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Daniel: hello Bob, rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel, hi Bob
Daniel: excuse me, be right back in a couple of minutes.
rich-c: what's the word, Bob?
BobS: hi there kids
BobS: the word..........part time jobs suck as well as part timejobs whilelooking for full time jobs
rich-c: how are things going with the Slopsemas? any improvements?
BobS: wish it was 4 years from now, i could retire
BobS: meeka is having some fever side effects formthe meds and doug does not have an appt until aug 15th
BobS: from the meds
rich-c: yes, it makes for tough times and uncomfortable living
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changed username to JudyCMAA
BobS: youngest daughter goes next week for the intermediate surgery (biopsy) on her stage 4 cervical 'cancer' (although they don't call it that just yet...)
rich-c: it wouldn't surprise me if Meeka's meds work in such a way that fever is a semi-normal side effect
BobS: it is a normal although yucky side effect for a while
JudyCMAA: Hi, Daniel and Rich
rich-c: hi Judy - what's the CMAA?
JudyCMAA: Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
JudyCMAA: that would be me, passed my exam Monday
rich-c: OK - you're qualified ti run a doctor's office, right?
BobS: as well as M.O.M. and W.I.F.E. and G.R.A.M.M.A.
JudyCMAA: at least part of it so far
Daniel: oops. capslock
JudyCMAA: working on more, had a class on HIPAA tonight
BobS: we'll have to get her a stamp so she can sign her name to things
rich-c: gossip I've heard says CMAA's are in short supply and well paid
BobS: sure would be nice Richard
JudyCMAA: that is the word around here also, we will see
rich-c: and what is the HIPAA certification?
BobS: that's the bullshit stuff they ask you about who you wan to know your medical condition
JudyCMAA: the insurance privacy act
BobS: you got that in Canada??????
BobS: down here they are crazy asbout it
rich-c: we have the equivalent, Bob - every time I give info to a doctor I need the sign a waiver
BobS: I just tell the doc to let ANYBODY know my condition........blows theri little mindfs, it does
BobS: yup, same deal
BobS: I tell them to sign it for me, I am sick of signing them
BobS: and they sayl....but WE can't
rich-c: The protection is there for a reason - there have been some pretty nasty abuses over time
JudyCMAA: there is really more to it but the law is written in such a way no one knows what is does say and make up there own rules
rich-c: I've seen that happen before, Judy - here it does seem pretty clear
BobS: the abuse was from the insurance companys and employers.........AND those who steal your info and sell it to foreign countries
rich-c: you should see what my health insurance company demands for a claim settlement
JudyCMAA: actually what the law really is is not what you know about at all
rich-c: don't bet on that, Judy - some of us have followed its development
BobS: the law actually (herea) says "who do you NOT want us to tell......." they interpret it to say "who DO you wnat us to tell......"
JudyCMAA: they are stopping birthday parties in nursing homes because they think taht that is a violation of the
BobS: so you have to think about it and get it wrong
BobS: some children who are the caregivers types for mom and dad are refused the information fromthe hospital and doctors
rich-c: but only, I suspect, publicly funded nursing homes, or those with patients with senile dementia
BobS: yes, senile........but you as child, we can't talk to you.........JERKS.......who do yo think takes care of them???????
rich-c: I would not know about that, Bob - Frances was always scrupulous about getting her authorizations when caring for her mother and father
rich-c: so no one could use privacy as an excuse to withhold information from her
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rich-c: unfortunately, some children do not care for their parents - to say the least
JudyCMAA: it is another one of those times when you have to be careful for what you ask for
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel: hello Pamela,
Pamela: Hi Dad, Hi Bob and Judy, Hi
JudyCMAA: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Daniel
Pamela: darn enter key
BobS: we had an article about that same deal of a son calling about mom in a different state in the said can't tell you......this guy helped WRITE the hipaa lasw and was REAL hot about the interpretation the hospital used
BobS: hiya Pamela
rich-c: yes, the old be careful what you ask for, you might get it
Pamela: what;s with the designation Judy?
BobS: tis another one of the deals where "we have met the enemy, and it is us !!! "
JudyCMAA: certification, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
Pamela: WOOHOO! Congratulations!
Pamela: well done
BobS: didn't come with any cahs though
BobS: cash
Pamela: it will Bob
rich-c: I believe Rin was handling some privacy law aspects for the Ontario government for a bit (or was that Lindsay, Pam?)
JudyCMAA: thanks, was quite a week
Pamela: no that is Lindsay with the Freedom of Information Act
rich-c: oh, OK, now I've got it
BobS: by jove, HE"S GOT IT
Pamela: so what else is new, all?
rich-c: I'm having increasing problems with that pseudo-hernia - waitint for the ultrasound results
Pamela: did you see Dr.
Pamela: Santo?
rich-c: went to a clinic since Dr. Santo was on vacation - as was his covering doctor
JudyCMAA: What does that mean?
rich-c: have an appointment for Monday afternoon, earlier if there's a cancellation - Sandy sounded optimistic
Pamela: to review the results of the ultrasound I assume
rich-c: have something in my groin area that feels much like a hernia but apparently isnt
Pamela: have they ruled it out Dad?
BobS: hmmmm and like WHAT could that be...........
rich-c: it';s been gradually growing more and more bothersome - had me on the limp in Ottawa
BobS: ]you growing new parts?????/
Pamela: replacement parts : )
BobS: good one !!!!!!
rich-c: far as possible yes, they have ruled it out, but don't know what it is
Pamela: it's not out of the realm that it could be another hernia Dad - repairs have been known to come undone before
Pamela: Done any heavy lifting recently? : )
JudyCMAA: all ways nice when they rule out but don't say what it is
BobS: or an internal hernia which doesn't show outside
rich-c: yes, that's been taken into consideration
rich-c: with luck the ultrasound will give a clue
Pamela: hope so
Pamela: how's Mom?
rich-c: I hope so because it is increasingly painful and restricting
JudyCMAA: should
BobS: heck, it could be anything...........just not what you expect to be there
rich-c: oh, her back remains troublesome, but she's sleeping a bit better of late
BobS: is it in the area of the nernia
BobS: hernia?????
Pamela: with Dad, expect the unexpected : )
BobS: tell you why........
rich-c: well, one thing I do not need is more hospital time this year
Pamela: that's the truth
BobS: talked to a guy who was contemplating hip replacement (needs it because of spurs, etc)....BUT, he had had a hernia from birth and it was fixed some years ago.........
rich-c: Bob, it has many similarities to the bilateral hernias I had repeaired a couple of decades back - but it comes and goes
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hello Guy
rich-c: hi Guy
Daniel: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! On the notebook and watching the Cubs
JudyCMAA: Hi, Guy
BobS: last week one day he was riding his bike and fell, said he thought he ripped his leg off. Anyway, apparaently it ripped the scar tissue loose from the hernia area, now the hi;p does not hurt so much andhe cam bend to touch toes etc, which he could not do lately
rich-c: yes, hernias can leave behind adhesions - my doctor has been considering that
Pamela: are they winning Guy?
Guy B.: Nope, were down 3-0
rich-c: btw, spurs as a reason for hip replacement I have not heard of - can you tell me more?
Guy B.: Make that 4-0 Houston
BobS: just what the guy said, thought i strange meself
JudyCMAA: that is why the doctors are practicing, they don't have all the answers
BobS: arthritis, wore out slip plate, broken bone I understand, but usally seems like spurs are for heels and feet
rich-c: usual cause is loss of the cushioning cartilege between the bone and the socket
Pamela: that's why they call it idiopathic medicine : )
BobS: GREAT bedside manner, but don't know spit
Pamela: Bobby, question for you regarding convention t-shirts
rich-c: the problems are with those who don't know what they don't know
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: where did you get yours made up?
Guy B.: I do not know about everyone else. but we have been getting hit very hard with the storms this week.
JudyCMAA: I have to be careful what I say if I get to work in a doctors office can't badmouth them then
Pamela: ie mall t-shirt shop, silk screeners?
Pamela: we keep trying Guy but so far no go. The closest we got was last night - 100% humidity
Pamela: it was like breathing under water
rich-c: sotrms have mostly bypassed us to the south; we get the odd spit of rain but not as much as we could use
BobS: a guy here who has a graphics business, used him for AC09, AC10, AC11, AC14, AC15, AC16
Guy B.: It's been really bad here and it's triggering heavy storms. We have flood watches up
BobS: no storms Guy, just HOT and HUMID
Pamela: so was there an setup artwork charge?
BobS: New York City oln the other hand is in a bad way from storms
BobS: $35 for setup
JudyCMAA: we had a little rain, but we didn't get the storms, hit south of us
Guy B.: Rockford has over 5 inches of rain in the past twio days
BobS: one time fee
rich-c: that's interesting, Bob, because you're really usually right in Chicago's weather pattern
BobS: Chicago pattern going south
Guy B.: Bob is escaping all this.
JudyCMAA: we need more rain but we really don't want it this week-end we are going up north camping
BobS: Shirts usually ran about $7 each with the one setup fee
Guy B.: We have a front close by and that's why all the rain here.
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Pamela: okay, that seems to be about what I'm seeing - one time set up fee and separate charge for t's
rich-c: OK - it's usually Frances who keeps the close tabs on weather here
Pamela: did he do your banner too?
changed username to Frances
BobS: nope, we did it our selves
Pamela: Hi, Mom!
Guy B.: Hi Frances
Frances: Hi!
JudyCMAA: hi, Frances
BobS: welcome back........
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Frances: have to keep tabs on you all
changed username to rich-1
Pamela: uh oh
Guy B.: Hi Rich
Pamela: what did i do???
Guy B.: Welcome back
Frances: nothing....yet
Pamela: phew
rich-1: I think your mother knocked me off when she came in
Frances: actually, just want to know what's going on
Pamela: Mom, have you heard from Cynthia since Sunday?
Frances: No, why
rich-1: weare sort of networked, or might be if XP were working properly
Pamela: because I've left her three voicemails on Sunday, Monday and tonite and not heard back from her
Frances: what's she into
Pamela: that's unusual for her
Pamela: she called on Sunday just after we left for groceries but no message - I called her back but no response
rich-1: yes - might she have gone somewhere with the kids for the weekend?
Pamela: well according to Facebook she's home
Pamela: and while I know that she can update from anywhere, I doubt she'd say that if she weren't
Frances: she said she'd be here on the 17th other than that, I don't know anything
BobS: whats Facebook??????
Pamela: okay, I shall be patient
BobS: kinda like an Instant Message thing......"
BobS: ?
rich-1: the latest teenage rage, Bob
Pamela: it's like myspace Bob -
Pamela: (did that help any?)
BobS: yes!!!!!!
rich-1: you need to be a 15 year old femaile to appreciate it
Pamela: sure, that's why your 42 year old daughter, 59 year old sister-in-law, 28 year old niece etc are all on it
Frances: How's Meeka doing and any info on Doug's problem?
BobS: EVERYBODY wants to be young
Pamela: not to mention Dale, Neil, Christopher
Pamela: oh wait, not Chris
Frances: I'm going to haveto look at this
BobS: Meeka is having some fever reactions to the meds for now....doug knows nuthin' til mid August
rich-1: is it fair to guess the doctors aren't hugely concerned with Doug, figuring he can wait?
BobS: appears that way Richard.......doctors don't know what to make of doug unless he has more problems....
rich-1: somehow or other it sounds vaguely familiar
Pamela: you have to log in to get on the site Mom
BobS: BUT with the heart stopping 2 times; would make me awfully worried about WHAT could happen later
Pamela: I'll show you the next time I'm over
Daniel: hello Frances
Frances: meaning that unless they catch him in the act, the won't know anything
Daniel: sorry, I was away, again.
Pamela: I hope he doesn't repeat that act!
Frances: hello, Daniel
rich-1: yes, I'd be pretty damn nervous too, Bob
BobS: AGAIN??????
BobS: yes, IF the heart stops somewhere and doesn't start up, he could be ....gone.......
BobS: betterhope that 911 emergency is closeby
Daniel: I'm doing some cut in a video I did when I went at Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France
JudyCMAA: that is what we worry about
Pamela: in fact he'd better not!
Frances: Bob, are they sure the heart actualy stops? he doesn't just faint?
Daniel: I already release 2 videos of it in my "dailymotion" profile
BobS: actually stoped for about 20 seconds, got it on tape in the ambulance
Frances: how did it start again?
Frances: all by itself?
Daniel: arythmie cardiaque?
JudyCMAA: we are not sure about that, they may have had to zap him
Frances: yes, Daniel, probably
rich-1: something like, Daniel, but more a full stoppage
JudyCMAA: was the word that we got from a fireman
BobS: D&M thought it started by itself,...........Doughter # 1 husband talked to fireman who was ther and he said they defibrilated Dougs heart
Daniel: In my family, it's "genetic". some of us have heart problem, sometimes stop during our sleep. it's very dangerous, but what can we do about it.
BobS: 'so.........we don't know
rich-1: Bob and I have the arrythmia, but our hearts keep beating, if unevenly
Frances: Bob, that problem I e-mailed you about is an arrhythmia
BobS: get tested for "sleep apnea" and if have it, they give you a mask to wear at night which pumps air into your mouth and nose to keep you breathing
Frances: you been tested Bob?
BobS: but that is not what he has Frances.......don't remember jsut what both were, but not the same
BobS: tested for what ??????
Frances: sleep apnea
BobS: nope, I am normal........ :-)
BobS: Judy says NAW he don't have taht poroblem
Frances: what Bob and Richard have is atrial fibrillation
JudyCMAA: at least that is not one of his problems
BobS: sucks, but doctor sasy won't kill yoyu
rich-1: but you did do a sleep study at some point, didn't you, Bob?
BobS: no
JudyCMAA: his dad does though
BobS: me, I sleep like a baby
Frances: not directly at any rate, Bob
Frances: but it causes heart failure in the long run
BobS: well.......IF it progresses, my mom had it for years and had noa dditional problems
BobS: typically, we are told, heart problems progress from simple to more complex
BobS: so Doug may develop more problems later
JudyCMAA: at least not with her heart
rich-1: once you get treatment, it seems to cease to be a problem
rich-1: now that I have the CPAP machine I seem to sleep better than "normal" sleepers
JudyCMAA: will probably end out with a pace maker if problems continue
Frances: but still can't stay awake
BobS: I started with bouts of ventricular tachycardia, then progressed into a-fib sometimes, then a-fib all the time
JudyCMAA: and stress is a big factor in A-fib
Frances: a-fib causes ventricular tachycardia
BobS: sweat like it is 200 degrees fahrenheit........not so tired......jsut sweat
Frances: but treatment is supposed to slow the ventricular rhythm
BobS: SO, I need to retire, be rich, retire, be rich.........ummmm must be more to it
Pamela: win a lottery?
JudyCMAA: his real problem is the rhythm thing
rich-1: yeah, I've been retired for 17 years and still have a-fib
BobS: I"ve got rhythm, I've got music............
JudyCMAA: maybe I will get a good job and he can retire
Frances: what are you taking for it now, Bob
BobS: it is TOO stressful licing in Toronto
Pamela: you've got your girl, who could ask for anything more?
BobS: living
JudyCMAA: can't win if you don't play
BobS: tenormin to slow the heart rate and bring blood pressure down
BobS: right Pam
Frances: can't win, anyway
BobS: old generic medicine, but works great for me....(zestril too)
JudyCMAA: that is true, Frances
Frances: never heard of the first one, zestril is an ACE inhibitor, I think
rich-1: in Ontario pharmacies must supply generic equivalents unless the doctor fills out a form specifying otherwise
Guy B.: That's what I'm taking for my blood pressure. The generic is called Liznopril.
rich-1: as long as the generic equivalent is cheaper, of course
BobS: tenormin [brand] = atenol [generic]
Frances: yes, a beta blocker - I just looked it up
Frances: Richard's on a beta blocker now, too
rich-1: yes, when I was in hospital that changed my medications all around
Frances: an ACE inhibitor, Guy?
rich-1: one good thing, they took me off warfarin
BobS: WHY ?????????????????????????????????????
BobS: you want a stroke?????????
Frances: I'm on an ACE inhib itor too, ramipril
Guy B.: That's what my doctor prescribed for my high blood pressure. It's now normal range with it. I still do a lot of walking with Annie
Pamela: brb
rich-1: too much danger of my bleeding to death - teh reason I went to hospital turned out to be internal haemmorage
Frances: well, Bob, it also caused a lot of trouble
Guy B.: I'm also on a diaretic medicine too.
Frances: me too, Guy
rich-1: lasix, Guy?
Frances: he had too very dangerous internal hemorrhages, Bob
BobS: hmmmmmm............bummer
BobS: then it seems your bllod is thin enough, eh??????
rich-1: I'm on daily aspirin, Bob - not as good as warfarin but not as dangerous either
Frances: for Guy, probably HCT
BobS: heck I take 2 aspirins AND 5mg warfarin
Frances: that's two
BobS: need to get it checked one day................soon???????.............maybe........if time...............
Frances: Bob, I'm not sure that Richard has much a-fib
BobS: been running consistently around 1-8
BobS: I have permanent afib
Frances: just after he came home, he had a bout and it was obvious
BobS: it is ALWAYS in A fib
Frances: that's why he went back for 5 more days
BobS: aint bad once you get used to it
BobS: pretty soon your body doesn't know the difference
rich-1: mine seems to come and go, moderate into invisibility then come back, wham!
Frances: well, if they can control the heart rate, it helps
rich-1: emember I'm still on prednisone for the bout of amiodarone lung
Frances: yes, and I keep forgetting that but it doesn't affect a-fib
rich-1: no, but it does affect the decision on warfarin
JudyCMAA: problems, problems health is the pits when it doesn't work right
Frances: right, Judy
rich-1: yes, and after a while the problems start to get to be a real nuisance
Frances: how are you doing?
BobS: car was great too, until ti didn't work right
rich-1: beer time - brb
JudyCMAA: but I will not complain if I can get a job in the medical field
Frances: yes but you can get a new car
BobS: that is TRUE
BobS: new body hard to get
Frances: you looking for a full time job, Judy?
BobS: she WANTS to be my sugar mama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
BobS: so that is a YES
JudyCMAA: not yet have to finish my classes first
Frances: but eventually?
Pamela: back
JudyCMAA: yes, that is the plan
Frances: is Bob going to keep house?
BobS: BACK ??????? where you were?????
BobS: thought we were telling you stories
Pamela: getting dessert
JudyCMAA: he may have to if I work more than he does
BobS: oh man
Guy B.: I'm thinking about taking Basic A+ Certification course.
Frances: why do you need Basic, Guy?
BobS: do it Guy, would make a good addition to your resume
BobS: you are in computer work
Guy B.: You have to start from there in order to take the advance course.
Frances: do they use Basic anymore?
Guy B.: My local college is offering this online.
Daniel: I've just finish another clip of "fêtes de la nouvelle-france".
JudyCMAA: I am thinking of taking the Word over again and then see if I can pass the exam
rich-1: I have a nice bottle of Boreale Noire - salut, Daniel!
BobS: think he is talking about CompTIA a+ computer certification
BobS: cool Daniel
Frances: what's that
BobS: basically, the big bottomstone for getting hired to fix and/or repair computers
Frances: I take it, Judy, that you took Word and didn't pass it?
Guy B.: Eventually I may look into taking some more courses. I have an Excel class at work coming up.
JudyCMAA: I have been telling Bob he may need to take some courses and getting into something completely different
JudyCMAA: I already took the Excel class
Pamela: I'm having enough trouble trying to squeeze out time for my compliance courses
Frances: I don't know Word but is it that tough?
JudyCMAA: just have not tried the certification exam yet
rich-1: It's a big investment for someone so near retirement, but the options aren't that great it seems
BobS: A+ certification covers building computers, installing hardware, configuring hardware and networks, troubleshooting software problems
Guy B.: This one is on data lookup functions
rich-1: gee, Bob, you should be able to pass that without even studying
JudyCMAA: not if he can get into one of the programs that will pay for the classes
Frances: Pam, what compliance courses to you take?
rich-1: yes, that's always a help, Judy
rich-1: and he might even stumble on something he doesn't know
JudyCMAA: the exam was at least for me
BobS: have taken the online tests Richard and passed them, but without taking further computer classes, what do I use the A+ certification for ??????
Pamela: just courses for work that you must complete -things like ethics, etc
JudyCMAA: but it all depends on who you take to about all these exams.
BobS: passing the test and being comfortable fixing a strangers comptuers problems are two different items
Pamela: I haven't had an opportunity to see what else Learning Connect offers
Pamela: too darn busy
rich-1: you can wave it at a computer shop, Bob, and they might hire you
rich-1: not sure how tight the market is for techs right now
JudyCMAA: tonight in class there were several taking the class over because they failed the exam
BobS: but I would want more training before throwing myhat into that ring
rich-1: why: judging by the techs I've seen, I could do as well and sometimes better
BobS: knowing and practising can be differents things
BobS: true
JudyCMAA: that is what I keep telling him
BobS: but to be really successful, it is nice to know what to do
Frances: Guy, my very old spreadsheet program has lookup functions and I've had a look at them but I imagine Excel is much more complicated
rich-1: look at Ron Mitchell - he'll tackle any computer any time, and he has no formal training
JudyCMAA: no it is not Frances, just works easier
BobS: nope Frances, Excel is pretty much the same
BobS: unless you wnat to get tested, and then you need to know all the tiny secrets
Frances: I'm using my Amiga and everything is at least 10 years old
BobS: Word is the same way, Judy can do it, but passing the test is another story
JudyCMAA: is easier to set up the spread sheet than Adamcalc was, I have worked with both
rich-1: maybe I should give her the Ubuntu disc and let her play with Open Office
Pamela: have you worked with Lotus 1-2-3 at all Judy?
Frances: yes but AdamCalc had severe memory problems
BobS: fromwhat I have used OpenOffice, it seems slower and more cumbersome than Microsoft programs
JudyCMAA: they do not allow the whole program to work in the way it is supposed to in the exam, really dumb
Pamela: meaning that it won't allow shorcuts?
Pamela: shortcuts, sorry
JudyCMAA: no, never worked with Lotus
rich-1: I have the live disc, you can't save permanently, but you can run and use the programs
rich-1: I have used it here last time XP went snake on me
JudyCMAA: learned a medical program in class
BobS: Excel is very similar ot ADAMcalc, except the formula's are pretty much onhand to just slap into place where you want them, no typing them in byu hand
Daniel: it's slower because of Java, Bob.
JudyCMAA: not really Daniel
Frances: all spreadsheet programs are similar
Frances: it's the details that count
BobS: Openoffice does not use java ????????
Pamela: that's true - I had very little trouble switching from Lotus to Excel
JudyCMAA: most programs are similar
BobS: word processor programs are the same thing Frances, see one see all......just the devil in the details
Frances: but the newer programs have more features and can do more complicatd things
BobS: which we don't really need often IF at all
JudyCMAA: with less complications
Pamela: sometimes they do, sometimes they balk : )
rich-1: yes, more complexity and less documentation
Frances: for word processing, I don't need much
BobS: me either...........
JudyCMAA: I have books of information on both Word and EXcel
Frances: but spreadsheets are a different matter - I use them a lot
BobS: my biggest problem lately is to keep a printer working..........darn printheads
Frances: they make good databases, for one
Pamela: that's how I started using them Mom
Pamela: lists for the most part
Frances: the Amiga spreadsheet prog. I'm using has special database functions
Daniel: OpenOffice uses Java for some parts and some people think it wasn't a good idea. well, Java is not open source and open-office want to be open source. there still problem to convert from MS documents to OpenOffice format, but I like the integrated PDF document generator.
Pamela: it's the only way to keep your columns straight
Frances: you're right, Pam
Frances: I keep all my travel lists on a spreadsheet
Guy B.: I use it all the time. Work is the only place I use Word and Excel
JudyCMAA: Excel is a very good spreadsheet, I use that for the antique business
rich-1: pity one can't boot from an external USB drive - then we could have all the programs
Frances: wouldn't get out the door without them
Pamela: maybe I should try that
Guy B.: Just checked the radar. More storms are heading towards me.
Pamela: but wait, first I would have to pry the computer out of Russells hands : )
Frances: when we first got the trailer, I typed out the lists and had complicated checking marks for multiple years
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changed username to rich-2
Guy B.: And the best part of OpenOffice, you can read and write to Microsoft's file formats. The only exception is Office 2007.
Frances: Pam, you have the laptop now - keep them there
Pamela: you know, I still use that system Mom
Pamela: the checkmarks I mean
rich-2: OK, what did me in this time?
Pamela: weren't me Papa
rich-2: and it wasn't your mother either
rich-2: guess now you see why I need to rebuild my C drive
Frances: now, I just re-print the lists every time I use them
BobS: it was GUY and his weather
BobS: si senor Richard
BobS: build it strong mon
Frances: yes, Guy I looked at the satellite photo and I see the weather coming
rich-2: I have to do a clean install - format c:\ u\
BobS: HA and Guy has a BIG storm cominghis way
Frances: he keeps threatening, Bob, but still hasn't done it
BobS: better hit the basement Guy
rich-2: a repair install just plain wont work - I already tried
Guy B.: I think we made up our rainfall for this summer
Frances: send some to us, Guy
Pamela: are you going to wipe the drive and start again Dad?
Pamela: yes, we could use it
Guy B.: Don't have a basement here.
rich-2: yes - only C of course; D and E should remain untouched
Pamela: instead of that rainforest effect we had yesterday
Guy B.: My pleasure, wish it would veer north
JudyCMAA: we are inches low in rainfall and you can really tell, it is really brown around here
BobS: you got the idea Richard, FORMAT and start over, trouble is..........the old stuff is STILL there, we have reformatted drives to sue for ADAM hard drives, then taken them back to the ibm world, AND the odl format is still olnt he disk
rich-2: yes, whole branches are yellowing on our trees
JudyCMAA: we are supposed to get some storms tonight
Frances: wow, Guy, I just looked again - that's some cloud coming your way!
BobS: ANd leaves flling off like fall
BobS: falling
rich-2: yes, our lawn is littered with leaves today, Bob
Frances: Chicago seems to specialize in these storms - remember last year
BobS: that red cloud may bring us storms tomorrow sometime
JudyCMAA: are you so dry up there also
BobS: maybe....................
Pamela: don't remind me : )
rich-2: anyway, I know formatting isn't "real" but XP treats it as such, ignores everything still there and finally overwrites it
Frances: yes, we're dry, Judy
Frances: we get rains in storms then it gets hot and dries up everything
rich-2: actually had some spatters of rain yesterday, but not enough to do any good
Pamela: I wish the heat would go away
Pamela: I'm starting to think I'll never be cool again
Pamela: just enough to rearrange the dirt on my windshield : (
BobS: what I have done is to copy the cd to a windows directory, then install windows into a different directory so that it doesn't write over top of the old version you 'formatted' out
JudyCMAA: I saw the hummingbird tonight haven't seen them as much this summer and the finches are not so plentiful
Pamela: do you have feeders up Judy?
rich-2: the reason I'm having trouble, I believe, is that the registry is corrupt
BobS: may be a bad spot onthe drive also
Frances: no, I haven't seen finches much either
JudyCMAA: yes, we have feeders
Frances: I'm not feeding at the moment but I'm watering
JudyCMAA: we have a few but not as many as we usually have
Pamela: we have two at the trailer, the hummingbirds go right for them dozens of times a dahy
Frances: starlings love water!
rich-2: no, I've done a chkdsk recently, also a defrag (not always the best policy with XP)
Frances: birdbaths are hilarious - I wish I had a VCR
JudyCMAA: we are watering too, never saw the birds go after the bird baths like this year
Pamela: I'm going to have to come and hang out with the birdbath Mom - I never see the hilarity
Frances: you just need to hand around until the starlings arrive then watch the fun
Pamela: you mean a camcorder Mom?
JudyCMAA: they like to go in the pond also is really cute to watch them take a bath in the pond
BobS: you can KEEP those stinking starlings
Frances: all the starlings want in at once and the house sparrows hand AROUND THE OUTSIDE
Frances: yes, a camcorder
Frances: I need a much bigger birdbath
JudyCMAA: we don't want the starlings,
Pamela: why not more birdbaths?
Frances: don't know to get one
Pamela: instead of bigger?
Frances: well, a birdbath on the lawn has to be moved all the time
Guy B.: I got XP worked out with the Compaq. I do have to reinstall a program that will enable me to use the CD writer.
Frances: the one I have sits on a concrete pad - it's Rita's old AC base
Frances: I stole it
Pamela: good choice : )
Guy B.: Then I'll test the rest of the programs I have on the drive.
JudyCMAA: burned my wrist at class tonight, was putting a cover on a styro cup and it just sunk into itself
Frances: coffee?
JudyCMAA: was not a good thing had hot tea all over me
Pamela: ouch Judy
Frances: oh, tea
Pamela: I hate styro cups
Guy B.: I think we got rid of those here at work now.
Pamela: we're still using them
Pamela: bugs me
Pamela: not environmentally friendly
JudyCMAA: never had such a thing happen before but two other women said they had the same thing happen to them
rich-2: little interjection, Pam - if you are coming over in the next little while, remember I'd welcome Harry Potter and Master & Commander
Guy B.: That's it and I remember a friend that I worked with was pushing for the company to eliminate them.
rich-2: and remind me I have an Anee McCaffrey book (she's lead author) for you
Frances: can we recycle styrofoam?
BobS: yes somewhere
Frances: yes, recycle?
Pamela: not to my knowledge Mom
JudyCMAA: yes, you can recycle them
Pamela: Dad next time I'm by I'll bring those with me
Guy B.: We recycle all of our paper at work and pop cans too.
Pamela: which Anne McCaffrey, since I've recently acquired quite a few of them
Frances: yes, we do too, Guy - we get pickup on those
Pamela: Pern book?
rich-2: OK, let us know in advance and we can remind each other
JudyCMAA: they recycle them at church
Frances: but not styrofoam
rich-2: also remind me to show you Ubuntu and how the "live" CD works
Pamela: as do we Guy, along with plastic
Frances: and soon plastic bags
Pamela: so it puzzles me why we're still using styrofoam cups
Frances: because they have some insultation value
rich-2: I think it';s "the city who fought"
Pamela: oh, not a pern book then
Pamela: hmm
JudyCMAA: there must be some places that recycle them
Frances: I'll have to investigate, Judy
Pamela: I think our transfer stations take polystyrene (styrofoam) but it's not collected
Frances: yes, I think you're right
Frances: we collect yard waste too and I've got 3 containers for them tonight
Frances: and I'm thinking of using the Green Bin during the winter
Pamela: I wish we had more facilities for recycling here in the building
Pamela: we don't have nearly enough room for all the recycling we collect
Frances: bring it over here
Pamela: oh we get rid of it all eventually, but ya gotta be on your toes
Pamela: we get picked up on
Pamela: Thursday morning
rich-2: we recycle fanatically and still barely make it worthwhile for them to pick it up
Pamela: if you don't have it out by Friday evening, forget it
Frances: lots of paper from us
Pamela: and of course it's worse just before someone moves
Pamela: how is it that a household like ours which doesn't get newspapers and only one magazine, which I keep, has soooo much paper recycling???
rich-2: moving we wouldn't know about ;-)
Pamela: I'm trying to forget
Frances: don't know, daughter
Daniel: bonne nuit à tous, goodnight all, je vais continuer un projet de jeu avant d'aller dormir, I'm going to continue a game project before to go sleep.
JudyCMAA: we recycle the papers at Ryan's school they have a ben for it
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get going. See you all next week
Daniel: bye bob, judy, rich, pam, guyb and frances.
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Pamela: night Guy
Frances: don't stay up too late, Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
JudyCMAA: night Guy
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
BobS: time to go here also kids.
rich-2: hey Daniel, you're getting more bilingual by the day - neat! Bonsoir, nos vieux; a la prochaine!
JudyCMAA: night Daniel
Daniel: talk to you next week with, i hope, a good coleco surprise.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: heck Danile is practaically an english major
Frances: bye, Daniel
Pamela: I need to file my nails again
JudyCMAA: you working on the game they were talking about last week
Pamela: darn things keep growing
Daniel: thanks, chatting is easier than talking.
JudyCMAA: mine are all broke
Frances: clip them, daughter - much faster
Pamela: takes too much Mom
Frances: Daniel, you do fine - don't fuss
Daniel: judy, it's a surprise I said, I can'T tell you. ;-)
JudyCMAA: will have to wait then
Frances: too much?
rich-2: I'll keep another good Quebec beer aside to celebrate
Pamela: you can't take small amounts with a clipper
Daniel: *poof*
Frances: take the big bites with the clipper, smoothwith a file
Daniel left chat session
BobS: so Cleeclan..........we say GOOD NIGHT from dark Michigan
Pamela: for now, rather use the file
BobS: hope we don't get those chicago storms here
Frances: good night, Slopsemas
BobS: darn BIG red spot on radar
Pamela: night Bob, thanks for the info on T's
BobS: yes'm glad to help, just HOLLERE
Frances: yes it is Bob
JudyCMAA: have to go myself, have to watch Josh and Michael tomorrow and have class tomorrow night
rich-2: OK Bob, Judy, your time I see, so see you next week
Pamela: oh I will don't worry : )
BobS: see ya's next week yes ?????????
Pamela: Night Judy
Pamela: yes
JudyCMAA: they will be here at 7:15
BobS: am
Frances: me too, kid
JudyCMAA: will be a long day
Frances: had enough
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
JudyCMAA: nite
rich-2: nite, both
JudyCMAA left chat session
Pamela: well Mom and Dad I guess I'll talk to you in the next couple of days
Frances: yep
rich-2: which I guess is our cue to pack it in, too
Frances: good night, daughter
Pamela: I'm thinking it's bedtime
rich-2: nite, Pam
Pamela: good night Mama
Pamela: hugs and kisses
Pamela: Nigh Daddy
Frances: xxxooo
Pamela: : )
Frances left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-2: colour us gone
rich-2 left chat session
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