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Xena: hi Honeys <kiss>
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Dr. D.: Hi Dearest <kiss>
Dr. D.: Sorry I was tending to some cleaning.
Xena: no problem
changed username to Sleepless in Mtl
Sleepless in Mtl: G'day
Dr. D.: Hi
Dr. D.: Trying to decrypt "Mtl"
Xena: Montreal?
Sleepless in Mtl: Montreal perhaps? :)
Dr. D.: My Towel?
Dr. D.: Mo Tel
Dr. D.: I suppose Montreal is the best explanation.
Xena: hehe
Dr. D.: Sleepless due to non-sleeping infants, no doubt.
Sleepless in Mtl: Actually, she's quite nice, lets me sleep at night... Problem is the waking up at 4:00 AM to go to work. :)
Dr. D.: I on the other hand am battling sleep...I am beat today
Dr. D.: I did that yesterday, today was 5 AM :-S
Sleepless in Mtl: Allows me to finish early, which is the positive aspect.
Dr. D.: Tomorrow will likely be 5 AM as well.
Dr. D.: Nice that you can set your hours...mine sometimes seem like 24/7
Dr. D.: However, I will not be working this weekend: I am coming Friday to visit Rin, not leaving until Monday evening.
Dr. D.: And she has Monday off.
Dr. D.: Haven't seen her since New Year's <sigh>
Sleepless in Mtl: Someone's going to have to move soon! ;)
Xena: it will be nice
Xena: twill be me eventually
Dr. D.: Tell it to the immigration folks.
Sleepless in Mtl: Oh, she has to apply from outside...
Dr. D.: Yes.
Xena: he has to petition for me
Dr. D.: Or rather I, from within, have to petition for her to come in.
Dr. D.: She can't cross the border now, until it's all settled.
Sleepless in Mtl: Meanwhile, you have a truckload of Mexicans entering the states as we speak.
Dr. D.: Yes.
Sleepless in Mtl: But, that's good for the economy.
Dr. D.: But we have to build a fence to keep the Canadian terrorists out.
Sleepless in Mtl: INVADE!!!
Dr. D.: Trying to destabilize us with their heinous parliamentary system.
Dr. D.: And Francophone-coddling ways.
Dr. D.: Etc.
Dr. D.: Our Fearless Leader <ptui>
Xena: <smirk>
Sleepless in Mtl: Surprised Rich C. isn't here... He's usually the first one on-line. Hope he's doing O.K.
Dr. D.: <waits for Homeland Security to take me away>
Dr. D.: He better be...we are to see him Sunday, right Rin?
Xena: right
Xena: I haven't heard anything
Sleepless in Mtl: Computer problems probably. :)
Dr. D.: Maybe he is snowed in, we have plenty suggested a foot deep by Friday.
Xena: I was with Pam early and she didn't indicate any problems
Sleepless in Mtl: Yeah, Montreal for the past week or so has been plunged back into winter. Before that, we were having awesome weather. Felt like spring. But nature put us back in our place with this damn cold weather.
Dr. D.: I am going to leave for Toronto at noon Friday, try to get there in daylight, hope it doesn't snow I-90 shut.
Xena: hopefully travel will be okay
Dr. D.: I will drive carefully, I am allowing 6 hours.
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changed username to Daniel B
Xena: bonjour Daniel
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel B: bonjour
Daniel B: bonsoir
Sleepless in Mtl: Great, -29 C tomorrow morning, ARGH,
Daniel B: good evening
Xena: hi Uncle Richard
Daniel B: hello
Sleepless in Mtl: I was planning on cycling to work... Hey Danny Boy, hi Rich.
rich-c: greetings, all
rich-c: hey, missed you guys lsst week
Sleepless in Mtl: Rich: Where did you go?
rich-c: hi also Rich and Rin
rich-c: Rich, you going to be here unday?
rich-c: oh, I was on last week, you guys weren't
Sleepless in Mtl: Nope, did an 80 hrs week last week, totally forgot it was Wednesday...
Dr. D.: Hi Richard
rich-c: yikes! double shifting?
Dr. D.: Just back from Drano in a slow drain.
Dr. D.: Last week was first week of classes at CWRU, just very very busy.
Dr. D.: And yes I will be in Toronto this weekend.
Sleepless in Mtl: Rich: Yes, for now. I have 7 weeks of vacation this year, so I figured I can burn myself out for a bit and take some time off later on.
rich-c: that's always a pain - I seem to have run out of hours today - more to put in them than they'll hold
Dr. D.: So if you want to see me Sunday, I can come visit.
rich-c: Pam says she'd like 6.30 at the Mandarin - that fly with you two?
Xena: that works for me
Dr. D.: I will have Rin there on time :-)
Dr. D.: The Mandarin is good food.
Dr. D.: I will fast during the day, the better to take advantage of it.
rich-c: or, considering your reaction to your first encounter with the Mandarin, early, I suspect
Dr. D.: It isn't Chinese New Year yet, is it?
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel.
rich-c: they're already into the Chinese New Year bit, and are offering dim sum while quantities last
Daniel B: hello Dr.D.
Dr. D.: I didn't see you had logged in.
Daniel B: :-)
Daniel B: I still didn't received the presentation you did last year.
rich-c: Chinese New Year is apparently on Feb. 18th so they are starting early
Dr. D.: I must remember to burn you a DVD and have Erin mail it to you from Canada.
Dr. D.: I will bring a supply of blank DVD-Rs
Dr. D.: I am visiting Toronto this weekend./
Dr. D.: Have to remember the external HD, since that is where the presentation is living right now.
rich-c: why, worried Security will get all uptight about it, or Customs will grab it as suspected piracy?
Dr. D.: He will get it faster if mailed from within Canada.
Dr. D.: I would hope anyway...
rich-c: shall we say Canada Post is unpredictable - on its better days?
Dr. D.: I would hope faster than 1.5 weeks, which is what I expect if mailed from here.
rich-c: likely, but don't bet on it - it is not that unusual for me to get two sequential issues of Autoweek in the same mail
Dr. D.: I bet your mailman likes reading them :-)
rich-c: no, she doesn't show much interest in that
rich-c: but maybe that's why they enclose them in plastic bags now ;-)
Dr. D.: Or maybe there is another Clee nearby who is getting them first by mistake?
Daniel B: that's remember me something... I asked for a new copy of the Adamcon 2005 CD, but it looks like Canada Post lost it. :-(
Dr. D.: My Grampa Drushel lived on the same street as a guy named Drushal who was the President of the local college...Even 10 years after they moved away from there, they would complain about how their "Saturday Evening Post" would get misdelivered to the Drushal and come late to them, obviously having been read first.
rich-c: Anyone, question - if I install Ubuntu in a primary partition on an external USB hard disc, will it boot and run from there?
Daniel B: I can't answer... I never tried it.
Dr. D.: I don't know anything about Ubuntu, except that it is some flavour of Unix, and that the EECS lab just deployed a public server that runs it.
rich-c: I assume there would have to be a dual-boot setup with the boot manager calling it from the external - but would it answer?
Dr. D.: It all depends on if the POST stuff in the BIOS initializes USB ports itself, or requires that the boot OS do it.
rich-c: it is apparently a deerivate of the Debian distribution, if that's any help
Daniel B: basicaly, there are linux bootable for USB memory sticks. I supose you have to check out first if your BIOS can boot on USB.
Dr. D.: What Daniel said.
Dr. D.: I don't think I am going to make it until the Slopsemas or Ron show up...I need to go to sleep.
Dr. D.: So I will sign off for now, and see Rin and Richard and Pamela in Toronto this weekend.
Daniel B: then... goodnight Dr.D.
Dr. D.: Good night, all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: OK, the BIOS does support USB but whether it loads from teh BIOS or Windows drivers, I don't know
Xena: I think I will head out my honeys and say good night
Xena: hope you all have a good night
Xena: see you next week!
rich-c: wow, Rich must really be wiped - didn't even have a chance to tell him good night
Xena: he's wiped
Xena: was by about 6
rich-c: OK - see you Sunday at 6.30 at teh Mandarin then, Rin
Xena: see you then!
Xena: bye bye
Xena left chat session
rich-c: talk about wiped - my back has been in full lockup since Saturday
Daniel B: wow!... that was fast
rich-c: I'm living on Tylenol3 and muscle relaxant
Daniel B: about ubuntu on external hd, I have an answer here from ubuntu forum
rich-c: dont be surprised at a sudden gush of gibberish as I fall asleep into the keyboard ;-)
Daniel B: someone try and received two errors while booting
rich-c: terminal errors, Daniel, or recoverable?
Daniel B: well, it looks like there is a workaround solution, but it's not for ubuntu newbies... it looks tricky.
Daniel B: also, there installation process is not the same if you have breezy or hoary versions.
rich-c: OK, high geekery is rather beyond me - I shall consider myself warned
rich-c: I have version 6.06 for PCs
Daniel B: Drapper Drake version.... i think
Daniel B: Dapper, sorry
rich-c: I would like to have it where I can get at it and play with it
rich-c: yes, I think you're right
rich-c: I keep hearing that some Linux version can be run from within Windows, but don't know what that means let alone how it works
Daniel B: steps to install ubuntu 6.06 on usb hd...
Daniel B: boot with the livecd
rich-c: and click on install
Daniel B: press F2 to select language
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Daniel B: then plug the usb hd
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rich-c: I would have no problem with it taking over the currently unused primary partition (FAT32)
changed username to ronsemac
Daniel B: right click on the disk and ask to eject
ronsemac: Hi!
Daniel B: click on install icon
rich-c: hi Ron, ready to discard the wellies yet?
ronsemac: huh? (wellies?)
Daniel B: follow then the instruction and specify the usb hd, not the internal hd
rich-c: rubber boots - Brit slang
ronsemac: oh..... actually last week it was snowboots in Burnaby
ronsemac: spent 10 days at the kids' place
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Daniel B: the usb external hd will be identified like /dev/sda, select it and ask to use all the space of it to install
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi there, sorry I'm late
ronsemac: hi Pamela
Pamela: Hi, Ron
ronsemac: how are ya?
Pamela: good, now that I'm filling my tummy
rich-c: to a maximum of 32 gb as that's the limit for FAT32, and it doesn't like NTFS
ronsemac: geez....that's it, knew there was something wrong
rich-c: hi daughter, got the laundry done now?
Daniel B: when ubuntu ask where to install grub, answer the external hd /dev/sda
Pamela: yeah, but for me it's ten to ten
ronsemac: indeed it is
Daniel B: Quit ubunut live and wait PC shutdown
Daniel B: unplug the usb hd
Pamela: laundry done, dried and folded - had to go out with Erin for a bit, and got distracted by a phone call until about ten minutes ago
Pamela: hey Guy, how's it going?
Pamela: and Daniel, hi too
rich-c: OK - they were on here and Mandarin at 6.30 Sunday seems to be the order of the day
Daniel B: and now, when needed plug the usb hd when you want to boot ubuntu on your computer.
Pamela: what name is the reservation under?
Daniel B: the external hd must be a 80Gig-130Gig... but can support a less space.
rich-c: I also have Windows data files on the external so I don't want it shut off - they are in extended partitions
rich-c: haven't made it yet - will do so tomorrow under my name
Pamela: okay
Pamela: so I missed them both?
Daniel B: the source url for this ubuntu usb install information is the following link
rich-c: fraid so
Daniel B:
Daniel B: I translated in english here.
Pamela: pooh - was going to ask a favour of Rich. Oh well, will e-mail him
ronsemac: Daniel, which version are you guys doing, 6.10?
rich-c: OK Daniel, got the url copied
rich-c: 6.06 Ron - Dapper Drake
Daniel B: well, I instaled the version I received from "shipit"
ronsemac: ok
Pamela: ahh, much happier tummy
ronsemac: anybody had any luck with wireless on that one yet?
rich-c: yes, that's where I got mine - I have used it as a live CD
Daniel B: It's easy to ask for ubuntu CDs... no cost... better try the livecd before installing it.
rich-c: I think for me wireless is way down the pike - I can't even get my computers to network yet
Daniel B:
rich-c: in fact they send you four extra copies for your buddies
Pamela: in order for them to network, they must both work first, Dad
ronsemac: I've had some luck, but sporadic. Only way I can get it to work on the Acer is to steal the windows driver for the Broadcom card and use ndiswrapper
rich-c: well, I'm online with the desktop, though it does have remaining glitches
ronsemac: using 6.10 now, and haven't got wireless working yet
ronsemac: by the way, people...... you might like to know
ronsemac: over the past couple of days, I've had an exchange of e-mails with Tony Morehen
ronsemac: he's still in Edmonton, but will be retiring in the fall, and has bought a house in Kanata
rich-c: you found him??? come on, spill it out!
Daniel B: well, it looks like I have the 6.06 version too.
ronsemac: He says he's figuring on making Adamcon 19
Daniel B: and it's the lastWed Jan 24 21:57:05 GMT-05:00 2007: rich-c
ronsemac: yes, I think so
rich-c: dynamite - bet Daniel and Guy will be monopolizing hin, though
ronsemac: apparently Guy Cousineau is still with Agriculture Canada, but now living on PEI. Running a "bed and breakfast"
rich-c: Dan and Guy - Tony is the guy who created TDOS and File Manager
Daniel B: This Week With My Coleco ADAM 9708.31 : The chief problem with TDOS is that its creator, Tony Morehen, is no longer active in the ADAM community and is hence unavailable to maintain the code. ...
ronsemac: well I hope that happens Rich... the monopolizing I mean
rich-c: Guy running a B&B? now that's a surprise
ronsemac: He says he hasn't done much with his Adam in years
ronsemac: but that he will have a bunch of stuff to make available to the community at Adamcon
rich-c: man, we have to get that word out, it ought to draw
ronsemac: yes fer sure eh?
rich-c: Dale and Rich will be seriously pleased, too
ronsemac: exactly
ronsemac: I told him about the chat here, wouldn't be surprised if he turns up
rich-c: that would also be a valued treat, though he isn't much into games, is he?
ronsemac: no
ronsemac: from the sounds of it, he's heavily into Linux - apparently he's running Xandros
Daniel B: well, I admit doing "spaghetti code" too. but I try to not doing this at work. :-)
rich-c: still, programming is programming, and a bit doesn't care what you're using it for
Pamela: sorry I'm quiet - downloading e-mail
ronsemac: well hey1
ronsemac: hey!
rich-c: you are actually checking your email? what a concept!
Pamela: all 78 of them. Well, you do it - I have proof!
rich-c: maybe when Pam gets a new computer we should find out how to put Ubuntu on the old one, see how it works
Pamela: of which 9 are viable and 5 are from you, Dad : )
ronsemac: now now, get along you 2
Pamela: always, Ron : )
rich-c: it isn't nearly as demanding of system resources as Windows
ronsemac: right
ronsemac: try it, you'll like it
rich-c: yes, there is stuff there that I think you might well want to read
Pamela: gotta clean my mouse, though - driving me nuts
ronsemac: get a cat
ronsemac: you already have a cat
rich-c: I'd say get an optical mouse, but then you'd have to install a driver, and I doubt your machine would allow it
ronsemac: what is she running Rich?
Pamela: I have an optical mouse already
ronsemac: I mean, Pamela, what computer are you running?
Pamela: it sticks when the feet on the bottom get dirty
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Pamela: 1999 IBM Aptiva AMD k6-2 450 with 64 meg of ram and a 10 gig hard drive, 75% of which is empty
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Pamela: hello, Guy!
Pamela: give or take
Daniel B: hello guy
rich-c: Win98 - on boot it won't initialize HIMEM.SYS and a couple of VMMs so she has only teh basic 640K of memory available
rich-c: hello Guy B.
Pamela: sorry you asked, Ron? : )
ronsemac: sorry- missed that-attention temporarily distracted- FOOD
Pamela: see above : )
ronsemac: evening Mr. Bona
rich-c: I have offered to install Win98SE for her since mine is surplus, but she doesn't want to
Pamela: I don't see the point Dad, not at this stage in the game
Guy B.: That's why I arrived late tonight. Since I'm on overtime, had to take care of Annie first, then fix dinner for me.
ronsemac: hmmm
Pamela: by the way, what have you all heard about Summit Direct?
rich-c: nor can I figure out why the necessary files load but do not get initialized
ronsemac: Summit Direct?
Daniel B: I've just read a story similar about win98 and himem.sys on a forum
Pamela: computer company
ronsemac: no
rich-c: are they local or mail order, Pam? I've heard the name but don't recall
ronsemac: tell me more
rich-c: got a url for that, Daniel?
Daniel B: it looks like something was wrong is msconfig.sys file. a "path" problem because of extra "spaces" that cause himem.sys to be not reachable. strange.
ronsemac: Sleepless in Montreal, wake up!
Daniel B: it's in french
Daniel B:
Pamela: local, Dad - two or three just in the city at least
rich-c: do they advertise in HUB?
Daniel B: this guy find out that his problem was some space caracters after the windows path in msconfig.sys
Pamela: Steeles / Keele, The Queensway and one in Mississauga, I believe
Pamela: have not seen an ad yet, no
Daniel B: this guy started by booting on DOS
Pamela: got the name from our IT manager at work - apparently it's where he gets the systems built for the office
rich-c: I have the feeling I have seen them, but saw nothing pro or con
Daniel B: he types path c:\windows\command on the command line to be able at least to use the "edit" command
Daniel B: then he fix up the problem by editing the file msconfig.sys whitout erasing any thing except extra spaces.
rich-c: not sure Pam would like me trying that on her system, but I think I'd be willing to
Pamela: any idea how it got that way, Daniel? Mine is the result of a patch downloaded from Microsoft
Daniel B: no idea, this guy doesn't give any more details
rich-c: I had teh same thing but couldn't figure out where the problem originated - some otehr program did it
Pamela: after we have the new one I'll consider letting you play with the old one, Dad
Pamela: but not until then : )
ronsemac: :)
Daniel B: if the files are really missing on your computer, you will have to take fresh ones from the original win98 cdrom.
rich-c: anyway, does your office manager know Summit well enough to get you treated decently?
Daniel B: but if it's only because windows refuse to load the files, it may be the path problem this guy had and fix.
rich-c: they aren't missing, the bootlog showed them loading, but failure to initialize
Pamela: I'm going to find out - I plan to call them for pricing at least
rich-c: don't expect much discount, Pam, the small shops are down to the bone already
Pamela: I'm not looking for discounting necessarily, I just want comparative pricing
rich-c: but if they figure it's smarter to give you teh straight goods, you may have found a place to deal
rich-c: also before you ask, determine what you want - go to the AMD website to pick your processor
rich-c: and try for advice on that
ronsemac: you're going to assemble from parts?
rich-c: if you know waht you want and why, it will make it much easier for you to talk to them, and vice versa
Pamela: we're still getting advice on processors
rich-c: is there any other way, Ron?
Daniel B: excuse me a minute, I have to check something now. be right back
rich-c: I assume you want to stick with AMD, don't you?
ronsemac: well, no, not really, but you can end up spending just about as much
Pamela: to get what we want Ron, we're going to have to. In addition, we don't need a "package" deal - we don't need speakers, keyboard, mouse or monitor
rich-c: oh tehre is no saving, it may cost mlre because it's better quality
Pamela: AFAIK, yes we're sticking with AMD but that too will depend on which is the better processor for a gaming computer
rich-c: the right motherboard can extend a computer's life for years
Pamela: on the laptop? Definitely want an AMD
ronsemac: of course, my last 2 were both Macs, and bought from a store
ronsemac: haven't done the build thing lately. Getting lazy in my old age
rich-c: that's easy - the new Intel Core4 - unfortunately the cheapest version is over $1000 US, though
ronsemac: not there yet..... still have an Intel Core Duo, and a G4
Pamela: there are some who say that the dual and quad cores are not hte best processors for gaming computers
rich-c: yes, the type of laptop you want, and teh uses, the AMD is a better choice
rich-c: hold on while I get my beer
ronsemac: In Heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here!
ronsemac: (hic!)
Pamela: I can't believe it's 10:30 already - I've had a busy evening
ronsemac: (damned automatic phone dialers - that's 2 today)
ronsemac: phone rings - nobody there
ronsemac: in my humble view, people attempting to sell merchandise on the telephone should be lined up and shot
Pamela: we had six calls today between 12:44 and 6:26 as "unknown caller". When I get my hands on them (metaphorically) I'm going to wring their necks.
ronsemac: agreed
Pamela: you'll get no argument from me, Ron
rich-c: ADADs are illegal in Canada - if you can catch them at it Bell will cut off their phones
ronsemac: I take it if I had caller ID, I'd get no info eh?
Pamela: this is one of my soapboxes. I have a phone number and I should be able to choose who gets the number
Pamela: and who calls me
rich-c: so be patient, trick a name and phone number out of them, then bitch to Bell
ronsemac: rapidly becomming one of mine
rich-c: if it sounds scammy or phishy, tell Phonebusters
Pamela: it was so quiet over the holidays, I thought my "no call" listing had finally kicked in
Pamela: but, unfortunately, they're back
rich-c: the only such calls we have had recently were on weekends - when Bell (including *65) and PB were shut down for the weekend
Pamela: by the way, what was the name of the agency you mentioned Dad, whom most reputable advertisers are members of?
ronsemac: It's a big bad dirty world out there
Pamela: and six calls in six hours is harassment in my opinion
ronsemac: from the same originator?
rich-c: I don't recall - something like Canadian Direct Mail Association - have to look it up
Pamela: looks like it - all unknown caller, all about 45 minutes apart
Daniel B: the official solution to fix himem.sys problem is booting DOS with cd-rom support and try this :
Pamela: i am pissed
Pamela: pardon the language
ronsemac: says it all
Daniel B: go to the correct path for himem.sys
Daniel B: do a copy of this file
Pamela: are you getting this, Dad?
Daniel B: copy himem.sys himem.old
Daniel B: ask then to extract himem.sys from cd-rom cabs
Daniel B: extract /y /a x:\win98\ himem.sys /l c:\windows (for win98)
Daniel B: extract /y /a x:\win98\ himem.sys /l c:\windows (for win98se)
Daniel B: if you have the cabs on your HD, you may prefer to do this
Daniel B: extract /y /a c:\windows\options\cabs himem.sys /l c:\windows
Pamela: hang on, gotta check a drip
Daniel B: for missing or corrupted himem.sys
rich-c: OK, think I got that copied
Daniel B: of course you have to change x: by your cdrom drive letter
ronsemac: I have it Rich if you don't
rich-c: I'm using Clipboard Recorder so all I have to do is wait till it stops jumping around and hit control c
ronsemac: right
Pamela: sorry, the back window is wet and dripping
rich-c: BTW if you are using Clipboard Recorder there is a new version 4.0.something out
Pamela: had to check to make sure of no damage
Pamela: everything drips around here!
rich-c: well since it's heading to -17 tonight, it wil freeze soon enouhg
Pamela: oh, ducky!
rich-c: they are talkign a high of -13C tomorrow
Pamela: that's okay as long as it's dry
ronsemac: brrr...
Pamela: it's the white stuff I object to
rich-c: yes - I havent had teh van plugged in but it fired right up this morning
Pamela: BRB
rich-c: see no point in wasting volts when the engine isn't going to be started anyway
ronsemac: amps or volts?
rich-c: oh, couple of night ago I got my monthly fillup - at 70.5/litre
ronsemac: I don't want to hear that!!
ronsemac: still at 99.9 here
rich-c: actually, KWH's or VACs would likely be more appropriate
rich-c: man - I though 77 here today was unattractive
ronsemac: they were down below 0.90 in Vancouver .88 something
rich-c: ours has wild swings - and I have a 102l. tank - I can afford strtegic planning
ronsemac: well, we are on an island you know... or so they keep telling us
Pamela: there's a rumour, Ron : )
ronsemac: there was one station Jeff and I passed in Vancouver that was advertising 999.9
rich-c: so? it's cheaper to deliver commodities by ship than by truck or rail anyway
Pamela: I filled the other night at 71.0
ronsemac: think he got his nines wrong
Pamela: happy was I
rich-c: I tend to fill once a month whether I need it or not
ronsemac: happy should you have been
ronsemac: Foxy the Fridge is not all that great on gas
Pamela: Russell said the cheapest he's seen it on his way into work at night has been 69.9
Pamela: but that the place was packed
rich-c: here the secret is to buy on Thursday night - that's when teh price war is on in earnest
ronsemac: indeed
rich-c: but there have been other evenings pretty good, too
Pamela: and the closer to midnight, the better
Pamela: but after midnight, look out - the price goes back up again
rich-c: yes, it's so neat when you turn in at a really good price tehn see the sign roll - downwards - as you stop!
rich-c: but the reerse is not so great
Pamela: I actually had someone tell me to wait for a minute before I started pumping because the price was in the process of being changed
ronsemac: farces of the market place
Pamela: downward that is
ronsemac: I demand, you supply
Pamela: that's another of my soapboxes, Ron - don't get me started!
ronsemac: :) (sorry)
Pamela: I should have a T-shirt that says that : )
ronsemac: yes
rich-c: Daniel, how are gas prices in Quebec these days?
Pamela: and Guy, what are gas prices like in Chicago?
rich-c: I think I figured 70.5/l Cdn. was about 2.25 US$ US gallon
Pamela: Ron, do your gas prices yo-yo like this during teh course of a day, or does the price stay steady?
Guy B.: Coming down. Around me it's around $ 2.13. But I filled mine aT $2.08
ronsemac: pretty steady from one week to the next. If one goes up or down, they all do
Daniel B: gas price is approx 90 cents.
Pamela: that's really good, Guy!
rich-c: yes, here the stations pretty well move in sync
ronsemac: However there's a Petrocan about 25 min south that routinely sells for 8-10 cents a litre cheaper
ronsemac: he's right at the Denman Island ferry dock
Daniel B: it's getting late and I'm still at work.
ronsemac: stop working Daniel
Pamela: I've heard people say that Ontario is the only place where the yo-yo effect happens, that in other parts of the country there is no movement from day to day, let alone hour to hour
Daniel B: I'm reading my emails and quit
rich-c: around here Petrocan is a price follower - Shell is the leader of the moment, and Sunoco at times
Pamela: I usually find that Shell has the best prices, and I like their gas ( or should I say the car likes their gas)
rich-c: of course we have teh toronto gas prices website to keep them honest
ronsemac: yeah, I don't know how this guy can do it, except that given his position on the Inland Island highway, and all the residents of Hornby and Denman Island filling up before
ronsemac: they take the ferry over home, he's probably doing fair volume
rich-c: or the rest are riding the benefits of a near monopoly locally
ronsemac: could be
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. Got to take one critter out soon and her 1 year anniversary is next Saturday.
Pamela: I would say that if he's known for having good prices Ron, that he's probably getting word of mouth trade along with the routine stuff, making up for the price differential
ronsemac: right on Guy
rich-c: sounds like he's competing against the mainland for his trade so has to offer better
Pamela: good night Guy, give Annie a good rub for us
Guy B.: I will
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and hugs to you : )
rich-c: night Guy, catch you next week
ronsemac: definately some of that Pamela. If I know I'm going down island, I'll try to set it up so I fill there
rich-c: do you have one of the (place) websites for the island, Ron?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I know I make a point of checking my favourite station on the way to Mom and Dad's and it's usually cheaper on the way home so I stop there routinely
ronsemac: haven't looked Rich. suspect there probably is
rich-c: might be worth checking and bookmarking - it lets you see patterns
Pamela: but ya gotta love it when you can fill the tank for $23.00
ronsemac: I have a favourite in town because everytime I fill up there, I flash this card, and my community net gets money.
rich-c: surpising how many "independent" gas stations are the highest priced in the city
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changed username to BobS
ronsemac: one of these Mohawk deals - certain percentage of the sale goes to either a discount or a local non-profit
BobS: HI kids
Pamela: well, Robert, I wondered if you'd make it!
ronsemac: I choose the latter
rich-c: filling my tank even at cheapest woul be over $70
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ronsemac: hey there Robert!
BobS: swolly to be late, folks 60th anniversary of marriage
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
rich-c: greetings, Bob, see you did make it
Daniel B: I really have to leave now
Pamela: good night, Daniel - stay warm!
ronsemac: sounds like a priority
BobS: sleepless.......???????????????????
BobS: yes sir it was
Daniel B: hello Bob
Pamela: Guy F - and he's been quiet since I arrived at 9:40
BobS: and a fine time had by all
BobS: ahso
ronsemac: very good
Pamela: where for dinner, Bob?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel = a la prochaine!
ronsemac: my can of Diet coke is empty
BobS: north of here about 30 minutes, a place called a hunting lodge
ronsemac: not good
Pamela: (I suspect he fell asleep ) : )
BobS: probably
Pamela: fix it, Ron
Daniel B: Well, good luck with your computer problem Rich. And don't rush... do a copy and try the solution... with internet ready on another computer just in case.
BobS: refill
ronsemac: yes
BobS: gonna tackle the XP problem Richard ?
rich-c: well, it's Pam's computer so she will make the call
Pamela: no, my VMM problem Bob
Pamela: eventually : )
BobS: which does what Pam
BobS: ???
Pamela: causes grief : )
rich-c: I think I have Microsoft stumped, they are slow to reply on an active case
BobS: but how ??
Daniel B: off-topic : did you notice that there is no more spirograph drawing kit anywhere? I find a cheap one for one dollar but not the original game.
Pamela: I think I still have mine somewhere, Daniel : ) - want it?
ronsemac: gosh, havent seen one of those in years
rich-c: loads but won't initialize HIMEM.SYS and related VMM files
Pamela: Bob, VMM is Virtual Memory Manager
Daniel B: thanks Pam... it's only a remark about what I notice.
BobS: so therefore it won't boot up.......
Pamela: and since I downloaded a patch from MS, it doesn't work anymore
Pamela: it boots, but won't load anything because the computer thinks there isn't enough memory
Daniel B: goodnight! and take care!
BobS: that figures, that is Microsoft for you
ronsemac: niters Daniel
Pamela: g'nite, Daniel
rich-c: oh it boots but teh only memory workspace is what's in the base 640K after the TSRs and OS
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
BobS: got the original Win disk???? and programs you got on it?
Pamela: 640 K???
Pamela: just a recovery disk, Bob
ronsemac: damn! there oughta be a law against that
Pamela: don't you mean 64 meg, Dad?
BobS: format the hard drive and start over................hmmm and the recovery disk won't do it ????
rich-c: yes, we have Win95, she has a "recovery" disc of Win98, I have Win98SE off disc and legal to reuse
Pamela: I haven't tried - too much to lose
Pamela: once we get a new machine, will try it and see - at that point I don't care if we wipe the system
BobS: copy off the programs you have onto another hard drive....or similar
BobS: I just did on e of mine, deleted all of the windows directory and reinstalled windows
rich-c: I don't think she ever partitioned her hard disc, Bob - it;s only 10 mb
Pamela: 10 gig, Dad
BobS: the programs all work good, they just don't show up in the add/remove programs, so you can't remove them
rich-c: I could do a reinstall in the repair mode, but I'm not sure those files get rewritten in an upgrade
BobS: 10 gig is BIG, most of mine are only up to 4 gig
Pamela: it's 75% empty, Bob - I can't imagine what I would do with one that was 100 or 200 plus
ronsemac: sh*t expands to fill the space available
rich-c: Win98SE does have a mode where you can do the upgrade while retaining the existing files
BobS: now I have Doug's castoff and this one has a 28 gig
Pamela: ya got that right, Ron - but not on this computer for some reason
ronsemac: you got 4 gig, you get 4 gig of sh*t
ronsemac: you got 160 gig, you got 160 gig of
Pamela: actually, in my case I only have 2.5 gig of sh*t
ronsemac: :)
(BobS gives ronsemac a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: and it's never been over the 3 gig mark in 7 years as far as I know
ronsemac: ahhh... thank you!
BobS: you are WELCOME my man
ronsemac: oh Bob, by the way... was telling the gang earlier, had an exchange of e-mail with Tony Morehen over the past couple of days
ronsemac: looks like he might make it to Adamcon 19
BobS: I burned aq cd long time ago with all my extra programs on it, si when Windows is reinstalled, I can just reinstall the list
BobS: cool !!!!!! now I just have to schedule it and try to make it
Pamela: we will probably do that with the next machine
ronsemac: apparently he's retiring in the fall - and is moving back to the Ottawa area
ronsemac: do we have a date for 19 yet?
Pamela: Bob! What happened with your offers and Judy's interview?
Pamela: not yet, Ron
Pamela: no peep from Neil yet
ronsemac: thought I might have missed something
ronsemac: sometimes I'm not the most attentive bulb in the garden
BobS: absolutely nothing to call the one who hedged the wage rate tomorrow, called the one I relly want, but they arenot done yet with 1st interviews
BobS: and Judy's was not what she wanted anyway, but have heard nothing
Pamela: the waiting is the hardest part
ronsemac: gotta be tough on you both Bob
rich-c: you know, I likely have a sopy of Norton Ghost she could use - except the image restored would still be corrupted
BobS: not if we knew there would be some offers coming
ronsemac: yeah
BobS: the only way out is to start over with a clean installation
ronsemac: yup.... scrape right down to bare metal, and then repaint
BobS: for yours too Ricahrd
rich-c: yes, but if I'm right, she would not lose her data files when it was being done
ronsemac: you burn those to CD
BobS: copy data files off
Pamela: there's nothing left that I'm worried about Dad
rich-c: no, I will let Microsoft sort it out - the trouble is with something in their update rocess
BobS: kill, kill,kill
Pamela: <do I hear an echo?>
BobS: echo
BobS: echo ??????
BobS: hello.........
rich-c: you sound like these folks who want to cure a software problem by buying new hardware
ronsemac: hello!!!
Pamela: update is what caused my problem
ronsemac: echo thru rockies, beyond and over to island
ronsemac: then back
BobS: darn right mon.........kill it,it is beyond microsoft's ability to fix
rich-c: also, I am seeing an awful lot of comment from techies saying DO NOT TOUCH Vista with a ten-foot pole
ronsemac: and I'm here to tell ya
BobS: IF you can get it workingk, it will just blow up somewhere else
ronsemac: VISTA ain't no better
BobS: been ther, done that, just recently
ronsemac: I am as mad as hell, and I ain't gonna take it any more
ronsemac: going Linux
ronsemac: or Mac
BobS: read that Vista is nothing new under the sun
ronsemac: or something
ronsemac: mostly eye-candy Bob
ronsemac: been running the beta for about 2 months on my Acer
rich-c: it is new, it's very new, and new in ways very inimical to the average user
BobS: well, I haven't found out anything that XP does better than 98se, cept boot slower unless you upgrade the computer substantially
Pamela: Dad, did you send a copy of those articles to the Coladam list?
rich-c: no, just to you personally
Pamela: you should, or at least to Bob and Ron
BobS: the only real reason to upgrade is to get somthing you can't do with the older version....that's my feeling, and I am stickin' to it
ronsemac: son Jeff just bought himself a 23 in flatscreen monitor
Pamela: I'm with you Bob
ronsemac: Dad is jealous
Pamela: yowza!
rich-c: the newsletter they came from is way over my head, basically, but when they talk understandably very useful
ronsemac: see, that's what workin does for ya
Pamela: doesn't do it for me!
Pamela: Obviously, I am doing the wrong work : )
ronsemac: well, what can I say, he's an engineer
ronsemac: course, Dad kicked in a couple hundred at Christmas
ronsemac: which he says put him over the top
ronsemac: am I good or what?
BobS: Doug says......" doesn't that run a lot faster?" actually no......we tried it out. Win 98 on P2 266mhz and WinXP on P3 1 ghz........same speed within a second or two
rich-c: I am dubious about teh LCD monitors because I am not sure how to trust colour renditions that change every time you move your head
ronsemac: Well, according to Jeff, this one comes with some sort of calibration that allows you to adjust. And Francesca is into photography, so she's interested
rich-c: also, there are questions about teh refresh speed
ronsemac: in consistency between the screen and what gets printed out
rich-c: and I am not sure the 16/9 ration is rally good for my usual use
ronsemac: Oh this one's beautiful Rich... I've seen it
ronsemac: but it was $477.
ronsemac: yeah, exactly
rich-c: yes, they are a bit less around here, but not much
BobS: that is lot of cash for a picture thingy
ronsemac: I'm looking at the new iMac 23 inch myself.....
rich-c: especially since teh early ones had a big problem with pixel burnout
ronsemac: yes it is
Pamela: I'm fine with my old 17" CDR, thanks
ronsemac: need to ask myself, what do I really need
Pamela: is that the right term?
ronsemac: CDR?
BobS: 17" !!!!!!! I am using a 15"crt and 12" and 14" on laptopWed Jan 24 23:24:38 GMT-05:00 2007: rich-c : rich-c: one of our carnuts group is a sports reporter/photographer and he is very happy with his LCD monitor
Pamela: monitor
rich-c: CRT he means I think Ron
Pamela: yeah, that's it
ronsemac: yeah... that's it CRT - cathode Ray Tube
BobS: OR for a 'puter...........
Pamela: it was a Christmas gift, Bob
rich-c: I also wonder how stable it would be sitting on the desk
ronsemac: I dunno.... some days I wish I could go back to a pencil and paper
BobS: ok then
Pamela: but it's a good quality monitor and works fine
Pamela: I see no reason to replace it yet
ronsemac: what has reason got to do with it?
BobS: you know Ronald, somtimes I agree with you on the pencil and paer idea
BobS: paper
rich-c: you replace if you can get a benefit from doing so - I question if there is any benefit there
Pamela: Okay, how about I have no money to replace it yet?
ronsemac: now that I can understand
BobS: ok, how about you don't need it unless you are gfoing blind
Pamela: interestingly, I prefer typing to writing - it's faster, and it's neater
rich-c: replacement doesn't cost that much, especially if you'll settle for say a 17" LCD
Pamela: I wonder if that's the generation gap?
BobS: that is true Pam, but sometimes it would be faster with pen and paper
Pamela: besides, I can't backspace my mistakes with a pen : )
rich-c: depends on your typing speed, Bob - and how badly you need a spellchecker
ronsemac: spillchaker?
ronsemac: Wed Jan 24 23:28:25 GMT-05:00 2007: Pamela : Pamela: and, I'm a touch typist, so it's much faster for me than for some
BobS: Pam, Judy says she got the EXCEL for Dummies book, but doesn't really need itbecause
BobS: Excel is really ADAMcalc on steroids
ronsemac: tee hee
Pamela: well there you go
rich-c: tol' ya so
Pamela: it's a good reference anyway, especially for those shortcuts and timesaving tips, and for getting up to speed if you're just starting to use it
Pamela: for me it was handy because I switched from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel
BobS: Excel has the formula's built in, so all you need to do is get the row,cell correct
ronsemac: my library is full of "for Dummies" books
ronsemac: and I am NOT a Dummy
ronsemac: no?
Pamela: no : )
ronsemac: tnk you
BobS: what you need Ronald is Cliff's Notes,.......remember them from high school
BobS: ????????????????????
ronsemac: oh yeah... good ol Cliff
Pamela: we had Coles Notes, Bob
rich-c: here we have teh originals - Coles Notes
ronsemac: had Coles too
BobS: same thing Pam, need them for quickk reference and quick lookups
ronsemac: taught me everything I needed to pass the English Lit supplemental in grade 9
rich-c: Coles wre firstest and arguably bestest
ronsemac: Thank the Lord for Cliff
Pamela: never used one in my life - takes just as long to read the Coles notes as to actually read the book!
Pamela: and, I like reading
ronsemac: yeah, but they told me what to think
Pamela: <says she, the product of two librarians>
ronsemac: when it came to English Lit, I couldn't think
Pamela: no comment : )
BobS: naw, they were readers digect version of the readers digest version of the actual book
rich-c: they were good at calling to your attention things you might have missed, though
ronsemac: yes, and there was a lot of that
BobS: no lie !!!!!!!
Pamela: then how come you wouldn't let me use them in school Dad???
ronsemac: I have no sense of human behaviour
BobS: oh boy, we started something Ron
ronsemac: indeed
Pamela: he's thinking of a good excuse : )
rich-c: don't recall that, Pam - possibly because I didn't want you takig them to school
ronsemac: come to think of it, I'm not sure if it was Cliff or Cole.
ronsemac: here in the great white north, think it was Cole
Pamela: I really don't think I missed much by not having them so don't worry too much Dad
BobS: probably same book different name
BobS: like the cars
Pamela: yes, as in Coles book stores, Ron
ronsemac: oh yes
rich-c: Coles were yellow with black stripes on the covers
ronsemac: that's them
ronsemac: they're still around
Pamela: not around here
BobS: yup that's cliffs notes
rich-c: I actually shopped at the first, original Coles book store
Pamela: sold to W.H. Smith, who in turn was sold to Chapters
ronsemac: and the food chain goes on and on and on
Pamela: now all we have are superbookstores
ronsemac: Indigo is in there somewhere
ronsemac: or do you have Indigo in the east/
ronsemac: ?
Pamela: at the end, I think Dad
Pamela: sorry, Ron
BobS: hey guys and dolls, got to hit the sack here
rich-c: yes, Indigo bought the Smith conglomeration
ronsemac: must be a Western thing
ronsemac: ah
Pamela: no Chapters bought Smithbooks, Indigo took over Chapters
ronsemac: we still have a Coles here in Courtenay
rich-c: sympathize, Bob - time is a'flittin
BobS: so, we both say adios, goodbye, and auf wiedersehen, and aur revore
ronsemac: but the loyalty card I got from them is good at Chapters and Indigo
Pamela: goodnight Bob - we're keeping fingers toes and eyeballs crossed for both of you
BobS: see you all next week, eh ?
ronsemac: niter Mr. S be well to you both
rich-c: night to you and Judy and see you next week
BobS left chat session
ronsemac: anyway, I just love bookstores. I will go to my grave not having read 1/3 of my current collection
rich-c: looks like bed time for me, too
ronsemac: I buy them just to have them
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to renew my card
Pamela: I buy them and read them, and re-read them, and re-re read them (you get the idea)
rich-c: know exactly what you mean, Ron - and you know I'm in the same state
ronsemac: that's what most normal people do
ronsemac: I'm such a slow reader
Pamela: I have read every single one of my books, but Russell's got a roomful that I have to work on
rich-c: I have lots of books I really want to re-read, but I can't seem to get around to them
ronsemac: you're like my late mom (God rest her soul)
Pamela: I don't think I read them so much as consume them
ronsemac: voracious
Pamela: ya got that right
rich-c: and don't even ask about the unreaad essentials
ronsemac: she could polish off a novel in a day or so
ronsemac: and remember what it was about
Pamela: a good thick novel takes me five or six hours
ronsemac: well there ya go
rich-c: there was a time when I could do that, too - Frances still can
Pamela: and when I read, I have tunnel vision and hearing
ronsemac: ??
Pamela: it's a great way to tune out the world
ronsemac: right
Pamela: I concentrate on the book so much that everything else fades into the background
ronsemac: suppose I should do the supper dishes
Pamela: as should I, and package lunch for tomorrow, and put away my laundry . . .
rich-c: yes, and between the Tylenol3, beer and muscle relaxant, I'm overdue to keel over
Pamela: sleep? who needs sleep?
ronsemac: yes, there's laundry to fold here too.. so when you finish there...
ronsemac: so guys...see ya's next week
Pamela: I'll get right on that, Ron - as soon as I find my way out from under the piles of stuff here
rich-c: right, Ron - on the re-run
ronsemac: right...good
Pamela: night, Ron
ronsemac: niters
Pamela: be good
ronsemac: awww
ronsemac: do I have to?
rich-c: and I shall follow him out the door
Pamela: go to bed, Daddy - I'll see you Sunday
ronsemac left chat session
Pamela: wish list, not to-do list, Ron
rich-c: OK - and I will make teh reservations for Sunday at 6.30
Pamela: sounds good. Goodnight!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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