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BobS: welcome all
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BobS: ey Ron
MacRonald: Hi all!
MacRonald: Am I seeing double?
BobS: yes sir it is I in duo
MacRonald: two for the price of one
MacRonald: Any word on Rich Clee?
BobS: not since last week
BobS: were you here then ?????
BobS: whew, I am one
MacRonald: No I missed last week
MacRonald: That's better now there's only one of you
BobS: ok, they were moving him to a rehab unit, infections were gone
BobS: he is in a fulltime back brace and sitting upt o eat
MacRonald: ah..... sounds positive
BobS: looks positive but may be a few weeks before going home
MacRonald: Yeah, I'd imagine
BobS: depends on how fast he progresses i would think
BobS: but Pam was upbeat and sounded hoperful
BobS: so good news.........
MacRonald: right
BobS: and how are things ont he island?
BobS: here.....YUCK
BobS: just got snow and really cold weather dropping in on us
MacRonald: Was down in Victoria over last weekend with the Camera Club I'm a member of
BobS: ya
MacRonald: had a great time, but it was sure cool
MacRonald: We
MacRonald: sunshine, but it's cooler than it should be
BobS: we had 70 degrees F here yesterday afternoon and almost blizzard conditions and about 25 degrees F tonnight
MacRonald: up and down like a yo-yo
BobS: yes, that's it
BobS: makes me think we are the US heartland, they tend to have the 75 degree swings, not us
MacRonald: Will be going back to Victoria this weekend to. The kids are coming over to my ex's plac
MacRonald: e
MacRonald: yeah, it's unusual for you eh?
BobS: your es...(stephanie ???) lives in Victoria ?
BobS: ex
MacRonald: No Steph is my sister, she's in Edmonton. Leslie is in Victoria. She
MacRonald: She's my ex
MacRonald: we get along ok, as long as we don't try to live in the same house
BobS: well cool you do get along with her if I remember correctly
MacRonald: pretty much
BobS: bat you both live on an island and can visit once ina while
BobS: but
MacRonald: right - we do the "family" thing about 4 times a year
BobS: that makes it good for jeff and francesca
MacRonald: yes
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BobS: was she from the island?
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: hi guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
MacRonald: yes, from Victoria
MacRonald: Hey Guy!
Guy B.: What, only two here?
MacRonald: three and one half
Guy B.: Cold up by you Bob?
MacRonald: so how are things in Chicago?
Guy B.: Cold, windy and some flurries
MacRonald: good ol' midwes
MacRonald: midwest
BobS: extrememly cold Guy and blizzard conditinso tonight
BobS: conditions tonight
Guy B.: Whoa, are you getting lake effect snow?
BobS: sticking on the ground mon
BobS: about an inch or two tonight
Guy B.: How much are you expecting?
BobS: and yesterday was 70 degrees
MacRonald: I'll be right back guys
BobS: now highs of just above freezing and lows in the 20's every night
Guy B.: That's not so bad, but the wind. Man, I thought I wasn't going to make my train home.
Guy B.: Wind kept holding me back almost.
BobS: 50 mph at worst here
BobS: nasty wind
Guy B.: Think we had the same here. I restarted my humidifier again, since I didn't need it the past few days.
BobS: and predictions are the same all weekend into next week
BobS: by Wed is suppposed to come back up to normal temps
Guy B.: Crazy weather here. We had some severe weather hit us last Saturday night. A microburst took nearly an entire roof off an apartment building in Carol Stream.
MacRonald: back
MacRonald: So where's the crowd tonight?
Guy B.: That's what I'm wondering?
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changed username to Pamela
MacRonald: Hi Pam
Pamela: good evening, all
Pamela: sorry I'm late
MacRonald: We will forgive you
Guy B.: Well, there she is!
Pamela: why thak you kind sir
Pamela: oops. thank
MacRonald: Howa yer dad?
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Pamela: he's good - up and walking around with a walker, and with various things to hold onto
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: if all goes well, they're projecting 1-2 weeks and he can come home
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I'm very busy ... rush programming for tommorow 9h
MacRonald: C'est le vrai M. Bienvenu
Pamela: it's okay Daniel
MacRonald: ya gotta do what ya gotta do
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! good night! (if I can't talk to you tonight)
MacRonald: right.... good you dropped by
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
MacRonald: work.... the curse of the leisure class
Pamela: my last day is tomorrow
MacRonald: and then?
Pamela: don't know quite how I feel about that yet
Pamela: new job starting Tuesday
MacRonald: ah
Guy B.: Hi Daniel, didn't see you come in.
Pamela: but it's been a week of "new"s
MacRonald: yes?
Pamela: new car, new job, new glasses : )
MacRonald: what ya drivin?
Pamela: 2002 Ford Escape XLT, dark forest green
Pamela: you'll see it this summer if all goes well
BobS: an d a NEW husband ?????????
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BobS: Judy stareted school, Doug and Meeka say HI ya'll
MacRonald: Oh nice!
MacRonald: I LOVE dark forest green
MacRonald: have we all died?
MacRonald: good
changed username to Guy F.
Pamela: nope, I told ya, Bob - just got this one broken in
Guy F.: Greetings to everyone...
Guy B.: Hey, Mr Foster has returned!
Pamela: HI, GUI!
MacRonald: Hello Guy
Guy B.: How are you Guy?
Guy F.: Hi Guy, Hi Pam, Hi Bob, Hi Dan, Hi Ron
BobS: HEY GuyF, how's Sandra and the short person ?????????
MacRonald: short person (hah!)
Guy F.: All is great! Mommy and Tamara are doing great, thanks for asking... We're currently looking at buying a home, so it's taking a lot of our energy.
Pamela: I think she still qualifies as long at this stage, Bob : )
MacRonald: that's not all it will take Guy
Guy B.: Wow, going to need room for the family. Good to hear.
Pamela: where are you looking, Gui?
Guy F.: Ron: Well for now, it's energy we need... We must have looked at 30-40 home so far.
BobS: naw, Tamara is REAL short compared to all of us
MacRonald: I know the process - and yes.... energy you will need!
BobS: and will prolly look at manymore, yes????
Pamela: 'specially you, Bob : )
BobS: see, what'd I tell ya Pamela
Guy F.: Yes, we will look at lots more, until we find one that fits the bill... We're looking at 2 localities, Chomedey or Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Pamela: that's quite a change from last year, Gui - new job, new baby, new house : )
MacRonald: My knowledge of Montreal fades.......... south and east of the city?
Guy F.: Homes are still semi-affordable in Montreal, so that's a plus. Yeah, quite a change from last time we met about 18 months or so ago.
Pamela: don't buy in Dollard des Ormeaux, Gui, no one can ever figure out where it is : )
Guy F.: Pam: DDO is a nice area, English speaking and luxurious, I'd love to find something there, but it's hard finding a starter home in a good neighborhood.
Pamela: so how big are you looking for, and what kind of price range are the ones you're looking at?
Guy F.: All under $250K. As for size, many factors come into consideration, but an important factor is that it should have 3 fairly large bedrooms.
Pamela: so 3 bed, two bath?
MacRonald: gee....
Pamela: depending on where you looked in Toronto, that would run you upwards of $300K
Guy F.: TO is expensive. My ideal price range is $210K or so... Will try to find something in that area.
MacRonald: try half a million in Vancouver (for a box on a crawl space)
Guy F.: Vancouver is crazy in terms of real estate price, very scary.
MacRonald: yup
Guy F.: Good if you own, bad if you're trying to buy, I guess.
Pamela: well, it depends where in Toronto you're looking - if you're in Leaside, or the Beaches, or North Toronto, you could easily run into $700K
Pamela: but those are the most desirable neighbourhoods
MacRonald: location, location, location
Guy F.: Real Estate has been insane for a while now, I'm still wondering whether or not I should wait and see what happens.
Pamela: so what haven't you liked about the ones you've already seen, Gui?
Guy F.: People are talking about a real estate bubble... Is it getting bigger though and will it ever pop?
MacRonald: Guy.... if you're gonna do it, waiting is not an option.
Pamela: and are you looking for an older home, or new construction?
Guy F.: Pam: Neighborhood, house condition, space, basement, size of rooms, etc, etc... A lot of homes are "ALMOST" perfect, but they just don't click.
MacRonald: you'll find it. It's out there Guy
Pamela: don't worry, you'll find one that "clicks" eventually
Guy F.: Location is also a factor, I don't want to live too far away from Montreal, so I'm stuck with older homes, etc... Yeah, I guess it's like marriage, it ain't perfect, but it clicks. :)
MacRonald: brb
Pamela: are Chomedy and DDO much of a commute for you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to focus on my work... sorry. but I have 2 questions
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 - Someone talked with Neil?
Guy F.: Pam: A bit, but not too much.
Guy B.: Guy, do you have a price range set for a house you are looking for?
Pamela: not me, Daniel
Guy F.: Pam: There are 3 new subway (metro) stations opening in a few months or so in Chomedey
Pamela: oh, that's good
Guy F.: Guy B: Yeah, max $250 for the IDEAL home... much less if it's less than ideal and I have to renovate, etc...
Pamela: so will you drive to the station and take the subway downtown?
Guy F.: Pam: Probably just take a bus or if it's nice and warm just bike to the metro station. I love biking!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: 2 - When I will have the 8K version of 3 minigames, a first batch of cartridges will be done.
Pamela: I've given up on buses around here - I will drive to the subway station and take transit downtown - I start a new job on Tuesday
Guy F.: Pam: Really? A new job? Congrats, I remember you said you wanted to change jobs last time we met...
BobS: vacationing this week ?
Pamela: if I were closer to the subway, I would consider biking too, but it's 8K one way
Pamela: no, my last day at the old job is tomorrow, Bob
Guy F.: Pam: I bike 10Ks to go to work, takes me 28 mins or so.
Pamela: yeah, but if I did it I'd be all sweaty - ick
Guy F.: Pam: At first it was real hard, but it kept on getting easier and easier.
Guy F.: Pam: Yep, all sweaty and sticky.
BobS: well happy last day hon
Pamela: plus, on the way to the subway, it's all uphill - BIG hills
Pamela: thanks, Bob : )
MacRonald: they should take you to lunch
Pamela: I'm gonna be a basket case tomorrow
Pamela: I warned everyone I was going to blubber all over them
MacRonald: always difficult to say goodbye
Pamela: I left my kleenex box on my desk until the last minute for just that reason
Guy F.: How long did you work there? And are you getting a $$$ increase by changing jobs?
Guy F.: Dan: What's question #3?
Pamela: worked there for 2.5 years, and new job is $5K more per annum
Pamela: I started at Somerville in August of 2004
Guy F.: Pam: NICE! I got a $5K raise a few weeks ago at work, and it really shows on each pay.
Pamela: wow, congrats!
Pamela: the nice things about the new job are the salary increase, and benefits from day one - no waiting period
Guy F.: Pam: Well, where I work it goes with the experience you have, after 1 year I end up being at the top of the ladder. So I got a $2,50/hr salary increase automatically. It's the last one I'll ever get in my career, I'm already at the top.
Pamela: also, 3 weeks vacation right off the top, which I'm entitled to from day one as well (prorated for this year for the time already gone from the year)
Guy F.: Pam: I only have 2 weeks, but in 2 years I shall be getting 3. After 5 years I get 1 whole month!
Pamela: so this year I'll get 13.5 days of vacation
MacRonald: Sounds like they look after you Pam
Guy F.: 13.5? Not bad, since you've just changed jobs.
Pamela: at the old job, I wouldn't have been qualified for three weeks until I'd completed five years
Guy F.: Some employers know how to keep their employees, and others just don't care.
Pamela: well, Marsh is a huge company, so their benefits and other things are very progressive
Guy F.: It's those little things that make you enjoy your job.
BobS: most employers here in the states just don't care
Guy F.: Dan: What's #3.
Guy F.: Dan: Who's on 3rd? I told you who's on 2nd, but you still haven't told me who's on 3rd.
MacRonald: What, Who, I Dunno
Pamela: when I left Speedy, I had 4 weeks vacation - I've really missed that extra time in the last couple of years
Guy F.: BobS: Speaking of which, did you ever end up finding employment?
Pamela: but this will enable me to take a week in Ottawa and still have some time left to play with
BobS: am working a total of 32 hrs per week a part time 23 hrs a week job doing maintenance at a senoir home
Guy F.: BobS: Very good! I'm glad you found something!!!
BobS: so for now, I ma getting by ok, Judy is going back to school to get some certifications to work in a doctors office
Pamela: when does she start classes, Bob?
BobS: Judy goes Mon & Tues afternoons each week until October to New Horizons Learning Centers for microsoft office certifications and other medical terminology certifications
BobS: started 2 days ago Pam
Pamela: good : )
Pamela: they should be a breeze for her
Pamela: she's extremely computer savvy
BobS: Judy says it si FUN, that is what is wierd
Guy F.: My wife absolutely does not want to go to work... I wish she did, but it's her choice.
Pamela: I believe it - when you are already familiar with computers, learning new stuff can be fun
Pamela: how do you cope on just one salary, Gui?
Guy F.: Easy, I work overtime, on average 20-25 hrs extra per week, it more than compensates.
Pamela: ouch
BobS: he makes a LOTS of bucks so that Sandra can stay home Pam
Pamela: that's gotta hit you in the tax pocket, though, Gui
MacRonald: I honestly don't know how people survive in this day and age
Guy F.: Pam: I also have a child, and a wife who doesn't work, so I get back more than if I was single.
Pamela: that
Pamela: s true
Pamela: but the tax on the O/T must be killing you
Guy F.: Honestly, ever since women joined the workforce, things haven't been easy for us men.... OK, I'll shut up while I'm ahead.
BobS: Ron.........."slowly lowly................" as the worm turns
Guy F.: Pam: It all evens up at the end of the year.
BobS: good point Guy.....and good observation
Pamela: men! I'm surrounded.
MacRonald: brb.... gotta go find the plug for this thing
Pamela: ah, ain't batteries wonderful
Guy F.: It's just that most households I know of, there are 2 salaries coming in, so it's hard to compete with the other families when you only have 1 salary coming in. Sure, I know what you guys will say, who needs to compete? But when you are buying a house, you are competing, you have to flex your muscle dollars, and if you don't have as much as the other couple with 2 incomes, well, you'll miss out on the house.
Guy F.: Salaries and the economy is also adjusted to the fact that families have 2 incomes, it's almost necessary these days.
Pamela: that's true Gui
Pamela: and salaries simply haven't kept up with the cost of living
Pamela: we couldn't live on just my income
Guy F.: Exacto. In the past 7-8 years, I have seen home prices double, yet salaries, barely increased.
Pamela: real estate is the real kicker
Guy F.: Pam: Yes, HOUSING. We all need shelter. It's getting more and more expensive for that basic need.
Pamela: my parents bought their house in 1964 for $23,500
Pamela: now, it would bring $400K easily
Guy F.: Yep, and $23,500 compounded over 43 years will give you a nice total.
Guy F.: $23,500 compounded at 5% will yield:
MacRonald: I no longer have any wish to own anything
Pamela: their income at teh time was about $6400 per annum, or one quarter of the cost of the house
MacRonald: been there, and to me it was nothing but trouble
Guy F.: $200K at 5% yield
Pamela: so allegedly, for the same house now, you should be earning at least $100K
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy : sorry, I don't understand the meaning of "who's on 3rd?"
Pamela: I earn less than half that
Guy F.: At 7.5% yield, it'll give you $526K
Guy F.: Dan: Exactly. Who... is on 3rd. The person named "Who".
MacRonald: It's an old Abbot and Costello routine Daniel
MacRonald: dates back to the '30s
Daniel Bienvenu: the joke is who's on 1st, what's on 2nd... or I don't remember my classics
Guy F.: Dan: Something like that Daniel.
Pamela: "I don't know" is on 3rd
Pamela: and after that I lose track
Daniel Bienvenu: I think one is "tomorow"
MacRonald: left field
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, I'm rushing...
MacRonald: or was it shortstop
Guy F.: Dan: So what's question #3? You said you have 3 questions I believe...
Guy F.: Neil, 8K version of mini games, and....
Guy F.: Answer to #3: No, I will not go on a date with you, thank you very much.
Pamela: BTW, I sent an e-mail to Neil last week but didn't get a reply
Pamela: Ron, you got him last time. Any chance of repeating that?
Guy F.: Yeah, we'd love to start getting details about the Adamcon, we plan on showing up.
MacRonald: Never did actually speak to him Pamela. Left a message on his answering machine
MacRonald: Frustrating
Pamela: at the very least we should have a date set so we can start planning
Pamela: well he did show up here after you called him, Ron
MacRonald: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: I said 2 questions... not 3 ;-)
Pamela: maybe if we all bombard him with e-mails, he'll have to show up to respond in self-defence
Guy F.: Well, 2 in binary is 11. So you have 9 questions left.
MacRonald: We certainly do need to hear from him
Guy F.: Ok, it's really 10... how about 8 left.
Pamela: well, hopefully I can practice my French on you guys
Pamela: which means I need to get a decent textbook with vocabulary and conjugation
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to call it the night. Happy Easter to All!!!
Guy F.: You sure can! I hope the adamcon is not during movign season (beginning of july).
Pamela: Happy Easter, Guy
MacRonald: and a happy easter to you Guy..... watch out for the chocolate bunny
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too!
Pamela: the Easter bunny has already laid eggs around here
Guy F.: Happy Chocolate Bunny Holiday!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Guy F.: ker?
Pamela: no, that
Pamela: is my line : )
MacRonald: sugar free low cal bunny
Guy F.: haha
Pamela: no such animal, Ron : )
Guy F.: easter cat
MacRonald: tell me about it
Daniel Bienvenu: Tu es coquin ce soir Guy.
Pamela: the Superstore was selling Laura Secord chocolate cream eggs - I succumbed
Guy F.: I love those cadburry easter eggs. I have a confession to make. Once, I mus thave eaten like 7 or 8 of them in one sitting.
MacRonald: can relate to that Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: plus que d'habitude
Guy F.: Dan: Comme toujours, au travail les gens me trouvent tannat.
Guy F.: *tannant
MacRonald: I am a binge artist
Pamela: I'm a certified chocoholic Gui, and even I couldn't eat that many
Guy F.: I wait till AFTER easter and get those eggs at a discount, like 25 cents each.
Guy F.: PAM: Then you're not the real deal. Sorry.
Guy F.: :)
Pamela: if they were solid chocolate, no problem, but even I find the cream filling too sweet
Pamela: and I'm the one who takes the corner piece on the birthday cake for the icing
Guy F.: I could probably eat 3-4 pounds of that filling. It's the filling I love, not the chocolate.
MacRonald: Hand over the chocolate, and nobody will get hurt!
Guy F.: Hahaha.
Pamela: I've seen t-shirts with that on them
Guy F.: Yummm, Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake.
MacRonald: Have a friend here in town, who has on her licence plate, "I want chocolate, and I want it now!"
Pamela: however, the best one I saw was:
Guy F.: BTW, any news from james, heard there was an eartquake in his side of Japan...
Pamela: an empty picture frame and the caption: "Baroque: when you are out of Monet"
MacRonald: hope he's ok
Guy F.: OK, good to hear...
Guy F.: These days if the earthquake don't get you, it's the tsunami a few hours later.
Pamela: haven't heard anything from him, Guy
MacRonald: We're expecting "the big one" here. Tectonic plates grinding it out
MacRonald: Vancouver Island might be under water again
Guy F.: I think we're safe in Quebec, although we did have a few mild earthquakes...
BobS: well kids, time to go ...........GREAT to see you stop in again GuyF.....say HI to Sandra and the baby.......
Guy F.: BobS: Sure will Bob, hope to see you at the upcoming adamcon
Pamela: goodnight Bob - say hi to Judy for us, and hope you're holding up okay
Guy F.: Ker...
BobS: will see ya'll next wseek...........tell Richard HI for all of us and hope he keeps on mending
MacRonald: be well Mr. S
Pamela: I will : )
BobS: ta ta
MacRonald: don't do anything I wouldn't do
BobS left chat session
Guy F.: I have the urge for a 1 pound hamburger right about now... Hmmm.
Pamela: I have one word for you, Guy - LICKS!
Guy F.: God damn Passover, I've been hungry ever since it started, yesterday.
Pamela: um, what does Passover have to do with it?
MacRonald: something to do with not eating
Guy F.: During passover you are on a certain diet...
MacRonald: no bread
Pamela: I didn't realize : )
Guy F.: Exactly no bread, and trust me, for some unknown reason, I've been hungry since yesterday.
Pamela: not enough matzoh in the world, right?
Guy F.: My wife feels the same way.
Guy F.: Not enough Matzoh, indeed, ate like 7-8 of them today at work, with people starring at me funny..\
MacRonald: are you and your wife Jewish, Guy?
Guy F.: Yes, we both are.
Pamela: ya learn something new . . . : )
MacRonald: right
MacRonald: have a friend here who mentioned it to me a few days ago
Pamela: so who did Seder this week, Guy?
Guy F.: It's basically a holiday to celebrate an event from the old testament.
MacRonald: He's not completely orthodox, but he and his wife do observe Passover
Guy F.: Pam: No one, I had to work late hours unfortunately.
Pamela: : (
Guy F.: Sure, many people like that, not orthodox, but celebrate high holidays.
Pamela: it seems that no matter how progressive a family is, Passover, Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur get observed
MacRonald: yeah, that's about it
Guy F.: Yup, big holidays, Purim too!
Guy F.: Pam: How do you know about all those holidays?
Pamela: Purim was only a couple of weeks ago, wasn't it?
MacRonald: Like me going to church at Christmas and Easter
Guy F.: Pam: Working all those hours, I'm out of the loop with anything that is not work.
Pamela: I grew up at Bathurst and Lawrence in Toronto - one of the most Orthodox neighbourhoods in the city
Guy F.: Pam: Oh OK, most people who aren't jewish do not know those holidays, much less the correct spelling, which of course, you seem to know perfeclt.y
Pamela: the high school I went to, although public, had a student body that was about 75% Jewish
Guy F.: So you're about 37.5% Jewish then. :)
Pamela: only by osmosis
Guy F.: hehe
MacRonald: brb... Diet Coke is calling me from the fridge
Pamela: my main job in high school was babysitting for a pair of Orthodox families
Pamela: I learned a lot about Judaism from them
Guy F.: Pam: Yeah, seems like you know your stuff.
Guy F.: Gefilte Fish?
Pamela: ick : )
Guy F.: I hate it too.
Guy F.: Nasty slimmy whitefish.
Pamela: any fish = ick
Guy F.: Salmon is good.
Pamela: but gefilte fish, more than most
Guy F.: Oy Gevalt.
Guy F.: Actually, I'm not one of those Jews. I'm a moroccan Jew, Sepharadic, do you know the difference?
Pamela: actually, I think I know more about Judaism than Christianity. My parents were areligious and I wasn't brought up in a faith at all
Pamela: I have heard the term Sephardic, but don't know what the difference is
Guy F.: It is a name given to Jewish people from Spanish decent, as opposed to the Ashkenazi Jews which originate from Polish decent. Big difference in culture and traditions.
Pamela: so how did you end up a bilingual Jew in Montreal? : )
Guy F.: Lots of us here in Montreal actually.
Pamela: and do you speak Yiddish?
Pamela: or Hebrew?
Guy F.: No, Yiddish is part of the Ashkenazi heritage, which I am not part of.
Guy F.: Hebrew, yes.
Pamela: actually, I think most people speak some Yiddish, again by osmosis
MacRonald: Always figured that if you wanted to be completely bilingual with no trace of an accent in either language, you had to get born in Montreal
Pamela: after all, who hasn't used some of the terms in their life?
Guy F.: Yep. Most Ashkenazi Jews were affected by World War 2, Sepharadic Jews weren't.
Guy F.: Yiddish coming from Germany, a mix of English and German.
Pamela: anyone who has ever called someone a schmuck has had at least a passing acquaintance with Yiddish : )
MacRonald: Interesting
Guy F.: Bleah, my accents are bad in both languages, french people think I'm anglophone, and english people think I'm francophone.
Pamela: Interestingly Guy, I don't hear an accent when you speak English
MacRonald: no, nor I
Guy F.: Some words, if you pay attention.
Pamela: I think one would have to listen very carefully
Pamela: Unlike Daniel, who is easily identified as Quebecois
Guy F.: He's a Quebecer, I'm a french speaking canadian.
Pamela: Oui.
Pamela: also interestingly, I often hear accents that other people don't.
Guy F.: And then there's french-canadians, which is what my father is. So 3 types of french speaking people in Quebec.
Pamela: I wish I had kept up my french
Guy F.: Yeah, like in all things, practice practice, practice.
Guy F.: I wish I could speak spanish, but am too lazy to continue.
Pamela: I can only have the most basic, present tense conversation these days. At least I can still ask where the bathroom is : )
Guy F.: my courses.
Pamela: have you had any spanish?
Guy F.: 1 semester in college, and it's not enough, just barely enough to get by.
MacRonald: Was watching the coverage of the Quebec election Monday night. Made me realize how much I've lost. I was able to follow it, but there sure were a lot of blanks
Guy F.: with the basics.
Daniel Bienvenu: statisticaly : only 10% of english persons in Canada can also speak french. about 45% of french persons in Canada can speak english. lucky to be bilingual
Guy F.: I love being bilingual.
MacRonald: Need to do some more work on that
Pamela: I took french in school from grade four to grade twelve. After five years of french, I started taking Spanish as well
Pamela: Spanish came so much more easily because I already had the grounding in French.
Guy F.: Quebec is really unique, the more I see other cities/countries, the more I find Quebec interesting how they managed to keep French as a dominant language after all those years, even after being conquered by the english.
Pamela: when I think of the jobs I would be qualified for if I was bilingual, it makes me sick
Guy F.: Yup, lots of jobs I managed getting thanks to being bilingual.
Guy F.: I even got a job once because I was able to speak a 3rd language.
Pamela: I'll bet. I have looked at the Ontario government job site and found many jobs I could have done with my eyes closed, but the wanted people who were bilingual
Guy F.: Working for Air Canada as a flight attendant, but that was many many many years ago, like 12 years or so.
Pamela: how long did you do that for?
Pamela: and how did you like it?
Guy F.: Not long, just enough to get the job offer and refuse. I had 2 weeks left of CEGEP before graduation and they wanted me to go to Toronto for training and drop my courses, which I couldn't do.
Guy F.: I'm glad I sticked with my College, thanks to it, I have a great job now.
Pamela: that's nuts. They could have waited two weeks.
Guy F.: Apparently not.
Pamela: you made the right decision.
Pamela: I often wonder how I would have liked college or university, because I hated secondary school.
Guy F.: In any case, it would have been weird working with all kinds of beautiful single women, staying over different countries every other day, etc... Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I should have went.
Guy F.: I hated Secondary School too.... Hated it with a capital H.
Pamela: you grew up in Montreal I gather
MacRonald: Beautiful single women? what do you do with them?
Guy F.: Ron: Hmm, let me refresh your memory. ;)
Pamela: surely it hasn't been that long, Ron : )
MacRonald: :)
MacRonald: welllll...
Guy F.: You lie to them and play mind games with them in order for them to like you, and when they are vulnerable you ... well, you get the point.
MacRonald: and then you buy them a house
Pamela: there is a distinct overload of testosterone in this room right now : )
MacRonald: (I'm not bitter)
Guy F.: Exactly Ron! ;)O
MacRonald: yes Pam
Pamela: so, can I tell Russell he has to buy me a house? : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really tired... I will take a nap on my bed soon. checking my emails now.
MacRonald: yup
Guy F.: Why a nap? Why not jus go to sleep?
Daniel Bienvenu: rush not over
Guy F.: Rush?
Guy F.: You bring your work home? And don't sleep because of work?
Daniel Bienvenu: need to finish something in time for the QA tommorow
Guy F.: Wow, you sure are dedicated Dan, I really respect that.
Guy F.: Hope your employer appreciates it by giving you a decent bonus when the project is done.
MacRonald: wow that's dedication
Daniel Bienvenu: If only I can be more faster... I'm loosing my legendary fast programming skill.
Guy F.: (or abuse/slave work)
Pamela: remeber guys, he works from home now
Guy F.: Oh, you do???
Guy F.: I didn't know that.
Guy F.: I thought you worked a full 10 hrs day, and then brought your work home and continued through the night.
Pamela: and apparently I have a case of fimble ningers tonite - can't spell worht a darn - see?
MacRonald: work is a 4 letter word
Guy F.: I hope you are making a salary in the 6 digits.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, the company decided that it's ridiculus to pay for 2 places, one in Montreal, one in Quebec. And because we are only 2 in Quebec they close it.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I'm still working for them, but at home
Guy F.: Well, at least you can go to work naked, which is a nice perk.
Daniel Bienvenu: err... it's too cold here to work naked.
Pamela: unless he has a video conference call : )
Guy F.: Daniel: Well, summer is quickly approaching, you should be fine in the hotter months.
Daniel Bienvenu: even in Summer it's cold.
Guy F.: Well, we'll chip in to get you a heater.
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I'm not working in the fridg.
Guy F.: hehehe, I guess those boxer shorts are staying on then.
Pamela: wouldn't it be easier to just get dressed?
Guy F.: Typing/chatting/programming naked is very comfortable...
Guy F.: Very natural.
Pamela: okay, waaaay too much information :; )
MacRonald: I sit in my jammies until noon.
MacRonald: some days
Guy F.: There you go, I'm typing in my boxers as we speak... Too comfortable.
MacRonald: you want all this detail Pam
MacRonald: ??
Pamela: I haven't had one of those days in a very long time. I'm looking forward to it this weekend.
Pamela: too late, Ron
Pamela: If this devolves into a "what are you wearing" contest, I'm outta here ; )
MacRonald: As for writing programs, if I were to read all the books I have about C C++ C# Python Visual Basic Real Basic, I might write a program or two
MacRonald: alas, I will go to my grave not having read those books
Guy F.: C# I've been wanting to learn.
MacRonald: I have an attention span of 28 seconds
Pamela: bring them on the plane trip to Ottawa, Ron
MacRonald: right
Pamela: at that point you're a captive audience : )
Guy F.: I'm gonzo guys, gotta go to sleep... wake up in 5 hrs.
Pamela: glad you came, Guy - it's been too long
Guy F.: I'd love to stay and chat about what everyone is wearing, but the witching hour is almost upon me.
MacRonald: right Guy. Time to call it a night I think
MacRonald: good to talk to ya's all
Pamela: yeah, it's almost midnight
Guy F.: Yeah, glad I showed up too, it's been a very interesting AdamCon chat this week!!!
MacRonald: nite all
Guy F.: Hope to see all of you in Ottawa this year...
Guy F.: good night all.
Pamela: I'll be interested to see if Dad reads the log and what he thinks of it : )
MacRonald: if we ever find out when it is
Pamela: gotta start nagging Neil
Pamela: I sent him an e-mail last week, it's your turn
MacRonald: yes, I'll try get him on the phone in the next day or so
MacRonald: nite all
Pamela: okay, good luck : )
Pamela: gnite Ron
MacRonald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam
Pamela: gnite, Daniel - bonne chance with getting all your programming done
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
Pamela: kerpoof!
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