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BobS: .....................
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BobS requested to ban BobS
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hail and farewell
BobS: say what??????
BobS: kill me willya????
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rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: Ahtht feels better
BobS: so was the trip home????
rich-c: please tell the gang they aren't beibg ignored, I just have too bad a back to participate tonihgt
BobS: we hit Mackinaw City on Fri, stayed the night and then headed back towards Traverse City
BobS: ok
BobS: hope it gets better Richard
rich-c: trip home was dreadful, I couldn't get out of the van
BobS: oh oh
BobS: sorry to hear that
rich-c: then the Doc underprescribed Friday
BobS: hurt yourself before leaving Wisconsin???
rich-c: just got the right meds this afternoon
rich-c: actually second day out and t got progressively worse from there
BobS: oh.......didn't know that
rich-c: anyhow I am hurting and buzzed out of my mind on surgical strength analgesics
BobS: didn'thear you complaining abou it then
BobS: ok be well....or get well K ???
rich-c: so gotta go fall asleep
BobS: nite
rich-c: OK - best to all - nite now
rich-c: bye
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changed username to frances
frances: Hi, Bob
BobS: hi Frances
BobS: looked away for a few minutes after richard left
BobS: he says this all started second day out on the trip, eh?
BobS: and..........
frances: We've had a bad time with Richard's back and I'm not happy with the way the doctor is treating it
BobS: got wrong meds her in the states?
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello Bob
BobS: hi Daniel
Daniel B: hello Frances
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frances: He tripped over something in the trailer and half fell twisting his back in the process
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel B: hello GuyB
frances: Hello, Daniel
BobS: ouch!!!
Guy B.: Greetings!
Guy B.: What happen to Rich Frances?
BobS: got to be more carefu;
frances: Every time it improved he did something to injure again
Daniel B: what? when? ...
BobS: well, he was on vacation with his buddies yo know
BobS: Richard has back problems Daniel
Daniel B: so, he didn't return safety to home...
frances: Richard hurt his back on our trip Guy and is now in considerable pain
BobS: hurts LOTS
Daniel B: that's terrible!
Guy B.: Oh my. Just when he was getting on hte mend.
frances: He is taking Tylenol 3's and they zonk him completely.
Guy B.: How did it happen?
frances: Just today, the doctor gave him a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory so I hope it will work
BobS: sounds like he needs STRONG relaxation pills, they should help
frances: Guy, he half fell and twisted his back saving himself
Guy B.: That should help. Now, I get hit with a nasty sinus infection and got a fever and will miss work for the remainder of this week.
frances: All this happened at the b eginning of the trip but it nevergot better
frances: Last Wed. we werewalking slowly around the campground and somehow he twisted it again
Guy B.: He needs to rest right now.
frances: On Thursday morning, he could hardly move.
frances: I did all the takedown and we decided to drive straight through to Toronto on Thursday
frances: Arrived in TO at 9:00 pm and had Pam waiting for us
frances: Between Pam and I, we unhitched the van and trailer and brought in a lot of stuff
frances: The doctor started him on the T-3s but they don't help except to zonk him so today he got new medications
frances: I hope they work
frances: He came on here earlier to say he couldn't manage chat tonight but I thought a bit more info would help
frances: Guy, I'm sorry to hear about your sinus infection
BobS: yes ma'am, and we thank yo for fillling in the blanks
frances: Bob, we had a terrib le storm about midnight Tuesday. Did you?
frances: We were near Roscommon - not really that far from you
BobS: hmmmmm
BobS: NO, we didn't have mucha t all
BobS: at all.......
BobS: just wet here thsi morning
BobS: this
BobS: gonna be yucky with rain and snow flurries tomorrow and Friday though
BobS: oops. LAST Tues??????like the 3rd ???
BobS: don't remember a bad storm then either
frances: Knocked out the power in the whole neighbourhood and it was off until 5:00 in the afternoon
frances: Yes, I mean the 3rd
frances: Anyway, I just stopped in to fill in the blanks. I think Pam will be along later. Tell her we've been and gone
BobS: nope, don't remember bad storms
frances: Okay, I'll leave you-all to more interesting stuff. Bye-bye
frances left chat session
BobS: well she left
BobS: Richard has GOT to start being careful; he IS a senior citizen aftera ll
Daniel B: I don't know how bad is his back now... I'm worrying... I feel bad, and, at the same time, I know that it's not my fault.
BobS: Richard will be back.....
BobS: his alwasys comes thru.......after many doctor visits
Daniel B: news about me : I don't know if my contract will be extended, the "end is near" for my current job. I try to write a presentation for the arcademy section of arcadia festival this november. And I have several projets on the ice since the past three years, and now some projects resurected like a renew of interrest in my old unfinished projects.
Daniel B: I'm at my job now, and it's almost time for me to quit if I want to return home before midnight.
Daniel B: goodnight... talk to you next week!
Daniel B: *poof*
Daniel B left chat session
Guy B.: Well, Bob. Just you and I, unless Ron or anyone else shows up.
BobS: well sir,,,,,,tis time to totter on meself. don't look like anyuone else is going to visit us
BobS: tis a lonely place....... ;-)
BobS: see yo next week
Guy B.: I think you're right. Boy, a short chat tonight.
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Guy B.: Bye
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