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rich-c: salut, Daniel
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changed username to BobS
BobS: allo
rich-c: hi - took you a while to log in
rich-c: too nice and bright a night?
BobS: I kniow am doing 2 things at once
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rich-c: so am I, I'm playing Free Cell ; - )
rich-c: so what are you up to?
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
BobS: hi fred
rich-c: hi Fred, how's things around Montreal? Got the tunnel fixed yet?
FredK: Just came back from first meeting at school for my eldest daughter!
BobS: FIXED ???? like in broken?
FredK: rich, there is construction almost all the way to work!! hwy 15 and 13 just crazy!
BobS: am canceling the local paper while we are cmping this weekend
BobS: ontghe telelphone
FredK: then bridges being checked all over closing lanes!
rich-c: oh, e don't cancel the paper for much less than a week - too much hassle
FredK: Salut Dan!
rich-c: and Bob, Montreal had to shut down a subway line because of cracking in the tunnels
FredK: Yes not even safe for the workers!
BobS: nope cancelled for 3 days, don't want it to be sitting in the box
rich-c: I guess that's our advantage, with an enclosed porch - they arent visible from the street
BobS: bummer man........remember the bridge in Minnesota.........all the bridges, suybways, etc around the world are getting old
rich-c: yes, and Montreal has a bad case of sudden aging
FredK: You figure they would upkeep but then why not transfer the costs to the next generation and look good!
BobS: don't they all have the same problem?
rich-c: you mean politicians who won't tax what it takes to keep things safe? Yes, we al have that problem
FredK: lol
rich-c: táint funny, Fred, that's why the bridges fall down
rich-c: now they're threatening Toronto with bankruptcy next year becuse the city won't raise taxes
FredK: I know, I am sceptic about the laws of 'use the least to make the most'.
BobS: well, it amm comes back to bite us all......remember the bridges in Kobe, Japan????? they thought they had made them earthquake proof.........not so, they didn't fare well when the quake came for real
BobS: the best efforts of mice and men kinda fall by the wayside eventually
rich-c: well, that was an engineering error (or plain bad luck) not for want of trying
FredK: lol
BobS: true Fred, but sometimes, the forces of nature dont' know the rules OR follow them
rich-c: we have a nutcase mayor who promised no tax increses - depite inflation of what, about 14% now since he took office?
FredK: too much:)
rich-c: guess he expects all the city staff to work for free and all suppliers to cut prices for his benefit
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rich-c: mind you, he and council took a 9% raise for themselves this year
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello Pamela
Pamela: Hi Dad
BobS: Hi Pam
Pamela: greetings all
FredK: Hi Pam
rich-c: how was the weekend?
Pamela: damp : )
Pamela: at least, Friday and Saturday were
rich-c: well, it's not as if we didn't need it, though in the city we could have used moe
Pamela: we got a fair amount at the trailer
rich-c: you going up again for Labour Day?
Pamela: yes, and the weekend after that
Pamela: then, we'll see
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rich-c: really - Mom and Lindsay had enough?
Pamela: what happened to Daniel?
changed username to Captain Quebec
FredK: Salut Guy!
Pamela: no, but Lin has stuff to do this weekend and next
Captain Quebec: Hmm, Daniel told me no one was on chat...
Captain Quebec: Salut Fred.
Pamela: allo, Gui
rich-c: oh, he wasn't really here, just logged in then wandered off and got dropped
FredK: He just disappeared!!
rich-c: hi Guy
Captain Quebec: Hello Rich... Pam.
Pamela: how's everyone Gui?
Captain Quebec: Hey Rich, have you heard about thieves stealing catalytic coverters off of cars in your region? My friend just got his stolen today in a parking lot, and just found out it's a trend that's widespread in the USA.
BobS: you gotta be kidding......haven't heard of it here in Michigan
rich-c: no, what they steal here are airbags - and handicap parking permits
Pamela: Bob, how did your 28th street ride go?
Captain Quebec: Nope, not kidding at all... Google it, "CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFT" and you will heard about poor drivers starting up their cars and finding their cats missing.
FredK: unbelievable!
rich-c: some of those catalysts can cost north of a couple of kilobucks, Bob
rich-c: you don'
rich-c: t have annual inspections in Michigan, but most other states do
Captain Quebec: Apparently there are some very expensive metals in there such as Rhodium and Palladium I believe and the prices have soared in the past few months....
Captain Quebec: Think $1000US/ounce
rich-c: yes, and platinum, though that likely isn't the issue
Captain Quebec: It certainly is. They steal cats in order to extract those precious metals.
BobS: ahos, they are stealing them for the materilas, not the actual converter to sell
rich-c: if there is an anual emissions test, you have to have a catalyst to pass it - a working cat
Captain Quebec: They steal cats off of cars that are close to 20 yrs old... it's certainly not because it's a cat in pristine and mint condition.
rich-c: those ones are probably particularly rich in platinum - they have found more economical ways of making them now
Pamela: makes one wonder - what do they do with the ones that die, like mine did?
rich-c: like copper - here they steal bronze vases off gravestones, and even big public statues
Captain Quebec: They recyle it, precious metals in there are still good and can be extracted.
rich-c: they recycle them, Pam
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Captain Quebec: hi Dan.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
FredK: Rebonjour Dan!
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I was at the chat session, but alone and in another dimension
FredK: doudoudoudoudou.....
Captain Quebec: at least you figured it out!!!
Pamela: nice twilite zone there Fred : )
FredK: translated one!
Pamela: oh, is that the french version?
Daniel Bienvenu: I just did a reload, and boum, I'm here with you.
FredK: yup!
Captain Quebec: Awesome!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: La quatrième dimension
Pamela: Fred I've been meaning to ask you, what do you do for a living?
FredK: try to be funny :)
Captain Quebec: haha, comedian...
Pamela: do you succeed? : )
rich-c: wish I could do that, Daniel - I'm on the laptop because the desktop is dead
Daniel Bienvenu: ironic because time is considered the 4th dimension.
FredK: I am a customer service agent for Bombardier.
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changed username to Guy B.
FredK: working for DHL that is the (global forwarding division).
FredK: not the courrier
Guy B.: Greetings from COOLLLL Chicago
rich-c: hello Guy, nice clear night in Chicago?
Pamela: Hi Guy
FredK: Hi Guy
Captain Quebec: Hi Guy B.
Guy B.: Guy F is that you?
FredK: and you Pam?
Captain Quebec: Yes, sure is Guy.
Guy B.: Master of Disguise
Pamela: I work for Marsh Canada
Captain Quebec: Pamela: Swamp Lands?
Pamela: largest insurance broker in Canada
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Fred, je travaille très fort présentement pour faire un second vidéo qui devrait couvrir une autre partie de la présentation que je t'ai déjà envoyée par email.
Pamela: commercial lines of insurance rather than personal lines
Captain Quebec: Pam: Oh, thought it was some sort of gov't environment protection agency... Marsh Canada...
rich-c: still working on that video, Daniel? It must be quite an effort
Daniel Bienvenu: I've got a message from someone telling me to make another video about the texas instruments graphics.
Pamela: as it happens, Bombardier is one of our clients
Daniel Bienvenu: ... asking me ...
FredK: Yes they do have their own insurance for freight!!
rich-c: about the 9918 chip, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes.
Pamela: in my department we work strictly on the US lines of coverage - Liability, Workers Compensation, Auto etc
FredK: Merci Dan, c'est vraiment super, j'ai pas eu le temps de checker le lien mais le fera bientot cest sure!
Captain Quebec: Sounds like you really like your new job Pam!
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rich-c: there's a manual on that floating about the Adam community somewhere, not sure who has it though
changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw twice the entire presentation of Dr.D about Adam graphics.
Pamela: it certainly keeps me hopping Gui
Guy B.: HI Meeka
Pamela: HI Meeka
BobS: thi Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka
rich-c: welcome Meeka
FredK: Hi Meeka!
BobS: and how did you get on tonight?????
Pamela: five months in and I'm still learning the basics
FredK: Oh Daniel that reminds me I do have a copy and need to check it out aswell soon!
Captain Quebec: Yeah, not easy to juggle a demanding job and family, my friend is having problems at work and she might get fired soon because her job is just too demanding. They try to cut corners by hiring 1 person to do the job of 3 or 4 people.
Meeka: Hello
Meeka: with my laptop
Captain Quebec: Whenever I see the name Meeka, I always think of the Colecovision Emulator called Meka. One of my favorite ones!
Pamela: actually that's not an issue on my end
Pamela: I've finally found a company that believes in replacing lost staff to do teh work
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D presentation is bigger than expected. covering vector graphics, raster "bitmap" graphics, image compression, softwares and at least two easter egg.
rich-c: we are aving rouble with the emulator - not sure it likes our flavour of XP
Captain Quebec: XP is a virus, you need a tool to remove it. (low level format)
Pamela: the more I think about it, the more I realize I landed in the gravy
FredK: lol
Daniel Bienvenu: I also like meka, the multi emulator, because I can use it to see the charset when running a game.
Captain Quebec: Pam: Yes, same here.. I actually like it that my employer doesn't replace employees... this year, I'm probably going to double my yearly salary thanks to overtime.
rich-c: I'm trying, Guy, I'm trying, but it keeps coming back - and running worse
Captain Quebec: Yup, Meka is the best!!!
Captain Quebec: Rich: I know you would be so at peace with yourself owning and using a Mac.
Captain Quebec: Since I got my Mac, I simply use it!!! No more fiddling around with ANYTHING...
rich-c: at the moment my desktop is not usable and I am waiting for the Microsoft assistant to react
Pamela: well the problem with that is you get so stressed you're not in a position to enjoy the benefits of the extra income
Pamela: they also come to believe taht you're indispensible and you end up with no life
rich-c: sent her an email yesterday saying I followed her directions and now the computer wont work at all
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Pamela: Dad why are you continuing to struggle with that computer??? Why not just replace the damn thing?
changed username to Judy
Pamela: HI Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: At the end of Dr.D presentation, there is a video clip with rolling lego cars that seems to be programmed to avoid obstacles.
rich-c: hello Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: Hello, Everyone
Meeka: hi mom
Pamela: yes Daniel, that's the product of the robot lego course that he was teaching at CWRU
rich-c: as I've told you before, Pam, buying new hardware does nothing towards solving a software problem
Judy: I was just working on HIPAA
Captain Quebec: Exactly Rich, so your conclusion is good... Get rid of the software.
Judy: it is just plane crazy
Pamela: what's HIPAA Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know eveybody in this clip "robotic" clip.
rich-c: I'd like tom but Mac is outrageously expensive and demands its own overpriced hardware
Judy: that stupid rule that makes you sign an agreement when you go to the doctor, etc
rich-c: and I am not geeky enough to be happy with Linux
Captain Quebec: Bought a Mac Mini last year for abour $800 or so... it was brand new and the current model.
Pamela: it's probably one of his classes Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard the name "Eleonar"?
Pamela: Elanor is his daughter
Judy: I am taking an exam in it on the 10 th of Sept
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose she's the one in the middle of the arena.
Pamela: if she's tall and redheaded, probably
Pamela: (and resembles Rich)
FredK: Rich I had a problem with my XP with the emulator, my disk images would not launch, I had to use the windows fix to replace two files, autoexec and config
rich-c: anyway, I also got an upgrade from Mozilla that promptly crashed the program on my computer
rich-c: I am not into rewriting code, Fred, even Adam code
rich-c: the good thing about Linux is that I got on the Thunderbird forum for help and got an answser in two minutes flat
Daniel Bienvenu: Today, I find out that VLC is buggy. it crashes if I do a play list, and cause sync problems when I use QuickTime in Firefox.
FredK: rich If you want I can send to you by mail, its not code its a few steps in windows.
rich-c: the bad part is it will take me two weeks to translate the answer into English (from geek)
Pamela: that's average, Dad : )
rich-c: yes, but it's into a Windows box and command line work, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have about 1 minute done for the second video... still working on it...
FredK: Rich no, its not that bad, I can send it and you may choose how you feel.
rich-c: the number of hours it takes to produce one minute of video is kind of scary, isn't it?
FredK: :)
rich-c: actually the problem is that when Frances is using Logo and trying to save something, the program crashes
Meeka: mom, did the "bear" finally calm down this afternoon
rich-c: with the laptop we have only restoration discs, which mean big losses if they're used
Judy: yes, after I had to really get after him and then dad came home and he turned back into Ryan
Meeka: lol, figures
rich-c: with the desktop I have retail upgrade CD so can do repairs with much less sacrifice
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 minute 12 secondes...
Pamela: Bob, how did the 28th street ride go last weekend?
rich-c: yes Bob, thought you folks were going to post pictures of your cruise?
BobS: no we didn't take any pics
Pamela: WHAT?? No pics??
BobS: was a little of a disappointment, thought that there not so many cars out as there should have been....a LOT of lookers onthe road instead of sitting beside the road
BobS: and they all got in the wayh of the cars doing the cvruising
BobS: we did go ouyt and cruyise around both nights though
BobS: wasted lots of gas
rich-c: seems like the local organizers need to get their act a bit moe together
Pamela: did you have good weather?
Captain Quebec: ok, back... had to go play with the baby a bit and feed her.
Pamela: wow, tough job, Gui
BobS: weather was good on the actual cruise dates, vut BAD up until the cruise time
rich-c: our rain has just started - most of it hs been passing just north of us
BobS: think it stopped some caras from coming and also maybe some onlookers
Pamela: mother nature was obviously feeling cranky : )
rich-c: see youhave some good clear weather tonight, though
FredK: Folks I have an early rise tomorrow, driving someone to work and lunch with a customer oh and after driving that person home I need to pay the school for my daughter kindergarden...goodnite all!
Judy: yes, we do
Pamela: nite Fred!
Judy: the hummingbirds are going crazy around here
FredK: Bonne nuit Dan et capt. Qc!
BobS: yup, too warm here it is........we need normal temps for once......have already had 20 90* days this summer and today flirted with another
rich-c: nite Fred - I will raise a St. Urbain to you immediately
FredK: :)
Judy: must be getting ready to head back south
Pamela: I think so Judy - ours were nuts over the weekend too
Judy: night Fred
Guy B.: Night Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit fred
rich-c: we had a very warm day here todaytoo, though that rain is a cold front coming in
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Judy: they were chasing the chickadees away
Judy: at one time we had three, that is the most we have ever had
Pamela: we had a "bits and bites" weekend for birds
rich-c: our chickadees have been here but not too frequently
Pamela: meaning, every time you looked, a different configuration of critters and birds
rich-c: since I can't deal with the feeder, it is usually empty now
Pamela: you wouldn't believe the amount of niger seed we went through
Judy: our chickadees are here all the time
rich-c: that's the problem with niger seed - it's so expensive and the birds dore it - like feeding them caviar
rich-c: well IIRC your specialty is goldfinches, isn't it, Judy?
Pamela: well usually it lasts a bit longer - I think the goldfinches must be gorging in preparation for migration
Judy: the sunflower seeds go first around here
Judy: don't they stay by you for the winter?
rich-c: we just offer black oil sunflower seeds, take ém or leave ém
Pamela: our niger feeder is two feed tall with eight perches (four levels times two)
Pamela: we filled it when we arrived on Friday
Pamela: by Saturday mornign the level was down below the lowest perch
rich-c: it appears most of our goldfinches migrate though not necessarily all
Judy: we have our share of goldfinches,yes
Pamela: I don't know Judy because we're not up there during the winter
Judy: and they stay all winter just change color
Pamela: we had at least a dozen
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 minute 20
Pamela: as well as: three bunnies, four black squirrels, one grey squirrel, one chipmunk, three cardinals, seven mourning doves, at least three blue jays, a couple of chickadees, a couple of crows
Pamela: a handful of grackles
Pamela: I could go on
Pamela: but you get my drift
Judy: sounds like a full array of birds, no woodpeckers?
Pamela: not yet, we should get those sometime this week or next
rich-c: in the city we specialize in starlings and English sparrows, but have a fair number of rarer visitors too
Pamela: of course, a couple of our "woodpecker" trees came down over the winter so they may seek another location
Judy: I love to whatch the woodpeckers, Bob made a feeder that they have to go upside down and it is really something to see
Judy: we have tooo many sparrows also
Pamela: we had a couple of teeny birds, not much bigger than hummingbirds, that were ground feeders. I have no idea what they were. Very quiet colouring, browns and greys for the most part
rich-c: the downy woodpeckers are so cute- they love suet balls
Judy: that is what we have, Rich
rich-c: the real bitsy birds may be kinglets, if they are real flitters
Pamela: they weren't
Pamela: very happy to just wander around on the ground
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 minute 30
Pamela: and they weren't after seed either
rich-c: perhaps some variety of real sparrow - the English "sparrows"re actually a type of finch
Pamela: even tinier than finches, Dad
rich-c: well, real sprrows come in all sizes, that's the point
Pamela: I'm hoping for a closer look this weekend, maybe I'll figure it out
BobS: sparrows have to be the "smith" family of birds, all kinds of realtives to each other
Meeka: might be a wren, they small
Pamela: they might be Meeka
Judy: they do go to the ground also
rich-c: a wren has a stubby tail that it holds very upright
Pamela: nope tail down
rich-c: if they have little chesnut caps and chirp quietly, they could be chipping sparrows - they are very small
Pamela: ah, that's a possibility
Pamela: I didn't get a close enough look, it just struck me how tiny they were
rich-c: should be about migration time for them, too
Pamela: and I couldn't hear anything over the jays and the cardinals : )
Judy: they have a very upturned tail
Meeka: lol
Pamela: the jays and the crows were out first thing in the morning complaining because we weren't out there to feed them yet
rich-c: well, the chips are very quiet, even in the spring they don't have that much to say
Pamela: brb
BobS: MICRO BIRDS !!!!!! that's what they were
Meeka: lol
BobS: sounds good, eh?
Pamela: perfect Bob
rich-c: somehow or other, I can't find those in Peterson...
Judy: what color were they?
Pamela: I can't imagine why Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 minute 40 seconds... need to add images and it will be done. (yes, still working on a video about TI 9918/9928 video chip)
Pamela: grey and brown Judy, very nondescript
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I cover everything now.
Daniel Bienvenu: except the registers.
Judy: a kinglet is a little bird so is a blue-grey gnatcatcher
Pamela: mmm, peaches
Pamela: I should have a better description next week
Pamela: of the birds, not the peaches
rich-c: yes, but teh kinglet never comes near the ground, and flits so fast you can't see its ruby or golden crown
rich-c: and the gnatcatcher doesn't touch ground much eiher
BobS: we had white crowned sparrows, little bigger, but a REAL pest,.......they dig with their feet in synch with the music and make a mess like little digging dogs
Meeka: lol
Pamela: speculation is pointless until I have a better description Dad
BobS: WELL, that is rude to just dismiss our ideas pam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
BobS: ;-(
BobS: nnow we sad..........
BobS: boo hoo
Pamela: we can speculate next week once I've gotten a better look : )
Judy: a warbler is a small bird and comes in a variaty of colors
rich-c: my bet is some variety of sparrows - there are dozens of them from tiny to quite large
rich-c: the wsarblers are so colourful they're hard to miss though - and again they're tree feeders
Judy: there are some that don't have a lot of color
rich-c: some of the grey-green females can be drab, but even they have a yellow wsh on the underparts
Pamela: obviously I'm going to have my work cut out for me this weekend
Pamela: let's hope for good weather so I can sit outside and observe
Meeka: take a picture Pam, it will last longer :P
rich-c: and if you want something spectacular, look for a parula warbler sometime!
Pamela: I tried Meeka, but I was too far away to get a good shot
rich-c: go to max telephoto and shoot anyway, Pam, in the highest resolution the camera offers
Judy: alot of the warblers are suppose to be in our area, wish they were around
Pamela: it's no good if I can't focus Dad
Meeka: then get closer ;-)
rich-c: it's amazzing what detail you can get when your raw image size is like a blackboard
Pamela: hang on, let me double check the camera
rich-c: thught you camera was an autofocus
Judy: we have had some different birds around but you don't get a close enough look and then you don't see them again
rich-c: yes, well with migrants pAssing through, you get lucky for ten minutes, then poof
Pamela: nope, no shots of my little mystery guys
Meeka: you will mom, just will take a while
rich-c: we had a oriole in our neighbour and ourbackyards this summer - for ten minutes
Judy: that is about it, look now or miss them
Pamela: after a certain point
Pamela: Dad the camera won't focus
Meeka: took me almost all summer last year to figure out that i had a flicker
Pamela: it pixilates
rich-c: yes, if we're wsatching at the right time, e'll see flickers in our yard - for 20 minutes, one day
Judy: we did have a blue bird twice, wish they would stay
Judy: we never had a flicker
BobS: we are thinking BIG, let's get a BALD EAGLE
rich-c: they may Judy, I think they are a bird whose range is spreading
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be quiet, I'm still working on the video. it's now 2 minutes and continuing.
Pamela: how about a couple of hawks Judy
Meeka: he comes around quite often now
Judy: Aunt Carole has a raccoon in her back yard, they think the thing is sick
BobS: distemper
Meeka: yuck
rich-c: yes, we have raccoons in our yard and on our garage roof
rich-c: it's estimated there are more çoons than people in Toronto - I could believe that
Meeka: dont think we have had a racoon
Meeka: have had skunks & possums though
rich-c: you need any, I'm sure we could send you a few - they love garbge cans
Meeka: no thank u !!
BobS: what in the world are the coons in Toronto eating??????
Judy: skunks is not a good thing!!!
BobS: fertility drugs?
Pamela: the raccoons are really cute but they can be destructive
BobS: fer sure
rich-c: skunks we hAve, but no possums far as I can tell. Now, squirrels, we wrote the book!
Meeka: lol, i have plenty of them nasty things too
Judy: my sister is afraid of it because it is out in the daytime and can't climb the trees she did have the cops out but couldn't find it then
rich-c: and by the way, if you know anyone would like a few thousand Canada geese...
BobS: we do NOT want anymmore geese
BobS: darn things, filthy animals theya re
Judy: so now I think that Chris is just going to have to shoot it for them
BobS: wring their necks
rich-c: gee, we do have so many to spare...
BobS: so do we
BobS: we need to capture them and feed the homeless a lot of goose
Judy: there are way too many around here
BobS: darn things multiple like rabbits
Pamela: I don't think that Canada goose make good eating, Bob
Meeka: got plenty of those too
BobS: how about dog food
BobS: or fish food,. or something
rich-c: yes, here we oil the eggs, and round them up when they are molting and can't fly, and ship them away
BobS: but they still come bvack
rich-c: that, or get re[placed - keeping them under control is hard
BobS: ship them to Africa for food, heck if you have no food, they just might suffice
Judy: a form of chicken
Pamela: (tastes like cheeken!)
BobS: tell them they are cornish hens
Pamela: no no, cornish geese : )
BobS: make JERK chicken
rich-c: have no idea how edible they might be - geese is geese, or fuggedaboudit?
Judy: would probably taste more like duck, greesey
rich-c: I've never heard the question discussed - which is sugggestive
Meeka: well folks, my butt hurts so i gonna go lie down
Meeka: see ya next week
Pamela: night Meeka
BobS: ok Meeka
BobS: nite
Judy: should go to bed Bob's new job starts really early, has to be there at 7 am and on Tues at 6:30
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit meeka
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Pamela: oh ick that's too early
changed username to rich-c
Meeka left chat session
Judy: so night all
rich-c: hit the wrong key - again
Pamela: night Slopsemas
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go too. Will see you all next week
Pamela: night Guy
rich-c: night Bob and Judy - and Meeka?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie as well
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, give Annie a pat for us
Pamela: wow everyone is poofing
rich-c: yes, I hit the wrong key - or was it someone leaving blew me out
Pamela: no one left till you got back Dad
Pamela: so here's the deal Dad
rich-c: guess I hit the windows key then - it's easy to do on the laptop
Pamela: I'm supposed to be finished at 1:00 on Friday so I'm going to the Ex
Pamela: we're going up to trailer Saturday morning and coming home MOnday evening
rich-c: OK but I guess that will let Russell watch the football game
Pamela: so if you need me call my cell phone
rich-c: right but remember that Monday evening traffic is going to be brutal
rich-c: pick your route and timing really crefully
Pamela: by dinnertime it should be okay
Daniel Bienvenu: Let me know if my "not done yet" video about coleco graphics is simple enough to understand.
Pamela: we usually don't leave till about 6:00 pm
rich-c: you're sending it around the Adam list, Daniel, or posting it?
Captain Quebec: Still here, had to deal with a crying baby... She's good now, changed, fed and should be going to sleep anytime soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will send the link to the adamcon list when done. of course.
rich-c: well, Labour Day weekend is sortof unique
Pamela: just in time for Daddy's bedtime : )
Captain Quebec: Nope, have to go pick up my wife in an hour, so not sleeping anytime soon...
rich-c: Sandra is still out?
Captain Quebec: Yes, working.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have problems with voice for my video. I'm fighting with at&t and my typo.
Pamela: working where Guy?
Captain Quebec: Same place as last year, as a customer service rep.
Pamela: for whom?
Captain Quebec: A pizza company in Montreal.
Pamela: ah
Captain Quebec: Few mores weeks of this and it'll be finished...
Captain Quebec: I'm going on a 5 weeks vavcation, starting tomorrow...
Pamela: memory like a sieve - when is she due?
rich-c: as in, she'll be finished, or you will?
Captain Quebec: She's due in... 3.7 months. Dec. 20
Captain Quebec: Rich: Yeah, I'm already finished... running on reserve.
Pamela: oh right
Pamela: gotta write that down
Captain Quebec: Christmas...
rich-c: it's a stage of life, Guy
Captain Quebec: Easy to remember.
Captain Quebec: Yes, I'm enjoying each stage!!!
Pamela: you'd think but I've got three different friends pregnant here too, all at different stages
Captain Quebec: oh yeah? when are they due?
rich-c: yes, my namesake uncle ws born on Christmas Day - I was more considerate
Pamela: one is overdue, one is due in the next week, and one in early March
Captain Quebec: Wow, 2 are ready to pop!
Pamela: the one next week and the one in March are sisters
Captain Quebec: nice, kids will be able to play each other.
Pamela: it's great
Captain Quebec: Wonder how parents survived back in the days with 10 kids.
Pamela: the extended family helped raise the kids, and women didn't work outside the home
Captain Quebec: yes, extended family, something I wish I had...
rich-c: they're a mixed blessing, from what I've heard, some winners, some losers
Pamela: in this day and age it's far less likely that families live close to one another
Pamela: having my parents within a 20 minute drive is unusual these days
rich-c: but if you think it's coincidental, try moving to, say, vancouver ; - )
Pamela: no thanks I like Toronto
rich-c: just making a point
Pamela: and I like being close to my family
Pamela: I can't imagine being far away from home, like Allyson is for instance
rich-c: well, we're content as is, s you know
rich-c: anyway time for me to pack it in
rich-c: and give the computer back to your mother
Pamela: yes, 6:15 comes way too early
rich-c: anyway Daniel, Guy, bonsoir, et a la prochaine
Pamela: I'll try to call you tomorrow evening Dad
rich-c: and daughter, assume we'll hear from you in due course
rich-c: so nighty-nite, now
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: say hi to MOm for me
rich-c: night Pam, and all
rich-c: colur me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tous!
Pamela: guess I'd better go too Guy
Pamela: give Sandra a hug for me
Pamela: Daniel good luck with the rest of the video
Captain Quebec: I will, thanks.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Pamela: I'm outta here, guys - goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine, guy!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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