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on-safari: test run - hey, it works!
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on-safari: test
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Guy B.: Rich, is that you?
on-safari: hello Guy, you are early
on-safari: yes, I figured you would guess
Guy B.: Well, despite working overtime due to an increased workload and I'm on the notebook whil watching the Cubs. Game is tied.
on-safari: anyway, if the scrollog gets it off the screen, don't tell the others
Guy B.: And I have dinner going in the oven
on-safari: my, you are quite busy. My next tv view will be Sunday, the USGP
on-safari: anyway I have the beta of Safari for XP downloaded and installed and am using it
Guy B.: Next time I get to see them is this weekend.
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
on-safari: I really find I don't want to make the time for baseball any more
on-safari: hello Pam
Pamela: Hi, Guys
Pamela: Ron, is that you?
on-safari: regret to say that every time I put in a new program with XP it starts introducing errors
on-safari: Microsoft's error report receiving agency must be getting rather sick of me
Pamela: Dad?
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on-safari: yep
changed username to QcGuy
Pamela: should I ask?
QcGuy: yellow.
on-safari: see above
Pamela: Hi Gui
Pamela: oh
QcGuy: howdy ma'am.
Pamela: so, where are you on safari to?
QcGuy: Safari, that's a Mac user!
QcGuy: Ron!
Pamela: nope, it's Dad
QcGuy: Did he get a Mac???
QcGuy: Or is he using the Windows version that just came out?
on-safari: apple just released a beta 3 Safari for Windows XP
Pamela: I dunno, I just got here and am getting the details
on-safari: so I am trying it out here - it has glitches
QcGuy: Yeah, Mac OS X users have not been using it for ages now. We much prefere Firefox.
Pamela: ah
Pamela: Dad, how's Mom - did she take a nap?
QcGuy: I didn't like Safari, too limited. Firefox on the hand rox!
on-safari: well, Firefox is tricky for me on the desktop. It won't upgrade to
on-safari: yes, she slept all morning - we went shopping after lunch
Pamela: good
QcGuy: Yeah, that's the version I'm running on me Mac.
Pamela: of course, she'll be up till 3:00 am, but . . . : )
on-safari: also did some snoozing this afternoon
QcGuy: So does it look like we'll be having an Adamcon this year??? I have to take a few days off from work.
Pamela: who knows, Gui - no word from Neil so far
on-safari: well, we are supposed to, but I haven't seen much action
on-safari: maybe the bunch of us ought to do our own bookings and just meet
Pamela: that thought has crossed my mind : )
QcGuy: Hmmm, hope we get some news today, I really have to reserve my vacations. I need 4-5 days for the Adamcon. I have decided to bike to Ottawa from my house, so its an extra 3 or 4 days for me.
Pamela: you're going to cycle from Montreal to Ottawa?
QcGuy: Wife and daughter will be taking the train. Crazy father will take his bicycle.
Pamela: good for you
QcGuy: Yeah, there's a nice route that goes to Ottawa from Montreal, flat, no hills, etc.... ~221 KMs or so.
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changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James
james: morning all
james: on-safari.. is that ron?
Pamela: nope, Dad
QcGuy: G'day James.
james: 'lo!
james: oh, we lost someone
Pamela: oops, we just lost him
james: qcGuy? is that dan?
Pamela: no, Guy Foster
Pamela: Quebec Guy
james: ah
Pamela: as opposed to Chicago Guy
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Pamela: this will be Dad back, I think
changed username to on-safari
james: so has a date been finalized for the con?
Pamela: what did you do Dad?
on-safari: yes, I just proved that hitting the wrong key will dump Safari, too
Pamela: not yet James
james: i briefly read some of the postings to the mailing list
on-safari: welcome, james
james: not yet? uhh... y'all realize it's the middle of june already right?
james: hi rich
james: how are you?
Pamela: don't look at us, we know
Pamela: we're waiting on Neil
on-safari: we're convinced, james, but we're not sure the Wicks are
james: convinced of what?
Pamela: that it's the middle of June
on-safari: the need for an Adamcon, and information pertaining thereto
QcGuy: I really hope to get the info because frankly, if I don't get it soon, I can't make it, which would be unfortunate.
on-safari: in fact, I would consider it disastrous, Guy
Pamela: yes it would
on-safari: among other reasons because I suspect you'd not be the only one
QcGuy: Well, other people might be in the same situation too.
james: a lack of organization has always been a pet peeve of mine
james: when i do my trips to canada with my students they are super organized
james: which is why they go so well
QcGuy: Well, there's organization, and organization. I think the least is to settle on a date and give us prices, and then take it from there. That hasn't even been done yet.,
on-safari: well, Dale and Neil have put a number of conventions together, but there have been a lot of close scrapes
QcGuy: Oh, it's not the first Adamcon that has been this late in being organized?
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james: i spend no less than six months when i plan the trips. granted the scale is a bit different, but still.. you need a firm date at least
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Guy B. & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
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QcGuy: Annie?
on-safari confirmed ban
on-safari: no, Guy had us pretty worried about Chicago, and Whitby was worse
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Pamela: the sweet puppy
Guy B.: My dog
QcGuy: Ahhh, hi sweet puppy!
Guy B.: But, I came through
Pamela: Guy, are you planning to fly from Chicago to Ottawa?
Pamela: with flying colours, Guy
QcGuy: Whitby was pretty good, I decided 1 day beforehand to show up.
on-safari: true, Guy, but not till a few of us had chewed our fingernails down to the elboz
QcGuy: For Whitby I remember the info being available a good 2 months before the event...
Pamela: yes, but in previous years, we
Pamela: have had info as early as February
on-safari: summer tourist season eight weeks is not a huge lead time
Guy B.: I know. I had a few kinks to iron out. But, it went pretty well. Now we need to hear from Neil
on-safari: in fact many working folks need to negotiate their holidays in February
QcGuy: It's better than what we are getting here. Technically, the event is supposed to happen in 5-6 weeks, and no info yet. At least nothing official.
on-safari: you are being heard loud and clear, Mr. Foster
QcGuy: :)
QcGuy: When are Neil's exams over?
Pamela: he was supposed to be done June 1st
QcGuy: Perhaps busy with other stuff.
on-safari: we're al always busy with other stuff
QcGuy: Some more than others.
on-safari: true
Pamela: well, suggestions?
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changed username to erin
Pamela: Hi Rin, you made it
on-safari: hello Rin
erin: hi all
Pamela: (that's Dad, by the way)
erin: figured I'd stop by quickly
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erin: I guessed as much :-)
Pamela: whoops, just lost Guy F.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I forgot to ask you, any further word from immigration?
on-safari: oh dear, did he hit the wrong key or get bounced?
erin: (PRIVATE) nothing so far
Pamela: when I went to log in the first time, I got a fatal error and had to try again, so I've already been dusted once tonite
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ; ((
on-safari: this time when I got dumped, the error message suggested it was a fault in Java
Pamela: he must have dumped himself or something, he usually says goodby first
on-safari: oh, he'll be back, but I think the net is slow tonight
Pamela: I was talking to Chris earlier - he said there was a virus going around affecting servers, which would explain our e-mail outage at work last week, so perhaps that's part of the problem
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Pamela: 24 hours without e-mail at work is a real pain
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Pamela: we live on it
on-safari: oh, there are always viruses going around affecting servers, I doubt that's today's problem
on-safari: who's the ISP for Marsh, Pam?
Pamela: no idea
on-safari: likely Bell or someone big and vulnerable on that scale
Pamela: could be - Bell is one of our clients
on-safari: so you're likely running through Sympatico, then
on-safari: actually Bell is one of the few companies that actually own fibre-optic trunk lines
on-safari: everybody else leases bandwidth from them
on-safari: so when Bell goes down "everybody" goes down
Pamela: Erin, what time is the wedding?
erin: 1PM
Pamela: where is Marie getting ready?
erin: at her house
Pamela: so are you supposed to be there at some ungodly hour?
erin: nope...she'll be up early to go get her hair done but she said I can get there at 10:30
Pamela: are you going to get your hair done too?
erin: she's asked that we all just straighten it
Pamela: well that's relatively easy. Just had a thought - do you want my teeny clippis with the rhinestones in them for some sparkle?
erin: thanks but no...Marie is particular about it
Pamela: okay : )
Pamela: I understand particular : )
Pamela: and when does Rich arrive in Windsor?
erin: tomorrow evening, likely before me...I gather he will come meet me at the train station
on-safari: wedding is in Windsor, then?
Pamela: that's nice : ) Are you likely to be hanging around the train station when I get off work at 5:15?
erin: not likely - train leaves at 7 ish
Pamela: : (
erin: yep wedding in Windsor
Pamela: at the same chapel where Erin and Rich got married, Dad
on-safari: guess who got betrayed by the dreaded cpas lock
on-safari: anyone who knows Safari tell me where the "Home" button is?
Pamela: can't help you, Papa
on-safari: well, you don't know Safari, Pam - it's an Apple program
Pamela: sure I do - it's got four wheels, an eight cylinder engine . . . : )
on-safari: no, no, that's The Safari ; - )
Pamela: pardon me, my mistake : )
on-safari: which by the way lost its right side rarview mirror yesterday
Pamela: how?
on-safari: I went over a speed bump and the glass just dropped right off
on-safari: 80 bucks to replace it
Pamela: must have been some speed bump!
Pamela: ouch
on-safari: no, just one ofthe ones on Brookview, not like the one on Farnham that broke my front suspension
Pamela: they're bad enough
on-safari: yes, especially when your ambulance drives over them carrying you with a broken back
Pamela: geez, couldn't they have found you a better way out than down Brookview?
on-safari: well, by the time you can direct them to the alternatives, it's too late
on-safari: btw, where has Roin got to?
Pamela: he's out with the camera club this week, I believe
Pamela: oh, you mean Erin?
on-safari: no, I meant Rin
Pamela: she dropped off a couple of minutes ago
on-safari: I noticed the absence, didn't see a goodbye
Pamela: we lost Guy F that way too
on-safari: I saw that, wonder what caused it - both get bounced?
Pamela: who knows. Anyway if nothing's going on, I'm thinking I might bail too
on-safari: notice that the Slopsemas haven't turned up, nor have Daniel or Fred
Pamela: must be a busy night for everyone
on-safari: I sup[pose - be interesting if Neil and/or Dale showed up just after everyone else bailed
Pamela: are you going to hang around?
on-safari: not if the rest leave - I have lots to do as my day was very disrupted
on-safari: didn't even got out to shop till after lunch
on-safari: your mother was sleeping and the nurse was very late
Pamela: Okay. We're at the trailer this weekend but I'll try and call you tomorrow evening
on-safari: OK - I'll be watching the USGP but have no other plans
Pamela: okay. Night, Daddy.
Pamela: Gnite Guy
on-safari: night,now
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you
Pamela: Gnite, James
Pamela: kerpoof
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on-safari: so, james, you plan to hang in or quit too?
Guy B.: Not many of us on tonight
on-safari: no, we know where Ron is, but not the Slopsemas
on-safari: nor Daniel, nor Fred, nor various of the less-regulars
james: sorry, got sidetracked with work
james: take care
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on-safari: I gsther the schools are getting a little more solid now, james?
Guy B.: Well, Rich. I think we should call it the night.
on-safari: looks like it, Guy. See you next week
Guy B.: Ok, then. Bye
Guy B.: Poof
on-safari: Bye for now
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Dr. D.: Hello?
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judy: is anyone here?
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