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adamman: hello
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hello all
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changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: hey doc
BobS: how is???????
Dr. D.: cold
Dr. D.: snowy
Dr. D.: been shovelling 5 hours the last 2 days
Dr. D.: about to fall asleep
BobS: oh yuea. forgot aobout you and the Cleveland snow........
BobS: how much did you get so far?
Dr. D.: about a foot
BobS: ouch
Dr. D.: I helped the girls shovel the drive at the house last night while Joan was at work.
Dr. D.: I shovelled out my car on the street today.
BobS: BUT last before last, we had what they called th eblizzard of 2007
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BobS: was not bad we didn't think, but had about a foot of lake effect, blowing and drifting, and cold
BobS: need snowblower
changed username to Frances
BobS: or.........
Dr. D.: Hi Frances, an update on Richard?
Dr. D.: Cynthia said he was ailing again :-(
BobS: ailing GOOD.
BobS: well bad......
BobS: you know what I mean
Frances: Well, he's in the hospital with infections in both legs
BobS: oh YUCK
BobS: when did he go in? how long stay there?
BobS: can you get up to hospital?
Frances: Bear with me, this is complicated
Frances: He has a compression fracture of a vertebra in the lumbar region
Frances: He couldn't walk - too painful.
Frances: Because of that he wasn't exercising his legs and they began to swell
Frances: his doctor sent a homecare nurse to wrap them in tensor bandages to try to force out the excess fluid
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changed username to Judy
Frances: She did this for 4 days, up to the weekend and used one that would supposedly last until Monday
Judy: Hello, everyone
Dr. D.: I guess they didn't give him a diuretic because of his heart problems?
Dr. D.: Hi Judy
Frances: Unfortunately, they became too painful and I removed them on Sunday
Frances: On Monday morning, the nurse looked at the legs and said he should go to the hospital to treat them because they were beginning to weep and ooze
Judy: tell him we are thinking of him
Frances: So we sat in the ER for 7 hours while he got worse and worse
Judy: that is awful!!!!!
BobS: figures, that is what happens here also
Frances: By the evening, he had a fever and was incoherent and one spot on his leg was obviously breaking down
BobS: ER................."exagerated resistance" to teratment
Frances: I was at the hospital yesterdAy and he is in isolation
Judy: that sounds very serious
Dr. D.: Any idea how long he will be in?
Frances: He had been moved around a lot yesterday morning and was in a lot of pain
Dr. D.: My next planned trip to Toronto isn't for 3 more weeks yet :-(
Frances: So, the hospital is using a diuretic to move the water out
Dr. D.: Sigh should have been first step
Frances: Anyway, his legs look awful and even after the infection is controlled, it is going to take quite a while for them to heal
Dr. D.: All the prednisone he has had, his connective tissue is very fragile, the leg squeezing bandages were bound to cause damage...and once infection started, impaired circulation from the pressure...
Frances: Actually, Rich, he has been taking lasix for quite a while
BobS: I believe that Frances...............I have an aunt who is dealing with that, and healing is not real fast
Dr. D.: And it didn't work?
BobS: but time will heal it
Frances: No, it didn't work
Dr. D.: That is very unusual, Lasix usually creates copious urine...
Frances: But Rich you are right about the prednisone and all
Dr. D.: very fast
Dr. D.: I think I would have elevated his legs before wrapping them up
Frances: Remember that he has been almost immobile for almost 2 weeks because of the fracture
Dr. D.: But I am not an M.D.
Dr. D.: What vertebra is it, and what part of the vertebra, do you know?
Frances: Rich, he couldn't lie down
Frances: It's in the lumbar region, don't know the number
Dr. D.: So he sat upright or reclined in the chair, I guess.
Frances: yes
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changed username to Roberto
Frances: he slept in my folding garden chair in the living room
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Frances confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Frances: And he got around on one of our wheeled office chairs
Dr. D.: I was just curious what part of the vertebra it was, there are several sites for fractures possible.
Frances: our house is too small for a wheel chair
Dr. D.: Is he going to have to have surgery on his back?
Frances: I don't know
Dr. D.: He is a poor candidate with all the prednisone in him.
Frances: I do know that he can't come home until he can walk and I don't know what the hospital will do about that
Dr. D.: Healing anything is going to be very slow at this point.
Dr. D.: sigh
Frances: I know and I'm sort of hoping that the back will heal before the legs, if follow me
Dr. D.: he may be looking at a long-term care facility.
Frances: if you follow me
Roberto: he is gonna be in hospital for to get the hosptial address and room to the adam mailing list so we can send him cards
Dr. D.: Back may not heal without bracing...or spinal fusion, depends where it is in the vertebra.
Frances: I didn't go to the hospital today because it snowed last night and this morning and I didn't think I could cope
Roberto: good choice much did you get????
Dr. D.: Is Pam there? has she been able to visit the hospital today?
Roberto: we know the storm was headed your way
Judy: did you get much snow?
Dr. D.: Rin says about a foot, or more.
Roberto changed username to BobS
Frances: I spoke to his nurse who could only say that he thought Richard was a little more comfortable today
Dr. D.: We got over a foot in Cleveland.
BobS: we all know the feeling with that much snow....NONT GOOD
Frances: but that wouldn't be hard - yesterday was a hard day
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Bur driving between here and Toronto is pretty well impossible...2 feet in Ashtabula, Christina says Erie PA is buried, shudder to think what I-90 through NY and Buffalo are like.
Frances: Yes, Pam went to the hospital on Monday evening
Judy: we can't take much more snow around here the banks are getting to high
Pamela: hi there
BobS: hey Pammie
Frances: We really don't have that much
Frances: Pam said she had no real trouble but I'm too old to tackle snow storms
Judy: we had some schools closed again today just south of us, it is where Sher lives
Judy: hi Pam
Pamela: actually, traffic was sparse today to begin with - I think the threat of snow scared many people into staying home
Frances: Toronto is not usually a snowy city - n ot like Buffalo - or Cleveland
BobS: a WISE decision Frances.......OR you can have the bed next to Richard......with a broken bone
Pamela: and the roads weren't that bad for driving - it was slow, but not difficult
Pamela: lord, don't even suggest it, Bob - one parent in the hospital is enough
Frances: yah, one invalid around here is enough
BobS: BUT not a place for anyone over 60yrs old to be sure
Frances: he was still in the ER this afternoon but he will be moved as soon as there is an isolation room
Judy: that is what Mom did when dad was in the hospital, the roads were so bad
BobS: stay safe and stay home Frances
BobS: let us yong un's lilke me and Pam drive
BobS: we LOVE it
Pamela: heck, I'm even playing taxi for others : )
BobS: right Pam?????????? right? righta?
Frances: oh, I'm going tomorrow - roads have been plowed, my snow clearing fellow did is job, the sidewalks will be cleared overnight
Pamela: by the way, Mom, I meant to ask you - does Clive shovel, snow blow or plow?
Frances: snow blow and shovel
Pamela: ah
Judy: how do you get there, Francis?
Frances: bus
Dr. D.: Well I am going to turn in, a bit achey from the shovelling today...if you can get me Richard's address in hospital, I will write him.
Frances: the hospital is relatively close but requires 2 buses
Dr. D.: Assuming he will be there long enough for a letter from down here to get there.
Pamela: Rich, you'll tell Erin?
Dr. D.: I will.
BobS: fer sure Dr D
Pamela: thank you
Judy: Night Dr D see you next week
Frances: actually, I think Cynthia did
Dr. D.: Good night all.
Pamela: goodnight, and sleep well Rich
Dr. D.: <poof>
Frances: good night, Rich
BobS: but we have FAST mail you know, it only took 8 days to get Judy's new computert here from California
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BobS: ONLY 8 days......can you believe???????
Pamela: it's the overnights that get to me
Frances: I am assuming that he will be in the hospital for quite a while
BobS: would think os
BobS: so
Frances: when I know what's happening, I'll let you know
Pamela: I don't know what they would make of mail for a patient at the hospital
BobS: can't ship him to a long term healing facility until the back and leg wounds are healed
Pamela: not sure it's been done : )
BobS: WHAT ??????? no mail in the hospital??????? you got to gwet modernized Pam
Frances: offhand, I can't think where else he might go
Judy: oh, I think they would know what to do with it
BobS: Canada has to come out of the dark ages
Pamela: if they could find him : )
BobS: well.........he might be hiding under the bed.......true
Frances: in this case, agreed Bob
Judy: don't they get moved to a rest home, that is what would happen here
Frances: Judy, I'm not sure what the options are
Pamela: I have no idea
BobS: the hospital got a website????????
Pamela: BRB
Frances: yes
Frances: but it's no help
BobS: and it would be??????.........or the hospital name?????
Frances: hospital name? - it's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Frances: It's a big regional hospital with all the bells and whistles for urgent care but in Richard's case, I don't know
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago!
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: we seem to have lost Mom
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Judy: yea, we did
Pamela: there she is
changed username to Frances
Judy: Hi, Guy welcome
Pamela: must have found Dad's magical button : )
Guy B.: HI Frances. How's Rich doing?
Frances: Not well, Guy
Guy B.: Oh boy. More problems with his back?
Frances: He has a spinal compression fracture and infections in both legs
Frances: He's in the hospital - since Monday
Pamela: I'll be back shortly folks, gonna go say goodnight to my hubby
Guy B.: Ok Pam.
Judy: say bye for us
Frances: was it only me that got dumped?
Guy B.: What are the doctors going to try on him?
Judy: yes, it was, weren't you lucky
Frances: antibiotics, first of all
Guy B.: Can he walk?
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Frances: he has open sores so after that they have to heal
Frances: No
changed username to Ron
Frances: Evening, Ron
Ron: Hello all!
Ron: Hows Rich?
Guy B.: I bet he is feeling very frustrated
Frances: WE got the storm this time
Guy B.: Ah, the Vista man
Guy B.: We got hit with 9 inches of snow.
Ron: Vista's to the left of me, Vista's to the right of me, but this is a Mac
Frances: Actually, Guy, he is too doped up to feel anything
Guy B.: Ah, you're right at home now.
Ron: yup
Frances: Hamilton, just to west of us got a foot of snow
Ron: winter is only about 3 months late
Frances: and the south sore of both Erie and Ontario are buried
Judy: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: The rest will help him right now and I hope he will get better soon. We are all concerned about him.
BobS: we skinned out of this one also kids......about 2 inches and some drifting
BobS: you got some winter also Ron?
Guy B.: You want our snow? You can have all you want of it.
BobS: got too much already Guy
Frances: I was looking at NOAA's Buffalo site today and they say that the cold weather is going to recede nxt week
Guy B.: Well, this is the payback we get for having a mild December and January. But, warmer weather is coming by the weekend and 30's next week.
Frances: Bob, for once you were on the good side for lake effect snow
Ron: no, not here.... just fog and rain (the usual stuff) but it's bitter out there today.
Frances: It was -13C yesterday but I had on so many clothes that I was fine
Guy B.: Annie just loves romping in the snow. She and her girlfriend Urlacher. Were playing in the snow by Jeanene's apartment.
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ron: Hi Pamela. How are ya?
Pamela: Russell has headed out
Guy B.: Urlacher is a German Sheperd mix and similar to Annie.
Pamela: It's been a rough few weeks Ron
Ron: Yes it has
BobS: yes, Frances..........this time
Frances: just looked at the thermometer - it is -16C - almost 0 F
Pamela: I missed last week's chat by the way, because I fell asleep on the sofa at 9:30
Guy B.: This has been a real cold and snowy month so far for me.
Pamela: at 10:15 I said this is ridiculous and went to bed
Pamela: this has been our first real, stick the the ground snowfall
Frances: no, it's our first substantial snow
BobS: then you are due Pam........tis about our twelfth
BobS: sick of it we are.........
Pamela: I think everyone panicked this morning - the roads were empty
Judy: are snow banks are getting way to high
Pamela: they were plowing the compound lot when I got to work this morning - looks like they're building us our own little toboggan hill : )
BobS: so Ron....did you get the skinny on Richard ??????
BobS: or not
Ron: No I did not
BobS: readers digest version
BobS: in hopsital, ope leg sores, bad back, stayin awhile
Frances: Richard has a compression fracture of a vertebra
Ron: doesn't sound good
Frances: and open, infected sores on his legs
Pamela: heck, that's not the readers digest version, that's the text message version : )
Frances: he's in Sunnybrook since Monday
BobS: ok smart aleck
Judy: it works
BobS: I was gettin carpel tunnel
Pamela: whoops, lost mom again
Pamela: and Guy
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changed username to Frances
BobS: jump back in Frances
BobS: WB
Ron: I'm runing two chats here simultaneously. Will probably self destruct at any moment
Judy: that was a quick trip
Frances: I'm here but I lose all the messages
BobS: must be the street they live on, Richard is alwasy having that trouble too
Pamela: you didn't miss anything, Mom
Ron: we were quiet
Pamela: I think you've found Dad's magic poof button, Mom
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changed username to Annie
Frances: the computer has it in for me
BobS: HA guy's back
Annie changed username to Guy B.
BobS: no tis your street Frances
Pamela: I have this picture, Ron, of you self destructing like Squishem Sam - lots of shivers and confetti : )))
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. System unexpectly rebooted on me.
Frances: going to make you all jealous and get some chocolate - I think I deserve it
Ron: Tried phoning Neil Wick again today. No ans. Left a message on his machine
Ron: Yeah, Pam that's about it
BobS: Squish em........SAM
Pamela: Mom, remind me - I have some chocolate for you in my purse and it's divine
Guy B.: Yeah, I hope he knows the dates soon. Got to apply for a passport soon.
Ron: Right brain = North Island Linux User group, left brain = Adam Chat
Ron: Mac will run two screens at once
BobS: apply NOW
Pamela: do it now, Guy - don't wait
BobS: dont' need travel dates
Ron: yes, I suggest pasport app should go right away
Pamela: wait times on this side of the border are six - eight weeks
BobS: OR yesterday
Pamela: and that's if you apply in person
BobS: about a month to 6 weeks here
Pamela: glad we're staying in Canada this year
Frances: we got ours in JUne '05 and it took 5 days!
Pamela: but yes, I'd like dates for the con too - I'm supposed to have my vacation schedule in by the end of the month
Pamela: as always Mom, your timing is impeccable
Guy B.: I'll get it done next month. My old expired back in the 80's when I went to Europe.
Pamela: Guy, be careful with taking Annie out in this weather - not more than ten minutes
BobS: hope you stillhave it Guy........OR don't tell them you had one at all
Frances: We expected a lot longer but they were very efficient - then
Ron: (phone rings-somebody looking for charitable donation)
BobS: they get really hostile if you tell them you threw it away
Guy B.: She wears a jacket before we go out.
Judy: Bob has some news, you should ask him
Pamela: (Ron ignores phone)
Ron: ya
Pamela: Bob???
BobS: or me.........
Pamela: what news??
Guy B.: It's been more than 15 years and I still have it. But, I cannot renew it. So, I have to appy for a new one.
BobS: got a part time afternoon job at a retiremtne village
Pamela: is this the one you wanted to hear back from?
Ron: super news Bob
Judy: he will be starting Monday
Guy B.: Alright Bob. Doing what?
Frances: That's good, Bob
BobS: right Guy, but it is easier to renew when you send in the old aone with the new app and maybe cheaper
BobS: maintenance
Ron: brb
Pamela: it's great news
BobS: 23 hours per week
Guy B.: I downloade the form, so I'll print it out and see what is needed.
Judy: we think so, too
Pamela: (Ron's brain short circuits)
BobS: will fill in the void left when unemployment ran out last week
Pamela: I'm so glad to hear that
Frances: why not full time?
Judy: and may turn to full time
BobS: and how hard can the work be???????? [hope not too hard, I am old]
Guy B.: It's a start.
BobS: only authorized for apart time hours right now, hope it can turn into full time though
Judy: now I need on e I am going to go nuts being all alone all day
Frances: I don't know, Bob. My parents lived in a retirement residence and the maintenance guys did everything
Guy B.: Close to your house?
Frances: And they were good, too
Pamela: keep looking Judy, something will come along
Judy: this is a fairly new building only about 5 years old
BobS: about a mile away, five year old complex...........
Pamela: what are your hours going to be Bob?
Judy: and it is only about 2 miles from home
Guy B.: That's good. You will do fine
BobS: nice people running it, and the company has about 6 other complex's not too far away
Frances: One of them even climbed a ladder to go in a window to move someone who had fallen against the door to the room
BobS: so maybe I can work into something else....or the full time guy will go somewhere else and I can have his job
Judy: don't think he could do that,
Frances: Do they only have one person?
BobS: this is strictly independent living at this facility
Pamela: it sounds great, Bob
Pamela: hours?
Frances: At CPL, there were 3 maintenance men
BobS: noon to 5 every day
Judy: ;one full time and one part time there
Pamela: so you can sleep in : )
BobS: as long as I can hold onto my current part time job, the 2 will be good
BobS: no sleeping to shovel snow at the other part time job
Judy: no he is keeping his other 8 hour job so he will do that in the morning
Pamela: I have a job interview tomorrow for a position I'm not sure I want
Pamela: how's that for ironic?
BobS: for waht, and with same company?????
Judy: I have to call back tomorrow on the one I would like
Ron: Sounds like a foot in the door Bob
Pamela: insurance assistant with Marsh Canada - large corporate insurance broker
Pamela: same department as my old boss from Speedy
BobS: is that the company you work for?
Pamela: nope
Judy: and I am still going after the possiblity of going for some certifications
Pamela: working for a leasing company right now
BobS: well take care of Pam first, and look ahead
Frances: What are you after, Judy
Pamela: can't hurt, Judy
Frances: Certification for what, Judy
Judy: receptinist, part time office
Judy: in "Excell and Word and maybe Power Point
Frances: Have you worked since you got married, Judy?
Judy: not a lot
Pamela: even one-day courses would help with the computer stuff, Judy - go for it
Frances: Did you work before? I know you were very young when you married
Judy: but have been working on Antique business, I do the books for that
Ron: Work outside the home? Certainly lots of work inside the home I'd suspect
Judy: yes, was in a one person office
Judy: did all they had to do, course they didn'
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changed username to Guy B.
Frances: No one cares about work at home, Ron.
Judy: t have computers back then
Guy B. changed username to Annie
Frances: Unfortunately
Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Ron: sad comment on society
Frances confirmed ban
Annie changed username to Guy B.
BobS: no computers, no fax machines, no calculators.........just adding machines, cash payroll..........
Guy B.: Ok, I closed my tab in Firefox and quit the chat.
Ron confirmed ban
Judy: the computer work at home does count for something
BobS: but you arte still here Guy
Judy: it does give me the experience that most don't have
Ron: Wonder if it would help to put on the resume: "Can disassemble and reassemble an Adam computer in 2 minutes flat
Frances: it's all the same work but now we do it on computers
Pamela: I can't imagine working without computers today - when the system goes down at work I can't do anything
Guy B.: I'm here now.
Ron: Because I've seen Judy do that
Judy: I have just turned all the sales and inventory over to Excel from AdamCalc
Frances: Wow!
Ron: Hey well there ya go
Pamela: that's good practice : )
Frances: I'm doing it on my Amiga
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BobS: now Ron....THAT is a great IDEA !!!!! <li'l lightbulb flashes on>
changed username to Daniel
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir
BobS: hiya Daniel
Ron: yup... hey, ya gotta include everything
Daniel: snow snow snow
Ron: salut Monsieur Daniel
Frances: Good evening, Daniel. Comment ca va?
Judy: we did it and we did payroll in cash, can you believe that
Ron: ca va?
Daniel: je vais bien!
Daniel: I'm fine!
Ron: parfait
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: I can believe it Judy, it just must have taken forever to do it by hand
BobS: workng late Daniel ??????
Frances: Didn't use checks?
BobS: working
Judy: no
Daniel: no, I'm at home tonite
BobS: this was 38-40 yrs ago Frances
BobS: should have used checks, don't know why not
Judy: was a chain store, Woolworths
Frances: Well, Bob, more than 40 years agoI was paid by check
Pamela: dime paycheques? : )
Frances: only we call them cheques
Ron: FW Woolworth and Co. the good ol' 5 and dime
Pamela: check still looks wrong to me
BobS: that's the one Ron
Frances: me too
Judy: that is the one
Pamela: although I know it's used everywhere
Frances: Woolworths and Kresges
Ron: in ottawa it became Kresge, thence Woolco, and now Mal Wart
BobS left chat session
Frances: like Simpsons and Eatons
Judy: the bigger stores were Woolco around here
Pamela: only cheaper
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: yes
changed username to BobS
Frances: I was just thinking in terms of what went together
Pamela: well then, Simpsons and Eatons and The Bay : )
Frances: not in Ottawa and not in TO
Frances: The Bay was big out west
Pamela: and up north, I imagine
Ron: Yup... Wippeneg west
Judy: the store is now split in three now were there Monday is a shoe store
Frances: well, in Winnipeg, it was The Bay
Pamela: geez, Ron, I have enough trouble spelling Winnipeg - don't do that!
Ron: Canada's oldest living corp, the Bay
Frances: in Montreal, it was Morgans
Judy: sorry we were there Monday
Ron: but was bought out recently
Frances: In Ottawa, it was - what was the name, Ron?
BobS: BEST BUY !!!!! ;-)
Judy: doesn't look good on my resume three of the places that I worked in have all closed
Ron: well I recall there was a Metropolitan store right across from Hudson's Bay
BobS: Tim HOrton's ??????
Pamela: why do I want to say Stedmans?
Frances: Ron, there was a big dept. store, an independent
Ron: that wasn't your fault Judy
Ron: AJ Freeman
Pamela: just look at mine, Judy - I keep getting laid off
Ron: the Bay bought him
Frances: no, Stedman's was a chain of smalltown dept. stores
Judy: it was after I left them, does that say something, they needed me
Pamela: obviously : )
BobS: Frances, where is Ricahrd ????????? in the sunnybrook campus on Bayview ????????
Judy: that is the way now days,
Ron: tomorrow I'm in a position where I as a volunteer have to lay somebody off. Not looking forward to it
Frances: I'm sure you're rightRon but that name doesn't strike home
Pamela: yes, Bob
Frances: Yes
BobS: lay off a volunteer ???????? tha would be wierd
Ron: AJ Freemans were on Rideau street right across from what is now the Rideau centre
Judy: that is the pits, Ron
Frances: But we don't know yet where he's going - but out of the ER
Ron: No, I'm having to lay off a paid staffer. I'm the volunteer
Ron: sure is
BobS: how's come yo get the stinky job??????
Ron: because I'm the President
Frances: Right, Ron
Daniel: Tonight, I tried a strange software that suppose to experiment artificial life based genetic mutatioWed Feb 14 22:21:32 GMT-05:00 2007: Ron : Ron: (<evil grin>)
Frances: Why do you have to do it?
BobS: that is what you get for being BOSS
Ron: I have said I will sit in with our Executive Director while she does all the talking
BobS: YUCK Daniel
Ron: opened my big mouth. Think Bev is looking for some support
Pamela: President of what?
Ron: Comox Valley Community Info Systems Society
Ron: (say that 10 times real fast)
Pamela: ah
BobS: president of volunteers
Ron: like a freenet
Pamela: that, that, that
Daniel: framsticks is the software... exists since years '90s
Frances: What is the software, Daniel and what are you doing with it
Pamela: sorry, had to be done : )
Ron: I know
BobS: yes, Danile WHY are you watching snaky thingys
Frances: daughter, you have seven to go
Ron: So Frances, I'd like to send Rich a card... where do I send it
Daniel: I was curious to see "evolution" in the artificial life world.
Ron: ??
Pamela: that, that, that, that, that, that, that
Pamela: happy?
Frances: Done
Ron: oh sheesh!
Frances: Ron, send it here and I'll take it with me
Ron: ok... will do
Pamela: she encourages me, Ron - what can I say
Ron: the devil made you do it
Pamela: oh no, my mother made me do it : )
Frances: Daniel, we're not being very attentive - what are you doing with the software
Judy: or something
Pamela: an obedient child (for the most part)
Frances: Um
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: why do I have the feeling there's a "no comment" coming? : )
Frances: Nope - I'm trying to pay attention to Daniel
Daniel: I was impress to see artificial life learning by themself to run, jump, fly, swim, etc... I wanted to try
Pamela: where did you get the software, Daniel?
Daniel: err.. try google : framsticks
Frances: That sounds interesting Daniel
Frances: I've read about such software but I'm not skilled enough to program such a thing
Daniel: there are other software in the net, but it's the one I'm trying
Frances: So when it has learned these things, what does it do?
Daniel: In theory, framstick need only to set the Simulation parametters and start it. the simple sticks appear on screen then mutant sticks, then moving sticks, etc...
Frances: Does it turn into something not yet seen, so to speak?
Daniel: the concept is based on genetic mutations
Daniel: a mutations may be benific and then keeped for the next generation
Frances: has it mutated into something unusual?
Frances: Sorry, Daniel, - Ron, it was Freimans wasn't it?
Daniel: you may reach huge monsters without enough brain connection to do something, or a simple structure that run pretty fast... anything between is possible
Frances: How long does it run? Seconds, minutes, hours?
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changed username to Neil
Guy B.: HI Neil
Neil: Hi
Pamela: NEIL! Hi!
Judy: hi, Neil
Pamela: glad to see you
Daniel: the simulation time can be long or short before seeing real progress.
Ron: Mr. Neil.....
Frances: Good evening, Neil. What do you know about framsticks?
Ron: must be tired of me phoning
Neil: My internet is now working at home finally (and, yes, I did get a phone message from Ron, but I figured he'd be here)
Frances: Daniel is trying to tell us about it
BobS: and he IS
Neil: Never heard of framsticks
Ron: yup....ya got that right my son
Frances: okay, that settles that
Daniel: After 5 hours, I have a bunch of snakes. I specified the goal of distance so they (the sticks) started to move after a couple of minutes and now they move like crazy... and never straight line
Neil: Where did you meet up with "framsticks"?
Ron: framsticks are the basis wimblespidgets
Frances: It's a piece of software
Ron: must have at least 3 in a group, but you can only see two at any given time
Ron: please don't take me seriously
Pamela: sorry to jump all over you Neil, but inquiring minds would like to know - any progress on convention dates?
Judy: we won't, Ron
BobS: and they resemble the wasy Vista works on your new computer ?????????????????????
Daniel: framsticks is a shareware, only the 3d opengl viewer is blocked.
Pamela: widgets for short, I assume : )
Ron: Bob... yes, exactly
Frances: Ron, while I've got you here - was it Freimans?
Ron: think you're right Frances.... yes..(sorry I saw that above, but was unable to answer....the phone rang again)
Neil: Yes, time is going on regrading dates. I was worried that I might be away part of this summer, but I no longer think that is a concern.
Ron: good
Neil: Does anyone know when James will be in Canada. I haven't got around to asking him.
Neil: [regrading -> regarding]
Daniel: this is the "genes" of one snake I'm watching generated by time, each X represent a stick.
Ron: Don't think he'll be over Neil. A few chats back, I think he said that much as he'd like to come, cost was prohibitive
Pamela: May I suggest, NOT the weekend of July 13, 14, 15th
Daniel: all the other symbols and letters have significations like captors and neurons.
Neil: July 13th is my birthday, so I'm just as happy to avoid it. I always seem to end up "missing" my birthday, in a sense.
Pamela: woo hoo, a Cancer like me : )
Pamela: and, it's a Friday this year
Daniel: me... 18th June ... 32yrs
Neil: Ron, I wondered about that. If he was coming to Canada, I wanted to make maximum effort to have the dates coincide.
Neil: That was decided back in Comox.
Frances: a birthday at an Adamcon seems like a good idea
Ron: Well sure. Might want to e-mail him
Neil: It seems like a good idea, but it seems to just get ignored.
Pamela: I think he's decided that he can't manage both the trip and the opening of the new branch of his school
Frances: Daniel, that is very interesting but I think it's over my head
Neil: I'll have to e-mail him.
Ron: Any time in July works for me Neil. August I have family stuff happenin
Pamela: Neil, your birthday was during the con in Chicago but you never said a word : )
Guy B.: July is good with me too. After the middle, that's when I start overtime again.
Neil: Ron, you're out this way at some point for family stuff?
Ron: Will be in Ottawa week May 4 thru 10 for a 50th anniversary reunion of my old Rideau High
Ron: but that's a separate trip
Daniel: I first wanted to see genetic algorithm in action and framsticks web site have some movie sample.
Neil: Yeah, May 4-10 is probably too early for me. I'm probably into dealines and marking around then.
Ron: yes thought so. But that's ok... we'll have to get together sometime whilst I'm there
Neil: Absoluteloy.
Ron: contemplating driving across, going to PEI first, then coming back in time for the Con
Ron: dunno yet
Neil: Wow, that's a big drive (but spaced out I suppose).
Daniel: but, at the begginning I just wanted to see a variante of the Canway's Life algo... and I saw a link to genetic algo by mistake... and then I'm tyring framsticks just for fun.
Ron: well, part of me thinks I'm up to it, but we'll se
Daniel: Conway's Life something....
Pamela: your car or a rental, Ron?
Frances: Wait as long as possible, Neil and give Richard a chance to heal
Ron: would probably leave here at the beginning of June
Neil: Frances, how long do you think it will take?
Daniel: anyway, there is a big probability for me to be at the adamcon this year.
BobS: Ron, fly ovewr to Toronto, long term rental/lease and then turn it back in and fly home.....tht is a LONG wasy from BC to Toronto
Frances: Neil, I wish I knew
Pamela: that's great, Daniel
Ron: I know Bob, that's also an option
Neil: [Conway's Game of Life] (previously discussed at AdamCon, I think in my talk mayb e)
Frances: Ron, where's Rideau High?
Frances: or was
Neil: Frances, yeah, it's impossible to predict these things.
Daniel: I remember seeing a variante of this game of life .... but I njever find it.
Ron: on St. Laurent Blvd before you get to St.Laurent shopping centre
Neil: Daniel, I certainly hope you'd be able to come.
Frances: okay, not my part of town
Ron: yes Daniel... that would be great
Ron: Neil, I also had an exchange of e-mail about 3 weeks ago with Tony Morehen
Frances: I know the Glebe district and uptown
Ron: he's planning on moving back to Ottawa, and says he hopes to make the convention
Daniel: of course I want to come to the adamcon. just need to plan how to go there...
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to go here. See you all next week. Let us know when the dates are Neil.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Frances: what did he say, Ron?
Ron: further east Frances
Frances: Goodnight, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you and keep both your feet and Annie's warm
Judy: night, Guy
Neil: Ottawa hotels are horribly expensive, especially in the summer, but it would be so nice to be downtown. I'm going to check if there's any availability at uOttawa residences.
Pamela: start saving now, Daniel
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) That we are, Pam
Ron: gather he's retiring (G'nite Guy) from his Alberta Treasury post sometime in the summer. They've already bought a house In Ottawa
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Neil: So Tony's moving to Ottawa this summer?
Frances: He really wants to go back to Ottawa?
Ron: Neil, there's Cartier Towers on Cooper street..... also the Chimo Inn on the east side of town
Ron: yes apparently
Ron: summer or fall Neil...not exactly certain
Frances: Bob and Judy, there's an excellent municipal campground in Ottawa
Pamela: we don't need a lot of fancy stuff, Neil - just decent beds, a spacious convention room, and crispy bacon
Daniel: ho Neil, do you think you can do something about a Adam computer transformed into a PC mid-tour? I have this machine since last year after I bought a Adam lot from someone refered by Rich. I got a lot of things I have no idea like documentation and many tapes and floppies... and this Adam working in a PC mid-tour.
Neil: Ron, that's a good idea.
Neil: Hmm, crispy bacon is one of those tough commodities.
Ron: probably won't be eating bacon this time round. Depends on how much weight I want to keep off
Frances: Okay, we go out to the campground and build a fire
Pamela: now there's an idea
Ron: hey! there ya go
Neil: We had a professor job candidate visiting our department last week from England and he had trouble finding a breakfast restaurant. He ended up having breakfast in "pseudo-Scottish" pub!
Pamela: (now where did I put that tent?)
Judy: we don't know if we will be able to be away this year, depends on the job, you know
Ron: yes Judy, we don't like it, but we can certainly understand that
Frances: yes, of course - but if you can come, there's a campground for your motor home
Neil: "mid-tour"? "tower"?
Daniel: yes, in frenglish
Frances: I gather he didn't like McDonalds for breakfast?
Pamela: not having you there would stink, Judy
Pamela: but, we understand
Ron: There are 12 Weight Watchers points in an Egg McMuffin -- almost half a day's intake
Neil: There *is* a nearby McDonald's, but maybe he didn't find it.
BobS: well kids.....tis time to go here in Michigan..........
BobS: will see you next week, yes??????
Pamela: point him to the nearest Tim Hortons - their breakfast sandwiches are very good
BobS: and say HI to Richard
Neil: He thought it was funny that the waitresses all had kilts with sporans.
Pamela: yes, Bob
Ron: good luck Bob with the new job.... and keep hunting Judy
Frances: good night, Slopsemas
BobS: will have to mail a card
Pamela: good night to you both and good hunting
BobS: si
BobS left chat session
Frances: send it here - I'm sure the p.o.can find our house
Neil: Apparently Tim Horton's quadrupled their profit in the last quarter with the new breakfast sandwiches.
Judy: yes, morning comes way to soon and we have Ryan all day he doesn't have school tomorrow or Fri, so need to get some rest, night all
Frances: daughter, what is a breakfast sandwich?
Pamela: not surprised, Neil
Daniel: the Adam PC works, but have a tape drive or cartridge slot... should be interresting to modify it
Judy left chat session
Daniel: er... errata
Pamela: scrambled egg, cheese, bacon / sausage on a tea biscuit, I believe - they're good
Daniel: doesn't have a tape drive
Neil: Good night Michiganders.
Daniel: doesn't have a cartridge slot
Neil: I haven't tried one from Tim's yet.
Frances: That sounds like a day's intake all at once
Pamela: they're not for every day, but they make good weekend brekkies
Frances: I've stayed longer than I should have and it's time for me to go too. You too, daughter!
Pamela: yes, mother : )
Frances: Um!
Neil: The "day's intake at once" is a big problems these days.
Frances: Indeed it is, Neil
Frances: Anyway, good night all!
Pamela: night Mom, see you tomorrow
Neil: Daniel, so it's an Adam in a PC case?
Frances left chat session
Pamela: much as I hate to admit it, she's right
Daniel: yes
Daniel: and working
Pamela: tomorrow will be a long day
Ron: Anyway people, my other chat just got active. Neil, keep us posted eh?
Ron: I'm gonna hafta sign off
Pamela: goodnight, Ron
Pamela: I'm going to have to go and get organized, and get some decent sleep
Neil: I think you have to gave a tape drive.
Ron: Nite all. don't do anything I wouldn't do
Daniel: bonne nuit Ron
Pamela: so, as long as I'm awake, see you all next week. Goodnight!
Ron left chat session
Neil: Dale has his Adam in a PC tower, but I can't remember what he did about the tape drive.
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel: I have a tape drive part but I honnestly I don't want to modify this mutant Adam PC myself.
Daniel: do you think it's a good idea to bring it to the adamcon?
Neil: Well, it's already mutated part-way. It suppose you can get anything on disks anyway.
Neil: Yeah, I think anone at an Adamcon would like to see it.
Daniel: not sure, but I think it's a 3"1/2 drive on it... I have to check this to be sure.
Neil: [anone -> anyone]
Neil: 3 1/2s are probably good. Blank 5 1/4 are hard to find new these days (though not impossible).
Daniel: I still have some blank 5"1/4 floppy disks... and I saw also one place who still sale them.
Neil: I'm sure you can get them if you know where to look. I think I have one un-opened package from several years ago.
Neil: Well, I should sign off for now.
Daniel: I hope someone will be interrested enough to take the Adam PC, it's cool but I have no idea how to modify it to make it even better.
Daniel: bonne nuit Neil... keep us informed about the Adamcon.
Neil: I'm sure you'd get plenty of advice on modifying.
Daniel: take care!
Neil: Bonne nuit. I'll let you know.
Neil left chat session
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