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Guy B.: Greetings Rich
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early
rich-c: what brings you in so soon?
Guy B.: I just got on a minute ago.
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rich-c: ah, on the minute
changed username to Daniel
Guy B.: HI Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir Guy, Rc
rich-c: you're also here on time
rich-c: how was teh show?
Daniel: Arcadia festival was fantastic
rich-c: BTW, I am expecting a visitor and may have to leave briefly at some point
rich-c: but I will be right back when that happens
Guy B.: We'll be here.
Daniel: Of course, Nintendo was the most popular section with the Wii console
rich-c: did you get a good crowd for your presentation?
Guy B.: How did that go Daniel?
Daniel: Someone recorded the speech I did about Coleco programming. And the feedback I receive was good
rich-c: that's terrific - so how does it feel to be a confident veteran presenter now ; - )
Guy B.: That's great.
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Daniel: I had some mini cd-rom with my Coleco stuff on it, including my presentation, and all the eleven mini-cd were gone in a minute.
changed username to BobS
rich-c: (other note: it is Russell's birthday so Pam will be late)
BobS: I's here
Daniel: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Hi Bob. Is it windy by you?
rich-c: hello Bob - my, everyone's on early tonight
BobS: nope
Guy B.: It is here.
BobS: supposed to rain though,,,,breezy, not windy
Guy B.: Same here.
rich-c: great, Daniel - you should have taken a laptop with CD burner with you!
BobS: what happened to the mini cd Daniel
Guy B.: How's the weather by you Rich?
Guy B.: Seems his presentation went very well.
rich-c: by the way, if Ron makes it on tonight, BC is getting really bashed aeound by gales
rich-c: here it's cloudy, relatively warm, rain predicted tonight through tomorrow, cooler Froday
BobS: saw that the weather was not too nice out there
rich-c: I just saw headlines when checking my webmail accounts
BobS: hear anything form Guy F ??
BobS: from
rich-c: IIRC he wasn't on last week - proud papa duties preempted, I guess
Daniel: Well, at the end of my speech, most of the listeners asked for a mini-cd.
BobS: ok and ?????
rich-c: is there a place where you could post an image for them to download?
rich-c: maybe Bob might be willing and able to host it?
Daniel: Unfortunatly, I didn't saw Guy Foster at the event.
rich-c: with a newborn baby in the house and a job he ,eaves for at 4 a.m. this isn't surprising
rich-c: but you did see Luc Miron I gather
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changed username to SickForToys
BobS: how large was the mini cd rom Daniel??????
Daniel: The mini-cd? it's a 47Meg size of stuff, including my Coleco web site, the technical informations about Coleco programming, and the powerpoint files (the two I made for the Adamcon meetings and the one I did for Arcadia)
rich-c: is this GuyF now?
BobS: sick for toys ?
rich-c: he's a new papa
SickForToys: Yes?
SickForToys: Greetings to one and all!
Guy B.: Well, how's the proud papa?
BobS: well heck, send it here email and I can put it up on my website for ya
rich-c: and that's an anagram for Foster
rich-c: there you go, Daniel - a place to put it up for everyone to download
SickForToys: Hahaha. Now I'm screwed, if there's ever a weird alias popping up and I'm not around, automatically, you will associate it with me.
BobS: I can put it on the front page alongside the list of chat rooms, websites, etc
SickForToys: Just dropped in to say hello to everyone, I really cannot stay, have tons of things to do and only a few hours left before bedtime for bonzo.
rich-c: Daniel missed you at Arcadia - seems he had a roaring success
SickForToys: So, hi to all, and hopefully next week, things will be calmer for myself! Enjoy your chat.
rich-c: good of you to drop in, it reassures us even if just for a minute
SickForToys: Arcadia? It was last week? My my, time flies. Had no clue.
SickForToys: Did you get rotten tomatoes thrown at you Daniel?
BobS: be well GuyF
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changed username to james
Daniel: Yes, it was november 10-11-12.
rich-c: good morning james
james: hello, how is everyone?
Guy B.: HI James
Daniel: and about the mini-cd, I will try to send you a copy.
Guy B.: Bye Guy
SickForToys: <Kerpoof>
SickForToys left chat session
james: my responses will be slow
Daniel: hi james
james: slacked off for most of the morning so doign a bit of work now
james: hi dan
rich-c: make it an easily downloadable file, Daniel, so he can post it right up for everyone
Daniel: you just miss Guy Foster... he had to go really fast.
BobS: EMAIL it Daniel........
rich-c: I have a visitor coming, may need to break for a while later
rich-c: but till he arrives, I'll hang in
BobS: if it is more than one file, zip it up !!!!!! I can use PKZIP or WINZIP to unzip it here
Daniel: 47.6 Meg, it's not an easily downloadable file at this size. Well, I suppose I can check if anything can be done to reduce the size without erasing the precious data.
BobS: I have DSL Danile, the size is NO PROBLEM
rich-c: Daniel, 47.6 ain't small but with DSL so common now it isn't that big an obstacle any more
BobS: take maybe 1 minute
BobS: LO VE the DSL and it costs only 20 cents mroe monthly thatn regualr dialup
rich-c: wow - for us it costs about twice as much
rich-c: note: hope to get ~200 5.25" DD discs through Freecycle tomorrow, some may even be SS-SD
Daniel: shit, I think my email account at yahoo is limited to 10Meg for file attachment
BobS: nope, cheked it only 20 cents more than dialup + callwave (internet answering svc) and phone co forward charges
Daniel: I will split in parts the file.
BobS: paying only $14.95 US per moth for the DSL
rich-c: mine is $35/month Canadian - there are cheaper ones but only in undesirable packages
BobS: are the files smaller than 10 megs apiece.....can send one at a time
rich-c: Daniel, consider getting yourself a webmail account - I can get you a gmail invite if you like
BobS: unlike guyB, I waited till SBC brought the price down........GUY, did your costs go down ????
Guy B.: It's 14.99 now.
Daniel: Well, I have a gmail account, I never use it
BobS: did you not start out @ $25 a month ????
james: dan, do you have webspace?
BobS: well that is good, then you got the same deal I have
rich-c: I think it will let you send the big attachment, no sweat, you can even maybe send it from work
james: why not just upload the file?
Guy B.: I upgraded to SBC Pro and got it for $17.99 a month for a year.
BobS: I am just on basic now, but that is plenty fast.....lots better than dialup
rich-c: we have it here but it is very speed limited at that price - 768KB or something
Guy B.: That it is. I have a wireless router hooked up, so I can use my notebook around the apt.
BobS: so do we, is GREAT
BobS: can even go the "lue" with it
rich-c: I can't even get my hardwired network set up here - I want peer to peer
rich-c: I have run the seetup program a few times but it doesn't hook up
Guy B.: Plus, I got the other computers on the cables hooked up to it and I can access the other PC's files and use the printers.
BobS: you got to have aacomputer guru on staff
rich-c: yeah, can you mail me Doug for a bit?
rich-c: visitor here, brb
BobS: would like to
BobS: sometimes
Guy B.: We'll be here RIch
BobS: when I think what DSL cost a few years back is mind boggling now that it is so inexpensive
Guy B.: I'm preparing my Athlon for upgrading to WinXP.
BobS: why?
BobS: and form what ?
Daniel: At Arcadia, I was alone to do the speech, but I was with another Coleco programmer during all the 3 days. Steve Begin did a great job on his project Wizard Siege : a kind of Arkanoid but the ennemy is a Wiz casting spells.
Guy B.: I started out at $26.99, then it went to $39.99 when the promotion ended. If it weren't for a friend of mine mentioning that I should look into getting it down. When SBC offered the upgrade for a reduced price. I took it.
Guy B.: From Win98.
Daniel: He improved his game during the event... the players was amazed to know that new games for Coleco exists.
BobS: this was the convention that Dale was trying to make a game for also ??????
BobS: I am happy with win98 Se
BobS: until I can't use it, will stay with it
Daniel: My Pentium II 400Mhz will stay with Windows 98 SE.
Guy B.: But, I'm going to keep Win98. I have the Romtec Trios that will allow me to have different OS's on different hard drives at a touch of button. I won this on Ebay.
BobS: that works
Daniel: My Pentium Core 2 duo 6600 will keep Windows XP... even if he's ready for Vista
Guy B.: My Dell 600m is the only one that has WinXP.
BobS: and Romtec Trios is a program......or somethign ?
Guy B.: I have a Compaq Presario with Windows ME and two Dells with Win98. The two Dells will stay on Win98.
Daniel: More I know about Vista, more I don't want it. When you know that to use the full potential of this new OS you need at least 1Gig of memory...
BobS: heck, you got as many computers there as I have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel: I have one C64, one Adam (not pluged), one PC 90Mhz, one PC 400Mhz, and a last one more than 2.4GHz.
Guy B.: It's a device that will house 3 hard drives with 3 different OS's. You press 1, 2 or 3 and that hard drive boots up with that OS. The advantage is that each hard drive has it's own OS.
Guy B.: Plus I have an Adam here too.
james: is this for older machines where you can't select a boot drive/partion at startup?
Guy B.: Are you thinking of System Commander James?
james: no
james: on my system, i can just press f11 after post and it gives me a boot menu of all available devices
BobS: cool Guy.........aree they expensive ?
james: so i could put win2k on one drive, winxp on another and just select the device at boot
Guy B.: I read numerous articles from Microsoft how you can multiboot with WinXP, Win98, etc.
Daniel: the only dual boot I have is WinXP - Mandriva 2006
Guy B.: One thing Bob. The company went out of business a couple of years ago. I managed to find one on Ebay. Brand new.
Daniel: Mandriva did all the job... I just asked to update the boot sector to make Windows starting by default
Guy B.: Boot managers work very well. I know System Commander you can have as many as 100 different OS's and select it from a menu.
BobS: cool
Guy B.: I'm also thinking about adding WinXP to the Compaq, but keeping Win ME on it.
Daniel: As you may know now, I'm at my job right now. My boss tells me that it's official : the Quebec section of the company close in january.
Guy B.: Annie is tired tonight.
BobS: BUMMER Daniel
Guy B.: So, what are you going to do when that happens Daniel?
Daniel: ... I don't know...
Daniel: there is a chance to still working for them, but I'm looking for another job at the same time.
BobS: take whatever fits you better Daniel
BobS: at this time, you have some experience
Daniel: about a year with them
BobS: that is a good start
Daniel: My boss asked me if I know someone who want some desks (you know, the things we put a computer on it with a hole for the cables...) .
Daniel: helllo?
BobS: ya
BobS: ich bin here
Daniel: Did I mention that it was like crazy at Arcadia? there was a four hours lineup for the Nintendo Wii.
BobS: you GOT to bE KIDDING !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: There's a shareware boot manager that I downloaded that I will try out later on the Compaq.
BobS: FOUR hours ????/
Guy B.: Wow, that must have been huge. Did you see the new game console?
Daniel: yes, they put some Nintendo DS at every 4 feets to let the visitors play games during that waiting time.
Daniel: and I played the Nintendo Wii... unfortunatly, I'm not impress.
rich-c: me voici encor3e
Daniel: Maybe it's because there was many visitors before my chance to try it, but the control was not quite right
rich-c: my visitor was a bit of a colourful character
Daniel: After trying the Wii, the visitors mostly come to visit the retrogaming section.
rich-c: that is interesting - and maybe revealing
Daniel: Steve Begin and I had the chance to show our work for the ColecoVision.
rich-c: sorry, missed before - did Luc Miron meet you?
rich-c: and Bob, have you got through to Luc yet?
BobS: sent him an eMAIL richard, no response
rich-c: ah, my last from him said he hadn't heard from you - sounds like it got lost in transit
Daniel: I determined the caracteristics of a good game to show for this kind of event : "two players at the same time", "colorful and animated", "a time to learn controls... not a tutorial but the player must start the action, not the game."
BobS: wrote him last Wed night...or easrly Thurs
rich-c: sort of like Super Buck Rogers
rich-c: try again because it seems to have gone to that big bit bucket in the sky
rich-c: you have teh address right?
Daniel: Because of the sudden death when hitting the barriers, Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's castle is not the ba
Daniel: ... the best game to show.
rich-c: Daniel, Dell are doing a big expansion of their support call centre in Canada, likely in Quebec
BobS: just resent email Richrd............ to ....
BobS: correct ???????
rich-c: they already have a big place by Ottawa but may choose to do the second installation elsewhere in Quebec
Daniel: loosing energy and blicking the sprites for the Smurf caracter, the game could be more joyable.
rich-c: looks right to me, Bob - if no results I'll know what to say, that it went
BobS: ok
Daniel: Dell... I will check it out.
rich-c: question: do the double layer disc burners have the same competing protocol problem as Blu-Ray-HD?
Daniel: is it a question?
BobS: got me mon
rich-c: yes
james: rather surprised that new guy isn't on this morning
Daniel: I think it's a fact. I have no answer about that
rich-c: if they are incompatible, it can screw things up for any DVDs you burn
rich-c: you mean Payton Boyd? I sent a reply invitikng him
Daniel: I also sent an email to invite him
BobS: so did I
rich-c: my C partition is now over 4.7 gig and I don't have spanning imaging software to back it up
Daniel: err... maybe he was there before us.
rich-c: no, I gave him the time
rich-c: maybe he's in California or some place and still finishing dinner
Daniel: maybe he check his emails only once a day.
rich-c: the evidence says otherwise
Daniel: maybe the sun is rising the horizon from the north for him today... (that means, I have no clue wy he is not online now)
rich-c: any suggestions on how to do drive image backups these days? External USB hard drives? Humungous internals?
BobS: GOOD ONE Daniel !!!!!
BobS: external usb would work
Daniel: did you saw the giant disk space? 500Gig?
rich-c: yes, and so I suspect wopuld say an internal 250GB, or even something on my RAID sockets, but best?
rich-c: internal there could be power issues, my computer is old
Daniel: Someone said it's probably a PATA... a technology that may have no failure proof if hitting the floor.
rich-c: Guy, you got any ideas on stuff like this?
BobS: fAND Daniel, that drive is probably smaller than the older 20 gig drives
rich-c: far as I know, any drive hitting the floor is likely to fail
Daniel: I was so upset to know that all the technology I learned last year was todfay obsolete : SDRAM, AGP, Ultra IDE...
rich-c: seeing lots of stuff - 250 GB internal under $90, 200GD USB external $130
Daniel: And it's the beggining of the 64bits processors
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: USB Flash drives are really cheap now. If you look hard, you can get a 250mb for about $20.
Dale: Hi all
Daniel: Hello Dale
BobS: can always use an external on any puter you get Richard
rich-c: yes, it's really sort of scary, isn't it? buying a upgade that will last long enough to pay off is tricky
Guy B.: HI Dale
BobS: greetings dale !
rich-c: welcome, Dale
Daniel: I was at the Arcadia festival during the long week-end (10-11-12)
Dale: Just popping in to see what's happening today.
Dale: Cool.
Dale: How'd it go?
Daniel: I did a speech in front of ... twelve persons friday afternoon to talk about Coleco programming.
rich-c: I have two 256MB flash drives, after rebate $10 each; got a 1 GB Kingston for $28.50
Daniel: I took the two powerpoints I did for Adamcon and I reduced the size for a 45 minutes speech.
rich-c: we were tryign earlier to figure out how he could get them to Bob to post
Daniel: Of course, there was no time to program, or make them try.
Dale: Sounds like fun. I'm sorry I missed it.
Daniel: I did some mini-cd with Coleco stuff, including my entire web site and my presentation. it's a 47.6 Meg of stuff.
Dale: Mostly full.
Guy B.: I have a 128mb from Iomega that I got for 19.99 last year. Now, it's been discontinued. But, I really like it. Sometimes I want to bring some files home from work to try with OpenOffice.
Daniel: I bring them at the presentation... and they all gone in a minute
BobS: GONE in Sixty Seconds !!!!!
Daniel: Opening a Word file with OpenOffice, even the new version, is not well implemented yet.
rich-c: next one take a laptopo with burner, imaging program, and lots of CDs!
Daniel: Luc Miron took one minicd.
rich-c: oh, he was there, then
Dale: Some files work better than others.
Daniel: the mini-cd are limited to 8x speed.
Daniel: he was there with a friend.
rich-c: guess you'd be better off with teh standard size, then
Daniel: I suppose he will check at least the technical information. I suspect he will try to program is assembler.
rich-c: we need to encourage him, get him more active
Daniel: he's a pixel artist first... changing a picture into a game is not an easy task... yes, he need encouragement
james left chat session
rich-c: that's the techie level stuff that you and Dale and Dr. D. can help with
Daniel: goodnight Bob... oops I miss him
Guy B.: He's still here. James left.
rich-c: Bob is still here
Daniel: ok, I saw someone left the chat...
BobS: help.........I am falling........
Daniel: hehehe... sorry Bob! :-)
rich-c: may have got bounced - maybe he'll be back
rich-c: btw Dale, last time I got bounced it was by a keystroke that fiended the Java applet
Daniel: I realized that 45 minutes is too short to talk about programming.
BobS: now....... do you have any info on Erin & Dr D .....Ricahrd ?????..
BobS: they haven't been here in awhile
rich-c: Erin is having wisdom teeth out on Dec. 1 and Rich will be here for moral support
BobS: well that still leaves next wed and the week after
rich-c: they are busy being newlyweds, but both also very rushed at work
BobS: no excuse.......
Guy B.: I have a few computer projects of my own to do. One of them is to complete the AdamEm Utilities Setup. Hopefully that will be ready soon. I have to test the Dcopy with a 5 1/4 floppy drive.
rich-c: Pam is absent because today is Russell's birthday and they are out for dinner
rich-c: Ron may be incommunicado because of the storm
rich-c: which also is whre james could have gone suddenly
rich-c: Dale, I got the Java error message on my drop - would it be any use to you?
Dale: The length of the talk about programming varies widely with the audience. Or that's what Jill just said.
rich-c: ; - )
Dale: Do you get it often, or just this once?
Daniel: Before I forgot, I will need ressources to do a new batch of cartridges. I need eeprom 27c256 (or something very similar) and new pcbs. I will have about 200 brand new cartridges for the new Coleco games.
rich-c: just this once - don't know why I didn't other times
Dale: I have a local supplier (Sayal) who had about 200 each from three manufacturer of the ROMs.
Daniel: Well, my presentation started with 5 slides about Coleco industries, then some technicals data, then the ball sample game you may remember.
Dale: What's your timing on the PCBs? I now have a computer controlled mill for work. And I can use that to test the drilling/slot easier.
Dale: But I'd still need to send the manufacture to my supplier.
Daniel: Well, if I can have new pcbs before summer 2007, it will be greatly appreciate
Daniel: About summer 2007, is it confirmed that Adamcon will be done in Ottawa?
BobS: fer sure
Dale: Done in Ottawa.
Dale: But the date isn' confirmed yet.
rich-c: Dale, I want to do an image backup of my C partition but it's over 4.7 gb - any suggesrions as to the best methodology?
Dale: The best way is to get an external USB harddisk.
rich-c: why tyhat rather thaqn an internal?
Dale: There are several that you can connect, hit a button on the front, it'll do a back up, then you disconnect it to keep it safe.
Dale: Definately the way I'd recommend lately.
rich-c: and why better than a dual-layer DVD burner? (I can guess but your opinion is better informed)
Dale: My hard disk is way bigger than a dual layer DVD would hold.
Dale: It just doesnt' seem reasonable to do a 10 DVD backup weekly.
rich-c: if it's a one-push backup machine, can it also be used as a regular hard disc?
Dale: But a USB harddisk backup is pretty painless.
Dale: It could, but then you're leaving the harddisk online, and it is as at risk as the internal.
rich-c: let's say my hard disc contents aren't that big, nor that critical, but the external USBs are so reasonably priced now...
Daniel: And if you don't use the button on the external disk, it's not a problem to use the external HD as another HD to store huge files. I transfer all the tv programs I'm recording with my computer on the external HD.
rich-c: which one do you use? I've seen Future Shop with a nice 200GB around $130
Dale: Neil regularly uses an external USB harddisk for files that don't fit in his laptop.
rich-c: right - he has that Shark we saw at Adamcon
Daniel: Do you think it's a good idea to do the 2008 Adamcon meeting at Quebec, during the 400th anniversary of the town? Maybe it's too tricky to organize in these conditions.
Dale: Again, he most often uses it for video.
rich-c: I don't do video at all
BobS: OUCH, that would be lot of people about
rich-c: depends on the scheduling of the celebrations - but hotel space could be at a premium
BobS: ya mon.........
rich-c: mind you, Quebec City is a big tourist destination anyway
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: greetings Pam
Daniel: Hi Pam!
BobS: HB Russ !!!!!!
Daniel: bonsoir
rich-c: be expensive, too - those Quebec reestaurants are too hard to resist, despite the prices
Pamela: hi there, finally made it
Pamela: Russell says thank you, Bob
BobS: and pushed poor Russell off to work ?
Pamela: nope, he's here
Guy B.: HI Pam, I have very tired dog tonight.
rich-c: good on you, daughter - replete with birthday cake?
Daniel: bonne fête...
Pamela: no cake, just stuffed with good food
rich-c: where did you go?
Guy B.: Where did you go?
Pamela: brought half my dinner home and will take it for lunch tomorrow. We went to Outback Steakhouse
Daniel: wow... same question... wish something!
Guy B.: How is it?
BobS: oh, I LIKE that place
Pamela: good!
Guy B.: Good menu?
rich-c: yes, but you have to bring half it home - oh, the calories! oh, the fat1 oh, the salt!!!
Pamela: lotsa steak, as you can imagine, also bbq chicken and ribs, some pasta, burgers and sandwiches
BobS: nope, when we go, we split a nice big meal and have plenty and no take homes
rich-c: but the Bloomin' Onioin is almost worth a week of starvation to balance
Guy B.: I have to find one close to me.
rich-c: they are a pretty big chain in the US, think we saw some in Chicago
Pamela: we split the bloomin onion three ways and still didn't eat more than half of it
rich-c: who else ws there?
Pamela: Barbara came with us
BobS: got to go to Milwaukee or Madison WI Guy
BobS: nome in chicago
rich-c: oh, that's why they call it Outback?
Pamela: (my mother in law, for those not in the know)
Guy B.: Hold on Bob. I think there is one near Rosemont, since I seen one on I-90. I'll check
Pamela: they call it outback because the food is supposed to be Aussie
BobS: right was incorrect, there are some in Chicatgo
BobS: villa park and wheaton
Pamela: pretty sure I saw one near Woodfield mall, Guy
rich-c: we know, daughter; I was just kidding. We've eaten in one
BobS: napervillechicago I-90
Guy B.: Well, I got an Outback that's not too far from me. In Villa Park.
Pamela: Russell is modelling his loot for me
rich-c: dale, what's your email address at the moment?
Dale: the hotmail one
Pamela: and by the way Dad, Russell says to say thank you to you and Mom for your gift
rich-c: OK thanks - will it take attachments?
BobS: between 43 and 171 north on I-90
Dale: yes. no problem
Guy B.: You're right Pam. There is one in Schaumburg.
Dale: up to 30 meg
BobS: got GOOD steaks mon
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get going. I'll see you all next week.
BobS: paste this and go there Guy.....
BobS: Outback website
rich-c: night Guy, see you next Wednesday
BobS: nite guy
Daniel: Tommorow, I will try to send files (from the minicd) to BobS... if I don't forget.
Daniel: bonne nuit Guy
Pamela: I had part of the bloomin' onion, one small piece of bread, half of my 8 oz. steak, half my garlic mashed potatoes, two thirds of my salad, and a piece of cheesecake which I shared with Russell's mom
Guy B.: I found their website. That's where I found some
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Pamela: by the way, why is Annie tired?
Guy B.: She played with a new friend.
Pamela: ah
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Well I'm gone. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: got the rest for lunch tomorrow - I'm going to be the envy of the lunchroom : )
rich-c: yes, although with that onion, sitters downwind may have problems
Pamela: I didn't bring home any onion : )
Pamela: left that for Barbara
rich-c: ah, she's retired, so can afford to be less cautious
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: so, what all (and who all) did I miss? And by the way, Hi Dale
rich-c: like certain of my favourite sandwich meats and salads - there is no such thing as a little garlic
Dale: Hi Pam
rich-c: Guy Foster on very briefly, james
rich-c: otherwise, what you see is what you get
Pamela: everything okay for them? How's the baby? and how is James?
rich-c: but everyone was here on time for a change, pretty well
Pamela: did you see that they had an 8.1 quake off the northern coast of Japan this morning?
rich-c: yes - wonder if we lost james to an aftershock?
rich-c: BC is all torn up with a storm, lines down, roads out
Dale: he lives south and inland
BobS: hmmm....he didn't say anythinga bout it
Pamela: yes, James is in the south I believe
Pamela: well I guess no news is good news : )
BobS: the sunami effect didn't happen either......only a foot high wave
rich-c: and that was a relief
BobS: so then james probably didn't even feel it
Pamela: 8.1 is a pretty big quake
BobS: but underwater and long ways away
rich-c: you wouldn't want it in your living room, that's for sure
Pamela: my living room is messy enough, thank you!
BobS: fur sure
Pamela: I don't need any help from a quake
Pamela: however you will be pleased to know that we finally got the bathroom ceiling fixed
BobS: COOL and the floor ?
rich-c: good on that - now for the floor
Pamela: after the second flood last week, I had a fit on the superintendent so they did something about it
Pamela: the floor is next on the agenda, Bob - after I put the final coat of paint in the bathroom
BobS: course the floor was the result of the ceiling
rich-c: geez, that was nice of them
Dale: He's far enough away that he miught not feel it. How far off the coast was it?
Pamela: Islands north east of Japan, I believe - R says about 25 minutes warning for the tsunami so not too far
Daniel: To answer you Dale, I did my speech only once. I also acted the story about Donkey Kong.
Pamela: actually Bob, the floor was partially the result of the ceiling - it was not helped along by the cat
Pamela: so we're taking on the floor ourselves
Daniel: well, I talked about how Coleco did the deal with Nintendo... and I did some gesture.
rich-c: you must have really put on quite a show - way to go
BobS: got to go kids, see ya next week, yes ?????
Daniel: I hope we can talk again next week.
Pamela: g'nite Bob, say hi to Judy for us
rich-c: you bet, Bob, you and Judy take care, too
Daniel: goodbye Bob
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: yes, it's the witching hour, time for me to go too
Dale: You acted out Donkey Kong?
Pamela: and as I still have things to do, I'd best go do them so I'm not in bed at 2:00 am
Pamela: Dad, will call, probably Friday
Dale: I disassembled the first 8k of the DK supergame.
Dale: Fun stuff. But quite a lot of repeated code in the different overlays.
Pamela: Dale, say hi to Jillian for me please
Daniel: I simply acted Eric from Coleco who make the deal in Japan at Nintendo for Donkey Kong. I didn't played a gorilla
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Pamela: I would have liked to see that, Daniel : )
Pamela: get dumped Dad?
rich-1: sorry, got dumped
Daniel: Well... someone recorded the presentation, and I have a copy.
Pamela: okay - will probably call Friday, Dad
rich-1: anyway, Dale, have to transfer the error message to the other computer - don't have mail active here (don't ask)
Dale: Printed it all out on the SmartWRITER printer.
Daniel: Steve Bégin almost done is Coleco project Wizard Siege (a kind of Arkanoid, more like Batty on Commodore 64) and I want to help him as much as I can.
rich-1: OK Pam, Amiga tomorrow so get you Friday
Dale: On rolls of continious paper.
Pamela: good
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Dale
Daniel: bonne nuit Pam
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
rich-1: anyway time to pack it in, so goodnight, all
Pamela: kerpoof
Dale: Goodnight Pam
Pamela left chat session
rich-1: colour me gone
rich-1 left chat session
Dale: He gave me a copy of that when I met him at that games meeting in Montreal.
Dale: It is probably farther along than that.
Daniel: ho yes
Dale: But I tried it from that copy that he sent me.
Daniel: after fixing the data reading and saving, the game include now a complet level editor
Dale: Good to hear.
Daniel: the editor is available only when detecting Coleco Adam, due to the needed RAM space
Daniel: and also due to the TAPE and DISK support
Dale: That makes sense.
Dale: Yes :-)
Dale: That was working even back at that meeting I went to.
Dale: Goodnight rich.
Daniel: In fact, his game only need couple of levels and some bonus screen againts the wizard
Daniel: oui, bonne nuit Rich!
Dale: I can't believe that none of my 3 ColecoVision projects for the minigames compo were ready.
Dale: Especially since they spread out the deadlines.
Daniel: were ready? for the compo this year?
Dale: But I guess there's always next year.
Dale: I didn't submit, because each time I wasn't happy with the result.
Daniel: Are you talking about the 1K game projects? or the 4K ones?
Dale: I started in Jan working on a 1k game, then I have a half finished 4k game. I even spent time working on an 8k game.
Dale: But I finished none of them :-(
Dale: Oh well, next year I'll start from half finished games. It'll be easier, I hope.
Dale: What about those cartridge shells that Eduardo was going to make?
Daniel: well... 200 brand new plastic casings will be done, as soon as I pay him
Dale: Maybe wirth a mill, I can try designing one myself, and make one myself.
Dale: To make a mould all it takes is some expertise at using a mill, and the right material, if I understand the process correctly.
Dale: I'm currently working on a project to mold some robot fingers.
Dale: I have a mechanical engineer making the mold. It's been going on for over a month, but it is our first one.
Dale: So we're learning as we go.
Dale: But today is the first day that we poured the polymers into a test mold.
Dale: Exciting stuff.
Daniel: Well, if you can do a mold and pcbs, all we will need is the eprom and printing boxes.
Dale: Printing boxes isn't hard, if you're willing to hand cut them. My brother can do that part no problem.
Dale: But it takes a long time to learn how to do all of this stuff.
Dale: At least I've made progress.
Dale: my family has a business called
Dale: They can print in full colour on stiff card up to 12"x18" I think.
Daniel: so the hard part will be finding a way to burn data into many eprom rather than using EEPROM...
Dale: Yes. I don't have any good tricks for that.
Dale: They talk about "gang programmers"
Dale: But you at a minimum have to test each one to see if the batch burned correctly.
Dale: I don't have anything like that. Just the eprom burner that I showed you a link to before.
Dale: I guess having a machine that auto loads the eproms, and tests them would be the best way. I don't see how to do that for now though.
Dale: Were do you find people to buy homebrew carts anyway?
Dale: Good Deal Games says they sold 50 or more of their most popular titles.
Daniel: The actual market is 100 cartridge for an arcade hit... like was my game Miss Space Fury.
Dale: That amazes me. But I guess there are collectors out there.
Dale: There must be 10 times that many Atari 2600 carts sold for Atari 2600 hits.
Dale: Anyway, I guess it is sleep time.
Daniel: Yes, there are more Atari users than Coleco users... same for the programmers and the collectors.
Daniel: YEs, it's time to sleep.
Dale: Until next time.
Daniel: Try to email me this week to tell more about your mold experience.
Dale: I will. I'll still be learning for the next couple of weeks. We've been working on it since early October.
Daniel: ake
Daniel: take care
Dale: good night.
Daniel: bonne nuit
Daniel: à vous tous
Dale: poof
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