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james: lol
SenorFoster: Yo
james: big crowd here today
SenorFoster: usually Rich is on before everyone else
james: yeah, we'll see if others come along
james: i'll be doing a bit of coding
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bin coudonc!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour james
Daniel Bienvenu: salujt Guy!
james: bonjour
james: ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine... just a finishing little cold.
Daniel Bienvenu: j'ai reçu des nouvelles du "pcb designer" et il va m'envoyer un prototype prochainement
james: et ton emploi, ca va bien?
Daniel Bienvenu: At work? it's fine... busy and no so evident sometimes but fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at home now and I've just finish to eat a small pizza.
SenorFoster: Salut Daniel, comment va-tu? Moi ca va bien, je reviens de Cuba il y'a quelques jours de cela.
james: yum
Daniel Bienvenu: ola senor Foster
james: ca m'enmerde que c'est si difficile de commander un bon pizza a un bon prix ici
Daniel Bienvenu: I played bowling two times this month... les petites quilles... it's a fun and relax time with my friends.
james: i suck at bowling
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hey senor
SenorFoster: Real men play bowling with the big bowling pins.
james: bonjour bob :D
BobS: and all da others
BobS: how you all doing?????
Daniel Bienvenu: c'est ce qui est génial, playing bowling with friends as poor as me is just ... funny
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
BobS: you all get the update about Richard?
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that I didn't send it a card yet. maybe it's too late now.
james: my email bounced
BobS: oh no, not too late........if yo want, send it to his house and Frances can bring it to Richard
james: how is he now?
BobS: bounced..........
james: yeah, i sent a reply to the very address frances used and it bounced
Daniel Bienvenu: I got two adam hackers guide from him, but I think I lost his address.
BobS: But today he was very much better. Definitely coherent and only fell asleep after gettgin some morphine for pain
BobS: tath on Febv 20, yeasterday
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Bob.
BobS: the rest of the message relates taht he will probably be in hopsital for 1 week yet and then a cdonvelescent home for awhile
james: yeah, that's the address i used
BobS: Freances can't take care of him alone.........he is too large for little Frances to handle
BobS: will get his snail mail address if you want it daniel\
james: well this is no doubt difficult for pam and frances
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think he will be able to walk again normally this summer? or it's too soon?
james: i hope they are ok
BobS: maybe his email box is full, since he can't get to ti james.......
james: quite possible
BobS: should be OK by summer Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: can you suggest me an ecard web site -or- it's better a real card?
SenorFoster: I'll send him an e-card now...
BobS: better stick with a regular postman mailed card guys
BobS: he can't get to his email at all
Daniel Bienvenu: my mother received spam after her sister give her an ecard. i don't want to do the same mistake with rich.
BobS: I go get his regular house mailing address....hold on
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe it's better to give this information by email... you know that this chat log is referenced by google
SenorFoster: true, true...
SenorFoster: "we are not alone"
Daniel Bienvenu: you know opcode...
Daniel Bienvenu: .. he sent me an email one time, a couple of days after a reaction here about my order of plastic casings
Daniel Bienvenu: finally I received the casings but I'm still nervous when using this chat.
SenorFoster: Opcode? That annoying punk? He probably does a google search of his alias: "Opcode" and searches for what people say about him.
BobS: address is public knowledge Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well this term is used as single term for "operation code" that have a special meaning when talking about assembler code.
BobS: 21 Rondale Blvd Toronto Ontario M6A 1H6
SenorFoster: I kind of know what an opcode is Daniel. :)
james: did he send you a threatening email, dan?
Daniel Bienvenu: so I don't think he really find the chat log because of his nickname.
SenorFoster: He filters the relevant content out.
SenorFoster: As much as I don't like the guy, one thing I can say is that he's a smart mutha.
BobS: who is he??????
Daniel Bienvenu: well, no... just a comment about he saw that someone had a very bad opinion of him, but the terms he used give me the hint that he refered to the chat log.
BobS: never he3ard of him......must not run in my circles, eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's an american now
SenorFoster: This guy who makes us look silly by producing the best games ever made on the Colecovision.
BobS: currently programming????? or formerly ????
Daniel Bienvenu: to be fair, this guy take advantage of commercial games made for z80 porocessors and try doing conversions for colecovision.
SenorFoster: Been doing it for years as a hobby, had visions of grandeur a few years back producing a Colecovision add-on module called the SEM, not sure if it ever came out.
BobS: or one of those who spend most of their time gooding off and complaining about others instead of using talent to rise to the top of the crouwd
Daniel Bienvenu: his best work is on arcade conversion.
SenorFoster: He's damn good at converting though, he took the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man source code and ported it to the Colecovsiion, it's a flawless conversion.
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: so Pacman is out there for CV ?
SenorFoster: Oh, he's definitely at the top of the crowd, no question about that.
BobS: hey Pam
Pamela: good evening
BobS: how doing????
SenorFoster: Hola Senorita Pam.
Pamela: hola, Guy
Pamela: donde esta?
BobS: ya sure
james: bob, i have a cv pac-man cart here
james: been looking for ms. pac-man
Pamela: JAMES! I didn't see you there - how are you?
james: i was unaware that it had already been ported
james: hi pam!
james: not bad
james: busy as usual
Pamela: long time no see
james: indeed. i had a friend out here for awhile
james: and have been busy with the new school and house
BobS: how's the new school comgin?
Pamela: I believe it. That's good news.
james: i have a surplus of red ink if you need any
BobS: coming?
Pamela: no thanks, got lots of my own : )
SenorFoster: Well for once in my friggin life I'm out of the red.... dunno how long that'll last.
Pamela: Bob, how's the new job?
Pamela: Guy, you didn't tell me where you're at
Pamela: and hello, Daniel
BobS: at it for 3 days Pam not hard, just time away from home and my sweetie
SenorFoster: Didn't understand the question Pam. :)
BobS: will work out, cuse I got nothing else
Pamela: no hablo espanol, Guy?
SenorFoster: Pam: I was in Cuba for a few weeks, just got back a few days ago....
BobS: to see Fidel ???????????
james: i don't need to go to cuba. it's sunny and 17 here again today
james: :D
Pamela: and you didn't understand "donde esta?" You need practice, my friend
james: you'd never know it was february
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) give me a hint, I want to send a card to Rich, but I don't know what to choose when I'm at the shoping center.
SenorFoster: Yeah, to see Fidel, met up with an amateur radio friend of mine in Havana, smoke a few cigars.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) something cheerful that says you're thinking about him Daniel
james: nice
Pamela: seventeen? How did you manage that, James? It's February
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) sure, but what about the picture on the front... there is something he likes more than everything on earth?
SenorFoster: Pam: Well, if you had asked de donde eres, I would replied, the esta part threw me off.
SenorFoster: Too bad the US is still boycotting that country, it's a hell of a nice country to go visit!
james: it's been a very warm winter. almost no snow this year
Pamela: (PRIVATE) cars, Daniel but failing that, anything cheerful
james: but yeah, we're hitting mid teens during the day now
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) of course, cars... I have to find again the forum... thanks!
Pamela: eres de Montreal. Soy de Toronto. For someone who's fluent in French, you didn't get much spanish, did you?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) you're welcome, Daniel
james: soy? i put that on my sushi
james: toronto soy. i'll have to look for that next time i'm over
Pamela: Sushi? We name dogs that around here
james: so i'm all for it being 17 in february, but it makes me somewhat nervous
Daniel Bienvenu: I stoped sushi... at this period of time, I prefer hot sauce with chicken, potatoes, etc...
Pamela: yes, what's it going to be like in July?
james: hotter than satan's anus is my guess
james: sorry for the uhm.. metaphor
Pamela: Guy, what was the word on the street regarding Castro's health? The propaganda is he's recovering well.
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changed username to BobS
james: two bobs?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Bob
SenorFoster: Pam: I actually understand spanish pretty well, made 2 friends in Cuba who barely spoke any english, and we actually managed to communicate pretty well.
BobS: got dumped I guess.........nothing happened when I typed........
Pamela: hey Bob, did you find Dad's magic button too?
BobS changed username to RobertoS
SenorFoster: Pam: Try me again...
RobertoS requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
SenorFoster confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at home now, not at work like the past weeks.
RobertoS: guess i did Pam
Pamela: it helps to be fluent in a Romance language already, Guy - after 4 years of french in school, I found Spanish to be very easy to pick up
RobertoS: what do you hear today Pam....about Richard ?
james confirmed ban
james: it was the same for me for both italian and spanish
Daniel Bienvenu: like I said before, I receive news from the pcb designer and I will have a minigame cartridge prototype soon.
RobertoS: heck i amj having trouble with english !!!!!!!!!
RobertoS: \and typing
SenorFoster: Dan: Awesome, I can't wait to see the final result.
Pamela: Mom will be on shortly to give the full update, Bob - but the upshot is, basically the same. Still in pain, but the infection is improving and they're getting him on his feet every day for at least a little while.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it looks like the gamers prefer 8k games than 4k... they think they will buy crap if they are 4k only.
Pamela: so Guy, donde esta ahora?
SenorFoster: Pam: Where is the time?
Pamela: no, where are you now?
james: "where are you now"
Pamela: thank you, James : )
SenorFoster: I am "Ahi"
Daniel Bienvenu: I received only a few messages when I said the Coleco 4k minigames will be in cartridge. I don't understand... the Atari minigames cartridge was done without a problem.
Pamela: aqui donde? En Montreal? En su casa?
SenorFoster: Pamela: Yo soy en Montreal, en mis casa
james: dan, i think people want larger games with a focus on scope and depth
james: instead of lots of little games
Pamela: I think the problem is that people are way too used to having games with gigabytes available, Daniel - no one can conceive of going back to only 4K
SenorFoster: Exactly, as much as I love programming little games, I'd rather buy a big game that took years to develop, etc...
james: make a game like "ultima" with save codes and you'll have a hit
james: you can do that in 32k
SenorFoster: Or add tons of extra bytes after your program to make your 4K game take up 32Ks of space. :)
james: lol
james: for the same reason that the big 3 auto makers aren't faring so well now
james: they're not makign what their customers want
SenorFoster: I still don't get it why car manufacturers don't build a simple, reliable no-nonsense car without any of those extra features that make cars reach the $30K+ mark.
Pamela: I don't think the buying public knows what it wants anymore
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james: well.. sure as hell won't find me driving a behemoth suv when gas is $1.30 per litre
changed username to Frances
Pamela: Hi, Mom
james: and yeah.. feature bloat
SenorFoster: Hi Frances
Frances: Hi,all.
Pamela: ouch, James
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Frances
changed username to JudyS
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy!
james: last time i filled up it was 132 yen per litre, which these days is about $1.25 cdn
Frances: Hi, James what bring you here at this time of day
Pamela: we've been running at 84 cents a litre, and it's gone up to 91 cents in the last week
james: hello frances!
james: with my friend gone, things are somewhat back to normal aroudn here. whatever that may be.
Frances: Hi, Judy
RobertoS: our gas prices are jumping up and down too ......kind of like UPnDOWN
RobertoS: for comecoVision
SenorFoster: 99.9 cents/L here...
JudyS: Hi, everyone!!!
RobertoS: goday Frances
Frances: there's a temporary shortage of gas in southern ontario
JudyS: why is that?
RobertoS: huh?
Frances: Imperial Oil had 2 refinery fires recently and can't fill all their orders
RobertoS: ahso.......
JudyS: so they can raise the price
Frances: yep
james: for the usians here.. it's about $4.15 a gallon
RobertoS: OUCH
JudyS: that stinks, big time!!1
james: fortunately, i drive a prius and not a landcruiser or humvee
Frances: James, I don't hear about you much. How are the schools and the family - 2 boys?
RobertoS: that's a crossbreed is it not?????
james: the boys are doing very well
RobertoS: elec and gas?
james: yeah, a hybrid
Frances: the schools?
james: i'm rather underwhelmed by it at times. the mileage claims were grossly exaggerated
james: case is learning to read now. he can do short words and simple sentences. he'll be 5 next month
SenorFoster: James: All car mileages are exagerated.
SenorFoster: James: Wow, smart kid!!!
james: aiden is toilet trained and knows his letters. he'll be 3 in may
Frances: Heavens, James. How did they get so old?
RobertoS: hmmmmmmmm.......heard that......theya re going to redoo the mileage values her in the US next year and say that the values are coming down drastically on the "green" cars
james: true, but i think advertising 33 or 36 km/l when it's more like 21 goes somewhat beyond "exaggeration"
james: it's flown by frances, it's gone by so fast
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) I like your shooter game, Guy. How can it be more enjoyable with 4k more rom space? do you have time to program a 8k version for this year?
Pamela: Hi, Judy, didn't see you come in
james: my school here is doing well. my new school is taking awhile to get going and i have to find a new teacher by june
james: i'm somewhat panicked actually
RobertoS: been here for a few minutes pam......right now incognito.....but will be back
Frances: Why?
Pamela: I stepped away for a minute, that's why I missed it
james: she'll be leaving
james: i've known since she started that she would be
JudyS: Bob started me up, I was crocheting, am now on round 114 of 119
james: but finding part-time help out here for teaching english is very difficult. if the position were full-time it'd be easier to advertise
Pamela: yay, almost done!
james: and get someone
JudyS: the trouble is the bigger it gets the longer it takes to go around
Frances: Judy, that's not the table cover is it?
JudyS: yes, it is
Frances: Wow, an heirloom
Pamela: do you have any contacts in the education community who might be able to help with that James?
james: i'm working on it
james: it's mostly because of where i am
Frances: why is that, James?
Pamela: did you have to start it over again Judy? Seems to me I remember someone saying that
JudyS: how are you holding up, Francis?
james: i'm out in the countryside
Daniel Bienvenu: someone in Montreal (Blainville) want a coleco adam module (not the standalone version).
JudyS: sorry, Frances
Frances: I'd love to be out in the countryside, myself
james: and most people don't want to come out here
Frances: Judy, if I could more sleep it would help - I'm not sleeping well
JudyS: yes, i did start over and the second time thru has gone a lot faster than the first time
Frances: get to sleep most of the time but wake up too early
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I have to say goodbye for tonight.
Pamela: experience and practice are a great help, Judy : )
Pamela: goodnigh Daniel
Frances: Goodnight, Daniel.
james: good night dan
RobertoS: nite Daniel
JudyS: can you get some sleeping pills, I take them, is almost the only nights that I do sleep
Frances: Why did you start over, Judy?
JudyS: night Daniel
JudyS: wasn't going to be big enough, was crocheting too tight
Frances: I have some, had them for years but I can't take them every night
SenorFoster left chat session
JudyS: I don
Frances: also they are not very useful when I wake up too early
JudyS: t take them every night either
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changed username to Guy B.
JudyS: that is don't
james: hi guy
Guy B.: Grettings!!!
Frances: and there is a lot of underlying anxiety
JudyS: Hi, Guy
Frances: Hello, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
Guy B.: Well, I've been waiting for a warm spell and we got it this week.
Pamela: evening, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: and ... aurevoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later
Daniel Bienvenu: a la semaine prochaine!
Pamela: yes, it's been beautiful the last couple of days
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
JudyS: that is true, Frances, have to try to think calm thoughts
Frances: but then the packed snow will melt a little then freeze
Frances: calm thoughts don't do it, I'm afraid
Guy B.: Even Annie is enjoying it. She doesn't have to wear her jacket now.
Frances: I have lorazepam sublingual tablets for anxiety that gets a little too much
Frances: I go from very confident to just the opposite
JudyS: it is warming up here, also, the snow is melting like mad, but we had a lot of fog this morning
JudyS: you have to stay positive
Guy B.: Frances, how's Rich doing?
Frances: I just put out the garbage - the driveway is okay but there is a spot right up beside the van which was a little slippery
Frances: Guy, he's okay but there's a long way to go.
Frances: His legs are healing but his left leg is still painful to move
JudyS: our church parking lot Tuesday was all ice, not a good place to be walking that is for sure
Guy B.: At least he will be slowly getting back on his feet. Tell him I'm glad he's doing better.
Frances: the right one has a huge hematoma on it and the bandage slipped a little today and it cooled awful
Frances: sorry, looked
Frances: slowly is the operative word, Guy
Guy B.: It's going to take some time.
Frances: the physiotherapists have been getting him to stand up but it's not easy
james: it's so easy to forget how we take basic mobility for granted
Frances: frankly, I don't expect to see him home for at least a month
Frances: yes it is james
RobertoS: I can agree with that will take some time to heal hiim up
Frances: and it doesn't help that our house is too small for a wheelchair
RobertoS: and legs wounds don't heal easily as one ages
Guy B.: I say this is his toughest challenge he has faced.
Frances: just healing the sores is going to take quite a while
RobertoS: got an aunt who has that problem and it takes time and more bandages and more ointments.......etcx
Frances: yes, he's never been this sick before
Frances: even the hip was not as debilitating
Frances: and you could confidently expect it to get better
JudyS: how is the back doing?
Frances: I think that's his biggest problem and I don't really know because he doesn't stand up let alone walk
Frances: he doesn't move around in bed very much either but I suspect he could do a little more than he does
Frances: but he's afraid of the pain
Frances: but they've got him on a very good foam topper with little waves on the top and it seems to be keeping the bedsores away
Frances: I am sort of hoping they will give it to us
Frances: because I don't know how they could re-sterilize it
Pamela: walk softly and carry a big shopping bag : )
JudyS: that is good because he doesn't need anything else
RobertoS: true
RobertoS: probably should send it home with him.........or to convalescent faciliyt
RobertoS: WHY are we so afraind it will hurt............the question of the century, isn't it?
Frances: there is a stepdown unit at Sunnybrook and I think he may go there first
RobertoS: we all are the same that way
Frances: well, Richard can work thru a lot of pain so it must have been very painful to make him so leary of moving
Pamela: well pain is nature's way of telling us there's something wrong
Pamela: if you're in a lot of pain, there's something very wrong
Frances: I think that some of it may be muscle spasms
Frances: he's going to need a lot of therapy right away
Frances: but he's also going to have to exercise regularly when he gets home
Frances: and I expect some trouble over that
Frances: because he's not an exerciser
Frances: whenever I can get him walking regularly, he does okay
Frances: but when he can't or won't we get trouble
Frances: anyway, he's improving but he's irritable and bad-tempered and can't make up his mind what he wants
Frances: and he's still somewhat vague - can't stick to a thread of conversation
JudyS: that is what happens alot when you have pain or don't feel well
Frances: and he doesn't want to read
james: i'd probably be irritable too
JudyS: that can be the pain meds he is on
Pamela: you know Dad isn't well when he doesn't want to read
Frances: oh yes, I agree. but I get the brunt and it is hard to brush off
Frances: I don't ever remember when he didn't want to read
Pamela: exactly
JudyS: he would probably feel better if he did read, would take his mind off the pain for awhile
Frances: Judy, he has a sort of brain fog
Frances: I imagine he's still getting pain pills which would fog any brain
Frances: but if I ask, he's never sure
JudyS: what about magazines, easier to just look at, Birds and Blooms, is a good one, not a lot of adds
Frances: anyway, things are improving but slowly and it is going to take a long time
Frances: I don't think that would interest him, Judy
Frances: I left the front section of The Star with him today and we'll see if he reads any part of
Frances: Robert, you there? How's the job?
RobertoS: will work out I think Frances
RobertoS: not hard, kind of a slow pace and that is OK
RobertoS: getting along with the older folks there.......course they are all older
JudyS: is awful quite here in the house with him gone, kind of liked him home
Frances: Bob, I remember the maintenance fellows where my parents lived and they had a lot variety
Pamela: just the opposite of me, Judy - I like having Russell out from underfoot
RobertoS: lot of variety maybe, but no hurry most of the time
Pamela: I'm dreading having him home for even a short time between jobs
RobertoS: think it will be slow most of the time
RobertoS: IF I hurried, the people would get tiered watching
RobertoS: tires
RobertoS: tired
Frances: Judy has a bigger place where she can stow Bob out of the way
JudyS: it was an adjustment at first, but we were doing alot of things together and having a good time at it
Pamela: it's not that he's in the way, it's just with him around I get nothing done
RobertoS: "between jobs" ??????? as in he is getting canned also?
RobertoS: and what about your interview?
Pamela: the alarms division of his company was sold Bob
RobertoS: oh oh
JudyS: I wasn't getting anything done either but he didn't care and so why should I
Frances: Richard has been retired for almost 17 years and it was okay with him athoem most of the time
Pamela: the official word on the street is his last day is March 1st
RobertoS: Oh, I could EASILY be permanently retired also
Pamela: however, he told me this evening that the rumour is another two to four weeks
RobertoS: oh boy
RobertoS: get that better job and Russell can be MR HOMEMAKER
JudyS: oh, that is too bad, we wil be thinking about you two
Pamela: Judy, when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING - the dishes don't get done, the bed doesn't get made, the laundry doesn't get done, none of the items on my to-do list get approached
RobertoS: got to whip him into shape IF he stays home.......
Frances: Russell can exist in chaos and not notice a thing!
Pamela: he said the other day "I have this feeling there's going to be a daily "honey-do" list if I'm off for very long - if he only knew : )
JudyS: you have to do somethings or you don't eat, and you wouldn't have anything to wear
Pamela: and if I don't do them Judy, they don't get done, period
Pamela: so, as I said, he's a bad influence
JudyS: Bob kept himself busy most of the time, except for during The Price is Right, had to watch that
Pamela: I don't do his laundry, so if he has no clean clothes, well, tough bananas
james: lol
Frances: good thing you don't have a basement and a yard to look after
JudyS: he is still complaining that he is missing it
james: speaking of basements and yards
Frances: I can't see Bob sitting around twiddling his thumbs, Judy
Pamela: but, I don't get mine done either, and that is a problem. There are only so many things I can stretch to fit the concept of work wear
james: i put the blueprints and a few samples for our planned house online
james: anyone bored enough can check them out here:
Pamela: on your website, James?
Frances: planned house? - tell me more
JudyS: no, he stays busy, but it was different than working, it has been hard on him getting back to work
james: well with my two little ones not so little now, my mother-in-law still crazily packing up the house with everything she can find
james: and their schedule not being ideal for getting the kids to bed at a good time, i put my foot down
Pamela: how big is the house you're currently in James?
james: and we're getting our own house this year. i'm tired of the clutter, junk and freezing my ass off indoors
Frances: so there
james: it's big, but it's small
Pamela: are the boys sharing a room?
james: there is so much of her crap in there and the place is such a mess that i reached my wits' end awhile ago
james: her = mother-in-law's
RobertoS: oops.......not a match made in heaven
Pamela: I must say that's a huge part of the problem around here - we're both packrats
james: i typically sleep with one of my sons and my wife the other. we're working on fixing that
Frances: James, how did you get a .ca designation when you are in Japan?
RobertoS: like the hosue drawings James
james: i'm still a canadian citizen and paid with my canadian credit card using my parents' address
james: thanks roberto
Frances: I'll try to look at the house James and give you my considered opinion
james: there's an artist's conception drawing one level up. sec i'll dig it up
Frances: I'm good at reading house plans
james: we've been working on the layout for 6 months now. we'Re finally happ with it
JudyS: nice looking, James
Frances: James, import Robert to build it
Pamela: now there's an idea - Judy, how would you like a trip to Japan?
JudyS: don't know if I could go, may be taking classes soon
james: i'm very much looking forward to moving in
james: .. and moving out
Frances: what classes?
Pamela: no one looks forward to moving, James - living, yes; moving, no
RobertoS: and it is started??????
RobertoS: when???????
Frances: well, if you can just walk out and leave the junk behind, maybe
Pamela: yeah, but it never works that way : (
Pamela: I'm trying to work on having less junk
james: well it's just across from where we are now
Pamela: someday, I may succeed
james: so we don't have to move it all at once
james: or .. all of it.. for that matter
james: trying to figure out what i'm going to do with the dogd
RobertoS: well just atart building the thing james
james: *dogs
Pamela: across the street or across town, James - it still stinks
james: we break ground in may
Frances: there was a lady with an Adam who Richard helped out - her husband moved into a nursing home and eventually she did too then went back and emptied the house
james: i've invited my parents over for possession date, whenever that will be. think i'll rope 'em into helping us move :D
Pamela: Kimberly impressed me with her move - of course, she's Miss Organization
Frances: yes, she's the best organized person I have ever met
JudyS: how do you move an elephant, one box at a time
JudyS: we have moved many times, it is never real easy
Frances: I can organize pretty well but I get flustered when actually carrying it out but she never did
Pamela: they packed everything, and I mean everything, and moved all the boxes the night before in a cube van. When the movers came the next day, all they had to move was the empty furniture
Frances: well, Judy, what you do is keep the elephant busy carrying boxes back and forth
Pamela: I think all they had to move the following day was the sheets on the bed and the clothes on their backs and a small bag of toiletries
JudyS: that would work, Frances
Pamela: yes, but the elephant has to want to move : )
Frances: yes, I remember that you had to move to an apatment when you sold your house and your new one wasn't ready
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Frances, keep us posted on Rich's progress.
Pamela: good night, Guy
RobertoS: BIG elephant say.......NO MOVE !!!
RobertoS: nite guy
Frances: I will, Guy. Goodnight
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
JudyS: that was a bad move, the worst
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie does too
JudyS: night Guy
Frances: your ids were home then, weren't they?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Frances: kids
Pamela: I guess that's where you learn how to live with the bare necessities, right Judy?
JudyS: two of the three
RobertoS: moving once is one thing........but making two moves in order to change locations once, is hard
RobertoS: BARE necessities ???????? hardly
Frances: yep, agreed Bob
james: *boggle*
JudyS: and just after we moved in Sherri had knee surgery and was staying with us
Frances: of course, the very time
RobertoS: on crutches
Pamela: sorry James, we're not trying to scare you : )
james: i'm not worried
JudyS: we could all sit in the living room and use the same foot stool
james: ;)
Frances: since James is trying to get away from the clutter it should make it easier
james: being able to put stuff where i want, opening closets without stuff falling out will be a treat
JudyS: but we still had a lot of things moved it with us
Frances: we have lived here for 43 years, almost - imagine our moving out!
Pamela: empty flat surfaces are good too
Pamela: it will be an adventure, Mom
Pamela: the basement may even qualify as a safari
Frances: I've tried to get Richard to start clearing out things and he did a bit this fall
RobertoS: thought the basement got some cleaning out?
JudyS: well all it is that time of the night to say good night so with that said night until next week
james: good night judy
Frances: but I've told him that if he can't do it, I will have to hire someone to do it
Pamela: it did Bob, but barely made a dent
RobertoS: i wouldn't lcean ANYTHING out Frances, just wait till you leave it and let Pam worry about it all........
Pamela: good night, Judy
JudyS left chat session
james: roberto, beat me to it
Pamela: gee thanks, Bob - want a basement full of ADAMs?
(RobertoS gives ice cream to all his friends!)
Frances: GoodnightJudy, Robert James
Frances: daughter, shall we go too?
Pamela: guess so
james: time for lunch here
Pamela: do you know when visiting hours are over Mom?
Frances: go eat, James
RobertoS: already got a basement full of aDAM's Pam
james: frances, please pass along my best to rich
Frances: 8:30
Frances: yes, I will
james: i did send email but for some reason it bounced
Pamela: okay, I'll probably swing by the house on my way home, okay?
Frances: okay
RobertoS: nite all\
Pamela: nite, Bob
RobertoS left chat session
james: goodnight!
Pamela: gnite, James - hi to all!
Frances: bye-bye
Pamela: night, Momma
james: going to go for a nice walk today i think. too warm and sunny not to
Frances left chat session
james: bye!
james left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session > chat > Wed 2007-02-21
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