't I
MacGuyF: Hahaha, that's so unlike Guy B to do such a thing!!!
Dale: You did.
unrefined: i've been outed
BobS: and just when a paying convention goer was looking for him..................
Guy B.: Dale, I have the count and sizes for you by the weekend. By the way, you're the only one that I didn't get a check from.
Dale: Well..GuyF wants to join up too.
Guy B.: Think Pink is our new Pink Line that opened on Sunday
unrefined changed username to unrefined-james
Dale: Did you hear from Neil? He says he budgeted to go.
MacGuyF: Guy B: Dale is making it real easy for me to get to Chicago transportation-wise, and I think I will join the gang this year. I just have to get a price quote.
Guy B.: No, I didn't. Let me check my e-mail.
rich-C: didn't make the news here, Guy
Dale: I'll get a check off to you GuyB.
unrefined-james: hello rich, thanks for your help
MacGuyF: James, haha, I knew it!
Dale: I prepared it a couple of weeks ago, and lost the paperwork, so I never sent it. :-(
unrefined-james: it was the "unrefined" bit eh
Guy B.: Nothing from Neal.
rich-C: right, james - too busy with chat to make the tape, but the situation is as per my email
Guy B.: Rich, to you question from the last time. I found a nice place which I'll check out for the banquet.
Dale: I'll phone him and see if he can come online.
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changed username to amorphous Ron
amorphous Ron: send a boy to do a man's work
Guy B.: Bob, are you and Judy still planning to come to the banquet?
MacGuyF: Yeah, would be nice to see Neil online tonight to work a few things out.
amorphous Ron: Have we got a program of events?
BobS: don't quit know yet Guy, depends on the next 10 days or so..........
BobS: but we are only 2 small lpeople, we can fit in anywhere
amorphous Ron: important people
Dale: Well I only have volunteers from me GuyB and Ron so far.
Guy B.: You still want to order a t-shirt?
MacGuyF: Sandra should come from work soon, I'll ask her if she can find a few days off of work for the con, would be real nice.
Dale: That's why I'm trying to confirm GuyF and Neil.
Guy B.: That's what I have too Dale. Just Ron and I.
Guy B.: That would be great GuyF
Dale: GuyB who all is coming, that I can try to schedule to talk?
unrefined-james: ron, did you get my email?
Guy B.: I have 10 people coming and I'm the only one from the USA that is attending. Everyone else is from Canada.
amorphous Ron: @James - no sir
amorphous Ron: but then I haven't checked my e-mail today
amorphous Ron: A Canuck dominated con ---(oh oh)
Dale: Neil says that he can come online in about half an hour -- he's just at the grocery store.
Guy B.: I have Murray, the Clees, Pam and Russell Vilneff, me, you and Jill and Ron.
Guy B.: Don't forget Jeffrey
amorphous Ron: Good. We'll get Jeffrey to do a session
unrefined-james: odd
unrefined-james: hmm
unrefined-james: i used the bytehacker addy
Dale: It'll be on colouring I suspect ;-)
Guy B.: He can tell us about his outing with Thomas the Tank Engine.
amorphous Ron: @james... give me aWed Jun 28 21:54:14 GMT-04:00 2006: MacGuyF : MacGuyF: We should hold an old school video game challenge... Colecovision/Adam games.
Dale: We may yet.
Dale: Guy B, what sort of equipment are you bringing?
amorphous Ron: Two questions:
amorphous Ron: do we have internet connectivity?
MacGuyF: Note to self: Bring working joysticks this year!!!
amorphous Ron: do we have a projector in the meeting room?
Guy B.: By the way, I have received the afghan from Jean Stone for the raffle drawing and Dr. D is going to send me something for all of you later.
amorphous Ron: I will have the Mighty Mitchell award.... it's Dale's contest
MacGuyF: Who won the Afghan last year? Ron?
amorphous Ron: ??
Guy B.: Erin did
amorphous Ron: not sure
amorphous Ron: right
MacGuyF: Oh OK, Erin did, thought it was Ron...
MacGuyF: Is there wireless Internet in the meeting room? (crossing fingers)
amorphous Ron: nope... was not me
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changed username to Dr. D.
unrefined-james: eehh.. what's up, doc?
Dr. D.: Sorry I am late.
amorphous Ron: really need to know what sort of presentation tools will be there
MacGuyF: Hello Doctor Dee.
Dr. D.: Rin was on the phone.
Guy B.: Yes, I believe there is, I will check for sure. I'm planning to bring my router if it doesn't.
amorphous Ron: projector, white board??
amorphous Ron: flip chart?
MacGuyF: Guy B: Wireless router could do the job...
Dr. D.: She sends her apologies, she is not feeling well.
BobS: ah ha....the mysterious Dr D
Guy B.: That's what I have.
Dale: Well, if Guy B doesn't have a projector, I could always bring mine. I bought it to use at AdamCons (and as a TV)
MacGuyF: Guy B: Awesome.
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Dr. D.: Hello Guy(s)
MacGuyF: Grin.
Guy B.: Bring it Dale. I was going to ask you anyway.
Dale: Well a wireless router would be ideal for file sharing during presentations.
Dr. D.: So where is Pamela?
Dale: No problem GuyB
Dr. D.: Still recovering from her birthday? :-)
MacGuyF: Well, a wireless router would be perfect. Just imagine having 8-9 long cables all around the table and floor. Not a good idea. Better check up on the maximum number of wireless connections you can have with the router too.
Guy B.: My wireless router is a 4 port and it has a good range.
amorphous Ron: you should have seen the room back when we actually set up ADAMs GuyF
Dr. D.: There better be at least one real ADAM there...or it won't be an ADAMcon.
amorphous Ron: I agree with Dr. D
Guy B.: I can bring one.
Dale: Guy B your wireless router sound perfect. Bring it even if they have high speed internet
amorphous Ron: sounds like we're in good enough shape equipment wise
Dr. D.: A bit of non-ADAMcon news...
Guy B.: They do. I'll bring the router. I have the configurations for it.
Dale: The max wireless connections is like more than 50.
MacGuyF: OK, perfect... 50 should be enough.
Dr. D.: I had E-mail from Chris Braymen.
amorphous Ron: (all ears)
Dr. D.: Very frustrating E-mail...
Dale: Yes??
Dale: Hmm...
Guy B.: What's he been up to?
Dr. D.: He mailed me to say his wife was making him junk all his ADAM stuff, including the solid-state HD project he showed at ADAMcon IV.
Dr. D.: So did I want it?
Guy B.: Did you say Yes
Dr. D.: But in the same post he said, I also put it up on a freebie electronics giveaway board.
BobS: oh shees
Dr. D.: By the time I replied, a few hours later, he was like, oh gee, I didn't think anyone would want it, but they did, took it all already.
MacGuyF: That's insane...
amorphous Ron: not good
BobS: kinda worhtless unless yo are up on the ADam isn't it ?????
amorphous Ron: exactly
MacGuyF: Guess he just wanted to unload it.
Dr. D.: As calmly as I could, I said, gee Chris, it would have been nice to give us a heads-up first, and resort to give-away only if nobody would take it.
Dr. D.: He said he was leaving for vacation...but when he got back, he would send me his remaining MIDI serial boards, he thought he still had a few in a different place.
Dr. D.: I can only shake my head...
BobS: well......maybe Chris can tell you who got it and with some cimmunicatoin, you can entice the taker into the fold ??????
Dr. D.: I'd have rather he never written me at all.
BobS: just what was this hd thingy ????/ sont' remember it
Dr. D.: It was a unique prototype.
Dr. D.: 256K RAMdisk, ADAMnet.
Dale: A ram based AdamNet disk drive.
Dr. D.: Battery-backed.
unrefined-james: solid state hd? like compact flash
unrefined-james: neato
Dr. D.: Yeah, but it was a big project box.
Dr. D.: It was filled with 8K static RAMs.
Dale: Battery backed with powered ram.
unrefined-james: and he *gave* it away because his *wife* "made" him junk his stuff? i can tell you if that were my wife saying that to me
Dr. D.: He has been out of ADAM for a long, long time...
BobS: not un like the ide board, an adapter and a flash card........kinda
unrefined-james: the conversation would have ended with an expletive followed by the direct object form of the second person singular pronoun
Dr. D.: Dunno what he is doing now, even.
MacGuyF: I had to junk 50% of my collection recently, we are running out of space.
BobS: only earlier mod
Dr. D.: But back in the day, he sent me all of his Powermate HD stuff that he no longer wanted.
MacGuyF: When I picked up that Adam last spring my wife said: "Oh no you're not!!! You're giving this away pronto!"
amorphous Ron: for me there was another solution to that problem..... I would not recommend it
Dr. D.: sigh, no Ron
amorphous Ron: comes with its own set of consequences
unrefined-james: lol
unrefined-james: have come close to that fork in the road
Dr. D.: Not much L but lots of OL
amorphous Ron: but there would at the very least have been expletives
Judy: someday Bob may have to also, we have been moving his parents this week and now I know what is in our future
MacGuyF: It's either me or your vintage comptuer collection.... Oh well, I'll miss you honey! ;)
Dr. D.: Beware, Guy, the chat is archived :-S
Guy B.: That's right Guy F
MacGuyF: Dr. D: Wife is not too computer literate. Muahaha, she'll never know.
Dr. D.: Chris also sent me photocopies of original source code listings for all the 6801 firmware.
Dr. D.: He found them in a back room at Sierra Online Games, where he used to work as a music programmer.
Judy: I think you talk big, Guy, wasn't that you that was going to be wearing a helmet?
MacGuyF: Judy: Hahaha, indeed.
Dr. D.: Along with a rusty award plaque from Coleco for "Best Something-or-other" from Coleco for some work done on ColecoVision.
unrefined-james: well could he at least put you in contact with the guy that took the stuff?
Dr. D.: He didn't say it was just one guy
amorphous Ron: Yeah, if he's mailed it, or shipped it, he must have an address
Dr. D.: The impression I got was like putting junk on the treelawn, and the vultures descend
unrefined-james: crap
Dr. D.: Well, the important part of the RAMdrive is the firmware, and I have that source code.
Dr. D.: The hardware is left as an exercise for the reader.
unrefined-james: even if the guy didn't want to give it back, as long as you have the design and source code etc, the hardware itself is bascially worthless
Dr. D.: And now you could make a 64 MB flash RAMdrive.
Dr. D.: He said it didn't work anymore.
amorphous Ron: thanks - you mean I have to get my notes out from Dale's hardware session?
Dr. D.: It was a wirewrap rat's nest
unrefined-james: anyway, ron, sorry you didn't get that email i sent. there has been movement on the nabu front
amorphous Ron: ok - right...... I did get one from you on that
BobS: oh will be a holy grail, like the 1200baud wirewrap modem and 2 1/2" disk drive that Jim Notini supposedly had but couldn't be talked out of
Dr. D.: The Emperor is moving against Naboo?
BobS: andnow probably gone
Dr. D.: Well, we need Grails
Dr. D.: Stuff to quest for
unrefined-james: a ramdrive would certainly be interesting
Dr. D.: This fall I am finally hoping to have time to start sorting through the stuff I have.
Dr. D.: It is not compactly organized, just kinda mass-moved from where it was in the basement.
Dale: GuyF, can you do an hour presentation on hardware hacking the ColecoVision?
MacGuyF: Dale: Oh boy... hardware hacking? I'm no hacker!
Dr. D.: Some stuff is still in the same boxes it went to/from ADAMcon XIII in.
MacGuyF: Dale: I'll definitely think of something though to fill up a one hour or more timeslot...
Guy B.: I'm going to bring a special CD that I got from Bob Sebelist for my presentation.
Dr. D.: Easy to hack the CV...
Dale: How about assembly language programming hands on?
Guy B.: And blank CD-R's to make copies.
Dr. D.: ...cut the +5, +12, and GND, and solder in a GameBoy etc. :-)
MacGuyF: Dale: Well, I'm writing a chess game in assembly, maybe I can talk about that and bore everyone to death.
Dale: :-)
Dr. D.: There is a website for a guy who made a CV handheld.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: He has a custom plastic fab shop, so he did a nice professional case.
amorphous Ron: @james- that e-mail you sent was a while back, right?
MacGuyF: Yeah, saw that handheld CV, real nice.
BobS: and he swore he was never going to make another one
changed username to he's back!
Dr. D.: I am sure it was a hard job.
MacGuyF: He started with a portable 2600 I think...
unrefined-james: if by "awhile" you mean "a week", then sure ;)
moved to room Meeting Place
he's back!: hey, got back on line!
Dr. D.: Just like my all-in-one Mini Wini system...has EVERY expansion card in it plus internal HD.
changed username to Neil
Guy B.: HI Neil
amorphous Ron: @james right... that was about it..... I meant to reply, but obviously I did not
Neil: Hi
Dr. D.: But all fits in a stock console...a bunch of DB ports out the back.
he's back!: t'aint Neil
BobS: hi Neil
Dr. D.: Hello Neil.
Dale: two hours Saturday morning are all yours GuyF.
amorphous Ron: Neil my son
Judy: Hi Neil
he's back!: oh - sorry - hi Neil
Dale: Jill says "Hello and good night -- and have you filled out your Canadian Census form?"
Dale: Hi Neil.
amorphous Ron: census here and gone.... some time ago
Dr. D.: I will be sending Guy something that can fill a couple hours, if you have a DVD player and video projector.
MacGuyF: Dale: Ok, I'll think of something...
Dr. D.: But it is a surprise (only he knows what it is).
MacGuyF: Hey Neil! How are you?
Neil: I tried with the census online, but it ended with an error code on the last page. I assume it went through.
amorphous Ron: excitement - the unknown rears its ugly head
Dale: DVD player-laptop and projector are lined up.
Dr. D.: It's not the first time I have sent a presentation to an ADAMcon.
Dale: Cool RichD.
Neil: I'm good, but kind of hot here in Ottawa. I just opened the window and turned on the fan.
Dr. D.: I did it for 10, I couldn't go, I was teaching then, the con was what, in September?
Dr. D.: I sent PJ a videotape.
amorphous Ron: I can present my report from Adamcon 17 - the one I was supposed to send Dale last August
Dr. D.: Well, we have DVDs now.
amorphous Ron: not
MacGuyF: Neil: Haha, went through the same ritual a few mins ago. So sticky here, it's horrible.
Dr. D.: You had to go to Rome to be counted by Caesar?
Dr. D.: Caesar Canadiensis
amorphous Ron: think it was October Dr.D, and I remember your tape
unrefined-james: should i resend the email?
he's back!: that's OK Neil, we have a thunderstorm,knocked out my modem
Dr. D.: It was some time way late, school had started, no way to cancel my classes.
Dale: Lightning storm here tonight. Should cool things off a bit.
BobS: well guys..................Rihcard has the strom front now that will come east followed by a cold front to free ya'll from the stickyness
amorphous Ron: @james, please
Dr. D.: We had thunderstorms all evening here.
Dr. D.: Very nice hard rain, huge drops
Dr. D.: Plus bright sunshine...but no rainbows
Neil: No need for Rome this time. We just had to go to
unrefined-james: byte... at shaw dot ca ?
amorphous Ron:
Dr. D.: Gretchen's softball practice was cancelled because of it, but we played catch in the rain for a while.
Neil: Jill is trying to contact all the delinquents in her area by month-end.
unrefined-james: was trying to save you some spam by not posting your address
unrefined-james: :D sec, i'll resend it
amorphous Ron: Oh I get more spam now that I care to count
Dr. D.: Maybe I better remind Rin if there is a census due?
amorphous Ron: that's why I only use the DOS box for mail
Dr. D.: I can't remember if she said she did it already or not.
he's back!: the interesting thng is, I get spam on accounts I've never used
unrefined-james: sent
Judy: I am tired and am going to sign off now, bye all!!!!
he's back!: night Judy, take care
Dr. D.: Bye Judy
unrefined-james: good night, judy
amorphous Ron: Night Judy. All this talk about wives...... ignore it
MacGuyF: Wonder if there is Powerpoint for the Macintel available yet...
Judy left chat session
Dr. D.: I got spam from myself, once.
he's back!: must admit that takes talent, Rich
Dr. D.: There is Powerpoint PPC, and it will run emulated on the x86 Mac, yes?
Guy B.: Got a heavy t-storm here.
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Dr. D.: Obviously I didn't send it, it was harvested APKnet address.
MacGuyF: Dr. D: Probably does, but I must admit Rosetta is pretty slow, so I'd be scared to try.
Dr. D.: But it was cute.
Dr. D.: Apple are evil for not including emulated Classic for the x86 Macs.
MacGuyF: I know, I have a few Classic apps that I will never be able to run....
Dr. D.: 68xxx is already emulated perfectly on the PPC, so just emulate the PPC and you get Classic with nothing else...
Dr. D.: A guy in our Dept. is working on the problem, some freeware hack that *almost* does it.
he's back!: our thunderstorm seems to have moved on - Pamela should be on by now
amorphous Ron: Suppose I should get myself one
MacGuyF: Dr. D: Oh! No way! You have to let me know when he figures out a way..
Dr. D.: I lent him a MacOS 9.2 install CD to try with.
Dr. D.: The main bug when last I heard was that the developers had the wrong endianness when tranferring over resource fork data.
Dr. D.: Intel vs. Motorola byte order in words.
MacGuyF: Yep, little endian I believe.
Dr. D.: The developers had no idea
Dr. D.: Mac is big, Intel little
Dr. D.: Z80 is little for that matter
MacGuyF: Intel is little, yep... Z80 is little too, but Z80 was taken from the 8080 which was an Intel chip.
Dale: But aren't new macs intel?
amorphous Ron: yes
MacGuyF: Yes, new mac intels are little endian, I think that's where the problem arose.
unrefined-james: ron, any luck with the email this time?
Dr. D.: Yes...but the Mac resource forks still are bigendian'
amorphous Ron: ? ? "little endian"
MacGuyF: Isn't it just a matter of reversing the two and VOILA? Presto?
Dr. D.: BTW, Rin says "I did the paper one and mailed it in."
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: long as you know to do it :-)
changed username to not my night
Dr. D.: Okay Ron...
Dr. D.: Say you have a 16-bit integer.
Dr. D.: lobyte, hibyte.
amorphous Ron: k\
BobS: sucks eh richard??????
Dr. D.: In "little-endian" architecture, it is stored in consecutive memory addresses as lobyte, hibyte.
not my night: well on that one I suspect I did it myself
Dr. D.: In "big-endian", it is stored hibyte, lobyte.
not my night: I think that it happens when I hit a wrong key by mistake
Neil: Given the opportunity, I just had to do the online census. Paper is too old-fashioned. Besides it probably saves the gov't some money that they can waste on something else.
not my night: possibly the Alt or Windows key
unrefined-james: lol
MacGuyF: I did mine on the internet, went by smoothly.
amorphous Ron: I can only count as high as 255, but I think I understand
Dr. D.: Like redesigning the Ontario trillium logo :-S
unrefined-james: did they really do that?
amorphous Ron: like lo nibble, hi nibble
not my night: james, you don't want to know
Dr. D.: trying to, waste of $200K, it is UGLY
not my night: and don't get me started!
Dr. D.: Yes, except with 8-bit bytes
MacGuyF: Ron: It's just where the low byte is stored in the computer memory that's all...
amorphous Ron: ok tks
unrefined-james: $200k to redesign a logo?
unrefined-james: nuts. i'd have just held a competition
Dr. D.: This "rebranding" fad has gotten out of hand..."Case" in point here :-S
not my night: well, it was done by teh party advertising agency
unrefined-james: you'd get it for the value of the prize money
not my night: you noticed, Rich?
Dr. D.: Yes I did.
unrefined-james: i can think of much better uses for $200k
Dr. D.: People with too much time to waste and too much public money to spend
Dr. D.: idiots
unrefined-james: and these days that's almost $200k :D
Dr. D.: So can the rest of Ontario from what I read in the online Toronto Star
Dr. D.: Whatever the Liberals were thinking, they are not thinking
unrefined-james: they could have had a competition, given some up and coming graphics designers something to do to build prestige
not my night: yes, it has not met with what one would call an enthusiastic reception
unrefined-james: and gotten it for an order of magnitude cheaper or free
amorphous Ron: you can't use thinking and politics (politicians) in the same phrase
unrefined-james: certainly not
unrefined-james: so ron, i'll try a 3rd time here.. did you get the email?
Dr. D.: They could have photocopied Dalton McGuinty's posterior and achieved the same effect, for 10 cents a copy
unrefined-james: lol
not my night: if it ain't bust, don't fix it
Dr. D.: And that seems to be the thinking organ they were using
amorphous Ron: yes sir... I did.... reading now
Dr. D.: Nothing like giving easy ammo to your detractors
Dr. D.: As Bugs Bunny says, "Wotta ma-ROOON!"
not my night: yes - they are a government intent on their own destruction
unrefined-james: i'm of the opinion that there should be citizen review boards for public expenses
Dr. D.: Here Mr. Tory, please hold this sword so I can cast myself upon the hilts, there's a good fellow
not my night: of course, look at the leader - Mattressback McGuinty
amorphous Ron: @James.... I know what happened now....
not my night: can't resist whoring after any pressure group he can find
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. I will update everyone on the con by this weekend.
Dr. D.: Rin thinks he is cute :-S
unrefined-jWed Jun 28 22:40:18 GMT-04:00 2006: amorphous Ron : amorphous Ron: I got the email because I remember the bit about your 2nd school
Dr. D.: Bye Guy
unrefined-james: good night guy!
MacGuyF: Guy B: I will make arrangements with Neil, and Dale and send you an Email.
amorphous Ron: but I was on the way out the door at the time, and said to myself I'd read it later... for me that is FATAL
not my night: OK Guy, just let us know. Mortons would be nice.
Guy B.: Ok, Guy F. Let me know ASAP.
Dale: Guy B, I'll send you a check, and I now have a proposed schedule.
Dr. D.: BTW, I should have mentioned that I was in Chicago last Monday, at a conference.
Dr. D.: presented a paper about the on-line robotics course with my colleague from Wright State.
Dale: Gotta get those shirt order from you too. So we can get them made on time.
MacGuyF: Guy B: By the end of the week, mostlikely Friday.
Dr. D.: But they have a new baby, so we had to drive in, do the session at 4 PM, and drive back to Dayton, all the same day.
Guy B.: Great Dale. I will send you the sizes and quantity on the t-shirts by the weekend. Definitely.
Dr. D.: And for the drivers...I-90 going into Chicago is a real mess for the few miles coming into downtown, from the east
Dr. D.: We lost an hour to go about 5 miles.
MacGuyF: Thanks for the heads up!
amorphous Ron: @James - is your contact (the one looking for info on people in computer clubs in the '70s) looking for a specific type of computer?
Guy B.: Instructions will be going up soon. See you all.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
not my night: is that where 80 and 90 are dualled?
Neil: That's about par for the course, no? (the real mess)
Dr. D.: I'd have to look at a map...we hit it coming up whatever the north-south interstate is that runs through Indianapolis.
BobS: I 65
Dr. D.: I went to Dayton 2 Sundays ago, we left from Dayton out I-70 west, then went north in Indianapolis, then east again on I-90
amorphous Ron: I must say we're certainly going to miss all you that won't be able to make it
Dr. D.: Yep that was it BobS
BobS: or I 55
amorphous Ron: but I can certainly understand
Dr. D.: 65 pretty sure
not my night: yes, it is 65 that comes up from Indianapolis
Dr. D.: Rin and I figured we just need to save the $$$ to get the wedding taken care of...
MacGuyF: Dr. D: Planning on having a big wedding?
amorphous Ron: yes.... sounds like priority to me
Dr. D.: For both of us to attend all 4 days, plus gas and extras, is probably half of what the wedding will cost.
Dale: I echo that Ron.
Dr. D.: Not big, no, maybe 25 people, mostly from Rin's side.
Dr. D.: My Dad and his wife said they will come, and all 4 of my girls said they wanted to come.
Dr. D.: that would be all from over here.
not my night: it will be nice to see them - they grow so fast
amorphous Ron: think that's super Dr.D.
Dr. D.: I left it up to them.
Dr. D.: I said any one of them could go or not go.
Dr. D.: No hard feelings.
amorphous Ron: there ya go
Dr. D.: Gretchen and Christina said yes right away, Diana and Elanor took a while to make up their minds.
MacGuyF: How old is your eldest daughter?
Dr. D.: 19.5
MacGuyF: Wow, full grown women!
Dr. D.: Youngest turned 10 in April.
Dr. D.: hehe
BobS: yikes they are growing up yes?????
Dr. D.: Gretchen seems to be the most supportive, if that is the right word...she asks about Erin every day, tells her to say hi.
BobS: C is 19.5 .........K is ????? d is ??????
BobS: and G is the 10yr old right/
Dr. D.: Christina 19.5, Elanor 16.5, Diana will be 13 on 27 August, and Gretchen was 10 on 18 April.
MacGuyF: Oh boy, 3 teens!!! Hahaha, must be fun!
Dr. D.: Eldest will be a sophomore in college this fall.
Dr. D.: Youngest going into grade 5.
Dr. D.: So, life is interesting.
Dr. D.: We are still shooting for 5 August wedding.
MacGuyF: Coming soon!
Dr. D.: My attorney says I will have negotiable documents for the dissolution on 11 July.
Dale: Very soon.
Dr. D.: 12 July I go to Windsor to begin application process.
unrefined-james: @ron, we've been in touch regularly now and he hasn't mentioned anyone or anything specific that he's looking for
Dale: I'm a best man for my business partner's weding a week before that.
unrefined-james: i could ask him again
unrefined-james: there has been some progress since and there coudl be a working nabu system by late summer
Dr. D.: So, there are always possible delays, but it is looking very good right now.
unrefined-james: i've got a cable adaptor on the way too
Dr. D.: We will keep you posted.
amorphous Ron: @James - I do have a name or two, but it's been a while since I've talked to them. Didn't get to look them up when I was back in October
not my night: I have postings on the craigslist in Toronto and Ottawa, plus the item I sent you in reply to the freecycle post
Dr. D.: Or Pamela will :-)
Dr. D.: I may have missed it since I logged in so late tonight...but how are Doug and Meeka doing?
unrefined-james: brb, aiden is being very whiny
unrefined-james: nap time
amorphous Ron: @James - wouldn't mind a pic of that when it all gets up and running
Dr. D.: Time for soothing syrup
BobS: the going is tough for both of them.........finally making some burial arrangements for late next week......
amorphous Ron: ohyes.... Dale, you can put time in the program for the ANN meeting. I've been asked to chair (cheer) (chore) whatever
Dr. D.: Yow, that is a long time...
Dale: Okay Ron. I'll add it in.
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I thought the D&C has happened already?
amorphous Ron: hour ought to do it.... maybe even less
BobS: they couldn't make up their mind what to do about the baby.....small as it was
Dr. D.: sigh
BobS: but at least it will put an end to the thought
not my night: Dale, do lead off Friday with Guy's presentation, OK?
not my night: give us all a chance to get our emulators working
BobS: well kids. am going to call it a night too....tired from moving my folks today
amorphous Ron: haven't even got mine installed on the Acer yet.... gotta get with it
Dr. D.: Go rest Bob...I should go too, have to get up at 5 AM.
BobS: week all
not my night: OK Bob, catch you next week
Dr. D.: 2 more days of my summer robot course
BobS left chat session
amorphous Ron: niter Bob S. Be well
Dr. D.: Was going to wish him happy 4th...
Dr. D.: Guess I can wish the rest of you happy 1st
not my night: well, I have an apointment with the cardiologist early tomorrow, so I'll have to bail too
amorphous Ron: aha..... thank you sir. I'll probably be eating hotdogs somewhere
Dr. D.: Hope it is just standard issue, Richard...
Dr. D.: Rin is coming in by bus Friday midnight...staying until monday morning
not my night: won't know till I come out, but expect so, Rich
Dr. D.: So we will do some cookout or something Saturday afternoon, after Gretchen's doubleheader softball game.
Dr. D.: Good luck with it, Richard.
amorphous Ron: Go Gretchen
not my night: anyway got to go prep for teh doc, so goodnight all
Dr. D.: Nite Richard.
amorphous Ron: nite Richard
Dr. D.: She likes softball...I am an assistant coach for her team
not my night: colour me gone
Dr. D.: Not that it gets her any perks
not my night left chat session
Dr. D.: She has reasonable skills for a 10-year-old
amorphous Ron: used to be Pres of a league encompassing all ages from 6 to (I don't care to tell you)
Dr. D.: And bats left, throws right
amorphous Ron: in Ottawa
Dr. D.: This is the 10-12 division
amorphous Ron: that's good..... that seems to be the age where they either lose interest completely, or take it up recreationally for the rest of their lives
Dr. D.: She was in 7-9 last 2 years.
Dr. D.: she initiated it, said she wanted to
amorphous Ron: yup... the age divisions seem to be more or less standard
Dr. D.: No parental prompting, that never works.
amorphous Ron: I started out as Secretary of the league the year Jeff decided he wanted to play
amorphous Ron: He was in 2nd year university before I got clear of that volunteer gig
Dr. D.: haha
amorphous Ron: he only played for 2 years
Dr. D.: My Dad got asked to help coach when I started playing at age 8.
Dr. D.: He coached from 8-10, then was a spectator for 11-12.
amorphous Ron: aa
amorphous Ron: aha
Dr. D.: Then my sister Karen wanted to do softball, so he ended up coaching that.
Dr. D.: And when I quit playing after 13 (it was no fun then), I helped my sisters' teams.
Dr. D.: Usually as scorekeeper.
Dr. D.: Here, nobody formally keeps scores (i.e., with a book).
Dr. D.: It is fun, not super competitive.
amorphous Ron: we didn't either for the younger divisions.
amorphous Ron: only for 12-18
Dr. D.: We always kept score in baseball from 8 up...I learned how from watching my Dad do it.
amorphous Ron: We also had a competitive division where it was all done by the book
amorphous Ron: I tried umpiring for a while, but had no presence of mind on the field.
amorphous Ron: Made a better Pres
Dr. D.: You have the look of an ump, Ron.
Dr. D.: I can see you throwing a manager out for arguing balls and strikes :-)
amorphous Ron: well yes, but not the bearing and confidence and powers of observation
Dr. D.: There was a fabulous ump when I was a kid, his name was Gus...
amorphous Ron: I had to argue to defend a call which I'd obviously blown, and couldn't do it convincingly
Dr. D.: He looked like Wally Walrus from the cartoons
amorphous Ron: ha!
Dr. D.: With his little ump's beanie and shield-like ball deflector.
amorphous Ron: but it worked for him
Dr. D.: He would help players on each side, show them where to stand, give them pointers, especially help batters and catchers.
amorphous Ron: ok... yes I remember one like that
Dr. D.: Well that was before the umps started wearing the chest protectors under their shirts.
Dr. D.: And he had field command, if a manager thought that the help was giving the other team some advantage (i.e., that he couldn't exploit), he would put him in his place.
amorphous Ron: anyway, it was all good fun - even the part where I had to mediate a dispute between 2 adult slow pitch teams
Dr. D.: Patient to a fault.
Dr. D.: Couldn't faze him.
amorphous Ron: that's the type you need
Dr. D.: I only know his name was Gus and he was probably 50something in the early 1970s.
Dr. D.: Adult slowpitch...tell them trial by combat
amorphous Ron: almost did...... like are you guys having fun out there?
Dr. D.: I am experiencing trial by sleepiness...
amorphous Ron: or do you really want to kill eachother?
Dr. D.: So I think I am going to sign off...
Dr. D.: You should have let them..."call me when one of you is left standing"
amorphous Ron: EDT= 2310??
Dr. D.: Yes.
amorphous Ron: RIGHT!
Dr. D.: Not too far away is 0500 EDT
Dale: Good night RichD.
Dr. D.: When I must get up, so niters to all.
Dr. D.: Glad I finally made it in.
Neil: Good bnight
amorphous Ron: well, I have a bunch of pics to scan for my presentation... better get at that
amorphous Ron: niters Dr. D
Dr. D.: As stated, Rin was on the phone, and she wasn't feeling well.
amorphous Ron: good to see ya again Neil
Dr. D.: Bye bye all
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
amorphous Ron: Dale.... sounds like things are more or less under control for the 'con.
amorphous Ron: Was wondering what stuff would be available for presentations, and you've pretty much taken care of that
Dale: It sounds good for the Con
amorphous Ron: yup.. what we lack in size we'll make up for in enthusiasm
Dale: I just sketched out a schedule, and we'll have something to talk about.
Dale: Although I may be doing a lot of presentations.
Dale: I hope people don't get too tired of me. :-)
amorphous Ron: No... sir... never.
amorphous Ron: I might have an extra in my back pocket..... I'll see what I can come up with
amorphous Ron: what's your e-mail these days?
Dale: dalemwick at works pretty well.
amorphous Ron: ok gotcha
Dale: Did you ever do LOGO?
Dale: Or maybe something on music? I can never get enough music presentations.
amorphous Ron: I have, but it's been a long while. Could try to work something on the basics
amorphous Ron: right.... we'll give 'em both some thought
Dale: Or something else, if you feel inspired.
amorphous Ron: I'll get back to ya
amorphous Ron: will have to see how much I can remember
Neil: I should do what I originally planned to do last year, before I kind of switched topics at the last minute.
amorphous Ron: which was?
Neil: After the introduction of the history of the Adam (which expanded to two sessions), ...
amorphous Ron: right
Neil: I was planning to talk about how to best archive newsletters, pictures, audio, etc., on DVDs and such.
amorphous Ron: I really enjoyed that.... it was most enlightening
Neil: Yeah, I really couldn't pass that up. It was enlightening for me too.
amorphous Ron: And that Neil would be a good one. We're all facing that problem now.... I'm into photography, and it's an issue as my club is completely digital
amorphous Ron: there are numerous recommendations re archival quality CDs and DVDs
amorphous Ron: certain brands apparently are better than others
amorphous Ron: but I'm not quite sure how they can say that yet
Neil: People have often asked if I still have anything from the CES shows where the Adam was featured: I've finally found something and will bring it.
amorphous Ron: Hey.... GOO
amorphous Ron: GOOD
Neil: I'm mostly concerned with the quality of the data that goes onto the DVDs and CDs, though the quality of the disks is also an issue.
amorphous Ron: I have such a variety of methods around here for backup. It's a wonder I can ever find anything. Have external USB drives on my Mac and my XP box
amorphous Ron: and DVD writers on each
amorphous Ron: yada yada
amorphous Ron: find it's easier to find something on an external hard drive backup done with Ghost or some such
amorphous Ron: test is.... will I be able to find this series of pictures in 6 months
Neil: A good filing system is important, but much easier said than done.
amorphous Ron: exactly
amorphous Ron: my current practice is to save what I know I'll want to keep twice..... once to a backup file and once to an external.... then I also back up "My documents" file about once a week
Neil: As for DVDs, menus take a lot of time to do, but the temptation is not to leave time to do them. Seems better to "get to the good stuff."
amorphous Ron: and my Documents is laid out similar no matter which machine I'm on
amorphous Ron: I know. I've skipped it, and wished I hadn't
amorphous Ron: Anyway guys, I'm away. We'll see you all next week hopefully
unrefined-james: back
amorphous Ron: Was thinking of calling it a night
unrefined-james: bummer
amorphous Ron: but it's not really here... yet
unrefined-james: same here
amorphous Ron: ya got the young'un settled?
unrefined-james: he's with his mother now
amorphous Ron: ah
unrefined-james: she came home and he prompty pointed to the door and said "daddy, out"
amorphous Ron: that's an offer you can't refuse
unrefined-james: lol
unrefined-james: the way he made eye contact while saying it too
amorphous Ron: haha
unrefined-james: "c'mon, i've given you a direct order here. get the f' out"
amorphous Ron: have a feeling that any year now, somebody's gonna tell me, "congratulations you're a grandfather. when can you come over and look after the kid?"
amorphous Ron: hasn't happened yet but....
unrefined-james: grandparents... all the fun, none of the mess. certainly one has earned it by then
amorphous Ron: yes, that's what they say
unrefined-james: i've hopefully got a good 20 or 30 years until i have to worry about it
amorphous Ron: anyway, I do apologize re the e-mail. I know I got it, but sometimes I defer actually reading, which is usually always a mistake
unrefined-james: not a problem, just thought you might find it interesting
unrefined-james: there has been considerable development since then too
amorphous Ron: oh yes, now that I have read it, it is, yes
unrefined-james: i just wish the software would turn up
amorphous Ron: yeah.... all promise, no least not yet
unrefined-james: have a couple leads. a guy who was with nabu basically from start to finish (i'm guessing all 6 months of it!) contacted me a couple days ago
unrefined-james: and they're making some pretty good progress at york u
amorphous Ron: the full detail on it should be part of somebody's record somewhere
unrefined-james: i've dug up what i could and put it on the bbs
amorphous Ron: must go have a look
amorphous Ron: ok got it
unrefined-james: gave them high res scans of both sides of the motherboard which they say will come in handy since they refer to it a lot
amorphous Ron: you would think it would all be a matter of public record now
unrefined-james: i've been in contact with a few people and the ball is starting to roll so hopefully it's just a matter of time
unrefined-james: it's got to be *somewhere*
unrefined-james: it was also rolled out in a community here in japan
amorphous Ron: 2 places in the entire world
unrefined-james: so i'm going to translate a letter for them and they're going to put it on university letter head and physically mail it
unrefined-james: the u.s. too. someplace in virginia or vermont if i'm not mistaken
amorphous Ron: good
unrefined-james: one of those v states
amorphous Ron: Right.
unrefined-james: hopefully by physically mailing it, the corrsepondence misses the short-circuit to the garbage can
amorphous Ron: There's a fellow in Ottawa, Ian Cottrell who has been into computers since day 1
unrefined-james: and someone actually helps, seeing that it's coming from academia and not mr. nobody
amorphous Ron: Haven't talked to him in quite a while.... was going to phone him last Oct, but never got to it
unrefined-james: do you think he was into the nabu?
amorphous Ron: well he was certainly around when it was happening. If he wasn't involved himself, he probably knows someone who was
unrefined-james: this is the email i got a few days ago:
unrefined-james: "I worked at NABU from pretty much the start to the finish (I was the PM on the system that delivered the s/w to the home PCs). What are you looking for?"
unrefined-james: i've since replied. hopefully he can be of some assistance
unrefined-james: wonder what PM means
amorphous Ron: sounds positive
unrefined-james: so i gave him the whole lowdown with what's going on at york u etc
amorphous Ron: Prime Mover?
amorphous Ron: it's a civil service expression
unrefined-james: hmm.. interesting
unrefined-james: i also find the similarities to the adam, superficially at least, to be quite interesting
amorphous Ron: also short form for Program Administrator
amorphous Ron: It was a CP/M 2.2 box. I had one, but couldn't figure out how to stop it crying for its mother
amorphous Ron: might have been even Z80 based, I'm not sure
amorphous Ron: had just the box, no docs or software. But it came up looking like CP/M
unrefined-james: it is cp/m for sure
amorphous Ron: yep
unrefined-james: which is why i've asked mr. clee to furnish me w/ a copy
unrefined-james: z80 definitely
unrefined-james: opened it up
amorphous Ron: ok, so that much we know
unrefined-james: and the graphics chip is the ti9918 or something. in the same family as the one used in the adam. the specs are virtually identical
unrefined-james: the sound chimp is different, but well documented
amorphous Ron: seemed to be set up to look for a signal on the incoming cable line and do nothing until it got that
unrefined-james: a gi/yamaha chip
unrefined-james: exactly. there were two versions of the machine
unrefined-james: so to get it to do anything other than look to boot from cable, you need a different rom
unrefined-james: i'm going to be furnished with this at some point along with specs to build a floppy controller
amorphous Ron: right
unrefined-james: or perhaps an actual controller, though honestly i'd prefer they didn't risk sending that to japan
amorphous Ron: like the authorities might intercept it?
unrefined-james: the drives were apparently rather standard, which is good
unrefined-james: no, like it might break in transit
amorphous Ron: oh ok
unrefined-james: cause this stuff is virtually irreplaceable
unrefined-james: not common at all
amorphous Ron: certainly is
amorphous Ron: on another topic
amorphous Ron: how much do you remember of your LOGO?
unrefined-james: so i'm going to poke around cp/m on the adam, see what i can't figure out
unrefined-james: logo.. almost everything
unrefined-james: was even teaching it here to a kid awhile back
amorphous Ron: I might be called upon to put on a 2nd session in addition to my planned one
amorphous Ron: was thinking about LOGO and MIDI or some combination thereof
unrefined-james: if the nabu logo turned up that would be a real treat
amorphous Ron: oh for sure
unrefined-james: hmm interesting
amorphous Ron: anyway, I'm going to complete my first one first, then we'll see
amorphous Ron: but I might need to tap your expertise
unrefined-james: i believe the nabu version was made by the same good people that gave us smartlogo, though i could be mistaken
unrefined-james: sure, any way i can help
amorphous Ron: good tks
amorphous Ron: first off... I must install my emulator on my laptop. Haven't even done that yet
unrefined-james: hmm... i should check into that.. they were less than helpful the last time i contacted them about adam logo but perhaps if the universtity contacted them
unrefined-james: they'd be more obliging
unrefined-james: are you running xp?
amorphous Ron: no doubt
amorphous Ron: yes
unrefined-james: i've had mixed success getting it to work under xp
amorphous Ron: either that or Kubuntu linux
amorphous Ron: but I'll probably go with XP because of the front end available that most everyone is used to
unrefined-james: does anyone use real adams anymore?
unrefined-james: heh heh
amorphous Ron: actually, I've had problems here too.... I usually go to the command line interface (DOS)
unrefined-james: it would work sometimes but not others
amorphous Ron: well.... let's put it this way, last year we didn't have an ADAM.
unrefined-james: and sound has always been problematic
amorphous Ron: When they were out here, I actually had 4 there in the meeting room, but only Dale actually used one
unrefined-james: too bad, really
unrefined-james: by far the best machine to use is a 486 class running win9x
amorphous Ron: seems to depend on the computer you're using. Have had mixed results as well on sound
unrefined-james: for adam emulation anyway
Neil: As I remember, of the 4, several were a little flakey.
amorphous Ron: exactly
unrefined-james: well in computer terms they're definitely old
amorphous Ron: that's right Neil, because they hadn't been used in several years
amorphous Ron: Think you did get one to work, right?
unrefined-james: not sure what their human age would be but definitely retirement home age
unrefined-james: i do find giving them regular use helps
amorphous Ron: still got 5 of them here.... probably the flaky ones
unrefined-james: i think somehow just having the rom accessed etc just keeps the bitrot at bay
amorphous Ron: bunch of disk drives
unrefined-james: my drive is dead. never did get it working
amorphous Ron: yeah, I should take an afternoon and set them all up and use them
amorphous Ron: Since I don't have any wives around to tell me not to
unrefined-james: lol
unrefined-james: i like the plural use htere
unrefined-james: *there
amorphous Ron: one of something is never enough for me
unrefined-james: reminds me of that star trek episode.. mudd's women
amorphous Ron: must have missed that one
unrefined-james: original series. you'd probably remember it if you saw it. if you were into trek at all that is
amorphous Ron: Well, think I've seen most of them at one time or another
Neil: I think at least one was up and running, but a whole crew of set-up people worked for almost an hour to get those computers going.
unrefined-james: i've got a pile of 5 1/4" disks sent to me by uhm..
unrefined-james: david cobley? colby?
Neil: cobley
amorphous Ron: David
unrefined-james: thanks
amorphous Ron: yes, I haven't talked to him either in a long time. He's only 40 miles down the road
unrefined-james: one thing i'd like to get around to doing is making images of them and seeing what's actually on them
unrefined-james: and then maybe unloading some of the mass once i have the data off of them
amorphous Ron: if you get your roundtuit before i get my roundtuit, let me know, I'll send a bunch more
amorphous Ron: Although.... as I discovered the hard way, to mail a shoe box of 5-1/4 inch floppies costs about $20
unrefined-james: i should make the phpbb i have an adam/nabu phpbb
unrefined-james: cause so far i'm the only user on there and it's gettin' lonely!
unrefined-james: threaded discussions are easier to follow than mailing list at times
amorphous Ron: my son did the same thing. He's running php/bb and there's him and me so far
unrefined-james: lol
amorphous Ron: that's another roundtuit for me. I want to know enough about PHP to do what you and my son have done
unrefined-james: well there are two users on mine. admin and james
amorphous Ron: ;)
unrefined-james: setting up phpbb is pretty straightforward
amorphous Ron: I know myself too well. I'd get it up and running and that would be it
unrefined-james: heh heh
amorphous Ron: but I should at least do it once
unrefined-james: i should find an older machine
unrefined-james: and a low densidty drive
unrefined-james: that's my best bet for making adam disk images, right?
amorphous Ron: good luck
amorphous Ron: yes it most certainly is. The HD's do work, but not reliably
unrefined-james: i have a low density drive here. it seems to physically work, but it's not compatible with my mi controller
unrefined-james: so it's sitting on a shelf somewhere doing nothing. i need cables to hook this stuff up to pcs
amorphous Ron: you tried different settings of the jumper pins?
amorphous Ron: D0 D1 D2, etc
unrefined-james: i wonder .. would a p3 booted into dos mode work well enough? i think the bios still supports 360k drives
unrefined-james: yeah, played with all kinds of settings
Neil: Well, it's midnight here. I have to sign off.
amorphous Ron: yes, all you need is DOS
unrefined-james: good night neil
amorphous Ron: 6.22 or whatevere
amorphous Ron: night Neil.... good to see ya again
unrefined-james: now i've got that beatles tune in my head.. all you need is dos, dos.. dos is all you need..
amorphous Ron: rotf
amorphous Ron: l
unrefined-james: i'll take it over "bob the builder" though
amorphous Ron: now you got me going
Neil left chat session
amorphous Ron: anyway sir, I shall away... I really got to get started on scanning some pics for my presentation
amorphous Ron: hopefully see you next week
unrefined-james: so i could boot into dos, run the disk imaging utils and then check them in the emulator
unrefined-james: ok
unrefined-james: and i've been called for lunch
amorphous Ron: yes, that's what you do
unrefined-james: and hungry i am
amorphous Ron: right... go eat
amorphous Ron: before you get kicked out again
amorphous Ron: see ya next week
unrefined-james: i'll keep you in the loop about any nabu stuff if you like
unrefined-james: later!
amorphous Ron: yes, please
amorphous Ron: l8r
amorphous Ron: poof
unrefined-james: *poof*
amorphous Ron left chat session
unrefined-james: you still here dale?
unrefined-james left chat session
Dale: Everyone went away, when I was distracted. poof.
Dale left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-06-28
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