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rich-c: hi Roich
Dr. D.: Hello Richard
Dr. D.: Rin is just logging in from her computer.
Dr. D.: We are sharing a single dialup.
Dr. D.: Using her laptop as a router.
rich-c: yiu still in Windsor?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: No, we are in Toronto.
Dr. D.: We came today, got in at 5 PM.
changed username to Doll
rich-c: ah, OK - hows's the weatehr there?
Dr. D.: We were in Cleveland yesterday and this morning.
Dr. D.: It has been lots of driving :-(
Doll: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: oh, went round the bottom of the lake
Doll: it's hott
rich-c: hi Rin
rich-c: same here - pushing 100 though not, quite, there yet
rich-c: forecast is for more of teh same or worse through Thursday
Dr. D.: It was a bit warm today, getting much warmer the closer we got to Toronto.
Doll changed username to Rin Doll
rich-c: yes, this is the time when one does not appreciate the urban effect
Dr. D.: Fortunately Rin's A/C is working.
Dr. D.: So how has the convention been going? I see that the agenda was altered for today.
rich-c: yes, we had rouble with the van, engine heated very far up when we were in the toll booth line
rich-c: that plays hell with the a/c's cooling ability
rich-c: it has been very much cut and paste to suit the circumstances - there wre problems with your CD
Dr. D.: We had some brake trouble with the Voyager on the way here, grinding noises, probably partially seized caliper. I limped it into the Canadian Tire just up the street, got it in before they closed today, it will be first in the queue at 9 AM tomorrow.
Dr. D.: First it isn't a CD.
rich-c: or rather, DVD
Dr. D.: 2nd what problems, put it into a DVD player and there it goes.
rich-c: well, there it goesd, then after a bit it hangs for many seconds, then resumes
Dr. D.: Tested on computers and 2 commercial DVD players.
Dr. D.: I have no answer, Richard, they all verified as correct after burning.
Dr. D.: What were you playing them on?
rich-c: didn't seem to be compatible with Dale's computer - or was it Neil's? anyway, much stopping and going
Dr. D.: That is too bad. Plays fine on my Powerbook...on a Sanyo DVD player...on a Magnavox DVD player...
rich-c: home burned CDs and DVDs are notorious for arbitrarily being difficult on any machine on which they weren't burned
Dr. D.: I am just telling you that they played fine on other equipment that is not even a computer :-S
rich-c: anyway Neil grabbed a copy onto his hard disc and burned nw copies for everyone at the convention
Dr. D.: Since the burn and verify takes over an hour per disk, I wonder about that.
rich-c: in short it as a minor nuisance at the time, now likely ovecome
Dr. D.: I spent an entire day doing it.
Dr. D.: Well colour me mud then, I did my best.
Dr. D.: Where is the rest of the gang?
rich-c: well, four Wicks can share one, Clee and Vilneff couples only need one each, then Ron, Murray, Sal and Guy fill it out
Rin Doll: who's Sal?
rich-c: I dont know, Ron and Murray ame to dinner with us - maybe the meeting room is still locked
Dr. D.: Well, we will be here for a while.
rich-c: he's a local who came in to join us and is participating havily
Rin Doll: cool
Dr. D.: Frankly I am all knackered after 6 straight days of logistics and driving.
rich-c: yes, maybe when the others look at thier atches you'll hear from him, though he doesn't have a computer here
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings fROM Elk Grove Village
Dr. D.: Hello Mr. ADAMcon Host Sir
Rin Doll: hi Guy
rich-c: anyway, Murray doesn't have wireless so he will be on via landline
rich-c: hi Guy, gather you have the room open now
Dr. D.: I presume you are in your room Richard with network cable into the wall?
Guy B.: He's heading to the pool area to hookup
rich-c: no, I am in my room on a linksys wireless net
Guy B.: I have Pam here
Rin Doll: hi Pam
Guy B.: HI Babe from Pam
Guy B.: How's everything back in Toronto?
Rin Doll: got your message - Inqy's fine
Rin Doll: Schiefer is happy
Dr. D.: Hot :-) loud cat mewing when Schiefer heard the word "Pam"
Guy B.: OK, good to hear.
Guy B.: We also have Sal Vito from Evanston here with us.
Guy B.: Everyone else hasn't come back from dinner yet. Dale, Jill and Neil
rich-c: Ron and Murray are back, Murray will be on via landline as he doesn't have wireless
Dr. D.: We will await everyone's return.
Guy B.: Ron's notebook is down here in the meeting room, so he should be here shortly.
Dr. D.: We are just sitting here in front of a fan.
rich-c: considering teh time they are taking, that may be a while
Guy B.: How hot is it there? 98 here in Chicago for a high today.
Dr. D.: Well, tell us about the away mission to the aquarium, in the meantime.
Dr. D.: Warm Guy, no real idea, I would say 80s.
Guy B.: You're lucky. A heat watch is issued for tomorrow through at least Monday.
Dr. D.: It was hotter when direct sun was out, not so bad when overcast.
Dr. D.: Temps definitely increased as we drove east from Cleveland though.
Dr. D.: Had heavy thunderstorms there last night, cooled everything off, it was nice.
Guy B.: We are went to the Shedd Aquarium today and everyone enjoyed it.
Dr. D.: Overcasty this morning when Gretchen played her last softball game. The game last night was rained out.
Dr. D.: Lots of interesting fishes I hope.
Guy B.: Plenty. Even Jeffrey was excited. He saw the diver in the Carribean Reef feed the fish.
rich-c: managed to thoroughly tire the old folks
Dr. D.: hehe
Guy B.: We ended up driving down, due to the time and the heat. It was a good choice that we did that.
Dr. D.: Next year, Alaska then :-)
Guy B.: Not that far.
rich-c: we sort of split up,went our separate ways, rejoined in teh lobby for departure
Dr. D.: I presume someone was taking photos.
Guy B.: I took some, so did Ron. Have to check with the others.
rich-c: oh, Ron and Neil are taking photos by teh dozens
Dr. D.: Any photo webpages from yesterday up anywhere?
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rich-c: not that we know about
changed username to Judy
Dr. D.: Still last year's stuff on
Dr. D.: Hello Judy.
Guy B.: No, Dale hasn't uploaded any. I have to wait till I get home to upload anything. The reader is on my desktop.
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy - how's the heat in your baliwick?
Judy: hot!!!!
Guy B.: Hot here too.
Rin Doll: hi Judy
rich-c: funny you should say...
Guy B.: Where's Bob?
Dr. D.: Well, the rest of ADAMcon should be indoors
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: it was 94 today met a record
changed username to BobS\
Dr. D.: So hopefully the hotel A/C is holding up.
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Bob
BobS\ changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Yes it is.
rich-c: yes, but Ron. urraY, pAM AND rUSSELL AND US ARE STAYING EXTRA DAYS
BobS: ya mon am here too.....dam MSN tried to highjack me seriously
Judy: he is right here not saying to good of things to his computer, won
Guy B.: I return to work on Wednesday, but have to go back home on Monday.
rich-c: welcome Bob - what evil has MSN in mind this time?
Judy: t work for hom
Rin Doll: hi Bobs
BobS: Hi Rin
Dr. D.: Rin and I are writing from Toronto.
BobS: somehow, my home page got changed to MSN athe stinkin thing would not load or change now NUTHIN
Guy B.: Dr. D. Excellent job on the DVD presentation.
BobS: had to whack the explorer screen to get rid of it
rich-c: Frances seems to have vanished - she over with you, Guy?
Guy B.: She is. Talking with Pam
Dr. D.: Well, Richard said Dale's computer wouldn't play the DVDs, which I tested in 2 different commercial DVD players...
Dr. D.: But thanks Guy.
Judy: say hi to Pam and Frances for me
BobS: figures
rich-c: that sounds like you got hit by a virus, Bob
Dr. D.: Rin and I are sorry we couldn't be there.
BobS: MURPHY is alive and well
Guy B.: It paused several times. I tried it in my DVD/CD Writer and it worked fine.
BobS: yes, but what kind??????
Dr. D.: Sanyo, Magnavox...
Dr. D.: Not Magic Chef :-S
Guy B.: Bob, still coming tomorrow?
rich-c: run your anti-virus, iff it's up to date it should tell you
BobS: THA is a secret son
BobS: easier to kill the computer and start over Richard
Guy B.: Ok, got it.
Dr. D.: We secretly replaced BobS with Folger's Crystals.
BobS: make it french vanille flavored will ya???????
rich-c: hardly, Bob Identify it and Norton or McAfee websites will have a free cure
Rin Doll: hehe
Dr. D.: Rin is the coffee expert, I never touch the stuff myself
BobS: or better yet.......WHOTE CHOCOLATE CARAMEL
Rin Doll: mmmm
Dr. D.: bleeeehhhhhh
Rin Doll: <pbbt>
BobS: around here Richard.......killing is a regualr thing
Rin Doll: <rolls eyes>
BobS: thash right D
Dr. D.: Coffee, she smell so good, she taste so bad
(Guy B. gives Rin Doll a can of Diet Coke.)
Rin Doll: thanks Guy
Rin Doll: :-)
rich-c: don't know why you'd go to the effort when easier ways are available
Dr. D.: Hope the food has been good there
BobS: WHY do you think that Microsoft sells upgrades.....casue their product sucks
Guy B.: Anytime.
BobS: and, and, you want me to BUY a virus scanner??????
Guy B.: Tell that to me, almost every two weeks or so. There is an update for WinXP.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Easier ways are PPC-based Macintosh :-S
BobS: whack, whack
rich-c: I maintain WinXP is itself a virus
changed username to Murray
BobS: you got to be kidding, eh??????
Dr. D.: Hi Murray, long time no write
Murray: Hello all
BobS: hey JMurray
Guy B.: You did it Murray
Judy: hi, Murray
BobS: and also MR Murray
Rin Doll: hiya Murray
rich-c: buy a virus sdcanner? why settle for an inferior product - get a freebie
Judy: where is Ron?
Murray: Hi Dr. D. apologies for not keeping in are you
BobS: might have to, but all the ones I found previously sucked
rich-c: finallyh found a plug, did you, Murray? ;-)
Dr. D.: I am fine Murray :-)
Guy B.: Murray's notebook doesn't have a wireless card, so he's on the wire.
BobS: and had more problems than they cured
Dr. D.: We are still in the chats Wednesdays 9 PM Eastern
BobS: nothing wrong with being wired
Murray: Rin Doll???
Dr. D.: Rin and I are on a wire, she is 56K dialup, acting as a router for my Powerbook, attached by ethernet cable.
Dr. D.: Erin and I are here in Toronto tonight, Murray.
rich-c: go to and download free AVG - you'll have to hunt for it but it's there and it's geat
Murray: Oh my! How complicated
Rin Doll: thought I would add a bit of Chicago gangster to my name :-)
BobS: a pair of 56k's.........or 28k's
Dr. D.: We were in Windsor earlier in the week finalizing wedding stuff
Dr. D.: Just got into town via Cleveland this afternoon.
Murray: Is it really hot there Rich
BobS: that is the one I was complaining about
Judy: So when is the big day?
Dr. D.: It is hot, but not as hot as it is in Chicago I guess.
BobS: SO, all set, free and unattached ????????
Dr. D.: August 5th.
Dr. D.: Yes Bob, the dissolution went through Tuesday.
Dr. D.: I came home with all the paperwork...drove to Windsor to get there when the lawyer's office opened at 9:30 AM.
Judy: and what is the plan after that?
Murray: Hi BobS Are you a tad cooler than here!!!
Dr. D.: Everything in our control is taken care of for now.
BobS: was 94* fahrenheit today Murray
Dr. D.: Plan after that is petition for Erin to immigrate to the US.
Rin Doll: now it's waiting for the Ontario government to recognize the dissolution
Dr. D.: Should take 6-8 months...
Dr. D.: The immigration part
Dr. D.: Not what Rin is talking about
Murray: These temps remind me of my days in Africa...
Murray: How are you Judy?
BobS: and the heart is ALL over the US and southern Canada
BobS: heat
Judy: good, and you Murray?
Dr. D.: Immediate plan is, turn in more papers Monday, pick them up the Friday after that, Rin comes to Cleveland for her birthday, we go to Windsor on 2 August, have wedding 5 August.
rich-c: yes, Frances hs been wearing out the NOAA sites
Dr. D.: My Dad and his wife, and my 4 girls are coming, too.
Murray: Staying indoors here as much as possible
Dr. D.: Their hotel rooms are booked.
BobS: ya mohn
BobS: heat is projected to last all next least
Dr. D.: So we have chapel, reception hall, food, announcements, ring, dress, and wedding shower taken care of.
rich-c: staying at the same motel we are?
Dr. D.: Just waiting on the Crown now...
Dr. D.: Yes.
Murray: Well, isn't that peachy! Err toasty!
Dr. D.: I have done everything I need to do...I am in waiting mode now, just show up when they tell me to.
rich-c: Rin should be able to get someone to speak to them, get matters moving
Judy: good for you Dr D
Dr. D.: It is out of my hands...just have to hope that all the other folks do what they are supposed to.
Guy B.: Sounds like you're all set there.
Dr. D.: It has been a long process...glad to be getting to this end of it at least.
Dr. D.: Still going to be 6-8 months apart though.
BobS: heck Rin is practically prime minister, can
BobS: 't she expedite thigns ????
Dr. D.: haha Bob I keep telling her that too
Rin Doll: lol
Dr. D.: She doesn't believe me.
Judy: look at what a great Christmas you should have
Guy B.: Dr. D, if you got this far, then the rest should get easier.
Dr. D.: She won't be able to re-enter the US after our marriage until the immigration okay is given...April or later.
BobS: piece of cake......sort of........2007 will be better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dr. D.: hehe we hope so
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Rin's cat is attempting to open a bag of cookies
Dr. D.: And eat them
Judy: sneek back and forth, who will know?
BobS: hey, you will get a lot of gas miles Dr D
rich-c: these days, all the snoops, Judy, and they will be very nsty about it
Judy: you can go there can't you?
BobS: the passport thing could sink any slinking around
rich-c: the level of paranoia at the border these days is totally ridiculous
Murray: Oops. Battery is giving out. Say goodnight to all. Dr. D. I won't be so tardy in messaging isn't that a sign of tech. gone mad!!!
BobS: in the good ol days.....birth cert and license, no checking to do........
Rin Doll: unfortunately we will play it safe....I don't want to be banned for 5 years
BobS: nit Murray
Rin Doll: bye Murray
Dr. D.: bye Murray!
Judy: very true, Rin
rich-c: nite Murray
Murray: nite all.
Murray left chat session
changed username to Ronald
Judy: bye Murray
Judy: hi, Ron
Rin Doll: hi Ron
Guy B.: Bye Murray
Ronald: Lord! What a process
BobS: get a new cord Murray
BobS: hallo ronald
rich-c: ah, you're on, Ron
Ronald: Hi All
Guy B.: He's cussing his laptop.
Judy: what is the problem, Ron?
BobS: darn apple, anyway
BobS: take a bite out of it
Guy B.: He's not on the Apple.
Ronald: I'm having the usual Adamcon Blues
BobS: oh that explains it
Ronald: Hell
BobS: alone ????or with Murph ????
Judy: why, you are there
Ronald: ll I wish I'd brought the apple
rich-c: go into mubuntu and use Fiefox, Ron
BobS: wouldn't help, it is a convention
Ronald: This thing is like operating in a bowl of jelly
BobS: well, just wobble with the flow mon
BobS: and you will be fine
rich-c: bad connection in that room, Ron?
BobS: go wireless young man
Ronald: no it's this damned acer
BobS: shoulda stuck to a Toshiba.......[doug proclaims]
rich-c: it's not the cer, it's the virus they installed on it
Dr. D.: Shoulda brought the Mac, use the Force, trust your feelings
Ronald: anyway, the Lord will grant me patiencean
Dr. D.: I have a Mac and a Mac here
Dr. D.: an eMac even
Ronald: Think I'm gonna get me a Mac Intel jobbie when I get home
Dr. D.: Beware, there is no Classic on the IntelMac
Guy B.: Murray has an old Dell. And I have a new Dell and I'm on the plug instead of the battery for now.
rich-c: great - Two wsays to go all freaky
Ronald: wish you guys were all here
Dr. D.: I know Ron...
Dr. D.: ...but we have managed to get a lot of marriage stuff done this week, and with the $$$ we didn't spend on the convention
BobS: he is going to loan to me to find a job............
Ronald: well there ya go
BobS: :-)
Dr. D.: It is now literally up to the government of Ontario, we have everything else ready to go
BobS: oh DO have confidence don't ya ?
Ronald: one of the best governments money can buy
BobS: oh oh, that's why they needed the money, eh ?
Dr. D.: Second only to BC no doubt
rich-c: well, gummint of Ontario and US Homeland SEcurity
BobS: why are all gov't so expensive, greedy, paranoid, and just plain sluggish ?????
Judy: that is what they are
rich-c: because you voted for teh wrong people
BobS: there were NO right people !!!!!!!!!!
Judy: don't think that has anything to do with it, they are all that way, part of being inthe system
BobS: a good gov't man and an honest one are a paradox
BobS: politician=shady, crooked, shifty......and so on
BobS: tis in the dictionary
Guy B.: There is always some red tape that seems to get in the way, once you thought that everything was all set.
Ronald: sometimes a choice between the least inept and the most incompetent
BobS: ther you go Ron
Rin Doll: it's called job creation
rich-c: well, you wouldn't support a good one if she ran, nor would your friends and ndeighbours
BobS: that what our governor granholm is talking about.....job creation
Dr. D.: Well, it can be whatever it wants, just so it lets me and Rin get married on 5 August and lets her immigrate next spring.
Ronald: this is a test
Dr. D.: We hear you loud and clear Rin
Dr. D.: Ron
Dr. D.: Run
BobS: and all gov'ts fail that test
rich-c: you are still with us, Ron
Dr. D.: Ran
Dr. D.: Ren
Rin Doll: this is an answer
BobS: peek a boo
BobS: boo hoo hoo
Ronald: I'm going to sign out and sign bak in again guys, see if I can improve this silly machine
BobS: drop it !!!!!!!
Dr. D.: hehe
BobS: give it what for
rich-c: OK good luck Ron
Guy B.: Hope you get that working Ron.
Dr. D.: The Newton treatment
BobS: connection getting kinky here
Dr. D.: I am okay so far.
BobS: tv sucks too
Judy: so bye for now
Dr. D.: Bye
BobS: got screwy lines all over,
Dr. D.: yow
Guy B.: Bye Bob.
Judy left chat session
Dr. D.: Romulan interference or something
BobS: I "think" some yo yo has something electronic and nasty around
Guy B.: Maybe interference somewhere.
Dr. D.: Wireless and cell phones are not compatible
BobS: comes and goes, most days around 8-10am and/or 7-10pm
BobS: maybe that's it doc
Ronald left chat session
Dr. D.: The wireless here goes blooey if Rin is on her cell phone
BobS: anyway, be good people
Dr. D.: or even her cordless regular phone
Dr. D.: Bye Bob
BobS: 2.4 gigahertz
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS left chat session
changed username to Neil
rich-c: Bob: copy:
Dr. D.: Rin wants to know where Pam is and why she isn't typing
Dr. D.: Hi Neil
rich-c: ask Guy
Rin Doll: hi Neil
rich-c: hello Neil
Dr. D.: and where is Russell?
Neil: Hi. Finally back from supper. Got trapped at Target on the way back. (My first visit to a Target store.)
rich-c: last seen, with Pam
Rin Doll: Target does that :-)
Dr. D.: TargÉt
Dr. D.: e^
rich-c: heavens, where did you folks go to eat, anyway?
Dr. D.: it didn't echo
Dr. D.: Targe^t
Neil: I think Pam is chatting out in the parking lot (no computer). Russell is probably with her.
Dr. D.: Then she should hie her hiney in here :-)
rich-c: and, no doubt, hetr mother
Neil: We ate at Chili's on Touhy.
rich-c: how ws it?
Guy B.: She was going to share with my computer, but she's not here right now.
Neil: Mine was very good, and I think it was all good.
Guy B.: Sal and I were at Chili's too, but in Mount Prospect.
Dr. D.: If we have to sign off before she comes back, then we'll just have to send her a big wet <pbbbbbbbt>
rich-c: we went over to Applebees and found it good - they even had Montreal bvs Winnipeg on the tv
Dr. D.: I have not had a bad meal in an Applebee's
Neil: I think the Rosemont Chili's is closer.
Dr. D.: But Rin says I eat anything and am not to be relied upon as a restaurant critic.
rich-c: and besides, it has a Taget nearby ; - )
Neil: Pam and Frances just came in.
Guy B.: I forgot there was one there, rats!
rich-c: Guy, tell Pam and Frances to come in here and take over so I can get a snooze
Dr. D.: Long day, eh?
Guy B.: Pam's on her way Rich
Neil: Pam's coming.
rich-c: I found it very tiring, a lot of walking, and the heat
Dr. D.: ADAMcons never were good pure vacations :-S
rich-c changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: We did do a lot of walking at the Shedd today.
Pamela: okay, I'm here
Dr. D.: Hi Pam
Guy B.: There she is!
Dr. D.: Your cat is okay
Pamela: glad to hearit
Dr. D.: The vet says there won't be too many scars :-)
Pamela: good to know Rich
Dr. D.: And a good upholsterer can mend the couch.
Pamela: If you guys are really warm you can head up to our place to cool off
Guy B.: I went to get my printer power supply for Neil from my place. Today, he found the bag with it in there. So, I'm letting him use it until tomorrow. And I have one Adam here too
Pamela: it need reupholstering anyway, Rich
Rin Doll: I just realized I forgot to give you moo-la Pam for the afghan draw
Dr. D.: Moo
Pamela: it's okay Rin, we should have enough - and if not, we'll just borrow some from Mom and DAd
Dr. D.: What color is the afghan this year?
Dr. D.: <smirk>
Rin Doll: what are the colours of the convention too?
Pamela: it's purple and green and . . . what else, Guy?
Dr. D.: Fuschia and red ochre
Pamela: it's beautiful, Rin
Guy B.: Purple and Forest Green. And tickets are $1 each and will be raffled off at the banquet tomorrow night.
Guy B.: So, get those greenbacks ready.
Pamela: how many tickets should I buy, Rin?
Dr. D.: Not so green anymore...
Rin Doll: 20
Dr. D.: Enough to win :-)
Rin Doll: that's even better
Pamela: heck,, everyone else already has one - you should be a shoo in
Guy B.: You tell me!
Dr. D.: I can lend her mine if she gets cold.
Rin Doll: so what about the convention colours?
Pamela: the t-shirts are beige with the Chicago skyline in yellows, oranges, browns, khaki and blue with red and blue lettering'
Pamela: they're really nice
Dr. D.: Can't wait for photos.
Pamela: kudos to whoever came up with the design
Guy B.: Pam I did recheck the letter and both Dr. D and Rin ordered Large T-shirts. So, those XXL are Ron's.
Dr. D.: Rin says an XXL would be too ample for even her
Dr. D.: We did indeed order Ls
Pamela: its okay we got it sorted out Guy - I got one of Rons XXL and Dale is going to mail me another
Dr. D.: Richard's computer hath claimed another victim!
Guy B.: I have four Large T-shirts down here. Does anyone want an extra one?
Dr. D.: Pamela hath vanished!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: sorry, knocked myself off
Dr. D.: The curse of your Dad's computer
(Guy B. blows kisses at Pamela.)
(Pamela gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Guy B.: Thanks Pam
Pamela: thanks, Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: what was I saying when I so rudely interrupted myself?
Dr. D.: "I confess to killing..."
Rin Doll: you were talking about shirts
Guy B.: I will have a very special surprise for my presentation tomorrow.
Pamela: oh yes, Rich, Dad asked me to confirm that you made the reservations for everyone at the hotel in Windsor
changed username to Ronald
Pamela: I don't think so!
Dr. D.: What do you mean by "everyone"?
Pamela: Terry and Gail, the girls and yourselves
Dr. D.: I reserved rooms for my Dad and his wife, my 4 girls, and me and Rin
Pamela: good
Dr. D.: They check in Friday, depart Sunday.
Guy B.: For those at the con, but I will make an annoucement by e-mail for those who couldn't be here. You will find out soon.
Dr. D.: We check in Saturday, depart Monday.
Pamela: we're booked there as well, Lindsay is staying at the house with Aunt C
Pamela: We check in Saturday, depart Sunday (Russell has to work Monday night)
Neil: Dr. D, Dale has uploaded some raw photo files to, but they're not organized, resized, or linked yet.
Dr. D.: Boo
Dr. D.: Okay Neil, we will keep watching.
Pamela: and Kimberly and Art are working on whether they can come
Ronald: not much better
Dr. D.: Hi Ron
Ronald: must be Adamcon night
Pamela: boo is right, but we gotta pay the rent somehow
Pamela: Ron!
Dr. D.: Tell us about it!
Pamela: you fixed it
Rin Doll: hi Ron
Pamela: so what happened to Judy and Bob?
Dr. D.: Connection woes of some sort, some kind of local interference.
Dr. D.: Probably someone's cell phone
Guy B.: They are having some sort of interference by them and is affecting their wireless.
Pamela: ah
Ronald: I'm going awasy now
Ronald left chat session
Dr. D.: no!
Pamela: why Ron?
Dr. D.: I just bathed this evening, too
Pamela: we went swimming : )
Pamela: seemed like the thing to do after spending all day at the aquarium
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: have fish for supper too
Pamela: ick
Dr. D.: (we had chicken)
Dr. D.: (and ice cream)
Pamela: Rin, did Lin stay home as planned?
Dr. D.: (and pineapple juice)
Rin Doll: ??
Guy B.: That ice cream is tempting.
Dr. D.: Room service!
Pamela: when Russell talked to Mom yesterday, she said they were staying home because of the heat
Rin Doll: she was going to stay home?
Rin Doll: oh...I have no idea
Pamela: wasn't her car there when you got home?
Dr. D.: Didn't go into the garage, Pam.
Pamela: ah
Dr. D.: Having brakes troubles with the Voyager, so it is sitting at Canadian Tire right now.
Pamela: I thought you just got the brakes fixed Rich, or was that the Caravan?
Dr. D.: That was changing a flat on the Caravan, Pam.
Pamela: cars - if it ain't one thing, its another
Dr. D.: I decided in for penny, in for pound, have them do the A/C too
Neil: Ron has some antivirus program taking over almost all the power of his Windows. He's trying to get chat working in Linux right now.
Pamela: may be a few pounds of flesh before you're done
Dr. D.: I limped in, dropped off Rin's stuff, went up to Canadian Tire before they closed, walked back.
Dr. D.: It will be the first one in the queue tomorrow morning at 9 AM.
Dr. D.: I figure $1000, so anything less will be a pleasant surprise.
Pamela: if Lin's around, she can probably give you a lift up there to pick it up
Dr. D.: But the A/C has been out in that car since ADAMcon 17, and it has been too hot too long to go without it any more.
Dr. D.: It is a nice walk, Pam, no problem.
Dr. D.: We can walk past the DQ anyways mmmmm
Pamela: in the meantime, if you need anything, feel free to help yourself from our place.
Dr. D.: I imagine it will be done about 6 PM tomorrow, so we can just hang around at home.
Guy B.: You must be tired, Dr D?
Dr. D.: Crank the A/C, drink lots of water, and lounge.
Dr. D.: I am very tired Guy.
Pamela: anyway our place should be nice and cool so you can go up there to cool off
Dr. D.: This has been a very very busy week.
Guy B.: You need a good rest.
Dr. D.: I will be glad for a day of nowhere to go.
Pamela: I don't blame you : )
Dr. D.: I agree Guy :-) have to convince the rest of the Universe though.
Guy B.: You will, you have a terrific woman by your side.
Pamela: oooh, mushy stuff
Dr. D.: <blushes>
Dr. D.: Mushy is good
(Guy B. gives Dr. D. a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr. D.: <pukes>
Dr. D.: Save it for Richard :-)
(Guy B. sends Dr. D. some air conditioning)
Dr. D.: Yes that would be nice!!!!
Guy B.: How's that?
Pamela: I'd take a tall frosty anything right about now (except Guinness - I'm with Rich on that one)
Dr. D.: Pineapple juice earlier tonight, mmmmm
Pamela: yum
Dr. D.: If I am not careful I will drink it all, it is very good
Guy B.: I would go for a thick hand dip shake and I make good ones.
Dr. D.: mmmmmm
Pamela: so when are you serving, Guy? : )
Dr. D.: Rin has now gone to the shower
Dr. D.: And I am going for more pineapple juice :-) BRB
Guy B.: You have to come over. I don't think you guys knew that was my part-time job 30 years ago.
Pamela: I must say I like this computer
Pamela: sheesh - better than flipping burgers
Dr. D.: back
Guy B.: I did that too, part of the time. Also, bussed tables.
Dr. D.: made it orange-pineapple though, to stretch it
Pamela: worked for Harvey's for a year or so
Guy B.: But, I was a great on creating sundaes, shakes and sodas.
Dr. D.: So what ADAM stuff has happened at the convention so far?
Guy B.: Dale with game programming. I will be doing the AdamEm and utilities and a special bonus tomorrow.
Pamela: we watched part of your presentation yesterday Rich
Pamela: I got kidnapped by Jillian yesterday so don't know what else happened in the PM
Dr. D.: Sounds interesting.
Dr. D.: Rin is clean again
Pamela: and cooler I'm assuming
Dr. D.: yes
Pamela: I swear I sweated out a couple of pounds today
Neil: We had a Logo session with Ron, and a short talk about SDL with Dale standing in for Geoff.
Rin Doll: I think I am also finally in a comfortable enough state to sleep
Dr. D.: sleep is is almost 11 PM here
Guy B.: 9:46 here in Chicago.
Dr. D.: hehe
Neil: We also switched the schedule around and watched as much as we could of Dr. D's DVD.
Pamela: I had a nap - I'm doing fine
Dr. D.: hope you saw the robot video at the end
Pamela: we didn't watch all of it Rich
Neil: The DVD froze for 15 to 30 seconds about every 2 minutes, so we only got through about half of it in the 2 hours we devoted to that.
Dr. D.: not sure why
Rin Doll: (PRIVATE) hope you're having a good time...I'm going to log off now...don't worry, I'll take care of you
Dr. D.: it was authored in iMovie/iDVD
Guy B.: I'll try mine when I get back home on my DVD player.
Neil: During lunch yesterday, I made a new copy that works, so we're going to try to squeeze in the robot stuff before the end of the Con.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) we're having a good time, very hot - will tell all when we return - love you too - thank you for taking care of kitty - theres a note on the TV for you and Lin
Dr. D.: it is less than 10 minutes
Rin Doll: (PRIVATE) I saw it :-) before I checked my messages too
Neil: We wondered if it might work better on a Mac, but no-one her brought a Mac.
Dr. D.: It played fine on a Sanyo DVD player and a Magnavox DVD player.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) written the night before in exhaustion so if I missed anything, sorry : )
Dr. D.: Plus of course this Powerbook
Neil: Both Dale's computer, and my external DVD burner drive struggled greatly to read it, for some reason.
Rin Doll: well folks I'm signing off...have a great rest of the con and know how much I'd like to fairly win the afghan :-)
Rin Doll: nite all
Rin Doll left chat session
Dr. D.: Sigh
Dr. D.: standards are great, so many to choose from
Pamela: nite Rin
Guy B.: Maybe older notebooks with DVD rom players, could be the problem.
Pamela: hugs and kisses from us
Dr. D.: Well, I can always put up a Bittorrent of the VIDEO_TS folder and let each burn his own :-)
Neil: My external drive is less than 2 years old.
Dr. D.: sigh
Guy B.: Mine DVD rom is new.
Pamela: will work on the afghan for you
Neil: Well, we have several copies here, which I didn't know at the time. Maybe some work better than the one we were trying to show.
Dr. D.: I sent 12 copies
Dr. D.: 6 are on DVD-R, 6 on DVD+R
Dr. D.: The gold ones are DVD-R
Guy B.: Those who don't have one, I'll bring them tomorrow. So, you can take one home.
Dr. D.: Okay...
Dr. D.: I think I am going to follow Rin and sign off for tonight.
Dr. D.: Say hi to Dale and Jillian and hope that the rest of the convention goes well.
Neil: It was a DVD-R that we tried. I always use +R because that was the only kind ...
Pamela: okay Rich, good luck with the van
Pamela: we miss you guys
Dr. D.: Thanks.
Neil: that my old burner could use.
Dr. D.: Miss you too
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
Dr. D.: Good night all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: gnite Rich - hugs to you
Pamela: well guys, are we gonna give up?
Guy B.: We can be still be here until the cows come home.
Pamela: heck, if we're going to talk we might as well do it face to face : )
Neil: Maybe we can just talk face-to-face.
Pamela: doesn't look like we're gonna get anyone else
Neil: Ron's still struggling with Linux.
Guy B.: I thought James and Daniel would come on tonight.
Neil: Did James come tonight?
Pamela: Daniel had something to do this weekend and James was away looking at the new site for the second school
Pamela: Daniel had that CCLRQ meeting or whatever it was
Neil: Murray's computer died completely
Neil: Ok, right Pamela. Now I remember.
Pamela: anyway I"m gonna sign off and spend some time talking to Dad - will be out soon. If Russell is looking for me I'm in M & D's room.
Guy B.: He needs a new laptop
Pamela: as do we all : )
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Pamela: see ya shortly
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Neil: poof
Neil left chat session
Guy B.: Well, I think that's it. See you all next week.
Guy B. left chat session
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Ron: Glad you made it to the chat.
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