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Dr. D.: smoo
Dr. D.: moof
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changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.: Hello Richard
Dr. D.: Are you back from your sojourn?
rich-c: hello stranger, where have you been lately?
Dr. D.: I have been very busy.
rich-c: which one, we've had many the last few days
Dr. D.: Too tired to type at 9 PM after typing 12 hours in a day.
rich-c: if you mean where am I, it's West Bend, WI
Dr. D.: You are travelling, that is "recreation" not "work".
Dr. D.: So still not back.
Dr. D.: Erin figured you would be back so you could vote in your Liberal caucus.
rich-c: no, we went for a vaction and we'll have it if it kills us
Dr. D.: Let's not have it come to that...but by all means recreate then :-)
rich-c: I would like to have voed but they had no provision for absentee or proxy ballots, damn them
Dr. D.: That's what Erin said, no absentees.
rich-c: oh, Frances has a shoulder all wonky, and both our backs are killing us
Dr. D.: From what I gather this side of the border, a bunch of candidates are eliminating themselves through stupidity.
Dr. D.: Too much walking, or sitting in the car?
rich-c: well we don't get to vote for candidates, only delegates to the national convention
Dr. D.: Yes, an indirection level.
Dr. D.: Like our silly electoral college.
rich-c: too much havy lifting, hitching up the trailer
Dr. D.: sigh...can't find any help to do it?
rich-c: yes, same deal
rich-c: no, that is not available
Dr. D.: Might be able to bribe someone at a stop...would probably be worth the wear and tear on your back.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: although when we were moving to our present campground, a couple of the car nuts gang came by to install our drawbar
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi all
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: a very small "all" tonite : )
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Dr. D.: yeah, I was surprised.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: went to an outlet mall today - they had Lane Bryant and Liz Clayborne
Dr. D.: Though maybe everyone is just late.
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Dr. D.: I am not going to be here long, though, since my day started at 4 AM and begins again at 6 AM...
rich-c: well, at leasst you do get to check in
Pamela: wow, long day, Rich
Dr. D.: yeah :-(
Dr. D.: Curriculum night for Elanor was last night, ran very I didn't get to finish writing an exam or 2 lectures.
rich-c: ouch, that can make for tough scheduling!
Dr. D.: So, sleep some, get up early, and get to work...I got it done, with about 30 minutes to spare for the final exam deadline.
Pamela: exams, already? Wow, time flies. What's curriculum night?
Dr. D.: It is very crazy Richard, dodging around everyone's schedule.
Daniel Bienvenu: Elanor? ... Elanor Rigby, the beatles song?
Dr. D.: We called it "hospitality night" when I was a kid, night when the school is open and parents come to meet teachers, rotate through their kid's schedule.
Dr. D.: My 16-year-old daughter, Daniel.
Pamela: ah, parent -teacher night. Gotcha. : )
Dr. D.: The one for Gretchen was last week, Diana's the week before that.
Dr. D.: I missed Diana's because I had the flu.
rich-c: that makes for a fun-filled evening
Dr. D.: I have to go to them, even though they don't change much from year to year.
Dr. D.: It makes the teachers feel good that some parents care enough to come.
rich-c: politics - Cynthia remarked that Joe Cordiano had quit the Legislature - why?
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Pamela: dunno, Dad
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
Dr. D.: Hello Bob
BobS: YA mon
BobS: hello ALL including the camper
rich-c: I'll bet Erin will know
rich-c: greetings, Roberto
Dr. D.: Spend time with family she said IIRC, Richard.
Dr. D.: The Liberals are dropping like flies.
Dr. D.: And I am dropping off to sleep...yawn
rich-c: in short, he got turfed for some reason - scandal brewing?
Dr. D.: I don't know Richard.
Pamela: the only thing I heard from Cynthia was possible illness in the family
rich-c: oh hardly Rich, though I gaher they lost a by-election
Dr. D.: What I have seen about various federal leadership candidates and dead voter registration scandals and child donor scandals...
rich-c: I do believe some of the federal ledership candidates are burning themselves out though
Dr. D.: Looks like shooting-selves-in-head-and-feet to me.
Pamela: but we face a by-election soon, on top of the municipal election in November
Dr. D.: I hate to go, after being away so long, but I am falling over my keyboard here :-(
rich-c: dont recall Pam - what by-election do you have?
Dr. D.: So good night until next week.
BobS: NO Dr D
rich-c: night Rich
BobS: wait!!!!!
Dr. D.: Wednesday is clear...
Pamela: Rich, I read a great quote re: Bush the other day - "born with a silver foot in his mouth"
Dr. D.: I got Doug's E-mail, Bob.
Dr. D.: I have to find the files
Dr. D.: I do have 'em
Pamela: goodnight, Rich - get some rest
Dr. D.: Just no time to get them yesterday or today.
BobS: Rich, do you have AVAILABLE and can you send Doug.........
Dr. D.: hehe describes Dubya well
Pamela: thought so too : )
BobS: he says he needs more down in the same section are some more "include" files he needs
Dr. D.: I am surprised they weren't in the ZIPfile I gave him lo these ADAMcons ago.
Pamela: Cordiano is our MPP, Dad
Dr. D.: But I do have exactly everything Tony Morehen gave me, I have that HD image on a DVD backup, just have to get it out.
BobS: server stuff was, but no minnie winnie, ide, server 'interior' files were
rich-c: right, I'd forgotten - guess every silver lining needsits cloud
Dr. D.: Ahhh...I had given him the ADAMserve version, then.
BobS: specifically......he's getting the listing
Dr. D.: I do have the non-ADAMserve version.
Dr. D.: I will write him tomorrow. It exists.
Dr. D.: The non-ADAMserve version has all the conditional equate files etc.
BobS: ok, IF he doesn't get it up online immediately, i will send you an email
BobS: THAT is what he is after, YES
Dr. D.: The refs are there in the ADAMserve source build, but the conditional equates are set so that you don't try to read the IDE MW etc. files.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe it's off topic but I never received your presentation on CD or DVD support, Dr.D.
Dr. D.: He will get it.
BobS: code references the Z80 files to do those things, but they aren't there
Dr. D.: Not off-topic Daniel, I just have not sent it to you.
Dr. D.: I meant to burn a DVD in Canada and have Erin send it to you via Canada post.
Dr. D.: I will get everyone all this stuff :-(
Dr. D.: sigh
BobS: IF and includes are present but not the actual Z80 files.....make sense to ya mon ?????
Dr. D.: So off to bed...good night, all.
BobS: 3 in one place and 3 in another place......
BobS: nite Rich
Pamela: g'nite, Rich
Dr. D.: It does, Bob, I have exactly what he needs.
rich-c: again niters, rrich
Dr. D.: <poof>
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rich-c: Pam, did you get my email about taping the Grand Prix of
rich-c: china this weekend?
Pamela: So Dad, have you moved out of the CG you didn't like? And yes, I got the e-mail : )
Pamela: is that this weekend???
Pamela: holy cow
rich-c: yes, we left greed city and are in a very pleasant if quirk place in West Bend, WI
Pamela: ya know, I gotta find a map and figure out where you're wandering
Pamela: hmmm
rich-c: I believe so - check TSN very carefull for time, they may change it
Pamela: ah ha!
rich-c: have you been over to the house yet?
Pamela: no
Pamela: I haven't had a chance
rich-c: be better if you couldcheck it - could be some important mail
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Daniel Bienvenu: connection problem here
rich-c: see you dropped off and came back, Daniel
Pamela: I know Dad, but my time has been short the last couple weeks
Pamela: If not tomorrow, then hopefully Friday
Pamela: okay, where are you again?
rich-c: looks likeSlimeball is getting scared and has tossed the hot potato to his insurance company
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: we are in West Bend, Wisconsin
Pamela: what's the closest major city?
rich-c: we plan to stay here through Friday then start moving home - slowly - on Saturday
rich-c: we're maybe 40 miles northwest ofMilwaukee, just east of SR41
rich-c: we drifted down originally to Spring Green
Pamela: found it
rich-c: then went to Plymouth (Elkhart Lake) for the race
rich-c: then down here for this week
Pamela: so, not far from the IL border
rich-c: not that far, no - it's only 58 miles down to Racine where we want to go Friday
Pamela: gotcha. Now I have a better idea of where you've been wandering.
rich-c: sent an email to Johnson yesterday asking about the tour but no reply yet
rich-c: btw, that means we have internet through Friday night - after hat no guarantees till we get home
rich-c: though on experience we should be lucky
Pamela: I must admit, being able to communicate more easily is nice
Pamela: Bob, have you two decided whether to go wandering this weekend?
BobS: the WHOLE world should be wireless
BobS: and for FREE
rich-c: yes, email can be like voice mail - sooner or later it will get through
rich-c: you azre at least 100% right, bob
Pamela: well, theoretically anyway - never did get the one Mom sent to work
Pamela: but you got my reply, so . . . weird
rich-c: we left the Plymouth campground because they were charging $4.00 PER DAY for wireless internet
Pamela: don't forget the $42.00 per night CG fee : )
rich-c: and we turned down a KOA on the way here becuse they didn't have inernet
Pamela: that's outrageous. For that, you could have found a cheap motel
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changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour james
rich-c: not only that, they had a key charge of $3.15 (non-refundable) and charged $4.00 pe3r day for visitorsQ!
Pamela: greetings James!
BobS: Doug says he has been in hotels that charged up to $10 per day for high speed and or wireless
rich-c: good morning, jams
BobS: be happy for FREE
james: hi
Pamela: key charge for the washrooms?
james: how is everyone?
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james: rich - did you get my email? i owe you money sir. don't wanna find thugs outside my door ready to break my legs :P
rich-c: no, for the security gate - but they charged for showers, too
changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
Pamela: Hello, Ron
james: charged for the showers? where was this?
Ron: Hey ! All
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine
james: hi ron!
Pamela: CG in Plymouth, WI, James
james: hi dad
james: *dan
james: a hotel?
james: oh campground
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm a bit tired... doing some over at my job
Ron: Everybody doin' good?
rich-c: hey, Ropn has slipped in - welcome!
james: i paid 300 yen for a 5 min shower at a campground here in japan
Pamela: I think you can rest easy on that score, James : )
rich-c: the CG in
rich-c: Spring Green wanted $1.00 for five minuts of water
Ron: Ropn' Ronald
Pamela: six fingered Richard : )
Ron: :)
rich-c: no, sixthumbed
Pamela: sorry, Dad : )
Ron: munch munch
rich-c: should be a space in there, somewhere.....
rich-c: what are you up to, Ron?
Pamela: go ahead without me for a few minutes folks, i'm gonna go chase down my dinner. Be back shortly
Ron: Over in Port Alberni this past weekend visiting friends. Camera Club outings..... down to Nanaimo... yada yada. Last Wed I had 3 meetings when I should have been here
Ron: but right now I'm sitting in front of my eMac, which is where I should be
rich-c: ironic - I'm wandering all over the map ands still have been on each week
Ron: yes.... to your credit good sir
james: i have zero excuse :p
rich-c: it wasn't hard, but it wasn't totally easy, either
Ron: Make one up James
rich-c: oh james, your previous question, $32.50 is correct
Ron: is that like "42" - the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
james: thanks, rich. i'll get it off to you asap. sorry to have kept you waiting so long
Ron: ah.... business goin' down
rich-c: not much, but some
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: anyway, Bob, we going to cross paths next week?
Ron: Mr. Bona, I presume
james: on the subject of business, that's why i haven't been on much
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: who knows, but probably not.....
Ron: Tell us more James
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell desktop tonight. My Athlon's CMOS battery died and I have to replace it. So, that's down.
BobS: unless you can wave @ 55mph as you blow by somewhere
rich-c: weazther forecast is very dicey
james: starting up a second school
james: mostly set up now, 2 students
james: need to get more
BobS: won't bwe up to the bridge until maybe Fri nite
BobS: maybe
Ron: aha..... rampant and unfettered expansion
james: lol, well at this rate, it's gonna take a long time
rich-c: no way of telling where we will be when
Ron: The James deCarlo School of ADAM, branch 2
james: lol, that'd be neat
Ron: right
rich-c: should be close to the MI border Sturday, maybe as far as ST. Ignace
rich-c: Sunday
Ron: brb
rich-c: might stop at Midland to see the FLW house there
rich-c: might also stop at any time to let or inflamed muscles recover
rich-c: it will all depend on a whole lot of things
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry I was concentrate on my job... I'm leaving in 30 minutes.
rich-c: Guy, hear you had a tornado lst Friday night
Pamela: Hi, I'm back. Hi, Guy
rich-c: you are getting a lot of overtime, Daniel
Pamela: Dad, I'm having Wednesday dinner - tell Mom : )
BobS: hmmm, wil be in Traverse City Sat pm
Guy B.: HI Pam. I'm on my Dell desktop. My Athlon's CMOS battery died and I can't use that computer until I replace the battery. Which a friend of mine from work gave me.
rich-c: we aren't going to push - it will likely take us atleast htree days to make it to the bridge
Pamela: so what's involved in replacing the battery, Guy? Is it hard to get?
rich-c: Daniel, does hat overtime mean they have too much work not to extend your contrct again?
Guy B.: Almost Rich. And that hit the north side. I thought we were going to have one since that sky was really looking like one was going to come down.
rich-c: one of our guys was on his way up to Elgin - sat in traffic on a bridge watching it go by
Pamela: wow, scary stuff
Ron: phone.....gonna disconnect it
Pamela: good call, Ron
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be able to leave sooner this friday
rich-c: great idea,
rich-c: Ron
Ron: one of my mac buddies needing help.... will have to make a house call in an hour
rich-c: our cellphone is currently turned off and will remain so
Ron: Nice to know that you're wanted
james: sorry folks, i'm needed elsewhere so i'll have to depart
Pamela: okay James - come back soon!
Pamela: Hi to everyone
Ron: Good talkin' James.... see ya l8r
rich-c: OK james, hope to see you next week
james: sorry to be so flaky lately
Guy B.: Bye James
Ron: flaky, hell no
james: bye everyone! dan good luck with the job hunt
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james
Pamela: it's called life, James : )
Ron: you're a busy guy
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: Ron, how is the CFL doing last two weekends?
Pamela: Montreal lost to Winnipeg, Argos lost to Calgary
Ron: Alls I know rich is that Sask beat BC Sunday afternoon - came down to overtime and a bonehead call on Wally Buono's part
rich-c: sounds like the plot's really thickening up - didn't Hamilton beat Winnipeg, too?
Pamela: check the website Dad
Pamela: I thought it was MTL and WPG, could be wrong
Ron: Don't know
Ron: yeah, the website oughta know..... or
Pamela: checking
Ron: I don't quite understand their method of dealing with overtime
Ron: each team get's 3 scrimmages from their own 35 (I think)
Pamela: I was right
rich-c: got my beer now - wheat beer from Boulevard Brewing of ansas City
Pamela: WPG at MTL and this Friday, MTL at WPG for a rematch
Ron: In Heaven, there is no beer. That's why we drink it here.
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later... I must concentrate on my job if I want to finish the hard part tommorow. bye
Pamela: and I think, although I'm not positive, that I heard Russell say that Hamilton beat Edmonton
Ron: by Daniel.
Pamela: gnite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Ron: I mean buy
Ron: or is it bye?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: looks like I'll have to check to web, then
Ron: yes, I am not a source of reliable data
Pamela: nor am I, and Russell isn't here
Pamela: men - never around when you need them : )
Ron: they're like tires..... they go bald and wear out
rich-c: don't fuss it, Pam - I can find out easily enough - that's what the 'net is for
rich-c: if only your mother didn't keep demanding her fair share of computer time each day!
Pamela: there'
Pamela: s a solution to that, Dad - it's called two computers : )
Ron: Wally B. at one stage when the Lions had the advantage made a decision to attempt a punt through the endzone... which would have won the game
Ron: but Shaun McCallum was short, and Sask ran it out
Pamela: Bob, where is Judy this evening?
rich-c: we have two computers, Pam, just not on the road
Ron: two more plays, and they'd have been in field goal range
rich-c: maybe that's the source of the problem
Pamela: to quote Daniel, "et voila"\
BobS: she is upstairs crocheting with Meeka
rich-c: peut-etre vous avez raison...
BobS: doug & I are down here monkeyin witht the aDAM
Ron: Hi Doug
Pamela: Hi to all three then
rich-c: say hi to Doug for us, Bob
BobS: putting files onto an ide card hooked to an adapter for a compact flash card of 64 meg variety
Pamela: well, necessity is the mother of invention : )
BobS: DARN thing sure blows the heck out a hard drive it does
Ron: Tell Judy and Meeka I need a head protector for my recliner
BobS: a WHAT ???
Ron: and I'm willing to pay
BobS: cause you keep fallin asleep
rich-c: sounds fascinating, but what will it be good for?
Ron: You know.... something to stop my greasy hair from contacting the back of the chair
BobS: as a hard drive on the ADAM only REALLY fast
BobS: oh ok, want Judy to crochet ya one for next summe rin Ottawa ????
Ron: that would be great. Somewhere around 15 in x 15 in
Pamela: has she finished the tablecloth yet, Bob?
Ron: I pay extra for "ADAM" enbroidered on it
Ron: needs to be washable
Ron: :)
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changed username to Time-Bandit
rich-c: Pam, if we can't get a hookup for email, any thoughts on a phone schedule after Friday?
Pamela: Sunday evening 9:00 Toronto time would work for me
rich-c: sounds like GuyF is with us - pity Daniel had to leave
rich-c: OK check your email first but if there's no word, well be phoning
rich-c: we will of course also be checking email at every opportunity
Pamela: I will try to remember to check Sunday afternoon
BobS: OK Judy says she WILL MAKE you something...........
Pamela: failing that, Monday evening will be clear too
Ron: Great! much appreciated
Ron: ??
Pamela: !!
Pamela: got quiet all of a sudden
Pamela: so who is our mystery guest?
Ron: Think we were all waiting for Guy F. to answer the question
Guy B.: If it is him
Ron: yeah
rich-c: yes it did - Pam, since Sunday we may be in a pretty rural space, don't fuss if you don't hear from us
Pamela: no problem Dad
Pamela: as I said, Monday is fine too
Ron: You guys getting good weather for the trip, Rich?
Pamela: any time Monday evening - no TV that night
rich-c: well, we'll play it by ear, see what coms out
Pamela: are you still aiming to be home on Thanksgiving Day?
BobS: tis athief stealing our time slot.......
rich-c: been variable, Ron - beautiful day for the race, showery the days before
Ron: aha
rich-c: good generally for snooping around Taliesin
Pamela: said to Russell we should have travelled to Northern Ontario - we seem to have our own personal storm cloud following us around
rich-c: I think your mother is mentally targetting Oct. 9th but that isn't carved in stone
Ron: the infamous and deadly Pam/Russel cloud
Pamela: every single trip to the trailer this year, we had cloudy, wet and unseasonably cool weather including our vacation
rich-c: with our backs and her shoulder, do we run a.s.a.p. or drag it out to rest more?
Ron: bummer, Pam
Pamela: we had exactly one day of sun in the entire week
Pamela: one day at a time, Dad
Pamela: not to mention the two thunderstorms we brought to Chicago : )
rich-c: Frances sniffed at me for packing my longjohns - three pair - but used them far more than the boxers
Ron: I don't even want to go there
Pamela: still a bit of a sore spot, Ron? : )
Ron: wellll....
rich-c: oh, I scoffed when she told me to take my gloves to the race
Pamela: but did you, Dad?
rich-c: then we wnded up in a shady spot with a chill wind and there we were
Ron: :)
rich-c: oh sure, easier to toss them in the centre box than have a family argument
Pamela: we've had people wearing thick turtleneck sweaters at work this week
Ron: Now out here..... it's mid- 20's celsius, and sunny as heck
Ron: go figue
Ron: figure
rich-c: yes, when I've checked my webmail I've noticed it was fairly chill
Pamela: well we had a nice day today, got up to 22 and sunny till about 5:00 pm. Now, it's raining . . . again
Pamela: rain tomorrow
Ron: That's our climate. We've got switched around
rich-c: supposed to get a fairly warm air mass starting this weekend
Ron: that would be about right
rich-c: we''ll check NOAA's probs for Escanaba befoe committing to theUpper Peninsula route
rich-c: I am not in the market for towing trailers in snow
Ron: a valid preference Rich
Ron: Friend of mine was up around Prince George this past week, and they apparently had snow up there
Pamela: I'm hoping for nice weather this weekend - Russell's on afternoons and I want to work in the back room, get over to the house and possibly wash the car, do some laundry, and maybe some yard sale-ing
rich-c: see if there are any good tomatoes on the vines, Pam
Pamela: that too Dad
Pamela: note to self: find ambition
Ron: sometimes difficult to do Pamela
Pamela: I think it's with my round tuit : )
Ron: I've been on my treadmill for 30 minutes each morning for the past two weeks....... start at between 6am and 7 am
Ron: don't know what that's got to do with ambition, but....
Pamela: regardless, it's a good thing, Ron
Ron: treadmill has been just about invisible all summer
rich-c: it is said to be very good for you - I do not plan to test that hypothesis
Ron: I'm a great starter for about three weeks, and then....
Pamela: all this work in the back room has an aim - I want to move some of the LR furniture back here so i can set up my Gazelle and start using it again
Ron: gotta keep movin'
Ron: aha
Pamela: too much cr** in this house
Ron: yeah, the treadmill kinda gets in the way too, but it folds up and hides in a corner..... (which sometimes is more of a problem than a solution)
Pamela: plus, I need an industrial strength shredder for the stack of paper
Ron: I hear ya
rich-c: they aren't that expensive, Pam
rich-c: also, not everything needs shredding
Pamela: I've never seen a household that collects paper the way we do. In one week, I can fill a grocery bag full of nothing but recycling paper - and that's not including the shredding
Ron: So now I have an old C64 monitor set up right in front of it, and a DVD player attached... so I can watch music DVD's
Ron: while I'm slowly thumping myself back into shape
Pamela: and we don't even get newspapers
Pamela: good for you Ron
Ron: Well, like I say, all I've got to do is keep up the daily thing.... or even 5 times a week
Ron: but I gotta do it
Ron: Know myself too well
Pamela: FYI Dad, I have a shredder - it just won't stand up to prolonged use
rich-c: beats running in a major downpour, anyway
Ron: absolutely
rich-c: yes, ours is the same, Pam
Ron: mine will do one sheet at a time, if it's in a good mood
Ron: Anyway people, I better go and see to my Mac house call
Pamela: my biggie is receipts
Pamela: good luck with that, Ron
rich-c: OK Ron, go bail him out, see you next week
Ron: hopefully, will see you's all next week
Ron: nite all
Pamela: gnite!
Pamela: Dad once you move back into Michigan, you'll be on eastern time, right?
rich-c: Bob, you've been very quiet tonight
rich-c: yes, though we've been running on it anyway all the trip
Pamela: good idea
rich-c: figue we'll just have to get used to one change, then another otherwise
Pamela: so you're an hour early for everything, right? : )
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: gnite Guy - until next week.
BobS: ya mon. tlking with Doug and monkeyin with the compact flash card on the adam
rich-c: OK Guy, take care and watch out for tornados ;-)
BobS: nite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: I think we're through with tornadoes this year.
Pamela: hope you're making notes, Bob - if it works, it will be something everyone will want to know about at the con next year
rich-c: nice if rue, Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: so what's with our lurker? did he just go away without signing out? or is he still there?
Pamela: still htere
Pamela: at least still showing here
rich-c: he's on the list but is he really present?
Pamela: dunno
rich-c: anyway Pam how ab out encouraging Rin to show up occasionally?
rich-c: we could use her insider political gossip - especially re Cordiano
Pamela: I haven't spoken with her lately Dad - she's been pretty busy
Pamela: new leg session started this week
rich-c: undersandable but do encourage her to show once in a while
rich-c: anyhow think it's getting close to shutdown time for the evening
Pamela: okay, will hopefully talk to you Sunday or Monday evening then
Pamela: have a safe trip, Dad
rich-c: or her from us by email - just don't forget to check
Pamela: hugs and kisses
Pamela: I'll check
rich-c: and Bob, if we see you on the road or vice versa - wave
Pamela: night, Daddy
Pamela: say gnite to Mom for me
rich-c: anyway Pam take care and we'll stay in touch
rich-c: night, daughter
Pamela: gnite, Bob
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: nite, Bob and whoever
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
BobS: bye ya'll
BobS left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-09-27
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