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rich-c: test
rich-c: test
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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi there Erin
Mrs. D.: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: did you have a problem getting on?
Mrs. D.: nope...just came on now
rich-c: ah, OK - there was another undefined a few minutes ago that went away
Mrs. D.: oh, okay
rich-c: that's often a sign of someone having a problem getting on
Mrs. D.: maybe someone got interrupted (?)
rich-c: so how are your colleagues at Queens Park taking having a married woman on their hands?
Mrs. D.: they're main issue is the name change....I haven't got it completely changed yet but I'm already hearing the various bastardization of its pronounciation
rich-c: that's OK - you wouold never believe how many ways there are to misspell Clee
Mrs. D.: Steve was very excited for a big hug from him :-)
rich-c: that at least is encouraging
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Mrs. D.: well over the past 3 years many people have started to get married who were single when we took office
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel - comment ca va?
Mrs. D.: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: wow... there still not many folks in the chat... where is everyone?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello 'Rin
rich-c: it's early yet, Daniel - Erin's husband hasn't even shown up yet
rich-c: any idea where Pamela is, Rin? Last night she didn't say anything about being late
rich-c: how is the job going, Daniel?
Mrs. D.: I was just up at her place and she was cooking
Mrs. D.: she said she will be online
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
rich-c: hello daughter and Ron
Mrs. D.: hi Ron
Pamela: good heavens Ron, you made it before me!
Backyard Ronald: hey all! How goes it
Mrs. D.: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: both doing some cooking, are you?
Backyard Ronald: Scary eh?
Pamela: very : )
Pamela: sorry, just finishing up my dinner and checking e-mail
Backyard Ronald: Hail to the Subway
Backyard Ronald: no cooks here
Backyard Ronald: Just the next door neighbour's cat and me
rich-c: that's your latest gustatory resource, is it, Ron?
Backyard Ronald: ah.... one of many my son
Pamela: what's annoying is, I realized after I made dinner that I didn't have to - we're having a corn roast at work tomorrow
rich-c: especially if they advertise on the CFL games?
Backyard Ronald: If Jarrod can lose 250 lbs then perhaps there's hope for me
Backyard Ronald: Corn Roast is good
rich-c: not if you try the ones they've been offeering lately
Pamela: looking forward to it - all I have to do is wade thru all the stuff on my desk to get there
rich-c: for lunch or after work, Pam?
Backyard Ronald: Now Pamela, the last thing you want is a clean desk
Pamela: lunch
Pamela: Ron, at this point I'd settle for being able to see my desk
rich-c: a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind - right, Ron?
Backyard Ronald: that bad eh?
Backyard Ronald: exactly Rich
Pamela: worse - I moved all the stuff I had piled on the floor onto my desk before I left
Daniel Bienvenu: corn...
rich-c: maize, Daniel - roti
Pamela: and if I don't get my filing done soon, there's going to be a very unhappy VP
Daniel Bienvenu: i like corn
rich-c: unhappy VPs are not a crop to be cultivated
Backyard Ronald: There were 8 of us here last Sunday in this very back yard chowing down on corn
Pamela: exactly
Backyard Ronald: had the whole fam damily here
Pamela: tops filing cabinets are supposed to be clean ( or so I'm told)
rich-c: you have a barbecue or firepit, Ron?
Pamela: sounds like fun, Ron
Backyard Ronald: barbecue
Backyard Ronald: gets used alot whether I'm on my own or otherwise
Pamela: barbecue - the male kitchen
Backyard Ronald: routinely have friends over for "batchelor burgers"
rich-c: well, it's an outdoor tool and you have a very useful ourdoors
Backyard Ronald: indeed
rich-c: Pam, did I send you that little essay on males and barbecues?
Pamela: nope
rich-c: OK, remind me to do it when I'm on the laptop
Pamela: ok
Backyard Ronald: worth a close read no doubt
Pamela: I just wish we had a grill we could use all year round
Backyard Ronald: What I really like out here is that there's a breeze that ain't available inside
Backyard Ronald: and it was warm today
Pamela: in my dream house . . .
Backyard Ronald: We've got one of these OMEGA block high pressure ridges sitting just off the coast
Backyard Ronald: been there for days
rich-c: we're lucky, we can usually stir up an internal breeze with the fans if Ma Nature is uncooperative
Pamela: we've had the most beautiful weather recently. Everyday in the mid twenties with low humidity and a cool breeze. My kinda summer weather.
Backyard Ronald: yes, have that method available too
rich-c: our wether has be very nice of late, low 70s, high 80s - or around 25 if you prefer
Pamela: haven't used the A/C in days
Backyard Ronald: Yes Pam, I know what you mean. Not too hot, not too cold..... just pleasant
Pamela: the kind of day we had on the Tuesday in Chicago
Backyard Ronald: right.... the night of the ball game
Backyard Ronald: I remember it well and with profuse thanks to whoever arranged it
rich-c: yes, we have hardly used the a/c this year, just a couple of few-day runs of serious heat
Pamela: BTW, Dad, Erin has her pictures from the photographer and I had mine developed over the weekend
Backyard Ronald: Any chance we'll see some of those on the net?
Pamela: as for the pro ones, ask Mrs. D
rich-c: so? she has a scanner and maybe will help you with it - scan 'em and post 'em
Backyard Ronald: right
Mrs. D.: I think it can be arranged
Pamela: once I have mine on CD (which I forgot to ask for the first time) I'll see what I can do
Backyard Ronald: Hello Mrs. D. Didn't see ya there
rich-c: scan them as jpegs with fairly high compression and you'll get files OK for attachments
Mrs. D.: I'll talk to Rich about posting some when he gets a chance...that way they won't be attachments :-)
Mrs. D.: hello Ron
Pamela: I get the impression that a lot of pictures will be making the rounds
rich-c: yes, we have a bunch but no place to post them
rich-c: maybe I can send them to Meeka for her site
Pamela: send 'em to Rich : )
Backyard Ronald: Dr. D has a site does he not?
Pamela: he does, Ron
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changed username to BobS
Mrs. D.: through the university yes
Pamela: hey, Bob!
Mrs. D.: hi Bobs
BobS: Yo kids
rich-c: he even sent aq list email giving the URL a few days back
Backyard Ronald: Hey there Robert
BobS: how'
rich-c: hi Robert, you're late
BobS: how's you kids?????
BobS: not late, just procrastinating
Pamela: we's good : )
Backyard Ronald: well enough to take nourrishment
Mrs. D.: pretty good
Backyard Ronald: which I do
Backyard Ronald: only one "r" in nourishment
rich-c: hey Daniel, you never did tell us how the job is going
Pamela: picky, picky
Backyard Ronald: :)
Pamela: and how is the job hunt going, Bob?
rich-c: some folks are just hard to please
BobS: not so good, thought I had a hot one, but no the brush off when I called on progress
Pamela: grr, I hate it when that happens
rich-c: all you can do is hang in there and keep trying
Backyard Ronald: been there, got that
BobS: question do you know which employers WANT you to call back and check and how many RESENT the callback
Backyard Ronald: hard on the self-esteem
BobS: was just what I want too , the is the bad thing
Pamela: if the ad says no calls, that's a pretty good indication
Backyard Ronald: Luck of the draw Bob.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: that's the rub - the majority want it, but the job you want most it likely irritates them
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again
Backyard Ronald: Some want you to follow up, and will do nothing until you do
Backyard Ronald: Others... well.... sounds like ya got one of them
rich-c: there's two of you here, Daniel ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel Bienvenu1
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BobS: and some come mright out an say DO NOT CALL.............wo how does ya'll know?
Backyard Ronald confirmed ban
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Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
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Mrs. D. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: voilà
Backyard Ronald: Must be really slow market in Michigan
rich-c: Daniel, how's with your job?
BobS: it is. we in the auto state are relly slow compared to the rest of the states
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I was away... then I realized that I closed the browser window by mistake
BobS: oh oh daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: my job is fine
Daniel Bienvenu: more than just fine
rich-c: good - how long is left in your contract?
Daniel Bienvenu: october
Daniel Bienvenu: mid-october
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Backyard Ronald: Guess I shoulda bought a new something or other from one of the big 3
Pamela: Bob, at the end of the interview, thank them for their time and ask about following up
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: any sign yet of a renewal?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Mrs. D.: hi Guy
BobS: Hi Daniel, guy B
Backyard Ronald: Hi Guy
Pamela: hey, Guy
Guy B.: Hi Erin, where's the Doc?
rich-c: hello Guy
Mrs. D.: not 100% sure...I know he'll be here though
Guy B.: Guess you guys heard about the Dell battery recall.
Backyard Ronald: You mean you lost him already!
BobS: did that with this one, told them I would check back with them.....didn't get a no vote, so did and got the brush off for 2 days before they actually acknowledged me and said something like "we are changing our needs"
Mrs. D.: yepper.....likely Christina's school laptop will be a part of that
rich-c: yes - now they'll be insisting you make them carry-on luggage on aircraft
Mrs. D.: not lost....just misplaced :-)
Backyard Ronald: :)
Guy B.: My notebook is too, but my battery is NOT part of the recall. So, I'm Ok.
rich-c: since I have an Acer, I'm guessing I'm likely safe
rich-c: but maybe I should unplug it before going to bed
Backyard Ronald: I would be quite pleased if this Acer caught fire... it would give me an excuse
rich-c: is your problem with it really the machine, or the Windows version on it?
Backyard Ronald: I would laugh uncontrollably while it burned
Pamela: since I went thru this recently Bob, I am chock full of good advice, most gleaned from websites and others' job search material. Have you seen much of that sort of stuff?
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: greetings, Judy
Backyard Ronald: no it's the Windows, it runs fine with Kubuntu here
rich-c: hi Judy, wondering when you'd be joining us
Judy: Hi, everyone
BobS: not too much Pam
Mrs. D.: hi Judy
Backyard Ronald: have a feeling there's some "value added" stuff that Acer put onboard, which doesn't help Windows
Backyard Ronald: Evening Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for a laptop to be able to do a presentation during the arcadia festival. I wanted to order one from Dell then I saw news about a huge recall of Dell laptops because of the recycled sony batteries inside
Judy: little tried, had the family over for Bob's birthday tonight
rich-c: yes, it's hiding back in the D drive, along with the Windows go-back stuff and such
Mrs. D.: happy birthday Bobs!!
Backyard Ronald: Hey, he didn't say it was his birthday
Pamela: I recommend reading everything you can get your hands on, especially on websites such as Workopolis,
Backyard Ronald: Another year older.....
Mrs. D.: another fellow Leo
Pamela: and I will happily provide advice if requested
Judy: how is married life, well sort of?
rich-c: many happpy rturns, Bobster
Pamela: Happy Birthday, Bob - didn't know : )
BobS: "another year OLDER, and DEEPER in debt......"
Guy B.: Happy B-Day Bob
Judy: it was last week but we were gone
Mrs. D.: it's pretty good....will be even better when we actually get to start our lives together
Backyard Ronald: May you live a hundred years
Backyard Ronald: May you drink a thousand beers
Judy: that is a start
Backyard Ronald: yada yada
rich-c: is that a blessing or a curse?
Judy: not all at once, I hope
rich-c: I'll go for the beers, though
rich-c: the LCBO has a special beers sale on, lots of exotic imports
Pamela: no, "may you live in interesting times" is a curse. So is "may you have children just like you"
rich-c: I got a six-pack of Dragon Stout from Jamaica, it has a very favourable reputation
Pamela: did you get the Jamaican stuff to try Dad?
Pamela: okay
Guy B.: This Sunday will be Annie's last month as a puppy.
Judy: we like boring life, not interesting, then nothing bad is happening, isn't that awful
BobS: Jamaica beer ????????
Pamela: so she's running out of excuses, is that it Guy?
rich-c: also got some Wellington Imperial, Russian Stout - also highly recommended
Pamela: sometimes nothing happening is good, Judy - it's when you get stuff done : )
Judy: very true, Pam
Guy B.: Yes, she's getting more training and she does pretty well. But, we are working on trying to get to stop before crossing the street.
Backyard Ronald: time for more ice tea....brb.
rich-c: Red Stripe from Jamaica is quite well known and well thought of, Bob
Pamela: between trips to Chicago, weddings and Auntly visits, it's gonna be a short summer
rich-c: right, Cynthia is coming up this weekend, isn't she?
Pamela: yup
Mrs. D.: yep, will be here Friday
BobS: now THAT name seems familiar
Pamela: (note to self: keep cleaning!)
Pamela: Rin's mom, my aunt, Bob
Judy: oh, dear, been there
Pamela: 'sokay, it's a good excuse to clean up
BobS: ya, but I meant the BEER........a guything Pam
Judy: I used to worry about when my parents came, not anymore, good thing
Pamela: except for my saboteur cousin here
Mrs. D.: <angelic smile> what me?
Pamela: don't look now but your halo is slipping : )
rich-c: you should have seen the colour brochures, Bob - have your tongue hanging out for a week
rich-c: I will be trying the Wellington Imperial for my stout tonight
BobS: what'd you do Richard?????? start an imprt business?
BobS: import
rich-c: be awaare it's a full size bottle, and 8%
Pamela: don't worry, I'll have the last laugh - "Erin, your place is clean, now come help me clean mine"
rich-c: nope, got the gummint to do that
Mrs. D.: we'll see about that ....mine is not in tip top shape yet
(Pamela laughs heartily)
Pamela: darn it, I was looking for evil laugh, not hearty laugh
rich-c: though I will take samples with me to RToad America for my buddies
Judy: oh, no, not that bad, she will accept you as you are, won't she?
(Pamela snickers evilly)
Pamela: what's this?
Pamela: there it is
Pamela: me yes, the house, no : )
Mrs. D.: she will....or she'll start cleaning or the other
Judy: they should be one and the same
Pamela: suppose I could borrow her for a day?
Mrs. D.: she's actually pretty good
Judy: I could use a cleaning lady about now, not home enough to do it myself
Pamela: I shouldn't talk, she's just the excuse I need to get off my duff and find the furniture under all the crap
Pamela: since I haven't fed my parents for a while : )
Judy: yesterday went to the zoo with the boys and today spent the day at my parent's house
Pamela: and Ron, if you think the snake pit looks bad . . . : )
Judy: Sunday Sal and his girl friend stopped to see Bob's computers
BobS: Regina......tis her name
rich-c: she gets it from her parents - too much stuff, too little house
BobS: Sal slobbered ALL over the computer setups
Judy: wants some for himself
BobS: had to towel dry the things
Pamela: ya got that right - however the corollary to that is: stuff expands to fill the available space
BobS: told him to come on over some Wed night to get some answers
rich-c: wrong - stuff expands to EXCEED the available space ; - )
Backyard Ronald: I know a thing or two about that
Pamela: well, since we can still walk around . . .
Backyard Ronald: but stuff can be thrown out
Backyard Ronald: (so I hear)
Pamela: rumours - nothing but rumours
rich-c: anyway if I have anything he needs, give him my email address - though I think he has it
Backyard Ronald: right
BobS: now the BIG to copy carts into cpm format so's you can simply run them out of Tdos
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Backyard Ronald: there was a program that did that
Backyard Ronald: umm.....
changed username to Dr. D.
Backyard Ronald:
Backyard Ronald: file convert
BobS: gamesave ????????
rich-c: wasn't there a CP/M program called COpycart at one point?
Pamela: actually what I need is an industrial strength shredder
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Backyard Ronald: yah gamesave, that was it
Pamela: Hi, Rich
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Dr. D.: Hello all, I just got in.
BobS: cartcopy is the MMSG one that puts them into a 'file'
Mrs. D.: hi Honey
Dr. D.: <kiss>
Backyard Ronald: yo Dr. D
Judy: that only does paper, Pam
Mrs. D.: <kiss>
rich-c: hi Rich
Backyard Ronald: now none of that!!
Pamela: paper is my biggest problem, Judy
Dr. D.: Very bad traffic, 2.5 hours to Ft. Erie.
Dr. D.: Poo Ron
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: Then various construction on I-90
Backyard Ronald: I know, jealousy will get me nowhere
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: wow, Ft. Erie should be 90 minutes on a bad day
Backyard Ronald: Are you commuting from Clevland Dr. D?
BobS: any idea of any doc's existing Ron ?????
Backyard Ronald: I will have to check my files Bob. Believe there was
Dr. D.: Yes, I know Richard.
Backyard Ronald: runs in my mind that there was at least one newsletter article explaining how to do it
Pamela: (PRIVATE) glad to see you made it home safely, Rich : )
Dr. D.: Well I had to go to Toronto and then Windsor on short notice this week.
rich-c: I can just about smell the sulpher as you say that, Dr, D. ;-)
Backyard Ronald: ah
Dr. D.: It was necessary, Richard.
BobS: I know I have, BUT instructions would be good too
rich-c: necessary as it may be, it ain't fun
Dr. D.: So now I have to catch up on some work-related stuff.
Dr. D.: That is certainly true!
Mrs. D.: (PRIVATE) I didn't tell anyone about anything
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Good...note that the chat does NOT remove PRIVATE stuff.
rich-c: when we go to Wisconsin in September, Frances wants to go via the Upper Peninsula, to avoid Chicago
Mrs. D.: (PRIVATE) I know....the pig flies at noon
Backyard Ronald: Can't blame her for that Rich
rich-c: Chicago has about the style or traffic you encountered, Rich
rich-c: well, Ron, you didn't even get down south where the real nasties are
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for a good (and safe) pc laptop... someone have a suggestion? I'm hesitating with Dell promotion because of the huge laptop recall (burning batteries)
Backyard Ronald: Toshiba Daniel.... go look at Toshiba
rich-c: in Canada, Acer seems to be really pushing for market share
rich-c: but look also at MDG which is local - they have some attractive packages too
Backyard Ronald: Who the hell is MDG?
Dr. D.: Chicago I-90 was bad when I was there in June.
rich-c: yes, Toshiba and Compaq are not that far out of line, pricewise
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: they are a toronto outfit - a little one that grew, now with brnaches everywhere
Backyard Ronald: My recommendation would be stay away from the sub-$1000. deals. You end up not getting something
Backyard Ronald: in my case my Acer only included half a battery
Dr. D.: MDG?
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Backyard Ronald: 2000 MaH just doesn't cut it, and I told them so
rich-c: go onot (I think that's their URL) and you may even find a store in Vancouver or Victoria
changed username to Guy F.
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Mrs. D.: hi Guy
Pamela: greetings Mr. Foster : )
Judy: Hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Guy, ça va?
Guy F.: Hi y'all.
rich-c: g'day, Mr. Foster
Guy F.: Daniel: Oui ca va, merci!!!
Pamela: now appears to be a good time to get a good deal on a laptop, with everyone competing for back to school business
rich-c: my Acer came with a 2300, I think - I nopticed it wasn't minimal, anyway
Guy F.: Get a Mac laptop! :)
Backyard Ronald: Now have a 4400 Mah
Daniel Bienvenu: still have no coleco minigame this year... :(
rich-c: back to school dioesn't matter, Pam - but the market is cutthroat
Backyard Ronald: but the damn thing devours them for breakfast only - not like my little MAC
Guy F.: Daniel: Yeah, this year I mysteriously developped a life, and coding in Z80 assembly during the summer, just doesn't look as appealing as it used to be.
rich-c: odd, mine seems good for getting on three hours
Pamela: it's an excuse for all the computer stores and office supply places to push their sales, and that includes computers
Backyard Ronald: My next laptop is going to be an Intel Mac, and then everything else (desktop and lap) gets recycled or sold
Pamela: I've seen some fairly good deals in the Future Shop flyer, the Staples flyer, and both Zellers and Walmart have specials on
rich-c: oh yes, but the bargains in laptops aren't real - they are there al the time
Guy F.: BackRon: Same here... I have an Intel Mac desktop, next purchase is an Intel Mac lappy.
Backyard Ronald: thumbs up brother
rich-c: not sure I'd want to buy a laptop from Zellers - or anything from Walmart
Guy F.: Rich: Walmart has great prices.
Guy F.: (waiting to start a controversial discussion here)...
Backyard Ronald: the evil capitalist empire
Pamela: congrats, you did : )
Dr. D.: I want a Z80 Mac :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I expected some 4k coleco games by others for this year...
Backyard Ronald: Mal Wart and I get along
Daniel Bienvenu: there are new very talented coleco programmers
Guy F.: Dr. D: It wouldn't be a Mac now, would it?
rich-c: no, just that they don't have quality - you get what you pay for and it aint much
Dr. D.: Z-Mac
Dr. D.: zMac
Dr. D.: iMac
Guy F.: Dr. Z....
Dr. D.: eMac
Guy F.: New spokesperson for Chrysler. Dr. Z.
Dr. D.: (that was Rin's old nickname)
Mrs. D.: the Rin formerly known as...
Dr. D.: hehe
Pamela: is a Mac a good purchase even if you're a lifelong dos-box user?
rich-c: like Canadian Tire - they always had quality versions and cheap junk versions of their products, depending on your needs
Dr. D.: yes
Mrs. D.: BTW Honeys - Ron was asking about some of the professional wedding pics being posted sometime...when you have time that is
Guy F.: Pam: Yeah, it releases you. It's was quite the enlighting experience for me. I can now just use my computer, because, well, it just works!!!
rich-c: well, that depends on how good you are at learning a new OS, Ron - and how you like overpriced accessories
rich-c: Mac has huge assets but there are discomfiting drawbacks too
Guy F.: Rich: Overpriced accesories? Like what, please elaborate...
Dr. D.: okay Rin
Pamela: the Intel Mac is the one that runs Windows?
Dr. D.: I thought that the 2 of my Dad's that I posted were about as good :-)
Mrs. D.: oh I certainly agree
Backyard Ronald: @both Drushels.... would love that
Guy F.: Pam: It CAN run Windows, but you wouldn't do such a terrible thing, would you?
Pamela: oh, that reminds me, I need to go look at those
Dr. D.: I will pick a few that seem good to me, spare you all 7 CDs full :-S
Guy F.: Rich: You're not stuck in using MAC specific items anymore, you can use almost anything made for the PC world.
Mrs. D.: hehe
Backyard Ronald: as long as they're of good quality
Pamela: needs must, Guy - if I want compatibility with the programs we're using at work, I have to consider that
Guy F.: Pam: There's a program that will run Windows programs on your Mac desktop, at full speed.
Backyard Ronald: The new OS is not that difficult to learn
Guy F.: Or you can re-boot into Windows.
Backyard Ronald: Quite honestly, I've never been disappointed by OS X..... as I have with XP and its predecessors
Dr. D.: You aren't doing Speedy stuff at home are you Pam?
Pamela: I have a long way to go before making a decision or a purchase
Mrs. D.: with Rich in the pix I can guarantee it is of high quality
Guy F.: I bought a Mac Mini, nice machine, not enough memory, need to upgrade to 2 gigs, pronto.
Dr. D.: hehe
rich-c: Pam is no longer with Speedy, Rich
Dr. D.: Rin is the high-quality half of this equation.
Backyard Ronald: I don't think there's a new computer in the universe that comes with enough RAM
Backyard Ronald: just my humble opinion
Guy F.: But 512, is really sad and slow on the Mac Mini. (shared video)
Backyard Ronald: aha
Dr. D.: I can still add another 1GB to this 17" PB.
rich-c: what on earth do you do with your RAM, Ron?
Backyard Ronald: not much Rich, but I want all I can get
Guy B.: We are getting a second monitor at work, since the US semi annual reports are going to be viewed as an image.
Pamela: Rich, to answer your question, no, I don't currently bring work home from Somerville - but I might have in the past if I'd had MS Office on this computer instead of Lotus Smartsuite
rich-c: I'm doing fine with 512 on my laptop and 768 on the desktop
Dr. D.: Bleh, I hate stuff like that Guy, they scan all this stuff and make huge files when a simple rescalable PDF would be best...
Pamela: and in the future it might be to my benefit to be able to bring stuff home to catch up on
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking now the forums about mdg products
Dr. D.: Data leaving offices is bad news in the corporate world, too much chance for theft.
Guy F.: Rich: You're still running Windows 98 if I recall correctly. 512 is overkill.
Backyard Ronald: Suspect Rich it's based more on psychology than reality, but my tendency is to double whatever is there
Guy F.: Dr. D: Ban those iPods!!!
rich-c: just look for the compaqny website itself, Daniel
Pamela: no, that's me - Dad is running XP
Guy F.: Pam: Thought you were running the Amiga?
Dr. D.: Like some guy in an office here who got his laptop stolen from his house, he just happened to have some huge number of SSNs on it.
Backyard Ronald: in the case of XP on this Acer, it didn't do much. With Linux, on the same box, it made a noticeable difference
Pamela: no, that's Mom : )
rich-c: No, I'm on XP and Frances uses the Amiga
Guy B.: Oh, before I forget. Those who wanted the CD's from the con. I will be sending those out next Saturday. I won't have to work, this Saturday I do.
Guy F.: Pam: Whoops, that's true... Right! Out of the 3, she's the classiest of them all! Long live the Amiga! (too bad it's already dead)
Dr. D.: He was "authorized" by the government to have the data, and the person who stole the laptop was just a punk looking to hock it, had no idea what data was on it.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: i like reading messages from customers
Pamela: I don't have access to confidential information Rich - but I'd like to be able to bring home the Petrocan statement and work on the spreadsheet in peace
Guy F.: 1 word: Encryption. Comes standard with Mac Os, no password, even if you read the contents of the hard drive, it's all encrypted.
Daniel Bienvenu: someone here said (about mdg) ... "Dell is 100 times worse! I guarantee this!"
Dr. D.: Backdoors for NSA I am sure
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure what it means
rich-c: there are freebie Windows programs that do that too (encryption)
Guy F.: I heard MDG is pretty bad actually Dan.
rich-c: they are now the best selling computer in Canada
Guy F.: Rich-C: Would you trust your valuable data on a freebie program that might potentially have a back door?
Daniel Bienvenu: actually I saw 50% satisfied and 50% not...
Guy F.: Rich: They do lots of publicity and do financing too... very attractive for people on low incomes.
rich-c: they have left the lower end - with exceptions - and are pushing some very advanced top-end stuff now
rich-c: they have a full page ad in the paper everyday and full colour flyers on the weekends
Guy F.: What comes to my mind when I heard MDG is Steven Nash.
rich-c: yes, Guy. First, I dont have valuable data. Second, I get mine from trustworthy sources
Daniel Bienvenu: someone here said "there are no service"
Daniel Bienvenu: ... "Their Customer Service is nothing but a joke...tried to reach them for weeks through e-mail and phone and when I was able to finally speak to someone, they told me that they had issues with their mail server (whatever...) and that they will reply to me within 24 hours if I send them an e-mail. I sent them an e-mail last Wednesday... needless to say, I never received any response."
Pamela: and say what you will - they're one of the few companies whose product comes loaded with Windows, MS Office and a bunch of other software
Guy F.: You get what you pay for...
Guy F.: Always.
Daniel Bienvenu: someone else replied : "Bad customer service happens everywhere."
Backyard Ronald: that's it Guy
rich-c: don't bet on the MS Office, Pam, and certainly not the full edition
rich-c: ever looked at the Consumer Reports summaries on service, Daniel? No one looks very good
Pamela: ah well, I suspect I'll end up building mine anyway - at least the desktop
Guy F.: Hmm,my Mac came loaded with Photo Editing Software, DVD authoring software, Video Editing Software, Music Editing Software, a whole slew of productivity applications. Never ever saw a computer as loaded from the get-go. I was so impressed.
rich-c: yes - if you wanted to learn a new OS, I could give you one complete with a full suite of major applications
Pamela: since I don't need keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, CD etc
Daniel Bienvenu: is it true that the Mac computers don't have now the diskcopy utility?
Guy F.: Dan: Diskcopy, as in floppy??!?!?!?!?!???!?X@!?
rich-c: the Acer with XP and a fw others they throw in can do much of that, GuyF
Guy F.: Rich: Yeah, with their limited-trial software... My Sony Vaio came with all kinds of stuff, and then expired a few months later.
Backyard Ronald: Very poorly Rich. Acer's "Arcade" is a joke
rich-c: no, the Acer stuff is there for good - though for photo editing we use Irfanviw and Untimate Paint
Backyard Ronald: This debate could go on forever, and it's certainly not new
Daniel Bienvenu: checking now web site
Pamela: too true
rich-c: since I rarely use such things, I can't comment on Arcade - except I used another of the bundled programs to play DVDs
Guy F.: It's nice to have a fully integrated suite of applications that work seamlessly between one another.
Pamela: Erin, can you hear the cricket?
Dr. D.: Gotta get a drink of juice, BRB
rich-c: Daniel, make sure you look at HP/Compaq too - Compaq especially has had some good deals
Mrs. D.: I do indeed
Backyard Ronald: All's I know is that as the years go by, I'm getting less and less patient with software that requires tweaking or just doesn't plain work
Pamela: he must be right outside my window - he's driving me nuts : )
Daniel Bienvenu: for toshiba, there are notebooks and tablet pc...
Backyard Ronald: and my experience with XP on this Acer has been terrible
Guy F.: Pam: Shootit.
Backyard Ronald: Sends me tail between legs back to either Linux or Mac
Pamela: would if I could, Gui
Dr. D.: Acer...they are like the Magic Chef of computers
Backyard Ronald: Now my desktop (same processor, same memory) just works. XP and all
Guy F.: Pam: Then pretend you're a female cricket, it'll stop.
rich-c: Windows is a virus, XP is its most virulent manifestation to date
Pamela: however I must say it's nice to be sitting here with teh windows open
Dr. D.: Nothing wrong with crickets
Guy F.: Rich: Windows is the most widespread virus.
Backyard Ronald: "Windows is not a virus; a virus does something"
rich-c: XP does not work on my desktop, and so far all Microsoft's efforts cannot make it do so.
Pamela: Dad, did you read the article in Hub about Vista?
Daniel Bienvenu: ... "back to school with ... check out our back to school savings"
Backyard Ronald: interesting Rich... then we are reversed
Dr. D.: Windows always sits there with stuff open, Pam, that is how the hackers get in :-)
rich-c: no, but I can tell you I won't be buying it - too much built-in spyware
rich-c: they can be countered, Dr. D - lots of good free programs, also commercial ones
Backyard Ronald: There was an article in the Washington Post recently - that says Mac Users using a wireless net should watch out... they're vulnerable
Backyard Ronald: Take a look at Gerry Pournelle... "Chaos Manor Updates" about a week ago
rich-c: well, Intel Macs will be vulnerable to viruses that attack the Intel instruction set
Mrs. D.: rule of thumb....nothing is safe
Backyard Ronald: apparently if you're using WEP, it's a joke.... go to WPA
Dr. D.: Wonder if Microsoft will make Windows auto-detect the Intel-Macs and do bad stuff or run slowly.
Backyard Ronald: that's what my son Jeff said, Rin. I was going to disconnect my wireless net forever..... but his advice was, "don't panic"
Daniel Bienvenu: shit, for thosiba, the saving offer is for the "mobile power inverter" to plug in the car. I don't have a car.
Mrs. D.: that's the second rule :-)
Backyard Ronald: I have no idea Dr. D. We don't have many in the valley yet
Dr. D.: Too many people run totally open ones with no password...or with 'linksys' default1
Dr. D.: !
Backyard Ronald: Well you just go out and buy one Daniel
Dr. D.: I think I am going to logout for tonight, folks, I am beat, drove too many miles in too few days lately.
Backyard Ronald: true. Dr. D
rich-c: Daniel, check Future Shop/ Best Buy/ Source from Circuit City too
Dr. D.: Hope you liked the 4 wedding pix I put up already.
Pamela: gnite, Rich
Judy: night Dr D
Mrs. D.: good nite My Love
Dr. D.: ADAM was there :-)
rich-c: OK Rich take it easy and take care
Dr. D.: Nite My Rin <kiss>
Backyard Ronald: I'm off to the north end of the island tomorrow for the weekend. Foxy the Fridge and I are going to see how far we can get
Dr. D.: Good night all
Mrs. D.: <kiss>
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Backyard Ronald: nite to the Drushels
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D.... too late
Backyard Ronald: so if you hear word that Vancouver Island is listing northward, you'll know why
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't save money if I need to buy a car to use advantage of their offer
BobS: who the heck is Foxy the Fridge???????
Mrs. D.: I think I'll be logging out My Honey
rich-c: Ron, do you think Pam could learn to cope with Ubuntu?
Mrs. D.: have a good night all
Pamela: nite, Rin - I'll call tomorrow
Mrs. D.: (PRIVATE) love you
BobS: nite Dr d's
rich-c: night Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like hp don't have promotions for laptops these days
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit 'rin
Pamela: if you talk to your Mom, see if she has an idea of schedule
Backyard Ronald: the name of the Chrysler Bob. licence 039 Foxtrot Whiskey Fostrot... the Fridge comes from a friend of mine who was riding with me
Judy: night Rin
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you too
Mrs. D.: alrighty - nitey nite all!
Mrs. D. left chat session
Backyard Ronald: asking tohave the air conditioner turned off (ie the fridge)
Backyard Ronald: make any sense?
BobS: OK !!!!! now taht is a companion
Pamela: scarily, Ron, yes : )
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to be walking Annie soon. So, I'll see you all next week.
BobS: ya jon
BobS: mon
Pamela: night, Guy
rich-c: night, Guy - see you then
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Judy: night Guy
Backyard Ronald: re your question on Ubuntu Rich..... yes absolutely. It's an easy install, and stuff works
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: well before you drop it on me, wait until I have a new 'puter
rich-c: yes, but could she work comfortably within it? she doesn't want to be a geek, you know
Pamela: then we'll talk
Pamela: hello, right here listening!
Backyard Ronald: she will be able to do useful work right away, yes
Backyard Ronald: what are you running now Pam?
Pamela: W98
rich-c: will she be able to do her office stuff if Open Office is installed?
Backyard Ronald: yes, but on what processor with how much memory?
Backyard Ronald: yes
Backyard Ronald: and Open Office comes with it installed
Pamela: AMD K6 2 450, 64 meg RAM, 10 gig hard drive (about half of which is filled)
rich-c: and it can read and write to Microsoft format files, right?
Backyard Ronald: Wellll.......
Backyard Ronald: ???
rich-c: she'd have to upgrade to at least 256MB of RAM
Backyard Ronald: think you're right Pam...... you might need a little more horsepower than that
Pamela: and a VMM problem that started right after I installed a patch or two from MS - shoulda known better
rich-c: she's talking a new computer, Ron
Backyard Ronald: yup
Pamela: don't get excited, you two, it's not gonna happen for a while yet
rich-c: but if she doesn't need an OS or software, she's got a dandy under $500
Backyard Ronald: you Ubuntu install is going to use about 3 Gig
Backyard Ronald: between 2 and 3
BobS: KILL IT & start over first
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have wrong page/text format by opening a Word file with OpenOffice. But I'm using OpenOffice each day now. I like the integrated "export to pdf" option
Backyard Ronald: right on Daniel
rich-c: you're using Open Office in Windows, Daniel?
Pamela: it's not worth the effort, Bob
Backyard Ronald: Question to ask Pamela, what is the current setup not doing that might justify a new setup?
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: of course
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using it for all my pdf documents now
Backyard Ronald: I can never justify a new machine that way
Daniel Bienvenu: I did my coleco programming pdf documentation with this
Backyard Ronald: so that comes from the "take my advice I'm not using it" dept
Pamela: I've said it before, we actually need two computers - one for Russell mainly for gaming, probably a desktop, and a laptop for me for more business use
rich-c: whatever she buys, Windows XP is currently $130 here, and Office is $300 (best advertised prices this month)
Backyard Ronald: You asked a very valid question earlier Rich. What do I do with the additional memory
Backyard Ronald: My only response is that since I started playing about with Camcorder footage, it helps quite a bit in terms of processing time. But I don't do as much of that
Backyard Ronald: as I thought I would
rich-c: yes, you aren't into graphics
Pamela: who, me? Nope
rich-c: ah, OK - I can see whre camcorder eiditing could make a big demand
Backyard Ronald: I'm not, but if my photo endeavours take me into Photoshop as I intend, I very well might be
Backyard Ronald: layers and rendering and all that
rich-c: since you have Ubuntu why don't you do a dry run in GIMP? One of my buddies is playing with it and finds it indistingushable frtom Photoshop
BobS: well friends and fellow computer geeks..........time to totter on to my home for tonight.......not stops.....
Backyard Ronald: yes... GIMP is impressive. I'd never buy the full Photoshop unless I was going to make money with it
Backyard Ronald: but I do have Photoshop Elements 4
rich-c: or go get Ulitmate Paint freebie edition and see if the paid version would do your job
Backyard Ronald: which does layers and cloning and the like
BobS: Ron, IF you can find sojme doc's for them my way, eh????????
Pamela: In a perfect world, I'd have a new computer, digital camera, four in one (fax, print, scan, copy) printer, DSL, etc. Shall I go on?
Judy: yes, time to go to bed, so night all
rich-c: nite Robert
Pamela: g'nite Bob, nite Judy
BobS: poof !!!!!
BobS left chat session
Backyard Ronald: nite Slopsemas
Judy left chat session
Backyard Ronald: too late
rich-c: Pam, if you'd like your mother's old Pentax, I'd reckon it's available
rich-c: it only works on asutomatic but it takes pictures
Pamela: old? did she finally get a new camera?
Daniel Bienvenu: mmm... no windows installation cd with the compaq laptop, it's a "local recovery". I have a packard bell desktop that works that way... and I was unable to do a bootdisk because windows asked for the windows installation cd. grrr
rich-c: yes, a Canon 530 - very nice machine
Backyard Ronald: Daniel, those people (HP) oughta be told.
Pamela: sheesh, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with her last night and she never mentioned it : )
rich-c: all computers with Windows preinstalled are that way, Daniel
rich-c: anyway I suspect the backup disc will satisfy it, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hp web site specify that the "Internet Price is the base price for online purchases direct from HP Canada. Product currently not sold online may be purchased from a HP authorized retailer. In this case, Internet Price is a suggested resale price. Your retailer may sell for less."
Pamela: however there's no point in having a digital camera until I have a computer that will work with it - so thanks for the offer Dad, I will hold it in reserve
rich-c: oh given the software, your computer will work with it
Pamela: remember, first I have to be able to install the software, which I can't do while I'm still experiencing the VMM problem
Backyard Ronald: yes it will Pam
rich-c: besides a big memory card and you won't need to download for a long long time
rich-c: and when it's full, we can always burn it onto a CD for you
Pamela: as I said Dad, I will hold it in reserve - thank you
rich-c: I do it all the time for your mother, have been doing so since she bought the camera
rich-c: she wants rid of it, Pam - her patience may not last forever
Daniel Bienvenu: "HP Compaq Business Notebook nx8220" is very interresting, it's about 1100$ and extremly powerful
Pamela: this from the man who still has the first camera he bought????
Backyard Ronald: That sounds like about the right price point Daniel
rich-c: FWIW when I was buying a scanner I found the HP website price the best around - though it was in a special secition
rich-c: I also had a problem with it and found HP support finally very good
rich-c: no, I don';t have my first camera, not even my first 35mm
Pamela: you know what I mean : )
Daniel Bienvenu: pam:... I still have the first camera I bought (more than 5 years ago)
rich-c: as for my old Pentax, it's likely worth more now than when I bought it
Pamela: well, it is an antique : )
rich-c: yes, and furthermore, it's a good-working antique
Backyard Ronald: Pentax was top of the line
Backyard Ronald: are they still around?
rich-c: oh yes, but they're mostly digital now, at least in this market
Backyard Ronald: like most other manufacturers
Pamela: other than it being noisy, I'm actually very happy with my point and shoot film camera
rich-c: the camera Frances just replaced was a Pentax
Daniel Bienvenu: new it's not necessary better... actually the market is based on doing less quality things to force rolling the economy by buying new one after a short period
rich-c: a very accurate observation, Daniel
Backyard Ronald: ah
Pamela: it's called built-in obsolescence, Daniel : )
rich-c: lok at the Safeway ads on the football games, Ron - a regular prize is a Pentax Optio
Backyard Ronald: Brother Dave also has a film Pentax, it was just here taking pics
Backyard Ronald: Along with Brother Dave of course
Pamela: : )
Backyard Ronald: he bought himself one of these Kodak Easyshare outfits (camera, printer dock, etc), but I can tell, he doesn't trust it yet
rich-c: with Frances' camera, part of the motherboard went phffft - it only works in automatic now
rich-c: I suggested to Frances that she also look at the Kodak, but for some reason she didn't want to
Backyard Ronald: is that a warranty item?
Pamela: I like the look of the new Fuji digitals
rich-c: strange, as the prices and specs are good, and it's one of the few with a viewfinder
Backyard Ronald: Well, for around $300, it's not a bad little outfit
Backyard Ronald: you can do your prints without a computer
rich-c: it was expired - and they wanted more than the camera was worth to fix it
Backyard Ronald: oh yes, i see, that's frustrating
rich-c: and that was when we took it out to the distributor's head office, too
Pamela: do you prefer the viewfinder Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: off topic : why intel want to incorporate the video chip technology inside the cpu? we all know that the two most overheating sources in a computer are the cpu and the video card. so, why doing this?
Pamela: I know you commented on the lack of one at the wedding
rich-c: inside the cpu, or in the chipset, daniel? not that it makes that much difference
Backyard Ronald: I'm sure it must make sense to somebody over at Intel Daniel. But you're right..... does seem a little silly
rich-c: your mother and I can't live without one, Pam
Pamela: correct me if I'm wrong, but does a built-in video chip not mean that it's not upgradeable?
Backyard Ronald: render unto the cpu those things which are the cpu's, and render unto video chip those things which it does better
rich-c: I doubt it, Pam, just a bigger chip to upgrade
Backyard Ronald: in the case of failure of either, you would have to replace both
Backyard Ronald: I hate that
rich-c: but in terms of upgrading the video itself, yes and no
Pamela: that's definitive : )
rich-c: there is likely provision for you to buy and install an independent video card that will override it
Pamela: ah
Backyard Ronald: have the same feelings about these "all in one" lever/switches in cars
Pamela: you and me both Ron
rich-c: or all-in-one printer/scanner/faxes?
Pamela: it's one of the things I didn't like about the Camry I had in Chicago
Backyard Ronald: indeed
Pamela: no, I like all in one printer scanner fax copiers
Pamela: the ones I've used have been excellent
rich-c: till one function breaks
Backyard Ronald: I have one of those. It works well, but can't print photo's worth a damn. Have a second printer that does better at that
Pamela: however in cars, I despise them
rich-c: and if they use toners rather than inks, think of costs
Pamela: I say to you - laser printer
rich-c: two words: toner costs
Backyard Ronald: I wouldn't want to use my little "photocopier" to print a newsletter in any quantity. Costs around 8 cents a page. I can get it at the local copier for 4 cents a page
Backyard Ronald: or sometimes 3 cents a page
rich-c: in the monochrome ones, every time you need new ink - $140 plus
Backyard Ronald: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry guys, but I really have to go now... it's getting late... for me at least.
Pamela: yes, but you get thousands of pages from a toner cart
Backyard Ronald: OK Daniel see ya soon
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous!
rich-c: bonsoir then, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: g'nite Daniel - thanks for sharing all your discoveries : )
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir!
Backyard Ronald: dorme bien
Daniel Bienvenu: vous aussi, dormez bien!
Pamela: I've had a laser printer at the s/b and have had the same toner cartridge for over a year - and I did a lot of printing
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Backyard Ronald: yes, as I understand it they can be good for thousands (4k or so) of copies
rich-c: I guess it's also a question of whether or not they dry up - most of my ink drys up before it's used up
Pamela: I wouldn't want a colour printer - just black and white
rich-c: but they don't come in an all-in-one
Backyard Ronald: our mac club had a session on that. Guess that inkjets were made to be used. The advice we got was print something - anything once or twice a month
Pamela: toner doesn't dry up
rich-c: yes, apparently the life of an unused ink cartridge is still only about six months
Backyard Ronald: Our local Island Inkjet can sometimes reclaim them, but not always
Pamela: I've always been advised that if you have to make multiple copies of something to print it once and photocopy - much cheaper that way
rich-c: of course they don't mention that when they're selling you a printer
Backyard Ronald: of course not
rich-c: yes, unless you're using up ink that would be wted otherwise
rich-c: wasted, I meant
rich-c: anyway speaking of wasted, I'm well on the way - time for me to pull the plug
Backyard Ronald: yes, it's starting to get chilly here in the backyard
Pamela: yeah, I guess it's time for bed
Backyard Ronald: the sun is leaving
Backyard Ronald: so be well all
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Backyard Ronald: don't do anything I wouldn't do
rich-c: so let us call it a night - goodnight Pamela, Ron, Guy
Backyard Ronald: niters eh?
Pamela: doesn't leave me much! : )
Backyard Ronald: wanna bet?
Pamela: Nite, Daddy
rich-c: nite all
Pamela: a discussion for another day : )
Backyard Ronald: nite Guy
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: night, Guy!
Backyard Ronald: poof (and all that)
Pamela: kerpoof
Backyard Ronald left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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