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rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello ?!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
rich-c: me voici
Daniel Bienvenu: this friday, I will do a speech on Coleco programming in Montreal during the Arcadia festival
rich-c: I have invited another Adam gamer to visit tonight - name of Luc Morin
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc Morin? ... it's ... pixelboy in some <forums
rich-c: yes, I remember you discussing it last week - less nervous now?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm still nervous.
rich-c: not surprising, is it your presentation debut?
Daniel Bienvenu: I recorded my voice just in case... :-P
rich-c: that may be smarter than you think - your voice can go away for all sorts of reasons
Daniel Bienvenu: Except the presentation I did during my studies, my master in computer science and the little improvized one I did at the Adamcon last year... yes, it's my first one
rich-c: I am having big voice troubles now from my medications
rich-c: hey, you're over the big hump - now you are expanding your horizons, gaining experience
Daniel Bienvenu: During my master I did a research on signal transformation, image transformation, etc...
rich-c: you have to remember I am not a tech - I can follow you to a point, but...
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a web site that use a kind of neural network to record your voice print then use a small program text-to-wave that use this voice print to simulate your talking.
rich-c: OK, I think I can figure out what tht is about
rich-c: the neural net would simulate the brain's response to sound, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, the samples are in english. I don't know if they continue the experimentations with other languages.
Daniel Bienvenu: a neural network can be used to quickly converge to a solution without programming it.
rich-c: you know, way back when Sid Carter did a speech recofding cartridge for the Adam
rich-c: but it wasn't that sort of effort
rich-c: not sure I can figure out quite how a neural network could work without some underlying programming
rich-c: at least some sort of operating system
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if your computer can do Java, like it does now for this Chat application, I may find again the nice applet using a neural network to converge to a determinate map configuration... it's funny to see how the learning works
rich-c: yes, that's one of those things I know exists but will never pursue in detail
rich-c: btw, I found what happens (so to speak) when I hit the wrong key and get dumped from chat
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: for some reason last week after dumping me Java put an error message file on my desktop
rich-c: I gather that's the URL of a masters or doctoral thesis on neural networks?
Daniel Bienvenu: look for the sample applet in this web site. you will see a network trying to join all the dots in a 3D space. It's one of the nomberous utility of neural network
rich-c: I've copied it just in case. Frances may find it interesting - she is very into graphics
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm checking my emails... just a minute
rich-c: sounds like a distant relation of the more advanced fractal programs
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D.
Dr. D.: Hello all
Daniel Bienvenu: I still didn't received your presentation
Dr. D.: It's been a long time :-(
rich-c: hello Rich, is Ohio feeling better now?
Dr. D.: You are right, you have not, arrrggghhhhh
Dr. D.: Ohio might be, Richard, but I am not.
Dr. D.: New job is running me into the ground somewhat :-(
rich-c: what is the problem?
Dr. D.: About 28 hours per day of work with only 24 to do it.
rich-c: yes, these transitions are very front end loaded in work
Dr. D.: Also the previous administrator departed with a bunch of stuff half-done
Dr. D.: That I have had to learn with zero learning curve to try to complete
rich-c: great, all you need, the backup skipping out
Dr. D.: yeah
Dr. D.: Also due to shakeups in the Deans Office etc., they did not actually give me an appointment letter until last week.
Dr. D.: So I have done 3 months of admin work at no increase in pay
Dr. D.: And it has been very tight to say the least
rich-c: get it done to the best of your ability but don't kill yourself at it, seems the only answer
Dr. D.: That is what I am trying to do
Dr. D.: Obviously it is wearing that I am here and Erin is there.
rich-c: can't you claim for the pay retroactively if it's their error?
Dr. D.: Schedule won't permit me to visit again until December.
Dr. D.: And that even is kind of due to emergency, Rin is having her wisdom teeth out on 1 December and wants me to be there.
rich-c: well, that's just three weeks away - but I know it hurts
Dr. D.: The Department is very mad at the Deans Office over this, they are going to make it up to me out of their own funds.
rich-c: see she gets Pamela to hold her hand, she's had experience at it
Dr. D.: If it weren't for the surgery, I was not slated to visit again until 9 December.
Dr. D.: Well Rin and Pam are in a bit of a tiff that I am staying out of...
rich-c: yes, separation at your stage is hard to take
Dr. D.: Rin says that her cheque for the Certificate of Marriage cleared last week
rich-c: are they - Pam hasn't mentioned it that I know of, though she may have said something to Frances
Dr. D.: So hopefully that means the Certificate will be arriving sometime soon, which is what we need to initiate immigration.
Dr. D.: As stated, I am trying to stay out of it, I see both sides
rich-c: if the cheque cleared, I'm surprised the certificate hasn't come already
Dr. D.: Maybe it was sent at some low-priority rate in Canada Post :-)
rich-c: yes, males are best off staying out of female entanglements, as we both know ; - )
Dr. D.: In any case...Cynthia told me that you were ailing somewhat after the trip?
rich-c: was in so much pain from muscular strains I even needed a walker just to get around the house but Tylenol eased it a bit
rich-c: the doctor put me on Tylenol 3s for a few days, which left me so buzzed I didn't notice it
Dr. D.: Tylenol is analgesic but not anti-inflammatory...I suppose that there is a reason for you taking it though, maybe to avoid interactions with other meds?
rich-c: when you're on warfarin you can't take anything with bloodthining ability
Dr. D.: The only time I had codeine as an adult (it was after some surgery to unclog a blocked sinus), it made me see things, very icky.
Dr. D.: Tylenol will also take out platelets IIRC.
rich-c: actually very briefly had to try Celebrex plus a muscle relaxant - least of availabe evils though contra'd
Dr. D.: Codeine in cough syrup when I was a kid, that I remember working nicely.
Dr. D.: aiii
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it sounds a bit like your voice, Rich.
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rich-c: Canada allows codeine even in some OTC medicines, we're far less uptight about it
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
rich-c: hi Guy, you're a bit earlier tonight
Dr. D.: You're right, Daniel, the "Rich" voice sorta does sound like me.
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
Guy B.: Not working overtime. That will restart in the new year.
Guy B.: Dr. D.
Dr. D.: I made it say "Hello, my name is Dr. D."
Guy B.: Where's Erin?
rich-c: in the meantime, enjoy the reduced hours - especially with winter setting in and Christmas shopping to do
Dr. D.: Downtown Toronto somewhere
rich-c: is she having to work late again?
Dr. D.: She was supposed to be back by now, I haven't heard from her since 5 PMish.
Guy B.: Got a little start on the Christmas shopping. This will be Annie's first Christmas
Dr. D.: She has been late a lot.
Dr. D.: I think she and a coworker were doing something.
rich-c: Pam phoned earlier to say she'd be late as she had to shop - wonder if they went out together?
Dr. D.: I did finally get to meet Steve Peters the last time I was in Toronto.
rich-c: sorry - can't place the name - her MinisterA?
Dr. D.: Yes
Dr. D.: Minister du Travail
Dr. D.: or something like that, apologies in advance, Daniel
rich-c: non, Ministre du travail, or Labour Minister 8-)
Dr. D.: I brought some work to do on a Monday so I could sit at an empty desk in the office.
rich-c: how's your weather, Guy? we're supposed to be warm tomorrow
Dr. D.: That was when Erin introduced me to him.
Dr. D.: It is warm here in Cleveland, Richard.
Dr. D.: I just wore a sweater when I drove over to the house to visit the girls (whence I am typing now).
rich-c: right, I'll bet it wasn't long - the ministers are busy these days
Daniel Bienvenu: the weather here is cloudy, raining a little but not that much... and the celcius is just above zero.
rich-c: yes, when we went out shopping I had a light fleece jacket, more for the store's frezzer area than otherwise
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's ok, ministère du travail... it's not a small job.
rich-c: we got up to about 12°C today - that would be about 54°F
rich-c: oops! desole, Daniel!
Dr. D.: Hehe I never would have gotten the 
rich-c: they are talking 16 for us tomorrow - say about 60
Dr. D.: or rather the `e
Dr. D.: It is pea soup fog here in Cleveland, too.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 7 degrees here... I suppose it's close to 40 F
Dr. D.: Bright yellow half-moon, very Gothic.
rich-c: haven't looked out lately myself but it's been cloudy and wet all day, though it didn't rain when I was out.
Daniel Bienvenu: Excuse me in advance, I will have to leave the chat before 23h... I have things to finish before going to Montreal.
Daniel Bienvenu: and, I'm at my job right now.
Dr. D.: It is late to be travelling; what is in Montreal?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will probably leave at 10h30 pm
rich-c: that's OK, we all pack it in by 23h anyway most of the time- james and Ron may stay later
Daniel Bienvenu: going to arcadia festival, friday 10 to sunday 12
rich-c: that is going to be a long hard slog - but fun
Dr. D.: enjoy it then!
Daniel Bienvenu: 3 days, non stop video games, nintendo wii in demonstration, music concerts, etc...<
rich-c: he's doing a presentation on Adam gaming - neat, eh?
Dr. D.: excellent indeed!
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be there to do a speech about Coleco programming and to show the homebrew Coleco games
Dr. D.: I am so envious of you having the time to do this, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: based on my experience of Coleco programming, of course... but showing every homebrew games I can
rich-c: and it is a real contribution supporting and even raising interest in the Colecovision and Adam community
Dr. D.: I'm sitting in the basement right now at the table where so much of my ADAM hacking and programming took place...
Daniel Bienvenu: I had a special permission... normally, I have to do my job as usual...
Dr. D.: My SmartBASIC 1.x advertising sign from ADAMcon IV is still hanging on the wall :-(
Dr. D.: sigh
rich-c: I guess it it not yet time to transfer it
Daniel Bienvenu: trasnfer?
rich-c: I still have my old Adam Services sign around, too
Dr. D.: I just haven't gotten around to taking it down.
Dr. D.: Still a few things of mine down here in the basement that I have to grab sometime.
Daniel Bienvenu: I give the Coleco programming document to a friend to let him a
rich-c: Rich has married Erin and lives elsewhere, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: do a copy
Dr. D.: Joan is at work and I am here for the evening, though it's close to time to put them to bed and go back home.
rich-c: good policy, Daniel - the more copies out there the less chance it will be irretrievably lost
Daniel Bienvenu: About documentation, do you remember, rich-c, the coleco adam stock I got from this guy in Alberta?
Daniel Bienvenu: or Saskatchewan?
Daniel Bienvenu: can'T remember well....
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: oh - was that the one - Thomas - who made the Adam mouse?
Guy B.: HI Pam
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Greetings, everyone
Pamela: sorry i'm late
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, there are documentations in those boxes, and of them is the Adam technical document, pretty nice copy... almost perfect for an OCR software
Dr. D.: I am about a month late
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi pam
Pamela: a month late for what, Rich?
Dr. D.: Getting to a chat.
Pamela: och
Pamela: we do what we can : )
rich-c: yes, it has been a while
Dr. D.: Every Wednesday it seems at 9 PM I am about ready to fall asleep.
Dr. D.: My days tend to start at 4:30 AM
Dr. D.: And 9 PM is a long day, starting that early .
Pamela: can I just say - ick
Dr. D.: I say it every day :-(
rich-c: of late, I could say the same thing - I'm back on prednisone, causes severe insomnia
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still at the summer timeset... it's like close to 23h now
Dr. D.: Prednisone, ick indeed.
Dr. D.: I sleep about 4.5 hours and am then awake.
rich-c: understood, Daniel - we are back on standard time here
Dr. D.: So I figure I might as well get up and be productive.
Pamela: I was in your shoes last week, Rich - too tired to do anything, especially think
Daniel Bienvenu: in the coleco adam stock I got from this guy, there are plenty of Coleco Adam bulletins, like the hacking guide but in many parts...
Dr. D.: But then about 1 PM, I could sleep again, but that is in the middle of the day .
rich-c: I try to sleep for four hours, then get to drop off
rich-c: there were only two volumes to the Hackers Guide that I know of
Pamela: well I made up for it tonite - made dinner, did three loads of laundry, did a grocery run, spent some quality time with a book and still managed to make it here for 10:00
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like Luc Miron is not online...
rich-c: I was looking up pricing lately and see many of the old Adam books are still salable
Pamela: on E-Bay, Dad?
rich-c: no, seems he has declined my invitation - pity
rich-c: Froogle - gives a wider listing
Pamela: what the heck is froogle?
rich-c: my problem is he wants to buy a couple of game overlays and I haven't a clue as to what is a fair price
rich-c: I do not want to cheat myself or him
rich-c: Froogle is Google's price list search engine
Pamela: natch
Daniel Bienvenu: coleo games overlay? the small plastic pieces to put on the numpad of the coleco joystick?
rich-c: household stuff, Pam - going to need help to get the battery downstairs, also some birdseed
rich-c: the birdseed isnt bought yet but will be
Pamela: I see, I'm moving phantom birdseed now? No problem : )
rich-c: that's right, Daniel - some are so common as to be worthless, others rare and pricey
rich-c: we'll have it here before you arrive ; - )
Pamela: probably sometime this weekend, Dad - will have to see if I can work around the landlord, who is coming to fix the bathroom ceiling after we had another flood last night
Daniel Bienvenu: personnaly, I have only one for Mouse trp. I may have one for Baseball, but that's all.
rich-c: hey, tell him to bring along a new refrigerator too - it will save him money in the long run
Dr. D.: sorry back
Pamela: it's not supposed to rain in the bathroom
rich-c: well, you've been in ours after one of my showers... ; - )
Pamela: it's taken us this long to get the bathroom done - one thing at a time
Pamela: that's not rain, that's a sauna : )
rich-c: hey, hit him for updated wiring too - let him pacify you with the frig - pro tem
Pamela: it'll never happen, the wiring that is
rich-c: I fear your right. I don't understand why he hasn't upgraded the windows, thoough
Pamela: it all costs money, Dad
rich-c: I think he'd get his payback on heating costs the first year
rich-c: after the the savings are gravy
Pamela: he's operating as cheaply as possible, and fixing the things that are essential first, like hot water
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pamela: which reminds me, is there anything you can't use Gorilla glue on?
Dr. D.: Elanor and Gretchen say hi.
Dr. D.: I am chasing them off to bed.
Dr. D.: And then going home.
Pamela: and hello to them too!
Pamela: you're at the house, Rich?
Dr. D.: I am, yes, stopped over to see them after doing laundry tonight.
Pamela: ah, didn't realize
Dr. D.: By the time I ate and did 4 loads, it was 8:45 PM.
Dr. D.: No way to tell, any computer can connect to the chat .
rich-c: to start with, Pam, anything that you can't clamp - must be clamped for 24 hours
Pamela: BTW, have you seen our new dryer here, Rich?
Dr. D.: I think I have, yes, I helped Erin do some wash when I was there 3 weeks ago.
rich-c: and the stuff is very dangerous and toxic
Pamela: takes two loads of wash for $1.25 - I'm likin' it
rich-c: but where you gotta glue (and no mistakes), you gotta glue
Pamela: so, using it to secure the pegs holding up the fridge shelves won't work then
rich-c: that does sound like a decent price, Pam
Pamela: for the size of the dryer, it is, Dad
rich-c: no and there would be a big toxic risk - read the directions and cautions - slowly - twice
Pamela: anybody know what takes up parquet glue?
Dr. D.: Nasty glue for inside a fridge?
Dr. D.: Parquet as in parquet floor?
Pamela: apparently not : )
Pamela: yes, Rich
Dr. D.: Is it a kind of contact cement?
rich-c: Gorilla Glue, Rich - toughest glue on Earth - and nasty as its abilities imply
Pamela: no clue, and not only that, it's about 40 years old
Dr. D.: I bet it is a kind of contact there a spill somewhere?
rich-c: heat would likely do it, except it might also burn the place down
Pamela: no, we want to take up the remaining parquet outside the bathroom and put in tile, but we have to get the glue up before laying a new floor
Dr. D.: What is the base flooring, concrete?
Pamela: yes
Dr. D.: I think you can just tile right over it.
rich-c: if Robert favours us with his presence, count on him to know
Pamela: ah, true
Dr. D.: Old adhesives like that are also likely to have asbestos in them as a toughening agent.
Pamela: the tile won't be even though, will it?
rich-c: Bob will know the answer to that, too
Dr. D.: Not something you want to take fact, standard practice here now is, if you have asbestos tile (and we did in the kitchen in the house here), just lay the new tile over it...if you start to take it up, it becomes an asbestos abatement problem...
Dr. D.: Tile will not be asbestos in this day and age...vinyl.
Pamela: it's okay Rich, gloves and mask already part of the demolition kit
rich-c: yes rich, but the floor coming up is parquet - that's wood not asbestos
Dr. D.: Not for asbestos. At least in the US, they treat it like plutonium.
Dr. D.: Seriously.
Dr. D.: Guys in environmental suits and respirators...
Pamela: guess I'll just pry up the parquet, wash down the whole mess, and start from scratch
Dr. D.: I meant for the adhesive underneath, Richard, if someone was going to try to grind it off say.
rich-c: there is a lot of risk to asbestos - much exaggerated, but it exists and is tricky (sorry, Daniel)
Dr. D.: Pull up the wood, vaccum, wash, dry, and go for it with new adhesive.
Pamela: gotcha
Dr. D.: How are you going to manage the height difference between the parquet and the new flooring?
rich-c: and won't it be fun spreading the new adhesive smoothly!
Dr. D.: I need to go home now folks. I will see about logging in once I get back.
Pamela: thought about putting down self-levelling cement first - we'll have to do some research. That would alleviate the old adhesive problem and level the floor so we can lay new flooring over it
Pamela: thanks for the input, Rich - drive safely
Dr. D.: nite folks, sorry it was so long between visits
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: OK Daniel, bon voyage and if you can't make it back, bonsoir!
Pamela: that was Rich, Dad, not Daniel
rich-c: oh - it was Rich, not Daniel
Pamela: Guy, you haven't said a word - any insights?
rich-c: Guy, you're being awfully quiet tonight
Pamela: gee, how can you tell I'm my father's daughter???
rich-c: can you give us an update - how did Tammy Duckworth finally do?
Pamela: Daniel, you there?
rich-c: both are still showing on the user list
Pamela: ever get the feeling you're talking to yourself?
Pamela: they've probably been distracted
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: Daniel has to translate so doesn't type too quickly
changed username to BobS
Pamela: BOB! Just the person I need
rich-c: well, Roberto, about time
BobS: at your servico
BobS: had to go out with foks for b-day
Guy B.: I know, I'm going to see if I can sell my portable CD-Rom drive thru E-Bay
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
BobS: hi guys
rich-c: good, got a customer for an Adam disc drive - you got any?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I prepare
Daniel Bienvenu: my stock
BobS: sure mon
BobS: got some extra ones
Daniel Bienvenu: to leave the job for the week-end
Pamela: Bob, I'm in a 40 year old building with parquet flooring.
BobS: Guy, dont' think you are going to get spit for the CD-ROM drive......parallel port ?
Pamela: some of the parquet has come up in front of the bathroom, and I want to take up the rest and replace it with newer flooring
BobS: doesn't your landlord have to take care of that?
Pamela: any idea how i can get the parquet glue off the old cement floor?
Pamela: normally, but the damage is our fault
BobS: basically, you have to scrape it...........IF you could find a solvent, it would be too toxic to be used
BobS: possibly IF the glue is of the right type and old enough, it just might be water it black?
Pamela: no, it's a gold colour (I think, let me go check
BobS: got a few of the parallel port cdrom drives meself, love them especially the ones that write cd's
Pamela: actually, it just looks cement-coloured
BobS: hmmmmm..try to soak it and see what happens
rich-c: Bob: wants an Adam disc drive - full name Luc Morin, in Quebec, Daniel knows him slightly
Pamela: okay. Otherwise, can I just wash and dry the floor, then tile over it?
BobS: if that doesn't work, your only recourse is to scrape it with a scraper to get fairly smooth and glue over it with the new floor
BobS: got to get the ridges smoothed out
Pamela: that's what I thought. What about a sander, will that work?
rich-c: is there any sort of safe power tool she could rent from Home Depot?
rich-c: there would be the issue of dust in an enclosed area
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's pixelboy. we talked a couple of time and he is good in pixel art; it does a lot of mockup for new games to be for Coleco
Pamela: I'm not sure that would be worth it Dad - the space is only six by four or so
BobS: sander with REAL rough sandpaper 40 grit....and be prepared to stop quite often to let the dust settle
rich-c: after you've spent four hours on your knees, you may rethink that
Pamela: I have a mouse sander and can probably find rough pads for it
BobS: if you get a belt sander and very rough sandpaper, the dust factor should be negligable.....mostly small chunks and ball of glue
BobS: did you talk price with Luc, richard?????
Pamela: that shouldn't be too bad. I've already got gloves and a mask
rich-c: nope, I told him to get on here and talk to you - don't know why he hasn't
Daniel Bienvenu: hello in advance, James...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
rich-c: didn't even tell him you had any cause I didn't know
Pamela: which brings me to my next question - I have parquet coming up in other locations. I've seen parquet glue out there - can I just re- glue it?
rich-c: morning, james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
james: apologies gentlemen and ladies
Pamela: Hi, James
james: lunchtime here, since you people on that side of the ball like to play with your clocks ;)
james: thanks dan
Pamela: how's the new school coming, James?
james: oh, slowly. i'll have 5 students in december. a few potentials. the sign is up, new flyers are going out soon
james: can't say i'm too fond of red
Pamela: that's good news : )
rich-c: of coursse Bob, make sure you tell him I sent you
james: oh, rich
james: did you get my cheque? it was mailed out on october 3rd
james: i'm told it hasn't cleared yet
BobS: Pam, you can relue if the parquet is in good shape and can be pulled up to be reglued
Pamela: okay - that's good news
rich-c: sorry james, yes I did, but I was in Wisconsin then unmoving with muscular spasms and couldn't get to the bank
james: i'm sorry to hear that. i hope you are feeling better
james: the joys of age, eh?
rich-c: well, the spasms mostly cleared when I went back on prednisone for the pneumonia
Pamela: Bob, how long will the glue take to set?
rich-c: still have to ask Pam occasionally to help with the heavy fetch and carry though
james: so they were a side-affect of something you were on?
rich-c: no, they were reduced by teh side effect of what I was on - I'd been off but had to go back on
james: hi boob, pam
james: *bob
james: damn.. sorry
BobS: glue should set in probably 4-5 hrs......have to check on the can of the glue you buy
BobS: should be my man
Pamela: okay
james: ;) how's it going?
BobS: makes me feel bad ;-(
rich-c: wonder where Ron is? he's going to attend the fottball game Sunday
Daniel Bienvenu: time out for me...
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to close my document and my computer
rich-c: it will be Saskatchewan at BC and should be a real thriller
Pamela: what's the word on your job Daniel? Have they extended your contract?
james: good night dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week.
rich-c: OK Daniel, good you were by, and good luck at the convention
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: My contract is extented to january 6
Pamela: yay! Good news
BobS: COOL Daniel
rich-c: and a good chance of further extensions,right?
Daniel Bienvenu: finally, I will done one year at the same place with a lot of extendes
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: <bye
james: so rich, if you're feeling better and end up at the bank sometime, could you deposit it?
rich-c: I hope to do so this week, james - don't want it stale-dated
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: no problem
james: so how is the weather over there?
Guy B.: Bob, how warm is it by you?
Pamela: don't want James to spend the money, either : )
Guy B.: HI James
rich-c: in fact have a couple of rebate cheques to put in too
BobS: only going down to about 46* tonight
james: money? i have little of that these days between a new business and building a house
Pamela: it's a common affliction, James : )
rich-c: no, I guess the word for those is capital-intensive
james: 46f.. that's uhmm.. what? do you subtract 32 and then multiply by 5/8?
Pamela: about 8, James
rich-c: essentially, yes, james
james: yeah, the good news is that i'm mostly through the major startup costs
james: and come december the running costs will be down to about $600 per month
james: thanks, pam
rich-c: call it about 5°C, james
james: so uhmm.. i'd be an outcast if i said it were sunny and 23c here?
Pamela: yes, you would!
rich-c: sorry, Pam's right, 8
james: i hate to be stuck inside when it's that nice out, november no less. going to head outside for a bit
james: maybe mow my lawn :D
rich-c: we all hate you!!! ; - )
Pamela: James, aren't you the sole teacher?
james: i have a part-time teacher for the new school
Pamela: ah
rich-c: don't worry, we remember you and your meter-deep snowfalls
james: i lucked in and found someone, not sure what i'll do when she leaves in july
james: yeah, i'm sure there's more where that came from, but for now i'm going to enjoy this weather while i can
Pamela: is she Japanese?
james: no, american
james: from uhm..
james: georgia i think. one of the warmer states if i'm not mistaken
rich-c: they speak English down there? 8-)
Pamela: wondering if you would benefit from advertising in the US or Canada - lots of people go over there to teach ESL
BobS: what is she doing in Japan, except desiring to work part time for you ?
james: well it's not that i couldn't do that. the problem is you'd be hard pressed to find someone to come work for 2 hrs a week
james: her husband is here on the japan english teaching programme
rich-c: yeah, that does kind of reduce the attraction
Pamela: perhaps a university student studying in Japan?
BobS: ahso
james: visa issues
Pamela: no, that's Chinese, Bob : )
james: i prefer to do things legitimately
james: acutally, bob is right
rich-c: it's the smart way long term, james
james: can't work on a student visa
james: i'll figure something out
Pamela: there's always Workopolis : )
Guy B.: Well gang, going to get going here. Will see you all next week.
james: might jugggle my timetable here again so i can get out there and build it up myself for awhile, until it reaches full-time
Pamela: g'nite, Guy
james: good night, guy!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: OK Guy - before you go, how did Tammy Duckworth do?
james: once it's full time, then i can advertise for a teacher, who ideally would work with me between both schools while i set up #3
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you too and Annie says Hi
Guy B.: She lost
james: assuming i get this far. with time and patience i should
rich-c: pity
rich-c: night, Guy
BobS: nite guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: who the heck is Tammy Duckworth ?????
Pamela: James, are you still aiming to come back to Canada in the next five years?
james: with a 35 year mortgage, that sounds highly unlikely
rich-c: Iraq vet, lost both legs when her chopper was shot down
james: i'm of the increasing opinion that i see no need to leave here
BobS: bummer, and Guy knows about her WHY ?
Pamela: and do at what, Dad?
rich-c: you know - Support our troops, honour our vets - talk is cheap
Pamela: you're heavily invested over there now
rich-c: she was one of the highest profile candidates in Illinois
Pamela: if you can make a go of it, and afford to live there, why not go all out?
james: indeed, both financially and emotionally
james: exactly
Pamela: we all have faith in you, James
james: and after the 3rd school, again, if i get that far, i want to start up a pizzaria. that'll be the final coup ;)
james: i've got two long-time students that finish up this month
Pamela: Di Carlo's Pizza and Sushi?
james: and a bunch in a couple of years. that is going to be very, very hard
james: lol
james: i prefer to keep those very, very separate
rich-c: Japan awaits you - with insufficiently garliced breath!
james: i won't recount the blasphemous desecrations that pass for pizza over here
Pamela: now you have me curious : )
rich-c: I''ve heard tales - whale meat and seaweed?
james: let's just say that squid ink, tuna and mayonaise, potato and cabbage are not my preferred toppings
Pamela: let me just say again - ick
james: seaweed, uhm.. what is the english word.. dried bonito flakes(?)
james: you can get regular pizza too
james: combination, meat
james: seafood can be good too
james: but at $30 for a 14" it's not something i indulge in often
rich-c: but can they make a crust or sauce?
Pamela: holy s**t\
james: yeah
Pamela: that's expensive
Pamela: can you buy decent frozen pizza?
james: it's about $10 more than i'm willing to suck it up. even $20 is a bit of a ripoff
Pamela: and is it more reasonable?
james: yes, costco over here has them
james: so once i get my new house, i'm going to buy a chest freezer and fill'er up
james: but nothing beats a freshly baked pizza
rich-c: have a container load sent over from Canada
Pamela: apparently we need to freeze-dry some Pizza Hut and send it overnight courier
Pamela: what else do you miss?
james: i can't say here and my wife would be most displeased if i did :P
james: but in terms of food, decent pizza, decent sandwiches
Pamela: I meant, from home : ))
james: lol
james: and pilsbury cinnamon rolls
Pamela: so a Subway franchise would be a sure-fire winner?
james: there's an import food store i could probably get them from now
james: you know, there is subway over here
james: and they don't do very well, not like mcdicks
james: i called them to ask about starting a franchise in my area
james: and they said
james: "HA HA HA HA HA!"
Pamela: one thing about McD's, it's uniformly bad the world over
james: yup, an excellent delivery system of unvarying mediocrity
james: i am hoping though that once i can hire a teacher or two (and of course continue to teach too) that i can free up a few days a week to get somethign else going
Pamela: of the food variety?
rich-c: just don't overload - you have a wife and kids to think about too
BobS: you have a whole plateful of ideas James.......GO GET 'EM
rich-c: maybe he should try for a Tim Horton's outlet?
BobS: time to go for me to go kids...........
Pamela: aw Bob, you just got here
BobS: so I am planning on being ontime next week, eh ??
rich-c: OK Bob do let me know how you do with Luc
BobS: but, but tis bedtime
Pamela: yes, you are : )
rich-c: and our best to Judy and the family
BobS: ok Richard
BobS: yup
BobS: bye
Pamela: night, Bob
james: yeah, there's a canadian bar in osaka
BobS left chat session
james: it would be sweet to open a timmy's up beside it
Pamela: and what do they serve?
james: even a small one
james: no idea. never been there
rich-c: now you're cooking!
Pamela: research, man - gotta do your research
james: yup
rich-c: now that the others are gone, how did you like the election?
james: and franchises are very expensive
james: lol
james: well they can always read the chat transcript after
rich-c: expensive franchises usually give expensive paybacks
james: yup
james: so i've looked at subway
james: about $250k
Pamela: ouch
rich-c: besides, pioneers in new areas might get a decent discount
james: not sure what timmy's would go for or how it would fare here
rich-c: yes, but Subway is already established there, you said
Pamela: anywhere you get Canadian tourists, they would welcome a taste of home
rich-c: depends - how big are the Japanese on coffee and donuts?
james: well if by 30 stores in a country of 120 million, versus 2000 stores in canada, a country of 32 million, then yeah, i guess so
Pamela: c'mon Dad, coffee makes the world go 'round
rich-c: not on the other siode of the International Date Line - there, it's tea
james: coffee yes, and there are donut shops here
james: which i personaly find veyr bland
james: the kids i brought over really liked tim hortons
rich-c: in fact here Tim's is now pushing steeped tea
Pamela: I'll bet they did, James
rich-c: and Tetley had an ad on last night for their green tea
Pamela: I'll stick to my hot chocolate, thank you
rich-c: \(I was watching the election results)
Pamela: what was the final count?
rich-c: Democrats took the House, may have Senate pending recount, bunch of governorships
james: good
Pamela: good
james: will be nice when that chimp and dickless cheney are out of orifice too
james: that man's sneer makes me want to punch him square in the face
Pamela: the latest is, Rumsfeld resigned today
rich-c: yes, I found the results quite easy to accept
rich-c: some very deserving people got tossed out
rich-c: and some very promksing people got in
rich-c: though as usual it wasn't all roses
james: i have a soft spot for americans
Pamela: Oh?
james: don't ask me why, i have no idea
rich-c: but - Nancy Pelosi will likely become Speaker of the House, second in succession
Pamela: she's the Democratic house leader, isn't she?
rich-c: since Lincoln only one president elected (or re-elected) in a "zero" yet hs left office alive - and he was wounded
Pamela: as long as they're not Bush or Cheney, right James?
rich-c: Bush was elected in a zero year
james: oh there are plenty i have no use for
james: but there are plenty of canadians i have no use for either
rich-c: Cheyney has a bum ticker - would he dare accept even a short succession? could he survive if he did?
rich-c: so - it's not impossible Pelosi could end up the first female president of the US
rich-c: highly unlikely - but not impossible!
rich-c: btw james, both Frances and I are US-born
james: when did you emigrate?
Pamela: Mom was born in the US of Canadian citizens
rich-c: Frances at 6 months, me when I was 7
rich-c: I'm American by birth, Canadian by birthright (
rich-c: (Canadian father)
james: interesting
Pamela: and me, I'm a Canuck through and through
james: wouldn't you have a claim on american citizenship, pam?
rich-c: so I've always had a foot in both countries - my surviving brother lives in Orlando
james: i know most countries you can go back to a grandparent
Pamela: i think so, if I chose to
rich-c: I believe the Americans would accept her for citizenship if she applied
Pamela: but I do not now, nor have I ever had any desire to seek it
rich-c: not sure if I still have American citizenship or would have to reclaim it
Pamela: would be an interesting research exercise, Dad
rich-c: vut last time we crossed the border the immigration guy looked at our passports and said oh, you're Americans
rich-c: just that the laws have swung this way and that over the last 3/4 century
james: as far as i know i can only lay claim to canadian citizenship
james: you weren't using your canadian passports? me is confused
rich-c: depends on whether your parents were immigrants or native born
Pamela: using Canadian passports, but they say country of birth is USA
rich-c: yes, Canadian passports, but they look at place of birth
james: ah, i see
james: i don't know if i would ever naturalize here
james: likely not
Pamela: can you hold dual, James?
rich-c: anyway, if I am going to get to sleep by 3 a.m., I need to start now
james: though if you saw where our house is going to be and the panorama it faces, you'd see why i'm happy
rich-c: so I shall have to close down - Pam, when might you phone?
james: japan does not maintain any dual citizenship agreements
Pamela: either tomorrow or Friday, Dad
james: though i'm told that even if i did naturalize and renounced my canadian citizenship in japan, that the government of canada would still claim me as one of their own
rich-c: OK. And james, I'll try to deal with the cheque this week
Pamela: appointment with Dr. Santo tomorrow at 4:30 - maybe I'll come by the house on the way back and stay till traffic dies a bit
james: no doubt for taxation purposes :p
james: thanks rich!
james: take care
rich-c: same to you, james - see you next week
Pamela: night, Daddy
rich-c: and Pam, goodnight - maybe see you
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: probably
james: quite the crowd we have left here then
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: guess I'd better follow his example
james: i should do a modicum of work
james: get the lawn mowed anyway
Pamela: oh, get out and enjoy the sunshine James
james: or the weeds, such as it is right now
Pamela: it won't last much longer
james: indeed
james: good night, pam
Pamela: have fun! goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
james left chat session
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