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Harvie: Good evening rich
rich-c: and same back to you, Harvie - how goes it?
Harvie: Pretty well, how did you like our winter
rich-c: well, we need 72 hours at least of -8° or lower weatehr if we are to have an icewine harvest
rich-c: and they are now re-hiring many of the layoffs up around Collingwood
Harvie: Good luck on that
rich-c: so - there are meaningful benefits
Harvie: But it was a short season no?
rich-c: well, the vintners feel they have until at least late February
rich-c: meanwhile, I can live with days above freezing - lots of them
Harvie: If today was the worst weather we get this winter I will be happy
rich-c: yes, today was more conventional for Toronto in January - but lord knows we have seen a LOT worse
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rich-c: meanwhile though BC is getting it hard, and so is Denver
Harvie: I had snow on my windshield, that's official enough for me
changed username to BobS
BobS: Hi guys
rich-c: right, and the siers at Whistler are deleriously happy
Harvie: Hello Bob
rich-c: greetigs, Robert
BobS: SNOW !!!!!! shame
rich-c: you got snow?
BobS: not me
BobS: Harvie
Harvie: We get snow you get Dubbya on TV Bob
rich-c: we got a dusting this morning, really just a trace
BobS: we got some very light accumulations yesterday, and maybe more on the weekend
BobS: watching a movie on SiFi channnel
rich-c: long as it doesn't need shovelling, I'm fairly cool with it
BobS: shoveling sucks, yes
rich-c: oh, my satellite service is suspended for December and January
BobS: heard that
BobS: but we just got it back.....thanks to Doug & Meeka
rich-c: why should I pay $90 to have a connection to a tv I won't turn on?
BobS: we are piggybacked on theirs, with appropriate charges of course
rich-c: how do you do that?
rich-c: .
BobS: they had an extra dish and receiver from the original system BEFORE they got the tevo recorder thingy....we just hooked it up at our house, activated the receiver and BINGO
BobS: cost is not too high for a poor unemployed guy
BobS: and presto, we have dish returned
rich-c: after taxes, our satellite connection is $44.44 a month - I think it's outrageous
Harvie: Is that Expressview rich?
rich-c: StarChoice, Harvie - I have one extra package, sports
BobS: OUCH, that is equal to regular cable network here......the kind on the pole to oyour house
BobS: dish is quite a bit cheaper
rich-c: here, it's the cheapest alternative available, but they keep jacking the prices
rich-c: but our cale guys are a greedy bunch of thieves
rich-c: cable
BobS: how much IS wired cable tv?
rich-c: there's so much flim-flam in the bundles and packages and promotional offers and all you can never tell
rich-c: all you can say is that there's a quasi monopoly and the consumer gets screwed
Harvie: And they are taking Speed Channel out of basic service
rich-c: just like they have a real deal on phone service this week - till you read the fine print
BobS: THAT is the whole point..........they want ALL your money mon!!!!
rich-c: Speed Channel was never in basic service on Star Choice - it's why I buy the extra now TSN is basic
BobS: and of course, it don't include taxes, fees, and other gov't regulatory charges.....OR the basic phone service...... ;-)
rich-c: if they delivered teh good honestly and at a fair price, I would not grudge it
rich-c: you sure have to read teh fine print - which was not made for three-quarter century old eyes
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: hi, there
rich-c: getting a little chill today
Pamela: big turnout, I see : )
Pamela: can you say brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
rich-c: well, with luck it may increase - wonder whre our Quebecois are, though
Pamela: I have come to the conclusion that I need to find a warmer coat
rich-c: for that matter, will Rich and Rin show eventually, do you know?
Pamela: no idea
Pamela: hello Harvie, hi Bob
rich-c: thought you had a pretty good puffy parka?
BobS changed username to Judy
Pamela: used to be pretty good
Judy: hi, everyone
Pamela: Hi, Judy : )
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, taking over from the old man, are you?
Judy: Bob had a package to send out tomorrow so he had to go and get it ready
rich-c: did he sel something on eBay?
Judy: yes, on one of them, an office 95 or something
rich-c: good for him - does he use eBay only or also craigslist and stuff?
Judy: not Ebay right now, I think it is yahoo or something
Judy: not very informative am I?
Pamela: s'okay, Judy - we're all like that at this time of night : )
Harvie: We never shoot the messenger Judy
Judy: did it get cold up by you like it did here?
rich-c: right, I think Yahoo does hae an auction setup of some sort
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: I was just commenting that I think I need a warmer jacket
rich-c: yes, it is about -8°C at the moment, our high was -2
Judy: it has been a long day, road down to South Bend checking out a job
Pamela: did you guys get snow?
Judy: we weren't that cold
Judy: just a little on the grass
Judy: what a differance from last week
rich-c: well, it was our first day totally below 0°C this year so far, and we have + temperatures forecast highs for the rst of the week
Pamela: one of my coworkers who lives in Barrie said the snow was up to her knees at 5:00 am this morning. We only got a dusting last night
Pamela: Judy, was the job for you, or Bob?
rich-c: yes, the ski providers up at Blue Mountain are singing halaleulias
Judy: we have very little, and it can stay that way, don't need any here
rich-c: they are going to recall a majority of the 1300 workers they had to lay off last week
Judy: both, would be a driving job, but I wasn't impressed
Harvie: Blue mountain can make their own snow, all they need is cold
Pamela: well they've finally got their base, anyway
Judy: they opened the ski resort just north of us today also
rich-c: yes, and they are in a different weather pattern from Toronto
rich-c: as I was telling Hrvie earlier, now we have to worry about the icewine vintners
rich-c: tyhey need at least 72 hours when teh temprature never exceeds -8°
rich-c: C
Harvie: They spent 2 million plus to pump water from the bay after waffling on it for three years and now they got no cold :)
rich-c: for their harvest to begin
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rich-c: well, for snowmaking they don't need cold thaqt extreme, or for long
Pamela: but it helps
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: hello, Guy
Judy: they just need freezing, about 30
changed username to Mrs. Who
rich-c: hello Guy, see your computer is temperamental again
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Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: Hi, Rin!
Harvie: Hi Guy
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Mrs. Who: allo, allo
changed username to Fershlugginer
Guy B.: Brrr, it's cold here too and we may get some snow this weekend
rich-c: 'lo,Rin\
changed username to Roberto
Judy: hi, Erin
Guy B.: Hi Rin
Harvie: Hello Rin
Mrs. Who: Rich will be late but he will be here
Roberto: OUCH,m everyone ist here
Mrs. Who: hi all!!
Fershlugginer: Yo!
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: Guy?
Mrs. Who: hi Ron
Roberto: BRB, got to go back upstairs I do
rich-c: well, well, you mean the Island lines aren't down yet?
Pamela: figure it out yet, Ron?
Fershlugginer: had a power failure while I was out....just got back to a bunch of blinking clocks
rich-c: I explained it to him, Pam
Pamela: oh
Fershlugginer: yes, thanks to Rich
Judy: Hi, Ron
Fershlugginer: Hi Judy
Fershlugginer: How are ya?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Roberto left chat session
Judy: not bad and you?
rich-c: how badly are you getting hit up your way, Ron?
Fershlugginer: not bad for an old guy thanks
rich-c: it's the led story on, or was earlier
rich-c: lead
Fershlugginer: actually, we're being spared. There was some snow overnight, and it's real cold, but we haven't had nearly the wind that the lower mainland is getting
Pamela: what's new, Erin?
Fershlugginer: I'm headed down there on Friday for a week
rich-c: that gives you some serious blessings to count!
Fershlugginer: absolutely
Judy changed username to Bob
rich-c: mainland, or down to Victoria?
Bob: ich bin zuruch
Mrs. Who: ooooo, well been a bit busy
Fershlugginer: Vancouver (or more precisely - Burnaby)
rich-c: same difference, though the locals wouldn't thank me for that - the newlyweds?
Bob: ah same place mon
Fershlugginer: Going to play tour guide to Francesca's father who's visiting from Florence
Mrs. Who: yesterday was a *very* big day for us
Bob: COOL, he speak Canadian??????
Fershlugginer: Guess we won't be going to Stanley Park or BC Place Stadium
Pamela: the two construction deaths?
Fershlugginer: oh yeah... he's pretty good
Fershlugginer: exactly
Bob: hokay !!!!!!
Mrs. Who: nope, the SARS report
Pamela: ahh
rich-c: oh, they will get teh roof stitched up and re-inflated soon enough - they were able to let it down easy
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Fershlugginer: Wish my Italian was as good as Gabrielle's English
changed username to Judy
Mrs. Who: my guy was the spokesperson....and I was still acting Director
Judy: I'm back
Pamela: oh goody
Pamela: was, meaning the director is back today?
Mrs. Who: my name is actually on the backgrounder of the press release
Fershlugginer: damn! spilled tomato soup on my keyboard
rich-c: too much political grandstanding on that issue- we've learned our lessons
Pamela: sorry Judy, that was directed at Erin : )
Fershlugginer: gotta stop doing that
Mrs. Who: hi Judy
Pamela: quit feeding the keyboard, Ron
Judy: that is okay
Fershlugginer: I know eh?
Fershlugginer changed username to Ron
Judy: hi, Erin
Ron: made my point
rich-c: yeah, just take it into the shower with you and rinse it ut
Ron: haven't read Mad Magazine in years
rich-c: neither have I, but it tends to stay with you - at least the central schticks do
Ron: used to love Don Martin's cartoons
Ron: and Spy vs Spy
Pamela: who is the comm director, Erin? I know you told me but I've forgotten
Mrs. Who: Susan
Mrs. Who:
Mrs. Who: that's the link
Pamela: got it
Mrs. Who: just click on the Backgrounder link from the page and scroll to bottom
Ron: Just to give you guys a heads up- I'm expecting a camera club committee over here in about 3/4 hour. So my departure may be rather abrupt
rich-c: the reporters seem to feel they have to worry it, but it is really stale news
Ron: don't take it personally
Bob: ok we won't........
Pamela: ya gotta quit doing everything on Wednesdays, Ron
Bob: SO, how was the vacation in Edmonton???? rpfitable and fun I presume?
Bob: profitable
Ron: Right.... have been telling myself that for years
rich-c: oh,tell them to wait til you say goodby properly, Ron - it wont kill them
Ron: Very good Bob. Weather was quite benign. It was either -5 C or +5 C and that was it.... no wind, no snow, nothing
Ron: gather all that has now changed
rich-c: one should be a good host, but not fanatic about it
Ron: I have 2 dozen Tim Bits
Ron: and a coffee pot
Ron: that's all they get
rich-c: fine, they want more, they can bring it
Ron: exactly!
Ron: We're planning a public show
Harvie: I am beckoned to the telephone, Have to say goodbye all
rich-c: I'm off to an old farts lunch tomorrow - and we'll all chip in for the caterer and beer
Mrs. Who: how's it going with you Pam
Ron: Hey Harvie...the phone's ringing
Pamela: okay, goodnight, Harvie
Judy: bye Harvie
Mrs. Who: nite Harvie
Pamela: been busy in small ways
rich-c: night, Harv- see you next week
Harvie left chat session
Bob: well that is good then Ron......a good and QUIET vacation to be sure
Pamela: did much running around on the weekend. BTW, did you know they're closing the Loblaws on Dixon as of this Saturday?
Ron: yes.... my brother Dave and I went to the West Edmonton Mall after Christmas...more to take pictures than anything else
Ron: other than that, it was a nice quiet family time
Ron: And I did not gain any weight
Mrs. Who: Rich said he overheard someone say they would be closing in January.....but I hadn't heard officially
Mrs. Who: that's not great
Ron: but I did not lose any either
rich-c: that the one at the corner of Islington?
Pamela: I was in last Saturday to take advantage of the $0.99 sale and discovered it.
Pamela: Yes, Dad
Mrs. Who: oh wow
rich-c: that's been tehre a long time - wonder if they're closing or converting to No Frils or Fortinos or something
Pamela: I must admit I contributed because I shop at the Superstore most of the time now - it's more convenient
Pamela: and also Erin, have you done laundry since last week?
Ron: rumor has it that we're getting a Costco
Ron: yet another big box store in the Comox Valley
Mrs. Who: no, why? what are they charging now??
Pamela: they've put a lock on the laundry room door - you now need your front door key to get in there
rich-c: never been in one of those - the fee has never been worth it to me
Pamela: I understand why, but what a pain in the a**
Ron: yeah... feel about the same Rich. It
Mrs. Who: oh wow :-(
Ron: It's ok for families of 10 buying in quantity
rich-c: something about paying a fee for the privilege of entgering their store does not sit well with me
Ron: agreed
Ron: oit
Ron: ot
Ron: it's $50 bux
rich-c: nice if you're going in to buy a computer and tv or other high end stuff, but for routine?
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Ron: Sister and her partner bought a 42 in. HD TV while I was there. Costco's deal was attractive
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Pamela: anyway, I got more paint for the bathroom - had him tint it twice this time, so hopefully we have the right colour this time. I hope to get the bathroom at least partially painted this weekend
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. changed username to Guy B. & Annie
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Guy B. & Annie: Ok, I lost my connection
changed username to Mr. Ms. Rin
rich-c: there is no place where we could fit a 42" tv into our house, even if we watched tv
Ron: Hi Guy B and Annie
Guy B. & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Mr. Ms. Rin confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Guy B. & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Rich
Guy B.: OK, I'm back.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hello all.
Ron: exactly Rich....which is why I don't have one
Bob confirmed ban
rich-c: sorry, Rich, didn't see you come in - welcome
Pamela: and here I thought we were going to get Dr. Who : )
Ron: mine is 32 in
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Mrs. Who: ha ha Honeys
Mr. Ms. Rin: Rin wears the pants in the family.
Ron: hey there Dr. D
rich-c: we still have our old 20"crt and it is more than adequate
Pamela: don't blame her - it's too blasted cold for skirts!
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hi Ron.
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Mr. Ms. Rin: I meant to reply to your inquiry about "fershlugginer".
Mrs. Who: very funny My Love
Ron: thank you sir, it (Ferschlugginer) has been adequately explained
Mr. Ms. Rin: It's fractured Yiddish from Harvey Kurtzman, originator of "MAD".
Ron: right .... was saying a while ago, I haven't picked up a copy of that in years
Mr. Ms. Rin: prob. from a verb "verschlugen"
rich-c: yes, second letter is I think U, and is it optional to start with a v?
Ron: My brother reads it
Mr. Ms. Rin: Or maybe "verschlagen", past participle "verschlugen"
Mr. Ms. Rin: It isn't funny anymore :-(
Ron: There seems to be a variety of spellings on the net
Mr. Ms. Rin: The original "Usual Gang of Idiots" all died off, and the new idiots are to smug and smarmy
Mr. Ms. Rin: too
Pamela: I used to read it when Dad got it
Mr. Ms. Rin: The original MAD spelling might have been "furshlugginer"
Ron: ok = a u and 2 g's
Pamela: Dad, do I have a memory of walking up to UCS to get it on shopping day?
Mr. Ms. Rin: I had too much German, I want to spell it Germanically :-)
Mr. Ms. Rin: Bur only Germans know that "v" really is pronounced "f"
Mr. Ms. Rin: But
rich-c: well, I bought it at the newsstand, usually that one, so that would be consistent
Mr. Ms. Rin: I can't type tonight
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changed username to Daniel
Pamela: it's goin' around, Rich
Guy B.: Hi Danie;
Mr. Ms. Rin: Been a hard day
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Guy B.: Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir
Daniel: bonne année
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Mrs. Who: hi Daniel
Ron: meme monsieur
Daniel: merci
Bob: Hi '
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: the ink on my backspace key is worn from use : )
Bob: Daniel
Ron: got no accents here (should be a circonflex)
Daniel: ;-)
Mr. Ms. Rin: Ÿ
Mr. Ms. Rin: I can type them, but then don't show up when I press Enter
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Pam: make yourself a note to look at the star map at bathsheba,com
Ron: waiting for the kernel on the eMac to panic
Ron: so far it hasn't happened
Mr. Ms. Rin: Why, Ron?
Ron: uninstalled Tiger and am going with Panther instead
Mr. Ms. Rin: I can't remember which cat is which, I prefer version numbers.
Daniel: how things are going for you in this new year just started?
Ron: the OS X kernel has a problem on this machine
Ron: was 10.4.9
Ron: now 10.3.9
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ok, why?
Mr. Ms. Rin: It will be as bad as Ford soon, run out of cats...cougar, bobcat, lynx, ocelot...
Ron: the eMac seems to like it better
Ron: yeah, what's the next one coming?
Mr. Ms. Rin: leopard
Ron: thats it
Mr. Ms. Rin: meerkat
rich-c: if you want accents and stuff (like ° or ¢) download allchars from
Mr. Ms. Rin: The Mac generates them with various option-keystrokes, Richard.
Daniel: it looks like a theme... a pattern of animals, félins
Mr. Ms. Rin: Just seems this chat client won't spit them out.
Ron: oh this beast has them built in.....but then my keyboard isn't what I'm used to
rich-c: (PRIVATE) she thinks you may want to consider one of the items as a gift for Russell
Ron: so I go with the U.S. keyboard
Mr. Ms. Rin: you have an AZERT whatever keyboard?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) which item?
Ron: a who?
Ron: right now I have a keyboard covered with tomato parmesian soup
rich-c: (PRIVATE) star map I think she said
Daniel: QWERTY, AZERTY... I forgot the others...
Ron: oh right
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, I'll look
rich-c: I have a ^as my upper case 6
Judy: doesn't seem very good for the keyboard, Ron
Bob: my keyboard is a toshiba one......
Ron: that's right Judy
Mr. Ms. Rin: yikes!
Mr. Ms. Rin: Re: soup
rich-c: told him earlier, take it into the shower and rinse it down - apparently with many this can be done
Bob: <gives bob a great big piece of chocolate> >-)
Mr. Ms. Rin: run it through dishwasher
Ron: indeed
Pamela: mmmm, chocolate (in best Homer Simpson voice)
Bob: hmmmmmm evil face..... <-)
Judy: that I could use
rich-c: of course I don't know if the information applies to Spy transmitters in Canadian coins: Reportacs
Mr. Ms. Rin: I am having a different comfort food.
Daniel: Did you saw the video circulating now on the net of a guy who have a contagious laugh
rich-c: sorry - strange things happen when I hit teh wrong key here
Pamela: i'll say!
Ron: yes, soup comes squirting out in all directions
Pamela: what did you hit?
rich-c: I am on the laptop as the desktop cannot be booted - totally crashed out
Mr. Ms. Rin: sic transit gloria pentium
Guy B.: What happen on the desktop Rich?
rich-c: Frances is using the desktop from the Ubuntu live disc, but it has no Java on it so can't come in here
Mr. Ms. Rin: No Java for Unbutu?
Pamela: speaking of coins Dad, please remind Mom to take her tokens in to TTC headquarters and get them exchanged for the new ones before the end of the month
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) fyi just gave myself a sympatico account with e.drushel
rich-c: Microsoft is investigating - it generate a Stop Message error when rebooting after any Update
Mr. Ms. Rin: (PRIVATE) To replace the other one?
rich-c: didn't say that, just that it doesn't appear to be on the disc - maybe it's available if the program is installed
Mr. Ms. Rin: just go to and download it
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) in addition as it won't let me replace - however I will send out an email to everyone tomorrow or Friday making that my primary one
Mr. Ms. Rin: They should have binaries for everything Linux
rich-c: sorry, the disc can't be written to, so I lose it every time I close down
Mr. Ms. Rin: I see, you are booting from a CD-ROM.
Mr. Ms. Rin: (PRIVATE) Why did you change it now?
Ron: yeah, it's there Dr. D. but you have to install it
rich-c: I'm tempted to install Ubuntu on the rpimary partition on my external USB hard disc but I'm not sure how or if that would work
Ron: found that out the hard way
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) cuz I finally figured out how to do it
Ron: Whoops... I see my company is about to arrive. Gonna haft let you guys carry on without me
Ron: see ya's next week
Pamela: gnite Ron - see ya
Mrs. Who: g'nite Ron
Mr. Ms. Rin: G'nite Ron
Guy B.: Ok, Ron. See next week.
rich-c: take it easy then Ron, see you next week
Ron: :)_
Ron left chat session
Bob: have fun Ron
Bob: nite
Daniel: bye... oops, too late
Mr. Ms. Rin: Enjoy the soup!
Judy: night Ron
rich-c: also, 'd have to set up a dual boot to an OS that isn't accessible
rich-c: assuming teh USB drive can be booted from and a boot manager will recognize it
rich-c: got it Daniel, thanks
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Erin, we're talking about going out for dinner to Mandarin on Sunday the 28th for Mom's birthday - are you interested and/or available? And will you be solo or duo?
Mr. Ms. Rin: I don't know what hardware you have...but if you can boot Unbutu and it can recognize your WinXP drive, I would suggest making an archive of it, burn it to CD, then junk the machine and once you get a new one, restore your stuff from the CD.
rich-c: likely some info on too, just haven't got that far into it yet
Mr. Ms. Rin: I really think your easiest strategy will be to archive the stuff you want to keep and just start over...MS is so hopelessly screwed up at this point...
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Pamela: Oops, just lost Dad
Mr. Ms. Rin: But it's your headache...
changed username to rich redux
Guy B.: Rich is back
rich redux: OK, I think the key I may have hit by accident is the function key - and it closed Firefox
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) I'd be interested but I might be away and I'm not quite sure yet if there are other plans at this point but I will certainly let you know. We should try to get together sometime soon.
Daniel: When I installed firefox 2 over firefox 1.5, and then the path for ... I had no more content in the Option->Advance tab.
rich redux: andway, Rich or Daniel - is it not true that Linux will boot from any partition - and does this include an extended partition?
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) Lisetta and I are thinking about taking a trip together but it may not pan out
Daniel: I folled the instruction on the web site to do a real fresh install by erasing first the entries in the registry and also in my Document and Settings folder.
rich redux: huh? I got a notivce saying update wass there, clicked on it, OK'd the download and it installed itself
Mr. Ms. Rin: I have never had a machine with Linux on it...the last *NIX machine I was ever sysadmin of was a DECstation 5000 running Ultrix 1996.
Daniel: Well, Ubuntu give me a problem for installing it on my computer at the office. but only when trying to install it in a partition, it works when I tried to install it on the first partition of the 2nd HD.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) no rush, just wanted to let you know FYI. Last minute is okay. I'm usually here, all you have to do is call, or send a flare, carrier pigeon, note under the door - you know : ) Where are you two thinking of going?
rich redux: time out for my beer...
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hires for me, please.
Mr. Ms. Rin: :-S
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) hehe - we are looking at Cancun, I'd like to go see the ruins - but it's costly and with the time of year the price is a bit fickle so we're keeping an eye out
Daniel: But, I had no problem with Mandriva 2006... except that the USB manager doesn't kill properly when shuting down and makes the computer unstable : I had to press reset each time. Well, it only occurs on one computer here at work
Mr. Ms. Rin: though I would settle for A&W
Daniel: Mandriva 2007 doesn't this USB manager problem
rich redux: my internal hard drive has only the primary and two extended partitions
Daniel: In theory it's possible to install more than one windows version on a computer... but I didn't tried it.
rich redux: I have two primaries, one FAT32 and one NFTS, on the external USB hard disc
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ooooh! Wow! That would be marvellous. I keep forgetting that while you can't enter the US at the moment, there is no restriction on any other country. For how long?
Guy B.: Well folks, thought I wouldn't been able to do it. But, I sold both my portable CD-Rom drive and my notebook cardbus adapter thru E-bay.
Pamela: well done, Guy
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) looking at 7 days - I'd really like to since I've never really been anywhere....but we'll have to see how everything goes
Guy B.: Now, I have another item will be putting up soon. Have to get it out of my storage closet.
Daniel: There is no Linux version who can read and write on NTSC partition natively. To share files I did a FAT32 partition on my computer at home.
rich redux: hope you got a fair bid, Guy, and that the buyer actualy goes through with the sale
Pamela: wow, you have room in your storage closet? I'm impressed, Guy : )
rich redux: and Rin, I'm having a Mill St. Coffee orter - intriguing stuff
Guy B.: Both did and got the mininum, plus the shipping costs. So, I'm happy at least.
Mrs. Who: hmmm sounds interesting
Mrs. Who: well folks I'm turning in
Daniel: Quiz : tough question : which console (video game system) was done in the 90's and based on Apple technologies?
rich redux: these craft beers teh LCBO is pushing have some serious winners among them
Mrs. Who: hope you all have a good night
Daniel: bonne nuit à toi!
Pamela: g'nite Rin - call me when you have a moment
Mr. Ms. Rin: nite My Love
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Mrs. Who: (PRIVATE) love you - I'll try to give you a shout this weekend and hopefully we can get together
rich redux: Linux won't work with an NTSC partition? That is very key information!
Mrs. Who: you too - hopefully this weekend
Pamela: I'll be here (with paint roller in hand)
Mr. Ms. Rin: NTSC?
Mrs. Who: nite all!!
Mrs. Who: hehe
rich redux: nite Rin - take care and don't let Tory get to you
Mr. Ms. Rin: Do you mean NTFS? (Windows NT File System)
Mrs. Who: thanks Uncle Richard :-)
Guy B.: Night Rin
Mr. Ms. Rin: He has a spycam in her office
Daniel: yes, I mean NTFS,,
Mrs. Who left chat session
Mr. Ms. Rin: NTSC is video :-S
rich redux: as do I; I was distracted by Daniel
Daniel: I mixed them in my head... start the same letters and both is 4 letters too.
Mr. Ms. Rin: hehe
Daniel: anyway
Mr. Ms. Rin: NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
rich redux: right - and we use an NTSC output for the Adam
Mr. Ms. Rin: Never Twice Same Colour
rich redux: now that's a useful mnemonic!
Mr. Ms. Rin: hehe
Daniel: Bandai Pippin mid-90's, PowerPC, using usb ports for controllers, a cd-rom drive, NTSC-PAL switch and a couple of good things... too good for the time.
rich redux: anyhow, Ubuntu from the live CD can see the Windows partitions and their directories but cannot read or write to them
rich redux: irrelevant anyway, and aving a drive image takes more space than a DVD offers and I have no spanning software
Daniel: well, it's not natively linux managing NTFS partitions, but some efforts have been made during time.
rich redux: well, I have the FAT32 primary partition with nothing in it
rich redux: I am just afraid with Windows down and out I'll mess things up so it can never be retrieved
Daniel: that's good for Windows 98... 98SE... Windows ME? probably too.
rich redux: it's the fact that it's on an external USB disc that is troubling - apparently it changes teh rules and I dont know how
Mr. Ms. Rin: okay folks I am going to follow Mrs. Who and sign off for bedtime...up again at 6 AM.
rich redux: I expect I will have to convert to NTFS sooner or later, given the 32 gig limittion on FAT32 partitions
Mr. Ms. Rin: Good night all, until next week.
Daniel: external usb disc? I have one, but only to store huge data temporary.
rich redux: take care and get your shuteye, Rich - btw, when are you coming to TO next?
Mr. Ms. Rin: <poof>
Mr. Ms. Rin left chat session
rich redux: mine is 160K, two primary partitions, FAT32 and NTFS, the FAT32 with two ecxtended partitins containing drive images from the base machine
Daniel: it's windows who limit to 32Gig the fat32 partition. in theory, a fat32 partition can be huge... more huge than the actual HD size.
Guy B.: Rich, could this mixed partitions be causing you the problems your having?
rich redux: well even a year ago if anyone had told me I'd ever feel squeezed in a 32 gig partition, I'd have wondered what he was somoking
rich redux: now, I'd be prepared to listen
Daniel: if I understand the situation, you have personal data in the NTSC partition and you want to backup them, or it's only Dr.D suggestion?
Guy B.: Daniel is right about one thing. There is a 32GB limit with FAT32 partitions in WinXP. But, it's unlimited with NTFS.
Guy B.: Maybe you should convert the FAT32 to NTFS.
rich redux: well, not unlimited, but iirc it's some humungous number of terabytes
rich redux: why, what would that accomplish, other than to sabotage any effort to use Ubuntu?
Daniel: From Microsoft FAQ : Windows XP can't create a FAT32 partition bigger than 32Gig, however, the OS can use an already formated one bigger than 32gig without any problem.
rich redux: changing FAT32 to NTFS is a one mouse click operation - changing it back is impossible - it's a one way trip
Daniel: it's forcing the situation in advantage for microsoft i think
rich redux: and if Windows won't create it, how do you create it?
Daniel: I created one by using Super FDisk one time. it's a freeware running on a floppy, unfortunatly, you need windows to install the software on the floppy.
rich redux: Windows will write to flopies on my machine
Pamela: folks, I think i'm gonna bail and do some last minute stuff before bed
Pamela: so goodnight all, and see you next week
Daniel: bonne nuit Pam
Guy B.: Bye Pam
rich redux: take cre daughter, do look at that website your mother recommended
Daniel: a la semaine prochaine
Pamela: I will Dad, and will call in the next couple of days
Judy: night Pam
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich redux: OK, don't get too much paint on your nose!
Guy B.: I'm going to do the same here. Will be taking the critter for her walk before we call it the night. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich redux: night Guy, see you then
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel: the other limitation about FAT32 is "no filesize bigger than 4Gig"
rich redux: and I'll bet that includes a drive image file - which renders it difficult - or does that cpunt?
Daniel: so don't save DVD image file (.iso) on FAT32 partitions.
rich redux: iso just leaves me hopelessly confused so far, but I will learn
rich redux: but I can see the day coming when I will have o choice but to go to NTFS
Daniel: if you want to produce your own DVDs, then yes you will have no other choice than say "goodbye fat32"
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changed username to done it again
done it again: sorry, hit teh wrong key and dumped me
Daniel: Sorry to not helping you like I can normally but I'm at work right now and I think I will leave in a second. but before, I want you to laugh by watching a video on the net named "my dad at barn comedy". it's illarous, this guy just laugh and the people around laugh and everybody laugh... out of control
done it again: anyway, maybe I should just buy a second internal hard disc of 250 gig or so - they are cheap enough tehse days
done it again: posting teh url?
Daniel: some motherboard (may be fix by a bios update) doesn't support HD more than 130Gig.
Daniel: the URL for the video? just a minute
done it again: don't think there's any limitation on mine - it's five years old but a top end MSI and I have updated teh BIOS
done it again: git it (I think) Daniel
Daniel: I first saw it at this URL (with a download link)
done it again: I shall have to go check my motherboard manual - maybe they didn't believe there would be hard discs that big ever when they built the motherbord
Daniel: (télécharger means download)
done it again: Control-c 'd that too, Daniel
Bob: hmmmm. might be correct ricahrd
Bob: I think you got to follow Daniel's advice.......get stuff off and WHACH THAT SUCKER
done it again: I paid a lot extra for a board wsith a lot extra future in it, Bob
Judy: night all time to end this day
Daniel: my PC Pentium II 400Mhz... doesn't support HD bigger than 130Gig. I bough a 200Gig one and the system doesn't recognize the full size and the boot time was very very very very long
Daniel: bonne nuit Judy
done it again: that's why I can afford to lay off getting a new computer now, til the technology settles down
Bob: BAM SOCK BIFF BLAM and the sucker was history and took on a NEW lifetime
Judy left chat session
Bob: well, me to go good and don't stay uptoo late !!!!!!!!
done it again: goodnight Judy, get your rest and see you next week
Bob: so be good
Daniel: I'm leaving too, sorry rich. good luck and don't rush if you are not sure
Bob left chat session
done it again: right Bob, and you and Judy take care
Daniel: well, at lest your HD doesn't make bad sounds like taktaktaktak
done it again: trust me Daniel, rushing is NOT on my agenda on this!
done it again: anyhow Microsoft made the mess, they appear willing to fix it, so I'll be patient
Daniel: have fun watching the video! :-)
done it again: right - I'll hope so
Daniel: I hope it will not hurt you by laughing too much
done it again: anyhow be careful going home, roads could be trecherous
Daniel: and it's cold now
Daniel: wind
done it again: et - a la prochaine! - bonsoir!
Daniel: snowing...
Daniel: normal for this period of time
Daniel: a la prochaine!
Daniel left chat session
done it again: no Daniel, weatehr is typical, verage, whatever, but never "normal" ; - )
done it again left chat session
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