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(Daniel Bienvenu laughs heartily)
(Daniel Bienvenu winks)
(Daniel Bienvenu smiles)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(A dog howls in the distance)
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob
BobS: Hi Daniel
BobS: nobody here yet, eh?
BobS: usually Richard is here right on time
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not here either... I'm finishing something then I will go chating.
BobS: ok I have something to do for a few minutes also
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hail and farewell
rich-c: I am on the laptop, busy reinstalling windows on the desktop
rich-c: once I get Java installed I will try to come on from there
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich... be right back...
rich-c: meanwhile, I'm gone, be back later
rich-c: please tell the others
rich-c: see you soon, I hope!
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: good evening, gentlemen
Daniel Bienvenu: hello pam
Pamela: no Dad???
Pamela: I'm surprised
Daniel Bienvenu: he was there.
Daniel Bienvenu: he's reinstalling windows on his desktop
Pamela: oh goodie this ought to be entertaining
Pamela: I don't know why he doesn't just give up and start over
Daniel Bienvenu: how can I know if you even don't know.
Pamela: well he doesn't give easily, that's for sure
Pamela: give up that is
Pamela: Bob, you there?
Daniel Bienvenu: he is there, and not at the same time... having something to do now.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also working on something
Pamela: am I the only one with nothing else to do tonite? That's sad
Pamela: I'm sure I could find something to do
Pamela: but I'm tired
Daniel Bienvenu: do you have a coleco emulator installed on your computer?
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BobS: yu[p
Pamela: not yet Daniel
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: Hi Dad
BobS: ah ha Richrd is BACK
BobS: and on what I might ask ?
Pamela: Bob, can I pick your brain for a few minutes?
rich-c: yeah - guess who! made it!
BobS: si
BobS: and you are all onthe newly installed xp onthe desktop ???????
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rich-c: I yam on the DESKTOP!
Daniel Bienvenu: last week, I said that I will have a (kind of) surprise and I refused to talk about it otherwise it will ruins the surprise.
changed username to Dr. F
BobS: hot dog !!!!!!
Pamela: woo hoo,
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Pamela: Dad
BobS: and so like WHAt did you do
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: ???????
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: hey Guy
Dr. F: Hey all.
Daniel Bienvenu: What F. means Dr. F?
rich-c: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from stormy Chicago
BobS: got to be GuyF or Dr D
rich-c: at a guess it's another Guy
Dr. F: Dan: What the F. does Dr. F mean? :)
BobS: no??????
Pamela: greetings, Gui
BobS: so Richard tell us the story about using the desktop
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm confuse
BobS: comes with computing Daniel
Dr. F: Dan: What are you confused about Dan?
rich-c: not sure I can without melting the wires - like would you believe it took four tries just to boot into Windows tonight?
BobS: see.......Dr D married Guy F and now we have..........................Dr F
Pamela: Bob, I need to pick your brain about organizing the convention
Dr. F: Dr. Frankenstein
BobS: ok pam
Guy B.: Bob, have any storms by you?
BobS: not yet Guy
rich-c: they are dumping on you again, Guy?
Pamela: I need a) general advice
Guy B.: It was pouring here. Finally let up, but one dog got awfully wet.
Pamela: b) an understanding of the finances
BobS: ok, general then
rich-c: save a bit if that rain and send it here - we need some this week
Pamela: c) who to speak to at hotels
Guy B.: I have dinner in the over right now and Annie will be eating soon.
Guy B.: oven that is.
Dr. F: Pam: Best way to organize an event: Do it last minute, like 3 weeks before the actual convention, always works out! ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: F for Frankenstein? you feel like this doctor bringing life from death parts?
rich-c: OK, Guy has the most recent experience, so lean on him to write you and instruction book'
BobS: should be a reservations co-ordinator or som3 suck
Pamela: d) T-shirt and banners
BobS: just calland ask to talk to someone about holding a small convention in their hotel, you will need some rooms and a small meeting room
BobS: THAT will get you to the right person PRONTO
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on the surprise I talked last week. so I will be quiet for a long period of time... starting now.
rich-c: what about checking first with newspaper ads to see who's competing, and the local tourist bureau?
BobS: email me a list
rich-c: I'll bet the town tourist office in Niagara will inundate one with informationote I say information, not necessarily help
BobS: best way, just call hotels that interest you from the outside looks, people you know who used it, internet ad promising the world.........
Pamela: I spent some time surfing the Niagara Tourism website last night looking at available hotels - many of them don't have internet at all, or don't admit to it
Pamela: they are also all very expensive, or don't admit to having meeting rooms
Guy B.: You may want to try another town near Niagara Falls.
BobS: tha is a problem
Pamela: I think we may end up on the outskirts of Niagara Falls, either Fort Erie or possibly St. Catharines
BobS: had taht in Chicago also
BobS: so what, they would both work good probably
Dr. F: outskirts are actually better. we can probably get a cheaper rate and nicer facilities...
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rich-c: let's say when you start talking group bookings, the rack rate tends to lose weight rapidly
Guy B.: Chicago is always high, that's why I went into the suburbs.
Pamela: the biggest problem seems to be that Niagara Falls is a honeymoon town - not many hotels are geared towards business
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
BobS: dont you know of anyone who hotels it and was there in Niagara Falls recently ?
rich-c: in fact, many will even offer a group rate on their rate card on the net
Judy: Hello everyone
BobS: coudl be a problem.......
Guy B.: Cubs are underway after a rain delay.
rich-c: hello Judy
Pamela: I looked at a Travelodge last night, it looked like a good bet till I realized they were asking $400 (!!!!!) a night!
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: that doesn't sound very good
rich-c: think that seems a bit high
Pamela: ya think???!!!
Judy: you don't have to be right near the Falls
Pamela: I'm going to have to get on the horn and start calling some of these places
rich-c: Pam, look at the travel secions in the Star and Globe - they often offer very attractive rates
Pamela: and it will take some time to learn what questions to ask
Pamela: I wish I knew someone in the hotel business
BobS: go to the hotel websites of major Holiday Inn, Comfort Inns, Red Roof Inn, etc
BobS: use the net girl, it is them
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Guy B.: Travelodge should be there too.
changed username to GuyFfff
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Judy: Hi, GuyF
Pamela: not at that price, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Dr F has to be Dr D then
Pamela: if we're going to keep it under $400 a person I'm going to have to do some hard bargaining
Pamela: no, that's Guy F
Pamela: I can tell by the way he answers questions
GuyFfff: We're both me.
rich-c: he just reentered under his own name
Guy B.: Well, he's on twice
Pamela: aiming for twins, Gui?
rich-c: we can deal with that
Guy B.: We have to knock one of you off
rich-c requested to ban Dr. F
Guy B. confirmed ban
GuyFfff confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
GuyFfff: Cool...
Guy B.: Now we know who's who now
BobS: Tues Oct 15th @ Days Inn 5 minutes from the falls.........$63 CA
rich-c: maybe we show rename GuyF the Fos ;-)
Pamela: which brings me to another question. How do you handle cost overruns - I can't afford to be footing extra dollars
BobS: 2 Queen Beds / Non-Smoking / Fridge/CoffMkr/Iron/Hrdry/Clk Radio/ Free Parking/Free Continental Break
GuyFfff: Hahaha, The Fos... Fozzy bear or Fonzie Fonzerelli?
BobS: no cost overrins, that is WHY you need to plan it ALL out in advance
Guy B.: Aieeee!
Pamela: but that's October Bob
rich-c: Foster's lager, maybe?
BobS: just a stab at a price, nothing serious
Guy B.: Pam, what dates have you got in mind or you don't know yet?
GuyFfff: I don't like being associated with bad beer, thank you.
Pamela: try July and see how much the price goes up
Pamela: I figure it's going to have to be in the summer because that's the only time those who teach and those who have kids can attend
rich-c: not that bad, Guy, just that it's brewed upside down
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'm taking a time out for dinner I'll return
GuyFfff: Great initiative Pam, but in 11 months so many things can change, you might end up paying a premium on the hotel just to be able to reserve it 11 months in advance.
BobS: price is up a lot pam
Pamela: Heck Guy, some of the places I looked on the web are already booked for next July!
rich-c: my experience with innkeepers is that the more lead time they get the more generous they are with discounts
BobS: email me yoru address Pam
Pamela: Bob, I'm a phone person, I'll probably call you instead.
Pamela: I will email and confirm your phone number. BRB
GuyFfff: It's like booking vacation packages. If you want to reserve waaaaaaaaay ahead of time, it costs you more than if you reserve a few weeks beforehand.
BobS: is a great site........or
BobS: let your fingers do the walknig with emails
rich-c: I don't think she should look at making reservations before say next March
Pamela: Bob, just sent that e-mail
Pamela: all you have to do is tell me yes or no
Judy: we always had the hotel before the end of the year, you don't have to put any money down but then you know that you have a place to stay
Pamela: well i guess if i'm wrong, you'll have to give me the right one : )
GuyFfff: How did Neil end up with the Adamcon? Was he on budget or did he fork out some cash from his pocket?
Pamela: I have no idea how he did for money Guy, he hasn't said
rich-c: I believe from what he said and some finagling with our account, he came out as even as he cares about
rich-c: I suspect Neil fussed about a small profit or loss about s much as the rest of us would on our personal balances
Pamela: okay, I'll have to give you a call in the near future and chat
BobS: ok
BobS: ok
GuyFfff: It was a nice Adamcon, I was very satisfied with it. The hotel was not as good at the Whitby hotel though, but it was fine.
Pamela: what nights are better or worse?
Judy: that sounds good
BobS: hmmm.......this week, Fri, Sat not good, Mon night be gone, other wise open
Pamela: well I'll try and if I don't reach you, I'll leave a message
Judy: we sound a little busy, don'
Judy: t
Judy: we
Pamela: you're allowed to have a life Judy : )
rich-c: hey Judy, is my funny key catching? 8-)
BobS: Fri = birthday night, Sat = Judy folks, Mon = my dad
Judy: not with the homework that I have to do and I have to get ready for another exam
BobS: tis like stuttering
Pamela: it's that stupid enter key again
GuyFfff: Allright ladies and gents, I just finished a 14 hrs shift at work and am dead beat... must grab some sleep before I wake back up again at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning.
rich-c: so Guy, you're being very quiet down there - what gives?
Pamela: gets in the way when you're typing on a laptop
Judy: yes, I had trouble with that also
Pamela: ick, guy
Pamela: 5:00 am that is
Guy B.: Dinner
rich-c: OK, Guy, getting the message loud and clear - a man needs his sleep
Pamela: get some sleep
Pamela: Guy
Pamela: see there's that enter key again
rich-c: so we shall see you next week
GuyFfff: A la semaine prochaine!
GuyFfff left chat session
BobS: say HI to Sandra
BobS: too late
Judy: just got home from class and I am done in
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: Bob, I'm going to put together a list of questions and I'll e-mail you so you have some time to think about them before I ask them in person
rich-c: yes, that's always fun, and lots still to go I gather
rich-c: Pam, where are the Drushels tonight, any idea?
Pamela: dunno - thought Rin was going to be on but she may be housecleaning with Cynthia due to arrive on Friday
Pamela: as for Rich, no idea
rich-c: right, Cynthia will be staying with Rin, won't she?
Pamela: it also may be too late for Erin - she's up really early these days for a 7:00 am phone meeting
rich-c: any idea when you-all will be going up to Thunder Beach?
Pamela: yes she will Dad
Pamela: dunno, that's a problem right now
rich-c: I think your mother is game anytime, and I won't be coming anyway - three family females would be too many
Pamela: I figured this would be a girl thing Dad
Pamela: however, our trailer weekends have been switched and that could be a problem
rich-c: I can stay home and try to rebuild the computer
rich-c: oh, how long is Cynthia going to be here?
BobS: "Bob, I'm going to put together a list of questions ".......................good, then call
Judy: that sounds serious, Richard
Pamela: until the 27th Dad
rich-c: well, Windows was giving me more error messages than production, wouldn't accept the driver for the scanner
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changed username to james
Guy B.: HI James
BobS: so tell us Richard,................did you RELOAD Win XP after killing the hard drive ont he desktop ????????
Pamela: Hey James
BobS: Hi James
james: g'day
rich-c: just forever crashing out and re-installing it didn't help, in fact made it worse
rich-c: hello james
Pamela: did you get everything and everyone home in one piece? : )
james: yup
Judy: Doug and Bob are talking about doing that with my computer when I am done with classes and wipe out all the evolve stuff
james: only took 30 hours
Pamela: ouch
Judy: they think that it is mucking up my computer
rich-c: I did a clean install, Bob, let it do a full reformat of C and go in as original
Judy: hi, james
james: hello
Pamela: so just how did you manage two ADAMs, one adult, one child and one suitcase?
rich-c: well, Windows is a defective program, imho - it just keeps going wonky on you
james: fortunately the luggage gets checked all the way through to narita
james: so from narita i just sent it to my house
rich-c: dare we ask what it cost to ship the Adams?
james: packing was a pain to say the least
BobS: full install fresh is a good way to go,,,,,,,you can't 'fix' the screwed up mess after windows blows it u[
BobS: up
james: from narita airport, about $20
rich-c: tell me about it!
BobS: may just go back, to Win98SE
james: would anyone like some hot summer weather?
BobS: NO
rich-c: tonight with full new install it still took four tries before it booted - that's before I ewven got Java and antivirus in
BobS: got it, cept for this weekend, it is supposed to get cool in the 70's and then warm up again
Pamela: and folks, let me put this out there: I would like your input on the convention - wish lists, pet peeves etc., what works, what doesn't. Send me an e-mail and let me know.
Pamela: no thanks James, we just got rid of some
Judy: no, we have had enough really hot, it rather humid tonight but cooler
james: it's been 30+ for a couple weeks now
Guy B.: Cooler here too
rich-c: I zstill have 98SE as well and I admit I am sorely tempted
rich-c: but Windows behaved after I booted up and ran Ubuntu for a bit
rich-c: I don't think Bill Gates likes competition
Judy: we sure did have a beautiful week-end, though did a little boating and played in the water, was great
Pamela: how was Doug and Meeka's weekend at the grandparents, Judy?
Pamela: and has Doug seen a dr yet?
Judy: good, her brother left this morning back to Florida
Judy: he has been staying with them all summer
Pamela: nice
rich-c: I guess that's a good sign
Judy: I think she will miss him
Pamela: I would imagine so
Pamela: James are you a/c'd at home and at the school?
Pamela: am I still here?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Pamela: yes
Pamela: never mind
Judy: yes, you are Pam
Pamela: what was for dinner Guy?
Guy B.: Chicken
Pamela: num
rich-c: these days you sometimes have to add, "or, that's what it tasted like" 8 - )
rich-c: it might have been packed in China...
BobS: expired bird???????
BobS: yes, this China thing with food is really scary
james: sorry to space out
james: yes, i've got a/c here
BobS: and now they say that the toothpaste in high end hotels is made inChina dn tainted
Pamela: s'okay James
BobS: ya'll still there??????
Pamela: Bob I think what the news
Judy: am I still on?
Pamela: is leaving ot
BobS: huh?
james: i'm gonna have to bail
james: too much stuff to get through here
BobS: ok james be good, say hi to the family
Judy: night James
Pamela: darn, it's hard to type iwht one hand
Guy B.: Nite James
rich-c: take it easy james, get you next week
Pamela: nite James
james: will do. have a good evening everyone
Judy: why are you typing with only one hand?
BobS: and not get food on the keyboard with the other....................
rich-c: we'll work on it
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: juice bar on a stick
Judy: oh, I see
Pamela: anyway what I was going to say was
Pamela: I suspect that what the news reports are leavign out is
Pamela: that there is an ingredient in antifreeze that may be in the toothpast
Pamela: e
BobS: no I saw taht, now that you mention it......they calledit by the generic name though
Pamela: glycol?
BobS: methyl glycol or somthing
rich-c: ethelene glycol, Bob
Judy: does make you wonder what is going on over there
BobS: BUT the good news.........the reporter tahat blew the whistle on the factory putting cardboard in the food product was discredited and admits he lied about it
rich-c: the Austrians tried using it tov sweeten wine a few decades back and blew themselves right out of the market worldwide
Daniel Bienvenu: almost finish... be right back
BobS: oops
BobS: that would give the wine a sweet tart taste, a kind of sweet and sour
Pamela: sn't it a type of alcohol
Pamela: ?
BobS: yup
rich-c: no, chemically related but that's irrelevant
BobS: kinda like "wood" alcohol which will kill ya
rich-c: aka methyl alcohol, or methanol - you can run a car on it
Pamela: I meant that type, not the drinkable type
Pamela: what, put toothpaste in the gas tank? : )
BobS: ok that works
rich-c: well, you can buy a car that runs on E85 - 85% ethanol, 15% gas
Pamela: after all we use rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant on all sorts of things that later go in our mouths
Pamela: as long as you don't swallow, it won't hurt you
Pamela: and as far as I know, most people don't take toothpaste internally
rich-c: yes, but that's isopropyl alcohol and iirc a good disinfectant - and cleaner
Daniel Bienvenu: hmmm, well, I will probably finish around 23h.
rich-c: it may even be the stuff that hospitals use for hand cleaning
Pamela: what are you doing Daniel?
rich-c: take your time Daniel, I just got my beer - a fine bottle of Boreale
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm completing a game with a bunny and eggs.
rich-c: unfortunately I don't have an Adam emulator any more - it got wiped with the rest of my drive
Pamela: the hand cleaner is 62% ethyl alcohol - I just checked Russell's bottle
rich-c: really? ethanol? that's interesting
Pamela: that's what is says
Pamela: it's the active ingredient
rich-c: you do know that the alcohol in alcoholic drinks is ethanol, don't you?
Pamela: also contains as inactive ingredient, propylene glycol
rich-c: the other 38% is stuff to make it too sickening for the rubbies to drink
Pamela: and soften your hands, and make it smell pretty
rich-c: yeah, that too
Judy: I am going to sign off, just to tired can''t keep my eyes on the computer, so night all until next week
rich-c: I'd better get used to it - I will be back in hospital later this year I expect
Pamela: also triethanolomine (man, that printing is small!)
rich-c: goodnight Judy, sleep tight
Pamela: night Judy
Judy: for what?
rich-c: oh, my hernia finally popped, so now it will need surgery
BobS: ahso, it was a hernia after all
Pamela: hey Dad, it's an outpatient procedure now, did you know?
Judy left chat session
Pamela: a far cry from the ten days you spent in the hospital for it the first time
BobS: and yo get to pick the color of the mesh don't yoyu ?????
rich-c: yes, that it was, the ultrasound didn't show it (too coarse resolution?) but the doctor found it
rich-c: well, around here the best clinic does not use mesh and outpatient cases are limited
BobS: bummer
rich-c: the doctor says I'm too high-risk a case for the specialty clinic to take me on
BobS: can believe taht too
Pamela: surprise, surprise
rich-c: I will likely end up with the best part of a week in hospital, is my guess
BobS: as long as you BEHAVE and get better, it will work out
rich-c: as long as I get the really pretty, nice nurses...
Pamela: Gee, do you think Dad has an eye for the ladies? : )
rich-c: well, I've got a truss which I hope will hold things in till I can get the operation
Pamela: any idea how long you'll have to wait for the surgery Dad?
rich-c: no, hope Dr. Santo has sent a referral to a surgeon, but haven't heard anything yet - only saw him Monday p.m.
Pamela: nag him
rich-c: I do know the Shouldice is talking November bookings, though
Pamela: what's the Shouldice?
rich-c: probably I should nag Noreen and Sandy
Pamela: yes
BobS: tell them you are in GREAT pain
BobS: ;-)
rich-c: a world-famous private specialty hernia clinic, Pam - does nothing else
Pamela: where?
rich-c: trust me, I am and they know it
rich-c: it's on Bayview about four lights north of Steeles
Pamela: oh
Pamela: knew I'd heard the name
Pamela: but nothing else
rich-c: yes, they are private but work within OHIP, one of very few that are like that
rich-c: essentially, they are quite prepared to accept the provincial agreed fee schedule
rich-c: anyway Dr. Santo says I'll be going to Sunnybrook, so I think he has a surgeon in mind
Pamela: at least you know the nurses : )
Pamela: wonder if you'll end up on 4D again
rich-c: yes, and many of them are - well, you know, you met them
BobS: but I thought you just said you were going somewhere else
rich-c: no, Shouldice is a well-known option, for routine cases
rich-c: whether I could talk them into taking me is another question
Pamela: now here's a question Dad, is this the same spot that you had the surgery on 20 -odd years ago?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: well that was cute
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BobS: anyone elsae still here?
changed username to rich-1
Pamela: yup
rich-1: I'm back
Pamela: just slowed down for a second
BobS changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Roberto: no, I thikn it blew us all out
Pamela confirmed ban
Pamela: I'm starting to think there's something to this dial up stuff
Roberto: and that would be?????
Pamela: I don't often get dumped when everyone else does
Roberto: good or bad?
rich-1: anyway Pam, Sunnybrook's numbering system is wing then floor, e.g. D4
Pamela: picky, picky
Roberto: actually, it is just amatter of the star alignment, etc
rich-1: I'm just relieved that it wasn't Windows crashing out on me again
Pamela: ah, I wondered, Bob : )
Roberto: and now, are we still here?
Roberto: up
Roberto: yu[
Roberto: farn dingerws
Pamela: I think we're just getting tired
Pamela: I know I am, didn't sleep well last night
Roberto: probably, the heat is getting to al of us
rich-1: at least as all here as usual, which isn't very
Roberto: seems like even if you have a/c, the heat takes it's toll
rich-1: we are finding nights cool enough that an open window and exhaust fan suffices
Pamela: no question Bob, our A/C doesn't quite keep up
rich-1: in fact, by dawn we'll be pulling up the blankets
Roberto: we turned our a/c off also
Pamela: altho we've had the window open and the fan going for the last few nights
Pamela: fresh air is always preferable
rich-1: unless there's a skunk in a defnsive mood oputside
Pamela: tis warm in here at the moment, though
rich-1: ditto but then the computer is hot and so is the light even though it's only 23w
Guy B.: Well folks, I have updates to WinXP to install and will be taking Annie out soon. Cubs are still playing. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: night Guy
Pamela: hope your Cubs do well
rich-1: OK Guy, goodnight then and see you next week
Roberto: nite guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Roberto: well, i think i will go too. Judy is upstairs getting ready for bead already
rich-1: right, and I too have had a bit of a day
Roberto: bed
Pamela: Smart Judy. Go join her Bob and thanks in advance for your help
Roberto: be good, and see ya's next seek, ???????
Roberto: week
Roberto: nite
Pamela: absolutely
Pamela: g'nite
Roberto left chat session
rich-1: ok, you be careful
Pamela: well Papa, is there a football game tomorrow nite?
rich-1: that leaves us with Daniel - he says he has a surprise, but can we wait?
Pamela: he's still working on his game I think
rich-1: this is a bye week, Pam, only two games both out west and late
Pamela: okay then I'll call tomorrow night and we can try some planning
rich-1: your mother will be quite relieved
rich-1: OK sounds good, hope Daniel will be understanding about our abandoning him
Pamela: I hope so too.
Pamela: I'm getting tired, didn't sleep well last night at all
rich-1: then goodnight daughter, hear from you tomorrow
Pamela: gnite Daddy, sleep tight
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-1: colour me gone
Pamela: gnite Daniel!
Pamela left chat session
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Daniel Bienvenu: it's 23h and I'm now alone in the chat... I've almost finish. too bad for the surprise.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tous!
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