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PedroS: si senor.......ich bin here
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changed username to rich-c
PedroS: hallo Richard
PedroS: you LATE mon
PedroS changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob, you're solo, are you?
BobS: yup
BobS: Judy is right here
BobS: just crocheting
BobS: how are you and Frances doing?
rich-c: right - I'm afraid she may be all teh company you get for a while tonoght
BobS: well............shamje
rich-c: I will be in hail an farewell mosde
BobS: problems?
rich-c: spent all day at the hospital - my bakc went wonky big time
BobS: oh boy
BobS: twisted it??? or somthing worse?
rich-c: have a compression fracture in a vertabra - it HURTS
BobS: yikes.......thats not so good
rich-c: Tylenol3 won't even touch it
rich-c: doc seeems to think it will heal, in maybe a month and a half
rich-c: anyhow, I can't stand up even with support, nor do much moving about
BobS: that's not so good Richard
BobS: so Frances will be your nurse for awhile
rich-c: just took another tylenol 3 and also now have an opiate patch - Fentalyn
BobS: can you sit? or so you have to lay down all the time
rich-c: yes, and she is having a rough time of it - I'm a cooperative patient but my body isn't always
BobS: myabe you have to think seriously about a nurse part time for a month
rich-c: well no I can't lie down - I slept dressed in my living room armchair last night
BobS: you NEED a nurse mon
rich-c: don't think it's that far along yet, now that it's defined and under treatment
BobS: but that is hard work, just helping you move around, hit the bathroom, change positions, eat.....get a brew
BobS: next few days may be really rough until it starts to think about healing
rich-c: a brew is not recommended with the codeine/ opiate buzzI'm wearing ; - (
BobS: tha's what Judy was just saying
rich-c: fortunately we have a pair of office swivel chairs that let me taxi around
BobS: that will help, as long as it doewn't agrivate the back
BobS: did you fall ???? or what....?
rich-c: well, one lonesome Coffee Porter should be tolerable - just not tonight
rich-c: no, it's an artifact of osteoporosis in old age
rich-c: actually went out when I bent over to pull out a plug
BobS: are you on bone density drugs????
BobS: Folsamax........
rich-c: yes, the heavy duty one - Actonel, if you know it
BobS: seemed to help me mum it did
BobS: heard of it yes
rich-c: both Fran's doctor and mine are quite impressed with Actonel
BobS: good, maybe it works then
BobS: Judy's mom took Folsamax and it didn't seem to do any good,k while my mom took it and it seemed to strengthen hers
rich-c: that seems to be the consensus - in fact Fran's doctor recommended it even though she doesn't qualify for it under the Ontario DRug Benefit
rich-c: she has oseopenea nad it isn't covered for that
BobS: and that is ??????
BobS: partway to bone loss?
rich-c: but since mine is osteoporosis, I do get the subsidy
BobS: wierd
rich-c: yes, loss of mass but not necessariy of structure
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir
BobS: morning Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel: how are you today?
BobS: well, not exactly morning, but HELLO anyway
rich-c: anyway, my eyeballs are spinning from the meds, so I shall have to check out soon
BobS: Richard is in tough shape Daniel, bad vertibrae, on strong drugs, no guiness
rich-c: and Frances will be talking to Pamela on the landline about helping with some errands tomorrow
BobS: moves around the house in an office chair
BobS: month and half maybe for bones to heal
Daniel: I saw a video on youtube that makes me jump... a sandwich... delicious sandwich... but a crazy sandwich that yell at the end of the clip.
rich-c: so Pamela is likelyto be delayed turning up too
BobS: not for Richard, he needs quiet and peace............and serenity
rich-c: yes, just not too much movement of teh wrong kind - don't sk about teh x-ray session tghis afternoon
rich-c: does my typing look a little buzzed? ; - )
rich-c: anyway I have to go - pass the wsord to the others as they turn up, please
rich-c: and I hope I'll be operational for next Wednesday!
BobS: will do richard........take it easy and get better
rich-c: thanks Bob, will try to do that
rich-c: so bonsoir both, a la prochaine
rich-c: colour m gone
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Daniel: goodnight rich...
Daniel: I hope he will feel better
Daniel: feel useless, knowing rich is in pain... nothing I can do about it
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changed username to Judy
Daniel: bonsoir Judy
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel: sorry, you miss rich... only a few minutes
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
BobS: she was hearing what I told her about Richard..
BobS: HI Pam
Pamela: hello, everyone
BobS: pop is not in good condition tonight, eh?
Pamela: I don't know -haven't spoken to him - did he come online?
Daniel: he was online before 9:30
Daniel: it's approx.
Pamela: should I call them?
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: Hi, Judy
BobS: he was in hospital all day
BobS: hurt a vertibrae in his back
BobS: on tylenol3 and some nasty pain patch
Pamela: WHAT???!!!
BobS: better call mom a mnute
Pamela: typical, I'm always the last to know
BobS: apparently they got home not too long ago
Pamela: I'm thinking you're right, Bob
Pamela: but for that I'm going to have to log off
BobS: pop said mom was goingo to call you
BobS: ok come back if you get time dear
Pamela: I was on the phone till about half an hour ago
BobS: call them
Pamela: I'll be back if I can - thanks for the info
Pamela: ciao
Pamela left chat session
BobS: Daniel..........from earlier before you got here..........................
BobS: spent all day at the hospital - my bakc went wonky big time
BobS: c: just took another tylenol 3 and also now have an opiate patch - Fentalyn
BobS: IS WHAT Richard said
Daniel: that's really terrible. how? how this happend?
BobS: said he bent down to pull out an electric plug
BobS: he is on medicine for bone deterioration
BobS: but apparently ist is not working to the maximum
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changed username to Ronald
Daniel: bonsoir Ron
BobS: Ronal me man
Ronald: hey there!
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: howz all/
BobS: we were just discussing Richard.......
Ronald: hi Judy
BobS: Richard not so good
Daniel: bad shape
Ronald: bonsoir Danie
Ronald: Daniel
Ronald: oh ooh. what's up[
BobS: said he..."pent all day at the hospital - my bakc went wonky big time"
Ronald: geez!
BobS: just took another tylenol 3 and also now have an opiate patch - Fentalyn
BobS: so he left...........gets around the hosue in an officew chair
BobS: he is IN PAIN
Ronald: yeah, from the sounds of it
BobS: and Pam just came on and didn't even know..................................
Judy: so Bob told her
Ronald: So this was something that's been building up all day/
Ronald: /
BobS: also, he was a little drugged as you could tell from his typing
Ronald: ?
BobS: he says he bent over to pull out an electric plug
BobS: and BAM
Judy: must have done it yesterday
Ronald: sometimes that would do it.....
BobS: apparently it happedned at least yesterday, becasue he slpet in his clothes in the chair last night
Ronald: not good
BobS: ok, so my typing looks like I am on drugs.......
Ronald: same here.... i'm blaming my keyboard..... it needs something
Ronald: that's my story and I'm sticking to it
BobS: and poor Frances has to nursemaid him.......told him he NEEDS a part time nurse
BobS: mine needs better fingers
Ronald: Well certainly ..... they must have some sort of home care system there.
Ronald: i got help with Mom - and they were really good
BobS: you know how stubborn older folks can get, yes???????
BobS: well taht's good
Ronald: oh yes
BobS: hopefully Pam can talk some sense into them on getting some help
Ronald: sure hope so because that's going to be hard on Frances
Ronald: one should not get old
Ronald: bad for the health
BobS: Richard says he is a good patient [ right ;-) ] .......but his body doesn't alwasy help
Ronald: i'll bet
BobS: no lie Ron.........sometimes gettign old is NOT good
Ronald: exactly.
BobS: although both Judy's and my folks are humming along @ 89 yrs old
Ronald: So I've dove in and now have Windows Vista on the beast
BobS: Judy's dad is having knee replacement tomorrow @ 7:30am
BobS: 80+ yrs old
BobS: and how and what did it do for ya???????
Ronald: really - that's going to be a challenge
Ronald: diddly squat...but it sure looks pretty
Judy: so we get to spend the day in the hospital tomorrow
Ronald: fun Judy.
BobS: has a different opeing picture on it eh?
BobS: opening
Ronald: yes, there that - and they've re-arranged things just enough to confuse me
Ronald: however..... had the 'puter in yesterday. had installed a bigger hard drive. When I went to power up after that, there was not a peep. Thought I'd blown the power supply
BobS: oh oh
BobS: but it was vista?????
BobS: what did they rearrange now?
Ronald: But it worked down at the shop. So the guy (I've known him for years) offered to put OEM Vista on it for me.(i'd already been running the Release Candidate since before Xmas)
Ronald: We
Ronald: We're not sure what the problem was... he took the power supply out, took its cover off and blew out a little dust...then it worked
Daniel: I'm still at work, but I'm leaving in a couple of minutes. you know folks that I love you, and I hate when someone I care about is at the hospital with pain... goodnight everybody! take care! and keep me informed!
BobS: you were a test guinea pig for Vista?
Ronald: Nite Daniel - we love ya too kid!
Ronald: yes
BobS: nite careful going home
Ronald: did the Beta thing for about 3 months
BobS: and did ya like it?
Judy: night Daniel
Ronald: well it solved a problem I was having with XP.... which was slowing down to a crawl (what else is new)
BobS: I just go XP on a computer...........ho hum....<yawn>
Ronald: So I got ticked off enough one night to try the Beta - and my problems went away
Daniel: bonne nuit
Daniel: aurevoir
Daniel left chat session
BobS: nite
BobS: just signed up and downloaded Vista?????
Ronald: Wasn't going to buy right away.... but my 'puter guy knows me too well
BobS: why was Xp crawling???? progam you were using ?
Ronald: yes... for the Beta..... they allowed about 200,000 customers to download it at the end of Oct
Ronald: alls ya had to do was to provide feedback
Ronald: which I did
BobS: with the stipulation of what ?
Ronald: well.... they said the Beta would stop working around June of this year
Ronald: so it's one of those self-destruct models
Ronald: other than that, no ties
BobS: nice bunch aren't they
Ronald: really
BobS: do yo know aht was wrong with XP ?
Ronald: Always figured if one is going to shake hands with Bill Gates and Co, one should count one's fingers after
BobS: yes that's correct
Ronald: well not really, except that various columnists I read said that every so often you have to remove XP and re-install it..... or it eventually grinds to a halt
BobS: for crying out loud
Ronald: I used it for about 4 years without problems, but this past year...was the beginning of the end
BobS: now THAT is Microsoft for you
Ronald: And it happened on both my Acer laptop and my desktop
BobS: reinstall
BobS: got to be kidding
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Ronald: nope, that's what I read, and that's what happened to me. So I figured as long as Vista was out there for the taking I'd do it
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings from Cold Chicago!!!
Ronald: Be right back.... got some pizza in the oven
BobS: Doug hasn't complained...........although he regualrly kills things and redoes them
BobS: hey Guy
BobS: how long you been running Guy ?
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: or aren't you
Ronald: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Walking with Annie. This Saturday will be Annie's one year anniversary.
Ronald: Yeah Bob, I think it's in one's interest to do that, and Doug would be right up on it I imagine
Ronald: good for Annie
BobS: happy dogday to her
Ronald: yes... from me too
Ronald: 2 day old re-heated pizza....... hmmm...
Ronald: it's ok i guess
Judy: left overs just are not as good as fresh
BobS: the only reason I went to XP was the newer computer I got from Doug and so I can say I use it.....if I go get some formal training for a job hunmt
Ronald: Probably a good thing to do Bob
Ronald: you can tell them you're up to speed
BobS: basically the only difference I see is the start menu is all screwed up, and I dont' like windows explorer as much
BobS: that's what I figured
Ronald: Wierd how they get something right, and then proceed to foul it up in the name of being "new"
Ronald: that's pretty much all Vista is
Judy: has to be changed some or no one would buy it
BobS: AND I am so much 98 on P2 266 boots a nanosecond slower than XP on P3 1ghz
Guy B.: Well Ron, thought you had a lot of computers. I'm going to retire one of the Dell desktops. I think I'm having hardware problems with it.
Ronald: yeah, you're not exactly going to have time to sit around and eat your lunch while that happens
BobS: BUT Vista is MUCH better and MUCH faster and, and, and.........yo know the hype
Ronald: is it still workin Guy??
Guy B.: It is, but there was one time that I couldn't boot it up.
Ronald: exactly Bob.... trouble is, they keep talking long enough, you start to believe them
BobS: kick it, that is booting up
Ronald: swear at it
Ronald: exactly
BobS: that too.....and hit the keyboard
Guy B.: That PC is now 10 years old. 5 years at work then 5 years with me.
Ronald: 'tis indeed a venerable old beast
Guy B.: The one I'm on now is a little younger by 1 year.
Ronald: i used to really love the old machines.......but now, i been sold on the newer stuff
Guy B.: So, I'm going to transfer everything to the Compaq. The memory that's in the Dell is the same in the Compaq.
Guy B.: The Compaq has WinME, but I'm planning to use the Romtec Trios and add WinXP on another hard drive.
Guy B.: Has anyone seen Vista?
Ronald: Romtec what?
BobS: the thing can't run all the largter stuff and store the mega files on the older computers OR they will choke
Ronald: yeah.... the mfgr's make sure that happens - that way they get to sell new machines
BobS: Ron has IT
Ronald: yep, running it now, even as we speak
BobS: and he LOVES it.........the newest from ol' Bill
Ronald: mostly cosmetic Guy, so far as i can see
Guy B.: Romtec Trios. It's a hard drive selector. You can boot different OS's on seperate hard drives by pushing a button. It has 3 buttons for 3 different OS's and hard drives. Advantage, don't have to have multiple OS's on one drive.
BobS: heard it was not worth the cash,,.,,,,,,,nothing new under the cover
Ronald: ah... sounds cool
BobS: kinda like a switch box
BobS: for hard drives
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: okay, I'm back
Judy: welcome back, Pam
Guy B.: It is. I'm planning to have two of the computer running XP with the Romtec Trios. I have two of them. Got it from Ebay.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Judy: you weren't to hard on them were you?
Pamela: : ), no Judy I was a good girl
Ronald: Hi pam
Judy: that is good
Pamela: so here's the deal
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: yes dear
Pamela: Dad was in so much pain last night he couldn't sleep in bed and slept in his recliner in the living room
BobS: know that
Pamela: this morning he was no better so they called an ambulance which took them to the hospital
BobS: didn't know that
Pamela: they did X-rays which revealed a vertebral compression fracture
Pamela: it will heal itself
Pamela: it will just take time
BobS: tell them he needs anurse
Pamela: they gave him pain patches and pain pills and sent him home
Judy: what about a brace or something
BobS: and there comes this time........when the children become the parents.....but gently, gently...........and lovingly.....................
Pamela: good news is while there, the X-rays revealed the lungs are clear so he'll probably be able to come off the prednisone after he sees the lung doctor in two weeks
Ronald: all right... re the latter
Judy: that is a good thing
Pamela: I"m not ready for that time yet, Bob : )
Judy: too late
BobS: but it is here OR fast approaching Pam........face it
Judy: it is here
BobS: and you need to be ready to take it on head first.........
BobS: gently and lovingly
Judy: they are called a sandwich
Pamela: as long as they have their faculties, believe me, they're still in charge : )
Judy: us that is
BobS: but they will undoubtedly start to lean on you and Russell more and more if you help them
Judy: but sometimes you have to step in and make yourself heard
Ronald: I've got two chats going on at once here guys, so if I seem a little distant.... it's because I'm only 3000 miles away
Pamela: oh, they know I'm here - all they have to do is call me
Pamela: I just wish they'
Pamela: d call me more often
Judy: call them first
BobS: and you have to call them underhandedly and maybe they will lean on you some
Guy B.: Your still up there Ron?
Pamela: no, I mean if they need help
Pamela: I nag them enough by phone to keep up
Judy: yea, we do know
BobS: gets tough, but can be more quality time with them
Pamela: it's just been a rough week all around
Ronald: it ain't easy
Pamela: and it's only Wednesday, darn it
BobS: my folks are still a little resistant, Judy's are starting to like it that we come around and take them places, out and about
BobS: they are still self reliant, the babying also
Judy: they love it, tomorrow we will be in the hospital with dad getting a knee replacement
BobS: keep alight touch, but be ready to jump in easily
Ronald: I told Jeff, when i get to that age, just get a gun
Pamela: well, Mom and I have a date with the groceries tomorrow evening, so I will no doubt find out more then
BobS: no,,,,,,,,,,just let you move in with him and Francesca
Pamela: Judy, how long will your dad be in the hospital?
BobS: good for you
Ronald: i know what it's like to to be able to get comfortable anywhere, particularly when you're trying to sleep
Judy: Bob's parents drove themselves to Florida , this it the last time they will be going by themselves
Judy: they need the help also
Ronald: Yes....Jeff has said eventually he wants both me and his mother in Vancouver
Ronald: hmmm
Judy: don't know about a week, I think
BobS: see????????? he is thinking ahead to when you want to slow down and he can be the parent....kinda
BobS: my folks said it is too lonely driving all that way alone
Judy: will probably go to Mary Freebed for some therapy, which is connected to the hospital
Pamela: once he's out you won't be able to keep up with him : )
Pamela: which knee?
Judy: that is the best thing to have some one close by when getting older
Pamela: and any news on the employment scene for you two?
Ronald: yes... and i wouldn't discount the idea of moving if it becomes necessary
Judy: think it is the right one, but don't know if this will take care of the whole problem
Judy: none yet
Judy: had an interview yesterday , wouldn't mind that job, will have to wait and see, they said two weeks
Pamela: that's good news
Judy: hope so, but don't know
Ronald: well judy, that's better than no interview
Pamela: well as always we'll keep fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed for you
Judy: yea, that is a point
Judy: please do, working sounds better than going back to school
Judy: we are both looking into taking some classes
Pamela: knowledge is never wasted
Judy: have been working on excel and word, nothing new under the sun
Judy: excel is just another adamcalc
Pamela: it has it's quirks, but basically, a spreadsheet is a spreadsheet is a spreadsheet
Guy B.: But there are differences between the two Judy
Judy: and word is write, with some bells and whistles
Pamela: exactly : )
Pamela: anyway, I'm gonna poof and hopefully get to bed at a reasonable hour
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Judy: yea, excel is a little faster and easier
Pamela: have a feeling I'm going to need the rest : )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) This Saturday's is Annie's 1st anniversary. A year flew by.
Pamela: Guy, Ron, sorry about the "hit and run" - hopefully things will go more smoothly next week
Judy: have most of the books form the antique business changed over
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you and Annie - time flies so enjoy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Tell your dad that I hope he is doing better. Me too.
Ronald: ok Pam... keep us posted eh, and give your mom and Dad our best wishes
BobS: nite Pam
Pamela: (PRIVATE) thanks, I'll pass on the message
Judy: night Pam take care and don't worry tooo much
Pamela: one or the other of us will keep you posted and I'll pass on your good wishes
Pamela: thanks to all and goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof!
Judy: yes, do that for us
BobS: Pam don't need sleep.....this is what kids were invented take on the older folks
Ronald: nite pam
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go too. I'll try to be a little earlier. Getting socked at work and more overtime. So, I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: right Guy.... take care. Give Annie a rub on the back of the neck for me
Guy B.: I'll pass it on to her, She'll like that.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm gone.
Ronald: :)
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
BobS: so uncle Ronald tis up to us to keep the flame lit
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: so we might as well ride off into the sunset also
Ronald: yes... just about 10pm your time, or is it 11/?
Ronald: almost 11
BobS: right
Judy: night Ron, until next week
BobS: and we get up before 6am tomorrow to go to the hospital
Ronald: right both... be well and good luck
BobS: be good and we will see you later .......FFP the warm air soming will you ?????
BobS: coming
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Ronald: nit e
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