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rich-c: test
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi Dad
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: where is everyone?
rich-c: we seem alone tonight
Pamela: we usually have some company by now
rich-c: I was wondering the same thing
rich-c: james is I believe on his airplane
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rich-c: Ron is still - where? has he healed enough to be cycling again?
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: no, I guess he hasnt- hi Ron
Pamela: hi
Pamela: Ron
Ronald: oh yes.... in fact I'm going out in about 15 mine
Ronald: min
Ronald: Hi all
Pamela: where ya been, Ron?
rich-c: just in fopr a minute, then
Ronald: just thought I'd drop in and say hi - and will we see you next week?
Pamela: oh yes we're all getting ready to go
Ronald: thought I'd explained that Pam. Up until the end of August... wed night is bike ride nite
Pamela: right, forgot
rich-c: I am going to Ottawa on Friday, room's all reserved, teh whole schmeer
Pamela: or I guess I thought you'd be home before the end of chat
Ronald: these days I give priority to anything physical
Pamela: Ron when are you arriving in Ottawa?
Ronald: I'll be there Mon next - staying for a few extra days
rich-c: yes, but you mentioned you'd hurt yourself a short while ago
Pamela: you're coming in on the 23rd then?
Ronald: yes, that took about 10 days to wear off. Stiff sore muscles from biking - improper cooldown- yada yada
rich-c: OK, give us the flight word and we will see if one of us can pick you up
Ronald: yup Pam....
Pamela: cool
Ronald: No Rich, I'm renting a car for the week, thanks anyway
Ronald: So I'll be picking it up at the airport
Pamela: we should send Ron to the airport to get Guy, Dad - he knows his way around : )
rich-c: you know parking at the hotel is $8 per night extra?
Ronald: yes
Ronald: I need the transportation.
rich-c: apparently its a new local racket - everyone is doing it
Ronald: for the first few days, and then afterwards
Ronald: and probably for the entire week
Pamela: so what's on the roster for you Ron?
Ronald: unassigned so far
Ronald: have nothing prepared
rich-c: is Tony going to come?
Ronald: is there a roster?
rich-c: Neil hasn't said anything
Ronald: I sent him the message from Neil some time back. Haven't had a reply
Pamela: we're going to play tourist for a few days first, then settle in at the con
Ronald: Was saying to Neil, that I really don't know
Ronald: Have some people to visit - both west and east of the city
Ronald: Plantagenet
Ronald: and Dunrobin
rich-c: think Russell and I and the francophones may end up spending the evenings watching the CFL while taste-testing the local craft beers
Pamela: which will be a real hardship, I'm sure : )
Ronald: sounds like a plan.....
Ronald: anyway people, I must depart. Due at the ride start at 6:45
Ronald: and it's raining
rich-c: that will allow the females to go do teh girly things with the males out of their hair
Ronald: so I'm going a lttle slower
Pamela: have fun Ron
Ronald: see ya's all next week
Ronald: looking forward to it
Pamela: we'll see you Monday when you arrive
Ronald: nite all
rich-c: OK, take care, and don't wreck any more muscles
Pamela: what time is your flight?
Ronald: I'll e-mail you.... right at the moment, I have no idea. Think I'm due in there around 10pm or something
Ronald: gotta run
Ronald: nite all
Pamela: okay. Safe trip
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: well it's back to you and me Dad
Pamela: so, what's new?
Pamela: : )
rich-c: well, at least someone turned up
Pamela: I'm surprised - usually the week before the con, everyone is on
rich-c: not much - got the camera set up today, and did some other prep
Pamela: I'm working on getting the stains out of my clothes
rich-c: maybe they will be yet - Guyu has been early on recently
rich-c: but the slopsemas have complications and show up when they can
Pamela: wonder how things are going for them this week?
rich-c: haven't a clue what might be with the Drushels
Pamela: better, I hope
Pamela: well Rich should be on by now - no more evening baseball
Pamela: dunno what's up with 'Rin
rich-c: they'd have trouble getting much worse
rich-c: why, was the girls team eliminated or something?
Pamela: the last game was last weekend, I believe
rich-c: that's either a late windup for a spring league or early for a summer one
Pamela: we had a good time at the trailer this weekend
rich-c: considering the weather, that's good
Pamela: It's amazing how much space one extra person takes up though
rich-c: your mother was at the doctor so I had to do some shopping this afternoomanaged to get the walker in and out of the van by myself
Pamela: what were you shopping for?
rich-c: oh yes, Rin was with you, wasn't she?
Pamela: yes, it was great
rich-c: just a couple of small grocery items we need despite the trip
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: well done, Dad : )
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: Hello,
Pamela: Guy
Pamela: Darn, that enter button is tricky
Guy B.: Storms coming here.
rich-c: well, about time you got here, Guy! ;-)
Guy B.: Annie decided on a 40 minute walk, then I had to cook dinner
rich-c: yes, we've had very localized thunderstorms this evening
rich-c: it's sort of fun to watch them on the weather radar - brewing up out of nowhere
Guy B.: We have some severe and heavy rainfall heading this way. Been raining the last 3 days.
Pamela: oh, Annie did, did she? : )
Guy B.: Yep, for the past 3 days. Guess I'm to blame. I took her to a bigger field and she wanted to go there again.
rich-c: well with the heat in between, a little refreshing shower now and then can be useful
Pamela: goodness only knows, we need the rain
Guy B.: We do need the rain here. We are running a deficit, but it's not a drought.
rich-c: apparently Fridqay is going to be very cool, and rather wet
Pamela: for all that we complained about the weather this weekend, at the trailer where it rained all day Saturday and most of Sunday, I think we all appreciated it
rich-c: we had a period a week or so ago when the grass got pretty brown
Pamela: I think it depends on which weather report you watch
Pamela: Dad
rich-c: but a fw showers since have spruced it right up again
Pamela: if you don't like the weather report, change the channel : )
Guy B.: My Adam Em Setup program is about ready and I'm going to do a slideshow on it. Started working on it yesterday
rich-c: that doesn't work for us - the ones we use are the ones that get it right
Pamela: everyone has something different
Pamela: you're presenting, Guy? Good.
Pamela: Do we know who else is presenting?
rich-c: it's one thing the governments do much bettr than the private competition
rich-c: I think Daniel has some ambitions of showing something
Pamela: Let's see, who's confirmed? Mom, Dad, Russell & myself, Guy, Ron, Neil, Daniel, Guy & Sandra
Pamela: I'm assuming Dale and Jillian
rich-c: Murray?
Pamela: I dont' know, has anyone heard?
rich-c: Nope - and is Daniel firm yet? He sounded pretty determined. And, Fred
Pamela: I'm assuming Daniel is coming
Pamela: wasn't he planning on bringing a friend?
Pamela: other than Fred, I mean
rich-c: could be - there habve been one or two other expressions of interest but no word lately
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late
Pamela: we were just talking about you Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: err... where is everyone?
rich-c: well, Daniel - will you be at Adamcon?
Pamela: good question : )
rich-c: Ron was here earlier but haed to leave to go cycling
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I sent my check to Neil, and I still have to buy my ticket for the train
Pamela: don't wait too long Daniel, the price goes up
rich-c: still, we'll assume you're committed - and GuyF is coming too, isn't he?
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Daniel Bienvenu: don't know
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose
changed username to Guy B & Annie
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I see you found the Dad button, Guy
rich-c: what about Fred, any idea?
Pamela: I think Fred is coming, but not staying at the hotel
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. The power went out, then it came back on a minute later, Probably due to the storms
Pamela: ahhhh
rich-c: lonmg as we can get a good evening beer vtasting or two together ;-)
Guy B.: It's pouring here.
Pamela: we're thinking of sending Ron to get you Guy, since he knows his way around Ottawa
Guy B.: That would be fine Pam.
Pamela: we'll see - one way or the other you'll get collected
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm cleaning files from my hard drive... I saved up to 40 Gig today.
rich-c: don't take it as gospel, though; remember Frances is an old Ottawa girl
Pamela: yeah, but Ron is more recent
Guy B.: As long as somebody is there to greet me at the airport.
rich-c: got your email on my laptop so should be OK
Pamela: I wonder where Neil is planning the banquet
rich-c: Pam, do you have it, or a printout?
Pamela: both Dad
Guy B.: I hope he's picked out a good place.
Pamela: I'll pack the printout but it's on my e-mail too
rich-c: he'd better - there's a lot of very fine French cooking around Hull
Pamela: Guy you're bringing your cell phone, right?
Guy B.: I don't know yet. I have to see if AT&T Wireless will cover Canada.
Pamela: you should be able to roam with no problem - probably with Rogers
rich-c: figue it will, Guy - is it a GSM system?
Guy B.: I believe so Rich. What I have to see is the cost.
Pamela: I doubt it will cost much, if anything Guy
rich-c: likely not worth fussing about, long as you don't gab all day
Guy B.: I'll check anyway, might as well bring my charger with me too if I bring it.
Pamela: I was able to get text messages and call locally in Chicago at no charge other than using standard air time, so the reverse should be true
rich-c: I have a super-basic no-free-minutes plan but still didnt get burned that badly in Wissconsin
Pamela: anyway my point was that I still have your cell number in my phone, unless you've changed numbers, so if we can't find you I can always call your cell phone
Pamela: is this still right ? 708-214-7420
Guy B.: Ok, that's great. But, I deleted all the entries off mine. I can always re-enter them again. Yep, that's correct.
Pamela: do you have call display?
Guy B.: Yes, I have Caller ID
Pamela: or rather, caller ID?
Pamela: good, then if I call you you'll see me come up as Pamela Vilneff
Guy B.: By the way, when Jeanene calls me, Annie's photo appears on her number.
Pamela: I kept all the numbers from last year in my cell directory
Pamela: not Jeanene's picture? : )
Guy B.: No, I would have to take it with camera phone, but my digital will have some of her. And Yes, I'm bringing that along with another media card.
Pamela: I should try using my picture of Russell as wallpaper. Hmm.
Pamela: Will have to do some playing around
rich-c: I downloaded my media card to both computers today, but haven't cleared teh card yet
rich-c: put the photos on the D drive so when I reinstall XP on C they won't be lost
Pamela: what brand of camera do you have Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: we go at the adamcon during the day of july 26 then return during the night of july 29?
Pamela: oui, Daniel
rich-c: I'm still trying to figure out how to use the camera in my phone
Pamela: no, return on the 30th, the Monday
Pamela: it's point and shoot Dad
Guy B.: Argus and it's 6 Megapixel
rich-c: well I go Friday the 20th and go home Monday the 30th
Pamela: the banquet won't be over until after 9:00, Daniel
Guy B.: Got it for Christmas last year. This camera I can print photos direct through my printer without having the computer up.
rich-c: mine's a 7.2 meg Casio but that results in files far too big so I use 3 meg
Pamela: I'm still looking at digital cameras - I like Erin's Sony Cybershot
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like the last train for sunday is at 15h
rich-c: so get a bus. or get a lift with Guy or Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: or I stay one more night
Pamela: Daniel if you're looking to save a day of hotel, come in on Friday morning early, and stay until Monday morning
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: rather than coming Thursday night and leaving Sunday
Guy B.: Dale, long time no see.
rich-c: or not much happens on the Thursday night - you can arrive very early Friday and not miss anything
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Pamela: Hi stranger!
Pamela: worked for us last year : )
rich-c: hello Dale, just discussing Adamcon mechanics
Daniel Bienvenu: taking train friday morning will bring me to ottawa (not gatineau) around end afternoon.
Pamela: Dale the last time I talked to you at Christmas, you were sick as a dog
Daniel Bienvenu: it's about 5hours 20 minutes
Pamela: what's the earliest train from Quebec city, DAniel?
rich-c: sounds like that won't work then, Daniel - no overnight sleeper to Ottawa? Or is flying cheaper than that?
Daniel Bienvenu: 06:32 .. 11:46
Pamela: could you make that one?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will miss then the "welcome" message.
rich-c: yes, but it would still be about 13.00 by the time he got to the hotel, forget checking in
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changed username to Bob
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Bob
Bob changed username to BobS
Pamela: darned enter key
Guy B.: Hi Bob. Storming out by you?
BobS: nope, no rain in sight
rich-c: hey Roberto, you finally got here
BobS: how's Chicagaoland??????
Guy B.: It's storming here and lost the power for about a minute. Enough to reset three clocks.
BobS: ha ha
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I will simply don't take the last meal sunday night to return back home during sunday night
BobS: well, was supposed to rain today, but NUTHIN
Guy B.: You probably won't the storms.
BobS: now won't rain for another week
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BobS: grass is gonna be REAL brown
Pamela: But Daniel, teh banquet is important
changed username to rich-1
Guy B.: Some have little brown here.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was at the banquet in 2005?
rich-1: the Windows key got me again
Guy B.: Yes, you were.
Pamela: yes, I believe so
rich-1: I think so - I had other things on my mind that day
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... as far as I remember we leave all during the morning... so we leave during monday morning?
Pamela: yes
rich-1: yes, that's right, some very early
Pamela: Dale, when are you three arriving?
Daniel Bienvenu: in that case, my only problem is getting there, not returning back home.
Dale: Well we'll be packing on Wednesday, so I expect that we'll be there at suppertime on Thursday.
rich-1: well, the train isn't the only way - if you can stand it the bus might be cheaper and faster
Daniel Bienvenu: so, july 26 , I have to be present for room registration?
Pamela: does it take you that long to pack ? : )
Dale: The bus may be more frequent, but I'd bet the train is faster.
rich-1: no, you register when you arrive - whenever that may be
Dale: Well, for me it does. :-D
Pamela: LOL
rich-1: do realize though that if there is a reservation in your name, you are expected to honour it
Dale: Daniel, there is an informal reception from about 6pm on on Thursday.
Guy B.: I should be there around dinner time as well. My flight comes in at 5:25 PM
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
rich-1: how many beer drinkers in our group?
Daniel Bienvenu: train go from quebec to Montreal, and another from Montreal to Ottawa. it's 2 trains.
Pamela: Guy, I've never heard of American 'Eagle airlines - are they someone's discount group?
Daniel Bienvenu: leaving at 13:30 will bring me at ottawa around 18:40
Pamela: that would work Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: but leaving at 8:10 will bring me at ottawa around 17:10 ... that means waiting 3 hours at Montreal.
Pamela: if you decide to do that the three hours will go by really quickly Daniel - you'd be amazed
Guy B.: It's part of American Airlines
rich-1: sort of like AC Jazz
Pamela: they'll board you about half an hour before departure
Pamela: so that leaves you just enough time to stretch your legs, get some food, read a couple of chapters of your book
rich-1: your flight is direct, Guy? no stopovers?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking the train station was in Gatineau, not Ottawa
rich-1: Daniel, take a look at a combination bus Ottawa-Montreal, train Montreal-Quebec - both are short runs
rich-1: right, Daniel, or there may be a stop in Gatineau on the way to Ottawa
rich-1: anyway could be worth checking out, Daniel
Guy B.: Mine is non-stop
rich-1: surprised there is enough business to justify a direct flight, but nice for you
rich-1: by the way, I assume everyone is expecting a chat next Wednesday?
Pamela: yes
BobS: ya why???????
Dale: I am
BobS: is only one day BEFORE convention
Pamela: you'll be packing, Dale : )
BobS: won't be there yet
rich-1: since us earlybirds will be joining in from Gatineau
Dale: And another on Saturday night.
Daniel Bienvenu: and I hope to finish things that night to bring my stuff at the meeting.
Pamela: we'll be there, Bob : )
rich-1: long as the hotel network holds up!
rich-1: maybe we can get a final count then on who is coming
Pamela: which reminds me, someone is going to have to help us configure the laptop for wireless
rich-1: Dale, any idea if Murray is expected?
BobS: well then Pam, you will have to be ON fromthe hotel
rich-1: you're on XP aren't you? I suspect it will configure itself pretty much
Guy B.: Dale, you are going to do the seminar schedule, right?
Dale: I am
Dale: You want to be on Friday as usual?
Dale: How long do you need?
rich-1: any idea yet what the planned excursion will be? we'd prefer not to pre-empt it by going earlier
Guy B.: Yes, that will be fine. I'm working on my slideshow now.
Pamela: I think that I have to tell it to pick wireless over dialup
Guy B.: I can help you that Pam
Pamela: I believe it's the Museum of Civilization, Dad
rich-1: oh yes, but that's no problem
BobS: Judy says HI to ya'll
BobS: she is pooped
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-1: I know Neil was leaning that way but wondered if he'd settled yet
rich-1: hello Judy
Dale: museum of civ is budgeted for.
Pamela: okay, we shall not take that excursion beforehand then
Dale: So it is for sure.
Dale: good plan. :-)
rich-1: OK, if he's committed then we won't go early - is the China exhibit included?
Pamela: we'll have enough to keep us busy at the other museums
Dale: I don't know yet.
rich-1: OK, I'll nag Neil about it - doesn't matter what the answer is so long as I know and can plan accordingly
Pamela: Dale, the hotel is wireless, right?
Pamela: We don't have a DSL cable
Dale: Neil tells me wireless.
Pamela: okay, good
Dale: I like to have an Ethernet cable too. just to cover
rich-1: if they had a DSL cable they'd be charging for it, I suspect
Daniel Bienvenu: by train, it's 230$ "aller-retour"
Pamela: well if worse comes to worst, we'll have to find a Best Buy and get a cable
rich-1: what if there's enough time advantge to do a split trip train/bus?
Guy B.: I did check the hotel's website and they do have wireless and Neil said they did
rich-1: do you have a built-in Ethernet card and port? (likely answer is yes)
Pamela: thanks Guy
Pamela: I think so Dad
Pamela: given that it was Chris's computer, I would think so
Pamela: I can't imagine it not having one
rich-1: Bob, how are Meeka and Doug getting on? you haven't mentioned anything and we're fussed about them
BobS: well, reports are looking good for Meeka as far as the progress of the ms, she got her supply of shots this week and is starting that
Pamela: did you check the bus, Daniel?
rich-1: maybe I should buy a real supercheap computer, so there aren't too many battles over who gets on the net
BobS: had a waist to neck MRI sun night and no results yet, but she is hopeful
Pamela: better do it tomorrow then Dad
BobS: Doug knows nuthing
Pamela: his and hers computers are looking more likely for us too
BobS: apt with cardiologist mid August
rich-1: damn, that's frustrating - though those symptoms can be awfully ambiguous
rich-1: that's about three weeks away - bet he baffles the cardiologist, too
Pamela: well at least there's some good news for Meeka
BobS: who knows with today
BobS: 'smedical profession
rich-1: well, at least not as bad as it could be, and we'll take all the blessings we cqn get
Daniel Bienvenu: splitting travel with bus , save approx 50$, but I hope bus station and train station are the same place.
BobS: oh lord, don't wish anymore bad things on us
Pamela: check the maps, Daniel
Pamela: they are often fairly close together but not always
rich-1: my recollection is they used to be, but I think both have moved, Daniel, so how it is now I do not know
rich-1: anyway Daniel, your main issue should be time and convenience - which gets you where you want to go when you want to get there
Daniel Bienvenu: train : 250$ ; train + bus : 200$.
Guy B.: Well folks, it's very stormy out here and I'll be taking Annie out soon. So, I'll see you all next week before the con.
rich-1: OK Guy, take it careful in the wet, and see you next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: see you next week
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: looks like one of us will be chasing 'Daniel while the other goes for Guy
rich-1: well, we'll see how things work out - but if that's it, so be it
Pamela: 'twill all work out
Pamela: I wonder if Murray is driving
Pamela: if he's coming, that is
Pamela: Daniel once you've decided, send us an e-mail letting us know where and when you'll arrive
rich-1: in fact Daniel, remember that we will be checking our email daily while in Ottawa
BobS: well kids, got to hit the sack here. sorry late, but went to lake michigan shore with dad to walk out the pier and get ice cream
BobS: doesn't look like I missed any great things happening
BobS: be good this week and get ready for convention
Pamela: Bob, how did your interview go?
rich-1: right Bob - see you next Wednesday anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will send an email this week at the adamcon mailing list after buying my tickets
BobS: thought it went good but no job..........excuse I got to my email afterwards was......:comments made....low loud voice .......... size may intimidate......"
BobS: bullsh$t excuses, think someone had an agenda to ge tthe job for someone they knew
Pamela: what nonsense
rich-1: confirms my op[inion that most HR types are scam artisits - with agendas
Pamela: just as we suspected, someone who doesn't know what they're doing, doing the hiring
BobS: kinda out thought, but oh interview this Fri with Hope Network agency
BobS: maybe this one wil owrk out something
Pamela: well remember to think small and quiet : ) good luck!
BobS: emailed in Mon eve, got call Tuesday, contacted again Teus night about 6:30pm to set up interview on Fri
BobS: right Pam
rich-1: nuts - anyone competent realizes seniors have hearing problems and need loud voices - and are reassured by size
Pamela: we'll be crossing our fingers
rich-1: pulling for you, Bob
BobS: thanks people. will let you know next week
BobS: nite now
Pamela: good night and good luck : )
rich-1: you take care then, Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Daniel, one more thing to keep in mind - Via might have a strike next week so plan carefully
Pamela: keep an eye on the news
rich-1: so do keep us posted, either individually or via the Adam mailing list
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changed username to joeboy
joeboy: hello all
Pamela: hi joe
rich-1: whoops, someone new - or?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I can't find a plan B, train seems the only possibility for me to travel Montreal-Ottawa. Orlean-Express stop at Montreal
Dale: Hi joe.
joeboy: where are u guys from
Pamela: Hi Joe
Pamela: there
rich-1: OK joe, if you're new here, a big WELCOME
joeboy: El Paso, Texas here
joeboy: new here
Dale: We're from all over. Mostly Canada tonight though.
Daniel Bienvenu: Mostly?
Pamela: sorry, I'm not updating properly
rich-1: hey, great, I've got a cursor crony down in El Paso, name of Justin
Pamela: there that's better
Dale: We were all in El Paso for an AdamCon for AC16, right?
Pamela: right
Dale: Well BobS and GuyB were on earlier.
rich-1: yes, the Americans have all left to go to bed for some reason
Dale: So that is just 3 years ago I suppose.
rich-1: so anyway joe, what brings you by?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't remember when I started to talk with you guys.
Daniel Bienvenu: is it in 2005 or 2004?
Daniel Bienvenu: or maybe 2003?
Dale: I presented at talk you prepared for AdamCon 15 Daniel.
Pamela: I think it was 2004 Daniel
rich-1: yes, I think you were the first of our regular Quebecois, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a kind of warning about the lack of references and informations at wikipedia about the adamcon.
rich-1: I don't think many of us have been contributing to the Wikipedia, Daniel - maybe we should
rich-1: Dale, how about a discussion of that on the agenda?
Pamela: well gentlemen, i'm for bed. Dad, we'll see you tomorrow evening after dinner
Pamela: I'll see everyone else next week
rich-1: I'll be looking for you and Russel, Pam - sleep tight
Pamela: you too
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: too late...
Daniel Bienvenu: well, me too I will go bed. bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Daniel Bienvenu: and try contacting guyf
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir joe!
rich-1: OK Daniel, a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-1: sorry, joe, but our Spanish "expert" has left (Pamela)
rich-1: we all have a little competence in Franch for Daniel and a couple of otehrs
rich-1: so anyway, what inspires you to visit an Adam board?
rich-1: Dale. do you know if Murray plans to come?
Dale: Neil told me he's coming, and bringing his mother.
rich-1: yes, he did that once before, didn't he?
rich-1: give someone for us old folks to talk to ;-)
Dale: I'll sign Neil up to talk about wikipedia.
rich-1: good thought, maybe we should be up to something there
Dale: He's edited (mostly spelling) a fairly large number of wikipedia articles.
Dale: Once before. I think to the Whitby one.
rich-1: other than the odd link I have had no contact with the Wikipedia at all - though I've heard of some editing wars
rich-1: Whitby waas the one I could only make on the final day, and then with an IVB in my hand
rich-1: IV
rich-1: this year at least all my aids should be external
Dale: Good.
Dale: I should get going.
Dale: See you next week.
rich-1: you and me both - you be on Wednesday again?
rich-1: OK, see you then - on;line Wed, in person Thursday
rich-1: take care till then
rich-1: joeboy, I'm going to have to close down too
Dale: I'll try to be online Wednesday.
rich-1: so I'll give you a good night, and say return whenever you may - you'll be welcom,e
rich-1: so goodnight all
Dale: good night.
Dale: poof
rich-1: colour me gone
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