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Guy B.: HI Rich, that you?
back-again: evening, Guy - you're early tonoight
Guy B.: Been on for the last 20 minutes
back-again: yep, wasn't intending to hide, in fact quite the reverse
Guy B.: How are you doing?
back-again: well, as you might expect, my mobility is limited, but basically full of spit and vinegar
back-again: how come you came in so far ahead of chat time?
Guy B.: Well, at least you're home.
back-again: yes, and this time I hope to make it stick
back-again: my cold persists but it doesn't seem to be setting off my heart
Guy B.: I'm done with overtime and since there isn't much of anything on tonight. Might as well catch up with the e-mails.
back-again: ah, you mean you are actually free to enjoy your own time - what a concept
Guy B.: Yes, at last. Just had my performance review last week. In fact, everyone in the company is having theirs this week and next.
back-again: just got offered an update to my Java -if you get the offer, don't take it
Guy B.: WinXp I had to. Windows 98 I have the latest one.
back-again: you'll find it makes Spaniel Chat dump you at the entry screen\
back-again: I took it and ;ost chat - deleted it and everything was fine
back-again: I sent an email to Dale about it, but no response
Guy B.: Oh really? You could download the last good one. But, why would that kick you out?
back-again: well, the 1.6 version got me dumped, reverting to the 1.5 left me fine - go figure
Guy B.: Maybe Dale may have to upgrade to the latest version.
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back-again: yes - if there is one. Is it still supported?
Guy B.: Should be.
changed username to Judy
back-again: hello Judy - whre's the old man?
Guy B.: Hi Judy, Bob coming on?
Judy: Hi, Back-again and Guy
Judy: Bob is sitting here working on something
back-again: I am not sure Spaniel ever became especially salable
back-again: I have never seen it anywhere else - the popular one now is, it's everywhere
Guy B.: If Java is going to get updated more often. Then Dale will need to keep up with the updates, so we won't have any problems.
back-again: and, as far as I know, it's free
back-again: quite - I saved the error message to send to him should he express interest
Judy: yes, he is writing a couple of letters, he will be able to tell you about it
back-again: sounds like they might be interesting, then
back-again: anything new on the job scene? rmember I've been away
Judy: not good but then you have to take what you get
Judy: he got notice from his 8 hour a week job
back-again: these days in Michigan I gather getting anything is good news
back-again: bummer
back-again: hours are hours, cash is cash, they do matter
Judy: he has the afternoon job, but the morning one found out about the other one
back-again: and they actually cared about that? why?
Judy: and was not acceptable to them that he was working elsewhere even though that is what they suggested in the begining a year ago
back-again: such nice people
Judy: because he wasn't at their bec and call
Guy B.: That's really odd. Why did they now say something about it?
Judy: who knows
Judy: they are jerks
Guy B.: So, what did he do?
back-again: especially since he was only doing eight hours in the first place
Guy B.: Exactly
back-again: hey, they could have had him for three times that if it mattered
Judy: he is resigning right away instead of training others to do his job
Judy: very true
Guy B.: Bet he wasn't happy about that.
back-again: not Bob's usual way of doing things - but then few folks play dirty with him, either
Judy: I think he was releaved that it finally happened he was expecting it for a while
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: good evening
back-again: sounds like the company might be a bit stretched financially
Judy: hi Pam
back-again: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi DAd
Pamela: and may I just say "groan"
back-again: why? don't like my handle for the evening?
Judy: that could be, the person in charge is the son of the owner and is in way over his head
Pamela: bad pun, Dad
Guy B.: I have a new photo of Annie and I. Taken yesterday at PetsMart's 20th birthday celebration.
Pamela: cool, Guy
back-again: going to post it on your website, Guy?
Pamela: brb, gotta get socks - it's chilly back here
Guy B.: I have to show it to my friends at work and Jeanene wants to see it too. Then I'll scan it and put it up.
back-again: chilly here too - even thouhg I'm in a small room with a big computer, I need my heavy sweater
Guy B.: She got a goody bag of sample treats and coupons for me.
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changed username to BoBS
BoBS changed username to BobS
Guy B.: There he is. He Bob
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: OK yous guys and galls
BobS: gals
back-again: that's the trouble with this variable weather - keeping your house ready for the swings
back-again: greetings, Roberto
Guy B.: Raining again out here, but we will have a nice weekend.
BobS: open the doors, shut the doors.......not hard Richard
Pamela: there, that's better - toesty toes
BobS: home again
BobS: and loving it, eh ?
Pamela: Hi, Bob
back-again: we are looking at intermittent rain next three days, the paper says
BobS: hi Pam
BobS: yup we are also looking at rain UNTIL Sat
back-again: yes, it is definitely a massive relief, Bob
BobS: and HOW are you doing now????
BobS: therapy in house ?
Judy: we are too, but the rain is supposed to end Saturday
Pamela: how are you doing Dad, didn't get a chance to call Monday or Tuesday
Judy: how is the back?
BobS: so Doug and Meeka have us lined up for work at their house
back-again: well still use the walker or cruising to get around the house, but only need the brace to go outside
BobS: just TAKE IT EASY mon
Judy: sounds good
BobS: and tell Frances how much you love her and appreciate her
back-again: can drive the van; took Frances shopping yesterday and accompanied her around the store
Judy: that sounds even better
back-again: my standing endurance is very short, but walking I can do a couple of average blocks
BobS: would be normal I spect.........standing is HARD work
back-again: sitting depends on the chair - the computer chair I'm using now tires my back quickly
Judy: I now have certification in The Automated Medical Office
BobS: I can be on my feet all day also, but standing has always been a real pain for me
Judy: doesn't that sound impressive
back-again: hey, good on you, Judy - well done
BobS: well, change chairs man
Judy: is a step in the right direction
BobS: my school girl...........................................................
back-again: not so easy - I do have to be able to read the screen and reach the keyboard
BobS: anybody heard anything from Neil ?
BobS: laptop Richard ??????
BobS: put the laptop on a tv tray........
BobS: mayhbe? ?????
back-again: not a word, nor from Dale either re the new Java update (Spaniel won't work with it)
BobS: oops........
BobS: better not download and install, eh?
back-again: thought of that, Bob, but the geometry is wrong. Besides, Frances often neds the laptop for house business
back-again: yes, I dopwnloaded and installed 1.6 but had to delete it and revert to 1.5 to get on here
back-again: hey Pam, where has Rin got to?
Pamela: dunno, said she'd be on tonite when I saw her earlier
back-again: likely she and Rich are having their own preliminary chat
back-again: if so we should see them soon
back-again: I gather that we are unlikely to see Ron, though
Pamela: she had a busy day, may be she's already in bed
Pamela: she went to bed at 8:00 last week
back-again: great heavens! what time is she having to get up?
BobS: no ron is enjoying his retirement and having fun
BobS: a class reunion in Ottawa after some gadding about
back-again: that is what one is suppoed to do with retirement
Pamela: about 5:30 I think
Pamela: I think Ron said a bowling tour this week and his class reunion next week
back-again: what is the Legislature doing that rquires those hours?
Pamela: although while in Ottawa, he plans to try to reach Neil
Judy: that sounds like an awful time to get up in the morning
back-again: let's hope he meets with a little success
BobS: THAT was it.......bowling
Judy: Pam, how is the job going?
Pamela: you probably know better than I, Dad - I'm not reading the papers much
Pamela: really busy, Judy
BobS: but you like it ?
Pamela: but good - challenging. I now know more than I ever expected to about merging documents
BobS: :-)
Judy: good for you
back-again: she prints out spreadsheets too
Pamela: I just finished one project yesterday and got started on a second today which will take me all of tomorrow as well
back-again: my daughter the computer whiz ; - )
Judy: next week I start my anatomy class, now really looking forward to that one
Pamela: I've taken to ignoring my e-mail already
back-again: yes, if you run into trouble, just drop Rich an email
BobS: Ricard, just checked and I amusing 1.5 still........I think I got the message that 1.6 was available, but I was busy and said GET OTTA HERE
BobS: good thing I did, eh ?
back-again: don't do that, Pam, we might send you one
back-again: if you didn't, on my experience, you wouldn't be here, Bob
Pamela: well not totally, but if it doesn't relate to what I'm caught up in at the time, I'll put it on the back burner
back-again: I have some expereince in that strategy, Pam ;-0
BobS: wierd.......but if you notice, we are using a different [or fresh load] of Spaniel........the actions menu is plain vanilla again
Pamela: you're right, Bob - I didn't notice : )
back-again: haven't been into that the last few times on
back-again: for all I know Dale got my message and acted on it, just never mentioned it to anyone
BobS: could be, who knows
back-again: so the thing may now work just fine with 1.6 - it will have to eventually anyway
BobS: this is version 2 beta 2.......just what that means I don't know. Don't know what we were using...... :-)
back-again: quite - the "about" box has no dates in it - may have been posted four years ago ; - )
BobS: noticed that
back-again: wonder shere our Quebecois friends are tonight?
BobS: probably partying
BobS: Guy is checking out his new house !!!!!!
Pamela: maybe moving : )
BobS: speaking of which, wondering if all went well for them
back-again: interestingly, there's a weekly feature in the Star that picks a house and reports what it sold for
Pamela: I was hoping we'd find out tonite
BobS: and
Judy: was his house in it?
back-again: this week the house went for $259,000, in an older and less than upscale part of Toronto
back-again: the house is on a 20 x 100 fott lot and has one bedroom - and is far from new
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Pamela: hi Daniel
BobS: Hi Daniel
Judy: that sounds a little high for that kind of house
Judy: hi, Daniel
back-again: salut, Daniel!
BobS: a "little" high ???????
Daniel Bienvenu: back-again?... des problèmes?
back-again: not in the Toronto real estate market these days
BobS: yousers!!!!!!!!!
Judy: good thing we don't live there
BobS: we couldn't afford it
back-again: no, rather the problems have eased enough to let me come back home again
back-again: if our house burned down, the hole in the ground would sell for ~400,000
BobS: AND Richard is ON THE ROAD to recovery this time
back-again: let us devoutly hope so, Bob - I am feeling improvement each day
BobS: the house brings the price down because they bulldoze it to builod a new tall one ?????
Pamela: echoing that
back-again: you got it, Bob
BobS: well, when you want to move to a retirement home, light it on fire man
BobS: price will go up
Judy: that doesn't sound like a good idea, Bob
back-again: I will have some trouble tomorrow as it will rain and I might not get in my daily walk
Judy: can you go to the local mall?
BobS: go early or when it is not raining, park inhandicapped spot near door and stay untile rain subsides
back-again: suppose I could, but Frances would need to come too, to load the walker in and out of the van
BobS: she can shop whilest you walk
Judy: or walk with you
back-again: she has to see the dermatologist tomorrow and I will take her over there if possible
back-again: but I will stay in the car and snooze or read - too many stairs in the building
Judy: they don't have an elevator?
back-again: yes, but the entry is on a split level so one must go up or down stairs to get to it
BobS: well that sucks...........
BobS: elevator but stairs to get there.....STUPID
Judy: that is the pits
back-again: actually come to think of it, there is a handicap entrance in the rear that does it, but it's awkward
Judy: that was designed by a genius
Pamela: where's this, Dad?
back-again: and from the HC door to the doctor's office is diagonally across the whole building ;-(
back-again: 250 Lawrence, Pam, the building east of Dr. Santo
Pamela: that's what I thought
BobS: exercise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: what a concept
BobS: it's settled then........
BobS: see, you just have to ask Richard, and we come thru for you
Judy: and solve all your problems
back-again: oops! am I still on?
back-again: yep, seems so
Pamela: still here, Dada
Pamela: oops, Dad : )
Judy: did you think that you got dumped
back-again: thought it possible - a line I typed didn't print - but I didnt check it first
back-again: maybe my cursor just went wandering
Judy: that does happen
Pamela: Hey Dad, when I see you next, remind me to bring along the newest FBorFW book - there's a cartoon in there you ahve to see : )
back-again: OK - I got a survey from the Star today asking about my most and last favoutie Saturday comics
back-again: guess which was most favourite?
Pamela: and what will you say is your most favourite?
Pamela: Hmmm
Pamela: I wonder
Pamela: so, that's a no brainer. What was your least?
back-again: I don't think you have had much trouble figuring that out - though Doonesbury was a close runner-up
back-again: get fuzzy - I think it's idiotic
Pamela: never heard of it
Pamela: but again, I don't read the paper
back-again: consider yourself lucky - if enough others share my feelings, you never will
back-again: they should buy the rights to reprint the whole historic Lil' Abner series instead
Pamela: but how topical would that be now?
back-again: that strip was basically timeless, and likely not politically incorrect enough to matter
back-again: bet Bob abd Judy would remember it
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I'm writing an email about a game I did reccently in DVD format. And I don't mean a DVD-rom for computer or console, I really mean a game for a DVD player.
Judy: then there are a lot of people that wouldn't want it, can't believe that people like the dumb stuff that they have on TV
back-again: I don't know about what's on tv, I only watch Canadian football and racing - period
Judy: I don't read the funnies much, but Bob does
BobS: I member Li'l Abner, and was ther not a Daisy ????
back-again: I even cancelled the service during December and January - nothing to watch
BobS: and Sadie Hawkins Day.....and
back-again: the Skunk Works
BobS: ok
BobS: was inthe funnies while we were growing up........Judy just read the society page
back-again: and Mammy and Pappy Yokum, and the Family Ham, and - I forget the pig's name
Judy: never heard of that
Daniel Bienvenu: Who want to beat my "Shell Game" video game for DVD player?
back-again: Daisy Mae was Lil Abner's - well, girlfriend, but the relationship was a little more complicated than that
BobS: oh oh, no wonder I got perverted at an ealry age
BobS: early
back-again: sounds like fun, Daniel, but right now I have too much to catch up on
Pamela: I'm never gonna catch up
back-again: eight weeks nailed to a bed leaves you with a lot of loose ends
Judy: we got the pond in the yard up and running this week-end, now we have a pair of ducks swimming in it
Pamela: oh, how cool, Judy
Judy: Bob keeps trying to chase them out
back-again: wait till they start to raise a family - or do roaming cats and dogs discourage that?
Judy: not really it is too small for ducks
Daniel Bienvenu: Give me an email to send you the game. It's a tiny 258K and you can play it with PowerDVD or burn it to a real DVD+/-R and play it on your DVD player.
back-again: oh, hwre they even raise flotillas in the reflecting pools of downtown buildings
Judy: last year something got a whole family on the neighbor porch
Pamela: btw Bob, did my card ever arrive?
Judy: made a real mess
BobS: YES !!!!! tahnk you.......forgot to thank you ......or did we ????? sucks to get old don't it ?
back-again: I'll bet - you like to see your wildlife survive
Judy: yes, it did, Pam, thanks for the kind words
BobS: neighbor thinks the skunks got the whole duck family
Pamela: it's okay, I was just concerned that I had the right address etc
back-again: Daniel, my email is cleechez, and I'm at
Judy: we got sooo many cards, was unreal
back-again: surprised the adult ducks couldn
Pamela: I believe it
back-again: t fight them off
Judy: don't know, the neighbor thought it was skunks that got them
BobS: that is what I thought........but they didn't see it happen ,just found lots of body parts
Pamela: ick
back-again: maybe you should encourage a pair of geese - even you won't be able to chase them, though
BobS: I WILL shoot them
back-again: they'd sure deal with the skunks and stuff in jig time
Judy: they better not come around here
back-again: why not? go ahead, shoot them, I'm told they are very tasty
Pamela: the geese I'm assuming, and not the skunk
Judy: yuk
back-again: right, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: the email is on the way... you will got my Shell Game in a minute.
back-again: we download email on the laptop, which Frances is using - I use the desktop for chat
Pamela: by the way Dad, I don't know if you've tried it, but the Blue Menu PC Chocolate ice cream is quite tasty
back-again: but I will see it later, of course - will it burn to a CD as well?
back-again: why do you tell me these things just after we've finished shpping for the week ;-(
Pamela: (hangs head) (to hide grin) sorry!
back-again: the laptop only burns CDs, though it plays DVDs
Pamela: jsut thought of it because that's what we're eating at the moment
back-again: really rubbing it in, are you? ;-)
Pamela: just explaining!
back-again: I'm still deciding on whether I dare have my beer tonight, I'm on so many meds
Pamela: I'll stop now
BobS: plain chocolate????? or BLUE MOON chocolate ?
Judy: tell her to get you some
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, you can at least try the game with PowerDVD if you don'T want to burn it.
Pamela: plain chocolate, Bob
BobS: aw, get real blue BlueMoon ice cream YUM
Pamela: Blue menu is the President's Choice low fat, healthy choice stuff
back-again: what is PowerDVD, Daniel?
Judy: that would not be Bob's favorite kind
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale told me that it may work on some versions of Windows Media Player.
Pamela: this is half the fat of regular ice cream
Judy: really???
Daniel Bienvenu: I got PowerDVD with my burner, it's a player with software mpeg decoder inside.
Judy: and it is good
Pamela: yup. And if I recall, it's a not bad price, either
back-again: I'm not very au fait with media formats and programs
Judy: then they don't have it around here
Daniel Bienvenu: Try opening with media player. if it doesn't work, try double-click on the file "video_ts.ifo" and maybe the file association in your Windows will do the rest.
Pamela: some President's Choice products seem to have made it to the States, so keep an eye out
Judy: not in my store
Pamela: they make fig, raspberry and apple newtons too, which are really good
back-again: I am not sure my versioin of media player is working proerly - it won't update for me
BobS: I think we have some products here with that name
back-again: someone else is now putting out newtons, but the ones in No Frills today were date
Pamela: these are the store brand version of Fig Newtons
Judy: we will have to look, will be shopping tomorrow
back-again: but the are fat-free - the Blue Menu ones, that is
back-again: do you have a store that carries President's Choice items, Judy?
Judy: Bob thinks so, but I don't remember seeing it
Judy: maybe at Meijers
back-again: if you do find one, search it carefully - their "twice the fruit" jams are out of this world
BobS: IF we can remember, we will check it out
back-again: they have a huge product line and almost all are terrific and good value for money
Pamela: Judy, if you haven't tried them, the Thinsations cookies are good too - Oreos, Peek Freans, and another type too. Also, try Nutrigrain Munch'Ems from Kelloggs - they're tortilla style chips but they're made from granola and come in cinnamon or honey oat
BobS: they don't use the wheat stuff from China, do they ??????
Judy: will have to look for them
back-again: well, if they do, they haven't been caught at it
BobS: only had thew dogfood problems herte, BUT the same stuff comes from China and is used in food for us
Pamela: I have a yogurt and a bag of munch'ems for breakfast these days - enough to keep me going till lunch, but not too heavy, and easy to eat on the fly
back-again: Daniel, is your program burnable to a CD?
Judy: sounds like a plan, do you have to be at work early?
Pamela: I start at 9:00 but I'm usually out of here by about 7:30 in order to ensure I get a parking spot at the subway, so by the time I get to work I'm starving
Pamela: and I never have time for breakfast before I leave
Pamela: Up, clean, dry and dressed is the best I do in the morning
Pamela: I am not a morning person
Judy: that is awful, the travel time, I mean
BobS: forget the dry part and have breakfast !!!!!
Pamela: the actual commute is only about 50 minutes Judy
back-again: well, she gets downtown so early she can sit on the steps of the music hall or something and nibble there ; - )
Pamela: once I get to the parking lot, I usually sit in the car for a few minutes and collect my thoughts
Daniel Bienvenu: I never tried buring a DVD structure in a CD-rom... I have no idea if it will works or not. all the softwares I know doesn't allow this kind of thing.
back-again: pity - I have a dual burner but it's in the desktop
Pamela: then I get to the office about 8:45 and that gives me some time to go to the bathroom, put my stuff away and get organized. Also, it means that if my first subway train is packed, I have the leisure to wait for another
back-again: and my jump drives are only 256MB - just too small
Judy: we are spoiled around here, the commute times are never that high,
Judy: it takes Bob about 5 minutes to get to his job
Pamela: well I took the GO train on Monday and Tuesday and that was nice -I may try it for the summer. Train leaving here at 8:21 puts me downtown, a block and ahalf from the office, at 8:42
back-again: Pam, what are the times when you use the GO train?
back-again: see you anticipated my question
Pamela: the 7:56 train puts me into Union at 8:15 or so, lots of time to do whatever
back-again: how close does the PATH network get to your building?
Pamela: Somerville had to do some warranty work on my car yesterday, so the service advisor parked his car here at our place, took me to the train station, and took my car to work
back-again: that was nice of them - this the recall?
Pamela: other side of the street, Dad - it's on the NE corner, I'm on the NW
back-again: pity - not quite what you need in a hard rain
Pamela: no, they replaced one of the catalytic converters before I got it, but I got a check engine light last week and the code came up as the front cat (the one they didn't replace)
Pamela: so David agreed to replace it no charge as well
back-again: yes, cats should not go - and I believe have a separate longer warranty
Pamela: well I got the light a week after I bought the car - I considered that brand new, and I guess David thought it was good customer service so agreed to eat the cost
Pamela: yesteday was the first day that John and I could coordinate to do this
back-again: I know there used to be a government requirement that emission system parts work ofr several years
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorry, I can't help you more to run shell game... but at least one have fun with it now.
Pamela: well it had to pass emissions before the sale so I don't know what was going on, but it's done
back-again: in fact the warranty may have ben ten years or so - Bob, do you recall?
back-again: OK Daniel, I'll see what I can do with it
Pamela: as for the recall, I have to touch base with Cruickshank anyway over a few things, so I'll set up the repair when I call them
back-again: by the way, is Guy-B still with us? he hasn't said a thing
Judy: not in a long time
BobS: think in the states emissions are 5 yrs unlimited mileage...........saftey items like seatbelts are unlimited
BobS: safety
Pamela: I need spare keys, and an owners manual, and I'd like to get a cargo net for it as well if it's not too horribly expensive
back-again: thought, Bob, it was the other way around - but it could have been changed
Judy: look online for them, Pam
BobS: well taht is in the staes, may be different in canada
back-again: our laws on that are very similar, there is so much cross-border trade in cars
Pamela: oh, my dealership is good Judy, I should be able to get the cargo net for a reasonable price.
back-again: we send you Hondas, you send us back Toyotas
Judy: that sounds fair
BobS: that's about got knocked into 2nd place by toyota last quarter I thinkg
back-again: yes, though what it means I'm not sure
back-again: really depends on how the heavy vehicle market (pickups, SUVs) goes
BobS: probably nothing......except that the foreign imports are giving the big 3 a new target to aim for with car development
Judy: that is what everyone wants, isn't it
BobS: the imports have surely made the big 3 aware of the improvements and pricing that moves the market
back-again: yes, and I'm not sure they are getting full credit for what they are doing
back-again: I am also not sure all of the new stuff is desirable
Pamela: like the Honda Element? What an ugly vehicle
BobS: maybe.......some things seem alittle "over the top"
Guy B.: Well Folks, I'm going to go here. Will see you all next week.
back-again: ugly, yes, but quite efficient
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy!
Judy: they are pretty awful, aren't they?
Pamela: gnite Guy - you were very quiet tonite
back-again: ah, Guy was here. OK. goodnight, Guy, see you then. Take care
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and one dog too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I could name a few others Judy - the new Porsche crossover, anything by Hummer
back-again: personally, I don't see anything on the market right now I would want to buy
Judy: very true, don
Judy: 't really keep track of what they are just know there are some ugly ones
Pamela: i'm not keen on the new design of the Honda Civic either
Pamela: once again, I am my father's daughter - I'm a car buff
back-again: generall, I don't see why any small car needs 300 horsepower - cut it in half and take the efficiency in gas mileage instead
BobS: a conosuer....
Pamela: ya got that right, Bob : )
BobS: so they can zipo in and out of traffic
Pamela: I also don't like the 2007 Ford Explorers - too boxy
Judy: that is what they try to do
back-again: yes, they all want to look big and intimidating
Pamela: and by the way Dad, I don't know if Aunt Cynthia has said anything, but Graeme and Sabrina just traded in their Lincoln for a Ford Expedition
BobS: chrysler 300 ????? little windows and look like a mafia car
Judy: there are some others that I don't like but don't know what they are
Pamela: I'm with you Bob
back-again: I'm not going to ask - or comment - Pam
Pamela: not enough room in the lincoln for three kids in car seats plus more than two adults
back-again: Mazda has one or two acceptable models
Pamela: so I held the tile of "newest car owner in the family" for about three weeks - theirs is an '03
BobS: bummer Pam, but you know how it goes.......keep up with the Jones'es....or outdo them
Pamela: actually, I like a lot of Mazda's products - I would have considered a Tribute if the Escape was unavailable
back-again: I think yours may be marginally more sensible, though
Pamela: I don't think it was intentional, Bob : )
back-again: depemds on how long gas stays over a buck a litre
Pamela: and I like Lindsay's Protege
Pamela: and the Mazda 5
Pamela: well I wouldn't want to drive an 8 cylinder that's for sure
back-again: ironically, they are owned by Ford and provide the platforms for most Fords
Pamela: the Escape gets better gas mileage than the Taurus
Pamela: but smaller engine, and newer, accounts for that
Pamela: at least in the city - I don't know about highway yet
back-again: yes, mileage is up on everything these days
Pamela: and I don't know how big the tank is - since I don't have an owner's manual : )
BobS: about $40 worth, don't make any difference HOW big it is
back-again: and I think your highway mileage should be tolerable, though not where it would be on a two wheel drive
BobS: just keep it between the lines girl
Pamela: well we should find out this weekend - first trip to the trailer
BobS: got to go here.........time to go sleep
BobS: to see if it wintered all right ?
back-again: anyway, my back has had enopugh (too much, really) of this chair - gotta go, filks
Pamela: no, Mom and Lindsay have been up for two weekends already -season started on April 15th
Judy: yes, night all, time to call it quits, talk at you next week
back-again: so Bob abd Judy, goodnight right back at you
Pamela: g'nite Bob and Judy
BobS: ok nite all.....see you next week
BobS: nite
Pamela: gnite Dad, I'll try to call tomorrow or Friday
BobS left chat session
back-again: and Pam and Daniel - goodnight to you two, too
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous
Pamela: gnite, Daniel
back-again: ok, Pma - nite then
Judy left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week, I hope so.
back-again: and Daniel, a la prochaine
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
back-again: colour me gone
back-again left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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