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Guy F.: Hey!
Guy F.: Kosse tu fait?
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Guy F.: Hey, Kosse tu fait?
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rich-c: salut,Daniel
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changed username to BobS
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rich-c: salut, Daniel; hi, Roberto
BobS: howdy gys
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
BobS: that too
rich-c: yep, it's darker in Quebec City than in our parts of the DST zone
rich-c: further east you go the earlker teh sun rises and earlier it sets
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but it's not cold outside.
rich-c: no, our weather has been glorious
rich-c: makes me glad I managed to get the A/c fixed on the van yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a summer night
rich-c: we are a little cooler than that, there is rain coming
rich-c: we got our summer night last night
Daniel Bienvenu: and you Bob?
BobS: COOL,........ :-) BTW, how are you feeling Richard?
BobS: had a fire on the deck last night until 11pm beautiful night (fire in our fire place)
rich-c: well, I made two trips shopping today, plus got a loose wire looked to on the car
BobS: rain was here early today until about noon
rich-c: I am still using the walker and will be for some time, even in the house for balance
BobS: hey USE it
BobS: as long as you are home ad walking ok, use it
rich-c: and I am still using the steel brace when I go out
rich-c: but I managed to walk all the way over to the plaza and back a day or two ago
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like my Windows had a lot of update to do... it's the microsoft security update day or what?
rich-c: and that doesn't leave much change from two kilometres
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I need to reboot.
rich-c: catch you when you get back, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: à tantôt!
rich-c: yes, I downloaded my MS updates yesterday, but haven't installed them yet
rich-c: I will likely do so after I sign off tonight
BobS: I stopped downloading the updates until Douglas comes and tells me to go ahead. One of the patches was actually a bad thing
BobS: or so he said, it left the doors open......even after MS knew it, they hadn't fixed it yet
BobS: this was afew weeks back
rich-c: yes, there have been patches tht are dubious - they keep trying to foist spyware on you
rich-c: but all you have to do is read the description in the box
BobS: it wasn't even one of the sypware type ones I gathered
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rich-c: wasn't aware of the defective patch - guess they did get it fixed before the hackers found it
changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: Computer woes?
rich-c: hello Guy - thought you'd be Daniel, he was just rebooting
BobS: wht ya know about a defective Microsoft patch
Guy F.: Can't stay for long, just dropping by to say hello.
rich-c: of course, Guy - anyone running Windows always has computer woes
Guy F.: ... also, hoping to hear about a definite date for the Adamcon.
rich-c: busy evening, is it, for the new home owner?
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Guy F.: Not quite yet.. I've commited to buying a home, but will only buy it in 9 months.
rich-c: even if Dale or Neil drop by, they usually tend to come later than this
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: it's me, again... hello!
BobS: heard nothing yet Guy
rich-c: helllo Guy, got it done, did you?
rich-c: sorry - hello Daniel - my bad!
Guy F.: Rich: Yes, bought the house, but didn't pay for anything yet, will do it in Feb. 2008.
Daniel Bienvenu: don't be sorry, rich :-)
rich-c: oddly enough, a hopuse at the same price was sold in Toronto last week
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like Windows finish is update... no more reboot to do
Guy F.: Hmm, wonder what kind of house it was. I couldn't even find a house at that price in Montreal.
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to do 3 reboot.
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rich-c: I downloaded it for the laptop this afternoon, Daniel - I recall it was a very long download and install
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: good evening, all
Pamela: anything new and exciting?
rich-c: Guy, it was a one-bedroom, 880 sq. ft. bungalow on a 40 x 115 (or smaller) lot - carport, no garage
rich-c: yes, I've oredered my new CPAP mask
BobS: hey Pam
Pamela: full face or nasal, Dad?
rich-c: Shoppers offered it at $260 - this for something on which the recommended replacement interval is six months!
Pamela: ouch
Guy F.: Allright, I'm off to bed, g'night all! Long day tomorrow.
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rich-c: same full face on that I already have, Pam - but the seal is shot
Pamela: gotcha
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy?
rich-c: night, Guy - catch you anon
Daniel Bienvenu: too fast for me
Pamela: so Bob, has Judy distinguished her distal phalanges from her proximal phalanges yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy!
rich-c: anyway we went on the 'net - my mask is coming from Houston, TX for $106 US shipping included
Pamela: that's much better, Dad
Pamela: gotta love internet shopping
rich-c: yes - like less than half the price even after exchange!
Pamela: and shipping
rich-c: that's even better than we did on the trailer refrigerator
Pamela: : )
BobS: she is here studying Pam
BobS: got a new reader's digest dictionary book tonight and l oves it
Pamela: does she have the anatomy colouring book too Bob?
BobS: nope
rich-c: Readers Digest Book of Anatomy?
Pamela: I hope it's not condensed : )
BobS: Medical Language Instant Translator
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
Judy: Hello, everyone
rich-c: hoi Judy, welcome aboard
Pamela: Hi Judy, was just asking Bob about phalanges : )
Judy: yes, I heard about that
Judy: so I put the homework away for awhile
Pamela: how is it going, anyway?
rich-c: well, don't know about things in MI, but here I gather medical secretaries make serious money
Judy: better than I thought it would, the tests are open book so you can't do too bad
rich-c: so you should get a really nice return on your investment in study
Judy: you just have to know where things are in the book
Judy: I hope so
Pamela: thank goodness for indexes
Pamela: (indices?)
rich-c: the old librarian's secret - it's all in knowing where to look
rich-c: indices is formally corrrect - but little used
Judy: and I am learning how to use the book
Pamela: after all it's not like you won't have reference material available when you're working
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried this original and tough game reccently. you have to draw platforms with your mouse to be able to reach all the "1 point" in the sky. I stoped after 17 points.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Judy: getting easier
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changed username to BobS#2
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bobs#2
BobS#2: I am twins !!!!!!!
BobS: twins
Daniel Bienvenu: err...
BobS#2: think I can type fast on 2 laptops??????
BobS: yup
rich-c: what happened, did you hit the Windows key by mistake?
Pamela: should we ask, Bob?
BobS: nowp, ogt 2 laptops I was using
Daniel Bienvenu: chating on 2 computers? lol!
BobS: got
Judy: he is a sick man is on two computers at the same time
BobS: was doing somebusines one one and
BobS#2: chatting on the other
rich-c: I can believe that, Judy - I have trouble enough with one
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a personal challenge?
BobS#2: ccol
BobS: eh?????????/
Judy: that is what you call talking to oneself
Pamela: LOL, Judy
rich-c: the joys of a DSL line - as many as you want online simultaneously
BobS#2: and you wonder
BobS: WHY she thinks I am carazy ?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the flash game I give the link need to use mouse and keyboard... and it'S not easy.
Daniel Bienvenu:
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rich-c: a German website, I notice - instructions in French and English?
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I need to file my nails again
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello guy
rich-c: hello Guy B - that other Guy just left ; - )
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! I'm on the Compaq tonight as I'm getting the PC ready for Windows XP upgrade.
Guy B.: I missed Guy F?
Pamela: by about 15 minutes, Guy
rich-c: oh, you will have such a fun time with that
Guy B.: Rats
Judy: Hi, Guy
Judy: be glad you have to do that, Pam
rich-c: remember Microsoft assumes you have your CD drive on Autorun
Guy B.: Anyway, I'm on vacation this week. Jeanene's at Macinac Island with her girlfriend. So, I have Annie this week.
Judy: that they don't just all break off
rich-c: and assumes you wil start the upgrade from within Windows
Pamela: it never fails to amaze me Judy, since I had such crappy nails for so long
Guy B.: The CD is on auto detect, since it's a CDRW drive.
Pamela: but if I don't file them they will start to break in very inconvenient places
Judy: I have always had rather soft ones
Guy B.: It will be RIch
Pamela: mine are also very soft, comes from biting them for so long
rich-c: IIRC Guy you will need it on autorun
Daniel Bienvenu: my name is in the sample section ... here :
Daniel Bienvenu: it's about the game I did for dvd player.
rich-c: your little bit of fame, Daniel
Guy B.: I still have to install my 80 gb hard drive and my better CDRW drive from the Dell. I transferred the memoryboards from the Dell to the Compaq. The memory is now 384mb from 128
Pamela: Guy, when you say you have Annie this week, does that mean that Jeanene normally has her during the day while you're at work?
Judy: how is the health coming along, Rich?
Guy B.: Yes she does.
rich-c: progressing, thank you, Judy. I'm pushing the conditioning hard
Pamela: So are you doing anything special with your vacation, or just using it to do things like upgrade the computer?
Judy: glad to hear, keep up the good work
Guy B.: I still trying to find a box for the old Dell, so I can send it to them for recycling.
Guy B.: Upgrade one of the computers. Did some cleaning. Annie will get a nail trim at the vet tomorrow morning.
Pamela: oooh, exciting stuff
rich-c: try the local supermarket or liquor store, Guy - they usually have lots of boxes
Guy B.: And had lunch with Marsha today.
Pamela: I want to take a week like that if possible (and with Russell out from underfoot)
Guy B.: I did that. All ot them were bundled together and all flat.
rich-c: bummer, Guy
rich-c: not, mind you, that a bit of ambition and tape can't fix that
Guy B.: But, I will keep trying to find one. Now, I hope Neal narrows down a date for the con. That will be my next vacation week.
Pamela: yes, I was hoping he'd be on with a date for us tonite
rich-c: well, we're all pushing him as hard as we can, but with little success
rich-c: also he needs to firm up the place or risk having to change the date afterwards
Judy: how is Russell doing, does he have any leads on a job?
Guy B.: I know. Remember how you guys asked me when and I finally picked one.
rich-c: by the way, he spells his name Neil
Guy B.: Opps. Dumb fingers.
Pamela: he won't start looking till next week Judy. He's at the trailer this week by himself
Pamela: however once he starts looking I doubt it will take him long
rich-c: I wish I shared your optimism, Pam
Guy B.: As long as he picks a nice hotel and a good location. He should be alright.
Pamela: he mentioned in a phone conversation to someone else that he knows of a couple of alarm companies that are looking for people
Judy: I hope he is correct, jobs are not that easy to come by around here
rich-c: fine, but he still has to arrange to be the one they find
Pamela: he's got good contacts, and lots of experience - things that alarm companies are usually short on
Judy: good for him
rich-c: yes, mainly because they aren't willing to pay for them, I'd wager
rich-c: don't like to be a wet blanket
Judy: no, no one likes a wet blanket
rich-c: but being too optimistic when job hunting can be dangerous
Pamela: it has always served me well
rich-c: which reminds me, Bob, anythong on your horizon right now?
Judy: he had a phone interview today and has a lead on a job coming up soon
rich-c: keeping at it and getting some results then - that's good
Judy: we are hoping the one coming up will be a possibility
Judy: well, keeping at it, is rather depressing, though
rich-c: until they say no, it's always a possibility, so keep after it
BobS: ok, back for good
BobS: and well rested I am sure
rich-c: down to one computer now, are you?
BobS: got a couple of ideas for jobs
Pamela: I'll be right back
Judy: now he has to be paid for the last week of the last one
rich-c: like if no one will offer, you'll create one for yourself?
BobS: one a referral from a tenant where I last worked for 12 years
BobS: and another from an ad I answered
BobS: yup, down to one typing assignment
rich-c: that's a quality reference to have - bet he asked teh prospective employer first
Judy: we hope he will give a good word
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rich-c: my guess would be he's alredy given it before even speaking to Bob
changed username to Bruce
Daniel Bienvenu: Bruce!
Guy B.: HI Bruce
rich-c: well, hello, Bruce
Bruce: Greetings All
BobS: he owrks for the same company.....Hope Network Rehabilitation
BobS: HI Bruce !!!!
Judy: hi, Bruce
BobS: great big outfit Richard........and they were inthe buildings I managed
Bruce: Hi
rich-c: ask Pamela about the value of an insider reference
BobS: I delat with them a lot while I managed them
BobS: I hope it helps and helps andhelps
rich-c: sounds better every line, Bob
BobS: would like to think so richard, but have to temper my enthusiasm with reality sometimes
BobS: thought I had something before......but alas......nada
rich-c: nothing is a lock till the signature's on the line, Bob, but the odds do look favourable
Pamela: ask me about what?
rich-c: perishing of thirst - have to go get my beer - brb
BobS: I usre hope so, am getting sick of limbo land
BobS: sure
Pamela: Hi, Bruce
Bruce: Hi Pamela & greetings to you all
Pamela: welcome - why do I feel I should know the name?
Bruce: So the Adam lives on.... I was shocked to find support on the web What a surprise!
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back...
rich-c: oh, there's always a few of us stubborn old coots around, BRuce
Pamela: there is quite a community around if you know where to look
Pamela: BRB, forgot something
rich-c: where are you located, Bruce?
Bruce: I dont' know Pamela.. Im sure it must be a different Bruce you are thinking of
Bruce: Im in East Tennessee Rich
rich-c: really? got a cursor crony down in those parts - reporter/phtotgrapher for one of the local papers
BobS: love the country Bruce
rich-c: yes, it comes rally pretty down there
Pamela: there, got the shredder, now I can feel somewhat productive this evening
Bruce: Would that be Sam Venable??
BobS: as in Gatlinburg, or Severville, or Knoxville ????
BobS: Just stoked up thelaptop I shut off Bruce.....YOU GOT HERE FAST MAN........
BobS: and so, the questions yo mentioned,,,,,fire away
Bruce: Thanks for comments about the area....Knoxville is where Im at...
rich-c: no, his name is Andre, and he covers the NASCAR races a lot
Bruce: Bob was that you who responded to my email??
BobS: COOL Bruce been thru there a few times during dogwood festival times........visited the old fort in the center of town (can't remember the name)
rich-c: nice little town, Knoxville, though we've had little time to stop there
Bruce: Where are you folks located???
BobS: that was me Bruce, and the Rich I told you about is rich-c
rich-c: I'm in Toronto as in my daughter, Pamela
BobS: Guy B is in Chicago, I am in Grand Rapids, MI
BobS: Judy is my bride of afew years
rich-c: but we have been trailer travellers since 1973 - my wife and I, Pamela in the early days
Daniel Bienvenu: I showed a video, a magic card trick, to my mother. well, she saw the trick... but not me the first time.
rich-c: and we have towed through 9 provinces and 44 states - so far - yours included
BobS: Daniel is in Quebec city Canada
rich-c: and if you have any French, feel free to use it with him - most of us can follow
Pamela: actually I've only made it to 36 states - they did a few without me : )
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I'm in Québec city, Canada, and it's a summer night here.
BobS: so we are a varied group......we have a fella in Vancouver Island; another in Japan
Bruce: wow thats a few miles and then some Rich
BobS: Cleveland
Judy: it is here also, Daniel, we still have the doors open
rich-c: well, over the years, yes, Bruce - about 180,000 so far
BobS: speakin of which Druchel's tonight, eh?????
Daniel Bienvenu: the colour changing card trick, here :
Bruce: I am still shocked to find people that still have an interest in the old Adam
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changed username to carlitos
BobS: AND a yearly convention
Daniel Bienvenu: carlitos!
BobS: si !!!!!
rich-c: you'd be surprised how well it's remembered - and now some of the originals are drifting back
Bruce: amazing!!
Guy B.: Wondering that myself Daniel
rich-c: carlitos - this an amigo of yours, Daniel?
Guy B.: I held the Adamcon convention last year in Chicago.
Judy: hello, Carlitos
BobS: the ADAM today is an almost distant cousin to the one Coleco abandoned
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I have only a short experience of the Adam, but I growed with Coleco console and Commodore computers.
BobS: although we mostly run laptops nowdays Bruce
rich-c: you mean in the sense it's the emulator, Bob?
Pamela: there, that's all the shredding done - yay!
rich-c: salud, carlitos - do join in
BobS: NO the original ADAM died with only 160 disk we have 40 meg hard drives, big disk drives, big memory expanders, ink jet printers
Guy B.: The computer has been abandoned over 20 years ago, but it looks like it's enjoying a resurgence. Thanks in part due to the Adam Emulator.
BobS: subject ot availability and findng the parts of course
Bruce: AS I told you Bob..I dusted the old Adam off and storage has not been very kind to it...
rich-c: right now Dave Hill (remember him? co-organizer of Acon 02) needs an interface card and cable for a Powermate!
BobS: usually time doesn't effect it badly Bruce.
Judy: what all are you shredding, Pam
Pamela: everything!
Pamela: but seriously, old paperwork that's been hanging around
BobS: data drives if not subject to meltdown of the rubber drive wheel, as usually revived by cleaning the tape read head with some rubbing alcohol
rich-c: well, Bruce, if you go inside and get rid of the corrosion and reestablish the contacts, its often works again
BobS: and I don't know how he is going to find one Richard......
BobS: maybe Scott can have his dad make another one up
Bruce: data drive just spins in one direction and makes clicking sounds...also the printer wheel spins and wont stop....
Pamela: did a huge amount a couple of weeks ago (garbage bag full) some dating back to 2000 or earlier. I found a couple of bank books for accounts dating back to when I still worked at the Bay, and I left there in 1991 : )
BobS: data drive is history (needs a chip relplaced and it is not an easy fix
rich-c: well if worst comes to worst you can get a new data drive and printer and neither will break the bank
Bruce: If they are still available that would be a solution
rich-c: teh dirty part of replacement parts is DDRs and printers are so heavy for shipping - they cost
rich-c: I have both, I just can't get at them at the moment
BobS: printer..........try to clean the little clicker switch on the left side of the printer - the print head slides all the way left, closes the switch and that is what sets the print head in the correct place to start
BobS: cheap replacement part from Radio shack is needed
rich-c: my back broke a few weeks back and I dare not challenge the basement stairs
BobS: simply clean the switch and then close it manually when you start up and see what happens
Bruce: Can the printer be replaced with someting modern...and the power supply without the this possible???
Pamela: boy Dad it sounds strange when you say it that way : )
rich-c: hey, sometimes just cleaning and slightly rebending the switch does the trick
rich-c: I'm using a 9-pin Panasonic dot matrix printer with my Adam
BobS: yes.......interface card to ink jet printer (or parallel ribbon printer) and external poser supply out of the printer itself (lots smaller)
Bruce: are you talking about the two copper has a black plastic tip???
BobS: ain't we just a bundle of ideas Bruce?
rich-c: hell, you don't even have to take the power supply out of the old printer, just tap into the output cable
Judy: no, Rich don't try stairs until you have the okay to do so from the powers that be
BobS: think that is it.......turn the ADAM off, slide the print head left and it should trip that switch
rich-c: where do you get a driver to use an inkjet on the Adam, Bob?
Bruce: yes yall are a bunch of ideas..thanks
BobS: same paralle printer driver for all Richard.....used a HP Deskjet and it works great
rich-c: trust me Judy, after 8 weeks flat on my back in a hospital bed, I am in NO hurry to return
BobS: so they scared you into behaving for Frances, eh ???????????
(BobS slaps rich-c playfully)
rich-c: it's OK Bruce, just be here regularly, join in the gab, and you'll pick up everything
rich-c: we are not a bunch with a great deal to hide
Bruce: Rich .. sorry to hear of your injury..hope you are back on your feet soon
BobS: just don't pick it up if it is TOO heavy
rich-c: oh, I'm back on my feet - a bit hurty, aq bit unsteady, but up there!
BobS: 8 weeks in the hospital kinda scares you straight
rich-c: let's say there are more pleasant ways to spend your time
rich-c: but a troop of absolutely top-flight nurses can sure make it a lot easier
BobS: AND a good patient is the best help they can have
Bruce: I have been fooling around with the AdamEm...its seems to do really well as a mock Adam
BobS: grouches do not get along weell in the hospital
BobS: yes Bruce, it is remarkable isn't it?
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: We have twins
rich-c: did I get dumped or did everyone?
BobS: now, think about this......apparently the author did NOT have an ADAM and din't really know how it worked other than descriptions from others
Guy B.: You did Rich
Pamela: just you Dad
Bruce: is...
BobS: just you Rich
rich-c changed username to rich-c2
BobS: you got to behave !!!!!!!
rich-c2: toss my twin name please, Pam
Pamela requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c2 confirmed ban
Bruce confirmed ban
Pamela: Done
rich-c2: that was interesting, it just froze on me, not the Windows key full dump
Bruce: I hate to slam yall with so many questions please excuse
rich-c2: hey, what you're doing is livening up the joint, Bruce - more, more!
rich-c2: what we really need is to encourage carlitos to join you
Bruce: OK..thanks
rich-c2: we Adam folks live in a lonesome world - visitors very welcome!
BobS: the times when we all got new stuff for the ADAM or learned new things about the ADAM were the best times
Bruce: I have few adam disk I would like to put on modern media to use with can this be done??
rich-c2: ask Guy Bona about that - he has a website with the utilities - Guy, what's your URL again?
Bruce: I suppose the 1st step is getting my Adam working again..
BobS: need a disk drive on an ibm which supports 5.1/4" 360k disks
rich-c2: right - I haven't checked - does XP support the DD format?
BobS: haven't the faintest idea Richard, never tried it.....
rich-c2: nor I - have to look
BobS: and my "new" lsptop is out of commission until I replace the hinges
Bruce: well the only 5 1/4 drive I have is the Adam drive
rich-c2: your laptop has a 5-1/4 drive?
BobS: no........yo didn't say that I needed it on my laptop
rich-c2: is that a Coleco 160 or MI 320, Bruce?
BobS: but XP is on the laptop
Bruce: let me look brb
BobS: ONLY the busted laptop has XP
rich-c2: smart move - don't let it migrate anywhere else
BobS: darned cheap chinese junk
rich-c2: did you notice Dell is now making a point of offering XP again?
BobS: only got it b4ecause I was considering schooling in computers and thougth I better have alooka t XP
BobS: insterad of ?????
rich-c2: and will shortly be offering Ubuntu Linux as the OEM OS?
BobS: they dumping Vista?
Guy B.: They already are. On three of their desktops. And they will offer Linux soon as well.
Bruce: its the Coleco 160 rich
BobS: working Bruce?????
Bruce: yes
BobS: cool then you are not so far back
rich-c2: wow! an original Coleco floppy that works! that's a real collector's item, Bruce
BobS: heck no Richard got lots of them here
BobS: must have in good and bad ones about 25-30 of them
BobS: most good
rich-c2: working 160s I gave about five of them to Dr. D. to see if he could get them going
BobS: kind of a parts hog aint' I ?????? ;-)
Bruce: I got the Adam working for a bit last Sunday...and the disk drive worked fine
BobS: I think the entire printer thing is involved with that switch Bruce
rich-c2: I have four working disc drives on my Adam - two 320K and two 720K (3-1/2")
BobS: IF you want rid of the printer anyway, take it apart and steal the power supply from the back section, unplug the front stuff from it and cut the purple wire (I think)
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a not working adam disc drive.
BobS: :-(
rich-c2: and my XP desktop has quad density 3.5 and 5.25 floppies that can also handle double density (at least under Win98SE)
Bruce: The print head moves all the way to the left......the daisy wheel vibrates and and hangs the system up....the ahhh...word program does not fully load when this happens
rich-c2: that sure sounds like teh switch to me
Bruce: should the switch be open or closed then???
rich-c2: Bob, you'd bettter field that one
BobS: the switch will be open until the print head trips it closed then the print head moves right and thw switch opens again
Bruce: there is a small black cam that would seem to open the switch a full left print head
BobS: the switch clsoing tells the printer logic board that it is ok to move to the right a couple of spaces and turn the roller a click or two
Bruce: then you are correct the print head moves a bit to the right.....switch should open then...correct?
BobS: yes to alst Bruce
BobS: last
Daniel Bienvenu: I really have to leave now. sorry.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c2: my guess is that it is just a limit switch, that triggers the reversal of direction
BobS: manually turn the roller up and down a couyple of times and then turn back on
BobS: nite Daniel
BobS: when the roller goofs up, it locks the printer and it makes a hum and won't work the printer at all
rich-c2: if you're good at figuring out schematics I could likely scan o copy of the printer for you
rich-c2: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Pamela: goodnite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir! :-)
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changed username to Guy B & Annie
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. System froze
rich-c2: you too, eh, Guy? how about giving Bruce the URL for your Adam utilities website?
Bruce: I can make some sense out of a schematic...but I would not use the word good...:)
Guy B.: Bruce, I have a website for the AdamEm utilities. It's
BobS: not THAT cold in Chicago...........
rich-c2: well, maybe next time Pam comes over she can bring up the diagrams and I can shoot the one yu need to you
Guy B.: It's nice here.
BobS: good utils to use to transfer files, etc
BobS: and now tis the bewitching hour kids.......
Bruce: ok thanks
BobS: and time for me to chase my bride to the sack
Guy B.: Yes, same here. I'll see you all next week.
Bruce: thanks for your help
rich-c2: want to send me your email address (one that accepts non-whitelisted messages with attachments)?
BobS: play with it a little Bruce, youhave my email of course, don't be shy mon.....may not be back instantaneously, but will answer
Pamela: just let me know what you want, Dad
Pamela: gnite Bob, Judy
rich-c2: my address for such correspondence is cleechez, and I'm at
BobS: guten nacht kindern !!!!!!
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Night Bob and Judy
rich-c2: nite, Bob and Judy - till next week
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm off too. See you all next week.
Bruce: do yall meet this time every wednesday?
Guy B.: Yes we do.
rich-c2: yes, every Wednesday at 9 p.m.
rich-c2: nite Guy B.
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you
Bruce: I will check yall out again then
Judy: night all, until next week
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie too.
Pamela: we'll be here
Judy left chat session
rich-c2: we'll be looking for you, Bruce
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Same here Pam.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c2: anyway, I've been at this computer for three hours and my back is screaming
Pamela: think it's time I went to bed too. Dad, i'm at the trailer again this weekend so you know where to call
rich-c2: time for me to close down - goodnight, all
Pamela: gnite, Daddy
Bruce: Who or where did you say had data drives for sale???
rich-c2: nite, Pam - trailer noted
rich-c2: Bob and I both have them
Pamela: good nite Bruce
Pamela: and Carlitos
Bruce: ok...I will get with you folks then
Pamela: kerpoof
Bruce: goodnight all and thanks
Pamela left chat session
rich-c2: OK - now, colour me gone
Bruce left chat session
rich-c2 left chat session
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changed username to james
james: big crowd
james: i see i've missed the chat
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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