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rich-c: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Hello Richard, how are you this evening?
rich-c: sitting up and taking nourishment ;-)
Dr. D.: Very good.
Dr. D.: I just had some cereal myself.
rich-c: seriously, not 100%, but very functional
Dr. D.: I hope you get closer to 100% over the next week.
rich-c: had to get up at the crack of dawn today (by my standards) to let the orthopedist get his annual peak at my hip
rich-c: he smiled, gloated a little over the X-ray, and said "perfect"
Dr. D.: That is good news, better than hearing "it's coming loose, we'll have to redo it:
rich-c: went in and picked up some prescriptions, took Frances out shopping, all before lunch
rich-c: so as I say, very functional
Dr. D.: I finished authoring the DVD of my in-absentia presentation for ADAMcon 18.
rich-c: good on you; what will you be talking about?
Dr. D.: I should be able to mail it out to Guy by Friday...just need him to confirm the postal address.
Dr. D.: Hehe a surprise :-)
rich-c: OK - don't be surprised if we're a little vague on it
Dr. D.: As far as I can tell from the published schedule, I am not duplicating any topics.
Dr. D.: Not sure what you mean.
rich-c: well, Frances and I go to Adamcon now more as a tourist base and social event than a computer thing
rich-c: if something engages our attention, well and good, we'll attend the session
Dr. D.: Well, you can make up your own mind once the show starts.
Dr. D.: I would say that there are some items of historical interest...but I want to keep the surprise, so I have to kinda leave it at that.
rich-c: we will see how it fits with our other things - Pam and Russell will be there too
rich-c: there is a lot of Chicago we want to see, and may even want to stay in the room and watch a race one day
Dr. D.: Dale put it in the just-before-the-banquet slot, hardly optimal, but if people want to skip it, they can always watch it later.
rich-c: my health and the weather will be governing factors too
rich-c: yes, that's the advantage of DVDs - maybe I'll get someone to burn me a copy to take home
rich-c: my laptop will read DVDs but only burn CDs
Dr. D.: It is likely the case that, if the logistics of the convention had been settled by say, February 2006, Rin and I would have already sent in our money, and we would be attending.
Dr. D.: But since it went up to the very last minute as uncertain, we found more prudent uses for the about $850 it would have cost us to attend.
rich-c: I can see that - uncertainty does not breed determination
Dr. D.: We would be missing that $850 now had it been pre-paid, but it would have been water under the bridge.
rich-c: you pays your money and takes your choice (or not)
Dr. D.: This year, not enough money for all the available choices, so we have to pick...also needing to hold a large reserve for the next tuition installment for Christina.
rich-c: yes, academic expenses get pretty stinging these days
Dr. D.: So for ADAMcon 18, the best I can do is buy a shirt (done already) and send a presentation on DVD, and come to the Saturday night chat.
rich-c: it's dodgy for me to go, since my out of country insurance won't cover the likeliest event
Dr. D.: I think I would consider buying some special insurance, just for the event...
Dr. D.: Unless they aren't selling you anything at all.
rich-c: anything heart or lung would be "pre-existing condition" and not covered - and Ontario contributes pennies
Dr. D.: So how are people supposed to travel?
rich-c: wait 90 days stabilised after the latest treatment
Dr. D.: Hmmm.
rich-c: if I break a leg or something I'm covered, not just pneumonia and a-fib
Dr. D.: ER charge for anything, even trivial, is likely to be $500 US.
Dr. D.: Just basic charge...
rich-c: exactly - I would need to get off for examination, maybe X-ray, and prescription
rich-c: btw, my ubuntu discs arrived yesterday
Dr. D.: One of our faculty had some kind of gall bladder crisis while at a conference in Japan, a few years ago...I don't know how it was handled, but he had to have emergency surgery there, and a week of had to cost a fortune for someone.
rich-c: that's not necessarily so - some offshore countries are unbelievably cheap
rich-c: we had a woman in Toronto, needed major surgery, checked the US price (she didn't feel like waiting) and was quoted $60.000 base
Dr. D.: From what my Dad has told me about the cost of living in Tokyo when he had to be there for some equipment service trips, I am sure that Japan is not one of the cheap ones.
rich-c: well this woman went to India, had the work done and a three-week trip, for $6000 all in
rich-c: and it appears a top Indian hospital can give Cleveland Clinic a good run for its money on quality
Dr. D.: 1/10th cost, wow.
rich-c: really was quite incredible; you can likely still find the story on the Star website
Dr. D.: India is where all the radiologists are now...just send them giant TIFFs over the net from the imaging machinery.
rich-c: yes, that's all they work from in the same hospital, anyway
rich-c: I guess you can read an X-ray as competently in Delhi as Detroit
Dr. D.: Radiology used to be the nice-hours specialty, someone else saw the patients and ran the machines, you just interpreted the films 9-5 and pocketed your more...that is the first bit of medicine to be outsourced.
Dr. D.: Pathology is next...anything that can reduce to digital imaging, microscope slides, etc.
rich-c: nice work if you can get it, and very lucrative
rich-c: btw my X-ray yesterday showed some pneumonia remaining in my right lung
Dr. D.: It was...but now that the physicians in New Delhi will do the same work for 1/10 cost...bye-bye US radiologists.
Dr. D.: It has to have been bacterial, with the high fever that was reported.
rich-c: I'd imagine the New Delhi crew could make a nice living just doing real time readings when it's night over here
rich-c: oh, the fever wasn't high and it went away quickly - it's the quick onset and lack of warning that puzzles us
Dr. D.: That is also characteristic of bacterial pneumonia....nothing, then bam.
Dr. D.: At least from what I remember from med school...
rich-c: like at noon, maybe even 2, I'm fine, then suddenly incredibly nauseous and dozy
rich-c: far as I know they didn't do a culture
Dr. D.: I just hope they can get it sorted out, and that you don't have any relapses while in the States.
Dr. D.: Kinda surprising, usually they want to make sure that what you have is susceptible to what they are giving you.
Dr. D.: But they give you stuff first and figure it out later, since waiting can be fatal...
rich-c: well, I'm on an upped dose of prednisone very temporarily, and on an antibiotic
Dr. D.: IIRC when I had to take prednisone for asthma lo these 16 years ago, it made me nauseous, too.
rich-c: I know when they took me in they put me on an IV but I think that was to calm the a-fib
Dr. D.: Make sure the electrolyte balance was right.
rich-c: oh, I've been on a diminishing dose of prednisone since early this year
Dr. D.: It is one of those medicines that, of 10 things that it does, 9 almost kill you, but the 10th saves your life.
rich-c: you will recall the bout of pneumonia brought on by the amiodarone reaction in my lung
Dr. D.: Yes.
rich-c: the respirologist had me use it to reduce the edema in my legs
Dr. D.: Always interactions, sigh
rich-c: I was down to one pill every other day
rich-c: yes, the amiodarone one is infrequent but well known and documented
Dr. D.: Well, I am thankful that I am not on any meds right now, dietary stuff is keeping my BP down, and my weight down.
Dr. D.: Trying to avoid my Dad's situation, in which, after 36 years of BP meds, nothing is really working anymore.
rich-c: meanwhile I am taking so many pills I rattle when I walk - but at my age tht's a given
Dr. D.: Thiazide diuretics worked for 25 years, then they didn't...1st beta blocker worked 5 years, then it didn't...then the pill roulette began.
rich-c: my BP night before last was 96/44 with a pulse of 67 - docs all say don't worry
Dr. D.: Wow.
Dr. D.: Mine is 130/72 or less
Dr. D.: Pulse probably 60
Dr. D.: It was 145ish/90ish this time last year
rich-c: usually it's in the high one-teens and low 60s, pulse 80+ in the morning, mid-60s at night
Dr. D.: Since then, almost no meat, mostly raw or stir-fry vegetables...boring sometimes, but I manage to make it interesting enough even for Rin.
Dr. D.: Getting her to lay off burgers and poutine will be a harder struggle :-)
rich-c: I eat what I please, but what pleases me includes generous quantities of fruit, veggies, salad stuff and such
Dr. D.: Always best to like the stuff that is best for you.
Dr. D.: I like food in general, if it is edible, I will eat it and not fuss too much over it.
Dr. D.: Not picky.
rich-c: but I won't turn down pizza, or sausage, or steak, or such - no poutine yet, though
Dr. D.: I took the girls out for pizza Monday night, that was the first pizza I have had in about 4 months, or more.
rich-c: and we eat as much poultry as meat
Dr. D.: I do miss it all...I just can't eat a lot of it any more, not and keep my weight at 195.
Dr. D.: I was up to 235 in May 2002 before I decided it needed to go down...and I keep chipping away at it.
rich-c: well, once decades ago, I was way over 195 - then I got stubborn
rich-c: decided if I was going to buy any more pants or belts it would be because I needed smaller
rich-c: dropped about 60 poundsin roughly a year and a half
Dr. D.: I would like to get to 180, but my metabolism has been fighting me the last few seems to get more and more efficient the less I eat.
Dr. D.: That is impressive.
rich-c: I did it by counting calories - set my intake at what would let me lose and ounce a day
rich-c: then I ate anything I wanted to the calorie limit - and quit
Dr. D.: I haven't formally counted, but I have kept a daily log of everything I eat since May 2002.
Dr. D.: I try to keep the daily entry visually small.
Dr. D.: That has mostly worked
rich-c: one day my diet dinner was ravioli with meat sauce, veg, red wine and spumoni ice cream, generous srvings
Dr. D.: In general, if I eat once per day, I will lose weight.
Dr. D.: If I eat twice per day, I will stay the same weight.
Dr. D.: If I eat more than twice per day, I will gain weight.
rich-c: but I had all but fasted the rest of the day so the numbers came out right
Dr. D.: So it probably works out to minimum caloric need of about 1200-1500, which is hardly anything.
rich-c: haven't been into the numbers lately, but those sound a little low - or have calories been redefined lately?
Dr. D.: Keeping very busy and eating at night and then going straight to bed is the "best" weight-loss schedule for me.
Dr. D.: They are low, it is just my metabolism being efficient.
rich-c: I guess it's as is said - whatever works for you is your right answer
Dr. D.: Keeping the same schedule, whatever it is, seems to be important.
Dr. D.: Stuff that gets me out of the routine, that is what messes me up, and it doesn't take long.
rich-c: I prefer not to talk about schedules, ours being somewht nutty
Dr. D.: Speaking of taking long...
Dr. D.: has been a long time here tonight and nobody else is here.
rich-c: I know where Pam is, but whre's Rin - and the rest?
Dr. D.: I know Rin isn't coming, she had a stressful day at work and wasn't feeling well this evening, so she said give her apologies but she was going to be.
Dr. D.: bed.
Dr. D.: I got off the phone with her about 8:45 PM tonight.
Dr. D.: Pam, I dunno.
Dr. D.: The rest, ditto.
rich-c: Pam had to get her hair done, do some shopping, and have dinner - and the hair appointment was at 7 halfway across the city
Dr. D.: Nice summer evening, perhaps.
Dr. D.: I like this summer much more than last, plenty sunny but cool and lots of rain...
rich-c: It's unusual for us to be missing everyone, though - even Guy hasn't turned up
Dr. D.: Since there is no A/C here and the bedroom is on the west wall, you can imagine how hot it got last summer.
rich-c: either Guy
Dr. D.: World Cup final or something?
Dr. D.: Maybe Ron will be along at 10 PM...but I was hoping to pack it in soon myself.
Dr. D.: Now that my summer robot course is done, and my conference travelling is done, I have a pile of student recommendation letters to write.
Dr. D.: So I am getting up early tomorrow, probably 5 AM.
rich-c: I think it's Portugal playing France tonight
Dr. D.: Gretchen had a softball practice tonight, another one Friday.
Dr. D.: Is it down to the finals yet? Soccer goes right over my head, I am a bad world citizen :-S
rich-c: I try to get up by 8.30 a.m. but may sleep as late as 10.30
rich-c: that CPAP machine is, believe it or not, very relaxing
Dr. D.: It keeps you in REM sleep, very good for you.
rich-c: around here with our ethnic mix, you find out quick who's in, who's playing, who lost
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Dr. D.: It's like curling during the Olympics, it seems to be on the TV every time I walk past one, but I don't care :-)
Dr. D.: I guess that was you, Richard?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
Dr. D.: It was Ron.
changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.: But Richard was just here...
Dr. D.: Hi Ron.
Dr. D.: It is empty here tonight.
rich-c: yes, Ron coming in must have knocked me out - it seems to work that way
Ron: Hello all
Ron: Yes, it was me
rich-c: yes, so empty it rattles, don't know where anyone is
Dr. D.: I was just telling Richard, I was hoping to leave once some more folks showed up...but nobody has.
rich-c: or at least we know about Pam and Rin, but as for the others???
Ron: where is everyone?
Dr. D.: I wanted especially to tell Guy B. that I finished the DVD of my presentation for the convention and should have it in the mail Friday.
Dr. D.: Rin is out sick tonight.
Dr. D.: Pam is getting a coiffure
Dr. D.: And we are here.
Ron: oh dear
rich-c: but Guy F and Daniel and Dale and the Slopsemas are not
Dr. D.: Conspiracy...
Dr. D.: Maybe they thought ADAMcon was *this* week :-)
rich-c: no, in fact we're invited to dinner with the Slopsemas Tuesday
Ron: Good Lord, I hope not
Dr. D.: Then they must be out for a summer night.
Dr. D.: No net.troubles that I know about...Safari has been exceedingly well-behaved tonight.
Dr. D.: Usually it is unhappy with the chat.
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rich-c: or maybe some sort of family emergency - as if they didn't have enough of those
changed username to BoBS
Dr. D.: sigh yes
BoBS: ok guys
Dr. D.: There is Der Herr Slopsema
BoBS: si senor
rich-c: well, bloody well about time
BoBS: wht'd I miss??????
BoBS: Guy benn in with banquet details?
rich-c: we were getting so desperate for company we were talking about the World Cup
Dr. D.: An ADAM reset in the forest and it made a sound
Ron: As it turns out, this damned Acer of mine didn't even have the Java runtime environment installed.... had to get that fixed
Dr. D.: kachunk whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr clunk "ba-dunk"
BoBS: so I take it that NOONE has been in cept for you fellers ...........
Dr. D.: Nay
Dr. D.: Holding down the stockade
BoBS: well what the heck,
Dr. D.: Boys' night out I guess
rich-c: we're the lot, Pam wants to make it as soon as she can but figured to be very late
BoBS: I had a family thing to do with aunts and uncles from far and near....but got here with one hour left........
Ron: and now, Spaniel is running like it's two backo back legs are tied together
Ron: taked priority Bob
BoBS: well I figured you'se guys would keep me apprised of da situation
rich-c: other than a propensity to knock me off whenever the user list changes, it works OK for me mostly
Ron: meanwhile, here - trying desparately to come up to speed on LOGO
BoBS: so Richard, did you get the info on hotels I sent ya?????
Dr. D.: LOGO?
BoBS: LOGO ??????
Dr. D.: No more snakepit?
Ron: doing both
Dr. D.: I came here to brag that I just authored and burned the master DVD of my presentation...gonna send it off to Guy by Friday.
rich-c: I got the list but has a very busy day today - had to give my hip its annual inspection which meant up and out esrly
Dr. D.: It took me all day...and the rendering down from 46 GB raw digital video to 4 GB DVD took 4 hours.
Ron: opened my big fat yap last week, and offered to do a second sessionLooke
rich-c: maybe Frances will come and give you moral support
Ron: ignore the Looke
BoBS: ok as long as you got it
Dr. D.: Well, mine has been scheduled for the 2 hours right before the banquet...when I am sure that nobody is going to want to sit there.
Ron: yes, I certainly hope so Rich.
Dr. D.: So feel free to substitute my 2-hour DVD presentation for your LOGO one.
Ron: Somebody oughta tell Dale about that
BoBS changed username to BobS
Ron: right gotcha
Dr. D.: He gave me the title "Filling 2 Hours" that is what I put on the DVD title screen
rich-c: since I doubt much else will capture Frances' interest, better go with the LOGO especially if it is hot out
Dr. D.: Though I think the content isn't quite as dire as the title would suggest.
Ron: How doth one fill 2 hours? Let me count tha ways
Dr. D.: 1 disk format...2 disk format...3 disk format...
Dr. D.: 1 HD crash...2 HD reformat...3 TDOS install...
rich-c: that on Adam or a DVD-RAM in Windows?
BobS: ok ok don't yell mon
(BobS like playing Coleco games! =D)
rich-c: I need a beer - brb
(We secretly replaced Ron's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
Ron left chat session
Dr. D.: The DVD is a video DVD, put it into any player and view on a TV
BobS: GONE in sixty seconds........
BobS: so how goes the disolution Rich ?????
Dr. D.: Hearing is Tuesday.
BobS: about the time to get the paperwork, no?
Dr. D.: Scheduled for 5 minutes...
BobS: close
Dr. D.: I will go home with the paperwork.
BobS: close
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: A week from today I am in Windsor, walking it through the attorney there.
Pamela: I'm getting there, relax!
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BobS: ah ha tis the beautiful Pamela !!!!!!!!
changed username to Real Ron
Pamela: awww (blushes)
Pamela: Hi, all
Real Ron: That's better
Pamela: hey, Ron
Dr. D.: Hair by Sebring's of Hollywood
Real Ron: :)
BobS: WB mitchell !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Real Ron: Speaking of Sebrings
Pamela: Hair by Mother Nature : )
Real Ron: Rosie the bull has been replaced
rich-c: hi daughter, you finally made it
Pamela: WHAT????
Real Ron: and now it's Foxy the Sebring
BobS: by ????????
Dr. D.: Miss Clairol :-)
Real Ron: Chrysler
Real Ron: 2004
BobS: cool
BobS: or we hope so
Real Ron: oh yes, it's cool
BobS: does the air work ??????
Real Ron: Yup
Pamela: Aw Ron, I'm disappointed but pleased for you
Dr. D.: I am missing something...what is this Sebring?
BobS: Ron's NEW wheels !!!!!!!
Real Ron: started hearing other noises from Rosy
Pamela: I'll be right back, going to put my dinner in a bowl
BobS: time to put it out to pasture
Real Ron: decided to dump her without feelings
Pamela: don't tell anything else for a minute
rich-c: I trust you will understand the reaction of us blue-oval enthusiasts, said the GMC truck driver
Dr. D.: Ah, the car that was overheating on Mt. Washington?
BobS: si
Real Ron: Never even went near them Rich
Dr. D.: Go see "Cars!" if you want to see, well, is a good movie.
Real Ron: right.... it's on here now
Real Ron: I should
Dr. D.: Stay through the end credits, they are a scream.
Real Ron: noted
rich-c: I must say all the chat on my car board has been very enthusiastic about it
Dr. D.: If you haven't seen other Pixar films, some references may go over your head.
rich-c: the general newspaper reviews a nice to lukewarm, the enthusiast press enthusiastic
Real Ron: Ok so now tell me..... on another subject.....
Real Ron: What would cause Java runtime to do Spaniel like I was living in a bowl of jelly?
Dr. D.: I don't know, Ron.
Real Ron: must be something in the setup that's amis
Dr. D.: The only browser it has ever liked is Exploder, either Wintel or Mac version.
rich-c: you've got me - I added it to my Acer and even on the wonky desktop it is working right
Real Ron: that's what I was runnin
Dr. D.: Netscape 4.x to 7.x pukes on it.
Dr. D.: Firefox, pukes.
Dr. D.: Mozilla, pukes.
Real Ron: should really get this straightened out before Chigago rather than during
rich-c: works fine with Firefox for me - that's what I'm using now
Dr. D.: Safari, I must say until I did the upgrade from MacOS 10.3.9 to 10.4.6, puked also.
Dr. D.: My Java is now 1.5.06, I think.
Pamela: sorry, I'm back (just catching up)
Real Ron: yeah, something like that 1.5.somethin
Dr. D.: Eat your supper, Pam.
Pamela: yes, sir : )
Dr. D.: It's the latest pal at Wright State upgraded our robot simulator so it needed 1.5 and would barf on old 1.4
Real Ron: So, I'm going to the ball game, probably Tuesday night, and probably solo
Dr. D.: Thus forcing me to upgrade MacOS
Pamela: Isn't Guy going with you Ron?
Dr. D.: Cubs or White Sox?
Real Ron: oh, was he intending..... I didn't hear from anyone except Mr. Clee
Dr. D.: BTW I shot some digital photos when I was in Chicago at the ASEE conference 2 weeks ago.
Pamela: dunno, just figured he might
Real Ron: Cubs... they're in town vs Houston
Real Ron: White Sox are on the road
rich-c: and if it gets too hot, or rained (or thunderstormed) out?
Pamela: I didn't get the e-mail till tonite
Real Ron: life comes with its vagaries Rich
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: Also got a brief camera movie of whatever stadium the White Sox play in, as we drove past it on I-90.
Dr. D.: But that isn't on the webpage.
rich-c: if worst comes to worst, the hotel has a pool and internet
Real Ron: yup, exactly
Pamela: speaking of which, are we going to chat in the meeting room at the con?
Dr. D.: We ate lunch at the Billy Goat tavern, underground across the street from the Chicago Tribune was fun.
rich-c: I'm sure we can find a fair bit of mischief to get into
Real Ron: well yes, TRADITION
Dr. D.: You better have a Sat. eve. chat
Dr. D.: Rin and I are planning to login.
rich-c: and the Wicks plus Murray might have something in mind ytoo
Pamela: no, just asking if we'll be together, because I won't have a computer
Real Ron: good Dr. D.
Real Ron: Not going to be the same without you, but that'll help
Dr. D.: Rin should lend you hers, she won't be using it, or bringing it to Windsor.
rich-c: but it may have personal stuff on it
Pamela: I don't want to impose
Dr. D.: It doesn't have wireless, would need a network cable into someone's hub, or into someone else with wireless sharing a connection through their network port.
Dr. D.: Not as far as I know...but ask her.
Real Ron: Wireless hubs usually have four connectors for that sore of thing
Dr. D.: She never brings it along on trips.
Pamela: I may - thanks, Rich
Dr. D.: Make sure you bring a network cable though...dunno if she has one.
rich-c: if it's as old as I think it is, wireless hadn't been invented then, and network was by token ring
Dr. D.: I have used her dialup and had her laptop share her sympatico connection to my Powerbook, slow but usable...but I bring cabling with me.
Real Ron: At least in those days, they worked
Dr. D.: Hehe, remember Modem Tank at ADAMcon IV?
Pamela: no, she has a much newer one she acquired from Garth last year, Dad
Dr. D.: I think it was IV anyway...
Real Ron: yes
Dr. D.: She uses both of them, Richard, sometimes the desktop, sometimes the laptop.
rich-c: I usually have a cable with RJ-45 connectors in my laptop case
Dr. D.: CAT5 UTP, that will be fine.
Pamela: mine, on the other hand, was walking with the dinosaurs (it's a P1)
Dr. D.: Need an ADAMnet-to-Ethernet box...sigh
Pamela: Russell's bringing it anyway but it won't connect to the internet
Dr. D.: Of course, no known ADAM software could use it.
Real Ron: that's where you come in Dr. D
rich-c: maybe she should put ubuntu on it, but that needs 256 memory
Dr. D.: I have actually thought about what would be needed, on several occasions.
Dr. D.: But then there is the problem of the hardware...and I end up mentally deferring to Dale...
Real Ron: protocol translator
Real Ron: Klingon to English cross reference
Dr. D.: The hardware is actually lots easier than the software.
rich-c: yes, it's usually an obvios yes-no proposition
Dr. D.: There is no concept of shared machines in EOS, that is for sure.
Pamela: I'm lost : (
Real Ron: if yes then go else stop
Dr. D.: Put an ADAM on the net, Pam.
Pamela: ah, gotcha
Real Ron: and I'm just being silly. Not meant to be taken seriously
rich-c: Pam, your laptop is too old to have USB, isn't it?
Dr. D.: You would probably have to boot the machine to dedicated apps...ssh client, maybe.
Pamela: haven't a clue, Dad - probably
Dr. D.: There is a TCP/IP stack you can buy for Z80, it is pretty small, kinda pricey.
Pamela: sorry, I can usually follow the tech speak even if I don't always understand it, but that threw me for some reason
Dr. D.: It is late, I am starting to not make sense even to myself :-S
rich-c: they are more recent than the P1, I think - but might anyone else know?
Real Ron: hmmm
Pamela: heck, I only got home at 9:00, Rich -busy night : )
Dr. D.: hehe
Real Ron: gotta stop that working for a living Pam
BobS: has the illustrious Guy Bona been on to update the group tonight ??????????
Dr. D.: Well, I probably ought to call it a begins at 5 AM tomorrow.
Pamela: well, I sprung the car from the shop, got cat food, went to get my hair cut and stopped for groceries, all between 5:00 and 9:00
Real Ron: no sir
Dr. D.: So, I will see you all next Wednesday...with luck, from beautiful Windsor Ontario.
Pamela: oh, ick, Rich
rich-c: right Rich - thanks for the company till all these lazy folks finally made it ;-)
Pamela: night, Rich - safe trip
Dr. D.: With Rin in tow, too, hopefully.
Real Ron: nite Dr. D. be well
Dr. D.: Thanks all...good night.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: ok Dr D........hope ALL goes as planned for you and Rin
BobS: darn GONE
Pamela: we're all keeping fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed that the timing works, Bob
BobS: LAZY ????????
rich-c: wonder why james isn't here - he planned to be
BobS: shame, shame
Real Ron: Set up my ADAM tonight for the first time since before Christmas
Pamela: and as for working for a living, I gotta tell you, it's not terribly rewarding : )
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: set up?????? haven't had one down in about 12 years
Real Ron: agreed Pamela
Pamela: however, in the interest of keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads, I'm sticking with it
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Real Ron: no room around here
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
BobS: Daniel. BOUT TIME mon
Real Ron: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: rush at my job... sorry
rich-c: salut, Daniel, bien que tu es en retard
BobS: how are ya???????
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Real Ron: another case of work getting in the way
rich-c: yes, it's really better to give it up - I did years ago and am much better for it
Real Ron: right on Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it's the last rush this summer... I will not stay in good health otherwise.
Real Ron: and we can't have that Daniel
Pamela: well, we have some stuff to mull over here re: work. Russell's company was sold as of July 1st, and I got offered a "promotion" today
Real Ron: on doit se porter bien
Real Ron: hey!
rich-c: don't you know, Daniel, that geeks are supposed to be pale-skinned with sunken raccoon eyes, a slump, and a permanent pizza burp? ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, bien se porter est important
Real Ron: yup
BobS: so this means what, Pam ?????? russ gets to stayhome and loaf and you get to make the big bucks ???????
Daniel Bienvenu: I have red eyes constantly... always in front of a screen at my job, at home, even in my dreams...
Real Ron: ROTFL Rich I love your powers of description
rich-c: right, saw that in the paper today (about Garda) - I am not encouraged
Pamela: no, there's no change as of yet with him - just a different name on the door. As for me, i don't know about the bucks, they haven't told me yet.
rich-c: more to the point, is the work more agreeable?
BobS: well, find out before yo jump into the fire.......
rich-c: I distrust large American corporations that buy out Canadian firms
Pamela: to me? well, it would be interesting, at least for a while, but I'm of two minds about giving up reception because it's what I love and am good at
BobS: AND,'re darn well worth it!!!!
Real Ron: yes Pamela.... tis the truth Bob S speaketh
Pamela: I have yet to tell Russell, will tell him tonite
rich-c: it is not the only thing you are good at - or can become good at
rich-c: who knows, you might even find management a little more tolerable
Pamela: very true Dad, but it's important to enjoy what you do
Real Ron: he did it again
BobS: it's even more inportant to make some decent wages while you work
Pamela: actually, management wouldn't change - I'm already attached to the accounting department
Daniel Bienvenu: the adam meeting is next week-end?
Real Ron: work and agreeable in the same sentence followed by management and tolerable
rich-c: I certainly won't argue that, but bigger bucks doing ,ore interesting stuff might prove easy to enjoy
BobS: yes Daniel......not this coming weekend, but NEXT weekend
Pamela: If they don't offer me a decent increase, I probably won't take it
Real Ron: This weekend is Musicfest in these parts. I have a ticket for the weekend that cost me $90. So I better go
rich-c: what are they offering, or would you rather not discuss it here?
Pamela: I don't know, they haven't discussed money with me yet
BobS: ah, I can see it now Ron......Pam gets a nice newer Sebring to match your new wheels.......
rich-c: I meant in terms of the new job to be done
Real Ron: Don't think she knows yet Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be online for the special chat session.
Real Ron: right Bob..... and a 2007. Never mind this 2004 bit
Pamela: uh uh, no Chryslers for me - I'm sticking with Ford, thank you
rich-c: dat's my girl!
Pamela: it's an a/r job, but not collections
Real Ron: I know, I'm a disloyal and undeserving turncoat
rich-c: ask Kimberly about the satisfactions of accounting - she did pretty well
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, I really have to leave now. I'm tired.
Pamela: hey, you go with what works, Ron. Personally, I don't find Chryslers all of that comfortable, but that's just me
Real Ron: Get some sleep Daniel. see ya later
rich-c: thanks for dropping in anyway, Daniel - gardez le sante
BobS: ok Daniel take care and get the eyes rested
Pamela: take care Daniel - we'll see you next week
Pamela: my new goal is a relatively recent Escape. Drove one on the weekend and LOVED IT
Pamela: nothing beats my baby, but it came close
Real Ron: well there ya go
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Real Ron: yes sir
Pamela: was surprised to find that despite being a "baby" SUV, it has more room in the cockpit than an Explorer
Pamela: good cabin size, and decent cargo space
Pamela: I got in and was instantly comfortable with it
Real Ron: now that sounds like a recommendation
rich-c: yeah, and how much did you spend on gas?
Pamela: $39.00
rich-c: four wheel drive cuts mileage brutally
Pamela: for 3/4 of a tank which is no worse than I get with the Taurus, and that was running with the a/c on most of the time
rich-c: for how many kilometres?
Pamela: dunno, hang on and I'll check
Real Ron: Are we likely to see you in Chicago Bob?
BobS: am thinking REAL serious on coming in for Sunday and the banquet.....
Pamela: okay, out is 10,837, in is 11,157 thats 320 kms, half of which is highway driving
Real Ron: would be super sir
BobS: can't go thru complete withdrawal you know
Pamela: please, please do, Bob - it won't be the same without you
Real Ron: well, exactly
BobS: got to talk Judy thru it.........but I am leaning into the wind and almost falling over in Chicago's direction
rich-c: sounds like roughly 13l/100km - no great joy
Pamela: actually, slightly less than half when you factor in the trip to and from the house on Monday night, and the trip back to work on Tuesday
Real Ron: How much of a drive is it from Grand Rapids?
rich-c: about three hours, isn't it, to the hotel?
Pamela: you have to remember Dad, most of the time I on'ly put 50 or 60 kms per week on the car, so gas mileage isn't a big deal for me
BobS: about 3-3 1/2 hours i think, depending on traffic.......
Real Ron: right
rich-c: pick the wrong traffic hour and measure the time in fractions of a day - 1/2, 3/4 ....
BobS: usually from here, we can figure 3 hours to the first oasis in Chicago.........
BobS: and then maybe......1/2 hr to 3/4 hour ?????????
rich-c: yes, but we're talking the far side of O'Hare
BobS: unless I speed and hit the lights right
Pamela: and I get much better highway mileage than city with the car. The engine in the Escape is a 6 cylinder 3.0L, I believe, smaller than the Taurus
Real Ron: I'm wondering people (just to get y'all thinking) are we winding down on these 'cons?
rich-c: let's not kid ourselves - yes
BobS: well, we would be hitting Chicago early; would want to be ther by 9AM
Real Ron: right
Pamela: if it's anything like Toronto on a Sunday Bob, no one gets out of bed before noon and the roads are a pleasure
rich-c: just don't wake us up too early - thoiugh with the time difference we may do better
BobS: we are at about the lower limit of people I think and have nowhere to go but up, with the help of GuyF, Daniel and other CV guys
Real Ron: agreed, but developers need users
rich-c: Frances and I are already pushing our physical limits - no guarantee we'll have a next year
Pamela: true, Bob, and I think it's simply bad luck and bad timing this year - otherwise we'd be up by at least four people, if not six
BobS: so, as long as the remining people wnat a convention, we can do it
Real Ron: I'm in
Real Ron: but then there's not much to stop me these days
rich-c: better plan to let GuyF do the next one in Montreal, though
BobS: right, we are not flush this year and Doug & Meeka have other plans that weekend
Real Ron: I agree
Pamela: interestingly enough, someone brought up a good point - with this few people, we can pick a hotel anywhere and hold the meetings in someone's basement or living room
Pamela: and Erin and Rich can't afford it
Real Ron: right now, no
rich-c: shall we volunteer our basement, Pam? It has a very ADAM ambiance...
Real Ron: :)
Pamela: sure Dad - you gonna clean it? : )
BobS: hey kids........gonna leave now........was hoping for some GuyB input tonight.......must be busy w/ other things
rich-c: oh no, that would spoil the atmosphere - and have Environment Canada down my nexk
Real Ron: Did you not clean that out last year Rich?
Real Ron: OK Bob.... keep in touch
BobS: well all and see ya next Wed
Real Ron: say Hi to Judy
rich-c: no, just cut a path through the overgrowth - only a small truckload
Pamela: g'nite Bob - please lean towards coming - we really want to see you two
BobS left chat session
Real Ron: aha, I see
Pamela: we don't necessarily have to report the toxic waste, do we? : )
rich-c: or, all going well, see you next Tuesday
Real Ron: I know how hard it can be
Real Ron: It's Diet Coke time... BRB
Pamela: I still can't believe how much we moved out of there and the size of the pile, and what's still left down there
rich-c: some is actually more illusion than real - just compacting boxes has helped
Pamela: believe me, that was one heavy illusion!
Real Ron: but tell me, is it possible to walk from one end of the basement to the other?
Pamela: what scares me is that it took you and mom 50 years to collect all that stuff - Russell and I have managed it in only 18 years. I shudder to think what will happen if we ever move out of this place
rich-c: no I mean on what's left - a lot came out of concealed places that are now empty
Pamela: yes, there's a path, Ron
Real Ron: then that's progress
rich-c: in fact, you don't even need an alpenstock any more
Real Ron: a what?
Pamela: a climbing stick, Ron
Real Ron: ha ha
rich-c: those Swiss mountain-climbing sticks
Real Ron: yea
Pamela: I am going to make an attempt to shovel out my place this weekend - we'll see how well I do
Pamela: Russell will be at work and out of my hair - that will help
rich-c: good thought - give us a progress report
Pamela: heck, you may have to come and dig me out : )
Real Ron: I don't know about you guys, but around here, things that get put down tend to stay there for a long time
rich-c: but it's time I packed it in - got up too early today
Pamela: happens here too, Ron
Real Ron: newspapers, books, laptops, cables, that sort of thing
Pamela: what always floors me is the sheer volume of paper we generate
rich-c: (innocent air, no comment)
Real Ron: Right Rich...... hope you're well enough. That message you sent the other day was of concern
Pamela: nice ceiling, right Dad? : )
rich-c: well, I was out of hospital in 48 hours, and am recovering well
Real Ron: good to hear it Rich
Pamela: he's promised me they're coming Ron
rich-c: neat - first time I ever rode in an ambulance using the siren
Real Ron: that is also good. But he has to promise to take it easy
Real Ron: oh really..... bells, whistles, sirens, everything
rich-c: I'll be there before you and stay as long
Pamela: he has or will answer to me and Mom which should scare the daylights outta him : )
Real Ron: I'm not going there
Pamela: good call
rich-c: it ain't the daylights I need to lose, it's the bug
Real Ron: sleep horizontal Rich
rich-c: but right now I need to get more sleep
Pamela: ya got that right
Pamela: go to bed, Daddy
rich-c: right - the CPAP worked really well last night and is an immemse help
Real Ron: lately I've been falling asleep in the recliner from hell around news time..... and waking up about 3 am....thence to go to bed
rich-c: when you aren't brathing right, a little help goes a long way
Real Ron: there's nobody about to tell me I'm sleeping in the wrong place
Pamela: good. I'll call you tomorrow or Friday. Nighty nite, Daddy
rich-c: nite now, and Ron, if not before, see you in Chicago
Real Ron: yes Pamela.....looking forward to it.
Pamela: that's my trick too, Ron - fall asleep sitting up on the couch, wake up and think, I should go to bed
rich-c: maybe even in chat, the motel is wired
rich-c: andway, colour me gone
Real Ron: nite Rich
rich-c left chat session
Real Ron: and I shall bid you a fond adieu Pamela
Pamela: I'm getting excited Ron - only a little more than a week
Real Ron: see ya next week or in Chicago
Real Ron: ya..... you know despite all the years, it's still a hoot for me... I would miss it if we didn't do it
Pamela: both - I'll be on chat next week at least for a little while - we're not flying in until Friday morning. I agree, even though it's only been a few years for us, I really enjoy it
Real Ron: right..... you're both part of the gang
Real Ron: anyway g'nite
Pamela: gnite, see you next week - literally and figuratively
Real Ron: :)
Pamela: yay!
Pamela: kerpoof
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