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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
Dr. D.: Rin will be along shortly.
Dr. D.: Check your E-mail, I sent links to photos of Richard.
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: greetings, friends and relatives : )
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
Dr. D.: Bob seems to be away from the terminal.
Dr. D.: Check your E-mail, I sent links to photos of your Dad.
Pamela: I saw the link, have not seen the photos yet as I'm on dialup
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Pamela: I only left myself five minutes to check e-mail
Pamela: I need to work on my timing : )
changed username to Mrs. D
Pamela: Hi, Rin
Dr. D.: We are too.
Dr. D.: Look at the smaller versions.
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changed username to james
james: mornin' y'all
Dr. D.: Bonjour Mon Rinette
Mrs. D: hi James
Dr. D.: Hi James.
Pamela: good morning James, you're up early : )
james: i have two kids, i'm always up early ;)
Pamela: Hey James, we
Pamela: re back to DST - so is it only 12 hours behind you now?
Dr. D.: Rin and I are up late.
Pamela: good point : )
james: 13
james: well depending on what time zone you are in
Pamela: EDST
james: for those of you in the eastern time zone, it's 13
Dr. D.: James, I am currently in Toronto with Rin, 1 floor down from Pam.
james: it's 10 a.m. here
Pamela: so, 13 hours (9:00 pm here)
Dr. D.: Rin says "you are tomorrow", James.
james: gettin to know tranna are ya?
Pamela: and that's fun - kinda like all being in separate rooms at the convention : )
Dr. D.: No, only Rin :-S
Mrs. D: and Sunnybrook
Dr. D.: Yes, look at the pix of Richard.
Pamela: well if nothing else, walking about the hospital gets you your exercise for the day - it's a long way from the front door to Dad's ward!
Dr. D.: It was a long way, at least all indoors.
Pamela: know what, I am going to look at the pix - I'll be right back
Dr. D.: How is teaching James?
Dr. D.: <I am channelling Rin>
james: tiring
james: but going well enough. the new school is taking forever to get off the ground though. lots of red ink
Dr. D.: It is Spring Break at CWRU, hence me here.
Dr. D.: Do you have a Sorting Hat?
Pamela: good pictures, Rich -thank you
Dr. D.: The second one, we asked him to scowl :-S
Dr. D.: To show who was boss
Dr. D.: That he wasn't licked yet
Pamela: I don't think he succeeded : )
Dr. D.: He just needs a scarf and aviator goggles
Pamela: I wish he had combed his hair first, though
Pamela: oh well
Dr. D.: I don't think he was worried about his hair at the time.
Pamela: James, are the Harry Potter books as popular there as they are in North America?
Dr. D.: I hope he had a chance to look over some of the chatlogs though.
Dr. D.: Is your mother going to stop by?
Dr. D.: Haree Potterr-san
Pamela: not tonite, she was yawning when I talked to her
Dr. D.: Too bad, I was hoping for an update.
Dr. D.: Well, I can print out the logs again for tonight and pass them along before I leave town.
Pamela: not much to tell, and I'll go over it all when everyone arrives
Dr. D.: I see.
Pamela: holy cow, I am taking apart a kleenex box to recycle, and it's held together with super glue
Dr. D.: Maybe it isn't Super Glue...
Pamela: well whatever it is, why would one need to use industrial strength glue on a kleenex box?
Dr. D.: Industrial-strength sneezing.
Dr. D.: sneezing
Dr. D.: Guess Bob's computer died
Pamela: well at least it shows that he's around
Pamela: and wandering in the hinterland somewhere
Pamela: sorry, not wandering : )
Pamela: our last funky box of kleenex : (
Dr. D.: TP does well, paper towels also...
Mrs. D: paper towels are too rough
Dr. D.: Better rough than runny
Dr. D.: Honey
Pamela: not the last box, the last funky box - decorated with iridescent sparkles, planets and stars on an iridescent blue background
Mrs. D: ha're funny
Dr. D.: Then you were supposed to save it, Pam...maybe that is why it was so well-built.
Dr. D.: Save it and refill it.
Dr. D.: Cut the bottom off, fill from bottom, turn back over, voilla.
Pamela: maybe we'll save this one, and use it for storage or something : )
Mrs. D: with second-rate no name tissue
Pamela: after this it's back to plain boring boxes
Dr. D.: President's Choice
Pamela: oh no, nothing but Puffs in this house
Pamela: has anyone heard anything further from Neil on the subject of the convention?
Pamela: and totally unrelated, Erin, have you mailed your mother's birthday card yet?
Mrs. D: I did. I mailed it last week
Dr. D.: I have heard naught about conventions.
Mrs. D: I thought for some reason that this Monday was the 19th
Mrs. D: so I mailed it ina rush on Thursday
Dr. D.: It was.
Pamela: well good, at least she'll have one - mine may be late
Dr. D.: Send it E-mail.
Pamela: and I'm going to get it right now and write it out so I don't forget again
Pamela: brb
Pamela: back
Dr. D.: it is slim pickin"s tonight.
Pamela: at least so far
Pamela: oaky
Pamela: Erin, (farn dingers), what's the house number again?
Mrs. D: 1614
Dr. D.: 666 Ttillium Ct.
Pamela: thank you, that saves me from going to get my daytimer - what about postal code?
Mrs. D: N9H 2K9
Dr. D.: H3L 6Z6
Mrs. D: LaSalle, Ont
Mrs. D: Cynthia MacLean
Pamela: thank you. That part, I knew
Mrs. D: :-D
Pamela: : ))
Pamela: now all i have to do is find a stamp - sigh
Dr. D.: I have US postage
Dr. D.: S&H Green
Dr. D.: Duty Paid
Dr. D.: and Ariel from a box of Shreddies
Pamela: if worse comes to worst, I'll just run it through the meter at work tomorrow and contribute to the miscellaneous fund
Dr. D.: As you can tell, Riches are tired.
Pamela: stayed up too late last night? : )
Dr. D.: Rin also made spaghetti for supper, so I am dozy.
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Dr. D.: I graded some more exams today too.
changed username to Judy
Mrs. D: hi Judy
Pamela: dinner this evening was chiens chaud on a bed of lightly dressed greens, with a side of salade de pommes
Pamela: de terre
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: Hi Judy. BobS was here earlier, silent, then dropped off.
Pamela: is Erin rolling around laughing?
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Dr. D.: Yes
Mrs. D: very funny
Pamela: thought you'd like that - I put a lot of thought into it earlier : )
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changed username to BobS
Judy: he thought he was still on
Dr. D.: Only Rins are lightly dressed here.
Pamela: hello Bob
BobS: I was on some chat....all by myself
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
Mrs. D: hi Bobs!
BobS: someone came in and then left awhile back
BobS: I was lonesome
BobS: hi D's and pam and james
Pamela: what happend to James? He seems to have disappeared
Dr. D.: I have been here since 9 PM.
BobS: NOW I feel better
BobS: well SHOOT
Pamela: and how are things in the land of Slopsema?
BobS: I logged on about 8:58, was alone, someone came in and undefined and that ended it all......just sat there, I could type and see it but nobody came BOO HOO
BobS: kinda like in the Wizard of Oz
Dr. D.: You were here but silent, James and Rin and I can attest.
Pamela: and I
Mrs. D: Rich even yelled to see if you could hear him
BobS: Judy's gonna log off and come back on
Mrs. D: :-)
Dr. D.: Did the Wizard give you a brain or some courage?
Judy left chat session
BobS: vshe is having major slow problems for some reason
Pamela: I noticed it was slow at first but things have perked right up
Dr. D.: Bob did you see the pix I took of Richard Clee yesterday?
BobS: no, what did you do with them?
Pamela: poinsetta, gotta water the poinsetta
Pamela: (note to self)
Dr. D.: Check your E-mail. there are links.
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changed username to Judys
BobS: it didn't die yet, Pam?
Dr. D.: I sent it to coladam tonight.
Judys: no wondewr I didn't get it
Pamela: not yet, Bob (no thanks to me)
Judys: there I am back
Dr. D.: Judy you aren't subscribed to the coladam list?
BobS: just checked and don't have it
Dr. D.: hmmm
Dr. D.: it came to me pronto.
Dr. D.: Rin has it too.
Judys: I am here
Mrs. D: and Pam
Dr. D.: okay here is one small link
Dr. D.:
Judys: my computer has a mind of it's own
Dr. D.: We also took him printouts of the last 4 chats.
Pamela: they all do Judy, it's only when something goes astray that you realize it though
Dr. D.: He was grateful to have them...and they run to 13-17 pages apiece.
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Pamela: OMG, the poinsetta has new red leaves on it!
james: that should keep him busy for a bit
Judys: very true, but it is really hard to type
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changed username to Guy B.
changed username to XP MacFaker
Judys left chat session
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: greetings, Guy
Mrs. D: hi Guy
Pamela: and Ron
XP MacFaker: Yo!
james: lol
james: hi ron
Pamela: James, you're back
Mrs. D: hi Ron
XP MacFaker: and an emulated Hi to everyone
BobS: now I am on Bobs computer, he is trying to fix it
Dr. D.: #include <std_greeting.h>
Pamela: why, Ron?
XP MacFaker: just because I can
james: don't forget to #include stdio.h or he'll never see your standard greeting ;)
BobS: Richard looks happy on the picture
XP MacFaker: MacBook running XP\
Dr. D.: haha
Pamela: ah
Dr. D.: can it run MS-DOS?
XP MacFaker: Something called Parallels
XP MacFaker: oh yes
james: friend of mine was playing with that in osaka
Pamela: I think he was happy to have new visitors
BobS: Hi,Ron
XP MacFaker: Hey Bob!
james: it's a shame i won't be in that neck of the woods this year
Dr. D.: Native genuine MS-DOS? That would be fun.
Dr. D.: Then run ADAMem natively.
Dr. D.: .
XP MacFaker: we'lll have to make you virtually present James
Dr. D.: ...and ADAMserve :-)
BobS: it is Judy Bob is working on my computer
XP MacFaker: working on it?
james: i don't even know if i'll be able to get over for my father's 60th in july
XP MacFaker: Make sure he puts all the hardware back
Pamela: we priced a new desktop at one place this weekend - holy dollar signs
james: aiden tells me he is home and i need to run some errands here
BobS: it is working on it's own, won't let me type, really strange
james: so have a good week everyone, pass along my best to rich and frances
XP MacFaker: scary
Dr. D.: Good night James
Mrs. D: nite james
Pamela: we will do, James - have a good one and good night
james: i shan't be sleeping, but good night :D
Guy B.: Not even started on converting to XP yet. I'm in the process of migrating all of my programs and files from one of the Dells to the Compaq.
BobS: night James
Guy B.: Nite James
XP MacFaker: Was it something I said?
james: *poof*
Pamela: no, something Aiden said, I think : )
james left chat session
XP MacFaker: ah
Pamela: Bob, we may have to import you to help us build a new computer
BobS: what is the word on your dad, Pam
Guy B.: Anyone heard from Neal on the convention dates? I'm going to apply for my passport this Sunday. The local post office is having a passport fair.
BobS: I will tell him that!!!
Mrs. D: you should have it by the convention :-)
Dr. D.: Good luck getting it
XP MacFaker: sure glad I did that last year. Our Passport offices now are a zoo
Guy B.: Said 8 tp 10 weeks. Should be enought time.
Dr. D.: OK Pam, do the dump on your Dad.
Pamela: well, as you can see, Rich and Erin went to see him last night and he was pleased to see them. The infection has been cleared up and now it remains to get the wounds on his legs
Pamela: completely healed, and his vertebra back in one piece, and get him on his feet.
XP MacFaker: sounds positive
Guy B.: That's great Pam.
Pamela: once Orthopaedics gets their act together, there is talk of moving him to a rehab hospital
Pamela: he now has a back brace which should help, but Mom says he finds it uncomfortable so I hope we can get it better fitted
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BobS: it may just be uncomfortable, a man from our church had one and he complained of the same thing
changed username to JudyS
Pamela: the brace is intended to immobilize his back so he can't bend, and to provide support when standing and walking
JudyS: AND I hated it too
JudyS: oh what the heck, didnt' have on
JudyS: one
JudyS: gonna kill this freeking computer if it doesn't start working correctly
Pamela: and of course, because he's been bed ridden for so long, it will take some time to get his muscles reconditioned
Dr. D.: Ctrl-Alt-Del?
XP MacFaker: Murder in Michigan!
JudyS: run over, spindle, mutilate, stomp on and otherwise kill it
Pamela: as I understand it, that's the point of the rehab hospital
BobS: he has been doing that DR D
Dr. D.: okay
Dr. D.: I guess Chairman Bill has decided not to support it anymore :-(
BobS: had to kill that becasue it was always running some darn task or something
JudyS: that may be true, but it is working now
Pamela: feed, annoy, pester, plague, worry, harass - those are the first few words on teh poster we were discussing last night, Rich
BobS: screw Bill !!!!!!!
BobS: IF I had the expertise, I would go linux
Dr. D.: Upgrade to Vista or die, I imagine him saying.
BobS: tis freaking Win XP
XP MacFaker: wha.... the worlds most wealthy gent?
BobS: liked to use Win 98se a lot better
BobS: thas the one
Dr. D.: Does Doug know anything about Linux, Bob? I have never been sysadmin for a Linux system.
XP MacFaker: I have contributed to that wealth
Dr. D.: Never started it from scratch, raw disk and install CDs etc.
Pamela: for shame, Ron (although I live in a glass house)
XP MacFaker: no stone throwing
BobS: he does, but I don't that is the problem
Dr. D.: Last *nix machine I low-level maintained was a DECstation 5000 under Ultrix about 12 years ago.
BobS: got the p;ics thru on the list @ 8:48 Dr D
Mrs. D: I keep getting a message every time I turn on my computer to contribute
Dr. D.: Good to hear Bob.
Dr. D.: What is your message Rin?
BobS: SEND $$$$$$
XP MacFaker: :)
BobS: methinks that your hubby did that Rin
Mrs. D: I don't remember it off the top but something like you nee to get the real thing or we'll keep sending you pop-ups til you do
JudyS: cute
BobS: well that asucks
BobS: and bsucks
BobS: and csucks
Pamela: every so often my home page gets hijacked by MS - gets annoying
Dr. D.: <whistles non-chalantly from his Mac>
BobS: turn of updates, the filthy MS mongers
XP MacFaker: The Microshaft Corp
Mrs. D: hehe
Dr. D.: Nothing micro about it Ron :-S
JudyS: if they work they are great if not they are the pits
Dr. D.: feast or famine
Dr. D.: the plagues of Redmond
Pamela: well I must say that i've had no problems with my work computer, which is running on XP professional
Dr. D.: I am being attacked
XP MacFaker: Fired up one of the beasts from the closet the other day, a P166. It was running Win 95
XP MacFaker: fast was that
Pamela: go, Rin!
Dr. D.: By a Windoze machine
Dr. D.: or shall I say Rindoze
Mrs. D: hehe
XP MacFaker: like Ronix
XP MacFaker: or is it Ronux
Dr. D.: Rinux sounds like Japanese version
XP MacFaker: rotfl
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: GeishaOS
BobS: we are also running XP, same ol' Microsoft junk, different tempalete screens is all
XP MacFaker: Ronubuntu
Dr. D.: haha
(Mrs. D throws a hot potato at Dr. D..)
XP MacFaker: missed
(Dr. D. blows kisses at Mrs. D.)
BobS: hey Ron ....... so far Judy's mom is using the old P166 youj tried to kill and it is working good (I think)
(Mrs. D reboots Dr. D.'s computer remotely.)
(Dr. D. reboots Mrs. D's computer remotely.)
Pamela: well when we do take a deep breath and get the new computer, we shall have to bite the bullet and get XP - better that than Vista
XP MacFaker: aha! Good to hear the beast has a good home
Dr. D.: You can't get XP now, I would be very surprised.
Dr. D.: I am sure MS no longer sells XP install CDs.
BobS: keep;s it by her chair all ready to plug in
XP MacFaker: I have a spare disk drive for that one... that I never gave ya
XP MacFaker: will have to bring it with me
JudyS: she only plays games and checks her email once in a while
XP MacFaker: good stuff
BobS: got alot orf those things here and they don't fit the nwer laptops we just got, so give it a good home to someone you know
Pamela: one of these days I'll have to fire up the old 486 and see if she still runs after Y2K
BobS: won't really care Pam
XP MacFaker: whatever
JudyS: it will
JudyS: Y2K didn't kill anything
Pamela: at the very least, I'd like to get some of the old games off it
(Mrs. D hugs Dr. D.)
(Dr. D. sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mrs. D)
BobS: except some people's wallet
(Dr. D. gives Mrs. D a yummy bar of chocolate.)
BobS: tis a birthday?????????
JudyS: is it her birthday today?
XP MacFaker: hugz are good
Pamela: it gave us a good excuse to get a new computer : )
Dr. D.: An UNbirthday
(Mrs. D gives Dr. D. a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: yuck
BobS: huh
JudyS: okay
XP MacFaker: Want you all to know that I'm on Diet Pepsi tonight
Dr. D.: 364 unbirthdays and 1 birthday per year, which would you rather celebrate?
Pamela: oh Ron, how could you?
XP MacFaker: it was on sale
Pamela: that's no excuse!
BobS: Hey Doc, did you get Richard hooked up with a laptop ????????????????????????????
Dr. D.: <somewhere, George Koczwara grins>
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Dr. D.: I can't.
Dr. D.: Laptops are absolutely verboten in the hospital.
(S enjoys the flowers.)
BobS: why is that?
(Egbert the Vicious flings a sword in the direction of his programmer's head (NPC))
XP MacFaker: bad for Rich
BobS: afraid they will change the nurses records?
Dr. D.: Interference with equipment, purportedly.
BobS: yea right
Dr. D.: Probably too expensive a thing to be responsible for keeping track of, too easy to walk away.
Dr. D.: I can sympathize.
XP MacFaker: I'm not allowed to take my cell into the local ECU
Pamela: afraid the patients will do some research and realize they need real medical care : )
Mrs. D moved to room The Garden
JudyS: sounds stupid to me
Dr. D.: No Pam.
XP MacFaker: have been gently (and not so gently ) told
Mrs. D moved to room The Lounge
Mrs. D moved to room The Washroom
Dr. D.: Latest study shows cell phones are not a hazard.
Mrs. D moved to room The Hallway
Dr. D.: So I imagine for laptops it is just the liability for theft.
XP MacFaker: that's right....was on the radio recently...
Mrs. D moved to room The Kitchen
Mrs. D moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
XP MacFaker: probably
Mrs. D moved to room Tartarus
Dr. D.: Would you want to have to guarantee that someone's $3K laptop wouldn't walk whilst he was asleep?
Mrs. D moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: sounds like Erin is taking a tour of the apartment
Dr. D. moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
XP MacFaker: been known to happen up here
XP MacFaker: things go missing
Mrs. D moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Mrs. D: hehehehe
Mrs. D: <mrow>
Dr. D.: <kiss>
Dr. D.: <purr.
Mrs. D: <kiss>
Dr. D.: <kiss>
Dr. D.: Hi Richard :-)
BobS: sleep; with it, or dont' take a $3000 laptop with you
Mrs. D: Hi uncle Richard!!!
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: take an old P90 or 166
Mrs. D moved to room Meeting Place
JudyS: who sleeps in a hospital
XP MacFaker: heck, is there such a thing any more. MacBook here was 1/2 that
Dr. D.: We went to visit Ms. Rin's Room.
Dr. D.: She wasn't there at first.
Mrs. D: and say hi to Ucle Richard
Dr. D.: hehehehehe
Dr. D.: Rin also dropped some Ns there
BobS: HI RICHARD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<think he heard that???????>
Dr. D.: He will when he reads the chatlog :-)
Pamela: louder, Bob
BobS: ANy time line on recovery PAM ?
Dr. D.: Rin is now singing Christmas carols.
XP MacFaker: Does he at least have a TV Pam?
Dr. D.: No TV, just 2 somewhat-out-of-it roommates.
Pamela: time line unknown at this point, probably at least another four to six weeks
XP MacFaker: sounds tough
Dr. D.: Rin is now making loud noises.
Mrs. D: :-S
Dr. D.: Unbecoming for polite company.
Pamela: no TV, it's $87.00 A WEEK for cable, more than we pay per month by half again, so he declined
BobS: thougth Frances was gonna get him a tv...........
Mrs. D: absurd!
Dr. D.: forget that
Dr. D.: Nothing on TV worth that
XP MacFaker: can't say as I blame him.
Pamela: yeah, that's just nuts
XP MacFaker: right
JudyS: that is awful, but it would make the day go by faster
Pamela: heck you could pay for his satellite and our cable for a month for that
XP MacFaker: When Mom was in the hospital here, it was $28 a week
Dr. D.: At UH in Cleveland, it is part of the basic room cost ...
XP MacFaker: quite a variance
Pamela: in truth, I doubt he'd watch it anyway, Judy
Dr. D.: Rin is now lecturing me on economics
XP MacFaker: probably not
Dr. D.: and politics
Pamela: except for CFL football games and car races, he doesn't watch TV
Mrs. D: and political structures
JudyS: not even the news or weather
BobS: he could learn to love soap opera's
BobS: and judge shows
Pamela: not anymore - they get their news from the papers and their weather from Environment Canada and NOAA websites
Dr. D.: Weather in the hospital is quite mild, periods of bright fluorescent lighting followed by dimness.
JudyS: I doubt that, Bob
BobS: and , and, and lots of stupid stuff
JudyS: very true, DR D
Pamela: that's all we need, to get Dad hooked on General Hospital!
BobS: sounds real exciting, just like a good place to heal
Mrs. D: with chilly backdrafts
Dr. D.: Young Doctor Malone
JudyS: might light up his world
Dr. D.: The Doctors -- dedicated to the brotherhood of healing
XP MacFaker: As the StomachTurns
Dr. D.: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives
Dr. D.: Secret Storm
Dr. D.: Guiding Light
Dr. D.: Love of Life
Dr. D.: The Edge of Night
Pamela: at least this room is not as hot as the acute wing - his first room was so hot they had the window open even on the days when it was -15C
Dr. D.: Dark Shadows
BobS: YOU Doc have been watching, yes???????
Dr. D.: When I was a kid
XP MacFaker: sounds like you're an expert Dr. D
Dr. D.: Another World
Dr. D.: Search for Tomorrow
Dr. D.: As the World Turns
Pamela: don't forget the Y & R
XP MacFaker: Like sands in the hour glass, these are the Days of our Lives
JudyS: so was my dads room, but that was there choice
Mrs. D: Another World was my it's gone
Pamela: got to the point where I dressed in layers, peeled off when I arrived and donned again when I left
Dr. D.: I remember the original Alice and Steve Frame ...
JudyS: we were there Sunday night and I checked the therostat it was set at 82
XP MacFaker: all there is for me is Law and Order
Pamela: CSI!
XP MacFaker: oh yes....
XP MacFaker: right
Dr. D.: I'll take Green Acres over all of them :-)
BobS: A-Team
XP MacFaker: the radio (CBC) is on around here more than anything else
Pamela: I have recently warmed up to CSI: NY, didn't like it at first
BobS: or Leave it to Beaver
BobS: Hogan's Hero
BobS: s
Dr. D.: yes I like H's Hs
XP MacFaker: oh yes.... my digital cable has Deja Vu...... Gilligan, Hogan, 3's Company
XP MacFaker: yada yada
Pamela: I recently came up with the theme for the Friendly Giant, and Mother recognized it right away
XP MacFaker: look up..... look way.... up
BobS: or Monk.....that is a new one .......wierd acting dude too
JudyS: you need to really watch it, have a hard time keeping up on it (CSI New York)
XP MacFaker: I kinda like House, except I'm out when it's on. Always forget to tape it
Dr. D.: There is too much crime in the world already...
JudyS: Miami Vice
XP MacFaker: Without a Trace
BobS: House is good too. kinda crusty the ol doc...........
Dr. D.: The girls watch the CSI shows, and they are just radio talk talk talk, no need to dramatize it.
Dr. D.: URRRGGGH HOUSE very bad doctor, bad bad role model, BAD
Pamela: Without a Trace is really good, I agree - I discovered it on Bravo at midnight
JudyS: Bones
XP MacFaker: except he's always right
JudyS: we were watching that tonight
BobS: on Fox... bones
Dr. D.: End justifieth not means
XP MacFaker: spoken in truth Dr D
BobS: butr it wseems like osme doctors are just like House
Pamela: I can't watch Bones - it's based on the books by Kathy Reichs and I can't help being picky about the things they leave out
JudyS: you are supposed to be sleeping at midnight
BobS: farn gerdiers'
BobS: get that did ya?
BobS: huh ?
Pamela: get what, Bob - farn dingers?
JudyS: didn't know that, are they good books?
BobS: YA dats it
Pamela: it's all about getting a keyboard that can spell, Bob : )
XP MacFaker: reading is good......'cept I've forgotten how
XP MacFaker: I will go to my grave not having read Harry Potter
BobS: I NEED that Pam
XP MacFaker: on knowing anything at all about Middle Earth
BobS: me too Ron
Pamela: it's for that reason that I generally don't see movies based on books
XP MacFaker: still trying to work my way through a book on C
Pamela: except the Harry Potter movies, which I've seen all of
moved to room Meeting Place
XP MacFaker: but alas... I have an attention span of about 28 seconds
Dr. D.: #include <std_io.h>
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Pamela: hello, Daniel!
XP MacFaker: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late
XP MacFaker: that sort of thing
Dr. D.: #include <daniel.h>
JudyS: Hi, Daniel
BobS: Bones is tv show about a forensic anthropologist at the Smithsonian or something.......based on a book ?????????
Daniel Bienvenu: hey! we are talking about programming?
XP MacFaker: printf %f "hello world
BobS: loud, eh?
XP MacFaker: " /
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Dr. D.: #include <std_clue.h>
XP MacFaker: and a semi colon
JudyS: so, are they good books
Mrs. D: hi Daniel
Pamela: yes, the character of Tempe Brennan is based on the books of Kathy Reichs
Dr. D.: That is the C library I could never find, and always needed :-(
Pamela: they're awesome, Judy
BobS: cool, but I can't read
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel, I was just making a joke for Ron.
Dr. D.: You can't read Bob?
XP MacFaker: I never could fathom what stdio is
BobS: nope
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not at work now, in fact, I will never be at work after this friday
BobS: can't type either, you guys acan see that
XP MacFaker: then there was another one called 'math.h'
JudyS: good deal I need some new books to look for
Pamela: laid off, Daniel?
BobS: oh oh
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't lost my job
Dr. D.: never at work, you won the lottery?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will work at home
BobS: so then what?
Dr. D.: ah
Pamela: let me go and check for the first one - brb
XP MacFaker: hi Daniel
BobS: COOL a home based worker
XP MacFaker: I have a yen for chocolate. I must resist...... I must resist..... I must.....
XP MacFaker: fortunately, there is none here
BobS: dream it but DON"T make it Ron
Dr. D.: Chocolate costs a yen?
Dr. D.: Thought it was still loonies out your way.
XP MacFaker: oh, more than that
Dr. D.: You are being assimilated...
Daniel Bienvenu: my contract ends in july
BobS: takes at least a tooney
XP MacFaker: exactly
XP MacFaker: any chance of renewal Daniel
BobS: so you work at home until July and then get promoted?
JudyS: then what Daniel?
Dr. D.: Premier of Quebec will be vacant by then :-)
Pamela: okay Judy - they are, in order, Deja Dead, Death du Jour, Deadly Decisions, Fatal Voyage, Grave Secrets, Bare Bones, Monday Mourning, and Cross Bones
XP MacFaker: quite
XP MacFaker: Charest will lose to the PQ
XP MacFaker: and there's anothe referendum
Dr. D.: DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH can we have something more light and airy?
XP MacFaker: yes, please
BobS: tis about an author Doc
Dr. D.: Rin has made an unprintable suggestion
XP MacFaker: RIN !!!!
BobS: slap your mouth
Mrs. D: lol
XP MacFaker: this is not the language of a lady
Pamela: and by the way, thank you for the recommendation on Janet Evanovich - I picked up One for the Money on Saturday and it was very good
Dr. D.: It is the language of a certain kind of lady
Pamela: so now I have to get the other eleven
BobS: OR giver yourself a "dumb slap" the I coulda had a V-8 one
Dr. D.: Meesa no hit My Rin
JudyS: thank you, thank you
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think I will got an extension this time. they really want to close the Quebec office, and we are only two in Quebec to work for them... my boss and I... and my boss is currently thinking for after july.
Pamela: and if you like Kathy Reichs, try Patricia Cornwell's books starring Kay Scarpetta - they're what hooked me on forensic pathology
Dr. D.: So what will you do, Daniel>
Dr. D.: ?
BobS: ???????
JudyS: I started the newest Plum Lovin this morning
BobS: PLUM Crazy !!!!!!
Pamela: well the bonus is Daniel, now you have some experience so it will be easier to get the next job
Dr. D.: Prune Fetish
BobS: so waht is after July??????
BobS: true true
BobS: will look good on a resume
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to do a good job and find another job at the same time.
JudyS: I did those already
BobS: resume' or is it resume (like get going again)
Pamela: it is easier to find another job if you are already employed, Daniel - strange, but true
Pamela: the Cornwells?
BobS: sure, just accept one and three others call
JudyS: yes
Pamela: ah, okay
XP MacFaker: I still quite firmly believe that WORK is a four letter word
Pamela: my biggest problem is, my authors don't write fast enough for me
Dr. D.: in academia we call it a "curriculum vitae"
Dr. D.: Fanfic then Pam
BobS: I agree Ron.....this part time job in the afternoons is KILLING me
Pamela: so is FOOD, Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
JudyS: don't get Bob started on that Ron
changed username to Scott
BobS: I am so tired at night, I need a nap
Scott: Hello.
BobS: HI Scott
Scott: Back from the dead, I am.
Pamela: Hi, Scott!
XP MacFaker: yes..... food is my downfall
JudyS: Hi, Scott
Guy B.: Scott, long timr no see.
BobS: longa timea noa seea.........
XP MacFaker: Hey Scott!
Guy B.: time that is.
Daniel Bienvenu: my curriculum vitae is up-to-date...
Pamela: well, it's what results from Work, Ron - that's the problem
BobS: how's things?
Guy B.: What have you been doing?
XP MacFaker: true
BobS: WORK........nasty four letter word
Dr. D.: Well, Pam was just talking about all things dead...
Scott: Working 2 jobs right now, plus have a new baby. Hard to get online Wednesday night.
Pamela: that and HOME : )
Dr. D.: congratulations Scott
JudyS: yes, and we need that, to keep me in the lifestyle I am used to
XP MacFaker: workplace politics, internal struggles for control, jealousy, envy, sloth,
BobS: TWO jobs?
Scott: My son was born on July 20th. He's about 8 months now.
Guy B.: Wow, no wonder.
BobS: got to slow a little maybe ........later
XP MacFaker: and a lot of CYA
Pamela: me too, Judy : ) - that and books
Guy B.: What's his name?
Scott: Aidyn
Pamela: although, everyone knows to get me Chapters gift certificates for Christmas and birthdays, and I'm a happy camper
XP MacFaker: What are ya up to these days Scott?
Scott: Aidyn / Aidan means "little fire" in Irish
Daniel Bienvenu: this saturday, I have a meeting with my friends video game collectors in Montreal.
Pamela: and is he living up to his name? : )
XP MacFaker: Isn't there a St. Aiden?
Pamela: sounds like fun, Daniel
Scott: Right now I'm editing a fantasy novel that I wrote and working for Northrop Grumman and Hyatt
JudyS: I go to the libary don't buy them wouldn't know what to do with them all when done with them
XP MacFaker: aircraft?
BobS: the hotel people?
Pamela: wallpaper the house with them, that's what we did : )
Dr. D.: lunar module
Pamela: shelves and shelves and shelves full of books
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will talk about this year Adamcon to the Coleco programmers who will be there.
Dr. D.: that is Grumman to me :-)
JudyS: that is why I request them pick them up and bring them back
Scott: Yes, there's a St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, but my son isn't named after him
XP MacFaker: ohhhhhh Dr. D. REALLY!
Pamela: I go back and read them over and over again
JudyS: they have a great website
BobS: cool Daniel
Dr. D.: yes Ron
Scott: Wow, there's an AdamCon coming up. Where is it taking place?
JudyS: not me know the ending
XP MacFaker: Ottawa
Pamela: by the time I've gotten through all my Nora Roberts, I'm ready for a break and move on to fantasy or murder mysteries for a while
Dr. D.: Ron, some light reading for you in that vein:
Dr. D.:
Scott: Nora Roberts, yes, great role model for all writers
Pamela: then, someone writes something new and I start the process over again
Scott: I've read up on her processes, but not necessarily her novels
Pamela: she is my absolute favourite author, Scott - and I've got all the books she's ever written
Daniel Bienvenu: I bought a waffle iron a month ago. I'm using it sometimes and I like waffles.
XP MacFaker: got it Dr D
Dr. D.: Enjoy
Scott: Apparently she writes for 8-10 hours every day. No days off.
Scott: That's part of the reason she's able to produce as much as she does.
Scott: Of course, it doesn't hurt to have her talent.
XP MacFaker: pasted it into my Wordpad
Dr. D.: It's fascinating stuff if you like technical writing.
Pamela: very true. Sounds sort of off topic, but have you read the Da Vinci Code?
Scott: No, the subject matter of the Da Vinci Code doesn't interest me.
XP MacFaker: I enjoy having written
Scott: But I do own a copy
XP MacFaker: the rest is work and that's a 4 letter word
Pamela: well, it's not very well written
Daniel Bienvenu: before I forgot, I think my coleco friends who will be able to go to the adamcon will appreciate having a copy of the colecovision programming manual.
Dr. D.: You have yours, Daniel.
Pamela: that's the reason I asked. Nora has the ability to paint a picture with words - once you start her novels, you feel like you can picture everything she writes
Dr. D.: Distribute copies as much as you wish.
XP MacFaker: you mean a printed copy?
XP MacFaker: I believe I have one or two
Daniel Bienvenu: my copy is actually in Germany
Scott: The author claims the book is a work of fiction, then stands by his research claiming his is the absolute truth.
Pamela: Dan Brown lacks that ability, and it showed in the Da Vinci Code
Scott: Hmmm, interesting.
Scott: I've read a lot of Dean Koontz.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a copy of my copy... but I give it to someone the time to copy it
Scott: I was surprised to learn that he's a very fast writer as well.
XP MacFaker: and you never saw it again
Dr. D.: ...and then never got it back?
Pamela: i've never been able to get into his books
JudyS: I have not read the Da Vinci Code
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I suppose to get it back saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: during the meeting
Dr. D.: I hope so...
Scott: If you read one of Koontz's books, it should be Hideaway.
Scott: It shows what he's capable of when given the time.
XP MacFaker: I will never read the Da Vinci Code, or at least not until my Daughter-in-law gives me back my copy
JudyS: doesn't interest me either, made a stir in church
Pamela: his books tend to lean toward horror, or psych thrillers though, right?
XP MacFaker: but I've seen the movie, so that pretty much killed it
XP MacFaker: I need to read more fiction.
BobS: hope you get it back Daniel, there are only som many and the copies gets worse as they get copied
XP MacFaker: When I get to it, I quite enjoy it
Scott: Yes, it's a mix of science fiction, horror, and psych thriller. Sometimes it works (Hideaway), othertimes it doesn't (Dragon Tears)
XP MacFaker: but at 230 words a minute, everything is very very long
BobS: Daniel, you can go online to Dr D's website and print it out..........
Pamela: I am more into fantasy, murder mysteries, and anything by Nora Roberts. It's for that reason that I'm not a big Stephen King fan, either
BobS: get anewly printed copy you would
Mrs. D: well folks I think I'm going to hit the hay soon
Pamela: my computer says it's only 10:00
Dr. D.: That's the ADAm manual, not the CV manual.
XP MacFaker: why? it's only 8pm
BobS: ah.........
BobS: well it should help , yes?????
JudyS: night Mrs D
Pamela: it hasn't caught up to the new DST yet
Mrs. D: everybodys a wise guy :-)
Scott: Stephen King is an interesting one. I read Bag of Bones which was OK, but could have been reduced 200 pages.
XP MacFaker: my Mac Book obviously doesn't know we're on daylight saving
Dr. D.: Sounds like a plan Ms. Rin.
XP MacFaker: it say 6:53 pm
Pamela: good night, Rin
Dr. D.: Nite all.
XP MacFaker: G'nite to the Drushel's
Mrs. D: y'all have a good nite and week!!
XP MacFaker: be well
moved to room Meeting Place
Mrs. D: (PRIVATE) love you
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you - talk to you Friday, probably
changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: <poof>
JudyS: night DR D
Daniel Bienvenu: I have Adam Tech already. In fact I have it twice because the coleco adam lot I bought in 2005 contains a lot of thinks including manuals and there is the adam tech manual in a good shape.
Pamela: nite Rich
Mrs. D: <plink>
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D
Guy B.: Got kicked out by Firefox.
Mrs. D left chat session
XP MacFaker: not nice Guy
Guy B.: I'm going to call it the night folks. See you all next week.
Pamela: speak to it firmly, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Pamela: gnite, Guy
JudyS: night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I will go eat something... I forgot to eat after work.
XP MacFaker: nite Guy (too late)
Pamela: not good, Daniel
JudyS: I think I am going to say good night also, the fingers don't want to work anymore
Pamela: anyway, I should go, as Russell is supposed to be calling shortly, and I can't call him anymore
Daniel Bienvenu: bon...
XP MacFaker: yes Judy...... there comes a time
JudyS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ... good night all! talk to you next week...
Pamela: Scott, I look forward to reading your efforts
Scott: Thanks! Will talk again soon.
XP MacFaker: I should go and read something that isn't about computers
BobS: the party's over.........and time to hit the sack here.....
XP MacFaker: good to hear from ya Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: bye scott, mac, bob, pam
BobS: bye all
Pamela: say goodnight to Judy, Bob - she left too fast
XP MacFaker: be well Bob..... Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
BobS: yup will do
Scott: Thanks. Will see you soon.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: and goodnight to all
XP MacFaker: don't do anything I wouldn t do
Scott: Night
Pamela: we won't : )
XP MacFaker: nite all, I go too
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
XP MacFaker: pooooffff
XP MacFaker left chat session
Scott: Poof.
Scott left chat session
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