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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm in the kitchen because I'm "cooking" a program.
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Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
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Daniel Bienvenu: Too many me
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Salut Dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Fred
FredK: vaut mieux trois fois que rien!
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, tu tombes bien, je suis trop nombreux, et j'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour retirer les autres
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FredK confirmed ban
FredK: LOL
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
FredK confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: testing
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
FredK: c mieux que cuisine!
FredK: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: je cuisine en quelque sorte
Daniel Bienvenu: je code (approximativement) quelque chose pour me faciliter la vie avant de partir pour le adamcon
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changed username to Dale
FredK: c bon!
Dale: Hi Fred.
FredK: Hi Dale
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale! :-)
Dale: I hear you are from Ottawa area?
FredK: is that meant for Daniel -Dale?
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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi folks.
FredK: Hi RICH!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Dr. D.: I am surprised the Clees are not here.
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel, I saw your E-mail and Richard's from earlier.
Dr. D.: I presume Richard, Frances, Pamela, and Russell are in Ottawa. Ron too?
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Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't know who will finaly take me at the bus station to bring me to the hotel.
changed username to colecoguy
Daniel Bienvenu: coleco guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: which guy?
colecoguy: yes michael
colecoguy: Dale dr D hi folks
Dale: FredK, no, for you. Daniel is from Quebec, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel is from Quebec, yes.
colecoguy: hows it going i thought you'd all be on tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: far away, but not far enough to not be at the convention this time.
FredK: Dale I am more from Mirabel area thats around 1hour &half say from hotel.
colecoguy: well just wanted to say hi i guess i'll call in lter
Dale: I know the area a little bit at least. I have in-laws in Waterloo/Granby area, and it is on the way to there.
Dr. D.: I am talking to Erin by phone right now, her DSL is not yet up :-(
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Dale: So how did you hear about AdamCon Fred?
Dale: Hi Michael.
FredK: Dale are you going to take the opportunity to visit them?
Dale: I messed him.
Dale: I won't this trip. My mother in-law is in Ottawa area, and it is enough to visit her, I think.
FredK: :), I actually started chatting back in 2002 but it was on & off, I knew about them.........
Dale: Fred, did you want a presentation slot for AdamCon? I'm making up the schedule.
FredK: but most of the time too far, now I have the chance to drive down & back so will be there Friday & Saturday.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I'm not talking now... I'm coding... at least, I try.
Daniel Bienvenu: but you can talk, you know...
FredK: Thanks Dale but I dont want to get kicked out for crazy ideas on the future of Adam so lets listen to the experts instead! :)
Dr. D.: No ideas are crazy.
Dale: So maybe Friday from 4-4:30 "Crazy Ideas for future of the Adam". Sounds cool.
FredK: No please its my first con!!! dont do this to me! let the experts speak!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, after seeing the portable ColecoVision, and read about usb capacity for the adam, which idea I didn't heard about can be too crazy?
Daniel Bienvenu: english is not my cup of tea and I had to talk the first time I went to the adamcon.
FredK: :)
Dale: We are a small community, and everyone is welcome to share ideas.
Dale: I'd save you for Sunday when everyone is too tired to be arguing, but you can't come then. :-(
FredK: Thanks for the tip!
Dr. D.: I don't think there have been any ADAM-related arguments at any recent ADAMcon.
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Dr. D.: VIII would be the last one I could think of.
changed username to BobS
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BobS: ALLO ya'll
FredK: What was it about Rich?
Dale: Well, see. It's time for a mini-rift. :-D
FredK: Hi Bob!
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich!
Dale: Hi Bob.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
BobS: YO, tis I
rich-c: bonsoir tout le monde
Dr. D.: Erin says hi and good-night; she is tired.
rich-c: night
rich-c: Rin
BobS: everyone ready for ADAMCON ?
BobS: say ........ES
rich-c: there already
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit 'rin!
FredK: Hi rich!
BobS: cool, got Ron's message that they have wirelss for ya in the hotel
rich-c: hi Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not ready, but I suppose I will be ready next time. anyway, I'm going to the adamcon this year, ready or not.
Dr. D.: Fred, I can't remember what it was about. It involved Herman and George though :-S
rich-c: yes, I'm on the hotel wireless and Pamela is trying to make it work
BobS: Herman and George what ??????
rich-c: she can't persuade it to give her an IP address
FredK: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: is it DataValet or something else?
BobS: may have to release the ip and renew it Richard
Dr. D.: Does she have a wireless card in her computer, or are you letting her share your net.connection via an ethernet cable?
rich-c: that sort of works for me though I had to reboot to get it, but doesn't work for her
Dr. D.: Herman and George were fighting about something ADAM-related at ADAMcon VIII, I can't remember what though.
Dr. D.: from the C: prompt
Dr. D.: ipconfig /release-all
BobS: and neither do I sir................
Dr. D.: I think
Dr. D.: for list of options, ipconfig /help
Dr. D.: I think
rich-c: shewent out and bought a wireless card this afternoon, and has installed the driver
BobS: I THINK [casue Doug had me doing it] ipconfig release_all ........... at the dos prompt
rich-c: according to the card she has a link - but nt really it seems
Dr. D.: I think you are right about the underscore, release_all
Dale: ipconfig /releaseall
rich-c: she's on XP, there is no c:\ prompt
Dr. D.: Network configuration wizard would be my next suggestion
Dale: ipconfig /renew
Dr. D.: Sure there is
Dale: XP you say run and type cmd
Dr. D.: They call it Command or Console
Dale: then you get the c:\ prompt.
Dr. D.: From the Accessories menu
Dale: (run is Windows key + R)
rich-c: how do we access it? Run command?
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I need a phone number to contact you went I will be at the bus station to take me... whoever is going to take me there.
Dale: Well Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt
Dr. D.: I am doing that from memory, nothing but MacOS here :-)
Dale: Do you know which bus you will be on Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Or, Start -> Run -> type "cmd" without quotes and press return.
rich-c: Daniel we will sort that out later but we will find someone
Dale: Do you have Neil's phone number? Maybe that'd be easiest.
Dr. D.: It wouldn't be an ADAMcon without hardware problems :-)
rich-c: sorry, not a peep out of Niel yet
FredK: lol
Dr. D.: It is de rigeur
Daniel Bienvenu: the bus name? err... no. but I suppose I can find it. the guy who sale me the bus tickets told me that the bus name should be "colonial" or something like that.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have Neil's phone number.
changed username to Ottawa Ron
FredK: Hey Ron!
Ottawa Ron: hey all
BobS: hi Ron
Ottawa Ron: how r ya's
Dr. D.: Hello Mighty Mitchell
Ottawa Ron: Hi Bob
BobS: heck this is almost the annual chat session at ADAMCON
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: Rin and I will be there Saturday night, on the chat that is, presuming still what, 8 PM EDT?
Ottawa Ron: Finally met up with Tony and Ian Cottrell and Bill MacPherson
rich-c: hey Ron, you in the hoel now?
Ottawa Ron: out having supper
Ottawa Ron: Hey Dr. D
Dr. D.: Tony Morehen? I have not seen him since ADAMcon IV.
Ottawa Ron: yup Rich..... I'm here in 434
rich-c: can Pam come by now?
Ottawa Ron: Yeah Dr. D. He's just in the process of moving back to Ottawa.....doing reno's on a house they just bougght
Dale: Neil's phone number is: 613 277 7920
Ottawa Ron: yep, sure
Ottawa Ron: tell her to come on over
rich-c: she will be right by
Dr. D.: 15 years...doubt I would recognize him
Ottawa Ron: door will be open
Ottawa Ron: Oh he looks pretty much the same
rich-c: Ron, can you pick up Daniel at the bus terminal? He's oming in at 5.25 on Colonial
Dr. D.: But I only met him once, for 4 days :-)
BobS: and does he have any interest in hobby computering?????
Ottawa Ron: Dale, I think that area code for Neil is 819
Ottawa Ron: let me check
Dale: Home number: 819 595 9816.
Ottawa Ron: Yes, I have 819-595-9816
Ottawa Ron: and I used that number to call him this morning
Ottawa Ron: oh ok
Dale: Maybe the 613 number is for his office at UOttawa.
Ottawa Ron: ah so the U of Zero
rich-c: Pam is off to see if Ron can configure her computer to get the network
Ottawa Ron: Pam Just arrived, we're gonna see if we can't get her on the net. I'm not optimistic
Dr. D.: The Pamela Effect
Dr. D.: <runs>
rich-c: the trouble is, no shortage of advice but it keeps scrolling up the screen before we can follow it
Dr. D.: You need to change the size of your command window
BobS: you can DO it Ron
Ottawa Ron changed username to Pamela at Ron's
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope I will not have the same problem when trying to connect with my laptop
Dr. D.: The default 25 lines is not enough.
rich-c: did try the cmd - ipconfig/releaseall and /renew. but got error message re DHCP
Pamela at Ron's changed username to Pamela at Ron's
Pamela at Ron's: you'd better run, Rich
Dr. D.: It may be trying to use the built-in ethernet port instead of the wireless card.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm printing the phone numbers, now
Pamela at Ron's: Hi folks, sorry about this, we're still trying to set up my connection
changed username to Judy
BobS: yes disable the ethernet
Dr. D.: You can have it display info about all available network adapters, it's one of the option switches for ipconfig, maybe showall
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: no she just bought nd instlled a new wireless vcard, is getting "limited but low connectivity""
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
BobS: tis what computers do Pamela
Dr. D.: ipconfig /showall
Dr. D.: Hello Judy.
FredK: Hi Judy!
rich-c: hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
rich-c: hey Fred, when are you coming in?
FredK: Friday, what time should be best you think?
Pamela at Ron's left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I talked with Steve Begin. he will be with us saturday, but may also appear suddently friday night.
rich-c: don't ask us old folks; it's when the youngúns get up that will affect matters most
rich-c: frankly, I consider any session that starts before 10 a.m. to be pushing things excesively
FredK: :) true!
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Daniel Bienvenu: I return coding now... sorry to be quiet during this period
FredK: ok so around 10am then :)
changed username to Pamela at Ron's
Dr. D.: Well, Richard, historically breakfast was served 7:00-8:30 AM, first sessions at 9:00 AM...back in the day
rich-c: anyway, I have six-pack of good Ontario craft ale to share with you and GuyF
Pamela at Ron's: there
Pamela at Ron's: I seem to be back
Dale: Well, the sessions start at 9am Fred.
FredK: ok I will be there Dale!
rich-c: let's just say attendance at that hour may be thin - which may be an advantage
BobS: back on your computer, or Ron's ??????
FredK: Ok rich I will think of some bev. to bring also to share with you guys!
Dale: Some years the sessions started at 8:30am, but I like 9am better.
Pamela at Ron's: what was the decision on pickups?
Judy: hugs to all at the convention
Pamela at Ron's: on Ron's
BobS: and ow is your's coming along ????????
Pamela at Ron's: he's trying to fix mine
BobS: how
Pamela at Ron's: I'm learning new swear words from Ron
rich-c: a good craft one not sold in Ontario might be nice - I'm sampling Boreale this evening
Dr. D.: Tsk tsk
Dr. D.: (to Pam)
BobS: such language, and AT a computer type convention too
Judy: that is not a good thing, Pam
Dr. D.: (to Richard, beer/ale is lost on me)
Dr. D.: She could at least say it in hexadecimal :-)
FredK: Dale is there a particular room or just ask reception I guess...
rich-c: Fred will understand
Pamela at Ron's: did we get dumped again?
BobS: nope
Dr. D.: Nope
BobS: ya'll is here
Dale: Yeah, there is a particuar room. Neil said that he booked the room near reception, and not the one in the basement.
Dr. D.: But I think I am going to adjourn for tonight, tomorrow is coming early again :-(
FredK: thanks Dale!
BobS: you in toronto Dr D?
Pamela at Ron's: sorry folks, the connection is slow
Dr. D.: Glad the travellers made it to Ottawa okay, hope the convention is fun, see you Saturday night.
rich-c: OK, it is likely the one to the right of the elevator as you come in
Dale: goodnight dr d.
Dr. D.: Nope, I am in Cleveland.
Pamela at Ron's: goodnite Rich, say hi to Rin for us
BobS: see yoyu Sat night then Dr D
rich-c: it's sort of behind the reception desk and obscured by a pillar
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. D.: I made an impromptu trip to Toronto Friday night to be at the Harry Potter book sale downtown.
Pamela at Ron's: Daniel when do you arrive?
Dr. D.: Rin and I were 1098 in line, got our books in 50 minutes.
Dr. D.: Nice pix I can show sometime.
Dale: I got the book Friday night too.
Dr. D.: I went in costume as Harry :-)
rich-c: nite Dr D
Dale: A good pre-release party at the Chapters/Indigo store in Oshawa.
FredK: Bye Rich!
Dr. D.: bye all
Pamela at Ron's: got mine Saturday, both Russell and I have finished it
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye dr.d .... too late
FredK: maudit code! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorow
Daniel Bienvenu: around 17h - 17h30 at the bus station
Pamela at Ron's: h
rich-c: anyway Daniel, we have to decide who will pick you up tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: by doing rock paper scisor?
FredK: Dont worry Dan if you are still at the stop on Friday morning I will pick you up :)
rich-c: Pamela will likely be getting Guy B at the airport
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela at Ron's: gone again?
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Pamela at Ron's: nope
Daniel Bienvenu: friday morning? I can't sleep at the bus station, fred. :-)
rich-c: I may ask Ron to volunteer since I have been having some mobility issues
FredK: Hi Guy!
FredK: Dan :)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir GuyB
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela at Ron's: hi Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: we were just discussing who will pick you up and who will fetch Daniel
Guy B.: My slideshow presentation is ready. Think you will be impressed.
Judy: By the way, Meeka is feeling better and has started her shots
Judy: so she must be going into remission, we think
Pamela at Ron's: we'll have to discuss who is picking up whom in the morning
Dale: Daniel, do you think that we should do something on that new sprite editor that someone on the Yahoo list was working on?
rich-c: that is good news, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't do a slideshow, but I suppose I will have time to do something tomorow
Dale: Or am I remembering it wrong. It was written in Java right?
Pamela at Ron's: so Daniel, it may be either Ron or I who pick you up
Judy: yes, it is
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried the graphic editor you are talking about.
Pamela at Ron's: get that Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's nice and should work whatever the OS we use, if we have java runtime installed
Dale: How does it compare to you're editor? Is it worth spending some AdamCon time yet?
Guy B.: Is Ron picking me up?
rich-c: guy, save me multitasking and say when you arrive again?
Pamela at Ron's: that's good news Judy
Guy B.: My flight arrives at 5:25PM.
Pamela at Ron's: it will be either Ron or us, Guy
rich-c: same time then asDanie's bus, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't tried it yet to add graphics data in my projects.
Guy B.: Probably should allow some time for me to get through customs and exchange some money.
Dale: Well, then I'll plan to do something in LOGO for Sunday afternoon.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, my graphic editor is more complete but works only for Windows
Pamela at Ron's: we're trying to decide now
Daniel Bienvenu: note : I have no idea where is the bus station
Pamela at Ron's: Daniel do you have a cell phone?
rich-c: it is on rue Ste. Catharine, off Kent almost under the Queensway (417)
Daniel Bienvenu: no cell phone... that's the only gadget I'm happy to not have for work
Pamela at Ron's: it looks right now as though Ron will be picking you up Guy, and we'll be getting Daniel
Pamela at Ron's: hello?
rich-c: if eiher of you have problems, the hotel number is 819-770-8550
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to make you drive tomorow to pick me up.
Guy B.: Great Pam
Pamela at Ron's left chat session
Dale: Well, here is the proposed schedule for the weekend:
rich-c: the rooms re: Ron & Guy: 434 Pam 636 rich 424
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left chat session
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rich-c: why, Daniel? we all pull together here and pickup are customary
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changed username to Pamela at Ron2
changed username to Neil
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Neil
FredK: Hi Neil!
Neil: Hi
Dale: Hi Neil.
rich-c: hello Neil
Judy: Hi, Neil
Pamela at Ron2: sorry folks got dmped again
Guy B.: HI Neil
Pamela at Ron2: I lost everything after decision as to who will pick up who
Daniel Bienvenu: seems like you get dumped when someone leaving or entering the chat
Pamela at Ron2: Hi Neil
Neil: Hi Pam
Pamela at Ron2: Neil this wireless connection sucks
Pamela at Ron2: sorry for the complaint just very frustrated
Neil: Where do you figure the problem is?
Pamela at Ron2: better now
Pamela at Ron2: seems to be all over
FredK: Hey Dale thats cool but the 4:30 topic should be -Everyone! :)
Pamela at Ron2: Ron says the connection has been spotty
Daniel Bienvenu: My boss had this problem one time, what he did is asking for another room closer to the signal and he got it.
BobS: mostly in Pam's computer
rich-c: PEBKAC - but there seems to be lots of ssoftware support for it too
Pamela at Ron2: I'm still trying to figure out why my computer won't recognize the connection
Neil: IT depends where you are in relation to the transmitter and also how many are using it.
Guy B.: Good schedule Dale.
Judy: that is a bummer
Pamela at Ron2: no, Bob it's been uupdating sporadically and I've been dumped twice
Pamela at Ron2: and just did again
Pamela at Ron2: or not
Neil: You have wireless on your computer Pamela?
BobS: like the schedule, especially the ADAMnet part of it reltaing to usb...wish I could be there.......
Pamela at Ron2: my computer is just being a pain
Pamela at Ron2: but Ron
Pamela at Ron2: is inventing new swear words
rich-c: Dale, did you ever find a way to fiddle the chat program to work with the new Java runtime edition?
Pamela at Ron2: we got a wireless card this afternoon Neil
Guy B.: I have a new Java update on mine and it works fine.
Neil: There is at least a wired connection in the meeting room and I'm bringing my hub that will handle 4 computers.
BobS: maybe you got a BC wireless card Pam; and it won't work on the eastern border of Ontario
rich-c: she can't get it to acquire an IP addess, Neil
Pamela at Ron2: before that (and after) it's saying limited or no connectivity
Neil: I just updated my Java a couple of days ago and it's working fine here.
Pamela at Ron2: we cannot get an IP address
Guy B.: Mine is built in, so should not have a problem. Hopefully
Pamela at Ron2: that's as good an explanation as any Bob
Pamela at Ron2: anyway Daniel, do you have a cell phone?
Daniel Bienvenu: What is the plan for me to go to the hotel tomorow? ... 1st - I take the bus here in Quebec. 2nd - I take another bus in Montreal. 3rd - I wait at the bus station (Ottawa). 4th - I call someone for help. 5th - I play with my psp. 6th - I turn off my psp because I can't see what is on the screen because of the sun. 7th - someone pick me up. 8th - I join the group (I suppose) and wait for instructions. 9th - I go to my room and work on my presentation.
BobS: thought it might just work.....either that OR Mr Gates is being a pain in the ..........
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have a cell phone
Pamela at Ron2: okay
Pamela at Ron2: that too Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: but I suppose I can use a public phone with 1 dollar or something
Guy B.: Pam, I will be bringing my cellphone. I put the charger in my carry-on case.
Neil: Daniel, do you know the exact time your bus arrives?
Pamela at Ron2: someone will be there for you Daniel, don't worry
rich-c: dont fuss it Daniel, the big problems will be parking for Pamela, and recognizing each other
Pamela at Ron2: okay I will make sure Ron has the number, Guy
Neil: Pamela, I think you should set it to get an IP automatically.
Pamela at Ron2: I know what Daniel looks like Dad
FredK: :)
rich-c: it's supposed to do that, Neil, but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt
Dale: There, a slightly revised draft of the schedule:
rich-c: Daniel, don't fuss, you'll be coveed
Daniel Bienvenu: except loosing my hair because being exposed too much in front of computer screens, I still look like the guy on the pictures of Adamcon 2005.
Neil: There is parking at the bus station. I don't think it's generally a problem.
Pamela at Ron2: well then no problem : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I will be at the bus staiton around 17h-17h30
rich-c: also Daniel get Pam to give you her cellphone number so you can call if anything goes wrong
Dale: Neil, will you have your printer at the hotel?
Guy B.: Thanks Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: printer... I still have to fins a way to print labels for the cartridge... oops!
Pamela at Ron2: well Ron has given up
Pamela at Ron2: hello?
rich-c: did they not give you a firm arrival time, Daniel? Half an hour is a long time to park in downtown Ottawa at rush hour
Pamela at Ron2: gone again
Pamela at Ron2: there we go
Neil: I'm bringing my inkjet printer, and I could also bring my laser printer.
Judy: you are still here, Pam
Dale: Well, I may not have time until tomorrow to have a printable version of the schedule.
Pamela at Ron2: Daniel, write this down:
Pamela at Ron2: (PRIVATE) 416-833-8815
Dale: Neil do you think that that'll give you the right amount of time for your various topics?
Pamela at Ron2: got it?
Pamela at Ron2: I hope with all my gurus here tomorrow I can get my connectivity problem solved
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I don't know if will be able to take the first bus or to wait for the second one (one hour later). but finaly I estimate my arrival at 16h30 or 17h30... that's why I said I will be at the bus station during this period 17h-17h30
Pamela at Ron2: Daniel did you get the number down?
Daniel Bienvenu: your wireless connection problem may not be your computer. even if a guru work on it, it may be just a conflict of IP addressing or something else at the server
rich-c: given traffic conditions at that hour, I guess Pamela should go late and you should be pepared to wait
Daniel Bienvenu: I took the number I got from your (private) message
Daniel Bienvenu: done
Pamela at Ron2: inputting
Pamela at Ron2: not getting output
Pamela at Ron2: see what I mean Neil?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Daniel: my cell is 416-399-6541 I will try to remembr to have it on Thursday afternoon, in case
Neil: I think I can occupy more time if more time is available, but that looks okay for now. Will Daniel's projects actually take 2 hours?
BobS: it is a wee bonny computer..........needs INPUT
Dale: He said so.
Guy B.: I'm wondering if Pam's wireless card is not picking up the signal.
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Dale: He's going to show every ColecoVision game that he, Steve, GuyF and I have worked on.
changed username to Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: well, now, I have two phone numbers just in case
Neil: ok
Guy B.: That I'm looking forward to seeing
Pam: now I'm on twice
rich-c: that sounds like fun - Russell will love it
Daniel Bienvenu: well, Dale, you should not title it Daniel's Coleco projects... I'm not the only one who did projects. :-)
Neil: We've rewired a hotel before. If the problem is solveable we will solve it.
Pam: I'm going to be very happy when I can talk to people in person
rich-c: maybe you should plan a rerun later in the day for us old folks
Guy B.: Anyone else besides me doing a slideshow? Mine will be using OpenOffice Impress.
Dale: You have a point Daniel, but I couldn't remember what title you said to give.
Daniel Bienvenu: ho Neil, did you get the birthday card
Neil requested to ban Pamela at Ron2
BobS confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS: BAM she's gone
Pam: what did I miss?
Neil: Daniel, yes I did. Thank-you.
Pam confirmed ban
BobS: nothing I don't think
rich-c: very litle Pam
Pam: ok
Dale: GuyB, well several others said that they would.
Guy B.: Should be good.
Daniel Bienvenu: What about "Friends' Coleco projects" or "Homebrew Coleco projects"... choose one you like.
Pam: okay folks I give up you can have Ron back
Judy: I am too tired, so I am saying good night, have a good time at convention and will talk to you all Sat night
Pam: or not as he's trying once more
Guy B.: Bye Judy, we'll see you and Bob on the chat this Saturday then.
Neil: Ok, Judy, hopefully we'll be stragihtened around by then.
Pam left chat session
rich-c: maybe Ron can let you share with an ethernet connection to his computer, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy, bye!
Judy left chat session
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: it's Pam again! hello!
Pamela: still trying to keep the connection
rich-c: good night Judy. We are all pulling for you-all
Pamela: this is nuts
Pamela: i get in three sentences and then get dumped again
Pamela: night Judy
Pamela: its okay as long as I keep talking
Daniel Bienvenu: is it datavalet? if so, keep its "startup page" open in a browser window and browse with another one.
Pamela: but someone else has to say something constantly too
Pamela: no idea I'm on Rons Mac
rich-c: Neil, when will you be at the otel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I have to try Pam's phone number first when getting to the bus station
Pamela: we're admitting defeat for now
Pamela: Daniel I hope we'll already be there when you get there
rich-c: or just look for her, or for her car in the parking area - she has a dark green Ford Escape SUV
rich-c: (PRIVATE) her plate is (Ontario) 775 TNN
Pamela: so Guy
Neil: Rich, I'm going try to drop in around lunchtime tomorrow, but I have a few errands to do after that.
Pamela: Ron will come for you
Pamela: and we'll go to the bus station for DAniel
Pamela: Guy, Ron will meet you at baggage claim
Neil: We have some last-minute prblems getting Dale's data projector to work, so I'm not sure yet about that situation.
rich-c: OK, is the decision now Pam to the airport, Ron to the bus station?
Guy B.: Ok, Pam. I'll look for him
Pamela: Dale what time will you arrive?
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Ontario plates didn't have 7 letters and digits? rather than Quebec plates with only 6 letters and digits?
Pamela: Pam to the bus station and Ron to the airport
rich-c: (PRIVATE) dependes on how old they are, Daniel
Pamela: here's Ron folks I'll see you tomorrow. I'm heading for Dad's room
Pamela: ciao!
Dale: I plan to be there at 6pm tomorrow.
Daniel Bienvenu: so I will be there almost at the same time as you Dale.
Dale: It's aways hard to get out of the house.
Pamela changed username to Ottawa Ron
rich-c: (PRIVATE) my platesz are BAJ844 on my classic and AFEP354 on my van
Ottawa Ron: I find networking under XP is a black art which I fail to understand
Guy B.: Looks like most of us should arrive by dinner time.
FredK: back! but folks! I look forward to meet most of you on Friday am! have a great night!
Guy B.: Fred, what time will you be in?
Ottawa Ron: the card can see the network but cannot connect
rich-c: at least you don't have to get out of Toronto, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Fred, bonne nuit et à vendredi
Guy B.: Ok, Fred will see you then
FredK: Will try to be there around 8:30AM or so...
rich-c: goodnight, Fred - see you Friday
Ottawa Ron: nite Daniel
FredK: Salut Dan à Vendredi matin!
Ottawa Ron: See you tomorrow afternoon Guy
FredK: gnite all!
Guy B.: Ok Ron, I'll look for you
FredK left chat session
Dale: Usually I can solve all solvable networking issues, so maybe I can tame the ferocious beast.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like it's ok for me tomorow. so, I go back coding... goodnight and see you later!
rich-c: like the cat that ate cheese and sat at the mousehole, Pam awaits your arrival with bated breath
Guy B.: Nite Daniel, see you tomorrow
Dale: Neil, do you know what time the museum closes on Saturday?
rich-c: OK Daniel, see you befoe dinner tomorrow
Neil: 6 pm
rich-c: Neil, w3e are on our own for dinner tomorrow, right?
Guy B.: I will be bringing my digital camera and a new media card as well. Have 72 photos I can take with my current one.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care! bonne nuit!
rich-c: that must be one might small card - mine holds hundreds
Neil: Yes. I'm going to try to arrange for cheese and crackers and chips or something like that...
Guy B.: Oh yeah, have some photos of Annie on there too. Pam, you will love seeing those.
Ottawa Ron: except for those of us who are at the airport Rich
Neil: Their "reception" menu is a little too elaborate.
Neil: But I should have spoken to the chef this afternoon and didn't.
Ottawa Ron: Probably won't get back with Guy much before 7:30 pm
rich-c: Pam says she can't wait
Guy B.: See if you can tomorrow Neil
Neil: I will see about it tomorrow.
Ottawa Ron: Neil, we could always go around to the conveniece store behind the hotel and buy some munchies
Neil: Apparently the chef teaches in the morning and has to be contacted in the afternoon, but I get involved in other things by then.
Guy B.: Somewhere you can get something at the last moment
rich-c: they have a good stock of craft beers
Neil: You're not allowed to bring outside food or drink into the meeting room and it's right beside the front desk.
Ottawa Ron: Guy, it's tomorrow afternoon you'll be here right?
Ottawa Ron: oh...... so much for that idea Neil
Neil: There are some snacks in vending machines, but that's a bit of a last resort.
rich-c: I don't think they are likely to notice, Neil - they en't that observant
Guy B.: It will be late afternoon, around 5:25PM.
Neil: We might be able to smuggle something surrecticiously. I don't know.
BobS: everybody bring your OWN snacks in with you.........can't complain about that
rich-c: it's OK we have found a number of decent restaurants reasonably nearby
Guy B.: Something close to the hotel
rich-c: yes, though transport will be available, Guy - among other things I cannot walk any distance anyway
Neil: The menus are designed for minimum 50 guests and 20 for some items.
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Guy B.: Yes I know.
I'm gonna switch browsers - brb
Daniel Bienvenu: 50 guests? wow! that's too much...
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry... I'm not there... goodnight. ;-)
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
left chat session
rich-c: a demain!
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Neil: See you Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: see you Neil, Dale, Rich, Bob, Guy, ...
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Well folks, battery on my notebook is all charged up and I'll be packing it in as well as the charging unit and one little dog is tired. So, I'll see you all at the con and others on the chat Saturday.
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changed username to Ronald
Ronald: delete me
rich-c: see you tomorrow night, Guy - happy landings
BobS: but which one Ron?
Ronald: I'll be there Guy
Ronald: dunno
Guy B.: Thanks Rich, Ron I'll look for you at the airport.
BobS: gonn hit the sack here also guys and gals
BobS: see you all Sat night.......9 pm EST
BobS: ya?
Guy B.: Night Bob
Ronald changed username to old Ronald
Dale: Goodnight Bob.
old Ronald: Now
rich-c: OK Roberto, it may be 8 - check with Neil
old Ronald: delete Ronald
Dale: Maybe I should finish packing.
Guy B.: You have to do that Ron.
rich-c requested to ban Ronald
old Ronald: Sat night it is
Dale confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
old Ronald confirmed ban
Neil confirmed ban
Neil: Dale's got it down for 9
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'm off see you all tomorrow
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS confirmed ban
old Ronald: yes Dale, packing is good
BobS: ok
BobS: nite
Dale: Ron, I have you scheduled for Sat/Sun. Did I pick the right amount of time for you:
BobS left chat session
old Ronald: we got a schedule?
old Ronald: Neil, Tony said he's not sure when or if he can make it over, but he said he'd try..
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) It's Steve Bégin, not Bagen
Neil: Ron, it would be great if you could stop in even for a short time.
rich-c: certainly hope he can make it
Neil: I mean "he" not "you"
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) thanks
Dale: (PRIVATE) Fixed.
old Ronald: I hate this wireless connection. understand it's working ok for some
rich-c: now all I have to do is hear from james
Dale: Yeah, maybe even coming by tomorrow evening after 7 for the reception would be good.
old Ronald: Dale, re your question, haven't seen the sked yet, but yes... Sat/Sun is ok.
rich-c: it seems to improve with experience, Ron, but a nearby competing network makes life difficult
old Ronald: yeah, me to
Dale: Well, it's half an hour for Coleco commercials, 90 min for Millionaire, and 60 min for ANN.
old Ronald: ok.... got the sked address
Neil: Ron: "Old Cleco ads from Yahoo" 11-11:30 Sat. "Could Adam Make You a Millionaire?" 9-10:30 Sun. ANN 2-3 Sun.
rich-c: Neil does the Museum of Civiliztion event include the China exhibit?
old Ronald: be right back
Neil: I didn't actually include the price of the China exhibit. I think it's an extra $5.
rich-c: OK, we've seen much of the Museum but want to see the Chinza show, if my mobility problems clear
Neil: Yes, the China exhibit is extra.
Neil: We'll figure that out before we go.
rich-c: oh, we assumed that, just didn't know if you'd included it, is all
rich-c: just like - I an't walk that far, so I will hve to drive and park, thohgh the rest of you can walk easily
old Ronald: Just looked at the sked Dale.... for me thats perfect
old Ronald: Looks like some neat stuff
Neil: The China exhibit is on the same floor as the entrance, so it's easy to get to anyway.
rich-c: my issue is endurance, which the walker usually solves, but thee's another has shown recently
rich-c: if worst comes to worst I have A SUPPLY OF tYLENOL 3S
old Ronald: Would it help if we strung you up from the ceiling Rich?
Neil: On level 4 of the museum a brand new permanent exhibit "Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall" has just opened, too.
Neil: YTou won't have seen that.
rich-c: I think I may make seious inquiries about that ;-)
old Ronald: another period of silence
rich-c: time is getting on - did you ever go look at my avatar?
Neil: The museum is also free from 4 pm to 9 pm on Thursdays, in case you want to make a short visit tomorrow as well.
old Ronald left chat session
rich-c: I think we have other plans for that time period
Neil: (but if you want to see the China stuff Thurday night, it's $10)
Neil: I'm sure you have plans. I just mentioned it in case you had an hour or so to spare.
rich-c: well Pam will be fetching Daniel, Ron will be after Guy, and everyone will be after dinner
Neil: That's true.
rich-c: and there's even a football game to distract us
Neil: I didn't mention it before because I was sure it wasn't practical for anyone.
rich-c: don't think it matters that much, anyway
rich-c: needs a whole day and more to look at thoroughly
Neil: It does take time to look at thoroughly. I just thought if you were free you wouldn't have to do a whole day at one go.
rich-c: we have been there before so our priorities have been elsewhere - War Museum, river cruise, kind of stuff
rich-c: anyway time I packed it in - see you all tomorrow
Neil: Yes, I should get back to last-minute details, so I'll sign off.
rich-c: OK, bye all, and colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Ron again
Ron again: oh well
Ron again: I tried
Neil: What did you try?
Ron again: Think I'm going to log off and hit the hay guys..... see ya's all tomorrow
Neil: Okay, I'm gone too.
Ron again: Using my XP emulator to see if it does any better job on the net than Safari
Neil left chat session
Ron again: Seems like my hotel password is only good for one computer.... and the server thinks I'm two compute
Ron again: computers
Ron again: when I try to log in to Safari and to Windows XP Internet Explorer at the same time
Ron again: Ya win some, ya lose some
Ron again: anyway... g'nite all
Ron again left chat session
Dale: Night.
Daniel Bienvenu: night
Dale: Poof
Daniel Bienvenu: poof
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