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YoGuy: Hmmmm, not many people. Hi Guy!
Guy B.: Guy, how's the family?
YoGuy: Awesome, might even be expanding soon...
YoGuy: How's everything in Chicagoland?
Guy B.: Don't tell me Sandra is pregnant?
YoGuy: Could be. ;)
Guy B.: Boy, you going to have your hands full with two.
YoGuy: Haha, we want 5!!!
Guy B.: My cousin has 4. Three girls and one boy. They were wanted only two, but kept trying for a boy. They got it. He's now 11
YoGuy: Yep, I definitely want at least 1 boy... Girls are awesome, BUT a family needs a man to carry the name.
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changed username to BobS
YoGuy: Yo Bob!
BobS: YoGuy...........what the heck is that ??????
Guy B.: Yep, definitely want to carry the family name.
BobS: hi kids
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Take a guess who it is?
BobS: we into o's tonight?
YoGuy: Nope, we're into Yo's!
BobS: either Richard or GuyF
BobS: I side with GuyF
Guy B.: The latter is right
YoGuy: Good guess.
BobS: not the former, eh ?
BobS: :-)
Guy B.: Tell Bob the news, Guy.
BobS: speak now or forever
BobS: \you knoew
YoGuy: Ahh, it ain't confirmed yet, but the family might be expanding, more on that in upcoming weeks.
BobS: COOL. but you ar enot sure............and you are the father.......
Guy B.: He's going to have his hands really full now.
YoGuy: Actually, we are sure, we just want to get an ultrasound done.
BobS: cool congratulations to both you and Sandra and baby
BobS: can't remember the firstbolrn name at the moment
YoGuy: Thanks... but the first 3 months are the most critical, and having lost a baby in the past in that time frame, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Guy B.: How's the house hunting coming?
YoGuy: I bought a house. Submitted all the papers, etc to the bank for mortgage approval.
YoGuy: Should get an answer Friday or Monday at the latest.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Very good. How many rooms?
Guy B.: HI Daniel
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
YoGuy: It has 3 rooms on the main level and 1 room in the basement, the basement is totally finished with a kitchen, bathroom, bar and fireplace.
BobS: allo baby..........
Judy: Hi, everyone
Guy B.: Oh wow. Send us photos when you're all moved in.
BobS: COOL, when shall we come visit Guy???????
Daniel Bienvenu: Any news from Neil?
YoGuy: This is the house I bought, pending of course mortgage approval:
BobS: I have none......................................
Guy B.: Haven't heard anything Daniel.
YoGuy: Yes, definitely, if we ever have an Adamcon in Montreal, you guys are more than welcome to spend time over.
Guy B.: That's one city I would love to visit sometime.
BobS: AND a pool also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
YoGuy: A Pool? That was the main requirement! ;) The front of the house is white brick, it looks weird on the pic, but very nice in person.
Guy B.: Now, if we get Ottawa done.
YoGuy: Yeah, Ottawa! When is it? Any details? I haven't seen any of you guys since the last Adamcon, except for Daniel which I saw a few months later.
BobS: one sweet looking house Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: you guys HAVE to look
Daniel Bienvenu: C'est une joli maison, Guy.
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changed username to Yogi
BobS: sehr gut, ya ????????
BobS: YOGI BEAR !!!!!!!
Yogi: Sorry guys, wireless connection dropped.. happens once in a while.
Guy B.: Did he get dumped?
BobS: ok we will forgive
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Yogi: I lost everything after the comment someone made about the Ottawa Adamcon.
changed username to Pamela
BobS: oh oh
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Judy: Hi, Pam
Yogi: Yo Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Pamela: Hello everyone
BobS: one sweet looking house Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: jolie maison
Pamela: Gui, did you find a house?
Daniel Bienvenu: with a swimming pool... nice
Yogi: Thanks BobS. Pictures do not do it justice AT ALL. It's much sweeter in person.
BobS: but you don't know IF the bank will accept it ? or the owners accept the offer ???
Yogi: Pam: Yep, awaiting mortgage approval, crossing my fingers. My mortgage specialist told me I was fine. My ratio of debt/earnings is good and my credit rating is great. Just need to get it approved officially.
Judy: looks very nice,
Pamela: woo hoo!
Yogi: Owners accepted the offer, pending for the bank.
BobS: ok,,,,,,makes sense
BobS: tell her Guy........................................................................
Pamela: so, tell all : )
Yogi: Hahaha.... family might be expanding soon. It's till very early, so I don't want to get excited because I've been disappointed in the past, but yeah, she's pregnant.
Pamela: OMG!
Pamela: already, Tamara's only what, seven months old?
Yogi: Well, got to get the ball rolling, I'm 34!!! Started late, and I want 5 of them at least.
Yogi: Yeah, Tamara is 6.5 - 7 months around.
Pamela: have you told Sandra this yet???
Yogi: About the 5? Yep, the more the merrier for her!!!
Yogi: More realistically though, it might end up being 2 or 3. :D
Judy: yes, then you do have to hurry
Pamela: too bad you couldn't work twins in there, get a two for one pregnancy : )
Yogi: Yeah, artificial insemination and ovulation pills give you good chances of getting twins.
Pamela: is her doctor okay with her getting pregnant this soon after the first one?
Yogi: Hmm, not sure, she hasn't gone yet to the doctor... she will next week.
Yogi: Pam: How's the new job???
Judy: don't think the doctor will say anything about that
Pamela: new job is going well, it's been hectic all week. Everyone is telling me it's not usually this bad, but I have a feeling they're lying to me to make me feel better : )
Yogi: haha, what is it you do again?
Pamela: there have been days when I've said OMG, what have I done??
Judy: that is good, I think, Pam
Pamela: Insurance assistant is the official title
Judy: School is going good also
Judy: I really do enjoy it
Yogi: Pamela: Oooh, nice, sounds like a high up exec job!!!
Pamela: it's admin for the US Primary Casualty unit of Marsh Canada Ltd.
Yogi: Is that a gov't job?
Pamela: Marsh is the largest insurance broker in the country, and one of the largest in the world
Yogi: Never heard of them in Quebec.
Pamela: we have an office in Montreal : )
Yogi: Perhaps they don't deal with the general public
Yogi: ?
Pamela: but it's mainly for commercial lines of insurance, not personal lines
Yogi: there you go
Yogi: Do you have to dress up for that job?
Pamela: well, a little more formal than my old one - I have been wearing a lot of blazers
Yogi: Oh OK, so Jeans are probably a no-no.
Yogi: Formal-Casual.
Pamela: but the underlying standby of dress pants and a sweater is the same. Jeans only on Fridays, and only during the summer, and only if you pay for the privilige
Yogi: Daniel has a cool job, he doesn't even have to put on any type of clothing to go to work, he can do it in the nude, he works from home!
Pamela: didn't we have this conversation last week? Something about boxers?
Judy: don't think I want to think about that!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I wearing always something...
Yogi: Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: yep
Yogi: Hahaha, yeah, next subject...
Pamela: otherwise known as too much information : )
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not because I'm not talking that means I'm not there.
Pamela: Gui, tell me about the house - I missed the description
Yogi: Hmm, how is Rich?
Pamela: and Judy, what courses do you like the most?
Judy: only taking one right now Automated Medical
Pamela: re Dad, he's back in the hospital temporarily. Don't freak, it's mostly unrelated to the first visit.
BobS: go here and check it out ..........
Judy: it is really easy, no test
BobS: WHAAAAAT ??????????????????????????????
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: HI Ron
Pamela: He was having trouble with edema, and came home with a cold after which he developed bronchitis, and his A-Fib is acting up
BobS: so now what is happening......?
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ronald: Hey all
Judy: Hi, Ron
BobS: hey Ron
Guy B.: Just when he was getting back on the road to recovery.
BobS: what's edema?
Ronald: carry on Pam
Pamela: Saturday night he was coughing a lot, and his ankles were really swollen, and when they took his BP, discovered his pulse was really high. He was feeling lousy so decided to go to the hospital.
Guy B.: Good thing Pam
Pamela: edema = water retention
Guy B.: Is he still there?
BobS: bummer
Ronald: fer sure
Pamela: he's still in, will be there till Friday. He's doing much better - was walking miles in the corridors today which is good. His cough has settled down and they're fine tuning his heart meds to get the heartbeat settled down.
Ronald: good
BobS: good, that is GOOD news
Judy: that is good to hear
Pamela: they dosed him with Lasix, which is a high powered diuretic and all the water came off in about 24 hours
Pamela: you don't want to know what he was saying about that : )
Ronald: don't expect so
Ronald: but he must feel a whole lot better
Pamela: anyway, they probably would have sprung him tomorrow, but he has an appointment with the fracture clinic on Friday morning anyway so assuming everything goes as expected with that, he'll be released immediately afterward.
Ronald: listen folks, I hate to do this to you but I have to cut and run. Just wanted to let you know, that I probably won't be around for the next 2 Wednesdays
Pamela: He said "tell everyone to consider it a "tune up" : )
Ronald: Headed out on a bowling trip next week, then the week after to Ottawa for a 50th anniversary high school reunion
Pamela: where ya goin, Ron?
Yogi: dontcha love retirement!!!?
Ronald: going to try to get hold of Neil while I'm there and see if we can't get a date
Pamela: wow, sounds like fun, Ron
Ronald: oh yeah.... love it
Pamela: even if you can't get on, see if you can fire us an e-mail if you get ahold of Neil and get a date nailed down
Judy: have a great time, Ron, drive carefully
Guy B.: While you're there, maybe you can find Neil and see about the dates.
Ronald: yup that's my intent Pam
Pamela: that would be wonderful, Ron : )
Pamela: I hope you have a great time. Where is the bowling trip?
Ronald: so Hate to love ya and leave ya...but I'll be in touch if I can from wherever my lap comes to rest
Ronald: Osoyoos - about an 8 hour drive east from Vancouver, but still in BC
Ronald: then up to Penticton and to Vernon and then back
Pamela: wow. Have a great time, and we'll miss you.
BobS: well have FUN Ron
BobS: and be good
Ronald: thanks all..... see ya's later hopefully with some news
Ronald: nite
Pamela: nite!
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Guy B.: Nite Ron
Pamela: ay yi yi, I'm so distracted tonite. So, we've settled the house issue, which I'll look at shortly. So Judy, what exactly is Automated Medical?
Judy: making appointments, billing, insurance billing, that sort of thing
Pamela: ahhh
Judy: that is the sort of things I would like to do
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
Pamela: this is a program, or a type of program?
Pamela: Gui, you'd better hope you have twins - you only have four bedrooms!
Pamela: nice house
Daniel Bienvenu: jolie maison en effet
Pamela: do the appliances come with it?
Pamela: oui, Daniel
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changed username to Judy S
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back Judy
Guy B.: You too Judy?
Judy S: my battery died
Daniel Bienvenu: mes condoléances pour tes piles mortes.
Pamela: ah, a good reason for getting dumped ( as opposed to Dad's mystery button)
Pamela requested to ban Judy
Judy S: but it is a new battery just said that I had 70% left
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: oh, not so good then
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy S: very true
Guy B.: Ok, I need you guys opinion. I'm thinking about creating a newsletter for the Adam Emulator and utilities. Think there is a need for one?
Daniel Bienvenu: my mother have fun with emails and I tried to teach her how to use the messenger.
Daniel Bienvenu: she used messenger four times... two times to tell me the dinner is ready.
Pamela: Guy, how many people actually have the emulator at this point?
Daniel Bienvenu: she uses my laptop to not have to uses the stairs.
Pamela: smart Mama : )
Daniel Bienvenu: everyday, four times a day, she looks for emails.
Daniel Bienvenu: she like using emails to write to her brothers and sisters, but also to send them pictures she took during the week-end.
Pamela: GUY! Wake up
Judy S: she just needs more people to email her, than she could get emails four times a day
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, she can't use the dvd player or the vhs, but she can use hotmail and msn.
Pamela: just make sure she has a good spam filter, Daniel
Pamela: today the computer, tomorrow the world : )
Judy S: you have to start somewhere
Guy B.: I'm here.
Pamela: did you catch my question?
Guy B.: That's a good question. I know most of us do, but like your dad. He gets lost on it.
Pamela: so is your aim with the newsletter to get more users of the emulator, or to educate the ones who already have it?
Daniel Bienvenu: no worries about spam, the hotmail filter did a good job and she open only emails from her brothers and sisters. each week she receive powerpoint files from her brother, sometimes with funny stuff like one named "he compare" (itialian song about comparing the sound of music instruments), sometimes with spiritual pictures... life and death...
Guy B.: Actually, it can be both. Thought it would help for those using it or having trouble how to run it and those who want to get a better understanding of both the emulator and the utilities.
Pamela: may I suggest then, that instead of a news letter, that you post information and or tips on your website on a regular basis and send an e-mail with a link to the site.
BobS: I like your suggestion Pamela
Pamela: That way, you're not putting yourself under the gun to produce something every week, and past information will still be available for those who need it
Daniel Bienvenu: she realize that one of her nephew added her to his msn list, and sometimes she chat with him... but only if my sister types for her... msn is running too fast for her, I suppose.
Pamela: and, people will not receive unwieldy e-mails (for those of us still on dialup)
Pamela: finally, it will be more accessible to those of us who have a tendency to delete first and ask questions later (like me)
Pamela: Daniel, just remind her that the more she types, the better she will get at it
Pamela: speaking of which, wow, I've done a lot of typing tonite
Pamela: that's my opinion, Guy - what do you think?
Daniel Bienvenu: one time, she left the computer open an hour. when she came back, the bettery was fine but our cat was sitting on the keyboard because of the heat.
Pamela: now there's a vision I can see clearly : )
Pamela: brb
Guy B.: Pam, I'm creating a e-mail message for the list to everyone. What I'm thinking is I create the newsletter with OpenOffice and saving it as a PDF file for everyone to download from my website. There will be a seperate page for this.
Guy B.: Then you can view it through Adobe Reader and print it out for reference.
Pamela: remember, not everyone has adobe, either Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I did my latest coleco documentations with OpenOffice and put them in pdf format on my web site. pdf format is more popular than odt.
Guy B.: It's free Pam and you can download the program from Adobe's website, but I can save it as a Word document.
Pamela: not until I get my new computer - this one won't let me download anything new : (
Judy S: is it full-up?
Pamela: No, but the virtual memory manager thinks it is : )
Pamela: stupid Microsoft
Judy S: sometimes they have a mind of their own
Pamela: ya got that right
Guy B.: Beginning to wonder about that too.
Pamela: anyway folks, I still have some stuff to do and only half an hour before bedtime, so it's time I departed for the evening
Pamela: for once, i plan to go to bed at a reasonable hour
Pamela: (as Mom would say, Famous Last Words)
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe it's off-topic but I use C.Cleaner (C it's for the word crap). I'm still using adaware. I also use spybot sometimes. and the antivirus free-avg
BobS: and here too Pam.....I am almost falling asleep as I sit here..........must have been the early wakeup call of 7am
Judy S: night Pam hope this next week is easier for you at work, and say hi and get well to your dad for us
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous, je dois aussi y aller. à la semaine prochaine.
Pamela: thanks Judy - I hope it's all downhill from here at work. I will say hi to Dad
Guy B.: Night Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: good night all, I have to go too. talk to you next week.
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Pamela: Gnite Bob and Judy
Pamela: Gnite, Daniel
Guy B.: Night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to Neil
Judy S: night all, until next week
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you : )
Pamela: bonsoir!
Pamela: kerpoof
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie does too.
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: I'm off too. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
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