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BobS: hi pam
Pamela: hi bob
BobS: hows your papa
Pamela: so far so good - he's been doing lots of walking
BobS: AND what is the name of your what ?
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BobS: that is GREAT
Pamela: Escape
BobS: oops
BobS: what year
Pamela: 2002
changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: Hi, Rich
BobS: big big recall on them
Dr. D.: hi all
BobS: don't know if your year is included
Dr. D.: I just got home :-(
BobS: hey doc
Pamela: no recalls on mine - I checked
BobS: that'
BobS: s good
BobS: just came upyesterday
Pamela: long day, Rich?
Dr. D.: long is too short to describe it
Pamela: are you all getting icky weather like we are?
Dr. D.: writing an exam, giving a makeup exam, student interrupts for fall registration, too many phone calls, and Elanor leaving for NYC with vocal music tour, bus was delayed due to broken wiper and it is raining hard here
BobS: "The affected model years for the Ford Escape SUV recall are 2002 to 2004 model years..................."
Pamela: go on, Bob
Pamela: wow, that's a lotta stuff for one day, Rich
BobS: Nearly 500,000 thousand Ford Escape sport utility vehicles are being recalled by Ford Motor Company due to an accelerator problem that could result in elevated engine speeds
Dr. D.: just getting to eat NOW
Pamela: well, all it means is that I'll get whatever it is replaced for free : )
BobS: Owners will be notified by Ford and can have the cable replaced at no charge
Dr. D.: and I have hardly had a chance to write to Rin all day
Dr. D.: and I presume she is going to show up here tonight
BobS: went to " " on the ASK Jeeves search engine
Pamela: I'm sure she'll tell you she had a busy day too - she was filling my ears on the way home
Dr. D.: She rode with you?
Pamela: yes, we left at the same time by arrangement and ended up on the same subway train by chance
Dr. D.: And I guess Bob is having car problems?
Dr. D.: ah
BobS: nope, Pam and her new car
Pamela: no, that would be the recall he's describing to me on my new vehicle
Dr. D.: New car has probs already?
BobS: just heard about it yesterday I think
Pamela: I checked for recalls before I bought it - did a VIN search
BobS: "....................a liner over the accelerator cable could prevent the engine from returning to idle on ..................."
Dr. D.: "do not buy car if it runs on VIN"
Pamela: trust me, it runs on gas : )
Dr. D.: Your dollar is going through the roof this week, it is almost 88 cents US now
BobS: they waited until Pam bought one because they didn't want to scare her
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Pamela: wouldn't have scared me, Bob
Dr. D.: I still saw the standard $1.039/L there
changed username to eDr
BobS: hi rin
Pamela: $102.3 when we were on the way home
Pamela: Hi, Rin
eDr: hi Bobs
eDr: hi Pam
Dr. D.: wife at last hi dearest
Pamela: Hi Rin
eDr: hi Rich
Pamela: Rin, thought after we got home, gotta figure out when I'm gonna take Mom shopping - are you okay to wait until Sunday?
eDr: I think I can....
Pamela: well if not, we'll work it out - don't worry
Dr. D.: Elanor finally got her temp license so she can start driving once we get normal weather
Pamela: if worse comes to worst, we'll feed you on Saturday : )
eDr: well, I don't want to put you out though
Pamela: well good for her, Rich
Pamela: hey, we have to eat too : ) - as I said, don't worry
Dr. D.: Ohio has changed laws since Christina was in training, now only a parent or the legal guardian is allowed to ride with a student driver, no longer just any adult driver.
Dr. D.: Pro instruction class instructors excepted too
Pamela: I believe that it must be a driver licenced for five years in Ontario, and it must be a G licence (not G1 or G2)
Dr. D.: So no more friend-with-license doing the "teaching"
Pamela: all I can say is I'm glad that I got my licence before the graduated system came in
Dr. D.: it is wholly impractical
Dr. D.: the hippies who put it in as middle agers would never have put up with it when they were teens
Pamela: brr, I'm freezing - brb
Dr. D.: I just HATE that kind of hypocracy
Dr. D.: they are more establishment than their parents, it is sickening
Dr. D.: So Pam says you had a hard day, Rin.
Pamela: I think the idea is to keep them from getting bad habits from their teen friends
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changed username to JudyS
Dr. D.: haha like they never did in 1967
BobS: the trouble is they were having too many accidents
Pamela: Hi, Judy
eDr: hi Judy
JudyS: Hi, Pam, Dr D and Erin
eDr: it was long but not like yours
Dr. D.: if they cared about accidents they would road test with every renewal every 4 years
JudyS: they should probably check the older drivers also
Pamela: I think it's an excellent idea but I doubt anyone would think it was practical
JudyS: some of them should not be driving anymore
Dr. D.: no too many people would fail a fair driving test, so they want to be grandfathered in...
Dr. D.: stick it to the kids with no power
Pamela: what is the driving age in Ohio?
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Dr. D.: 16
Pamela: same as Ontario
Dr. D.: 15.5 you can get learner's permit
Pamela: ah - you have to wait until 16 here to get your learner's permit
Dr. D.: but the graduated system kills you if for some reason you don't start right at 15.5...Rin is living proof
Dr. D.: You can take the test on your 16th Dad did.
Dr. D.: Hi Judy, didn't see you come in
JudyS: hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: Well Rin, I did get my exam written.
Pamela: you must be 16 with parental permission to take the test for your learner's permit here and then schedule a series of road tests to pass through your G1 and G2
eDr: very good :-)
Dr. D.: And if you don't do it in N years you lose it all and have to start over, hence Rin :-(
JudyS: you have to go thru a driving school here
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Pamela: and you have to wait a long time (two years I think) before you can test for your G licence
changed username to Guy B.
JudyS: hi, Guy
Pamela: hello, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy and rainy Chicago!
Dr. D.: High school here still has a 9-week driver's ed class.
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
eDr: hi Guy
Dr. D.: Rainy and melty-snow Cleveland.
Pamela: greetings from wet cold and windy Toronto
Guy B.: Hi Dr. and Erin
JudyS: has been doing the same thing here today, first got 5 inches of snow and now it is a combo of snow and rain
Dr. D.: There was 18-24 inches in Cleveland from Fri-Sun
Pamela: I'm so looking forward to the trip into work tomorrow : (
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Guy B.: Looks like we got an inch here and the Cubs game got postphoned due to the snow.
Dr. D.: On my way back from Windsor, it was clear until Cuyahoga County, then BOOM
Pamela: welcome to April in North America : )
JudyS: we are hoping the Whitecaps game gets cancelled Friday night
Dr. D.: Cleveland's home opener weekend was snowed out, they are relocated to some other stadium in another state.
Guy B.: Your Indians are playing in Milwaukee because of the snow.
Dr. D.: I had to shovel for 30 minutes to get a parking space.
Dr. D.: It was deep and wet and heavy.
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changed username to james
JudyS: hi, James
Pamela: Hi, James
james: good morning
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BobS: Hi James
Guy B.: Look on the bright side. We are going to hit the 60's next week
Dr. D.: Hi James, been watching the new Doctor?
Guy B.: Hi James
BobS: yea right Guy......5" of snow is NOT bright here
Dr. D.: I have them if you want :-)
james: new doctor? has he changed again?
Dr. D.: New episodes, same Doc
Guy B.: Bob, I bet by Monday that snow will be gone.
JudyS: hope so
james: very nice, i'll have to see what episode i'm up to. have been a wee bit on the busy side here
BobS: Ihope it is gone tomorrow morning
Dr. D.: If it keeps raining here overnight it will be gone from here.
Dr. D.: Season 3 episode 2 is the latest, "The Shakespeare Code"
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james: season 3.. i think i finished season 2 but i don't remember now
Dr. D.: Plus Christmas Special
james: when did he change, at the end of season 2?
Dr. D.: At end of season 1
james: sorry *regenerate*
JudyS: Pam, how is your mom holding up?
Dr. D.: Eccleston did just one season, then Tennant.
Pamela: so far, so good
JudyS: that is good to here
Dr. D.: Rumor is he will leave midway through season 4.
JudyS: and thank you for the card
james: ok i remember seeing the episode with all the daleks and cybermen
changed username to lumbar1
james: then rose getting whisked into the parallel universe to be with her parallel father
Dr. D.: That was the end of Season 2.
james: ok, then i've not seen anything after that i think. haven't met the new companion
Dr. D.: If you want the shows, let me know.
james: so season three i'll have to catch up on
james: thanks, i do. are they available via ftp?
Dr. D.: Also there was a Weakest Link with DW cast...and K9!
james: nice
Dr. D.: Bittorrent, but I can FTP them to you if you have a machine and an account.
james: i've got about 6 here and a decent ftp client
james: no ftp server set up at the moment
Dr. D.: I don't have a server with enough HD space to serve them
Pamela: hello, lumbar1
james: hmm.. maybe the torrent would make more sense
lumbar1: hello
Dr. D.: Someone with a wooden ADAM?
Dr. D.: I put my 80 column unit in a wooden box.
Dr. D.: And had a stand-alone power supply in a wooden box with a fan.
lumbar1: a thought, but not at the moment
Dr. D.: The torrents still have good coverage at this point.
JudyS: hi, Lumbar1
Dr. D.: Well lumbar1 can we help you with some ADAM stuff?
Dr. D.: We have just been kinda chatty.
lumbar1: hello JudyS
eDr: hi L1
lumbar1: I don't know - I'll save qustionsfor later
Dr. D.: We usually gab like family unless someone asks an ADAM question, then we inundate them.
Pamela: heck, half of us are family : )
lumbar1: oh - I am a bit tired tonight so can't afford to hange about long
BobS: seems that way don't it
Dr. D.: you must have an ADAM
Pamela: yes, especially now
lumbar1: it shows in my slow typing
Dr. D.: my doings I guess
Dr. D.: You are uusing a terminal client for your ADAM to type here?
Dr. D.: text-only Java, that I would like to see
Pamela: oops, we lost him
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to lumbar
Guy B.: He's back.
lumbar: I am sorry, my computer just dumped me
Dr. D.: you must be using your ADAM :-)
Dr. D.: nonetheless, I haven't dumped mine
lumbar: no idea what happened or why
JudyS: it happens
Pamela: so lumbar, why are you tired?
BobS: jees and Richard is in the he can't be blamed for goofing up the system
lumbar: maybe my Java doesn't like the chat Java
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changed username to james
james: oops
lumbar: juts had an over busy day yesterday and tiring one today
BobS: wha happen james?
james: accidentally closed the chat
BobS: who you want to shoot?
Dr. D.: I think Dale must still use for something else, sometimes the load is high and it becomes inaccessible.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I can't believe that no one has clued in!
Dr. D.: Have you been shovelling snow in your neck of the woods lumbar?
lumbar: (PRIVATE) especially Dr D
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I think he's playing along : )
lumbar: not today but it is cold
Dr. D.: haha famous last words
JudyS: it had better melt
lumbar: is it cold where you are?
Dr. D.: I would guess it is 45-50 degrees
Dr. D.: not too comfy unless in a winter coat still
BobS: hopefully it stays above freezing and all melts
lumbar: I guess you wont be doing any shovelling then
Dr. D.: a website says 46 degrees currently in Cleveland
BobS: datn well hope not
Dr. D.: There is still plenty of that 2 feet still here
Pamela: I think that's warmer than it is here, Rich
james: who got snow?
JudyS: we got 5 inches
BobS: the upper midwest of the US James
Dr. D.: Not at 2 C Pam
lumbar: depends on the wind too
Dr. D.: About 36 F
Dr. D.: It says rain/snow mixed for Toronto
james: sorry to hear that
Dr. D.: This is the website I have bookmarked as "Rin wants to know what the weather is"
eDr: rain and strong winds
lumbar: not a nice day for drivng to work
Dr. D.: says it feels like -5 C with the wind
Pamela: well it didn't start till we got home, thank goodness
Pamela: CP24 says it's 2 degrees C
Dr. D.: or icky 23 F
lumbar: that is cold!
james: i'll bite my tongue
Pamela: good call James
Dr. D.: pastrami is better <rimshot>
lumbar: ouch!
Dr. D.: I will eat both :-)
Pamela: I must be slow tonite, I just got that
Pamela: groan
lumbar: if you have access to a good deli both are nice
Pamela: you've had beef tongue?
Dr. D.: Corky & Lenny's, mmmm
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Dr. D.: wish I could get Rin there
eDr: one day
Dr. D.: Yes cold sliced tongue is good sandwich meat
changed username to RonMac
lumbar: yes, both cold and cooked
Pamela: HI, Ron
RonMac: Hey!
Pamela: let me just say, ick
Dr. D.: Hi Sir Ronald of Leftcoast
Guy B.: Hi Ron, He's on the Mac tonight.
eDr: hi Ron
Guy B.: How's the weather out by you?
RonMac: Dr. D,eDr
RonMac: not bad today - cloudy, but milder - no rain
Guy B.: Don't ask abotut me or Bob.
RonMac: No eh?
JudyS: hi, Ron
Guy B.: SNOW
RonMac: Hi Judy.
lumbar: hello Ron
Guy B.: Of course, not unusual for us in April.
RonMac: lumbar?
RonMac: Nothing is usual in April
lumbar: that's me
Guy B.: You got that right. After this, spring will return.
RonMac: as in back pain?
lumbar: yes, it has that association
RonMac: Rich?
lumbar: bingo!
RonMac: Well Hey!
JudyS: hope it is soon, my flowers don't like being covered with snow
RonMac: are you home?
eDr: Ron's a smart cookie
lumbar: lumbar1 is my vertebra that collapsed
RonMac: ah
lumbar: got home yesterday
RonMac: sometimes I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp
RonMac: good to hear sir
Dr. D.: Hello Richard, welcome home
BobS: heck Ron we didn't guess and Richard has been here about 20 minutes
eDr: welcome home Uncle Richard
Pamela: Ron, you're the only one who guessed
JudyS: that is wonderful to hear
Pamela: Hi Daddy
lumbar: hospital could do no more for me - now it ixs outpatient tgherapy and tincture of time
BobS: and Pam said you were up and walking a lot and doing well
Dr. D.: tincture of time,that is a cute phrase
Pamela: you didn't ask where, Bob : )
BobS: Pamel little tart !!!!!!!
JudyS: you are bad, Pam
BobS: seem good to be home richard ?
BobS: like YES
lumbar: well the ambulance only brought me home yesterday afernoon
Pamela: you have no idea how hard it's been not to say anything - I've been biting my literal and virtual tongue for 20 minutes : )
BobS: and we were feeling sorry for ya'll
Dr. D.: me and Rin too
Dr. D.: Re: tongue-biting, the word had been passed through the grapevine
JudyS: you are all bad!!!!!
BobS: well I AM glad to hear that you are home and healthy my man
Dr. D.: I was good anyhow, I presume Rin too
Pamela: yes, I knew you knew : )
RonMac: I guess so eh?
lumbar: but yes, after eight weeks flat on my back, it is a major improvement
BobS: absolutely
eDr: I was good
BobS: and legs are all healed up ?
Pamela: phew, now I can go get a drink
Pamela: brb
RonMac: Hospitals are a terrible place to go. Full of sick people
Dr. D.: I hope Pam or Frances printed out more chatlogs for you...I left you with a stack of 5
JudyS: well, welcome bad, Richard!!!!
JudyS: that is back
RonMac: no he's bad
RonMac: for fooling us
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
RonMac: fool us once,
james: sorry folks, had to reboot
BobS: and ya know.........I made a crack about Richard not being here so we couldn't blame him about james gettign dumped
lumbar: no I will be having a nurse three times a week tocheck and renew the leg dressings
RonMac: Hi James
Dr. D.: <snicker>
eDr: hehe
Guy B.: James, seems you're having trouble tonight?
Dr. D.: I was wondering whether Bob was in on the joke too and just being ironic
BobS: nope
james: mostly pebcak
BobS: clueless in Michigan
RonMac: wet on the coast
james: (problem exists between chair and keyboard)
RonMac: be right back (hunger strikes)
BobS: ah one of those eh james?
james: yeah
BobS: usually it is between brain and fingers
BobS: specially when they get cold
lumbar: I willo also be getting a physiotherapist from Baycrest, she will be here tomorrow
Pamela: everybody's here tonite - how did that happen?
Pamela: (rhetorical question)
BobS: just lucky me dear
JudyS: sounds like you are on the right track, keep up the good work
BobS: actually.......we all knew Richard was coming tonight, so we showed up for the fun
lumbar: dont see Harvie or the Quebec contingent
Pamela: Harvie's only been on once in the last few weeks
Dr. D.: Rin must have fallen asleep
Pamela: but we had both Gui and Daniel last week
Dr. D.: I have missed a few here due to just being busy and home late
Pamela: oh?
Dr. D.: And it starts again at 5 AM tomorrow
Pamela: try e-mailing her, Rich - the buzz should wake her up : )
JudyS: I missed last week, had to play dominoes with Meeka and Doug was working on my laptop
eDr: I think I need to log off...I am dozing
lumbar: hard day, Rin?
Pamela: get some sleep, cuz of mine
eDr: just busy...I was filling in for 2 of my colleagues
JudyS: good night Rin, sleep tight
eDr: good nite all....have a good rest of the week
BobS: nite Rin
Dr. D.: okay Rin, guess I ought to follow soon
eDr: (PRIVATE) love you
lumbar: take the break, Rin, you undoubtedly need it
Pamela: good night Rin, remember I'm not coming straight home tomorrow
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you lots
JudyS: actually this is my homework for the week, have to practice my typing
eDr left chat session
JudyS: so I have to type
Guy B.: Nite Rin
Pamela: you are a touch typist already, are you not Judy?
Dr. D.: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
Dr. D.: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
JudyS: just don't have a lot to say,
BobS: Richard, Judy started school this week........gonna get her GED
Pamela: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
BobS: and then I will be married to a learned woman
BobS: cool, huh ?
JudyS: oh, yes, just not the fastest and most acurate
Pamela: the sentence with all 26 letters in it that everyone learned in typing class
lumbar changed username to Frances
JudyS: can't spell eather
Pamela: Hi, Mom
Frances: Hi, daughter.
Dr. D.: Hi Frances, spelling Richard?
BobS: hello Frances
RonMac: back
JudyS: hi, Frances
Frances: No, I want to ask Pam a question.
Pamela: shoot
BobS: NOW, we are going to get a tongue lashing about keeping REichard up too late
Frances: Nope
Dr. D.: Reichard, that is a laugh Bob
RonMac: I'm sure Richard is free, white and 21
Dr. D.: <clicks heels>
Frances: Pam, would you rather go shopping tomorrow after your dinner or right after work on Friday
Pamela: I can't go tomorrow, have a dinner date with Chris and Katherine
Frances: I know, you told me
Pamela: so if you'd like to go Friday, that can be arranged : )
Frances: But you said that you would finish early so I wondered.
james: dr. d, do you have a torrent for season 3? i suppose i could get off my ass and look for it, eh
Pamela: I suspect that by the time we're done it will be after 8:00 and probably too late to go to No Frills
Frances: However, Friday will be fine. Right after work?
Pamela: sure - it will probably be about 6:00 by the time I get out of work, get to the car and get to your place. We don't have to leave right away if you don't want to
Frances: Okay, call me tomorrow and we will work it out
Pamela: will do, probably when I get home from dinner, okay>
Pamela: ?
Dr. D.: I deleted the torrents, but I can get them from demonoid again I think.
Frances: Okay
Dr. D.: Rin is on the phone now, so I am being paged.
Pamela: or, if I go to walk the dog with Katherine, I could come by
BobS: Fr4ances, now you can relax and not have to travel to the hospital anymore right ???????
Frances: Okay, folks, I'm going back to what I was doing. Goodnight all
Pamela: we'll see how it goes and how late it is if that's okay with you
Pamela: goodnight, Mom
Dr. D.: nite Frances
BobS: nite Doc
Dr. D.: and I am going to go too
Pamela: Rich, are you heading out?
Frances changed username to Rich-C
Guy B.: Nite Dr. D
Dr. D.: Yes consoling Rin she sounds icky
Pamela: please tell Rin that Saturday shopping will be fine
Dr. D.: I will
Dr. D.: perfect she says
Dr. D.: okay good night all
Pamela: thank you. Get some rest and good night.
Guy B.: Guess Rich is doing better
RonMac: Nite Dr. D and eDr.
Dr. D.: And welcome back Richard
Guy B.: Rich, nice to have you back.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Guy B.: How are you doing now?
Pamela: in answer to your question Bob, yes, this means an end to the daily commute to the hospital
Rich-C: thank you - I hope it lasts
BobS: been a long haul to be sure.........]
BobS: \what do you mean....if it lasts...............
Guy B.: We missed you here.
Pamela: but she's had to trade it for cooking regular meals again
Rich-C: yes, Frances has been sterling about it, and more
BobS: you better mind your wife AND your P's and Q's and not get into the hispital again
Pamela: and your daughter : )
JudyS: and be real nice to her
Rich-C: well, I'm not well, just healed enough the hospital cannot treat me further
Pamela: did you do lots of walking today, Dad?
Rich-C: I can move only with my walker
Rich-C: and cannot sit or stand without my brace
BobS: just keep moving
JudyS: just keep up the healing and you will stay out of the hospital, people get sick in there
BobS: AND wear the brace
RonMac: Nowhere comfortable Rich?
Pamela: yeah, he came home with a cold : )
Pamela: haven't figured that one out yet
Rich-C: really have no place to walk in the house
JudyS: that is what happened with my dad, came home with something now can't get over all of it
Pamela: you should do the living room, kitchen, dining circuit Dad - like I did when I was learning to walk : )
Rich-C: but wiol work with the therapist to get my strength back
JudyS: has an infection in the knee that was just replaced
Rich-C: the walker wont quite fit gthrough the doorway areas, Pam
Pamela: erg
JudyS: so was back to the doctor Monday, reaction to the stitches in the knee
RonMac: they can be an awkward device I know. Mom had one
Pamela: real, honest-to-goodness stitches?
Rich-C: what a joy for him!
JudyS: is on about the 4th round of antibiotic
Rich-C: sheesh!
JudyS: had staples on the outside but stitches inside
Pamela: he needs some of that super duper stuff they gave Dad for the septicimia
Rich-C: knee operations are always a gamble
Pamela: sidebar: it is windy and raining like crazy - glad I'm inside
RonMac: The wind blew and the sh*t flew
JudyS: hopefully this will take care of it they picked the thing open and it is now draining, quess that is a good thing
Pamela: better out than in, Judy : )
Rich-C: your mother has to go to the dentizst tomorrow - she'll love it
Pamela: oh, charming
RonMac: charming is right
JudyS: doing the same here, Pam
Pamela: which reminds me, i have a dental appt I need to reschedule
RonMac: This getting older thing is not what it's made out to be
RonMac: I turned 63 yesterday
RonMac: make that 36
Pamela: Happy Birthday, Ron!
RonMac: thank you
JudyS: Well, Happy Birthday a day late!!!!
Rich-C: many happy returns, Ron
RonMac: :) awww
Pamela: and here I always thought you were too old for me : )
RonMac: nah!
BobS: HAPPY B-DAY RON !!!!!!!!!
JudyS: I don't think I would want to be 36 again
Rich-C: and as they say, if you dont like getting old, consider the optiion
RonMac: well, when you put it that way
JudyS: yes, there are only 2
Pamela: I wouldn't mind 36, but I wouldn't want to go back to 26
Guy B.: Happy Birthday Ron
RonMac: right
RonMac: at 26 I knew nothing
RonMac: now I'm 63 and I still know nothing
Pamela: with lots of experience : )
JudyS: it might be a better age to go back to school
Rich-C: welcome to the club
RonMac: I was 26 when i got married
RonMac: we won't go there
JudyS: but I am doing okay so far
Pamela: are you enjoying it, Judy?
JudyS: yes, I really do love it
Pamela: sheesh Ron, I was cohabitating for three years by that point
Pamela: I'm glad, Judy
Rich-C: my butt says I've been sitting in the same place too long, and my back exhoes the sentiment
JudyS: Tuesday was making appointments and the instructor asked if we would like to do this all day, I said I would, was easy
BobS: can relate to that Richard
BobS: get up and walkl about
Rich-C: so I am going to have to go move elsewhere and leave chat now
Pamela: time to move around and stretch some, Dad
Pamela: gnite Daddy, I'll either see you or talk to you tomorrow night
BobS: nite Richard...unless yo return of course
JudyS: bye, Richard, keep up the good work
RonMac: Well Rich, it's good to have you back.
Rich-C: easy toay, Pam, b ut it depends on how much it hurts - the limits are tight
Pamela: I know : )
Rich-C: anyway, great ot be back and get to chat - hope to do better next week
Guy B.: Nite Rich
RonMac: niters
BobS: tis good to have ya back
Rich-C: goodnight all
BobS: nite
JudyS: you did great tonight Richard
Rich-C: colour me gone
Rich-C left chat session
BobS: are we dumb or what !!!!!!!
BobS: was here and we didn't even guess
RonMac: took me a while
Pamela: I was practically bouncing in my chair : )
Pamela: not to mention laughing like a loon
RonMac: bad bad!
Pamela: there's a huge grin on my face now though
RonMac: I'll bet
JudyS: even so we are glad that he is home
Pamela: was an emotional day for me yesterday - first day on the job and I didn't want to be seen crying, but I called the house about 3:30, he answered the phone
JudyS: bet you are too
RonMac: that's for sure
Pamela: so I said, well that answers that question
Pamela: and when I hung up, I started to cry
JudyS: so how is the new job?
Pamela: I'll be glad to get off this emotional roller coaster.
RonMac: right, this was week one right?
Pamela: It's hard to tell Judy, I hardly did anything yesterday
james: who's left
JudyS: tell us about it
james: ok, folks are still here
Pamela: Dad, Rich and Erin have decamped, James
james: so i'll have to slum it with you guys, got it
james: he heh
JudyS: was helping Bob's sister pack up mom's clothes today
james: dad, as in your dad pam? how is he doing?
JudyS: not an easy job that is for sure
Pamela: today was better and I was given an assignment for tomorrow which should keep me from getting too bored
Pamela: He's good James - he's home, and was lurking here for about 20 minutes before anyone figured it out. I was under orders not to say anything
james: was he using the moniker lumbar1?
Pamela: yes, that was him : )
james: i should have clued into it at the time
james: duh
Pamela: that must have been rough, Judy
JudyS: I asked Bob who that was
JudyS: yeh is was
Pamela: I have never been in that position, I can't imagine how tough it must have been
JudyS: the cool thing is that mom taped herself just talking about her life, was something to hear
james: so there is a guy in osaka selling cbs colecovision carts on yahoo japan auctions
james: i'm thinking of doing likewise
james: i have a couple here i'm going to try and i might see how a full adam system fares
Pamela: I'm sure Dad has some stock he could dump on you James : )
RonMac: likewise
james: seriously, if i can make sales of it, it might be worth it
Pamela: oh, that's wonderful, Judy - that's something you'll always have
james: if we can box this stuff up and send it on the slow boat, the shipping might not kill me
Pamela: Mom would be thrilled - she might get her basement back sometime this decade
RonMac: special
JudyS: she did it for one of the granddaughters and she made copies for everyone
james: so i'm going to put up a couple of auctions and see how it goes
Pamela: James, run it by Dad and see what he says
james: has he really got that many adams down there?
Pamela: if necessary, with Russell off work right now, we can use him as slave labour for boxing stuff up
james: and while of course it's good to make a bit of money off them, it's also good that they'd be getting used
james: instead of landfilled
RonMac: slave labour? Poor Russel!
BobS: trouble is, to send an ADAM to japan woudl cost a lot
JudyS: how is Russell handling the time off?
Pamela: (Don't tell Russell I volunteered him, though)
BobS: oh OK
james: because i don't imagine your father is in any position do to heavy lifting of awkward items
BobS: makehim cook too
james: just a hunch though
JudyS: we wouldn't have thought of telling him
Pamela: he's cooking Bob, I haven't made a meal in four weeks
Pamela: oh, James, that was awful : )
james: i'm making some homework assignments, but i'm hoping to get the auctions up this afernoon
james: i suck at taking decent pictures though
Pamela: what about Miyuki? Is she better at it?
RonMac: Lighting is important James, and you need to put the cart against a background....(bristol board would do)
Pamela: and as for his stock, you'll have to ask him what he's got, he has a pretty good idea
james: yeah, i've done that
james: for some reason though i couldn't get a very sharp pic from my digital camera. going to try again today. it may have been that the lighting was too low
Pamela: try shooting as close to at level as possible James, and you might want to try using a film camera instead
james: i'm also working on a layout for the auctions, which is taking some time. i'd like the presentation to be somewhat professional
james: film..
james: no way
Pamela: remember that?
RonMac: What kind of lighting were you using?
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james: i'm not waiting three days and spending money on rolls of film and development for something i'm going to have to scan
Pamela: Hi, Bair!
james: a 60 watt incandescent ;) i'm going to try today with something a wee bit better
JudyS: hi, Bair
BobS: HI Bob !!!!!!
Pamela: get the pics on CD
RonMac: yeah, try 250 watt
james: is halogen ok?
bair<undefined>: hay lost the address to log on but I got here
james: i've got a decent halogen worklamp
RonMac: and see if you can get a reflector of some sort to aim the light toward the subject
Pamela: just follow the adamcon signs, Bob : )
RonMac: never tried halogen, but it's brighter is it not?
BobS: wiloe you were gone, porr ol Rich Clee had a long hospital stay for bad back strain and leg circulation problems
james: yeah, going to play with it a bit this afternoon
james: the carts will sell. not sure about the adams. i think they will though
Pamela: I think halogen light may be more concentrated James - play with it and see what you get. And if you can, get "bright white" bulbs which will help cut the yellow cast
RonMac: worth a try. I shall watch with interest. I have 5 of them
Pamela: are you going to keep any of them, Ron?
RonMac: have one that I use in addition to the 5
james: i'll post the auction links
Pamela: ah
RonMac: might keep one extra, so that would be 4
james: they'll be in japanese, unfortunately, but you'll be able to view them
RonMac: right
james: i'd still like to keep one adam for personal use
james: the other thing is if i fire up my emulator and roms, then it'll be easy to get screenshots of the games too
james: rather than taking a pic of the tv
Pamela: James, how do you get Japanese characters? Do you have a separate Japanese system, or a program which writes in Japanese?
james: winxp has japanese support
james: there's an ime (input method) that takes romanized input, converts to to kana/kanji. in the case of hononyms, you select the appropriate kanji from a dropdown list
Pamela: cool!
james: previously i'd been using japanese versions of win98, win2k etc. same principle though
james: it's much the same for chinese and korean
james: not that i type in either
Pamela: but ya gotta be able to read both languages then
james: yes
james: kids here learn romanized japanese in the 4th grade for using computers
Pamela: neat. I'd never considered that before
james: unfortunately, it's rather detrimental to english learning
james: so anyway, if these sales go, i may be able to help everyone offload some surplus
RonMac: they'd have to unlearn what the learned for the computers?
james: well they have to learn that romanized japanese and the associated pronunciations are *not* english
RonMac: right
james: which is why i like to get them early before the schools go and screw them up
Pamela: I hve a whole load of questions now, which I'll have to save for another night
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night. See you all next week
Pamela: see, you do learn something new every day : )
james: the amount of.. bovine excrement that i've put up with from the junior highschools is ridiculous
BobS: well kids, got to go here am falling asleep myself...........
Pamela: gnite Guy
james: ok bob!
james: bye guy!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
BobS: so good night and have fun this coming week eh ???????
RonMac: nite Guy
JudyS: night Guy and I am going to call it a night also, so night all
Pamela: gnite, Bob and Judy
BobS: we'll send you some of our snow Ron
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and one dog too.
RonMac: how good of you Bob
Pamela: (PRIVATE) : )
Guy B.: Poof
JudyS left chat session
BobS: here it comes !!!!!!!
james: english teachers that can't speak the language telling my students to use the japanized pronunciation that i take so many pains to fix
Guy B. left chat session
james: because they can't understand natural spoken english.. yet they're teaching it
BobS: SPLAT !!!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Pamela: did that hurt, Ron? : )
Pamela: Bair, how is your weather - are you getting the same stuff as Guy?
Pamela: (Ron is busy wiping the snowball off his face)
RonMac: there was a rock in that snow
bair<undefined>: oh yea it is just as bad here
RonMac: Hi Bair!
bair<undefined>: hey been a long time
Pamela: we've been lucky in Toronto - it's raining, but no snow and none projected
bair<undefined>: I can't type as fast as the rest of you
Pamela: however it's windy, and as a result it's drafty back here
Pamela: don't worry about your typing Bair, James and I are the only touch typists
RonMac: Cool out here and windy
james: ron doesn't touch type?
james: that surprises em
james: *me
Pamela: I don't think so - do you, Ron?
bair<undefined>: we are going to skip summer this year
RonMac: 40 wpm flat out
Pamela: I'm going to remind you of that around the end of July, Bair : )
bair<undefined>: thank you
Pamela: pardon me, I stand corrected (or sit, as the case may be)
RonMac: yes, I touch type
bair<undefined>: I still hunt and peck
RonMac: was the one skill that Transport Canada gave me
james: i'd still love it if i could hook up an adam keyboard to a pc
james: has that actually been done?
Pamela: yes, Dad uses the "seek and ye shall find - eventually" method too
Pamela: at least on a computer; but he's a wizard with an old fashioned typewriter
bair<undefined>: sound good
RonMac: Anybody ever tried going back to a mechanical typewriter?
bair<undefined>: I can't use either
Pamela: you can never go back, Ron
Pamela: you seem to be doing fine so far, Bair
RonMac: well I have one of those late 40's Underwoods here. My fingers have to travel downward about 2 inches to get a letter
RonMac: really feels wierd
RonMac: But I can do it
Pamela: me, I'm best friends with the backspace key
bair<undefined>: well I try my best
RonMac: and that, Mr. Bair, is all that can be expected
Pamela: absolutely
james: i used a mechanical typewriter a bit in highschool
james: learned on electronic ones though
bair<undefined>: when you are 60 it slows you down
Pamela: I learned to type on one - which might explain why I barely passed my typing class
james: i imagine quite a few things would slow one down at 60 (not a dig)
RonMac: Where I really learned to type was copying verbatim transmissions from ships at sea. We had no taped logs in those days
bair<undefined>: but at least I don't have to work any more
james: that would require a bit of speed for sure
james: indeed
RonMac: oh yeah
james: each in their time
Pamela: I finally got up to speed typing corporate minute books back in high school - it was my first job
RonMac: that would do it
bair<undefined>: are they still having adam cons
james: yes
james: there is one in july in ottawa
RonMac: well, yes Bob, but this year we're not sure when
Pamela: yup - we're supposed to be in Ottawa this year
james: neil wick is organizing it
james: i thnk
Pamela: we hope
james: i'd like to make it to that one and my father's 60th
james: now that my new school is poised to break even, i may reconsider a short visit
RonMac: July? Did somebody actually here that?
Pamela: when is your dad's birthday, James?
james: july 29th
RonMac: OH?
james: up to a few weeks ago i'd dropped the notion, but things have turned around a bit
Pamela: so, if we planned the con for the weekend of the 22nd that would work for you?
RonMac: sorry..... was thinking about the wrong question
james: it might, assuming i can go over at all
james: i wouldn't plan it around me
james: but of course if i'm in town, i'd make it a point to at least drop by
james: i'd really like to
Pamela: I think that might be the weekend we were aiming for - I sort of suggested it when Neil last appeared
Pamela: it would be so cool if you could make it James
Pamela: Bair, how does that timing work for you?
RonMac: yes
james: i don't think i'd stay at whatever venue it's at, but i'd definitely like to sit in during the day where possible
bair<undefined>: oh I can't ride any more
Pamela: well first we have to get it organized, and we haven't heard anything from Neil yet
bair<undefined>: not that far
Pamela: well that sucks, Bob
RonMac: I'm in Ottawa May 2 - 10th, I will make a point of getting in touch
Pamela: touch, hell - whack him on the noggin
RonMac: something like that
bair<undefined>: that could hurt
Pamela: figuratively, Bob
Pamela: you'll have to let us know if you're successful, Ron
james: if i were actually in ottawa i'd be more than happy to host it
bair<undefined>: well I have to go I maybe I can make it earlier next week
james: you know where we should have it ron..
Pamela: don't forget, Bob - we miss you when you're not here
RonMac: good to see ya here Bob
bair<undefined> left chat session
james: what's the place downtown where we had the aufg meetings?
james: all two or three of them i attended that is :D
RonMac: Um...... now let me think
james: hmm.. don't think there was much there in the way of accomodations though
Pamela: if it's a downtown hotel, it's probably out of our price range, James
RonMac: A Community Centre ..... but where?
james: yeah.. that's what i remember but beyond that i draw a blank
RonMac: no, definately not.
james: if i do a canada trip next march, i may have the kids stay in the jail downtown
RonMac: Only cost us 10 bucks a night. As I recall it was Ottawa south I think
RonMac: Ottawa South Community Centre.... somewhere near Billings Bridge
james: that could very well be it
Pamela: that's pretty good Ron - how long has it been?
RonMac: seem to recall we went to a Harvey's after the meetings, that was right across from the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre
james: 33-14=
james: 19 years
james: thereabouts anyway
RonMac: We stopped meeting there in 1993. Last year of meetings was held at my place
RonMac: because there were only about 6 of us
Pamela: wow James
RonMac: mathematician
RonMac: I'm still hoping I can persuade 2 or 3 Adamites in Ottawa to be there
RonMac: and Tony Morehen I believe is going to be there
Pamela: so I may get to meet some of these oldtimers that I've heard so much about : )
RonMac: John Krzyzanowski, Doug Paterson, and Bill MacPherson
Pamela: and Guy Cousineau?
RonMac: He's moved to PEI with Agriculture Canada. No longer in the Ottawa Area
Pamela: aw. Can you imagine, if all of them showed up we'd have three Guy
Pamela: s
RonMac: yes
Pamela: we'll have to start assigning nicknames to keep the straigh
Pamela: them straight
Pamela: sheesh, I'm starting to type like Dad
RonMac: But if I'm going to ask these guys to come, I need to be able to tell them when
Pamela: Understood
RonMac: Starting to get dark here
Pamela: since I'm missing letters, I think it's time I packed it in. Can we continue this next week?
RonMac: absolutely. Think I'll call it a night too
RonMac: since it is just about
Pamela: 11:30
Pamela: and I have to be up at 6:15
RonMac: Keep me in the picture on your sales efforts James
james: i should get a bit of work done here
RonMac: work.... hah.... 4 letter word
james: will do. i'll post to the mailing list
RonMac: tks sir
Pamela: sounds good. I'm for bed, guys.
james: agreed.. however i'm a few years away from retirement yet
RonMac: yes, just a few
RonMac: so G'nite all
james: 'tis my current station in life
james: nite!
Pamela: nite
RonMac: dirty job but somebody has to do it
RonMac: nite
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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