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rich-c: greetings, fellow Michigander
Roberto Slopsema: hey richard !!!!!!
Roberto Slopsema: where are you and how you get online????
Roberto Slopsema: I know, with a laptop
rich-c: yeah - is it OK for us Youpers to talk to you lower land folks?
Roberto Slopsema: ya mon.......
Roberto Slopsema: got wifi ina campground?
rich-c: right, it's just a matter of lucking into a campground with a hotspot - we're two for three so far
Roberto Slopsema: cool
Roberto Slopsema: now, a question? how's the weather??????
rich-c: I suspect that campgrounds are seeing the competitive advantage Holiday Inn is getting in hotels
Roberto Slopsema: AND, do ou need to pay off the wifi owner to use it, or is it free because youa re camping???? alwasy wondered about that
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: Hi Bob!
Daniel B: bonsoir Rich!
rich-c: finally reached the edge of the rain and chill about 4 p.m. - clear sunset
Roberto Slopsema: good night DANIEL !!!!!! or should I say good evening........
rich-c: allo Daniel!
Roberto Slopsema: GREAT, glad you got to see the sunset, it is supposed to clear out here tomorrow and better thru the weekend with warmth and sun
rich-c: the wifi is generally free from what I gather
Roberto Slopsema: cool
rich-c: yes, that's the forecAst here, three nice warm days in store
Roberto Slopsema: when did yo leave Toronto ????? Judy wansts to know
Roberto Slopsema: where in the UP are ya??????
rich-c: Monday afternoon, made Port Huron the first night
rich-c: we're just outside St.
Roberto Slopsema: ya
rich-c: Ignace, place called Lakeshoer Campground
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Roberto Slopsema: can ya see the big bridge ???????
changed username to Mtl514
rich-c: even got a pictue of it from the campground beachfront
Roberto Slopsema: it is kinda neat looking in the dark of night
Roberto Slopsema: GREAT
Daniel B: I can't stay too long... I'm sick... probably a cold.
Mtl514: Greetings to everyone.
rich-c: hello Guy, what's the word?
Mtl514: 1st victim died...
Roberto Slopsema: am going north with Judy's folks the 1st week of Oct and hope to make the bridge and possible camp out near it so's we can see it agian
Mtl514: Gunner was 25, Sri Lankan origin.
rich-c: you mean the lstest college shooting?
Daniel B: bonsoir Guy
Mtl514: Yeah...
Mtl514: Heck it made CNN, figured everyone must have heard of it by now.
Mtl514: Salut DanB.
rich-c: noticed the headline when I was checking my webmail
Roberto Slopsema: no haven't heard about it
rich-c: me, I'm in St. Ignace, MI - need I say moe?
Mtl514: It was the headline on the CNN website a few hours ago.
Roberto Slopsema: Sandra expecting YET. or are you a happy daddy???????
Daniel B: les tests pour fabriquer des cartouches de minijeux sont en cours. Il semble que nous ayons deux choix, soit prendre les pcbs de AA en les modifiants ou bien en faire des nouveaux mais en quantité.
Mtl514: Rich: Camping?
Mtl514: Daniel: Will my game be considered?
Daniel B: of course... well, except if you refuse now
Mtl514: Nonono, I really want my game to be published... It's be nice to have as a memory.
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changed username to rich-1
Daniel B: je dois contacter AA pour leur faire part des tests
rich-1: sorry, I'm typring on the trailer gtable, and keep hitting the key that dumps me
rich-1: you two are collaborating on making a game cartridge then, Daniel?
rich-1: test
Daniel B: now in english : minigames cartridge tests are going fine, and now we have to decide if we use pcbs from AA but need modifications (2wires, a resistance and a ceramic capacitor) or producing new pcbs in quantity
rich-1: quite,
rich-1: Bob can't follow the French
Roberto Slopsema: si senor
rich-1: anyway before we lost the connection - what's the word with Sandra?
Daniel B: it looks like a cartridge of three 8k minigames is possible by using the actual AA pcbs, without any electronic modifications, except for the GAL software.
rich-1: by Coleco standards, 8K was a standard game sometimes
Mtl514: Rich: She's doing fine, passed her 36 weeks of labor today, so the baby is doing fine and if it is born it won't have any complications from premature birth.
Roberto Slopsema: GREAT !!!!!! tell her CONGRATS !!!!!
rich-1: but you aren't a poppa quite yet ;-)
Daniel B: that's great news
Daniel B: congratulations
Daniel B: well, I realy have to go now... I don't feel good staying in front of my computer. I need to sleep.
Daniel B: good bye!
Daniel B: it looks like rich is having connection problem
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changed username to rich-2
Daniel B: welcome back rich
Daniel B: goodnight eveyone!
Daniel B: take care!
rich-2: thanks Daniel - bonsoir to you, and tgake care of the cold
Daniel B: *poof*
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rich-2: not sure if I'm doing something I shouldn't or if the network is dropping me
rich-2: wonder where the otehrs are?
rich-2: Pamela I know is up at their trailer with no inernet
Roberto Slopsema: well she SHOULD have it
Roberto Slopsema: but I can understand her not having it
rich-2: but no Rich and Erin, or Guy B., or Harvie
Roberto Slopsema: maybe they are just coming late
Roberto Slopsema: so what is the plan the rest of the week?????
Mtl514: No, not a father yet... Still in the waiting stage. Meanwhile I do lots of overtime at work, makes time pass faster.
rich-2: Ron of course is usualy late
Roberto Slopsema: travel liesurely across upper Michigan???
rich-2: yes - we are finding out why those other old folks ony do around 1t50 miles per day
rich-2: so far we have not unhitched since leaving home - the effort involved is daunting
Roberto Slopsema: why go a long wasy
Roberto Slopsema: traffic should be light this time of year and a trailer following you won't hurt anything
rich-2: we plan to be at the Road America race on Sept. 24th
Roberto Slopsema: in lower Illinois right?
rich-2: no, Plymouth, Wisconsin
Roberto Slopsema: ok wand where is Plymouth?
rich-2: bit inland from Sheboygan, on Elkhart Lake
Roberto Slopsema: OK
Roberto Slopsema: you got a long time to get there mon
rich-2: have a bunch of eh carnut guys meeting there
rich-2: well we also want to see Taliesin and the Johnsons Wax building and other FLW works
Roberto Slopsema: ok
Roberto Slopsema: ever been to the House On The Rock??????
Roberto Slopsema: that is over there not too far
rich-2: haven't been but if it's in the area likely will
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changed username to Ron
Roberto Slopsema: go here on the internet.......
rich-2: we will likely drop anchor in Spring Green and mosey around that area for a bit
Ron: hallo
Mtl514: well gents, I shall be on my way too, it is nearing 10:00 PM and that is the witching hour for me. Have to be up by 5:15-5:30AM.
Mtl514: Take care all! Enjoy your trip Rich, looks like you are!
rich-2: take care Guy, you and Sandra, and good luck
rich-2: hello Ron
Ron: How are you's
Mtl514: Thank you, will post details whenever the deed is done. Well, the deed was done more than 9 months ago, but you know what I mean.
Ron: news on Sandra?
rich-2: we will be waiting, Guy
Mtl514: Ron: Same as 2 weeks ago, no progress... still pregnant. ;) Take care all.
Mtl514 left chat session
Roberto Slopsema: hi Ron
Ron: ok - best of luck both
Ron: Hey Bob!
Ron: been out on a camera club photo shoot most of the day
Ron: went to a marine park on an island just of Nanaimo
Roberto Slopsema: darn House on rock is somewhere in southwestern Wisconsin it appears, but I can't find out where
rich-2: so what did you get and when and where will you post it?
rich-2: it's OK Bob, I'll take a look shortly myself
rich-2: it isn't like the website will be hard to find
Ron: House on the rock?
Roberto Slopsema: tis in Spring Green Wiconsin
Roberto Slopsema: yes is a very interesting thing........hit the website
Ron: right I will do that
rich-2: that puts it right in with Taliesin and a number of otehr FLW works, then
Roberto Slopsema: guy built the thing with all kinds of rooms and one hangs out like 30 feet out over the terrain
Roberto Slopsema: also has a lot of buildings of collections....dolls, guns, cars, etc
Ron: right
rich-2: sounds like a worthwhile stop - I'll consut Frances
Roberto Slopsema: what did you see at the marine park Ron ?
rich-2: hope it doesn't cost as much to get in as Taliesin - $50 for a two hour tour!
Roberto Slopsema: $11.50 each tour.....there are 3 separate ones it says
Roberto Slopsema: basic house deal is one tour; carousel, etc another tour and aviatioin, dolls etc a third tour
Ron: mostly scenery, but it was beautiful. Looks like a place for kids to hold camps- there were several groups set up
Roberto Slopsema: IF I remember correctly, he had a whole section of figures which ran on air pressure (course, someone had to feed in the quarters_
Roberto Slopsema: sounds nice......and a quiest place to see nature
rich-2: well, it's like a phone call - keep an eye on time and charges
Ron: beautiful shots along the beach....
Roberto Slopsema: right
Roberto Slopsema: how's the temps there Ron ?
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changed username to Guy B.
Roberto Slopsema: you Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Roberto Slopsema: just missed the other Guy
Roberto Slopsema: he had to retire for the night
Guy B.: Did Sandra have the baby?
Roberto Slopsema: nope, not yet
Roberto Slopsema: about 4 weeks to go full full term
rich-2: hello Guy
Roberto Slopsema: but Guy says anytime now is ok
Roberto Slopsema: so that sounds good
rich-2: where has Ron got to?
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rich-2: is it the Adamcon server dropping us?
Roberto Slopsema: oops, he got whacked
changed username to Ron-again
Roberto Slopsema: wb ronald
Ron-again: got bumped
Ron-again: Hi Guy
Roberto Slopsema: must be the computer in Dale's lair throwing you'se guys out
rich-2: makes me feel better - maybe my drops aren't my fault after all
Ron-again: been a cool day here..... somewhere in the mid -70's
Roberto Slopsema: heck it has been 10* cooler tahn taht here
Roberto Slopsema: and rain, and yucky
Ron-again: We've had an incredible stretch without rain. Looks like that is about to come to an end
rich-2: great - in our neck of the woods we've been growing webbed feet
Ron-again: guess we musta sent you all the water
Roberto Slopsema: had 3" since Sat here
rich-2: trust us, it arrived, in copious amounts
Roberto Slopsema: we had to bail water out of our little pond, it was overflowing
Ron-again: Lord!
Roberto Slopsema: and 3 nice days and then back to rain,k cold and gloom, they say
Guy B.: We are having too much. Been raining off and on since Sunday. We finally dry out tomorrow.
Ron-again: Over at Tofino on the west coast, (which gets something like 125 inches of rain a year.... their water reservoir ran dry
Ron-again: they had to close all the hotels
rich-2: yes, but NOAA is only offering three good days before it gets ünsettled"again
Roberto Slopsema: OH OH that hurts.......
Ron-again: sure played havoc with the tourist dollars
rich-2: just so long as it it good for our rae...
Roberto Slopsema: can imagine
Ron-again: they bought their own problems it seems..... engineers recommended upgrades to the water system years ago....was never don
Ron-again: Now they're going to pay
rich-2: fair enough to a point, but Tofino really isn't a name you Associate with drought
Ron-again: exactly Rich. It's in the middle of the west coast rain forest
rich-2: in fairness to teh engineers, I suspect there's been a lot of very water-consumptive development lately
Ron-again: well that town balloons from population 1700 to about 10000 each summer
Ron-again: they just weren't prepared for that onslaught and no rain at the same time
Roberto Slopsema: can understand the problem
rich-2: I think the point is how much water consumption has gone up each year for say the past decade
Roberto Slopsema: ca n make a big difference for sure
Ron-again: yes. exactly that too
Roberto Slopsema: what richard says is undoubtedlt a big factor in the equation
Ron-again: Was going to head over there for a trip at the end of this month. Think I might wait
Roberto Slopsema: and it is not an isolated occruance
rich-2: yes, isn't it great to cut taxes - till the water plant you didn't get built does get needed, desperately
Roberto Slopsema: might be a good thing to rethink.......until you hear they have osme water
Ron-again: the town of Ucluelet at the other end, which did upgrade their water services and which has about the same level of tourist trade, survived quite nicely
Ron-again: other end of the peninsula I mean
Roberto Slopsema: well, they looked ahead and got5 paid for it royally
Ron-again: yup. They were trucking water from Ucluelet to Tofino all this past couple of weeks
rich-2: well, tomorrow always comes, but some folk never do figure that out
Ron-again: I lived over there..... at the beginning of my career
Ron-again: the two towns don't really like eachother much... or they didn't then
Ron-again: competitive thing
Ron-again: that's right Rich
Ron-again: we slow to learn
rich-2: Guy, you're quiet - may I Ask you something abut Metra?
Ron-again: brb
rich-2: seems Guy mustg be off somewhere else
Ron-again: probably on neighbouring computer
Roberto Slopsema: talking to a neighbor??????
Roberto Slopsema: peasant!!!!!!!!
Roberto Slopsema: what's Metra ?????
Roberto Slopsema: Chicago metro system ?
Guy B.: Sure Rich
Guy B.: Metra is the Metrapolitan Commuter Railroad. It's part of the RTA.
Ron-again: aha
Roberto Slopsema: ok
rich-2: does it run out into Wiscinsin at all, Guy?
Guy B.: Fares are based on zones. In other words, the further you go, the higher the fare.
Roberto Slopsema: and it goes ????// around centreal Chicago area?
Guy B.: There is one that goes to Kenosha, WI.
rich-2: that sounds promisig - know the websie top of your head?
rich-2: got some budis need to get from Miday to Elkhart Lake(Plymouth) nd back
rich-2: sorry - that's Midway
Guy B.: Want to know more:
rich-2: thaks Guy, that should do it
Ron-again: You two on the road soon Rich?
rich-2: we're currently in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Ron-again: aha.
rich-2: headed for Spring Green and Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Roberto Slopsema: they are like Elmo, the talking toy of yesteryear.......'on the road again'
Ron-again: the travellin'clan
rich-2: going through the UPavoids towing through Chicago
rich-2: towing ghrough Chicago is something well avoided
Ron-again: yes
Ron-again: Thinking back to my return trip from Wrigley Field to the hotel
Ron-again: wondered why does anyone bother driving here
Ron-again: and that was 10 at night
Roberto Slopsema: Chicago is a ZOO no matter what time of day or night
Roberto Slopsema: people alwasys going somehwere
Ron-again: so I have observed
Roberto Slopsema: bunch of sleep deprived people I think
Ron-again: looked up at a passing rapid transit car at one point - which appeared to be all but empty.... thought...there's something wrong with this picture
Guy B.: Driving to Wrigley is bad. There is a remote lot and you can park there for $6 and take a bus there and return trip back.
Ron-again: and I am a part of ot
Ron-again: it
rich-2: anyway, mixing in with a trailer is no sport at all
Roberto Slopsema: and you were jammed in with 200 other cars ont he freeway, right?
Ron-again: yessir
rich-2: route 2 through the UP has a 55 mph limit
rich-2: it is two lane
rich-2: there are 12 passing spots in 28 miles
Roberto Slopsema: thats are pulling a trailer Richard
rich-2: fortunately, we are in no hurry
Ron-again: As it was, I parked the car within about a 1 block walk of Wrigley, and paid $25. for the privilege
Roberto Slopsema: so taht is a passing spot averaging every mile and half or so
rich-2: true, but I like to keep my mirrors empty
Ron-again: Only cost me $48 to get in to the ballgame
Roberto Slopsema: OUCH
Ron-again: what's moneyh
Ron-again: money
Roberto Slopsema: say whaat?????? for a ticket?
Ron-again: yeah
Roberto Slopsema: got the owners suite then huh?
Ron-again: no... nowhere close... but it wasn't a bad seat.. about 40 rows up just along the 3rd base side of home plate
rich-2: so what would the bleachers have cost?
Ron-again: out there it would have been $18 if I recall
Roberto Slopsema: so with acouple of dogs and pop, you blew a hundred bucks
Ron-again: just about
Ron-again: no regrets Hey! the Cubbies won eh?
Roberto Slopsema: and the place is mostly sold out all the time
Roberto Slopsema: Judy says.........our price is $10 for reserved seat and a dog and pop (+$3 parking) for the tigers minor league team ballgame
Roberto Slopsema: she like that price better
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rich-2: yes, it does have its attractions
changed username to Ronnie
Ronnie: bounced again
Ronnie: anyway... that night at Wrigley they had 38,400 give or take, loyal fans
rich-2: that's two each, Ron
Roberto Slopsema: hey you only go around once in life, so go for the $110 ball game and enjoy it, eh/
Guy B.: And this season has been the pits for the Cubs, but there is always next year.
rich-2: anyway folks I hve an urgent email to get off
Ronnie: yes I did, considering it was the coolest most comfortable outdoor temps of the entire week
Ronnie: 78 deg
rich-2: so I am going to have to bid you adieu
rich-2: and hope the campground next Wednesday hs ingernet
Guy B.: Bye Rich
Ronnie: nite Rich. good travels
Roberto Slopsema: see you next week hopefully Richar
rich-2: note genlemen, try to see you next week
rich-2: colour me gone
rich-2 left chat session
Guy B.: Looks like everyone else has left Bob. Think I'll go too. See you next week.
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Oh Ron is back.
Roberto Slopsema: ok guy night
Ron: think I'm gonna have to give this up guys
Guy B.: Ok, we'll see you next week. Bye
Roberto Slopsema: ok us too Ron......see you next week
Guy B.: Poof
Ron: see ya's all next week
Guy B. left chat session
Roberto Slopsema left chat session
Ron: Bob
Ron: nite
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