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rich-c: test
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: be right be
rich-c: it this time, I see ;-)
rich-c: hi Daniel, how goes it?
Daniel Bienvenu: still have things to do for the job, but tonight I have to burn a dvd with tvshows I recorded during the last month.
Daniel Bienvenu: my hd is full and i need space
rich-c: well, burning a DVD is pretty much a background task that should not interfere
rich-c: and it is a good way to free up space on the HD
rich-c: how big is your hard disc?
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changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hi meeka
Meeka: hello
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
rich-c: hello meeka, how are things tonight?
Pamela: Hi everyone
Meeka: ok
rich-c: greetings daughter, didn't see you there
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Pamela: just came in Dad
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: how was the weekend at the trailer?
Pamela: twas good thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: my hd is about 100gig but actually 95% full, I need to free up to 20%, otherwise I will have to buy another hd and delay the problem of space.
rich-c: hello Robert
Pamela: we had beautiful weather
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
changed username to Sir Guy the 3rd
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
Pamela: Hi Bob, Hi Guy
Sir Guy the 3rd: Hello all.
BobS: HEY DUDES, what happened last week......we came on last seek about 10pm and nobody was here
Sir Guy the 3rd: Dan: Delete the 3X files... :)
rich-c: I'm not even going to ask how someone fills a 100 gig hard disc - in the business, it happens, I know
Daniel Bienvenu: working for my job, big rush
Pamela: was dead Bob, no one was on or saying anything
rich-c: hello, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: still in rush but I need to talk about the adamcon
Sir Guy the 3rd: Hiya Rich!
Pamela: so, I bailed about 9:30
rich-c: we all waited around for you to show up, Bob, but funally gave up
Sir Guy the 3rd: Adamcon? Did we get any booking confirmations?
Pamela: we have a confirmed date but that's it Guy
Pamela: no location, no dollars yet
rich-c: nope - we got the dates but no firm place - Neil is working on it, he says
BobS: we were at Judy's folks until 10pm
Daniel Bienvenu: july 21... is still valid or it's july 28th?
Pamela: 28th
rich-c: Daniel, why don't you buy an external USB disc for storage? They are very cheap now
Sir Guy the 3rd: July 28 I belive
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : it's also full.
rich-c: last weekend in July, whichever that is
Sir Guy the 3rd: Rich: That's what I did, got an external USB/Firewire enclosure, a cheap IDE hard drive, and have 320 gigs of external portable storage.
Pamela: actually 26th to 29th
rich-c: guess you'll just end up keeping Seagate in business single-handed, you two
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changed username to Ginger
Pamela: Hi Rin
Sir Guy the 3rd: Rich: I download A LOT of podcasts, home videos, etc... need the space.
Ginger: hi Pam
Ginger: hi all
Pamela: how was your day?
rich-c: hello Rin, how was the wedding? get her safely married off?
Meeka: hello
BobS: RIN !!!!!!
Ginger: long but okay
Ginger: wedding was very good
rich-c: with Marie, you always worry just a little
Ginger: always a little :-)
rich-c: I have a 40 gig main drive and 160 gig USB drive - only partition 1 of the main drive is close to full
Daniel Bienvenu: I need a confirmation for the date this week.
Pamela: Rin, finally saw the ad for the outdoor art show at city hall - it's July 7th and 8th
rich-c: well, go with the 28th - if Neil won't do it, you and Guy get it together and the trest of us will come
BobS: Richard.......WHAT is your email???????? ...........yes??????
BobS: I got a bounced email from that address
Ginger: oh good
rich-c: that's one, Bob, I also have webmail
Pamela: and we're clear for the following weekend for Purple Turtle - Lin agreed to swap weekends with us
Sir Guy the 3rd: Rich: I don't live in Ottawa... probably anyone can call the hotel and book, but I have faith with Neil...
rich-c: the internet is less than perfect, Bob - these things do happen
BobS: anyway........I have an inquiry from England about disk drives, have you got any larger disk drives?
Pamela: so are you clear for that weekend?
Ginger: very cool
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changed username to Guy B.
Ginger: so far...I'll let Rich know
rich-c: if you encounter a problem, send a copy to blueboxer2, the address
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings, I'm on the notebook while watching the Cubs.
Sir Guy the 3rd: Hi Guy... hmm, feels like I'm talking to myself, but in fact, I'm not!!! How strange.
Guy B.: HI Guy. By the way, I am the third Guy in the family.
Pamela: if you're clear, we can go up on the Saturday morning and stay until Sunday evening - that will mean the cats are only alone overnight
rich-c: no, at the moment I have no disc drives not promised elsewhere, and no prospect of more of any type
rich-c: and yes, I have alse heard from Blighty
Sir Guy the 3rd: Guy B: You are? I'm the first and probably the last Guy in the family.
Guy B.: Then you should carry on the tradition.
Sir Guy the 3rd: Guy: My wife just confessed to me about 30 minutes ago, belive it or not, that she hates my name. I was so offended!!!
Pamela: Meeka, are you and Doug contemplating attending the convention?
rich-c: hello, Chicago Guy
Pamela: English or French version, Gui?
Guy B.: Tell her that there are some of us with that name out there.
Meeka: no, not at this point
Sir Guy the 3rd: Well, Guy is Guy is Guy, no matter what language you write it in.
Guy B.: Weather it's the French or the Italian
Pamela: well : (
Guy B.: Exactly
Sir Guy the 3rd: I'm sure she would still hate the Swahilian version of Guy. :)
Guy B.: My grandfather's name is Gaetano.
Sir Guy the 3rd: Ah yes, a very noble Italian name.
Sir Guy the 3rd: I heard that the Italian version of our name is Guido.
Guy B.: It could be Guy
rich-c: bet james will know if he shows up
Sir Guy the 3rd: Is he Italian?
rich-c: oh yes
Sir Guy the 3rd: Ahh, didn't know that about him... My wife is Sicilian.
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changed username to Dr. D.
Guy B.: Hi Dr D
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dr.D
rich-c: hello Rich
Pamela: Hello Rich
Dr. D.: Hi all.
Guy B.: Meeka, is Bob and Judy coming on later?
Dr. D.: I see the movie star is here to be rescued from the island...
Guy B.: Sorry, there he is.
rich-c: have you ever managed to get anything done with those Adam drives I gave you?
Ginger: ha ha
Dr. D.: I can build anything but a boat.
Pamela: by the professor? : )
Dr. D.: Yes Pam
Dr. D.: Richard were you talking to me? If so, answer is, alas no, they are still boxed and in the spare bedroom.
Sir Guy the 3rd: Be right back, have to bottle feed my daughter... be back in 5-10 mins.
Dr. D.: I am not sure if a genuine ADAM has ever been fired up here in the apartment :-(
rich-c: figured as much - there are folks want them but I could never do anything with them
Dr. D.: I probably could if I had any time to try.
Guy B.: I thought I let you all know that the Powerpoint slideshows I showed last year, have been resaved and uploaded back to my Yahoo Briefcase files. They are now compatable with Powerpoint 97 on up and OpenOffice Impress.
rich-c: it would be much appreciated if you could, Rich
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Judy: Hi, All!!!
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: My admin job is a mess for the summer, 2 faculty leaving, 2 new hires, and I have to teach new courses.
Guy B.: Wow, a near full house tonight. Only person is missing is Ron
rich-c: got as many here tonight as we had few last week
Dr. D.: And we *MIGHT* be getting some lab renovations too.
Pamela: again, Rich? When did you acquire those?
Pamela: the courses, I mean
Dr. D.: Acquire what?
Dr. D.: ah
Judy: we were on last week, late and no one was here
Dr. D.: Well, the 2 faculty leaving created certain holes in teaching coverage.
Pamela: ahh
rich-c: yes, if no one shows by 10 p.m., we pack up and go home
Dr. D.: And in the redistribution of existing faculty, it was decided to hire someone to do my anatomy and physiology.
Dr. D.: I had to rush back from Windsor Monday to meet with the new hire in the afternoon.
Judy: we weren't home and when we did get on there wasn't anyone here
Dr. D.: I still have my comparative anatomy lab...but I will be moved to teach the nursing chemistry courses again, after a layoff of 8 years.
BobS: thought that the ADAM community died off or somtething
Dr. D.: That will begin in Spring 2008.
rich-c: right, Judy, we had been on for an hour or 90 minutes and finally gave up
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Judy: you do an anatomy lab?
changed username to Guy B & Annie
Pamela: naw, just went to bed, Bob
Dr. D.: Nobody has been happy with the instruction in it since I last taught it in Spring 1999 :-S
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
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Meeka confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Yes.
Ginger confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
Dr. D.: I did a human one in the past, too, but the med school refused to give us cadavers this year.
Pamela: surprise, surprise Rich
Judy: that is the worst class that I have had to take
Dr. D.: You have a cadaver lab Judy?
Judy: I am in the middle of Excel right now
Pamela: how did Word go, Judy?
Judy: no just a book
Dr. D.: ah
Judy: the w
Judy: word was a pretty good one
Dr. D.: I'd take anatomy over MS Office products any day
Judy: had an instructor this past week that I thought was going to leave in the middle of the class
Judy: not me, Dr D
Sir Guy the 3rd confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Well, in anatomy I can cut, at least, no paste though
rich-c: how come, Judy? yoou-all that unruly?
Judy: the one gal in my class is a real airhead and he did not know how to handle it
Pamela: paste won't stick, Rich?
Dr. D.: Not to slimy embalmed stuff
rich-c: right - I assume he doesn't have teacher training
Pamela: yummy : )
Judy: no cut stuff, Dr D
Dr. D.: Well technically Richard, I don't have teacher training either
Dr. D.: Though I welcome any evals you care to give based on my presentation style.
rich-c: I know and there are CWRU students who will sweart your're an exception
Pamela: Judy, Russell says to give her more liquid paper for her screen : )
Dr. D.: My anatomy/physiology alumni are upset that I am not teaching it any more.
Dr. D.: I told them I wasn't being sacked, it was personnel shifting.
Dr. D.: The new hire is enthusiastic and willing to make a go of it.
rich-c: true, but the lack of teacher training can show up in some university staff
Judy: she would be done with the bottle and the class wouldn't have started
Pamela: you've laid a good base Rich - the new hire should have no trouble
Dr. D.: I am going to give him some of my stuff, for transition, but he has free reign.
rich-c: that's rein, Rich
Dr. D.: He has no cadaver experience though, so that leaves me an opening for a future lab-only course.
Pamela: LOL Judy
Dr. D.: yes arrrgh
Dr. D.: dunno why I did that
rich-c: gotcha
Dr. D.: I was thinking correct one and typed the other anyhow
rich-c: your keyboard forgotten how to spell, too?
Pamela: brain and fingers not connected is not unusual here Rich : )
Dr. D.: Well, if he does it well enough, it will be a reign of instruction :-)
Dr. D.: Ginger must be Facebooking or something because she is not responsive through a variety of communication channels.
Ginger: nope...watching Buffy
rich-c: I'll remember that if I need any vampires slain
Dr. D.: I think you have given enough blood Richard :-)
Pamela: my father, the pincushion
Dr. D.: I gotta find out about my Dad, he has been getting nerve blocks for his bad back recently, plenty needles there.
rich-c: oh, I'm told I got quite a replacement slosh, though I never knew it
Pamela: meant to ask you Rich, how Terry is doing - any better?
Dr. D.: The girls and I are going to see him tomorrow, it's his 67th birthday.
rich-c: good on him
Dr. D.: I haven't seen him for about a month, he and Gail came up to one of Diana's home track meets.
Dr. D.: He was walking with a cane, seems shorter than ever, but did not appear to be in pain.
Dr. D.: I guess I'll get the whole scoop tomorrow.
Pamela: Bob, what about your Dad?
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changed username to Daniel
BobS: he is doing better........went to the doctor today for hearing aids
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Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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Daniel Bienvenu: I think I push the Rich key on my keyboard. :-)
BobS: probably
Sir Guy the 3rd: My mom went to the doctor today to get her ears unclogged, she couldn't hear a single thing anymore from both ears...
rich-c: the left one or the right-hand one, Daniel ; - )
BobS: twas my dad's problem also Guy
Dr. D.: hehe which is the Rich Sinister, which the Rich Dexter...
BobS: the wax can do a number onthe ears
Sir Guy the 3rd: BobS: They removed a lot of build up and now she can hear much better, but hearing aids will probably have to come in soon...
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the left one, rich
BobS: same deal with dad Guy............he still ahs one bad ear, but they fitted him for a hearing aid in the other ear today
rich-c: great heavens, I have never heard of a buildup that heavy, Guy
BobS: he said the smple one they had helped trmendousl;y
Pamela: ROTFL - I'm surprised Erin can't hear me howling from down there : )
Dr. D.: She is too busy Buffying
Sir Guy the 3rd: Rich: Oh yes, it gets bad... water got in her ears and that's when everything went from bad to worse... to a point that she couldn't even hear me yelling.
rich-c: oh, get a water lock and yes, nothing gets through - but usually it shakes out easily
Pamela: I had buildup like that once upon a time - completely blocked the hearing in one ear for a couple of days
Pamela: was really weird
Dr. D.: If I do minor swab daily after I get out of the shower, then I never get any wax in my ears.
Pamela: was even weirder when I got it removed - everything was tinny for a couple of days
Ginger: episode done
Dr. D.: Of course I have always cleaned the canals with soapy pinky finger in the shower.
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Dr. D.: Buffy 1, Dracula 0?
changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James
Ginger: Buffy 10, Zombies 0
james: hello
Pamela: James, Hi
rich-c: good morning, james
james: how is everyone this fine evening?
Guy B.: Good.
Pamela: well, thank you sir
Pamela: and yourself?
BobS: GOOD MORNING JAPAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: 'tis indeed a very fine evening here, james, clear and just pleasantly cool
james: not too bad
Guy B.: How's everything in Japan?
Sir Guy the 3rd: Dr. D: That's external buildup, actually my Doctor told me thet worse thing to do is to try and clean the insides of the ear with Q-tips, it jams the wax and packs it in even more.
Dr. D.: If you already have a canal full of crud, that is absolutely true.
rich-c: what's the rule? nothing smaller into your ear than your elbow? that's how it was when I grew up
Dr. D.: However, since I have some feel for the anatomy, I guess I have learned how to clean in there without packing it down.
rich-c: I remember once I had a blockage the doctor flushed it out with a syringe
Dr. D.: I only ever get stuff any more if I run out of Q-Tips and take a week to remember to buy more at the store.
Dr. D.: Wire loop on a probe is good, too.
Pamela: my doc said a couple of drops of warmed olive oil in the ear once a month should prevent buildup
Dr. D.: But only if you are peering into someone else's ear.
rich-c: there's also a med - OTC? - caled Auralgan that seems to work
Pamela: I was amazed at how much wax they flushed out - the size of the end of my pinky. No wonder I couldn't hear anything!
Sir Guy the 3rd: Rich: That's my philosophy too, nothing smaller than an elbow goes into my ear canal...
Pamela: alright Rich, here's a question for you - what causes the itchies in your ear?
Sir Guy the 3rd: itchies? what itchies?
Dr. D.: The larvae of the remaining indigenous life forms on Ceti Alpha 5...
Pamela: : )
Dr. D.: But assuming you are not on Ceti Alpha 5...
james: lol
Dr. D.: Probably the same thing that makes you itch anywhere else. Warm, dirty, wet...
Sir Guy the 3rd: Dry?
Dr. D.: Or that.
Dr. D.: Hairs growing up through wax :-)
Sir Guy the 3rd: Gold bond!
Pamela: Gold bond lotion - gotta love it
Sir Guy the 3rd: Pour some Gold Bond down your ear canal, should soothe your itchies forever.
Dr. D.: Gold Bond is a counter-irritant, makes a different kind of tingle that masks the itch.
Dr. D.: Vicks Vapo-Rub does the same thing, also Ben-Gay.
rich-c: I thought Vicks was for ingrown toenails
Dr. D.: Camphor, oil of wintergreen, mustard plaster...all common counter-irritants.
Pamela: Buckley's White Rub
Dr. D.: Grandma D. put it on my chest for colds. If I had a stuffy nose, on my upper lip. Opens stuff right up, or did in 1970.
rich-c: actually, it helped when a stuffy nose was making my CPAP machine hard to use
Pamela: give me a good curry for opening up the sinuses - works every time
james: so has the con been decided?
Dr. D.: Vicks is just camphor dissolved in white petrolatum...mothballs + Vaseline, if you will.
rich-c: select Mexican, or Thai, or Szechwan receipes help too
rich-c: well, the date has been decided, and the place if they ever get the contract signed
rich-c: but that hasn't happened yet, that we've heard
james: what are the dates?
rich-c: Pam, are you taking your extra days before or after?
rich-c: last weekend in July, james
Pamela: before i think Dad
rich-c: keep us posted, we may want to coordinate
Ginger: all right folks...I'm going to bail...up too early this morning...have a good nite
Pamela: gnite Rin
rich-c: OK Rin, take care and get your rest
Meeka: night
Ginger: (PRIVATE) love you
BobS: night Rin
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Dr. D.: Nite Rin <kiss>
james: last weekend in july.. that's too bad
Ginger: nitey nite
Ginger: nite honeys <kiss>
Ginger left chat session
rich-c: just misses for you, I believe, james?
james: yes, unfortunately
BobS: Rich, how's things progressing on the paper work front for getting Rin into the US ????
BobS: still nothing in stone?
Dr. D.: Uncle Sam has cashed the check for the next-to-last filing, over a month ago, but has not yet sent the paper "confirmation" that is required to file the very last paperwork.
Dr. D.: So still waiting.
Daniel Bienvenu: I read again the emails from Neil, and it's true, he decided july 26-29 for the adamcon.
Pamela: is there any way to check on the process?
BobS: Judy says......"WHAYT a pain, you know?"
BobS: and I agree........bureacrats
Dr. D.: than worry about new immigrant applications.
Dr. D.: Hey it cropped my sentence
Daniel Bienvenu: test
Guy B.: Yes, that's correct Daniel. Now we're waiting where it's going to be and the costs.
Dr. D.: What I wrote was, given the passport application backlog, I bet HS has pulled all its people off other stuff to process the backlog there, rather than...
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent an email to my boss... tonight.
Dr. D.: And end of this month, HS is upping many of the fees for immigration applications.
Dr. D.: Permanent residency app is going from $300ish to almost $1K
Dr. D.: For example.
Dr. D.: They are milking it for cash now.
Pamela: thats nuts
Dr. D.: Not if the aim of immigration policy is actually to discourage immigration.
rich-c: no, that's Bush and his mob
Dr. D.: Americans really don't want more immigrants.
james: unfortunately, they are discouraging the right kind of immigration
Dr. D.: Rather those who managed to immigrate here, now look down on those who haven't made it yet.
james: that is, those willing to go through the process
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: or at least think they don't which these days is the same thing
rich-c: yes, it's the progeny of the first wetbacks who are snootiest of all - the DAR types
james: dar?
rich-c: Daughers of the American Revolution
Pamela: Daughters
Pamela: Dad beat me to it
rich-c: keyboard still can't spell
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: Join the club Richard :-)
rich-c: well, I've had the spell check turned off for weeks since I found I was ignoring it anyway
Pamela: I found the backspace key on the laptop very quickly : )
rich-c: well, at the moment I'm preoccupied
Pamela: wiyh what?
Pamela: oops
rich-c: the sample beer tonight is Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
Dr. D.: I prefer Hires Root Beer :-)
Pamela: well ice cream is causing my problems
Meeka left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: it was my birthday, and I bought a psp.
Pamela: when Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: it was monday
rich-c: psp?
Pamela: Happy Belated!
rich-c: joyeux fete
Pamela: Play
Pamela: Station
Pamela: Personal
Pamela: (I think)
rich-c: is that something like a Colecovision?
Pamela: on steroids : )
Daniel Bienvenu: ... Portable
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale did his own games for this game system... I want to try.
Pamela: I got myself an Mp3 player
Pamela: a 1G for a whole $30
Dr. D.: I don't know that many songs
Dr. D.: Nor own nor listen to that many
Pamela: that's why a 1G
Dr. D.: I drive to/from Toronto or to/from Windsor in silence
rich-c: I do - but I'll bet they aren't available for download
Pamela: burned them from my CD's
Dr. D.: I am the wrong generation to need a soundtrack for my waking life.
rich-c: burned or ripped?
Pamela: burned to laptop, ripped to MP3 player
rich-c: oh, if I am driving alone I'll always have a classical music station playing
Pamela: Rich you're the same generation as I am
Dr. D.: Chronologically...but I think I am "older" in my tastes than the rest of the 40somethings
Dr. D.: Just like silence.
Dr. D.: Or rather not too much of any music, even stuff I like.
rich-c: yes, I think you are right, Rich
Pamela: sometimes I do too, but it's nice to be able to pop on my headphones and tune out the world once in a while
Dr. D.: I have a whole world in my head already :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: @GuyB : did you try OpenOffice 2.2 ?
rich-c: as lomg as the world isnt sneaking up to do you some nasties
Pamela: plus, I love to sing
Pamela: and it gives me an excuse to do so when I'm alone
rich-c: there's a new version out of Open Office?
rich-c: this beer is better than I though last week
Dr. D.: I think I am going to sing myself to sleep...have to be on campus for an 8:30 seminar, so beddy-bye time for me.
Dr. D.: Good night all.
Pamela: just about anything - I sing along to the Marineland commercials sometimes
rich-c: night for now, Rich
Pamela: Night, Rich
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Guy B.: He's fast.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D. ... too fast
rich-c: I see we have lost Judy too - when did she go, and Meeka
Pamela: he's too quick for us
Pamela: 20 minutes or so, Dad
rich-c: Pam, has Barbara got the tree cut away and the roof fixed yet?
rich-c: must have left when I was getting my beer
Pamela: tree parts on her side of the fence are down and removed, no idea on the roof
rich-c: no new damage yesterday, I hope?
james: i'm afraid i'll have to get going here too
Pamela: lost her phone service : )
Pamela: okay James, good night
james: once again, i can not see my desk and i need to catch up from having had guests here
rich-c: OK james, good to have you abaoard - take care
Pamela: chronic issue for me : )
james: enjoy the con this year! quite a shame i can't go
rich-c: does she have a cell phone?
Pamela: we're sorry too James
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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changed username to Neil
Pamela: she doesn't have a cell phone Dad
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Guy B.: HI Neil, what's the word?
Pamela: Hello, Neil!
changed username to BobS
rich-c: if we only remembered, maybe we should start to turn ours on when the POTS breaks down
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Nel!
Daniel Bienvenu: err... Neil... sorry
Daniel Bienvenu: news?
rich-c: hello Neil
Neil: Bonsoir tout le monde. I delivered the signed contract to the hotel today. The meeting room is booked. The guest rooms are reserved.
Guy B.: Where at?
Neil: I have to give them a list of who's coming by July 5.
rich-c: OK, Frances and I. Do we get a special rate for extra days, and do they get credited to the convention?
Neil: It's the Best Western Cartier Hotel & Conference Centre in Gatineau. “Awarded best property of the year by Tourism Québec"
rich-c: you WILL be sending confirmation to the Adam list tonight, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: ME ME ME
Guy B.: Great Neil.
Neil: As far as I know, I can reserve whatever days you want at the Adamcon rate.
rich-c: is that the Best Western you started with or another in the chain?
Pamela: and what is the rate, Neil?
Neil: I will send some details to the list tonight. The room rate is $95/room/night. Yes, it's the Best Western I mentioned before. (They just finished a $2 million renovation)
Daniel Bienvenu: wow
rich-c: what are the taxes, Neil? it is in Quebec
Pamela: as far as I know we're coming, it's just a matter of for how long
Guy B.: Count me in too. I've already reserved the dates and it should be no problem with work.
rich-c: we will want at minimum Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun and likely a couple of more
Neil: It's right downtown, so we won't be driving through hours of traffic jams to get places like last year. And if you're on the river side, you can see parliament hill on the other side and the Art Gallery right across the bridge.
Pamela: should be 15% Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: TVQ is 7.5% TPS is 7%
rich-c: there is a neat show of Impressionists on at the Gallery at the moment
Guy B.: It's near Ottawa, right?
Pamela: lots of other exhibits too
Neil: (So 1/2% less tax than Ontario)
rich-c: you can see it from your room Guy - Parliament Hill, that is
Guy B.: This should be good then.
Daniel Bienvenu: err.... TPS is not 6% now? so it's TPS 6% , TVQ 7.5%
Pamela: PST is 6%, Daniel
Guy B.: Where is the hotel located?
rich-c: yes Guy, in Ottawa they have just re-done the War Museum, too, and it's been very well reviewed
Daniel Bienvenu: I see, for you it's PST, for me it's TPS
Neil: GST not PST
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
Guy B.: Ok, thanks Rich. Neil, how much will it be this year?
Pamela: sorry you're right
Daniel Bienvenu: ($ + 6%) + 7.5% = total
rich-c: if you can afford extra days, Guy, book them - it will be worth in
rich-c: the hotel is in the National Capital Region - our equivalent of DC
Guy B.: I'll stay the four days, since when I get back. Workload will be waiting for me and possibly overtime too.
Daniel Bienvenu: .... that's approx 14% finaly
Neil: The hotel is right by the river. There is only a park (Jacques-Cartier) and a street between the hotel and the river. Ottawa is on the other side of the river. The Museum of Civilization is kind of "kitty-corner" across the road (one block up)
rich-c: Ottawa and Gatineau are demarcated by teh Ottawa river which splits them
Guy B.: Neil, let us know where to send you the money at as well. I could get it off this weekend to you.
Guy B.: Better get my new digital camera ready for this one.
rich-c: or would you rather we book directly with the hotle?
Daniel Bienvenu: if there is a t-shirt, I will take a XL. L may be not enough.
rich-c: yes, Guy, Ottawa is very photogenic
Neil: I told the hotel that I would give them the list. It seemed more straightforward than everyone booking separately.
Guy B.: That's one thing I always loved about Canada , is the sites.
rich-c: and we then pay on arrival? likely the best plan
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Neil: I haven't figured out the final costs. I want to include breakfasts for sure and there are several options available.
changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Neil confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: there is now some new and quite spectacular architecture near the hotGuy
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B.: Welcome Back, Bob
Roberto: was outside bidding Doug & Meeka farewell for the night
Guy B.: Sounds good Neil.
rich-c: I will happily settle for a "continental" breakfast - it's more than I usually have anyway
Neil: I think it will be okay to pay on arrival, as long as I have definite plans from everyone. I don't have to give them money until we leave.
rich-c: welcome back, Bob
rich-c: whtever - I can phone them my VISA number, or if they're secure book on the 'bet
rich-c: Frances already has the place bookmarked!
Pamela: got a link, Dad?
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rich-c: you mean you want her to send it to you?
changed username to Judy S
rich-c: hello back, Judy
Pamela: sure
Pamela: wb Judy
Neil: Their continental breakfast is pretty good. I suppose people could always order "a la carte" if they want extra, but I think I could offer two options to individual attendees (there will be vouchers to give to the restaurant)
Judy S: there I am back after 2 hair cuts and setting up my test site
Neil: Hi Pam.
rich-c: that would be fine with me
Neil: They have my MasterCard number, so everything is set for now.
rich-c: Pam, your Ma says its very complicated - easier to Google Best Western Hotel Gatineau Queback and take what comes - will be about the fifth down
Pamela: can you give us a ballpark figure for the con, Neil?
Pamela: ok, Dad
Roberto: well kids.........Judy and I will not be able to come this year, with me part time employed and Judy in school
Pamela: that sucks big time
Pamela: Bo
Pamela: b
Pamela: I wish we could find a way to change that
Roberto: si senorita
rich-c: four nights $460, plus (?) for conference room, lunch if taken, and banquet
Judy S: yes, but we have to do what we have to do
Pamela: just know you will be sorely missed
Neil: A search for "Best Western Cartier" works perfectly.
Roberto: and we appreciate that my dear
rich-c: understood Judy, but if there were a way...
Judy S: we will miss you guys also
Roberto: thought I had a great line on a great job, but that got axed to some degree today
Judy S: is too far away for us to attend
Roberto: won't even get a shot at 2nd interview until after July 4th
Judy S: but he is a least getting the interviews lately, so maybe soon something will break
Neil: Be sure to click on "Virtual tour" on the website. There are a number of 360 degree views.
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking out Annie soon. Neil, keep us posted on everything. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Judy S: night Guy
rich-c: nite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Roberto: nite Guy
Neil: g'hight Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too Pam
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: so what are you thinking, Neil - around $600 each all in?
Neil: Bob, we'll miss you. You will be able to attend the Adamcon chat I hope.
Judy S: yes, we will be on line
Neil: So long as you're willing to share a room with someone, I think it'll be around $300 per person.
Pamela: Neil, any way to set up a web cam so they can join us virtually? (Having no idea how that might work)
Neil: I'm going to see what I can do about the webcam thing. There is wireless everwhere and one wired connection in the meeting room.
Daniel Bienvenu: give me your address, I will give you a check.
Neil: If we need to have more than one computer with a wire, we can probably hook up a router.
rich-c: OK Neil, just tell us who is to be paid how and when and we will attend to it
Roberto: and on that note, we will have to bid ya
Neil: I'll send my address to the mailing list in the email tonight. I think I will confer with Dale or Jill by phone tonight to see what incidental expense I haven't though of.
Roberto: 'll a farewell for thsi evening
Roberto: and hit the sack.........
Neil: Have a good night Bob.
Judy S: time to call it a night, so night all until next week
Pamela: good night Bob - see you next week
Roberto: see ya's next week !!!!!!
Pamela: good night Judy
Roberto left chat session
rich-c: OK Robert, night to you and Judy - till next week
Judy S left chat session
rich-c: (oh btw, everything is go with Pennsylvania)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: rush continue this week.
rich-c: bonsoir, Ddaniel - a la prochaine!
Pamela: go do your thing, Daniel
Neil: I hear that Tony Morehen is planning to come to Adamcon.
Pamela: Ron will know for sure, Neil
rich-c: won't that be super-terrific?
rich-c: now all we need is for Guy Cousineau to come in from PEI
Pamela: also, I think that Daniel has a couple of friends who would like to attend
Neil: Ron is sending him the info on the dates today.
rich-c: the more, the better, that's for sure
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, Steve Begin from Quebec.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: so, Pam, we have a race this weekend but nothing major - you?
Pamela: so, Richard, Frances, Neil, Jillian, Dale, Jeffrey, Pamela, Russell, Erin, Rich, Murray, Daniel, Guy F.,
Pamela: Sandra, Tamara, Ron,
Pamela: Guy B.
Pamela: Daniel's friend Steve
Pamela: Tony Morehen
Neil: Well, I probably should sign off soon. I just wanted to drop in with the news. The noisy construction across the street starts at 7 am.
rich-c: with always the qualification on my health, but I'm feeling pretty good right now
Pamela: that's 17 and I'm missing someone, I'm sure
rich-c: and you have a lot of writing to do first, Neil. Goodnight and take care, then
Pamela: waiting the e-mail iwth bated breath, Neil : )
Neil: There is room for about 14 around the table in the room, but there's lots of extra space also. We could instead have had a gigantic room in the basement,
rich-c: The more intimate is likely better
Neil: but it has not windows and I decided on the one upstairs, close to the rastaurant, right beside the registration desk.
rich-c: especially if we have many out playing tourist
rich-c: do get a line on promising places for dinners and lunches, depending on how they're arranged
Pamela: we'll deal one way or the other Neil
Pamela: anyway, it's bedtime and I want to go look at the hotel site
Neil: Okay, I'd better sign off now. Good night.
rich-c: OK daughter, keep us posted, meanwhile goodnight
Pamela: good night - see you next week
rich-c: and goodnight ot you, Neil
Neil left chat session
Pamela: Dad, will call - we're home over the weekend as far as I know
rich-c: OK, ditto, hear from you whenever
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: so colour me gone
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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