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rich-c: salut, Daniel - tu es de bonne heure, comme d'habitude!
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changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: HI Daniel
BobSlopsema: got to get Jean Stone on here, so stay with me, I may be gone for a few minutes
rich-c: Daniel isn't in this room right now, Bob - p.s., welcome
rich-c: you hope to get Jean? that will be great, Bob
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rich-c: Dasniel, we're here now ; - )
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rich-c: shoot, went to get Daniel and lost the text here
BobSlopsema: well news you cab use
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rich-c: I will go for that
BobSlopsema: Jack died in april.........diabetes related w/ losing weight and losing the other leg
changed username to Judy
BobSlopsema: she has been in the hospital for 2 week periods about 3 times this spring and early summer
Judy: Hi, All
rich-c: well, that is bad news, though I regret to say not unexpected
rich-c: good evening, Judy
Judy: do it is not
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: why has Jean been in hospotal, Bob?
Judy: still rather sad
Judy: broke a bone, in her leg
rich-c: agreed, Judy, losing one of our little group is always hard
Judy: she does have knee replacement on both
rich-c: how did she do that? mishap, or osteoporosis?
Judy: at lease they got to talk and were prepared as perpared as one can be
Judy: not sure of that
Judy: we didn't talk real long
Judy: at this time Bob is trying to get her on, talking to her on the phone right now
rich-c: Frances says she had hip replacements, too
Judy: yes, she did and had trouble with all of it
rich-c: Jack and Jean were married for a very long time - going on 60 years, I might guess
Judy: 65 years
rich-c: that's a pity - trouble with knees is commons but hips more often go well
rich-c: passed teh diamond anniversary - that really is an achievement
Judy: yes, it is
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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi all.
Dr. D.: hold a sec
rich-c: we think we have done well coming up 52 years - the thought of 13 more is amazing
Judy: hi, Dr D
rich-c: hello Rich
Judy: my parents just had their 60th
Judy: she does not have Java so Bob is working on that
Judy: with her
rich-c: wow, good for them - not that you and Bob aren't benefitting from their example!
rich-c: she not only has to have Java, with XP the latest Java may not work
Dr. D.: Okay I am back.
Judy: Bob's parents had celebrated theirs in january- also 60 years
Dr. D.: Trying a different keyboard on my laptop, external that i.
Dr. D.: is.
rich-c: (see above, good examples ; - ) )
Judy: and not working, corectly
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Dr. D.: Trying to avoid typing on the laptop keyboard on the bouncy bed here.
changed username to Cinnamon
Judy: that could be a problem, DR D
rich-c: hello Erin
Dr. D.: Since I just had to replace the internal HD yet again, less than a year :-(
Judy: hi, Erin
Cinnamon: hi Uncle Richard
Cinnamon: Hi Judy
Judy: Bob is talking to Jean Stone
Dr. D.: The HD is right where you rest your left hand on the case to type.
Dr. D.: Jean! How is she?
Cinnamon: oh cool, how is she?
rich-c: you did? that seems like an awfully poor MTBF, Rich - something else causing it?
Dr. D.: Hi spicy gal
Judy: Jack died in April
Cinnamon: Hi Hubbys
Dr. D.: Not sure. It was replaced a year ago after 2 years.
Cinnamon: oh dear :-(
Dr. D.: He did, oh no :-(
Dr. D.: Well, El Paso was defintely a good thing to have done.
rich-c: yes, you made it just in time, so to speak
Judy: she has also been in the hospital, problem with broken leg, two surgeries, one to go
Judy: that is true really glad that we went when we did
Dr. D.: I was just about to ask how she is holding up.
Dr. D.: Did she fall?
Judy: I think so, just before Jack died
Dr. D.: blah
Judy: we didn't talk too long last night and what she did say is a little hassy
Dr. D.: hassy?
rich-c: it's so easy, as the yers go by - Rich, they were married 65 years
Judy: Rich where can we get Java 5, that will work with chat?
Dr. D.: maybe?
rich-c: I think or offers it
Dr. D.: or start with Sun and look for a link to Java.
Dr. D.: This chat client was compiled under an ancient version of Java that sometimes acts up
rich-c: Pamela thinks she has Java 6 on her new laptop, but it works for chat
Dr. D.: Not sure what the latest version is, think at least 5.
rich-c: but I had to take Jave 6 off mine
Judy: does anyone have 6?
Dr. D.: But this chat should work under Java 3
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: on our experience it will work up to 5
Judy: they can't find anything under 6
Dr. D.: I have whatever Apple puts on their Macs, guessing 5.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, hello Pam
Cinnamon: hi Pam
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Cinnamon: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
changed username to FamilyGuy
Pamela: Hi folks, be totally present shortly - am getting organized
Judy: hi, Pam
Dr. D.: How is Life, The Universe, And Everything?
FamilyGuy: Yellow everyone.
Guy B.: That has to be Guy?
Dr. D.: Citroen to you :-)
FamilyGuy: I wouldn't be caught dead driving a Citroen thank you.
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: no, Citroen is a car - the fruit is citron
Dr. D.: oe, o-umlaut, something
Dr. D.: a lemon by any other name would drive as bad
Guy B.: Ok, my vacation dates for the con have been approved for work. So that's done. Now, we need to hear what the costs are going to be?
FamilyGuy: Ahhhh a little bit of Shakespeare...
rich-c: well, if you can afford to maintain it, a Citroen SM is a quite magnificant car
FamilyGuy: Never had a chance to see a Citroen Rich.
Dr. D.: SM ROTFL bet it is fun to work on all week just to drive on Sundays
rich-c: Neil was muttering aoubt roughtly $350 US, wasn't he?
Pamela: okay, that's better
Pamela: now I can see the computer and am not blinding Russell
Guy B.: That's what he mentioned, but he hasn't put up anything officially.
rich-c: gather you had a problem with your lighting, Pam?
Pamela: So, hello Dad, Rich, Erin, Judy, Bob, Guy, Daniel and Guy
Guy B.: HI Pam
Dr. D.: I thought his announcement E-mail was official.
Pamela: Rich, I can't speak to the universe but life and everything are just dandy thank you
Guy B.: The dates and the hotel is.
FamilyGuy: Still can't decided if I want continental or american breakfast.
rich-c: well, he gave a close approximation, but didn't have one or two of the details nailed down - meeting room mainly, I think
Dr. D.: Hope to say hi this weekend with Gretchen in tow.
Pamela: I think the amount of $360 is firm
Judy: they have the Java so hopefully she will be on soon
Dr. D.: Well alas we Drushels have decided that we cannot, again, afford to go.
Pamela: spend the two bucks, Guy - otherwise you'll be hungry again in an hour
FamilyGuy: But, does American include EVERYTHING that Continental has? That's my big dilemma.
rich-c: for the latecomers: Jean Stone may be on. Warning: we lost Jack in April
Dr. D.: Total event would be $1K whn we figure transportation and the extras.
Guy B.: And you know us. We get hungry very easily
Pamela: Oh dear
Dr. D.: So sadly Rin and I will have to be content with a T-shirt order, again.
Guy B.: That's what I'm estimating for me alone. I will have to rent a car to get there.
rich-c: far as I know the American is the continental, plus hot extras
Pamela: as Erin knows, protein stays with you longer than carbs
BobSlopsema: Jean has supposedly installed java 5.0 and is rebooting now.......
Judy: us either Dr
BobSlopsema: hopefully it will work to get her into chat
Guy B.: But, I can get a discount for the car rental.
Cinnamon: well more so that our anniversary is the weekend following and if we go to con we won't be together for our anniversary
FamilyGuy: I'm debating whether or not to take the car. The train is pretty cheap from Montreal to Ottawa, and pleasant scenery.
Pamela: I thought you were cycling, Guy?
Guy B.: Guy, you will have to figure if the train stop is near the hotel.
rich-c: yes, and it costs $8 a day to park the car, apparently
FamilyGuy: Decided not to, wife wants to come with me, and need to help her with the luggage, carriage, etc... She's pregnant again, did I tell you guys?
Pamela: there are mixed messages about parking - one part of the sight says it's free, another says there's a charge
Dr. D.: No, but congrats!
FamilyGuy: Thanks Dr. D...
Pamela: you mentioned it but hadn't confirmed. Congratulations, Guy
Dr. D.: Now you will have 2 tape drives in your ADAM :-)
FamilyGuy: Yes, it's confirmed, it's a girl.... 4 months into it.
rich-c: I figure that with my handicap sticker it will be no charge, anyway
Judy: Congratulations, Guy
FamilyGuy: Rich: Handicap stickers from Ontario don't work in Quebec...
Dr. D.: hehehehe
rich-c: oh? it is local discretion, but my understanding has been they are effectively accepted everywhere
FamilyGuy: Thanks all... we're excited about a 2nd child, very sureal especially since it feels like a few weeks ago that we were expecting our first.
Pamela: Rich, I hope we'll see you while you're here but we don't want to intrude - I know you and Erin don't get to spend a lot of time together.
rich-c: it has been a pretty close interval, Guy - but that is often a good thing
Pamela: Erin, did your mother get a hold of you?
Judy: when is the baby due?
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FamilyGuy: Rich: They will be 14 months apart.
Cinnamon: she did, very cool
FamilyGuy: Judy: Dec. 20th is the due date, but Sandra was late last time.... So I might get a Xmas baby.
Judy: very cool
Pamela: (note to self, start cleaning house now )
changed username to jean stone
Dr. D.: We haven't got a firm itinerary yet, mostly just expecting to be outside a lot. A beach will be involved, but whether just something off Lakeshore Drive or else taking the ferry to Toronto Island, we have not decided.
Cinnamon: (PRIVATE) sorry bout yesterday btw....had a meeting from 5 to 6 and then Tom's farewell thingy
Judy: wellcome Jean
rich-c: a big hearty welcome to you, Jean
Dr. D.: Hi Jean.
FamilyGuy: Hey Daniel, comment ca va mon chum?
Guy B.: Hi Jean. How are you?
Cinnamon: hi Jean
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Daniel Bienvenu: finaly back from the kitchen
FamilyGuy: Dan: Greets from below.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) forgot you had the farewell party - don't apologize - it was more to let you know where I'd be so I didn't miss you than anything else
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BobSlopsema: SO, Jean has ARRIVED !!!!!!
FamilyGuy: Dan: Hell's Kitchen?
Pamela: Hi, Jean!
changed username to Fred
Fred: Hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: coudonc, il y a du monde ce soir!
rich-c: hey, Fred, welcome aboard!
Judy: hi, Fred
FamilyGuy: Dan: Faut pas se plaindre.
BobSlopsema: HIYA Fred
Pamela: Hi, Fred
jean stone: hey people! i'm still alive! I have along history.
rich-c: Fred, Daniel, Jean Stone is here - she hosted the El Paso Adamcon
Pamela: Jean, it's nice to see you. I want to thank you again for the lovely afghan you made for El Paso - I was the one who won it and I love it
rich-c: as you can see, Jean, we have a couple of Quebec members of late
Daniel Bienvenu: El Paso?
Guy B.: Hi Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: when?
Cinnamon: 2004
FamilyGuy: Rich: Those darn Quebecers, won't leave us alone! ;)
rich-c: yes, I think 14 or 15 - there were the two I couldn't get to - likely 2003, when I had my hip done
Fred: sudden hunger for cereal
Judy: Bob is trying to get Jean up on who everyone is
Dr. D.: My eldest daughter is currently in archaeology field school in the Austin area, where all the flooding has been...
Dr. D.: fortunately their dig is on high ground and the rains are flowing away from them.
Dr. D.: Just spoke to her by phone today, we were kinda worried.
rich-c: yes, they have been having a real time in Texas and Oklahoma, I gather
FamilyGuy: El Paso, was that the one before Whitby?
Dr. D.: 18 inches of rain in 6 hours Christina said.
Pamela: yes, Guy
rich-c: had to replace the exhaust on the van so saw a lot of the news channel this afternoon
Dr. D.: They are safe but very wet, too wet to do any excavating.
rich-c: pity - the ground sure must be soft!
jean stone: I hate to let you that Jack died April 17 of this year. He had lost his other leg and was not happy.
Pamela: wow, that's a lot of rain
BobSlopsema: JEAN, IF WANT BIGGER LETTERING, click on EXTRAS on the top line and select INCREASE FONT SIZE
Dr. D.: Too soft. The dig is systematic, you have to go down by layers and document what you find.
Pamela: I'm so sorry to hear that, Jean - our condolences
rich-c: I was looking at NOAA earlier and it seems the nasty stuff has skirted around Chicago, Cleveland and Toronto
Dr. D.: We had sprinkles of rain today, nothing bad, softball practice was not cancelled.
jean stone: I fell just before he went to the veteran's hospital inAlbuquerque and it has been the pitts!
Dr. D.: So sorry to hear about Jack, Jean.
Cinnamon: very sorry to hear Jean
BobSlopsema: BUT, the good news........Jean is semi healthy NOW
Pamela: were you injured, Jean?
Dr. D.: Why Albuquerque?
BobSlopsema: just needs some slip pad in the knee joint, right?
rich-c: wre you injured when you fell, Jean?
BobSlopsema: richard can commissorate with you about hospitals Jean.......................
BobSlopsema: he practically lived in one this spring
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jean stone: Since I have Pagets disease of the bone, the screws they put into my knee did not like it and they had to be replaced two times
changed username to rich-1
Dr. D.: ow
rich-1: that sucks, Jean
Judy: bummer
Dr. D.: you are a case study for my human physiology class
BobSlopsema: RICARD, yo hit the wrong keyboard key again ?
Pamela: ick
rich-1: sorry folks, I hit the wrong key and dumped myself
jean stone: I realize that I am NOT doing a good job with this,
BobSlopsema: Richard, take that key OFF the keyboard
BobSlopsema: and leave a hole
rich-1: Jean, I was just trying to express my regrets over Jack - you two were married so long
Judy: did they have to put in a special kind of screw then?
BobSlopsema: so I kinda missed the start here...........has Neil officially thrown the convention open so you can register????
rich-1: well, he wants to know who's coming, but hasn't finalized the price
Pamela: we don't hare registration info yet Bob
rich-1: but he wants us to register by July 5th, so go figure
BobSlopsema: fer cryin out loud mon.............
jean stone: As far as being a model for Paget's. I am! I also have Paget's of the breast of which they took about half.
Pamela: but we do have pricing
BobSlopsema: so........Pagents disease is NOT just a bone disease?????????????????????????
jean stone: As for the srews, the doctor put in more each time and finally the femur healed
Dr. D.: I got to be a model for my human anatomy class this fall: during an exam in November, half of whch was about the GI tract, I had a gall bladder attack that put me in the hospital.
rich-1: sheesh - I though I was having problems, but I'm getting off real easy
jean stone: You all do remember that I have fake knees and hips
Dr. D.: I had to get my gall bladder out during Finals Week. I brought the 1-inch-diameter stone to the final for them to look at.
Pamela: we prefer the term "new and improved" Jean : )
jean stone: the knee that was injured needs something put between the upper and lower to stabalize my walking. that comes next
rich-1: I hope at least you hip replacement went as well as mine
Judy: just looked up pagets in my medical dictionary
Pamela: what does it say, Judy?
Judy: there is quite a write-up in there
jean stone: as for gall stones..fair, fat and forty!
Dr. D.: hehe not fat I don't think, grey/white and 44
Daniel Bienvenu: question : july 26th... it's the first day of convention or we have to be at the hotel this date?
Judy: bone disease named afterSir James Paget
Dr. D.: Never had a problem at all until the attack, then it was misery.
Cinnamon: certainly not fat
rich-1: oh, if the 26th is the Thursday, it's basicallly the check-in day but purely social activities -
jean stone: I wish that I were able to be there but I nned this last"revision" Its hell to be 85 years old!!
Dr. D.: Hope not Sweetie
rich-1: you can arrive Friday morning and not miss anything technical (except breakfast ; - ) )
Dr. D.: Well there is still the Saturda-night chat
Dr. D.: That is the best that Erin and I will be able to do, since we cannot attend this year either.
Pamela: Jean, if you make it 85, that's a helluva accomplishment (pardon the grammar)
BobSlopsema: (PRIVATE) feel bad here too Jean, Judy, myself, Doug & Meeka won't be able to come to ADAMcon either
Judy: and she is still teaching
rich-1: considering teh alternative, Jean - hesaven can wait
BobSlopsema: REMEM BER Jean.........saturday night chat @ 8pm central time............July the 28th (????)
Pamela: that would be right, Bob
jean stone: I hope that they will forgive me for not getting a crochet thing done. Maybe next time!
Daniel Bienvenu: for me it's... dentist on July 26, morning. I've just remember that this week.
BobSlopsema: nobody can fauylt anyone for the lack of such
Dr. D.: I am going to have to consider alternatives and sign off for the night...I am beat from moving office furniture the last few days (I am moved to a new office on campus), plus 2 hours of softball practice with Diana and Gretchen tonigt. Ugh.
rich-1: I think we would find that forgiveness comes very easily, Jean - your's allowed a sabattical from time to time :-)
Judy: you are forgiven, but no need to be forgiven, you do not have to make one every year
BobSlopsema: change it Daniel..........depends on your mode of transportaion to adamcon
jean stone: or better still...have a drawing and whoever wins can tell me what color they want. it might take a couple of weeks. maybe they would rather have a pancho. I nake beautiful ones, just let me know
Dr. D.: So good night all, nice to see you here Jean, and say hi to anyone who stops in afterwards.
rich-1: OK Rich, rest those roughed-up muscles, they'll need it. Take care
Pamela: Rich, to answer your earlier question re: e-mail, use work during business hours and the home address evenings and weekends. If in doubt, copy to both
BobSlopsema: just htink Dr gets harder as we age..............words of siedom
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D.
Dr. D.: I know Bob.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: Goodnight, Rich - see you on the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Gretchen
Pamela: Dad, FYI, Cynthia is coming down for a couple of days on the weekend
BobSlopsema: so anyway........for the new guys on the block...............................
rich-1: Erin, Rich is coming up here, is he?
jean stone: i've been here once so maybe I'll find my way back. Thanks to all
jean stone left chat session
rich-1: we'd love to see you as a regular, Jean
BobSlopsema: Jean Stone along with husband Jack were attendees and participants at most of the conventions thru aoubt ADAMcon 12, and then we brought the convention to them in El Paso for ADAMcon 16
Cinnamon: he is with Gretchen
BobSlopsema: and POOF she went
BobSlopsema: anyway, a lovely lady and a great ADAM fan.........
rich-1: where is Cynthia planning to stay?
Cinnamon: 10p...need to call My Hubbys before he is completely out
BobSlopsema: and they both loved the fact we came to them for an ADAMcon
Pamela: here, with us, as Erin already has a houseful : )
BobSlopsema: be good Erin
Cinnamon: have a g'nite all
Pamela: gnite Rin
Fred: Bye Erin
Cinnamon: that's no fun Bobs ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit cinnamon ;-)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
rich-1: nite Rin
Cinnamon: (PRIVATE) love you too
BobSlopsema: so how are you hanging in there Richard???????
Cinnamon left chat session
BobSlopsema: exercising and behaving ?
Judy: night Rin
Guy B.: Night Rin
Pamela: wow, she poofed in a hurry
Guy B.: And fast
rich-1: oh, the back is healing nicely - been cutting back on the pain control this week
BobSlopsema: that's good
BobSlopsema: and the legs?????
Guy B.: Oh Pam, I forgot to answer your question last week> Yes, I'm plan to fly up to Ottawa
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried some homebrews for PSP, including those made by Dale Wick. It's great!
Fred: Daniel did you get your problems fixed last week (work)?
rich-1: still use teh walker when I go out, but short stuff I get by with a cane
rich-1: even made it down to the basement a couple of time (challenging stairs)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at work last week, it was a big rush to be ready for an expo. now we have to be ready for the installation process.
Pamela: are you staying for more than the convention Guy?
rich-1: how did the expo go, Daniel? everything ready in time?
Pamela: or just for the four days?
Judy: just opened up the house, turned off the ac, letting in the outside air, finally cooling off
Daniel Bienvenu: based on news I've got, everything went well at the expo. but, to be honnest, I don't think we were ready because we still working on the system today.
Pamela: our front hasn't come thru yet, Judy - still hot
Pamela: Guy??
rich-1: yes, it's due later - they've been threatening us with severe thunderstorms but while theyre all around us, none here
Daniel Bienvenu: GUY!
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
Pamela: the sunset was gorgeous as a result, all pinks and oranges and purples
rich-1: yes, we had to turn on our a/c yesterday for the first time this year
Daniel Bienvenu: tonight, here, ... raining ... storm... lot of noise
rich-1: it's fascinating to watch the weather flow on Environment Canada and NOAA
rich-1: all teh big masses of trouble carefully flowing around our cities
BobSlopsema: Richard, did Jean ever answer you on how long her and Jack were married??????
BobSlopsema: twas 65 years
Pamela: that's okay - I was worried about not being on chat because of the storms
rich-1: bummer, Daniel - you shouldn't have the front yet - it just cleared Chicago, Grand Rapids and Cleveland
Pamela: wow, they must have married young
BobSlopsema: Jean was 20 and i believe Jack was 22 or so
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? ...
Pamela: How long have you and Judy been married, Bob?
BobSlopsema: we spent some time with them when we came early for AC16 and enjoyed it immensely
Judy: we had the storms this morning
rich-1: we watch the movement of air masses on the weather sites, Daniel
BobSlopsema: 38 yrs
BobSlopsema: and a half
Fred: The front can come back weather it does let us know back about the front!
Pamela: wow - talk about marrying young!
BobSlopsema: ya.......
BobSlopsema: and I am only 35
rich-1: haven't looked at the forecast for Montreal
Judy: as Ryan says, ya right
Pamela: : )
rich-1: but it should be a great night for the CFL opener here tomorrow!
Pamela: I need another tv
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobSlopsema: Vancouver Island = wet weather; onto Chicago; onto Grand Rapids; onto Windsor;onto Toronto; onto Ottawa; onto Montreal; onto Quebec
rich-1: your mother is sulking because we have the laptop in front of the tv and she will have to move
BobSlopsema: a simple path to follow
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: buy her her own,Rich
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-1: what I need now is a path to the fridge - beer time
Pamela: well since mine just got hijacked again by the CFL until November . . . : )
BobSlopsema: your laptop?????????
Pamela: I'm about to become a football widow again. I'm just glad Russell only follows the CFL
Fred: what king rich?
BobSlopsema: or tv.................
Fred: knid
Fred: kind
Fred: dagnabit!
Pamela: if he was an NFL fan, there would be a divorce, I'm sure : )
BobSlopsema: oh, Richard gets the beer of the week club brew
Pamela: you've got that keyboard too Fred - the one that can't spell : )
BobSlopsema: farn dingere Derf.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Fred: :)
BobSlopsema: so THAT is the problem, and i alwasy thought it had something to do wiht ME !!!!!!!!!!
Judy: I have one of these keyboards, it just doesn't type well
Pamela: nahh
Judy: my backspace is the most used key
rich-1: oh, during chat I have a craft brew - which I have varies, I'm sampling them a six pack at a time
BobSlopsema: prolly chinese rejects keyborads, eh???????
Pamela: me, I made friends with the backspace key early on
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changed username to james
rich-1: tonight I have Black Oaj Nut Brown Ale
Pamela: Dad also has one : )
james: morning all
BobSlopsema: hiya James
Pamela: Hi James!
Fred: Hey James!
rich-1: morning, james
Fred: Where is that from Rich?
Judy: hi, James
james: how is everyone?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine
Judy: doing
rich-1: it's brewed in Oakville, just down the QEW
BobSlopsema: we are HOT or soon to be HOT and looking forward to cooler
Pamela: Hot thank you
rich-1: what's that url, james?
james: a couple of auctions i have up
Pamela: whatcha selling James?
BobSlopsema: you selling eh?
Judy: and the brain is turning to mush, way too much studying
james: going to see if i can
BobSlopsema: trouble is, I can't bid becasue it is in japanese and I son't speak it
Daniel Bienvenu: dômo dômo
Pamela: Judy, how is Excel going?
james: well i'm trying to sell in japan
Judy: I have my first exam Thursday the 5th
Pamela: minor detail : )
Fred: nice
Pamela: in
james: so i'll see if they move at all
Pamela: Excel??
Judy: done with Excel, and I am going to take my Word exam
rich-1: previous one was Mill St. Coffee Porter, Fred
Fred: nice again!
Judy: then I will have to study for Excel
Pamela: weird setup, Judy - finish a course and start another but don't write the exam till after
BobSlopsema: kinda
Judy: no end in sight to stop studying
BobSlopsema changed username to BobS
james: i'm also prepping an auction for a complete adam system
rich-1: now I can get Unibroue beers here, too - like La Maudite - that's something new
Daniel Bienvenu: you are selling Aquattack? it's a rare item... a great value for a collector
FamilyGuy: We still cannot get Kokanee over here.
Judy: you have to schedule the exam on your own, some take the class over
Judy: not just set at the end of the class
rich-1: well, the LCBO suddenly discovered there was a market for craft beers
Judy: way to much to take in in 4 days, need to make it stick before taking the exam
FamilyGuy: Do you guys get Belle Guele in Ontario? It's an awesome beer.
rich-1: in fact they just opened a new store in a power centre near us that has a huge choice, world-wide
Pamela: is that the one behind Yorkdale, Dad?
rich-1: Belle Guele? Haven't heard of that one - may have to wait till I get to Adamcon for that
Pamela: sorry, north of
rich-1: yes, Pam - whole big refrigerated room - seriously neat
FamilyGuy: I have a friend who lives in Ottawa who's a devoted beer drinker. If you can find a few hours and get away from it all, we can go drinking.
Pamela: I'll have to get up there soon - I want to go into Linens 'n things too
FamilyGuy: He's sure to know all of the best spots that have the best beer around the area.
rich-1: Frances may have her views on that - but carefully sittang and sipping a few, yeah, that's fun
FamilyGuy: What she doesn't know won't hurt her. <wink> <wink> <wink> <crack on the head, ouch, Frances!!!>
rich-1: when I met the carnuts crowd at Road America last fall we each brough a prize local beer to show off
FamilyGuy: That could be a good idea... maybe I should just bring you some Belle Guele and you can sip it in the hotel.
rich-1: I took down six Biere Noire - McCauslan's St. Ambroise stout - it scored big
FamilyGuy: Ah, you're one of those.... dark beer drinkers...
rich-1: yes, I have found that I much fancy a good oatmeal stout
FamilyGuy: Haven't acquired the tastebuds yet for dark beer... it just doesn't go down.
FamilyGuy: never tried an oatmeal stout, actually didn't know that existed.
rich-1: well, our guy from Kansas City had a weissbeer that went down really well too - I was impressed
Pamela: my father despairs of me and is glad I married well - I can't drink beer at all but my husband loves the more unusual stuff too
FamilyGuy: Pam: You're married??? I thought you were single....
rich-1: ; - )
Pamela: and Russell says baseline is "Mother Guinness is sacred nectar"
FamilyGuy: Guiness, yuk.
BobS: oh no, MRS Vilneff
rich-1: bah - Guiness is sissy stuff - women's stout
Pamela: I've been married since 12/31/03, Guy and we cohabitated for 15 years before that
FamilyGuy: Pam: Ahhh, didn't know that, see, we learn something new form each other at every chat!
rich-1: maybe I should find a good weissbeer and see how she likes that - might be more to her taste
Pamela: you can debate taht with Russell directly, Dad : )
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BobS: ah no. got to get CARIBE beer, Judy LOVES it
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: Guy, you didn't meet Russell in 'Whitby because he had to work and was unable to get the time off for the convention
rich-1: oh, I'll just hand him some real stout and he'll catch on quick enough
Judy: that is the only beer that I really like, but you can't get it around here, have to go to the carribean
Fred: very nice!
rich-1: Oh? the LCBO carries a very nice Jamaican stout, and lately has added one from Sri Lanka
BobS: nicea picture James
james: thanks
Pamela: I just can't stomach the stuff, and I've tried - don't like the flavour of the hops and too bitter fore me
james: so if i can sell adams here, i may be in the market
james: if people have superfluous adams, i may be able to take them off your hands
rich-1: I know where to find a few, james
james: i'm sure you do!
rich-1: a number of them even work
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel
james: functional is good +D
Daniel requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
james confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Daniel changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela: if you want them anytime soon, better give us some lead time James - Russell and I will be charged with getting them out of the basement
james: ok
james: well i'll know before i come over if this one sells
FamilyGuy confirmed ban
rich-1: anyway, daughter, not all beers are heavily hopped - McAuslan's even make one with apricot flavour
Daniel Bienvenu: I just asked firefox to install a flash plugin to see a video, and I had a timeout here.
Pamela: sorry Dad, I doubt you'll ever sway me
rich-1: that's odd; Firefox plugins seem very quick usually
rich-1: a nice Belgian one with cherry flavour, maybe?
Pamela: give me a good bottle of soda pop wine any time
Pamela: that's about my limit
Daniel Bienvenu: someone tells me that karaoke still popular in japan... and he talks about a song I never heard before.
rich-1: just so long as it's sweet enough, right?
Pamela: I like my Wild Vines : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just found a web page with the videoclip... now I've see eveything. lol
Pamela: what song, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: The Blue Hearts - Linda Linda
Judy: have you tried Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay, very good, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: the web page I found...
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-1: that's a run-based cooler, Judy?
Pamela: doesn't ring any bells, Daniel
Fred: You drink it repeatedly!
rich-1: highlight, control-c, and paste into the ddress line, Pam
Pamela: No I haven't Judy, but I'm not much of a rum drinker, either
Pamela: I doubt I can run it Dad, not on dialup
Judy: they are rum based and very good
rich-1: me, my specialty is wine formally, beer for informal occasions
Pamela: I'd rather have a Bellini, or a Fuzzy Navel if I'm drinking hard liquor
Judy: just a different form of cooler
Pamela: what I want to know Judy is whether California coolers are still available in the US
rich-1: likely you can download it in the background then run it intact, Pam
Judy: that doesn't sound like anything that I have had
rich-1: your mother and I went looking for them last fall, but couldn't even find anyone who remembered them
rich-1: they wre just about the original coolers - wonder why they couldn't defend their market?
Judy: don't think that we ever had them around here
Pamela: they were really good Judy, citrus based and made with sparkling wine I think, or carbonated water and wine - they even had pulp in them
Pamela: very light, very refreshing on a hot day
james: alright, i need to go and do some more english with aiden
Pamela: but I think they came out back in '87 or '88
james: i'll pop back on in a half hour or so and see if people are still around
Judy: bye, James
Pamela: goodnight James, I'll not be here
Fred: Bye James!
rich-1: OK james, good luck with the lessons
james: thanks
Fred: Arigatou!
BobS: niute james
james: i have a willing student and with an attention span of 5 mins, he's ahead of the junior hs girls
rich-1: good om him!
Pamela: doesn't surprise me - the first seven or eight years are the best for learning other languages
james: the younger the better, but i don't take 'em under 5 in most cases
Guy B.: Nite James
james: i simply don't have the temperament for it
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne journée james
Daniel Bienvenu: byebye
Fred: Dewa Mata!
james: bye for now!
james: mata ne!
james: *poof*
rich-1: anyway, Fred and Guy, maybe we should think of each bringing a six-pack of a personal favourite ti the 'con
james left chat session
Guy B.: Any ideas?
rich-1: then sharing them each evening in tasing sessions
Fred: Well, my selection from time to time is really the known stuff like MooseHead,Rickards Red, nothing out of the ordinary really!
Daniel Bienvenu: bravo... je vais retenir ça... dewa mata = see you
rich-1: sorry, I was thinking Guy F = I don't think you drink beer, do you, Guy B?
Judy: I am done in, so night all, until next week
Pamela: good night Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy
Judy left chat session
Fred: Nite Judy!
rich-1: night Judy, good luck with the larnin"
Fred: Sauf le 'ne' je sais pas Dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: selon, ne voudrais dire ici : encore (again)
Daniel Bienvenu: err...
Fred: k merci!
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: translation program, I'm assuming
rich-1: you prefer to babelfish?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's google who bring me to this page, that is pretty good.
Fred: that one rich you need to know Kanji I think!
Pamela: I'm not surprised - I'm pretty sure you can find just about anything on Google
Guy B.: Well folks, guess I won't know if Neil might get on. But, I'll check the log in a couple of days. I'll see if I can be here next week. The 4th is on Wednesday.
Pamela: Guy!
Guy B.: I'm here
rich-1: oh, well, happy Independence Day, Guy - bope you will still jpoin us!
Pamela: you never answered tonites questions : )
Guy B.: If I'm here, I'll be on.
Daniel Bienvenu: (page en français pour apprendre quelques mots et structures en japonais)
BobS: will plan on being here next Wed
Pamela: are you planning to stay in Ottawa for more than just the convention?
Guy B.: Convention only.
Pamela: : (
Pamela: then you may not need to rent a car
Daniel Bienvenu: and me too, I can't stay after the convention... sorry
Guy B.: Why?
Fred: Cool Dan! Merci pour les réf.
Pamela: most of the attractions etc are within walking distance of the hotel
BobS: well kids, I am gong to head for bed also...........
Guy B.: But, how will I get there from the airport?
Pamela: good night Bob
BobS: be good and see yua necxt week
Guy B.: Nite Bob
BobS: GOOD nite\
BobS left chat session
FamilyGuy: yeah same here, got a super long day tomorrow.... need to finish packing, and the day after that it's the big moving day for me.... so need all my rest.
Pamela: there is probably a shuttle or you can take a cab, or one of us can pick you up
FamilyGuy: take care all.
rich-1: OK Bob, see you next week - glad you got Jean on, too
FamilyGuy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: je n'ai appris que les chiffres... et encore je n'arrive pas à retenir 100, 1000, 10000, etc.
Fred: Nite
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit fred
Guy B.: Well, I should be here. See you all next week then.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous
Pamela: good nite.
Fred: Bonne nuit Dan!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs from Annie and I
Fred: Take care all!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week. in july... and soon at the convention.
Guy B.: Bye Fred
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-1: heavens, all leaving at once - OK, goodnight, bon soir, all
Fred left chat session
Pamela: anyway Dad, with Cynthia here on the weekend, perhaps we should do dinner
rich-1: guess that's it then daughter - any big plans for Dominion Day?
Pamela: she's coming in Sunday afternoon and leaving Tuesday morning
rich-1: you have to fix that with your mother butI'm willing - suggestions?
Pamela: so Sunday night I'm guessing
Pamela: and I guess I'd better call you so we can talk instead
Pamela: I was going to say tomorrow
Pamela: but only if I want to talk to Mom as you and Russell will absorbed in the football game
rich-1: yes, it's easier to negotiate on the phone - just don't tread on the CFL ; - )
rich-1: oh and by the way, if you want a spare tv, you know we have the old 13" set, don't you?
Pamela: Yes I know but I don't think I need it that desparately
Pamela: theres not much to tread on during the summer
Pamela: we'll see, actually we still have our old 13 " - or Erin has it
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changed username to james
Pamela: and I know it's cable ready
james: wow
james: that died quickely
Pamela: WB James
rich-1: well, you know how it is here, jsut know if needed it can be had
james: *quickly
Pamela: everyone bailed at the same time
rich-1: might as well since it will be unusable in two years anyway
james: everyone gearing up for the con?
Pamela: how did the lessons go, James?
james: sounds like the most important issue was what draft to bring
james: oh, going alright
Pamela: pretty much, we just need final word from Neil and information on where to sign up
rich-1: oh yes james, everyone packs it in at 11 p.m. - fussy about their bedtimes
james: i'm trying to get some kind of educational co-op here going with the other parents
Pamela: do you speak Japanese at home James?
james: to get all of our kids more english education
james: no, we try to speak english as much as possible
Pamela: you and Miyuki, I mean
james: case will talk to me in english. it needs work but the foundations are there
james: aiden needs a lot more
rich-1: james, Pamela and I will likely be going up to Ottawa a few days early - might we cross paths?
james: it's quite possible that we could meet for lunch
Pamela: I'm surprised - I would think that if that's what you speak most that's what they'd pick up
rich-1: Pamela is our more skilled social negotiator so AI'll leave it to her
james: well aiden is in fulltime daycare
james: and case is in kindergarden
Pamela: ohhh, okay
james: and all of their friends speak japanese
james: soo..
Pamela: and in both places, they speak Japanese
james: not much incentive or need for them to speak english
Pamela: I hope they're both fully bilingual
james: that's my hope
james: i was looking at english international schools here
Pamela: get 'em early : )
james: the closest is in hiroshima
rich-1: yes, the home influence still remains very strong
james: they both understand well
james: but their english is not where i want it to be
Pamela: you can always fall back on not "hearing" them if they respond in Japanese
rich-1: I noticed in my day kids from immigrant homes were usually fluent in the home language
james: the international schools are unfortunately not financially feasible short of whoring myself out
james: they likely have both their parents speaking said language natively
Pamela: I think you have enough on your plate as it is James : )
james: lol. i doubt i'd fetch the price needed anyway
rich-1: no, and I assume they'd be residential with all those costs and worries
james: yup
james: quite pricy
james: if we had just one child, i could maybe swing it
james: but not with two
Pamela: even so, would you really want them away from you for weeks at a time?
james: would help if my wife earned more than minimum wage
james: it's been a point of contention
james: because i'm alwasy tied to her schedule
james: but she brings in very little. i earn 90% of our income so it's stupid
rich-1: yes, that can make for tensions over time
Pamela: yeah, we've been dealing with that around here too - life revolves around the person working the shift work
james: well it's been 9 years
james: it's not so much the accomodating her
james: but the fact that it's not really putting us ahead. i have to deal with all the crap but don't see many benefits
Pamela: what does she do, James?
rich-1: you want to see some return on your time investment
james: she packs fish for minimum wage at my father-in-law's store
james: including weekends and national holidays
james: so i can hardly ever get out because of course the schools are closed
james: so for the sake of her working a few hours on a saturday or sunday morning, i have to be cooped up here all the time
james: not saying i expect her to take the kids all the time
Pamela: have you found any solutions?
james: but this is b.s.
rich-1: maybe it's time she sought alternative employment - but I can sense the trouble in that idea
james: none that were cheap ;)
james: hitmen these days are pricy
Pamela: for?
rich-1: I gather papa-san retains pergaps excessive influence?
Pamela: the wife or the in laws?
james: i get along well with my father in law
james: but the sooner i can afford to get her out of there, the better
rich-1: yes, it sounds like a matter of no small urgency
Pamela: she speaks excellent English James - would you be better off if she worked at the school with you?
Pamela: would having an extra teacher allow you to take on more students?
james: someone's gotta watch the kids in the evening
james: get them ready for bed etc
james: the grandparents aren't around much
james: and certainly not up for such duties
james: and no, i don't want her in there with me. not at the same time anyway
james: would drive me bonkers
rich-1: it would have to be separate classes in separate rooms
rich-1: but then that is how such systems work anyway
james: anyway, it wouldn't be feasible right now to have us both working in the evenings
james: which is another point of contention since she gets nothing done in the afternoons
james: even when the kids aren't around. she's lazy and disorganized
rich-1: I am NOT going to go there
james: lol
Pamela: exactly what I was going to say
james: anyway, nothing to worry about
james: so when were you expecting to be in ottawa?
Pamela: okay, changing the subject
Pamela: the plan at this point is to drive down on Sunday the 22nd
rich-1: my guess is Frances and I will likely go up on the Monday, but that isn't carved in stone
Pamela: at least that's what we're plotting - I dont know when Mom and Dad are going
james: lol
james: well a weekday morning or afternoon for a couple of hours might be doable
Pamela: we'll stay thru the convention and leave on Monday the 30th
Pamela: when are you there James?
Pamela: and remember, we'll have wheels
james: in theory we get in on thursday night
Pamela: the 19th?
james: yeah
Pamela: and stay thru?
james: i'm going to have to call aeroplan as they *still* haven't emailed me my tickets
rich-1: in theory - you're coming Air Canada, then?
james: i think the 1st
james: yes, narita through toronto then catching a connecting flight to ottawa
Pamela: but can't get away for any of the convention? : (
james: no
Pamela: that sucks
james: that's the weekend we celebrate my father's birthday
james: and my brothers will be in town too
Pamela: so how do we reach you once we get into town?
rich-1: after all, you do know where we will be staying
james: i'll be checking my email
rich-1: anyway, I am going to have to shut down now
rich-1: and let you two have at it
james: lol
Pamela: we're staying at the Best Western Cartier on Laurier in Hull
james: have a good evening rich
Pamela: Dad, will call tomorrow. Goodnight!
rich-1: thanks, james, catch you next week
james: hopefully!
rich-1: Pam, assume you'll phone next day or two?
rich-1: OK - goodnight now, then
james: lol, she just said she'd call you tomorrow ;)
Pamela: and James, you can call my cell phone at four one six -833-8815
rich-1: yes, these postings do cross
james: thanks pam
rich-1: colour me gone
Pamela: I'll have it with me and charged at all times
rich-1 left chat session
james: i'll have to see what the family has planned. i know my mom wants to do a bunch of stuff with case
Pamela: it will be long distance to call
james: but i may be able to slip out for a bit
Pamela: we'll find a way, it's been too long
james: indeed
Pamela: however, for tonite I should follow Dad's example and go to bed
Pamela: we'll figure it out
james: i might take a nap or get some work done here soon
james: have a good evening!
Pamela: you too, see you next week!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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