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Guy B.: Greetings Rich
rich-c: hi Guy what brings you in so early?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: whoops! is the server in a bouncing mood tonoight?
Guy B.: Sorry about that Rich. I had an update going and Firefox ended abruptly
rich-c: ah yes, Wondows is so adept at multi-tasking - NT!
Guy B.: I'm off overtime, hopefully until January
rich-c: well, hard on the pocketbook, good on the morale
Guy B.: Now my office is moving to the 12th floor later this month.
rich-c: is there some significance in this?
rich-c: like are they splitting or consolidating or rearranging departments, maybe?
Guy B.: In a way, the company has a tenant that wants our current office suite and we are on the third floor. Some other tenent moved out from the 12th back in July, so we are moving into that space.
rich-c: right- just maximizing the corporate income, a reasonable expectation
Guy B.: This will be my forth move in the building over the last 15 years.
rich-c: all the result of the company relocating within the building?
Guy B.: Well, some other departments have moved over the years. Last year the 18th floor came down to our 3rd floor while there's was remodeled and the last floor to get it. That floor was the original one when the company bought the building in 1987.
rich-c: in effect,proving that owning your building can be very convenient
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: well, big crowd : )
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Guy B.: Well, we also have some new tenants too as well. Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: I was telling your dad that we are moving up to the 12th floor at work later this month.
Pamela: who has new tenants, Guy?
Pamela: ah
Pamela: what floor are you on now?
Guy B.: 3rd floor
Pamela: so why the move?
Guy B.: Just got the map of where everyone desk is it. They got a tenant for our suite and one tenant on the 12th floor left in July and we are taking that space.
Pamela: Dad, where are you tonite?
Pamela: oh, I remember moves - 14 of them in 11 years
rich-c: we are just off I-75 near Roscommon, MI, fairly well upstate
Pamela: is this a better location for you, Guy?
Guy B.: I printed 14 photos of Annie from my memory card for my class reunion this Saturday.
rich-c: that be enough to go round, Guy?
Pamela: and are you going to post them on your website as well?
Guy B.: I haven't seen it yet, but yes, it will be. We will be near everyone else in the building.
rich-c: did you get hit by that wave of thunderstorms last night, Guy?
Guy B.: I installed the CMOS battery in the Athlon and I was back up after resetting everything and started enhancing the photos from the camera and printed them off.
Guy B.: Rich, it was raining over 3 hours on Monday night. Lot of places had flooding,
rich-c: is that all? you should have seen it here
Guy B.: We missed the storms last night.
Pamela: we were wakened (is that right?) by a t-storm two days in a row. I'm rather pissed at Mother Nature right now
rich-c: up where Bob is, there were tornado warnings
Guy B.: Rich, if you got what I had here, then I didn't miss a thing.
rich-c: we had howling wind (took down the stone guard in time)
rich-c: then rain and hail
rich-c: thunder and lightning like a Pamela Anderson walkabout - constant flashing
Guy B.: When I came home Monday evening. There was lightning all over the place. I managed to get Annie walked before the severe weather came in.
rich-c: our power wsent out about 1.40 a.m. and we didn't get it back till after 5 p.m.
Guy B.: What's worse, the storms were in Wisconsin then they headed straight down over us. At least my power didn't go out.
rich-c: my CPAP machine went dead of course nd left me feeling as if I was suffocting
Pamela: I found Roscommon! Yay
rich-c: never mind, we're leaving in the morning and coming home fast as we can make it
Pamela: aren't you heading to Midland for Friday?
rich-c: no - my back is far worse
Pamela: the weather thru the weekend is supposed to be beautiful
rich-c: hell, I may sk you to meet me in Sarnia with your grandfatehr's wsalker
Pamela: what's causing the problem, Dad?
Pamela: I'll Fedex it : )
rich-c: a roaming very severe spasm in myback muscles, Pam - I effectively cannot walk
Pamela: oh dear
rich-c: I am hoping I will be able to hitch up tomorrow morning
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changed username to Daniel
rich-c: we will run for the border as fst as we can make it, down 75 to Flint then east
Daniel: bonsoir Rich
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
Pamela: Mom can help you with that, can she not?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel: hello GuyB
Pamela: hi Dan
Pamela: how are you able to drive, Dad?
rich-c: once we cross the bridge we will be into the Canadian medical system, if I can't make it further without help
rich-c: once into the van the seating position is comfortable and I can use cruise control a lot
Pamela: I just hope they don't ask you to get out of the van at customs : )
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: after all, I am sitting up and working controls for this chat!
Pamela: yes, but this doesn't require the use of your legs and sudden movements the way driving does
rich-c: I will wave myisability permit atthem and sk them to cary me (very politely)
Pamela: you need to work on strengthening your abs, Dad
rich-c: in an automatic your left leg doesn't do anything anyway, you can use left foot braking if esential
Pamela: will help with your back problems
Pamela: I had this sudden picture in my head of you on a Bowflex : )
rich-c: I'd do so, Pam, if it didn't cause such agonizing pain
rich-c: I think the current problem results from the ctivities around the trailer
rich-c: anyway we hope to make the border tomorrow, be in Toronto area (Milton?) Friday
Pamela: could be anything, Dad - I know I've set my back off doing the strangest things
rich-c: that will let us dump the tanks and come in in the morning traffic lull
Pamela: are you going to stay the night in Milton and come in on Saturday morning?
rich-c: this dosn't seem to be the spasm I've always had - something very different
rich-c: don't take it as gospel, -am, your mother oesn't like Milton
rich-c: but, it may be the best available option
Pamela: you'd be better to come in early Saturday morning if you can, avoid the traffic
Pamela: Friday will be busy with the holiday weekend traffic
Pamela: sorry guys, I know this is very boring for you
rich-c: yes, that's what I was suggesting
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Daniel: yes it's thanksgiving for us...
Pamela: well, I was planning to be at the house on Saturday anyway. If I'm there, I can help with the unhitching and leveling and stuff
Daniel: well... next monday
Pamela: three day weekend for us, Daniel : )
Daniel: action de grāce, in french
rich-c: yes, IIRC that's the 8th, our 51st wedding anniversary, Daniel
Pamela: Sunday is the 8th, Dad
Guy B.: We have a mystery person here.
Pamela: and dammit, I have a birthday card to mail
Pamela: gotta do that tomorrow
Guy B.: Well, whoever it was left.
rich-c: oh, must have counted on the wrongfingers ;-*
Pamela: quit using your toes - that helps : )
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rich-c: anyway, once we're into the 416 or 905 area code we should be able to call on our cell, Pam
Pamela: I'll be home Thursday and Friday nights so you can call me anytime
rich-c: will pass that onto your mother
Daniel: interresting, here, it says 50-59 years it's gold, 60-64 it's diamond...
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changed username to Ronald
Pamela: Hi, Ron, wondered if that was you
Daniel: Hi Ron
Guy B.: Ron was that you a couple of times?
rich-c: ah, Ronald, made it in on only the third try
Ronald: yeah...... Mac attacks
Ronald: Seems Firefox doesn't want to play tonight, so had to go to Safari
Guy B.: Oh oh. His Mac is biting him again.
Ronald: :)
Pamela: I guess they stop counting each year after 50, Daniel, unless you make it to the 60th : )
Ronald: not all browsers are created equal
rich-c: yes, your addiction to strange computers with strange software and operating systems does have its complications
Ronald: yes Rich. Some days I wish I could be like other normal people
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Pamela: but Ron, then you wouldn't be the you we know and love : )
Ronald: sigh
changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel: so 51-59 years... it's empty?
Ronald: awww
Guy B.: HI Dr. D
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: heaven forfend - then you'd have to leve our group of eccentrics
Dr. D.: Hi all.
Daniel: Hi Dr.D
Ronald: Dr D. how are ya?
Dr. D.: Just back from taking the girls home.
Ronald: brb
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr. D.: They were over to watch some "Doctor Who" and have popcorn.
Pamela: check the Hallmark site, Daniel - they can probably tell you : )
Pamela: hey, Dad, I resemble that remark : )
rich-c: offtrack question for Rich or Guy - all the election signs I see don't mention the party
Pamela: how's your weather, Rich?
rich-c: how do you tell which is which?
Dr. D.: It has cooled down about 20 degrees F I think.
Pamela: brr!
Dr. D.: I am liking it, tired of heat.
Pamela: F?
Pamela: below freezing?
Dr. D.: It isn't 20 Fahrenheit
rich-c: yes, we will be near freezing tonight
Dr. D.: The temp FELL 20 degrees F
Pamela: ahh, okay - my bad
Daniel: funny, the french version in the wiki seems to be more complete than the english part.
Dr. D.: I think it was maybe 60ish today
Dr. D.: Now it is windy and rainish
Daniel: 51 years is ... Camelia
Pamela: they're threatening us withh 5 degrees tonite and we don't ahve any heat yet
rich-c: we were dull with a cold wind most of the day - your coming attractions, Rich
Daniel: Camellia (Tsubaki in Japanese) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae, native to eastern and southern Asia from the Himalaya east to Japan and Indonesia.
Pamela: what's the third anniversary, Daniel?
Dr. D.: No heat in this apartment yet...but cold usually doesn't bother me, unless it it midwinter and the heat goes off...that happened once last year for 3 days :-(
rich-c: yes, the dried leabves of one camelia plant are called tea
Pamela: my trusty electric heater is whirring away
Dr. D.: Fortunately I had my college space heater, just close the bedroom door and let it run overnight for a bit.
Daniel: it looks like 3 years is bread wheat
Daniel: Common wheat (also known as bread wheat) is by far the most important wheat species in cultivation today.
Pamela: wheat?
rich-c: we had our ttrailer furnace die on us twice but it is perking now - we have our fingers crossed
Dr. D.: I opened the windows here tonight, it was hot with all the girls here.
Ronald: Are the Clees still on the road?
Pamela: it's amazing to me how much heat a bunch of bodies give off - especially young ones
Pamela: yes, Ron
Ronald: ah
rich-c: yes
Dr. D.: Plus I was making popcorn on the stove, so the gas was on for a bit.
Daniel: Well the french page said "Froment"... and it refer me to a plant named in english Common Wheat
Pamela: real popcorn?
Dr. D.: Yes real popcorn
Pamela: mmmm
Dr. D.: No microwave crapola :-)
Ronald created action P/soup
Pamela: love the stuff but it always get stuck in my teeth : (
rich-c: yes, a body gives off as much heat s a 100 watt lightbulb
(Ron spills soup on the front of his shirt)
Dr. D.: Big saucepan, couple tablespoons of oil, make monolayer of kernels, turn on heat and cover.
rich-c: and stand back ;-)
Dr. D.: I have glass lids on my cookware so Gretchen and Diana could watch it pop, they liked that.
Ronald: Haven't made popcorn that way for 52 years
Dr. D.: I have it titrated how much to put in so the pan doesn't overflow.
Dr. D.: It is the only way :-)
Pamela: sounds like a good science project - "Why popcorn pops"
rich-c: oh, that's well known, Pam
Dr. D.: Easy, it is very "wet" inside, it boils the water and the steam explodes it from the inside out.
rich-c: now titrating the popped quantities, that's different
Ronald: My world is all in microwave bags
Ronald: neatly packaged
Pamela: microwaves - boon of the single man
Ronald: indeed
Dr. D.: I have no microwave oven
Dr. D.: I am a real cook :-)
Ronald: more power Dr. D
Dr. D.: Hope I can cook you all dinner sometime
Pamela: some things do better in the microwave
(Ron spills soup on the front of his shirt)
Pamela: Ron, quit that
Ronald: S'ok.... missed the keyboard
Dr. D.: It can do baked potatoes fast
Pamela: I do sauces in the microwave, and rice - does those very well
Pamela: and it wouldn't be dinner if you weren't wearing it, right?
rich-c: from what I har, these days you can take a keyboard into the shower with you to getrid of the stickies
Ronald: All's I know is that they've upped the chlorine content of the water around here.....
Ronald: gonna have to start buying water
Ronald: right Pamela
Pamela: the Russell philosophy : )
Dr. D.: I remember Thanksgiving 1976 when Mom used the Amana Radar Range to do a turkey.
Dr. D.: It cooked okay, slowly, but it was never browned.
rich-c: no crispy skin?
Dr. D.: More like a giant boiled turkey.
Dr. D.: I ate it, I eat anything, it was just non-traditional.
rich-c: yuk
Pamela: no, meat does not do well in the microwave, except ground beef, which is a bonus in the summer when it's too hot to cook
Ronald: My Weightwatchers manual says I'm not supposed to eat the skin anyway
rich-c: hamburger works well, you say?
Pamela: yep - did a number of Hamburger Helpers that way over the summer -worked just fine
Pamela: and if it's nuked, you wouldn't want to anyway, Ron
Ronald: I suspect not
Pamela: hmm - microwave as weight control - hmm
Ronald: Oh I do use the oven and broiler now and then
Pamela: right now, we're using them for heat : )
Ronald: been there done that
Pamela: what can I cook that takes as long as possible, in order to heat up the joint?
rich-c: thpught they had to turn your heat on Oct. 1st - or is it the 15th?
Pamela: I must have done more keying than I thought today - my wrist is bugging me
Pamela: the 15th, Dad
Ronald: Contemplate a sumptuous meal of chicken soup laced with chlorine
Pamela: yum
Ronald: gonna have to write city hall
Pamela: actually, I suspect we'll have it before then - Angelo is pretty good about that sort of thing
rich-c: yes, overchlorinted water can be a pain - we often meet it on our trips
Ronald: indeed
Pamela: I recommend a Brita filter Ron
Ronald: Ya know, I think I might just have to investigate that
Ronald: It hasn't been a problem until just recently.
Pamela: either a jug in the fridge, or an on-tap model (which we have and works well)
Ronald: Now it most certainly is
Ronald: I'll check it out
rich-c: Pam, anything significant in our mail when you checked?
Dr. D.: Richard, are you still on your trip?
Pamela: nope, the usual bills which I told Mom about, and a bunch of magazines and flyers, and that's it - nothing legal - looking or anything like that
rich-c: yes, we are in mid-Michigan
Dr. D.: on the way home I presume?
rich-c: hope to be in Saturday morning
Daniel: I'm really sorry, but I have to quit now. I have one hour left before leaving, I'm at work right now.
Daniel: take care Rich, Dr.D, Pam, GuyB, Ron...
Dr. D.: Good night, Daniel.
Ronald: good to hear from you Daniel
Daniel: talk to you next week
rich-c: right Daiel, wqotrk does come first - a la prochaine, then
Pamela: Gnite, Daniel - thanks for the wheat info!
Ronald: yup.... nite
Daniel: happy thanksgiving - joyeuse action de grāce
Pamela: and to you, Daniel
Ronald: Dr. D have you ever had a kernel panic under OS X Tiger?
rich-c: merci, Daniel
Ronald: been getting them lately
Dr. D.: I think it happened once.
Pamela: a what???!!
Daniel: take care of you, Rich... return safe home...
Daniel: aurevoir
rich-c: au revoir
Daniel left chat session
Dr. D.: It was under 10.2.x though.
rich-c: uh - how does a kernel panic? is this an Apple phenomenon?
Dr. D.: It is a rare Unix phenomenon.
Pamela: sounds like popcorn gone bad
Ronald: yeah... trying to isolate things - have disconnected by USB hub for starters. Books tell me it could be a bad connection, or bad memory
Ronald: now I'm just waiting for the beast to fail again
Dr. D.: It's not a MacBook is it?
Pamela: speak to if firmly, Ron
Dr. D.: My laptop HD has developed stiction and is toast.
Ronald: more of a Linux/Unix thing - the kernel is at the heart of the OS, and if it gets an instruction it can't interpret, or execute, it panics
Dr. D.: I spent 2 hours holding it like a pizza box, tilting back and forth, while 15 GB of data backed up to an external FireWire drive.
Pamela: ah, okay. I feel like we're suddenly speaking a foreign language : )
Ronald: What I get is a message on a transparent black screen in many world languages, informing me that I must restart my computer NOW!
Dr. D.: Memory you have the boot diagnostic disk?
Dr. D.: That definitely sounds like bad memory, or a mis-seated DIMM.
Dr. D.: Maybe open it up and reseat them.
Ronald: yes.... must locate it Dr. D
Ronald: think I know where it is
Ronald: yep that too (reseating)
Ronald: all of this will pass I'm sure. Or I will consider demoting the kernel down to major
Pamela: heck, bust it back to private
Ronald: Oh, if I have to
Ronald: So if I suddenly disappear.... you'll know why
Pamela: speaking of disappearing, Guy, where did you go?
Ronald: Life goes on despite my best attempts to prevent it
Dr. D.: Back, I was looking up some syllabus stuff :-S
Dr. D.: This has been a VERY BAD DAY at work.
Ronald: Just had the Girl Guides come to the door trying to sell me cookies. Temptations are everywhere!!
Dr. D.: I want Thin Mints if they sell them in Canada.
Pamela: don't buy them Ron, they're not nearly as good as they used to be
rich-c: yes, those are very nice cookies
Pamela: Christie doesn't make them anymore
Ronald: nope..... I did not. Gave the little darlin' 4 twonies, and suggested that somebody else might want the cookies
Pamela: they're made by Dare now, and they were so disappointing that Russell finished my box last year
rich-c: they never come to our door any more, which is likely just as well
Pamela: I gotta go stretch a bit - be right back
Dr. D.: A company called Burry made them here back in my youth...dunno who makes them now, I am sure my girls will have some more for sale at some point.
Dr. D.: They are really expensive any more though :-(
Ronald: yeah
Dr. D.: I find it interesting that your "Christie" is our "Nabisco".
Dr. D.: Same logo in the corner of the box.
Ronald: yes, difficult to tell these days who works for whom
Dr. D.: Like with the spinach scare...3 farms in Californial sell the same spinach, it is rebranded 20 ways.
Dr. D.: Probably some farmhand relieved himself on the plants and it got into the food chain...nobody is saying that, but I don't know how else COLONIC BACTERIA get into food...
Ronald: There's an advisory out about certain packages of spinach up here. Popeye would not be pleased
rich-c: you see it all the time in product recalls - made by one, sold by every big outfit in the country under house brand names
rich-c: test
Dr. D.: I am here
Dr. D.: Just ran out of typing
Dr. D.: I spent 18 hours in the anatomy lab yesterday
rich-c: OK, then where is Rin?
Dr. D.: and 13 hours at work today.
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Dr. D.: She is on the phone with me right now.
changed username to james
Dr. D.: I am listening with 1 ear and typing with 1 eye.
Guy B.: HI James
james: almost forgot it was thursday
rich-c: we want all the dirt on Cordiano
james: hello
Dr. D.: Hello James.
Dr. D.: I will ask her...
rich-c: morning james
james: how is everyone?
Dr. D.: I am ZZZZZZZ
rich-c: rotten - evrything went wrong and we are running for home
james: rich, a cheque is on its way to you as of a few days ago, as slow as canada post can get it to you
Guy B.: Good here. How's everything in Japan and your family?
Dr. D.: Rotten Richard?
james: so-so
Dr. D.: Did the trailer break down or something?
Dr. D.: I got here late...
james: just very busy trying to get this second school going
rich-c: my back is so bad I can't really walk, even with my cane
Guy B.: Has to be a lot of work.
james: that is definitely not fun
Dr. D.: Rin says "he's actually spending time with his family, like, seriously, you can quote me"
james: it's quite frustrating at times
rich-c: no, but the water hter and furnace did, and the campground power was out for 16 hours
Ronald: Hi James
james: hi ron
Dr. D.: Aiiii!
james: how's the wet coast?
Dr. D.: Goodness Richard...
Dr. D.: I dunno what to say, bad luck I guess...
Dr. D.: But I hope you can get home in one piece.
Dr. D.: And then go to doctor about your back...
rich-c: we are bolting for home, hope to pull in late Saturday morning
Guy B.: Boy Rich. Seems camping has been rough for you and the weather hasn't helped either.
james: where are you now, rich?
Ronald: sunnier than hell
rich-c: mid-Michigan, exit 244 on I-75
Ronald: golf yesterday, golf today
Ronald: life is tough
rich-c: really exquisitely beautiful campgound with very helpful operators
Dr. D.: Hope they are helping you with the lifting of the trailer hitch!
rich-c: you should have seen the storm that took out the power
rich-c: they will if I sk, though Frances has been handling the drawbar all trip
james: rough life indeed, ron
Ronald: :)
Dr. D.: You need to have some youngster travelling with you to do those tasks...
rich-c: if worst comes to worst, if I can make Port Huron I an even leave the rig behind and take a taxi to Sarnia General
Ronald: no joke eh?
Pamela: sorry, needed to stretch my legs for a bit
james: i've got a couple i could loan out
Pamela: Hi, James
james: hi, pam
rich-c: well, we have to find out if this problem is temporary or effectively permanent
Pamela: a youngster who doesn't mind sleeping in a tent : )
Dr. D.: tent nothing, the trailer isn't a tent, is it?
Dr. D.: I thought it was a more motor-homey thing.
rich-c: or the back area of he van :-)
Pamela: no, but there's only room for two in it
Dr. D.: Ah
james: i'm sure case and aiden's combined six years' experience would come in handy :P
Dr. D.: No little kid spot up front ?
james: actually, seven i guess
Pamela: which is why I slept in a tent while at Expo '86
rich-c: it has living space of 14 x 7 feet - for two for a month plus
Dr. D.: Overhead, "grandma's attic" the U-Haul trailers call it.
Pamela: that was 20 years ago - OMG
Dr. D.: Tempus is fugiting, as my Dad says.
rich-c: I don't think UHaul ents travel trailers
Pamela: ya got that right
Ronald: fugiting - is that catching?
Dr. D.: I am giving a lecture to the Biology Dept. grad students Friday about the history of the Biology Dept.
Dr. D.: I know 26 years' worth
Dr. D.: first-hand
Ronald: all slugs, all the time
Dr. D.: I will be 44 next month, in 30 days.
Dr. D.: hehe
Pamela: everyone has it, Ron
rich-c: or at least the parts they'll dmit ot, right, Rich? 8-)
Dr. D.: No I will tell all :-)
Dr. D.: The students deserve some entertainment.
Ronald: 44 + 18 =
Ronald: you too will get to be 62
Dr. D.: That is you now Ron?
Ronald: yes, dammit
james: i'll stick with my 32 for now and raise you nothing
Dr. D.: That is a good number.
Ronald: 20 more than the meaning of life, the universe, and everything
Pamela: every day you're on the right side of the grass is a good day, Ron
Ronald: have come to believe that Pamela
Dr. D.: In hex it isn't so bad Ron, 3E
james: lol
Dr. D.: hey, in the right font, that is even symmetrical
Ronald: hmmm...... hadn't considered that
james: cool, so i'm 20 again :D
Ronald: right James
Ronald: let's all go hex
Dr. D.: I'll be 2C
Ronald: 2C or not 2C
Dr. D.: And you even have a long time to go to make 4F Ron :-)
rich-c: let's see - I'll be 48 - nice ueful number
Ronald: that is the ultimate question
james: so is adamcon still set for next july in ottawa?
Pamela: that's the plan, James
james: has a date been set?
Ronald: Has Neil set a date?
Pamela: nope
rich-c: havent heard otherwise and Neil is pretty gung-ho
Ronald: (echo "has a date been set"
Pamela: probably midsummer again
james: hopefully i can make it, being in ottawa and all
Ronald: All I told him was that the first two weeks of August would be a non-starter for me
rich-c: actually I think he's thinking Hull
james: we'll have to see. bleeding a *lot* of red ink right now
james: might not even be able to go for my father's birthday
Ronald: no more Hull. As I understand it, everything on that side of the river is now Gatineau
Dr. D.: Things are tight here as well :-(
Pamela: you're planning to be there anyway for a special birthday, right, James?
Dr. D.: Gatineau?
james: to fly the four of us at the height of high season is not cheap
Ronald: across the Ottawa River from Ottawa
james: i want to
rich-c: urban aggrandizement, Rich
james: but realistically i'm looking at $8,000 to get us over there
Pamela: OUCH!
Ronald: that's major James
james: after you factor in trains to osaka etc etc
Pamela: I know Case will be full fare, but won't Aiden still be young enough to fly for cut rate?
rich-c: given airfaes now, I'm tempted to ask "is that all?"
james: and i'm currently running a $700 per month deficit on the new business and still grappling with the startup costs
Dr. D.: that doesn't help me understand Richard :-)
james: he'll be 3. not much of a break
Dr. D.: What are you selling James?
james: started up a second school
Pamela: : ( too big to keep on your lap, especially for a trip that long
Ronald: Dr. D is working on a transporter device
james: it's not even an option
Dr. D.: Ah.
james: even if you wanted to bite the bullet and do it, they won't let you
Dr. D.: I have no transporters...
Dr. D.: If I did, I would be beaming in and out of Toronto :-(
Ronald: I hear you James. That sounds prohibitive
james: i'd be beaming over some pizza
james: it's a factor for sure
Dr. D.: No pizza in Japan?
james: if it weren't for the new business, i could start saving a bit each month now
james: pizza here sucks, to put it bluntly
rich-c: they tend to be ...original... in their recipes, I hear
james: and what pizza one can get is absurdly overpriced
james: $30 for a 14" "large"
Ronald: whoa!
james: yeah
Pamela: the best is the "make your own", James
Dr. D.: Guess it's time for a care package of Chef Boyardee pizza mix
Ronald: pizza-less in Japan
james: we're also looking at getting our own place
Pamela: large flatbread, pasta sauce of your choice, toppings of your choice
james: and if we do i may splurge on a north american style oven
rich-c: last week wse had a quie incredible pizza - seven mets!
rich-c: meats
Ronald: sounds like the financial plate is well crammed James
Pamela: sounds like Russell's kind of pizza
james: i'm rather on edge
Ronald: yup
james: the house can wait, will have to anyway, until this business gets going or i fold it
Pamela: is this going to be an either/or situation James?
Ronald: gotta make it all pay off
Pamela: as in either come for a visit or find a house?
james: frustrating not to get students
rich-c: it helped that Jophnsonville was just down the road
james: the good news is i've had increased enrolment here, so i'm up to 91, which helps a lot
james: only 2 at the new place
Ronald: positive
james: it'll help offset the downturn i'm expecting in a couple years
Pamela: best advertising is word of mouth, James - need to get your students families to spread the word on how great you are
Dr. D.: The CWRU Board of Trustees still has not met to formally approve my I am still working at my old salary...but support was figured at the new salary, to save the expense of having to change the level after 1 month, or so it had been promised by the Chairman...
james: how i built up here
james: out there i'm still the new kid on the block
Dr. D.: So, it is getting a bit dicey at the moment.
Pamela: I can imagine, Rich
Dr. D.: I suppose a month of Ramen will be good for me.
james: lol
Ronald: ohmygosh!
Pamela: : )
Pamela: we'll send care packages, Rich
Ronald: Clearly the Board must get off its governance-laden butt
Dr. D.: haha
james: i'll be back in a minute or five. going over to the school to start work on my website
james: i'll pop on over there
Ronald: l8r James
james left chat session
Dr. D.: Rin says no care packages, you will need me to send them to you, since grocery strike is imminent Friday.
rich-c: grocery strike?
Pamela: only for Loblaws - can still shop at Dominion or IGA, or so I heard
Dr. D.: Rin says everyone but Dominion.
rich-c: how about No Frills or other Loblaw chains?
Dr. D.: Loblaws and Zehrs etc.
Ronald: Mall Wart
Pamela: no meat at Walmart unless the frozen stuff
Ronald: oh yes, that's true
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going call it the night. My class reunion is in 3 days and Marsha is coming with me, plus I'm going to see if I can print a banner. So, I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: very good Guy. Be well
Dr. D.: Enjoy, Guy.
rich-c: see you then, Guy. Enjoy the new digs
Pamela: g'nite Guy - have fun! We want details next week
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too. Annie say Hi
rich-c: is the srike Toronto only or province-wide?
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: (PRIVATE) tell her "woof"
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I think province wide, Dad but only heard tidbits
Pamela: at least you have Dominion right around the corner
rich-c: yikes - with all our other troubles, now we'll have to shop tomorrow too
Dr. D.: Well I will find out when I get to Toronto this weekend.
Pamela: I can take Mom if necessary, Dad
Dr. D.: Maybe it is all bluff.
rich-c: sure, but the whole city will be in there, and they'll be all out of stock
Dr. D.: SPAM
Ronald: you're wearing a good path betweek Cleveland and Toronto Dr D.?
Dr. D.: always fresh
Dr. D.: Yes unfortunately.
Dr. D.: At least gas prices are down here in Cleveland, equivalent to about 65 cents CDN per liter now.
Ronald: that's no short hike either
Dr. D.: 275 miles each way
Ronald: we haven't seen that level in some time
Ronald: right
Pamela: lowest I've seen around here is about 84 cents/litre recently, however there have been reports as low as 73 cents
Dr. D.: I have seen $2.07 per gallon US
rich-c: here it's around $2.20 a US gallon as of yeterday
Ronald: still up over a buck a litre here
rich-c: it has ben dropping throughout our trip
Pamela: wow, Ron
Ronald: $1.02
Pamela: bought my first gas at more than 80 cents/ litre for the first time since August 20th the other day
rich-c: tell them to get honest and use a gun and mask
Ronald: right Rich
Ronald: let's hear it for market forces
rich-c: the more the better
Pamela: buy gas before you leave the States, Dad
rich-c: we will, and maybe some groceries too, though the prices are atrocious
Dr. D.: Further east it is more expensive here.
Ronald: Are you able to drive without pain Rich?
Ronald: Or can you do anything without pain?
Pamela: Rich, can you make the round trip on one tank of gas?
Dr. D.: Actually with current exchange rate, $2.07 per gallon is 60.2 cents CDN per liter.
Dr. D.: If I do not do any city driving in Toronto.
rich-c: no - but I can move my foot from the floor to brake or left-foot brake if required
Dr. D.: The Voyager will get 25-30 MPG on the open road, but only 15-18 in town.
Pamela: actually, guess you don't have to if you can fill up in Buffalo
Dr. D.: No, very expensive in Buffalo.
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Pamela: more expensive than Canadian gas?
Pamela: WB, James
rich-c: welcome back, james
Dr. D.: More expensive than Erie PA or Ashtabula OH gas.
Pamela: ah
rich-c: and Rpn, to answer your question, no I can't at the moment
Ronald: makes it tough
james: sorry, keyboard wasn't responding
james: gas here is expensive
Pamela: how bad, James
james: 143 yen per litre
rich-c: are you going by that Thruway tation west of Buffalo? they're the biggest ripoff artists in the state
Dr. D.: So usually I get gas in Erie or Angola service plaza on I-90, then go to Toronto and back, and stop either at Angola or points west in PA or OH as I can make it.
james: roughly $1.36
james: cdn
Pamela: ouch, James
Dr. D.: It is convenient, but their gas is the same cost all along I-90 until you hit PA.
Dr. D.: I am out of mental gas, folks.
Dr. D.: So I will adjourn and go to sleep...
Dr. D.: nice to chat with you all
Pamela: and fill up again : )
james: in $us per gallon i think it's about $4.72
Ronald: nite Dr. D. Good luck tomorrow
Dr. D.: Yea
rich-c: understandable, Rich - go coast to a halt!
Dr. D.: Thanks
Pamela: you too Rich. Safe trip up here.
Dr. D.: I won't coast too far, it is kinda slow right now.
rich-c: take care, see you next week
Dr. D.: I will drive careful, maybe see you
Dr. D.: Good night
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: I'll be around
Dr. D. left chat session
james: is everyone bailing?
Ronald: and then there were 4
rich-c: soon - we have little time left befoe bed here
Pamela: soon James, it's almost bedtime
james: almost lunch time here
Ronald: well, my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier
james: and i need to get a basic web page up
Ronald: not even bedtime
Pamela: Dad, do you want me at the house on Saturday to help with setup?
rich-c: takes me about a hourto shut down - and have a hard day coming tomorrow
Ronald: may not be here next week good people. Have cousins and spouses coming for a visit from Edmonton
rich-c: I expect it will be very welcome, Pam, but wait till we phone you
Pamela: sounds like fun, Ron
james: enjoy the visit, ron
Ronald: we'll golf, we'll eat, intend on going to Victoria for the touristy thing
Pamela: well I'd planned to be at the house to do laundry anyway so it's no big deal
rich-c: enjoy the get-together, Ron
Ronald: right... will be back if I can
Pamela: Dad, call me Friday night to confirm
Ronald: So be well all (or as well as you can)
rich-c: will if we possibly can, Pam - will keep you informed
Pamela: thanks Ron - Happy Thanksgiving
Ronald: yes you guys too.... Turkey rules
james: arright, gonna bail here and try to get some work done
Pamela: Sorry, James : )
Ronald: take care James
james: not that such is possible with a 2 y.o. about
rich-c: thanks for dropping by, james
Ronald: nite all
james: thanks for puttin up w/ me :P
Pamela: anytime : )
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: so I'm away too - goodnight all
Pamela: okay Dad, I'll wait to hear from you on Friday evening
rich-c: will do
Pamela: gnite Daddy, drive safely and take care
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: gnite to Mom too
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Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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