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berkan123: napiyonuz lan?_
Meeka: hello
berkan123: hi
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changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: opk mateys
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BobS: hello der
BobS: oops, who was here and left??????
Meeka: dougie got it fixed for now :P
Meeka: not sure
BobS: anyway he left
BobS: almost forgot about chat, i came out on the deck with my puter and mom said.......that's right tonight is chat right??????
Meeka: lol
BobS: yup i guess, but no email about it ..........
BobS: early I guess
Meeka: i doidnt see one either
Meeka: must be
BobS: they were going to go to the museum of civilization today..........YUCK
BobS: didn't turn my crank
BobS: cause I am NOT civilized
BobS: mumsy is coming
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Meeka: lol
BobS: anyway, how'd your day go?
changed username to Judy
Meeka: pretty good, havent done ,much
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Meeka: a little cleaning, load of launry
Meeka: hello
Judy: dad cleaned the carpet again today and I got the downstairs windows washed
Meeka: been hiding out in the air cond
Meeka: lol, I need to do that too one these days
Judy: we didn't even turn it on, we had a beautiful breeze in the house all day
BobS: twas not bad today
Meeka: ya well, your son wont let me turn it off
Judy: it is better for you isn't it?
Meeka: he keeps telling me that we just got the humidity outta the air......and now he also says that the heat is not good for ms
Judy: we just got back from a bike ride to Sam's and guess what is happening on the deck?
Meeka: ??
Judy: Jolie is watering it, good thing not my windows
Meeka: lol
Meeka: that figures
Judy: dad went over there and moved the thing so I at least have a place to sit
BobS: woman is a dumb blond jerk
Meeka: true
Judy: it will be bad for the next 2 weeks, Mark has gone on a trip to Japan
Judy: so there is no one to turn the darn thing off
Meeka: but it could be worse
Judy: how is that?
Meeka: well, at least they are quiet
Judy: your typing seems to be better
Judy: that is true sometimes, just not when one of the kids whats to play basketball till all hours of the night
Meeka: ya, it is a little bit, the smaller laptop keybpard is better than the normal ones
Judy: why would that be?
Meeka: and it seems to help when i wear the wrist things when i type
Meeka: you dont have to streach your fingers as far to reach the keys
Judy: gives it some support
Meeka: they are closer on the l;aptops
Judy: if you can believe it I am getting a little chilly out here
Meeka: lol
Judy: is nice to know can you use a laptop at work?
BobS: teeny tiny keyboards.......a wee bonny computer, as the round one calls it
Meeka: i havent done much ty[ing at work.
Meeka: right nopw i been working on straightening out the files
Judy: oh, I thought that you did a lot of it there
Meeka: i normally do
Judy: ok
Meeka: for a little bit hey have taken all my responsibilities away to drop my stess levels
Meeka: then as i start feeling better i will slowly take it back
Judy: yes, I remember that
Judy: do you feel like starting to do that or wait a while
Judy: is Doug on tonight, also?
Meeka: will prob wait a week or two yet
Judy: sounds like a plan
Meeka: he is around. him and daniel are playing a game
Judy: sorry about mentioning the naps the other day on the phone, did I get you in trouble?
Meeka: no, he never even mentioned it
BobS: ya sure
Judy: I didn't think that he would be home from work yet
BobS: well, he may HAVE to adjust to some things around the house
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Meeka: lol
BobS: maybe is rin, or dr d
BobS: . or Jean
Meeka: you scared them
changed username to Dr. D.
Judy: that is good, I was worried about itbut didn't know how to say anything on thephone
BobS: or bob bair
Dr. D.: It's me.
BobS: doc !!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: Chat was misbehaving.
BobS: shiver me timbers
Meeka: hey rich
Dr. D.: Hi Slopsemas.
Judy: howdy Dr D
BobS: hi there
BobS: rin comign on also?????
Dr. D.: She should be.
Judy: how is the paperwork coming along
Dr. D.: After the success of the live video chat from the convention, Rin bought a $20 webcam, and we were using it for a private chat earlier.
Meeka: he really has been doing good dad
Dr. D.: Our 1st anniversary is a week from tomorrow :-(
Dr. D.: IRS is finally going to issue a tax ID number to Rin so I can file this year's taxes.
Dr. D.: Governments just go slowly.
Dr. D.: Is it hot and muggy in Michigan?
Meeka: a bit
Meeka: nbpt to oppressive though
BobS: live video chat???????????????????????????
Judy: yesterday was bad, 90 and muggy but today was better
BobS: next week in the 90's though
Dr. D.: During the sessions, Neil had a video system set up. There is a link sent out to the coladam list.
BobS: Meeka, THAT is good, cause you two are going to making some big adjustments
Dr. D.: He put a camera in the session room on the screen. A couple other people had cameras (Dale, Ron) so they put themselves on, too.
BobS: no way hosea.......I didn't get any emial
Dr. D.: You didn't?
BobS: nope
BobS: maybe I got wacked?????????
Dr. D.: Let me get the URL
BobS: I had been getting emails right alaong, not lately however
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: Neil sent it out Friday about 2 PM.
Meeka: he getting used to having to stick me. I made him do the last sveral ones
Dr. D.: I watched a bit Friday afternoon, Rin and I watched some this morning.
Dr. D.: This morning I went to my office and got the LEGO lab digital video camera and hooked it up, and sent them a feed of me watching Daniel's and Ron's sessions.
Dr. D.: Rin bought a webcam and we tried it just for ourselves, not bad.
Judy: then you can at least feel like you are together
Dr. D.: It is a free site AFAIK, non-members can watch other people's video chats and even send in your own if you have a webcam.
Dr. D.: Yes, we put in a brief appearance.
Dr. D.: They left at 12:15 PM for their museum trip. Doubtful they will be back in time by 9 PM after supper, it never starts on time.
Meeka: llol
Judy: can you watch it if you don't have a webcam and does it have to be live
Dr. D.: They may or may not turn on the camera in the session room during the chat.
Dr. D.: You can watch even if you have no webcam of your own, just need good network bandwidth.
Dr. D.: DSL is good enough.
Dr. D.: It uses some Flash player embedded in the webpage.
Dr. D.: Right now their camera is not live.
Judy: Bob is there, and his name is on the email list just doesn 't geet the messages
Dr. D.: But the chat per se tonight is to be here.
Dr. D.: Hmmm. Spam filters or something?
BobS: doc, I can sign onto the coladam email llist and see everyone, most are listed as xxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx with xxxx being names. that correct???????
BobS: got no filters
BobS: the spelled out at has me concerned
Dr. D.: I think that is an anti-spam feature for reading the listing...I hope the real addresses are stored in xxx@yyy format.
Dr. D.: Let me look at the admin page.
Meeka: thats prob so they ant farm uyour addy to send yhou spam
BobS: doc, wht the heck is a non digested member ???????????????????????????
Meeka: lol, ewww, i didnt neewd that image
Judy: just a saying, Meeka
Meeka: i know
Dr. D.: You are in the list
Dr. D.: is still your provider?
Dr. D.: (to BobS)
BobS: yes, it is
Dr. D.: and the username is rslopsema?
BobS: yes
Dr. D.: Then it should be working :-S
BobS: but what is a non digested memeber???????
Dr. D.: I was avoiding typing it since the chat is logged :-S
BobS: tis out there for anyone to holler at me anyuway
Dr. D.: Digest means once every week or month, you get one E-mail of all the traffic.
BobS: supposed to get antime anyone sends one I think
Dr. D.: Ahh, here is some news
Dr. D.: I checked your config.
Dr. D.: It says the following:
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Dr. D.: We have received some recent bounces from your address. Your current bounce score is 1.0 out of a maximum of 5.0. Please double check that your subscribed address is correct and that there are no problems with delivery to this address. Your bounce score will be automatically reset if the problems are corrected soon.
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Meeka: hello
BobS: that would do it maybe eh?????
Dale changed username to Dale/AC19
Dr. D.: Perhaps.
BobS: sbc has been having some problems of late for the last couple of months
Dr. D.: Hi Dale.
Dale/AC19: Made it back from supper.
Dale/AC19: Just barely.
Dr. D.: I am surprised, it is just 9:03 PM
BobS: things won't go thru and then on try # 2, they work
Dr. D.: Found somewhere to serve everyone supper?
Dale/AC19: Well, the last several years we are always late, so I made the time 9pm instead of 8pm today.
Dr. D.: My guess is that SBC is just dropping the E-mails.
Dr. D.: BTW Dale, Rin bought a $20 webcam this afternoon and we had a nice chat of our own this evening.
Dale/AC19: We went back to St Hubert's which is where we had lunch yesterday.
Dale/AC19: Very nice.
Judy: Hi, Dale
Dale/AC19: Hi Judy.
Dr. D.: She has no bright lights in her living room, though, and red walls, so with red hair and dim light, it was all red :-)
Dale/AC19: :-D
Meeka: lol
Judy: lots of red
Dr. D.: I am sure that at some point, this Stickam website will go to paid subscriber, yes?
Dr. D.: Judy, I even held up my desktop photo of Rin in front of my camera when she was typing in the accompanying text chat window.
Dr. D.: That was Rin in her matron of honor dress from her best friend's wedding in June.
Dr. D.: What kind of food is at St. Hubert's?
Dr. D.: Unless that is an entire town...
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
Guy B.: Greetings from Gatineau
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Guy B.: Hi meeka
Dr. D.: Are you all in the conference room, or in your individual rooms?
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: I'm in the conference room. Ron went to get his computer.
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Guy B.: HI Judy and Bob
changed username to Ginger Rin
Dr. D.: Is there wireless just in the conference room, or in the individual rooms too?
Meeka: hello rin
Guy B.: Hi Rin, wish you here with us.
Ginger Rin: hi folks!
Judy: Hi, Rin
Ginger Rin: wish we were there too...but technology has been fun so far
Dr. D.: Hi Rinious Roo
Ginger Rin: hi Honeys
BobS: hi gang
Dr. D.: I was telling them about our video chat.
Dale/AC19: Hi Erin.
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Guy B.: How's the weather there Bob. Had a little rain this morning, it's clearing up.
Judy: it has been hot and very dry here
BobS: and more dry
Guy B.: We escaped the 90's the past few days, but we're getting them next week.
changed username to GuyF @ AC19
GuyF @ AC19: Greets everyone.
Judy: we had 90 yesterday but just 80's today
Judy: Hi, Guy
Dale/AC19: Bob! We miss your's shiny face.
BobS: and I miss all of yours too
BobS: but, not this year people
GuyF @ AC19: Hi Judy... Hi Bob!
BobS: just pretend you see me
Guy B.: Guy F and Sandra are here. Tamara is adorable
Meeka: wish we were there too
BobS: cool sandra made it........didn' know from guy's chats if she would
Dr. D.: That was the nice thing about the video chat...I haven't seen some of you since Whitby...
Dr. D.: Ron is looking very good.
BobS: gonna get the video going tonight????????????
Judy: we are hoping to see some of that
Dale/AC19: How's it going Meeka?
Guy B.: He does Rich, the biking is really helping him.
Meeka: we are adjusting too all the new stuff
Dr. D.: He has no more double chin :-)
Meeka: managed to make it through a whole week with out seeinga dr or haveing a test
Guy B.: That's good Meeka
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Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Am I missing something about Meeka?
changed username to Harvie
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) we both are :-S
Harvie: Hello
Guy B.: HI Harvie, how are doing?
Ginger Rin: hi Harvie
Judy: get more people on the webcam we are seeingGuy and someone else
Meeka: hi
Dr. D.: Hello Harvie.
Meeka: yes, it isa a good thing guy
Harvie: What is the attendance total this year?
Dale/AC19: Harvie!
Meeka: seems like for abpout two weeks there we had something abput every day
Judy: who is on the webcam or is that from earlier today?
Dr. D.: What is happening, Meeka? I seem to have missed something.
Judy: is it on now?
Meeka: lets see......
Dale/AC19: We are tallying the numbers now.
Dr. D.: The chat video is.
Dale/AC19: We expect the official count to appear soon.
Dr. D.: I see Ms. GuyF
GuyF @ AC19: This is Sandra and the little baby, Tamara.
Meeka: dougs heart stoped twice the end of last month and the necxt week i was dfiagnosed with ms
Dr. D.: Yikes!
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changed username to rich-c
Meeka: yup
Meeka: beend a very hectic moth here
rich-c: hi all - finally we are here
Harvie: I wish I could have made it
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: There's Rich. Now we are all here
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Guy B.: Ron's getting setup. Give him a few minutes
changed username to Ginger Rin
Judy: Hi, Richard
rich-c: we are never all here, Guy - there's always room for more (james, Frederick come to mind)
Dr. D.: And just when all the fun is starting...I have to go now. Christina phoned from the highway, she is 45 minutes from returning from 7 weeks of field school in Texas.
Harvie: Get dropped Rin?
Dr. D.: We are going to meet her van caravan before they get all the way back to Erie, save us a 3-hour trip.
Dale/AC19: 16 people.
Dr. D.: I will login when I get back, but not sure anyone will still be here.
rich-c: sounds like a plan, rich - have a safe trip
Dale/AC19: Or 15 people.
Guy B.: Oh, that's right. It's already getting crowded
Judy: drive careful, DrD
Dr. D.: Just have to drive up to I-90 and Rt. 91, a Bob Evans there, that is the meeting place.
Dr. D.: bye for now
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-c: yes, I think we are stretching the hotel bandwidth
Meeka: ye
Ginger Rin: bye my Love
Guy B.: Ok, Dr. D
Judy: is the chat from the convention room now?
rich-c: nope, we're in our room in the hotel - but some are downstairs
Meeka: yes, it is judy
Meeka: its on jillian right now
rich-c: and I think Pam wil have to be in her room to get a satisfactory connection
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Guy B.: Pam's here in the meeting room
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Murray
changed username to MacRonnie
Guy B.: There's Murray
Ginger Rin: hi Murray
rich-c: ah, Murray has joined us
GuyF @ AC19: It's all Daniel's fault...
Guy B.: Ron's here now.
MacRonnie: yo!
Ginger Rin: hi Ron
MacRonnie: I'm here, that's right
Meeka: hey ron
Judy: we are seeing that now, we are are on the Spaniel chat...........and watching on the site
Murray: Hi all
MacRonnie: Rin....hey!
changed username to Pamela at Con
Meeka: me too
Murray: Hi Rin, how are you?
Ginger Rin: hi Pammie
MacRonnie: Hi Meeka!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir tout le monde :-)
Judy: Hi, Murrey
MacRonnie: Hi Bob, Hi Judy
Guy B.: Bob, how's Doug doing now?
Pamela at Con: Hi all (Hi, Rin)
Judy: Hi, Ron
MacRonnie: Hail, hail, the gang's all here
GuyF @ AC19: who's Judy? ;)
Meeka: lol, i can see you pam :)
Murray: Hi Judy How are you?
Meeka: i nopt laughing
Pamela at Con: don't laugh at me Meeka
Pamela at Con: I gather you can hear us too
Dale/AC19: If you clip on the image, then it pops up a new window.
Meeka: judy, judst make the chat window smaller
Dale/AC19: click not clip.
Meeka: than you can sew bpth at the same time
Pamela at Con: this is much better than the other night - real connectivity
Ginger Rin: did you get my email Pam?
Meeka: yes we can pam
Pamela at Con: I think so - let me check
Dale/AC19: Pam, your firewall was keeping you safe though. Safe from DHCP requests even.
Harvie: What is the URL for the camera?
Murray: Hi Bob
BobS: HI Murray
Murray: A year has gone by since Chicago!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Smile to the camera, Murray! :-D
rich-c: oh, Bob, thanks for vthe forwsard - I have already answered him
Harvie: Thanks Meeka
MacRonnie: brb
Meeka: yw
MacRonnie left chat session
Pamela at Con: Erin, re the afghan?
Ginger Rin: yepper
Pamela at Con: I did, and the one about hearing me laugh : )
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Guy B.: That it has and since last year's con weather was HOT. This year in Gateneau, it's been nice.
Pamela at Con: however unfortunately, there is no afghan this year sweetie
changed username to Ron-AC19
Guy B.: No, Jean didn't do one this time
Ginger Rin: I had a feeling, sigh
Ron-AC19: ok, Firefox works better
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All!
Pamela at Con: I'll share the one from El Paso with you, okay?
Guy B.: Hi Fred
Ron-AC19: Hi Harvie
rich-c: hi Fred, decided tomorrow is better?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will try again to find Steve... just a minute
Harvie: Howdy Ron
Pamela at Con: Hi Harvie!
Harvie: Hi Pam
FredK: Yes rich!
rich-c: Fred, james is talking about coming by tomorrow a.m.
FredK: Really thats great news!
rich-c: had to push him a bit, but he'lltry
FredK: Guy-F you made it!!
Ginger Rin: HI Aunt Frances!
rich-c: Frances is on the elevator from our room to the conference room
Judy: there is Frances, say hi
FredK: rich, were you able to keep cool a bottle and try it out?
Guy B.: I sent an e-mail to all on the new Adam Em Setup program. Download it and try it out, there is documentation on how to run the program.
BobS: when did you send it Guy
Guy B.: Yesterday
rich-c: yes to the first, but Guy introduced m to Leffe instead
BobS: I can't get any coladam list messages
Pamela at Con: Mom says Hi, Erin
BobS: got to pan the camera SLOWLY around the room so's we can see all of ya's
rich-c: anyway Fred, tehre will be a somewhat cooled selection tomorrow when you arrive
FredK: sounds good!
Guy B.: Bob, did you change your e-mail address?
Murray: My system is going dow...try to get back on later
BobS: no I did not
Murray left chat session
rich-c: outside there is the sound of quite a fireworks display but I can't see a thing
BobS: Dr D said the list was complaining about some bounces happening
rich-c: anybody got a clue?
Guy B.: Hmmm, maybe Dale can check to see if you are on the list.
Pamela at Con: the fireworks at at Casino Lac Leamy Dad
Pamela at Con: out the back side of the hotel
Guy B.: I have been receiving mine. Make sure they aren't landing in your spam folder.
rich-c: have the complainers'ISPs changed their filtering policies lately? an awful lot have
Ginger Rin: Hi Murray
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried again to call Steve... no answer, even on his cellphone that I'm sure he bring with him.
Judy: now I can even see Erin
Pamela at Con: Mom's going to see if she can see the fireworks from out front
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: nothing visible from our window
Meeka: me too
Ginger Rin: I'm going to try to find a room with more light, brb
Ginger Rin left chat session
changed username to Ron-con19
rich-c: getting the light to fall on you without washing out the screen will be quie a trick,
Judy: this is sort of like being there
Pamela at Con: so Bob and Judy, what did you do this weekend?
Meeka: ya, its nice too see the faces when we chat
Judy: we cleaned the carpet and washed the windows in the family room
Guy B.: Be right back
Judy: so we are sitting here with fans going everywhere
Pamela at Con: wow, how exciting
rich-c: was it as humid there as here?
Judy: Frances is back
Judy: I am seeing her now
Dale/AC19: (PRIVATE) Wha'ts your email address for the mailing list?
Meeka: must not have seen the fireworks
Judy: yesterday was more humid than today
Pamela at Con: we can hear them but can't see them
Pamela at Con: : (
Guy B.: I'm back
Pamela at Con: where did you go Guy?
Judy: where is Ron?
rich-c: can't even thing of any reason for them
Guy B.: Got a Diet Coke
Pamela at Con: Ron is sitting in the corner over there
Judy: can't see him, did he get that small, that you can't even see him?
Pamela at Con: no, he's sitting over in that corner (watch screen)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Guy B.: Annie was here
Pamela at Con: Rin is back
Pamela at Con: just popped up on the cam
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Murray
Guy B.: Jeanene has Annie and she called a while ago and Annie was playing in the field with her dog friends.
Murray: I'm back all
Judy: welcome back, Murray
Judy: we have Erin back
Guy B.: Where are you at Rin?
moved to room Meeting Place
Murray: How are things Judy....have seen you since last July?
changed username to Ginger Rin
BobS: ok question for you........really want the webcam to be on the neilw cam not the adamcon19 cam.........HOW
Murray: Have not seen you
Pamela at Con: much better Erin
Judy: things have been better that is for sure, but we are hanging in there
BobS: murray Judy is going back to SCHOOL
Pamela at Con: you're still red but at least we can see you
BobS: cool eh?
Meeka: yes,k neils is much clearer
Murray: I'm rather sleepy tonight, not that I'm offering that as an excuse!!!
BobS: ok
BobS: I like your $20 webcam rin
Murray: What are you going to study, Judy?
Ginger Rin: conincidental at this point
Ginger Rin: thanks Bobs...does the trick
Judy: medical front office
rich-c: watch out or Frances will want one
Guy B.: Yes, and you good Rin
Judy: is the course that I am taking
Ginger Rin: hehe
BobS: anyway, how is the ocnvention going??????
BobS: convention
BobS: learning lots of things??????
BobS: and how did the afternoon go
Ginger Rin: sawwy :_)
Guy B.: It's going very well. We went to Museum of Civilization this afternoon. Very interesting exhibits there.
Meeka: ooo, i figured it out dad
rich-c: I'm still looking for my timetable up here - think I left it in the conference room
Murray: You're going to work in a doctor's office...good luck
BobS: tell me dearest daughter
Pamela at Con: Give it up Dad
Meeka: hold you mouse over the pic you want and click the arrow that pops up
Pamela at Con: you can have one of ours
Pamela at Con: we have two
Judy: that is the plan, but have to get these classes out of the way first
Murray: Mom and I had a really good time at the museum this afternoon and the ADAMcon is going great all
BobS: the one under the X and on the right side ??????????????????
Pamela at Con: I'm exhausted - and we wore Russell out
Meeka: yes
Pamela at Con: yes Bob
Pamela at Con: I see you wiggling your nose, Rin : )
rich-c: oh, I thought there was a football game tonight, Pam
Judy: there is Ron
Ginger Rin: hi Guy
Guy B.: HI Rin
Meeka: i exausted just thinking of it :P
Ron-con19: whaddyasee
Judy: and Guy, is really good to see you all
Ginger Rin: I'm feeling very self-conscious
Pamela at Con: yes, he's up there watching the latter half of the game
Ginger Rin: :-)
Meeka: hey ron, we can al;most see you npow
Judy: yes, Ron is in the light
Pamela at Con: you get used to it - I've been on camera for the last couple days
Ginger Rin: he looks kinda ghosty
Pamela at Con: just don't pick or scratch anything that shouldn't be : )
Ginger Rin: yep
Guy B.: Must be the light
Harvie: Well, I must go, nice to talk to you all, goodnight
Judy: there was a hand, whose was that
Ginger Rin: night Harvie
Guy B.: Glad you made it Harvie. See you soon
Ron-con19: was it something I said Harvie?
Pamela at Con: goodnight, Harvie
BobS: nite Harvie
FredK: Dan, did your presentation go as 'planned' this morning?
Judy: night Harvie
Pamela at Con: Dad are you watching the football game too?
Harvie: Yes, I'm always offende when someone says HI :)
Meeka: brb, i need a drink
BobS: MR MItchell.......HI GUY, can see you sitting there against the wall looking so suave and handsome
rich-c: night Harvie, glad yiu came by
Judy: we would rather that he came down so we could see him too
Daniel Bienvenu: not as it was planned, but goes pretty well for a presentation I didn't wrote on slides
Ginger Rin: brb
Guy B.: Ron's in the corner behind me
Judy: where is Daniel
BobS: and the guy in the red shirt MUST be Fred !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harvie left chat session
Pamela at Con: across from me Judy
Guy B.: He's next to me Judy. The camera is not on him.
FredK: howd I do that!
Pamela at Con: Hi Fred
rich-c: just turned it on, Pam, there's about 5 min left
Ron-con19 left chat session
Guy B.: But, he's on Neil's
Judy: that must have been the hand that I saw
Pamela at Con: that's Daniel, Bob
FredK: Bob, I am back home but will return tomorrow am! :)
BobS: no........
BobS: really??????
BobS: next to GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu: I played one of my game, jeepers creepers, during 5-10 minutes to show all the levels actually programmed inside.
Guy B.: Yep, in the red shirt.
FredK: Thats Daniel
BobS: didn't even recognise him ......course it has bee 2 years
Murray: Hope to get on chat some Wed. night. Night all...
FredK: cool Dan!
BobS: nite mujrray
Judy: night Murray, yes come on
FredK: yeah no beard!
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel is the red shirt on the webcam at stickam "neilw"
Murray left chat session
BobS: HI DAniel
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO!
Judy: Dale just walked by
BobS: waving too
Guy B.: He looks great, doesn't he?
Ginger Rin: hi Daniel
Ginger Rin: hi Pammie
Judy: what is soo funny
Guy B.: Murray's bailing out on us, he's using the battery on his computer and it quit on him.
BobS: Frances, thought Richard was gong to get you a laptop for convention ????????
BobS: I see you watching over Pams shoulderr
Meeka: b
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela at Con: Mom says, no, I just use the one at home all the time but he's using it at the moment
BobS: hold the shirt STILL
Judy: say hi to Jill, just saw her pass thru
left chat session
Ginger Rin: oh no don't need to magnify Dale
Pamela at Con: you want to see the shirt Bob? Hang on
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: can we see some of the footage on the webcam from Friday and this morning??????????
changed username to Ron AC19
rich-c: we only have the one laptop, Judy - the other is a dsktop
Pamela at Con: did you see it Bob?
Pamela at Con: we need to give Mom a tour of your place Rin
BobS: yes kinda, it is hard to see
moved to room Meeting Place
Ginger Rin: I know...when it's clean though :-)
Ron AC19: Murray is undefined
changed username to Murray
BobS: but I can see he is back
BobS: power cord and all
Ginger Rin: you're ahead of the game then Murray
Pamela at Con: well I figure that if your mother comes down in August as she's threatening to, you'll have it clean then
Ginger Rin: I suppose
Ginger Rin: but usually EVEN if I clean she cleans more
Murray: Thanks Rin...How are things going with you
Pamela at Con: why can't I get mine to do that???
Pamela at Con: Or better, why don't you loan her out to me?
Ginger Rin: pretty good. Work has slowed a bit but I'm sure that won't last
Ginger Rin: any interesting trips lateLY?
Pamela at Con: bless you : )
Ginger Rin: stupid allergies
Ginger Rin: as soon as I'm doing something
Murray: I was down to San Francisco in Redwood country....was at a retreat and did nothing ...really relaxing
Ginger Rin: nothing is good...I think San Fran would be an interesting place to visit
Pamela at Con: it's beautiful from what I remember of it
Pamela at Con: however it's been 32 years
Ron AC19: Must find a Diet Coke
Pamela at Con: I'd love to go back
Murray: I 've been there several times and would like to retire there...
Meeka: it is a great place to see
Ginger Rin: we'll have to make a trip out there
Murray: Have you been there Meeka?
Pamela at Con: we'll ditch the men and make it a girls trip
Meeka: yes
Pamela at Con: Meeka, you in?
Meeka: I spent two summer there baysitting my cousins
rich-c: Pam, game is in last minute
Meeka: sure
Pamela at Con: Erin, where was Rich picking Christina up frojm?
Murray: Pamela is sitting beside me and really getting on my nerves...reminds me four women in my life!!!
Pamela at Con: who's winning Dad?
Ginger Rin: somewhere along (I think) it's 270 or something
Pamela at Con: oh
rich-c: BC has it won
Ginger Rin: somewhere between Texas and Erie PA :-)
Judy: btw- Mandy got the results of her tests and she has cervical cancer
Ron AC19: back
rich-c: I think he mentioined a MCDonalds up around I-90
Ginger Rin: possibly
BobS: Bob Evans @ I90 and I 91 is where Dr D is goin
Meeka: thast sucks
Meeka: our whole family is falling apart :P
BobS: kinda huh ??????
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Meeka: seems like it some days
BobS: most days
Judy: she will have another test on the 16th a LEEP and hopefully that will take care of it for now
Meeka: so far only sherri has escaped
I'm here twice
BobS: oh oh
Guy B.: Who's it?
BobS: and you don't even know WHO you are
Pamela at Con: what on earth is going on down there, Judy?
Judy: don
BobS: must be the weather
Pamela at Con: what's a LEEP Judy?
Meeka: you want the long or short version
BobS: short
Judy: don't know, but would like it to stop
Pamela at Con: so would we!
BobS: so who's undefined?
Meeka: lets see in the last month...
Pamela at Con: it's Ron
Ginger Rin: Ron
BobS: LEEP=cone shped cut of the entrance to the cervex to check for cancer spread
Judy: she has the same thing that I did 22 years ago
Meeka: my doug was in hosp cuz his heart stopped, then sherris' doug was in for kidney stone, then the ne week iwas disgnosed with ms, now mandy has cancer
BobS: now aren't you glad you asked? ;-)
Ginger Rin: oh my
BobS: si senorita
Pamela at Con: (PRIVATE) your t-shirts are coming home with us Rin
BobS: its cause we play with ADAM computers
Guy B.: Oh my gosh. How did Mandy get cancer?
BobS: naturally
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) great, thanks
BobS: it just happens Guy
Meeka: thats why my typing was sooo awful a couple weeks ago
BobS: still not so good hon
BobS: but we will take it
BobS: :-)
Meeka: i know, butss its better
Pamela at Con: it is much better now , Meeka
Guy B.: You guys will pull through.
BobS: less talking and more typing gang ...... kinda hard to hear
Meeka: lol
Pamela at Con: sorry Bob
BobS: ok forgiven
Judy: it is a loop electrocautery excision procedure
Pamela at Con: I was just saying that was the pot calling the kettle black, Bob : )
BobS: nows THAT tells yo alot eh?
Murray: Hope things work out ok for you and your family Judy
Meeka: yes, it has gotten better, but wstill dificulat to use normal keyboard
Ginger Rin: headphones help :-)
BobS: don't have any here Rin
Ginger Rin: :-(
Pamela at Con: actually, mother says it makes a lot of sense
Judy: had to look it up again in my medical book, have had a lot of practice looking things up
Pamela at Con: guess you're getting your medical knowledge hands on Judy
rich-c: but you don't really need to experience them all to writ about them
Pamela at Con: bet you didn't think you'd be using your anatomy so soon
Judy: me too, Murray, we are really getting tired of all these problems, don't know if we dare to answer the phone any more
Judy: very true but the book does come in handy
BobS: Richard coming down???????
Pamela at Con: it's getting so we're afraid to ask what's new Judy
BobS: so's we can see him on camera????
Judy: I know what you mean
Pamela at Con: no, he'll stay put - more comfortable for him
rich-c: no, I'm hoping GuyF will come up
Judy: try living in our shoes
BobS: ok..........
BobS: IF you must
rich-c: can't take our own beverages into the convention room
BobS: how are you doing, with going to Ottawa and all Richard?????
BobS: bummer
Ginger Rin: Guiness time i presume
Pamela at Con: get the bottle opener ready Dad - Guy will be up shortly
Pamela at Con: some weird beer : )
rich-c: just fine, Bob - not without problms but have management that is generally effective
BobS: tha's good
Judy: that is good Richard
BobS: just keep putting one foot in front of the other one
rich-c: I have three weird beers, he can choose ;-)
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: WHA HAPPEN ??????? picture gone
Ginger Rin: neil's camera has gone out
BobS: on Neils cam
FredK: rich enjoy the taste off with GuyF!
rich-c: wel, too much walking is my downfall
BobS: can understand that Richard
Judy: had to put on a jacket it is cold in here
rich-c: OK, no doubt you'll join us tomorrow!
changed username to Guy F.
Judy: must be that Frances is cold also
rich-c: mywaler has proven very useful in the museums
Pamela at Con: Neil's camera ran out of tape and it stops as soon as it does that
Meeka: lol
BobS: oh fer cryin out loud, no wonder !!!!!!!!
Pamela at Con: LOL Judy'
FredK: Prost! yeah ve vil taste za beer ya!
Ginger Rin: hehe
Guy F.: RIch: i will be joining you shortly.
rich-c: OK Guy
BobS: ya sure Fred
BobS: unt tastes GUT
Pamela at Con: I'm going walkabout for a minute or two - y'all can watch Mom instead
Murray: Saying bye to all...getting late and if I stay up too late without sending messages to the right people I get cranky...bye all
BobS: ok
BobS: bye
BobS: oops too late
FredK: ...and soon bear vil concur za wirld! hehe...
rich-c: and if we run out, there's a god depanneaur around the corner
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) I got my eye lashes tinted
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Murray
Murray left chat session
Judy: bye Murray
BobS: nite murray nice SEEING you again
FredK: :)
Guy B.: Bye Murray
Meeka: night
BobS: quit laughing Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: see you at the banquet... I hope.
Ginger Rin: black blue
rich-c: nite Murray
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela at Con: brb
changed username to <undefined>
Ginger Rin: no mascara for a month
BobS: you ARE back
Ginger Rin: I heard that
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: ducking out for a smoke
Ginger Rin: eyelash tinting Jillian
Ronald: Don't know what it is about cons. Don't have this trouble at home
rich-c: using the wrong computer, Ron
Judy: what trouble is that?
Ronald: I refuse to admit that
Judy: who is doing the fine job of singing?
BobS: di you not take the :wee bonny computer" with ye Ronald ??????
Meeka: dale
Ronald: aye laddie, but tonight it ain't so bonnie
Guy F.: Ginger rin... sounds like an 80s actress called Ginger lynn
Judy: was that neil laughing?
BobS: must wee eh????
Dale/AC19: I'm Dale.
Ginger Rin: I'm much more fabulous ;-)
Ronald: cache cleared
BobS: and all the CASH gone also
Ginger Rin: have to be vain sometimes
BobS: FRANCES ! dont' go, I am sorry, I didn't mean it !!!!
Ginger Rin: hehe
Ronald: cash? what's that
Meeka: wb pam
BobS: smoke break Pam ?????????
Ronald: think there are problems because I had a dual core processor and a single channel mind
rich-c: the stuff we used to use before plastic, Ron
Pamela at Con: no that was me Judy
Ronald: oh
Pamela at Con: yup, bob
Judy: is that a hot seat, no one whats to stay there?
BobS: sh Ron THAT explains a lot
BobS: ah
Guy F.: off to room 424!
BobS: gtood BEERIGN Guy
Ginger Rin: bye GuyF
BobS: or something
rich-c: I'll have the door open
Ginger Rin: no?
Guy B.: Bye Guy F
Ronald: Rin, where are you?
Pamela at Con: (PRIVATE) she said she wanted to ask "what colour?"
Pamela at Con: that's what set me off
BobS: upstairs
Judy: bye Guy F
BobS: WHAT set you off Pam?
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) that's wHen I typed blue black
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still confuse programming an AI to play such a basic game, that can be just random to be unpredicxtable and then win by beeing unreadable. rock-paper-scisor AI sounds like a not necessary code to implement.
BobS: going to ADAMCON?
Pamela at Con: oka
Pamela at Con: y
Ronald: s'ok Rin, they just straightened me out
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) just like perma mascara for 4-5 weeks
Pamela at Con: (PRIVATE) cool :)
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) I'm pleased
BobS: and YOU need a lot of straightening out Ron
BobS: ;-)
Ginger Rin: :_)
Ronald: Ya got that right Pilgrim!
Meeka: theres that kettle agian ;)
Pamela at Con: what kettle?
Judy: are you telling dad that he needs help?
BobS: the black one that looks like the pot
Meeka: the black one talking to the pot
Ronald: Judy, Bob and Meeka, you'll be happy to know that I fell asleep in another museum today
Pamela at Con: ahhh
Pamela at Con: Guy's on his way Dad
Ronald: Daniel had to wake me up
Meeka: lmao
BobS: Ron......another one??????
BobS: thought this one was a walking one
Judy: good for you, you probably needed the rest
Ginger Rin: Ron I'm surprised
rich-c: OK, door's open and bottle opener handy
Meeka: he has this thing qbout museums
BobS: must be the OLD factor............makes him sleepy
Pamela at Con: you know
rich-c: me, I doze off in Adamcon sessions
Pamela at Con: Ron
Pamela at Con: he thinks sleep is optional
Meeka: I doze off anywehere if i sit long enough
BobS: I mkeant the OLD factor as in old stuff in the museum !!!!!!!
BobS: not the young Ron Mitchell
Ginger Rin: right Bob
Meeka: specially if the chair is comfy
Pamela at Con: I took a ten minute snooze on a couch at the museum today
BobS: you too?????????
rich-c: aren't you having the same rouble with your heart meds, Bob?
BobS: no
Pamela at Con: that's what I get for not getting enough sleep last night
Judy: he took a nap on the deck this afternoon
Ronald: not so young any more
rich-c: odd - mine are working well but make me very dozy mid-morning
Meeka: you getg sleep at a con???
BobS: told me regular doc that I wanted to dump the rest of the meds and go onto tenormin again......12 mg a day (?)
Ronald: And I am in the habit of taking an afternoon nap
Meeka: i dont remember that being on the schedule
BobS: and it is working good that way
Ginger Rin: hehe
Pamela at Con: we try to work it in between running around
Judy: sometimes it is very necessary
Pamela at Con: and talking to one another
BobS: heart still sucks but I am back where I was a lot of cash ago and accepting of the way I have to operate
rich-c: well, I hope it was a good call, Bob
BobS: keeps the heart rate down and from taking off for the space station
BobS: so it works
Judy: I am the only one that is healthy of the ones on the chat
Ronald: Suspect in my case it's excess weight
Pamela at Con: please stay that way Judy
BobS: she takes blood pressure meds!!!!!!!!!
Judy: I don't take naps
Judy: I plan too
BobS: yes sir, but looks like you are losing some and you looking good !!!!!!
Pamela at Con: he does look good Bob
Judy: how much have you lost, Ron?
BobS: you didn't actually model for us in front of the camera, but the far off look looked good
Ginger Rin: who is undefined?
Ronald: Thank you sir, not done yet
Guy B.: At least I'm keeping up with the Cubs. They are 2 games back of the 1st place Brewers.
Pamela at Con: dunno who that is
Pamela at Con: May be Murray
BobS: you are welcome
Ronald: But I'm going to have to re-wire the inside of my head, or I'm going to find it difficult to lose more
rich-c: brb
Pamela at Con: go drink, Dad
Ronald: Still want the potato chips more than I want to lose weight
Ginger Rin: I hear you Ron
BobS: THAT is the proble.m we ALL face Ron
rich-c: consider it done
Ginger Rin: after 20 lbs it got super hard for me
Ronald: right
BobS: what tastes good is BAD for you and what tastes YUCKY is GOOD for you........go figure
Pamela at Con: it doesn't help that we're a bad influence Rin
Ronald: Up to Feb last I had lost almost 40 lbs. Have gained about 15 of that back
Ronald: got sloppy
BobS: comes back FAST dont' it
Judy: we did get in a bike ride tonight so we are working on losing also
Ginger Rin: grocery stores are a bad influence on me :-(
Pamela at Con: I keep walking you past the ice cream section at the grocery store
Ronald: That's what my cousin Dr. Bob in Charlottetowns says, "if something tastes good, spit it out"
BobS: grocery stores are DENS OF INIQUITY
Meeka: lol
Ginger Rin: I have no will power though
Pamela at Con: ya got that right Bob
Ronald: Tonight, these people held me at gunpoint, tied me up, and forced me to eat dessert
Ginger Rin: LOL
Pamela at Con: why are you looking at me Ron?
Judy: what was the dessert?
Ronald: I was kicking and screaming with every bite
Ginger Rin: hahaha
Meeka: thats wqhy i take Doug LOL
BobS: well.....thaat is bad !!!!!!!! and you still consort with them????????
BobS: I can believe that
Meeka: cant sneek much pat him, so then its nt in the houdse
Ronald: no choice
Pamela at Con: I wish that worked for me Meeka - Russell is also a bad influenc
Pamela at Con: e
Pamela at Con: farn dingers
Ronald: your conscience and alter-ego Meeka
BobS: I like your cousins attitude, BUT that is a good waste of food !!!!!!!
Meeka: doug doesnt have much of a sweet tooth
Judy: he never has
Ronald: you mean I have to get married again?
Pamela at Con: Yes, Ron
Ginger Rin: no, that won't work
Ronald: the last wife I had gave up in disgust
Daniel Bienvenu: back
Ginger Rin: g'nite Aunt Frances
Meeka: ngith francis
Judy: that doesn't always work, Bob is a bad
FredK: Nite Frances
Pamela at Con: Mom says gn'ite Rin
Judy: night Frances
Ronald: Bob is a bad what?
Meeka: bad influence at the store
Ronald: ah
Judy: he has a sweet tooth and takes me down with him
Ginger Rin: Rich says hi
Judy: M&M's are one of his
Pamela at Con: Hi Rich
Ginger Rin: hi Pam
Ronald: Oh....M&M's
Meeka: ooo, peanut butter m&ms
Judy: no peanut m&m's
Ginger Rin: mmmm
Pamela at Con: plain chocolate for me
Judy: or regular it doesn't matter
Meeka: ya, thse are good too
Ronald: whatever kind of M&M
Judy: with him that is
Pamela at Con: I haven't had the peanut butter ones
Pamela at Con: do they have chocolate and peanut butter?
Judy: ya, he likes that too, and fudge
Ronald: If chocolate is the answer, who cares about the question?
Dale/AC19: Bob, I don't see you on the list of coladam users.
Judy: you name it anything that is bad for you he likes
Pamela at Con: I'm with you Ron
Judy: on what list, DAle the mailing list
BobS: I logged on and checked it tonight
BobS: I can log on and my email is there
Meeka: peanut butter center coated with choc and shell
Pamela at Con: oh my
Ronald: hey, that's like looking for your name in the obits
BobS: Dr D checked and said something about getting bounced 1 time out of 5 or something, so it is on hold ?????
Pamela at Con: i really must try those
Guy B.: Your going to drive her nuts Meeka
Guy B.: Those are better than the Reeses Pieces
Meeka: yes, well, if I am going there I might just as well have company
Ronald: will you guys STOP!
BobS: I ALWAYS check the obits to see if I am there, dont' you ???????
rich-c: busy assessing the beer - logging out now
Ronald: I already had dessert tonight OK?
Guy B.: Now, we are driving Ron bonkers
BobS: drink it Richard
Pamela at Con: goodnight Daddy
Judy: you can't gain weight just talking about food
Guy B.: Nite Rich
Meeka: night
Judy: night Richard
BobS: BUT you can gin wight by trying it
Ginger Rin: bye Uncle Richard
Ronald: I know eh?
FredK: Nite Rich! see ya tomorrow!
rich-c: night all
BobS: nite Rich
BobS: drive STRAIGHT home noe
Ronald: Actually, I don't get fat on these gigs
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Ronald: It's in the chair from Hell in front of the tube where I get fat
FredK: :)
Judy: well fire that chair
BobS: well the cure for that is to got OUT more and sit less
Pamela at Con: he is - on a bicycle
Ronald: yea, exactly....get butt out of chair and body thru door
Pamela at Con: something I should look into
BobS: and THAT is good
FredK: If it reclines your finished!
Ronald: have a bicycle.... will ride
BobS: no lie Fred
Ronald: have a's invisible right there by the piano
BobS: ride em cowboy...............or....ride em islanders
Judy: that is why we got rid of the recliner
Ronald: good idea.. never thought of that. you know what happens to me when I recline
BobS: when your toes get black and blue, try the treadmill for once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela at Con: Erin, move a bit to your left please
BobS: give it a puprpose
BobS: we don't want a webcam becsue we don't want you all looking at us !!!!!
Pamela at Con: thank you : ) just pointing out your Gazelle
Ginger Rin: I was just accused of being Percy Weasley
Judy: what are you pointing to, Pam
Pamela at Con: Erin's Gazelle : )
BobS: all we can see is Rin's pretty face
Pamela at Con: why Percy?
BobS: and what's taht?????
Pamela at Con: thank you Rin : )
BobS: \looks like a treadmillhandle
Ginger Rin: awwww
BobS: that is what I thought,.......RIN HAS A HEAD MOUNTED ON HER WALL
FredK: pls dont upset her!
Ginger Rin: huh?
Pamela at Con: accused by whom?
Pamela at Con: (your
BobS: like she hunts mooses and gesels
Pamela at Con: Gazelle)
Ginger Rin: Rich's daughters
BobS: ya that too
Judy: hi, Jillian
Ginger Rin: from the eve HP was released - they say I went in character...and with the glasses it was Percy
BobS: WAVE JILL...........that's better
Ginger Rin: I'm going to log off nowRi
BobS: ok nice seeing you again Rin
Meeka: night
Judy: night Erin
Ginger Rin: ch says g'nite from Cleveland AND Christina got back okay
FredK: Nite Erin!
Pamela at Con: gnite
Pamela at Con: Rich
BobS: good
Pamela at Con: and Christina
BobS: say nite to him also
Ginger Rin: Will do
Ginger Rin: see you all tomorrow
FredK: I need to get going to so I can leave real early tomorrow, bye everyone!
Judy: say night to both
Ginger Rin: (PRIVATE) love you
Judy: night Fred
Pamela at Con: night Fred, see you in the morning. Drive safely!
BobS: nite Fred
Ronald: In BC it's only 8:08. My Mac says so
Pamela at Con: (PRIVATE) love you too
FredK: tks Pam:)
Pamela at Con: night Rin
Ginger Rin left chat session
Pamela at Con: see you Monday evening
Ronald: Night Rin
BobS: will have to look in on ya'll tomorrow and catch some ADAMCON time
FredK left chat session
Judy: it is 11:08 here
Ronald: yes..... that's right
Guy B.: Nite FRin
BobS: twill do it !!!!!!
Guy B.: Rin
BobS: what's on for tomorrow??????
BobS: din't peint out the schedule
BobS: di not print
BobS: did
Pamela at Con: "lotsa stuff" according to Dale
Ronald: Do ya have it?
BobS: ya
BobS: but I have to get it
BobS: thought you could telll me off the top ofd your head
Pamela at Con: Ron is on tomorrow
Ronald: yes..... me.
Dale/AC19: Schedule:
Ronald: then Neil, preserving Adam newsletters
Judy: now you have a picture of no one
Ronald: ADAM USB Interface - Dale
BobS: went and looked, might have to stay glued to the computer tomorrow
Dale/AC19: My fav is the first one: "Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant"
Dale/AC19: or wait..I mean..
BobS: wan to see that stuff
Ronald: Ann Meet (led by the substitute chair)
BobS: ya right
BobS: breakfast
Ronald: hands on fireworks - Dale
Ronald: Coleco Adam History - an Investor's perspective
Ronald: then we eat
Ronald: And somewhere in there there's the Mighty Mitchell award
Judy: what was the contest this year?
Ronald: we don't know yet
Dale/AC19: It is a mystery competition.
Pamela at Con: nothing like lotsa time to prepare Ron
Ronald: Neil supposed to do it
Dale/AC19: Neil said something about trivia.
BobS: when you gonna di it ?
Guy B.: Scanning old Adam memories I'm looking forward to. I have all the Niad Newsletters, Augment Newsletters and the one Garden of Adam newsletter which was the only one issued. Joe Blenkle has scanned all the ECN ones and I have those too.
Ronald: sometime in the next 24 hours
Ronald: I think
Meeka: lol
Meeka: thats awful vague
Guy B.: I have two scanners, one parrelel hooked up to the Compac that will only work with WinME and the other is my HP all in one.
Ronald: but then, it's immaterial, because by 10 am we'll all be millionaires
Guy B.: That would be the day
Pamela at Con: I won't be
Ronald: Bob doesn't sound convinced
Pamela at Con: I don't have an Adam
Judy: oh, Meeka, Josh called today and he lost another tooth eating a french fry
BobS: I am, I tell ya
Meeka: yes, i know
Meeka: i talked o him tonoght
BobS: oh well, maybe you can borrow one from dad
Pamela at Con: at this rate I'll inherit them : )
Meeka: he hadd to tell me he was using his bag
BobS: now Josh looks like he got in a fight
Judy: did he call you to?
Pamela at Con: so I'll have to settle for being a future millionaire
Ronald: gotta watch them french fries
Meeka: the dougs were talking and josh made them let him talk to me
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
Dale/AC19 confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela at Con confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B & Annie
BobS: well kids, we are going to pack it in and go to bed I think
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Dale/AC19 confirmed ban
Pamela at Con confirmed ban
Meeka: night
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Dale/AC19: Good night.
Pamela at Con: agree think it's getting time for bed
BobS: will be watching you tomorrow though, so DON'T MESS UP
Dale/AC19: Maybe we'll see you tomorrow.
Ronald: :)
Pamela at Con: night
Pamela at Con: Bob
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Firefox again
BobS: nite gang
Pamela at Con: darn enter key
Guy B.: Nite Bob
Meeka: ya, i prob should head hat way too
Dale/AC19: Maybe tomorrow we'll start closer to on time. We'll see,
Pamela at Con: nite Judy and Meeka
Guy B.: Nite Meeka
BobS: so long from michigan
Pamela at Con: take care of yourselves, okay?
Guy B.: Bye Judy
BobS left chat session
Meeka left chat session
Judy: I was thinking the same thing, so night all and have a good time on the rest of the convention
Pamela at Con: we miss you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy
Guy B.: Same here.
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: it needs a lot of stuff just to compile
<undefined> confirmed ban
<undefined> confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: still loading something, not finish yet...
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check my emails and forums.
<undefined>: night to all who are nighting
<undefined>: should probably do that too
Pamela at Con requested to ban <undefined>
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Dale/AC19 confirmed ban
Ronald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron says goodnight
Daniel Bienvenu: he got disconnected again
Pamela at Con: it's getting to bedtime
Pamela at Con: goodnight from Ottawa
Pamela at Con: kerpoof
Pamela at Con left chat session
Guy B.: I'm thinking the same thing folks. We'll see you all tomorrow.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like it's now a private chat session.
Daniel Bienvenu: WELCOME BACK GUY F
Guy F. confirmed ban
Guy F. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm feeling alone...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james
Daniel Bienvenu: where are you
Daniel Bienvenu: you miss almost all the chat session tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard that you will be at the adamcon tomorow morning
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changed username to Neil
Neil: James, are you coming to see us tomorrow?
james: i should be able to make it out tomorrow
Dale/AC19: Hi James.
Dale/AC19: Shouldn't you be teaching ;-)
james: lol
james: sec
james: what is the name of the hotel?
Dale/AC19: Here is the schedule:
james: yeah, i was looking at that
james: can you tell me the name of the hotel?
Neil: Best Western Cartier
james: ok
Neil: If you come from Ottawa across the Interprovincial Bridge from the National Gallery ...
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a presentation today. Steve was supposed to be there to present also his games... but was simply away.
Neil: It's on your right as soon as you get the the Quebec side....
Neil: across from Jacques Cartier Park.
james: ok. haven't been driving around that area in.. quite some time, but i'm sure i can find it
Neil: You can easily see it from the bridge (Museum of Civiization on the left, hotel in the block on the right)
james: ok
Neil: Our meeting room is right beside the registration desk. (There is additional parking behind the hotel.)
james: alright. i am looking forward to meeting people tomorrow!
Neil: We should be in the room from about 9 or so in the morning until 6 pm, but we'll be eating lunch in the park across the road from about 12 till 2.
james: i anticipate being there shortly after 9
james: i'll likely just take the parkway all the way in
Neil: We've been running a little late all weekend because people are reluctant to start breakfast much earlier than 9, but we're going to try to make it closer to 9 tomorrow.
james: i can't say i blame them
Neil: Part of Ottawa River Parkway is closed for bikes only on Sundays.
james: i'll keep that in mind
james: i didn't know they did that, seeing as there are plenty of bike paths
Neil: West of the Portage Bridge, you can't use the parkway.
james: anyway, some way or another i'll make my way down there
Neil: Actually west of Booth Stree
Neil: I'm sure you'll find your way here somehow.
Daniel Bienvenu: good night james. it's bedtime for me in a minute
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: yeah, i need to go here too
james: my best to everyone
james: *poof*
Neil: Ok, good night.
james left chat session
Neil left chat session
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changed username to Guy B.
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