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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi, pWed Nov 01 20:59:08 GMT-05:00 2006: Guy Foster : Guy Foster: Greetingz.
Guy Foster: Tired, sleeping on average 4 hrs a night...
rich-c: is that zzzzz as in don't you wish?
rich-c: figued as much - early parenthood cuts in on the rest
Guy Foster: Yeah, lots of running around, and it doesn't stop.
rich-c: so how are mother and daughter doing?
Guy Foster: Daughter is fine, mother is pooped as hell.
rich-c: yes, that sort of figures - it wasn't that easy a pregnancy
Guy Foster: We're both so tired, getting used to the new life, BUT I still find time for Adamcon, so, it's probably not as bad.
rich-c: that's a good and solid point if view
rich-c: life goes own, despite temporary distrubsances
Guy Foster: Beauty of life. Also been doing a good 30 KMs per day cycling to and from work, not used to it, so it's tiring.
Guy Foster: Wonder where Dan is tonight, he's usually on time...
rich-c: oh, Daniel is not THAT precise, sometimes a bit early, sometimes a few minutes late
rich-c: but, why the cycling? especially in this weather?
Guy Foster: It was beautiful today... Been cycling for a few months now, but took a few weeks off. It's something I enjoy doing. Picked up a studded tire, so I plan on doing it in the winter too... It's just one of those things like skiing in the cold, I like cycling in the cold.
rich-c: to each his own - I'm a bit beyond the years for such things
rich-c: but I confess that the thought of cycling amid Montreal trafficc would scare me spitless
Guy Foster: It's never too late to bike, it's very low impact. Yeah, I cycle on Sherbrooke and De Maisonneuve daily during rush hour traffic. Makes me appeciate my life.
rich-c: howeverr little may be left of it, in that stew?
rich-c: do they have bicycle lanes on Montreal streeets?
Guy Foster: Yeah, some of them do, but not enough to get me home, about 20% of my ride is on bike lanes, the rest, I got to fend for myself.
rich-c: we have a very vociferous bicycle lobby in Toronto
rich-c: they don't think much of the way bike lanes are enforced, or the drivers otherwise
Guy Foster: Yeah, a lot of people on the bike forum I visit daily are from Toronto, lots of cyclists.
rich-c: I imagine you get a pretty sympathetic earful, then
rich-c: you could easily spend all your time comparing horror stories
Guy Foster: not really, I don't really read the local forums, perhaps I should though as it seems I'm missing out on some interesting stories. Here in Montreal we have this thing called Critical Mass where hundreds of cyclists meet up once a month and take over the streets of Montreal to protest against cars and cyclists that are killed.
Guy Foster: Critical Mass happens everywhere across North America, Toronto has one too.
rich-c: yes, I've read about that - and I think they are headed for BIG trouble
Guy Foster: why's that?
rich-c: people who go out of their way to be pains in the butt to others generally meet a comeuppance
Guy Foster: So why not crack down on drivers who drive recklessly? They're big pains in the butt!
rich-c: I agree with you 100% - but at least they do get caught and ticketed at times
Guy Foster: I've never been to one of those Critical Mass thingies, so I can't really give first hand experience, but I plan on going in a few weeks.
rich-c: maybe it isn't really the place for a new papa right now - there are risks
Guy Foster: Life would be too plain without risks!
rich-c: sort of like picket lines that block entrances - every once in a while someone loses it and drives right through
Guy Foster: But yeah, there's risks involved, sure....
Guy Foster: But, it's just a big bike ride through the streets, most of the time, it's very friendly and peaceful.
Guy Foster: Yeah, strikes and picket lines are pretty rough, lots of emotions.
rich-c: here it tends to be a traffic-blocking mass running deliberately slowly on a critical street at rush hour
Guy Foster: Yeah, we'll see how it goes, will give you a full report in 3 weeks!
rich-c: me, I don't drive downtown at all, and usually drive in off-peak hours to the extent Toronto has any
Guy Foster: I hate driving in rush hour traffic too... so annoying.
rich-c: yes, that's why Critical Mass is unwise - like teasing and already enraged rattlesnake
Guy Foster: Or teasing a bull with a red cape! Anyways, as much as I'd love to stay, my eyes are closing and need to catch some zzzzzs. Waking up at 4:30 AM tomorrow... long day ahead!
rich-c: now, we should have Daniel appearing - he didn't send a note saying he wouldn't be here
rich-c: know where you're coming from, Guy - hope things have eased by next week
Guy Foster: thanks, take cre RICH
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Daniel: good evening Rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel - Guy was looking for you but had to leave
rich-c: seems our group is a bit thin this evening
Daniel: I will check on Yahoo Messenger
rich-c: you mean with Guy?
rich-c: he is really tired, he left because he was desperate for sleep
Daniel: ok, I will just check if he's online.
rich-c: right - I never use any of those programs myself, so I forget they exist
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Ronald: Evening all.
rich-c: greetings to the wet coast
Ronald: tomorrow we will be wet
Daniel: hi Ron
Ronald: for the moment we're cold
Ronald: Hi Daniel
rich-c: we are a little short of "all" at the moment, but we're trying
Ronald: was gonna say
rich-c: GuyF was here earlier, but he has to get up at 4.30 a.m.
Ronald: eMac is now back home after having had Mother of all boards replaced - under warranty
Ronald: groan! 4:30 am ??
Ronald: baby related?
rich-c: don't know where the Drushels or Slopsemas are, or Guy B
rich-c: oh yes, new child and exhausted mother - the first few weeks are rough
Ronald: Seem to remember that part
Ronald: not fun as I recall
rich-c: yes, you'll always remember enough of it to be understanding
Ronald: yes
Daniel: I will present my powerpoint about Coleco programming at the Arcadia festival next friday. I'm suddently stressed.
rich-c: so your eMac went and died on you?
rich-c: what's the Arcadia Festival, Daniel?
Ronald: yeah.... something called a kernel panic. Seems that there was a recall. My Dealer alerted me to it
Ronald: Yes, Daniel I can well understand that.
rich-c: OK - I'm not even going to ask; some things it's better not to know 8-)
Ronald: A festival of Arcadians?
Ronald: presumably computer oriented Arcadians
rich-c: presumably Arcade (game) oriented computer folk
Daniel: the program (schedule) of this event is available
Ronald: right
rich-c: is this the first presentation you've done, Daniel?
rich-c: and will you be doing it in English or French?
Daniel: except the one I improvised at the Adamcon last year? and the one I did for ma master in computer science? yes.
Ronald: aha
Daniel: it will be in french. I asked Guy Foster to be part of the presentation.
rich-c: in short your first general public one for a group not familiar to you
Ronald: you'll do fine
rich-c: well, with Guy for moral support, and no language fusses, you will be fine
Daniel: Unfortunatly, Guy told me last week that he will not be free for this.
rich-c: that is indeed a pity, though more than easily understandable
Ronald: bribe him
Daniel: I suppose Guy wanted to talk about this tonight
rich-c: doesn't matter, Daniel knows his stuff and more - he'll knock 'em dead
Ronald: aha, Trois jours de jeu sans pause
Ronald: celui-ci sera formidable
rich-c: j'wespere il y aura pleine de cafe!
rich-c: how many folks will be there, Daniel?
Ronald: I like the skull and the music
Ronald: Hip Hop
rich-c: I'm not going there right now - I'm just trying out IE7 which I downloaded last night
rich-c: to say the least, not too familiar with it yet
Daniel: last year... I suppose it was about 5000 visitors
Ronald: mm. sounds like quite a gathering
rich-c: though when I am, I'll be able to open sites like that in tabs
Daniel: I downloaded Firefox 2.0 with a couple of modules for it. pretty cool.
Ronald: using two computers (macs)
rich-c: how many gaming systems represented, Daniel? All of them 8-bit?
Daniel: In fact, retro gaming is only a zone in this giant festival.
rich-c: I'm planning Firefox 2.0 but read a notice that an extension that sounds very useful can be had for only
Daniel: new games, consoles, and many companies showing there stuff
rich-c: right - sounds very hard core
Daniel: a scene for some mutliplayer contests, music performances, etc.
Daniel: last year, it was difficult to just talk to someone.
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Ronald: Where are you? Flashback Zone?
changed username to Brian
rich-c: far too much for us old folks, but I'm sure you'll have a ball, Daniel
Daniel: yes, flashback because Atari Canada give the money to pay this zone... and displayed some Flashback 2.0 consoles at the same time.
rich-c: hello Brian?
Brian: Hi all
Brian: stumbled in here while researching old Adam info
Ronald: Hey Brian!
Daniel: hello
rich-c: greetings - what brings you by tonight?
Brian: oh
Brian: i was thinking about my Adam I had in college
Brian: and how I typed everyone's papers...
rich-c: hope you'll find the stumble cushy enough to hang around a bit
Brian: so funny I should think about that almost 20 years later.
Ronald: We
Ronald: are still here
Ronald: were are you?
Brian: New York, NY
rich-c: yes - I bought my Adam because finally someone had built a typewriter that worked properly (in my views)
Brian: ha -- letter quality!
Ronald: Big Apple
rich-c: which part of NYC?
Ronald: Did you ever meet Rob Frieman?
Brian: I'm in Lower Manhattan - Battery Park City
Brian: Ronald: no, don't know that name.
rich-c: Rob was out on Long Island, wasn't he?
Ronald: Think Rob was Long Island, yes
rich-c: nice turf - most of the time
Brian: yes
Brian: Downtown is sooo busy now.
rich-c: but a little too close to 9/11
Brian: right out my window in fact.
rich-c: I am in Toronto, Daniel is in Quebec City, Ron is in Vancouver
Brian: Hello Canadians
Ronald: And I'm on the west coast - Vancouver Island
Brian: Originally from Seattle (Whidbey Island!)
Ronald: Yup... I know where that is...
Brian: ferried to Vancouver Island a couple times
Brian: yep
rich-c: we're waiting for Dr. D from Cleveland, Guy from Chicago, and Robert from Grand Rapids
Brian: what is the discussion like here usually?
Brian: (sorry if I'm re-hashing what has already happened)
rich-c: they are usually here by now, but sometimes slip up
Ronald: Not at all Brian. Enjoy your reminiscences
rich-c: well, by now we are a pretty familiar bunch of friends and talk about personal stuff and computers
Daniel: usually we talk about weather, health, some news and events in our lives.
Ronald: There are about 20-25 of us left who still keep in touch
Daniel: personally, I try to talk about programming.
rich-c: my daughter may well appear shortly - she often watches tv till 10
Brian: ahh
Ronald: Do you still have an ADAM Brian?
Brian: I married my wife *partly* because of the Adam
Brian: No!! I want mine back!!
Brian: :-)
rich-c: yes, Daniel was telling us about an arcade games show where he is to deliver a powerpoint presentation
Brian: I'm about ready to buy one somwhere
Ronald: I have 5 out here, although I don't use them regularly at all
Ronald: Well, if you can't find one closer, we can fix you up
Brian: Ronald: Sounds great!
rich-c: yes, I have a good number, but can't access them right now
Brian: Can I guess that this group is in the 40 something age bracket?
rich-c: having back spasms so can't get up and down stairs carrying things
Brian: oy
Ronald: not good Rich
rich-c: oh, I'll get over it
Daniel: I'm one of the youngest adults around here.
Brian: (still kids at heart)
rich-c: yes, our group runs from middle 20s to my 76
Ronald: Our 19th annual gathering will be in Ottawa next year
Brian: so the 20 yr olds have no idea what it was like in the 80's
Brian: ha
Daniel: in year 1984, when Coleco Adam was out, I had only 9 years old.
Ronald: you qualify as 2nd generation Daniel
Ronald: I'm 62
Brian: 40 here in NY
Brian: I'd like to get a Colecovision & ADAM for my 12 yr old son
rich-c: hey, even nine year olds could handle some games
Ronald: Sure like the music on the Acadia Website Danie
Brian: show him what it was like 'in the day'
Ronald: Daniel
rich-c: you're just younger than my daughter
Daniel: I programmed a lot on a Commodore Vic-20. I saw only a Coleco Adam for the first time , late in the '90s.
Ronald: Have you tried the ADAM Emulator Brian?
Brian: Ronald: no! not yet.
Ronald: there's a download that will make it possible for you to run ADAM on your IBM.... free....
Brian: Daniel: I had a Vic-20 - rememeber taking the power supply out of the case so it wouldn't over heat
Ronald: who's got the website?
rich-c: I still have a bare Vic20 in the basement - have never used it
Ronald:, I think
Ronald: it was written by Marcel deKogel, who's from Holland
Brian: in case I forget: if you ever need a NYC contact (Brian Boyd)
Ronald: Allows you to set up a virtual ADAM
rich-c: the weasel is, the joystick emulation sucks
Ronald: Great Brian got that noted
Daniel: I lost my original vic-20, but I have another one, just like new, the computer still white.
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Brian: Daniel: That's too funny. Good for you. Got a TRS-80 as well? :-)
changed username to rich-1
Daniel: if you have problem to run AdamEm on your computer, try running it with DOS emulator DOSBOX.
rich-1: sorry, knocked myself off
Ronald: I'm a Mac Freak
Daniel: trs-80, yes. one ti99/4a,and a fully functionnal Commodore 64 with 3 drives
rich-1: no Trash-80 here, but could I interest you in a TI-99/4A? ; - )
Ronald: got eMac, 2 iMacs, SE SE30
rich-1: basically (and unhappily) I'm stuck with Windows these days
Ronald: poor kid
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changed username to james
rich-1: I think it is either the Alt key or Windows key that keeps knocking me off
james: afternoon everyone
rich-1: good morning, james - how are things in Nippon?
james: warm and sunny
Ronald: Hey James...... Brian Boyd, meet James deCarlo -- James is in Japan
james: we're in the high teens low 20s still
james: hello brian
Ronald: Brian is in New York City
Brian: brb
Daniel: the windows key, it's ctrl+alt in one button. but I use windows button for at least two things.
rich-1: colour me green with envy - we're little over 0 at the moment (metric, Brian)
Daniel: windows+d : show desktop (minimize all the application windows?)
james: so how is everyone?
Daniel: windows+e : open a file/folder explorer
Ronald: able to sit up and take nourishment
Daniel: hello james
Daniel: I'm fine
Ronald: which I'm doing
Daniel: but stressed for next week.
rich-1: yes, but how do I recover when it closes my browser?
Ronald: no idea Rich
Daniel: check this :
james: did something happen, ron?
rich-1: exactly my problem - I can tell you control-z does not do it
Ronald: not that I know of
Daniel: I will talk about Coleco programming november 10.
rich-1: brb
Ronald: Daniel has a presentation to make
Ronald: Just keep the music on the festivalacadia site playing Daniel... you can dance your way through it
Ronald: is that ever cool
Brian: Hi James from NYC
Daniel: nintendo will certainly show its new wii console with a couple of games. and me, at the same time and event, I will talk about how people can do games for the ColecoVision.
Brian: Great to meet you all. I hope to see you again.
Brian: I'll put this in my calendar for next week.
Ronald: We're here every Wed night Brian
james: nice to meet you brian
james: speak for yourself, ron :P
Ronald: drop in when you can... there's usually a few more of us
Brian: Until then, thanks for bringing back some *warm* memories. Nice folks here.
Ronald: I know I know
rich-1: come back often, Brian - great to have you\
james: just givin ya grief. how are things on the wet coast?
Brian: you got it!
Daniel: sometimes, we are more than 5 to chat.
Ronald: oh yes, we're about as nice (and nutty) as they come
james: by brian!
Brian: great group it seems
Brian: bye
Brian: ttyl
Daniel: bye Brian
Ronald: nite Brian
Brian left chat session
Ronald: sometimes I'm not here Wed nights
Ronald: had 3 meetings to go to last week between 5 pm and 8 pm
james: i prefer thursday mornings. how are you doing, rich?
rich-1: yes, you've been very delinquent of late
Ronald: so much for retirement
Ronald: oh yes... forgot about the time lapse
rich-1: another bout of pneumonia - seeing the respirologist tomorrow afternoon
Ronald: Hot rums Rich...tilll you can't see the end of the bed
rich-1: afraid pneumonia takes a bit more than that, Ron
Ronald: Yes, I suppose so
Ronald: Daniel, how long is your presentation to be?
rich-1: but in many cases antibiotics like the one I'm on will knock it down
james: always a good thing
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-1: well, at my age you have to expect things like that
Daniel: Hi GuyB
Ronald: Hey Daniel, I see a 3 day pass to the show is only $20. That's pretty good
rich-1: hello, Guy - you're late
Ronald: Evening Mr. Bona
rich-1: we actually had another American on, from NYC
Daniel: the schedule is in a PDF file in the web site, it supposed to be 45 minutes. so it will be a quick introduction.
Guy B.: I know. Had to see the doctor, then had to do a couple of errands. Take care of Annie then have something to eat.
Ronald: tu aura du parler bien vite
rich-1: yes - you working folk have so much to fill up your time
james: yeah, pesky work always getting in the way of loafing
rich-1: so how is the new school doing in Japan?
Ronald: so much for my use of the future imperfect.... doesn't look right
Daniel: even if I can write a game in 2 hours, I can't talk about all you have to know about Coleco programming in 45 minutes... 45 hours maybe, but not 45 minutes.
Ronald: yeah right
rich-1: try il tu faudra parler bien vite (vivment?)
Ronald: that looks better Rich
james: up to five students at the new place
james: with another couple potentials
Ronald: aha... a beginning James
james: and i have 90 at my school here
rich-1: isn't that how many you started the original with?
james: which is helping to offset the quarts of red ink i'm spilling on the new place
james: yeah, started out small here
Daniel: my personal record is a frog game written in one hour and fifty seven minutes in QuickBasic.
james: only difference being is that here i had no overhead until after i had a good base
rich-1: ha! at this rate of growth you'll be a tycoon in three years
james: but it'll come together
james: sign is going up on monday, new flyers are going out soon
Ronald: That's quite an achievement Daniel
james: once the second is established and i work through the potential staffing difficulties, i'm going to start a 3rd
james: very hard to find part-time help where i am and the position just won't be full time for awhile
rich-1: I guess Daniel's presentation will have to be an "overview"
Daniel: for the minigame compo this year, it took me 6 hours to program Jump or Die.
Daniel: I never reach the 2 hours again
james: the third will be about the same distance from here in the opposite direction, which makes me nice and central
Ronald: brb
james: we're finally building our own place too
rich-1: and when you get enough, james, you franchise them and live off the profits 8-)
Daniel: yes, an overview. a few info about Coleco, the console and then a game sample.
Ronald: James..... the Tim Horton of the educational world
james: i'm hoping to eventually become a more support / managerial role, though i'd still be hands on for awhile yet
james: lol
rich-1: sounds like you have it well planned and ready, Daniel
james: i actually don't want to get too big
james: because then i end up being like these chain schools i've come to loathe
james: mcnova
rich-1: well, as long as the yen get big enough...
james: so i'd like to concentrate on these 2 or potentially 3 or 4 places with a focus on education and quality, personal interaction with the students
Ronald: Just avoid Income Trusts
Daniel: no choice, the organisation asked to have a copy of my presentation last week-end. I did one in a rush. it's a powerpoint, about 70 pages. So I will pass them very quickly to stay in the 45 minutes.
rich-1: yes, I would say so, Daniel!
Ronald: Yes, Daniel you can do that.
james: no canada trip next year, unfortunately. don't have the numbers. just as well though as i have enough on my plate as is without trying to plan that
james: and getting a house built. hope to break ground in march
rich-1: hope that does not rule out a personal Canada trip
Ronald: understood James. We're disappointed, but given what you've got on your plate, that's how it has to be
Daniel: my job, my actual contract, it's extended again... the next limit is january 6th.
james: it's just too expensive. short of the new place taking off, and i mean reaching a good 30 or 40 kids by the spring, it's just not feasible
Ronald: good Daniel... that's a hopeful sign
rich-1: why are we not surprised, Daniel?
james: but at this rate, it could be a full year before i reach anywhere near that point. that's fine, i can be patient and stay the course
james: just not goin anywhere for awhile
rich-1: they've found out you're good - now they need to take you on permanent
Daniel: I know well the system now. Keeping me is not futile.
Ronald: James, I suspect what you're doing will be worth it in the long run
james: permanent employment would be very good dan!
rich-1: it's the prudent and profitable thing to do, james - but it ain't no fun
james: i agree, despite my frustration of a month ago
Daniel: that's impossible with this company... I'm afraid.
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rich-1: they're too small?
james: am definitely going to celebrate two milestones - the first being break-even on the running costs
changed username to BobS
james: and the second being breaking even overall on the startup costs
rich-1: well, Roberto, you finally made it
BobS: howdy ya'll
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Ronald: Hey Bob
james: i think pizza would be appropriate for such a celebration
Ronald: Both would be significant achievements James
rich-1: in Japan, pizza ain't like it is here
james: indeed it isn't
Daniel: well, the company is running well of the work of two guys, if one leave, the company may be in difficulty. and they work only with small contracts (a few months at a time)
rich-1: in fact maybe you should open a joint on the side - DeCarlo's Real Pizza
Ronald: Bob, we had a fellow here from NYC earlier, a fellow named Brian Boyd
Daniel: ... I can't read what I written
james: as close as a thing called "sacrilege" that i'll ever acknowledge
Daniel: I hope you understand I tried to say
james: rich, y'know in all honesty i have actually considered that
Daniel: again... word missing...
Daniel: I'm probably tired.
rich-1: I think we've caught it, Daniel, even if you didn't know you got it right
Daniel: hi Bob!
BobS: hi Daniel
james: the pizza that isn't totally blasphemed by what they put on it (corn, mayo, tuna, squid ink, potato) is very pricy
james: $30 for what is basically a medium over there
Ronald: Oh YUUUCHHH!
rich-1: to be honest in turn, I wasn't entireely joking, james
james: so a pizza place, even a small one is something i'd like to do and hire staff to take on
Daniel: Please note that I will be at the Arcadia Festival next week. I will talk about Coleco programming during time Nintendo will show its new console at the same event.
Ronald: will look forward to knowing how it went Daniel
rich-1: maybe I should send you a menu from our local gourmet pizza place
james: if in the very least, a place that is marginally profitable from which i can get free pizza at my beckoning :D
rich-1: sounds like a plan, james
rich-1: your big problem would be getting cured meats and cheese
james: when this second school finally takes off, i will likely pull out of the place i am now, buy a plot of land and build
Daniel: I need to sleep, we are in a rush at my job, working on a new version of the system for next week.
james: would rather build up equity than pay rent
rich-1: understood, Daniel - take care of yourself
james: that is easier to get now here at a reasonable cost than before
BobS: so waht's thise NEXT SCHOOL business james?
Ronald: Yeah Danial, go lie down...... good luck with the presentation
Daniel: nice to talk to you again James
james: bob, in sept i started a second school
BobS: for?
BobS: differenta ges, or curriculum?
Daniel: good night
BobS: night Daniel
james: a year from now, i'd like to be working on a 3rd, if not sooner. i have a location in mind. from there i'd settle down a bit
james: i don't want too many schools
Daniel: talk to you next week.
rich-1: bonsoir, Daniel
Guy B.: Night Daniel
james: different location
Daniel: I think I want a school with my name. :-) I'm really tired... bye!
BobS: and who is gonna teach in the satellite schools?
Daniel: * poof *
james: the house we're going to buy will come with one of these:
Daniel left chat session
rich-1: actually, it's to give him a base while he introduces Japan to real pizza ; - 0
Guy B.: There is a new version of Firefox. I'm downloading it now.
james: the idea is that i hire a teacher, hopefully i can get it up to a full-time position eventually
james: and that we work between the schools so the students get exposed to more
james: there's pizza hut and a few places that aren't too bad, but there is work to be done
rich-1: I was about to d/l 2.0, Guy, but found an extension that only works with 1,5,0.7
rich-1: it looks so promising I'm delaying the conversion
BobS: hey James, more power to you in this endeaver
james: the house will also come with one of these:
james: heh heh
james: and a rather large one at that. i'll be rich's age by the time the damn thing is paid off
rich-1: but I got Internet explorer 7 last night and am testing it here now
james: or maybe ron's age
Ronald: old..... I mean, really really old eh?
rich-1: absolutely ancient, Ron
Ronald: :)
Ronald: he'll get there before that
Ronald: We'll see him at Adamcon 35
Ronald: that makes me 87
rich-1: with mansions in Japan and Ottawa, a fleet of Mercedes', ...
Ronald: yeah
rich-1: so Bob, you are uncharacteristically quiet - what gives?
BobS: am awestruck with your conversations
BobS: :-)
Guy B.: I have to see if any of mine will work with version 2 once I install it.
Ronald: geez ! doesn't take much
rich-1: they'd be even better if you were a part of them
rich-1: you mean Firefox 2.0, Guy? My cursor cronies whop've tried it like it
Ronald: Hey Rich... got tickets for Jeff and I to the Western CFL final
Ronald: nosebleed section, but somewhere in the building I presume
BobS: that tis true, but I am surrounded by 'puter guru's you know
rich-1: bet on BC
BobS: COOL ron, when is that?
Ronald: Of course..... we do not yet know who our opponent is
Ronald: Nov 12
rich-1: final is two weeks Sunday and should be good
Ronald: BC Lions vs either Calgary of Saskatchewan
BobS: and this game is in a warm{kinda} place?
Ronald: Yup... indoors
rich-1: if it's Saskatchewan, it should be a corker of a game
Ronald: never been to BC Place Stadium
rich-1: take your earplugs - apparently it's deafening
Ronald: yes, so I understand, and It'll be a sell out
rich-1: whee! 50,000 screaming fans all letting loose at once
Ronald: right.... like LOUD
rich-1: and Bob, footbal indoors is for sissies - ask Green Bay or Denver or Buffalo
Ronald: Oh yes sir.... intend to do just that. Daughter in law says it can be a father/son thing...she's not interested
Ronald: have to agree Rich.... but hey..... out here it can get real wet on the field real fast were it not for that roof
rich-1: females often show a stronger sense of self-preservation
BobS: NO WAY cold outdoors is BAD for yourhealth
Ronald: something about football at 23 deg F
rich-1: well, they've had snow in Calgary, and cold now, so maybe this weekends game will be - traditional...
Ronald: Have seen Quarterbacks cave because their hands were too cold to handle the ball
rich-1: well, I've seen close to that but no cigar - but it's tough
rich-1: remember the Ice Bowl Grey Cup in Montreal a while back?
Ronald: they have to go to the big honkin' warm fan in the sidelines inbetween plays
rich-1: yes, I'd hate to think how much propane they consume in a game
Ronald: exactly
Ronald: but not in BC Place
rich-1: only Grey Cup I ever saw was the Mud Bowl in Toronto in the late '40s
Ronald: right
rich-1: no, in BC place in fact the problem is in reverse - hard to cool it enough
Ronald: was at one in Montreal 1982 I think. Don't remember much about it
Ronald: :)
Ronald: Ottawa vs Edmonton
Ronald: remember JC Watts?
rich-1: likely saw it on tv, but don't recall
Ronald: He was a rookie QB that year for Ottawa, and darned near won the game
Ronald: he's now a Senator from Oklahoma
Ronald: I think
rich-1: right - I remember him - now he's a Republican politician
Ronald: yup
rich-1: did he make the Senate? I thought he was a Representative
Ronald: the had something like a 21-3 lead at half time over Warren Moon and Wilkie and Co. They lost it by a field goal in the last minute of play
rich-1: anyway, unless he's an off-year senator, he could well be unemployed after next Tuesday
BobS: ouch,
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. Will be taking Annie out soon. I should be earlier next week. See you all then.
Ronald: you may well be right Rich.... not sure
BobS: nite Guy
rich-1: see you Guy
BobS: did GuyF stop by tonight?
Ronald: Nite Guy. Be well
BobS: wonder how he is holding up
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-1: yes, he was first on after me - but he goes to work at 4.30 a.m.
BobS: tha would make for an early night every night
rich-1: he is dreadfully tired - just like any parents are the first few months
BobS: was visiting Judy's folks tonight and next week will be at my folks for while at night, so late again.......sigh
BobS: can belive taht
BobS: that
Ronald: family priorities
rich-1: well, don't be so late we all give up and go home ; - )
BobS: yup, have to have them you know. both sets of parents in 80's so make time count whilest we can
BobS: try not richar
BobS: d
Ronald: exactly Bob
BobS: hey's the weather by you?
BobS: saw the COLD weather in Washington and Oregon
BobS: REAL cold
Ronald: yeah we've got some kind of off shore outflow happening here..... we're pretty much right on freezing
Ronald: supposed to moderate tomorrow
BobS: too early for taht, isn't it?
Ronald: seems to be affecting the entire coast
rich-1: buddy in Calgary said they went Halloweening in blowing snow lat night, Bob
BobS: course, our weather is all screwed up here also
Ronald: yep... usually doesn't happen till Jan
BobS: rain like crazy and colder thatn normal
BobS: YIKES, we had freezing temps here, but no snow
rich-1: we have been very cloudy and cold - 30's F
Ronald: kids had to bundle up last night. Felt sorry for 'em
rich-1: have had snow showers but they vanish fast and melt away
james: apologies
Ronald: At one point I looked out and there were more parents on the street than kids
BobS: AND the Nat'l Weather svc says warmer than normal for Nov
james: was on the phone. looks like someone is interested in the new place
Ronald: aha... another customer
james: sunny and 20 over here :D
Ronald: oh be quiet James!
james: think i'm going to go outside for a walk to enjoy it
BobS: we had only about 65 kids from 6:15pm thru 7:30pm and then they just stoppped.......strange
james: i've been thinking of taking up golf too
Ronald: well sure eh. I would
Ronald: sure...rub it in
james: heh heh
james: october here was really nice
Ronald: Was out last Sunday morning for what is probably my last golf game..... fun
rich-1: in our neighbourhood, kids no longer come by
Ronald: I'm not that dedicated
BobS: don't get too smug james, you'll get yours
james: we got ours last year
james: over 2 meters of snow in december
Ronald: yeah Rich...that was the case at Mom's place. But here it's a younger neighbourhood
rich-1: well ours is heavily Jewish and they just don't celebrate Christian activities
BobS: remember sir, December is just around the corner
Ronald: Christian? is that what it is?
rich-1: I can wait
james: silly me, thinking the samhain festival was pagan :P
Ronald: Oh by the way Robert..... are we doing the Christmas card this year?
BobS: no way, halloween is strictly NOT christian in any way
BobS: absolutely ron if you would be so kind
rich-1: sure - All Hallows Eve - gather the Catholic church still celebrates All Hallows feast day
Ronald: Ok... will have to get my A** in gear
james: yeah, exactly why the right wing fundy nutbars have their panties in a knot about it
Ronald: so all you good and loyal ADAM users who would like to contibute to the annual Xmas card.... a nag message will follow soon
rich-1: yes, they don't like pagan overtones on a Christian celebration
rich-1: they have other strange ideas too
Ronald: there was just such a nutbar on the radio yesterday morning....talking about why UNICEF will no longer give the little change boxes to kids
Ronald: Some political malarky about doing more meaningful fundraising
rich-1: thought that was because there wre excessive losses
Ronald: no, apparently the raised Millions with that method
Ronald: they raised
Ronald: Oh well. life goes on despite my failure to believe the BC
rich-1: but it wasn't Politicall Correct - so make it toast. Right
Ronald: BS
Ronald: BS BC whatever
BobS: so guys.......tis time I headed for the sack
Ronald: pretty much Rich
BobS: I want you ALL to behave till next week !!!! (grin)
Ronald: See Kerry put his foot in it again
rich-1: my tolerance for political correctness is fading rapidly in my old age
BobS: say HI to wives, significant otherws, or whoever!!!!
Ronald: Ok Bob... Hi to Judy
rich-1: will do Bob, and our best to Judy
BobS: yup, and even the strong democaratic senator in MI is calling for Kerry's apology
BobS: bye ya'll
Ronald: tee hee
BobS left chat session
rich-1: well, our Jenny is a pretty straight girl
Ronald: But then we have Peter Mckay
rich-1: guess it's time I chucked it in too - need my sack time these days
Ronald: right men. I shall see what's in my fridge for supper
Ronald: take care of yourself Rich
james: arright, i should get some work done here too
james: and go outside for that nice sunny walk or bike ride
Ronald: Hopefully next week all....
rich-1: very good - james, tell me when you want that pizza menu ; - )
Ronald: niters all
rich-1: see you all next week, then
rich-1: ttfn
Ronald: pooooofff!
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