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rich-c: I see Dale has got it back up
rich-c: also gather you made it back to Cleveland OK
changed username to Mrs. D.
Dr. D.: Hi Richard, no, I am still in Toronto.
Dr. D.: Leaving tomorrow morning.
rich-c: hii Rin
Dr. D.: Erin is on her laptop, and I am using it as a router for mine.
Mrs. D.: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: right, I'll have to lern to do that
Dr. D.: Pam was just down here, so I expect her on soon.
rich-c: though in fact that is likely what I am doing
rich-c: oh, she'll likely get ambushed and end up talking forever on teh way upstaris
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: haha
Pamela: hmm, now who could that be?
Dr. D.: Though here she is right now.
rich-c: well what do you know - she made it! - hi daughter
Pamela: I'm gonna be useless tonite - misspelled my name three times!
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Mrs. D.: hi Pam
Pamela: nobody throwing lightning bolts at me tonite : )
rich-c: how is the new fridge? working OK?
Pamela: good evening, Mrs. D - long time no see : )
Dr. D.: She's too busy eating ice cream to type.
Pamela: got it aired out but haven't started it yet Dad - still have to defrost the old one. Will do that this weekend.
Pamela: Slander!
rich-c: let me know how it works out, then, since it has never been used or tsted
Dr. D.: I am better at multi-tasking it than her.
Mrs. D.: when it comes to ice cream, perhaps
Pamela: that's why I want a laptop - so I can do stuff out in the living room and still not miss too much
Pamela: that way I could cook dinner
rich-c: well, be patient a few more months - way things are going, by then they'll be paying you to take them
Pamela: grant me patience - and I want it now!
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: I thought it was "I want an Oompa-Loompa and I want it NOW!"
rich-c: think I've heard t hat line somewhere before
Pamela: since I didn't get home till 5:30, time has been a little thin on the ground tonite
Dr. D.: Willy Wonka
Pamela: I didn't see the movie, Rich, and haven't read the book since I was a child
rich-c: Oh, I had a session with Dr. Closner, who thinks he can salvage my broken tooth
Dr. D.: See the Gene Wilder version...though the new one wasn't bad, just different.
Dr. D.: Broken tooth?!?
Pamela: I think my version of the line is taken from the serenity prayer
rich-c: yes, it shattered on me during dinner Friday night
Pamela: that's good news Dad
rich-c: well, it will need a crown, but that's better than a root canal; or extraction
Dr. D.: Hope it wasn't us that made it happen.
Pamela: as the voice of experience, ya got that right
rich-c: no, teeth that date back to before fluoridation don't have the shelf life of the current generation
Pamela: it only took you 76 years to crack it, Dad : )
rich-c: well, I didn't have it that long, after all it was from the second set
rich-c: and besides, I won't be 76 until about 2 more weeks
Pamela: picky, picky : )
Dr. D.: It is rather sparse here tonight...I just checked coleco and nobody is there, so that is good at least.
Pamela: suddenly August has become like May - lotsa stuff going on
rich-c: oh, the Slopsemas have been coming late these days, ditto Guy B.
Pamela: I suspect we'll get the Slopsemas and Guy B before too long, and Ron at about 9:45
rich-c: and Daniel and GuyF turn up any time depending on work schedules and stuff
Dr. D.: Well we won't be waiting around too much longer here :-S
rich-c: oh, you can afford an hour or two, it isn't that far to Cleveland
Pamela: they just have too much to do tonite Dad
rich-c: by the way, our trip home on Monday was unbelievable
Dr. D.: Have to be up at 5 AM with Rin to get her to work by about 7:30 AM.
Dr. D.: In what way? We had no problems at all.
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: bonsoir les amis
Pamela: hi Daniel
Daniel B: hello Dr.D, Pam, Rich and 'Rin
rich-c: that way - I didn't even have to take it off cruise control till I hit highway 400 in Toronto
rich-c: ssalut, Daniel
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Pamela: do you use your cruise control Rich?
rich-c: usually I can't use crusie control closer in than Milton
Daniel B: what is the subject tonight?
Dr. D.: I don't have cruise control, Richard, but it was still an enjoyable drive.
Dr. D.: I put a "Just Married" sign in the back window of the Voyager and we got lots of honks and waves all the way to Toronto.
Pamela: I don't like it - not enough control
rich-c: cruise control is very good for the fuel economy, Rich, and I need all I can get
Pamela: I meant to ask you Rich, how did you print the sign?
Daniel B: I see...
Dr. D.: I didn't, I taped a bunch of legal-size sheets together and wrote it out with a Sharpie.
rich-c: we're talking about Rich and Erin's wedding last weekend
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Daniel B: I figured that
changed username to Guy Foster
Pamela: you wrote it?? Wow, I want your handwriting : )
Daniel B: wedding...
Pamela: Hi, Gui
rich-c: that's why Erin is on as Mrs.D.
Dr. D.: The last bit of the "d" in "Married" didn't quite fit, so I put it on the outside of the glass, totally covered with tape in case I needed to use the rear wiper.
Guy Foster: Congratulations on the young couple for getting married!
rich-c: hello, Guy
Pamela: well fair warning, it's supposed to rain tomorrow
Daniel B: you are lucky to not have to write "nouveaux mariés"
Dr. D.: It wasn't that good, really, I just did it fast as I was waiting for Erin to pack up the bouquet for travel so it wouldn't rattle about in the vase.
Dr. D.: Thanks Guy.
Dr. D.: I will take it off before we leave tomorrow :-(
Pamela: it looks amazing nonetheless
Pamela: why?
Dr. D.: It will just be me alone going back in the car, it will look kinda lonely with no bride in the car.
rich-c: well among other things he'll be alone in the van, and Customs might get curious
Daniel B: salut Guy
Pamela: at least leave it up till you get to the office
Mrs. D.: hi Guy, hi Daniel
Dr. D.: Well, I am telling them up-front, I already have an 8x10 color photo of us from the park in a fancy frame.
Guy Foster: When we had our "Just Married" sign on the car, we crossed the border and the border guard just smiled at us and let us in... Was fun.
Daniel B: mariage de Dr.D et 'rin est le sujet de l'heure
Guy Foster: Dan: I kinda figured that one out...
Dr. D.: I could read that, Daniel :-)
rich-c: hate to mention it, Rich, but I thihnk you're the onoly one here now who doesn't have at least some French
Daniel B: ;-)
Pamela: il est le sujet de . . . comme on il dit "week"?
rich-c: semaine
Guy Foster: semana
Dr. D.: semolina
Dr. D.: <mmm>
Pamela: merci - j'ai a oublie : )
Daniel B: c'est "semaine" pour "week"
rich-c: et c'est "comment on dit"
Daniel B: -or- "comment dit-on"
Pamela: no, esta una semana en Espanol, Gui
Dr. D.: You will not like "Spamalot!" then, they poke lots of fun at the French-type persons.
Dr. D.: As well as the silly English bed-wetting types.
Dr. D.: But Rin and I enjoyed the show last night.
rich-c: I had the feeling they poked fun at everyone and everything
Pamela: what do they pull the material from, Rich?
Dr. D.: They do...gays...Jews...Las name it.
rich-c: long experience? they've been around forever
Dr. D.: It is just a variation of "MP and the Holy Grail".
Mrs. D.: 99% of it
Dr. D.: Some bits removed, a few bits added.
Pamela: ah
Mrs. D.: don't forget the Finns My Love
Dr. D.: The ending was nice..."we're not yet dead, we might as well be wed" they were.
Dr. D.: Yes, the Finns are skewered quite well.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Do they do Americans?
Dr. D.: Hmmm...I would guess not as Americans per se, no.
Pamela: a very British production
Dr. D.: Monty Python is pretty British
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Y'know, you see lots of black comedians making fun of black people, etc....
rich-c: they want a Broadway run, and with Homeland Security the way it is these days, they at lest want to get into the country
Mrs. D.: except that the Knights that say "Ni" break out into "Baby Got Back"
Dr. D.: Yes I forgot that.
Pamela: LOL
Guy Foster: So making fun of Jews would make them get into the country... hmm.
rich-c: the British are the ranking experts on skewering Americans
Mrs. D.: no means they would have a successful show
Dr. D.: If Mel Brookes can make fun of Nazis...why not?
Daniel B: I'm programming with Pyhton at my job, and in the Python language FAQ it says : "Monty Python"... and I don't know what is Monty Python.
Dr. D.: Brooks sorry
Dr. D.: A British comedy ensemble, 1970s.
Daniel B: I checked wikipedia for it
rich-c: the original was called Monty Python's Flying Circus
Dr. D.: If your English is not good, it would be very hard humor to understand, Daniel.
rich-c: and in this case he means British humour, not English language
Dr. D.: There are lots of puns, it can be very "literary" at times.
Pamela: one of the reasons Russell loves it - we're a punny bunch
Dr. D.: Also ability to understand various accents from the British isles.
rich-c: in fact he likely does skewer Americans, but not in a language they understand
Dr. D.: The best way to describe it is to watch it for yourself, Daniel.
Daniel B: Unfortunatly, I don't have any Monty Python cassettes or dvd here.
Dr. D.: But be warned, they make lots of fun of the French.
Guy Foster: Dan: Blockbusters
Dr. D.: Or Bittorrent :-S
rich-c: the Quebecois are emphatically NOT French - and any who doubt it need only visit Paris to have it proven to them
Guy Foster: We're as french, as the americans are british!
Pamela: which is to say, not very : )
Guy Foster: Exacto.
Daniel B: nice analogy...
Pamela: besides, you're Canadians
Dr. D.: Okay, if you can laugh at John Cleese as the French Knight at Grail Castle, then you can survive anything Python.
rich-c: exactly - I understand that when Jean Beliveau visitied Paris, he spoke English because he got treated better
Guy Foster: Rich: Or perhaps because they didn't understand him?
Dr. D.: Hard to say, Guy :-)
rich-c: possibly - an Outaois accent doesn't work too wekk in la Gaspesie
Dr. D.: Fetchez la vache :-)
Dr. D.: Erin brought home a Killer Rabbit puppet BTW
Guy Foster: My French teacher from France, when he came to Canada in the late 60s was scared of speaking in French, in Quebec, so he would speak English. He didn't understand the french over here and just didn't feel comfortable.
rich-c: get your own cow
Pamela: why do you want a cow???
Dr. D.: It is very cuddly and scary too
Dr. D.: It is a line from "Holy Grail"
Dr. D.: Famous line
Daniel B: ...
Guy Foster: Quebec French uses a lot of "old" french words and expressions.
Guy Foster: Words that in France haven't been used in hundreds of years.
rich-c: well yes, but joual has a lot of franglais in it
Guy Foster: Ex: Un Breuvage. Common word for a drink.
Dr. D.: Guess we know what DVD to get Pam for Christmas, eh Rin?
rich-c: I'll have one, but it isn't time yet ; - )
Guy Foster: In French, a Breuvage is a mystical potion brewed and simmered by a magician.
Dr. D.: That aptly describes the brewer's
Pamela: sounds like something Russell would love to have, Rich : )
Guy Foster: Yes, breuvage most likely has it's origins in the word brewing.
rich-c: A magician named McAuslan? (local joke, Rich)
Daniel B: ...
Pamela: and darn it, now I have "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" running around in my head - aughhhhh
Dr. D.: They use that song in "Spamalot!"
Pamela: I know - I've been seeing the ads for weeks and that's in them
rich-c: come over and get us to play our Tom Lehrer collection for you - that wil give you a new earworm
Dr. D.: I have heard all his stuff, Richard.
Dr. D.: It's been a while, but I heard them all in college.
Pamela: I've got my own Lehrer on tape thank you - and was able to write out the lyrics for Vatican Rag to someone verbatim, not too long ago
rich-c: we have a CD of all his stuff - every record he ever put out
Dr. D.: He stopped for the same reason Spike Jones pretty much did: modern events (or pop music in Spike's case) got more outrageous than any parody he could think of.
rich-c: now what I want is that DVD set of every Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire movie ever made
Guy Foster: As Dr. D pointed out.... Bittorrent?
Dr. D.: hehe
rich-c: I suspect it's still within copyright, Guy
Guy Foster: Yep, that's the whole point of bittorrent.
rich-c: besides, Spike Jones parodied classics mostly, not contemporary
Pamela: brb - saying goodnight to Russell - who says hi, by the way
Dr. D.: He did plenty of pop music of the late 40s and early 50s...
Dr. D.: Nite Russell.
rich-c: say Hi right back to him, s.v.p.
Guy Foster: svp? silly vulgar punk?
Dr. D.: "The Glow Worm" skewers Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald...
rich-c: things like "Glowworm" and Red Wing" far predate that
Dr. D.: "You Always Hurt The One You Love" is a parody of The Inkspots
Pamela: hey Erin, still awake?
Dr. D.: Barely.
Dr. D.: It is about time for the newlyweds to sign off.
Mrs. D.: soon yes
Pamela: just checkin'
Dr. D.: Still have to finish packing up stuff.
rich-c: well, wait a little more and see if the Slopsemas and Ron turn up
Dr. D.: I wish they would...
Pamela: Rin, don't forget I owe you some batteries and $.50
Daniel B: interresting... based on wikipedia, 4% of the modern english origine is unknow
Dr. D.: People just made up stuff as they went along, says Erin.
Mrs. D.: okay
Mrs. D.: I make up words all the time
rich-c: I would qualofy that figure a lot, Daniel - it should be both higher and lower
Pamela: Erin has her own language : )
Mrs. D.: ex. "soapy-dishy-thing"
Guy Foster: Yup, lots of words were made up... ever hear of the word: supercalifraglisticexpialidocious?
Dr. D.: hehe
Mrs. D.: yep
Daniel B: marry puppin
Pamela: from Mary Poppins
Guy Foster: yupy up
Daniel B: poppin
Guy Foster: Poppins no?
Dr. D.: Stupid California Mystic Expert Halitosis
Pamela: super calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis
rich-c: seems I recall hearing it long before that - but them when was the book "Mary Poppins" published?
Daniel B: ... well, yes, with 's
Guy Foster: haha, never heard of those ones.
Mrs. D.: personal favourite is "dealy"
Dr. D.: Yes, it is Rin's favourite noun
Pamela: what's scary is, I'm starting to use your language too : )
Mrs. D.: it's catchy
Dr. D.: Rin is a linguistic terrorist
Pamela: but you'll notice it's a soapy dishy thingy, not a dealy : )
Mrs. D.: I prefer artist
Dr. D.: artiste
Dr. D.: I make up epithets instead of swearing
Pamela: and for a while there, I was starting to sound like a Chicagoan, and then like the girls over the weekend. Apparently I pick up accents and inflections really easily
Dr. D.: That way nobody but me knows what I really mean.
Pamela: use troglodyte - works for me most of the time : )
Dr. D.: Whenever I roomed with Dale Wick at ADAMcon, I would start to say some vowels like him.
rich-c: yes, it;s common among the younger folk, but it's a tendency that fades with age, Pam
Dr. D.: My current favorite is "flatulent dogweasel"
Pamela: that works too
Pamela: Russell's favourite is
Pamela: "mouseketeer"
Dr. D.: Bad male driver is "Nimrod"...if it's female, it's "Nimrodia" (the "o" becomes long)
Pamela: apparently it hasn't faded with me, Dad - a couple of hours in a room with Marilyn and I sound just like her
rich-c: well, her accent is still more modified Canadian than Connecticut
rich-c: but then, there is still some New Jersey buried deep in my accent, too
Pamela: it's not her accent per se, it's the way she phrases things and her conversational emphasis
rich-c: right - she has a very personal style that way
Pamela: but by the time we left Chicago, I was definitely picking up the accent - the girl at the rental counter at Avis noticed it
rich-c: geez - guess we got you out just in time!
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Pamela: I think so : )
changed username to Guy B.
Guy Foster: Hey Guy B!
Pamela: greetings, Guy!
Mrs. D.: hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, we were just discussing Chicago accents
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Erin
Daniel B: hi Guy
Guy B.: You were?
rich-c: yes - Pamela was complaining they're catching
Pamela: not a complaint, just a comment
Pamela: apparently I catch them well : )
Guy B.: Usually are
rich-c: so how's the construction coming along on I-80?
Pamela: Guy, I meant to ask you - you never told us what the S in GSB stands for
Pamela: well, that was a conversation stopper
rich-c: yours or mine?
Pamela: mine, apparently
Dr. D.: Secret
Guy B.: The S is short for my middle name which is Steven.
Guy Foster: Guy Socrates Bono?
Pamela: thank you - I asked when I saw your licence plate, but I don't think you heard me - we were at Bakers Square at the time
rich-c: oh, does Guy have a vanity plate too?
Pamela: and by the way Rich, your new licence plate is a big hit with everyone
Pamela: yes, it's GSB 83
Guy Foster: Why 83?
Dr. D.: It was Rin's birthday present, I didn't think BMV would mail me the plates so fast.
Dr. D.: I actually had them before Rin arrived in was 5 calendar days from the order.
Guy Foster: You guys are lucky, being able to choose your plates, we don't have the luxury of doing that in Quebec.
Pamela: both Joanne Morencie and Joan had to stop and take a picture : )
Pamela: wow!
rich-c: you can't order vanity plates there?
Dr. D.: Glad nobody soaped the car or let air out of the tires.
Guy Foster: Rich: Nope, not in Quebec. If we could, I would have years ago!!!
Pamela: there are some restrictions on them Guy
Dr. D.: For those wondering, my new Ohio license plate says "RICH RIN"
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Cute!
rich-c: it's OK, GF, "Hang Bourassa" wouldn't fit anyway
Pamela: LOL
Guy Foster: Rich: Sorry Rich, you probably have more interest in Quebec politics that I do...
Dr. D.: Wouldn't it be something like "Suspendere" or "Dependere"?
Pamela: maybe we should get Erin Ontario plates that say Rin n Rich
Dr. D.: Too many letters probably.
Dr. D.: Ohio gives only 7.
rich-c: now, we can have up to 8 now
Pamela: 8 letters, but not enough spaces
Dr. D.: When she gets a car here, it will be "RIN RICH"
Daniel B: I'm sorry but I really have to go now... talk to you next week... good night!
rich-c: OK, replace the n with a crwn and I believe it flies
Pamela: good night, Daniel
Dr. D.: Bye Daniel.
Guy B.: No, the plate isn't a vanity, but the state thinks I should pay more for having the 3 initials. 73 was the year I got my driver's license.
Guy Foster: Daniel: What's the hurry?
Mrs. D.: provided no one else has it :-)
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a l prochaine
Dr. D.: I doubt anyone will have it My Love.
Guy Foster: Guy B: Holy! 73 was the year I was a few months old. :)
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Pamela: yeah, that works Dad
Daniel B: aurevoir!
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: 73 is the yer of the licence plates on my Meteor - they are original
Pamela: Guy, you're not that much older than I am - how old were you when you got your licence?
Guy B.: 16
Mrs. D.: well....this is Rich's last night here so I think it's time we say good night
Pamela: born in 57 then
Guy B.: He's up there with you Erin?
Guy B.: Yep
Guy Foster: Holy, you mean to tell me you're 49, Guy? I would have never guessed it. Man you guys know how to keep looking young, it's awesome! First Dr. D, then you...
Pamela: so, you have eight years on me - didn't think it was that much
rich-c: well, last night for a while - but we understand so gooodnight both
Mrs. D.: yeah, came for a couple extra days
Guy B.: In 4 months Guy
Dr. D.: Since I will be lucky to see her in a month :-(
Pamela: Rich, think you'll be up for Labour Day?
Guy Foster: Well, hope to look as young when I'm hovering my fifties...
Dr. D.: Have to see, too soon to tell.
Dr. D.: I am 43, 44 in November.
Dr. D.: Hair is going white.
Mrs. D.: (PRIVATE) love you
Pamela: if so, then invitation is open for dinner at the trailer over the labour day weekend
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you too - goodnight!
Dr. D.: Rin thinks I look like James Bond in my tuxedo, but she is biased :-)
Pamela: safe trip, Rich - good night
(007 music plays in the background)
rich-c: have to look at my pictures and see
Dr. D.: Nite Pam, nite Richard, Guy B and F
Pamela: only a little - I think you cut a dashing figure too
Mrs. D.: nite all!
Mrs. D. left chat session
Guy Foster: G'night Dr. D
Dr. D.: If the Slopsemas show up or Ron, sorry we missed 'em...but we did mail the list...
Dr. D.: <poof>
Guy B.: Nite Erin
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: heck, Russell is 46 in November
Guy B.: And Dr. D
Guy Foster: Goodnight Erin, we want to see pics BTW of the wedding!
Guy Foster: Too late.
Guy B.: I wonder where is Bob tonight?
Pamela: It's not my age that freaks me out, it's his
Pamela: we'll make sure pictures get posted Gui, don't worry
Guy Foster: Cool!
Guy B.: Some of my friends think I'm in my 30's.
Pamela: since I'm pretty sure that every person at the wedding had a camera, that shouldn't be an issue : )
Guy Foster: Yeah, I thought you were in your 30s Guy, about my age, a bit older maybe, like 4-5 years older.
rich-c: where to you plan to post them?
Pamela: probably on Rich's site Dad
rich-c: or perhaps Meeka's?
rich-c: or even this one?
Guy Foster: or as an attachement to the mailing list?
Pamela: no, no attachments - some people frown on them
Guy Foster: your dad? :)
rich-c: no, we get too much flak from the dialup users - those files are big
Guy Foster: dialup = way of the dinosaurs.
Pamela: to which I say pbbbbttt - i'm on dialup
rich-c: you can say that now that Daniel has left .... but Pam's still on
Guy Foster: I have a friend on dialup and am trying so hard to get him to switch, he simply refuses!!! It's driving me crazy.
Guy Foster: He downloads porn all night on dialup. I keep on telling him how more productive he could be with DSL, but refuses to listen to the voice of reason. Oh well.
rich-c: depends on what he does with his computer - for some, dialup is adequate
Pamela: we will not get DSL until a) we can afford it and b) we get our phone lines fixed, something I have to have a chat with Ma Bell about one of these days
rich-c: porn being mostly graphics, I guess finding his line clear is not easy to do
Guy Foster: Nope, his line is always busy, and he downloads 24/7, makes no sense for him to be on dialup. He's just scared of change, and doesn't want to change because DSL is unknown to him.
rich-c: drag him over to your place, and let him watch you download a porno movie - he'll see
Guy B.: I just upgraded my DSL to a faster speed and for a special price for a year.
Guy Foster: I've done that, he still refuses.
Pamela: hello, am I here? Could we perhaps find another subject?
Guy Foster: OK, we can talk about porn.
Guy Foster: The negative effects on society.
Pamela: oh, don't get me started : )
rich-c: they exist?
Guy Foster: Hey, isn't the star of Deep Throat, Linda Loveless, living in Ontario now?
Pamela: this is what I get for hanging out in a room full of testosterone : )
Guy Foster: That's what I heard a few years ago...
Pamela: Linda Lovelace
Guy Foster: Yeah, that's it... see, you know more about classic porn that I do!!!
rich-c: the sociological studies I have seen suggest that porn has socially positive effects
Pamela: depends on the society
Pamela: just ask the religious right in the US
rich-c: not necessarily; porn is an individual thing as is the response
Guy Foster: Porn is classified over 18, and it should stay that way. To have it available to 13 yrs olds, is not a good thing. Of course, if I was a 13 yrs old, I'd beg to differ.
rich-c: yes, I'm sure they're as ignorant ablut that as about everything else
rich-c: quite, we talk about such things in the context of an adult society
Guy Foster: unfortunately, it spills over in the child society via the Internet.
Pamela: who are you kidding about availability - ask any male whose father had it around when they first found it
Guy Foster: All my friends found out about porn through their fathers stack of hustlers and playboy.
Pamela: exactly my point
rich-c: those aren't porn
Guy Foster: softcore
Pamela: Playboy, maybe not - but I disagree re: Hustler
rich-c: pushes the definition excessively, in my view
Guy Foster: Hustler is a bit more hardcore than Playboy, but not by much.
rich-c: brb - need my beer
Guy Foster: Rich: Haha, good man! I'd drink too if I had a cold one lying around.
Guy Foster: I do have a freezie though in the fridge. :)
Pamela: I think in order of "harmlessness" for lack of a better description, it would be Playboy, Penthouse then Hustler, to name the "big three".
Guy Foster: in my youth when we traded porn mags, those 3 weren't really classified as "hot" items to trade.
Pamela: I probably have some ancient Guinness around somewhere
rich-c: oh, I have my Biere Noire on ice
Guy Foster: Guiness is too bitter, can't drink that beer.
Pamela: they're the most well known, but are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what's available out there
Guy Foster: Oh yeah, you got some underground mags which make Playboy and Hustler look like children's coloring books.
Pamela: it's Russell's and it's at least two years old. Probably time to throw it out, come to think of it. Probably when we switch fridges this weekend.
Pamela: the beer that is : )
rich-c: right - teh McAusl;ans is still a genuine stout, but the chocolate and coffe notes show more clerly
Guy Foster: I'm fond of Pilsners and Red beers.
rich-c: I tend to view those as sort of better-tasting soda pop
Guy Foster: yup, exactly what I was thinking! ;)
Pamela: I think you'll find that the attitude towards pornography varies greatly by demographic - dependent upon age and gender
Guy Foster: Pam: All boys love it.
rich-c: the LCBO is offering Dragon Stout from Jamaica this month and it is said to be terrific
rich-c: I plan to sample me a six-pack
Guy Foster: holy, Dragon Stout? Never heard of it, but if it's a stout, I probably won't like it.
Guy Foster: A man who likes his beer and not afraid to try new ones, awesome.
rich-c: stout is an acquired taste, and appeals mostly to the older dempographic
Pamela: I know that, Guy - but my point is that the older one gets and the more life experience one has, the less threatening it becomes to people
Guy Foster: I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to pick up Sandra in like 3 minutes, whoops, gotta go!!!
Pamela: tell her hi, Gui - goodnight!
rich-c: actually teh key is that it is fantasy, and the social effect can be to suppress the urge to act out the fantasy
rich-c: OK Guy, just get here earlier next week! ;-)
rich-c: and our best to Sandra too
Pamela: not arguing that, Dad.
Pamela: however, I can't effectively discuss this here - I don't type fast enough
rich-c: oddly enough, when teh cops catch a sex offender, they always lcaim to have found porn in his possession
Pamela: the question becomes, what kind?
rich-c: but it's unlikely; if he had it he likely would not have offended
Guy B.: Bye Guy
rich-c: with adults, so to speak anything goes (short of snuff films and such)
Pamela: remember that for a sex offender, it's not about sex - it's about power
Guy B.: Well, I think I'm going to go myself. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: well shucks, Guy
Pamela: If you must : (
rich-c: OK Guy - do get us an update on Chicago roads, if you can
Guy B.: Been a long day with overtime at work. Have to work the next two Saturdays.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you ( and Annie too)
Guy B.: I know I-80-94 construction will be through November.
rich-c: well, just so you keep Wednesdays clear ;-)
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Pamela: yes, was a long day for me too. Take care and have a good week
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: well Papa, it looks like I'm headed to the kitchen to do some dishes
rich-c: which sort of cuts down on the crowd
rich-c: OK, it's been a busy day, so might as well shut down
Pamela: okay. Will see you sometime soon to trade video tape
Pamela: and will try to call tomorrow night if that works for you
rich-c: OUCH! I got home to find I didn't have the game - 3 hours of boxing instead
Pamela: oops - oh well, don't worry about it
Pamela: we can discuss tomorrow night
rich-c: I thought the listings said the CBC had the second half of Friday, but apparently not, and I didn't catch it
rich-c: anyway do call and we'll talk
Pamela: okay. Have a good one - sleep tight!
rich-c: same backatcha - night!
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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