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rich-c: test
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late?
rich-c: no, I'm the only one here so far
rich-c: in fact I was getting lonesome
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
BobS: Hi Daniel
BobS: Richard........
rich-c: il fait chaud, ces jours, n'est-ce pas? how are you coping?
rich-c: allo Roberto
BobS: better IF I could speak French
rich-c: hey, after Ron tipped us, I let Java upgrade, and tonight it works
BobS: Daniel got a problem????? we can help!!!! :-)
BobS: tipped us about what?????????
rich-c: no, I was just asking him how he likes the heat
rich-c: we have 30C predicted for Sunday
BobS: heat !!!!!! speaking of which.......on sat is supposed to be REALLY hot here, near 90 * F or about 30* C (?)
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: that's waht I mean, HOT HOT HOT
BobS: hello Pam
BobS: how you are???????
Pamela: Hi Bob, good thanks
Pamela: Hi
rich-c: yes, we're maybe 18 hours behind you - weather (or air masses) usually moves at about 1000miles in 24 hours
Pamela: Dad
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich-c: hi Pamela, hear you're going joyriding tomorrow
Pamela: we are if Mom's up to it
Pamela: we'll see in the morning
Pamela: um, does she know where she's going? : )
rich-c: she seems tonight to be looking forward to it
Pamela: good
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
rich-c: she knows where she's going, don't know about how to get there
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Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, i was away for a minute
<undefined> left chat session
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changed username to Family Guy
Pamela: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: guy guy guy
rich-c: OK, was that Judy or Guy trying to get in?
rich-c: aha - looks like Guy F.
Pamela: note to self: bring the map : )
BobS: bring BIG map
Family Guy: hi all!
BobS: Hi Mr foster
rich-c: and bring it in when you come - even before Harris you had to go u a county road, since downloading lord knows what it is
BobS: and how is the missis and the kindern?????
rich-c: hi Guy
Family Guy: (sorry phone)
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Pamela: I just don't want to have to drive thru downtown Barrie if I don't have to
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
Pamela: hi judy
rich-c: welcome Judy
rich-c: how are the educational tribulations going?
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Panela, Rich, and Family Guy
rich-c: you have to - you have to go off the Bayfield exit (unles times have changed since our last trip, and I don't thnk they have)
Pamela: when was your last trip??
rich-c: you don't want to know - just when the cottage was sold - like maybe 1972 or so?
Family Guy: Hi all, sorry, the phone... BobS: Everything is great! How's work?
Pamela: try 1984
Pamela: I was19
rich-c: yes, I realized I had the timeing wrong after I typed it
BobS: VERY busy .....working 6 days a week, but that is the life of us stiffs that have to work, right?????
Family Guy: BobS: Been on vacation for close to 5 weeks, and I CAN'T WAIT to start working...
rich-c: seems to me that given the option, you prefer that to a life of leisure
Judy: I had my last class yesterday, now I only have to take exams and I will be done
BobS: Guy, yo have to be kidding man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
rich-c: and I trust you are approaching them with full confidence?
Pamela: that's good news Judy
Judy: yes, it is now maybe things will settle down a little around here
Family Guy: BobS: No, not at all... I can't wait to start making $$$. I'm not making much staying home on parental leave, and I work all day cleaning/cooking/taking care of the baby. It's just not worth it for me. :)
Family Guy: I went a few days ago to close the pool on my future new house, and took a few pics for all to see:
Judy: are you moving again, Guy
Family Guy: Yes, to our house in February.
Family Guy: 3rd time in 8 months.
rich-c: think I have that url copied now
Judy: why, so many times?
rich-c: sheesh! we've been in the same house since before Pamela was born
Family Guy: Well, we had to be flexible. Leases are 1 year in Quebec, so we had to find a place that could accomodate us.
Pamela: you can't go month to month after the first year?
Family Guy: Not at all... Nowhere!
Family Guy: We were lucky to find a place for 6 months, but rent was a bit higher than other places.
Pamela: well that's annoying
Pamela: so what happens if you leave before your lease is up?
Family Guy: You don't. If you do, well, you're stuck paying 3 months rent extra.
Family Guy: Which is why we had to move from the first place. They only wanted a 1 years lease, so we would have ended up paying those 3 months. Close to $2000.
Pamela: can landlords choose to be flexible?
Pamela: ie could your former landlord have chosen to give you six months?
Pamela: or nine?
Family Guy: No, why would they, when they can rent for 1 years and not have to worry about having to find tenants for 1 whole year.
Family Guy: No, they couldn't. We were there for over 10 years, and nothing...
Pamela: you'd think they would have wanted to keep good tenants as long as possible rather than venturing into the unknown
Family Guy: They pushed us into buying a home though, I was thinking of doing it next year, but... we managed.
rich-c: you're lucky, homes are much cheaper there
Pamela: do you have a crossover month?
Judy: not cool, sometimes you think that people think with there feet
Family Guy: It's all relative Rich to the income people make.
BobS: or their backside...........................
Family Guy: We make less in Quebec and are taxed more than in Ontario. Remember that.
rich-c: up to a point - but on your description, I suspect your house would be about $650,000 in Toronto
Family Guy: Did you see the pics?
Pamela: depends on where in Toronto
BobS: nice digs, but high for my blood......and income here in Michigan
rich-c: yes, outer Scarberia is notably cheaper
Family Guy: Yes, but I am not in Montreal either. I'm in a suburb, called Laval. In Montreal, it would have been easily 450-500
Family Guy: We wanted to find a place in Montreal, but it was impossible for us.
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changed username to R.MacFaker
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron?
R.MacFaker: yeah..... emulating X P on the eMac
rich-c: we are in North York, now a part of Toronto (to our disgust)
Pamela: faking what Ron?
rich-c: hi Ron
R.MacFaker: XP on my eMac
Family Guy: North York is where my wife was born.
R.MacFaker: Nothing is ever standard around here
R.MacFaker: so howz all the ADAMites
Pamela: where, Guy?
rich-c: why would anyone want to emulate XP on anything - except maybe a Vista machine
R.MacFaker: because I can
Family Guy: Not sure Pam... I could dig up her birth certificate though. :) Won't take too long, be right back.
Judy: Hi, Ron
R.MacFaker: waiting for OS X to come out for the DOS Box
R.MacFaker: Hi Judy howareya?
Family Guy: 2460 Keele Street, North York
Pamela: that sounds like Northwestern Hospital at Keele and Eglinton
rich-c: right - if you can now run (god forbid) XP on the Mac, maybe the good stuff should move to the DOS box
Pamela: did she grow up in North York too?
Judy: I am fine, Ron, finished my classes this week
BobS: Hi ron
Family Guy: No, she left as a toddler.
Pamela: shux
R.MacFaker: good ..... pass with flying colours?
R.MacFaker: Hi Bob - ya's lookin' well
Judy: I haven't finished all my exams yet
Family Guy: I finally got 2 gigs of RAM on my Mac Mini, OS X flies now!!!
R.MacFaker: ah....
Pamela: how many bedrooms does the house have again Guy?
R.MacFaker: guess so eh? Guy
Family Guy: Pam: It has 3 on the upper level, and 1 in the basement.
R.MacFaker: a real screamer
Pamela: and two baths right?
Family Guy: Ron: Yes, from 512, it's flying.
Judy: but I did pass my HIPAA last week and found out I had the highest passing score
Pamela: well done Judy
Family Guy: Pam: 2 1/2 baths. We have a bathroom in the master bedroom, but no shower/bath.
BobS: dong good Ron.....tired but good
R.MacFaker: Congrats Judy. Way to go!!
rich-c: that may have surprised you, Judy, but the rst of us would have expected it
Judy: thanks
R.MacFaker: glad to hear it Bob
R.MacFaker: Bob....
R.MacFaker: You and Doug still got access to any MFM drives?
Family Guy: MFM? Is that before or after RLL?
rich-c: why the question, Ron?
BobS: got a couple here, haven't turned them on in ages. but
BobS: there have been some on Ebay though
R.MacFaker: trying to repair my ADAM HD Unit.... which don't work none
rich-c: more or less contemporary with it, Guy - they wre used for early 3d party Adam drives
BobS: yes guy mfm before but similar to rll, and before ide
R.MacFaker: Will the Micro Innovations take IDE?
Family Guy: ok, I had heard of MFM, but couldn't place it in time. Thx.
Pamela: so why were you closing up the pool, Guy?
R.MacFaker: I can't remember what I need any more
Judy: now I have my next exam on the 15th
Family Guy: Pam: For the winter....
BobS: Micro innovations later version use ide, Mrak's original powermate units had mfm's along with disk dreives
Pamela: no I meant why you and not the current owners?
R.MacFaker: but the Micro Innovations case that had the push pins in it needs some attention. Think it's the HD
Family Guy: Pam: Oh, the owner was showing me what to do... It's quite complex, and well, in the spring, I have to open it up myself.
rich-c: I am pretty sure my MI hard disc is an IDE unit - and it is a replacement for the original
R.MacFaker: ok so I guess it's IDE I need. Can probably get something locally
Pamela: okay, that was nice of them
rich-c: we just bolted it right in (I had Michael's help)
R.MacFaker: Got my ADAM set up again with a 3-1/2 in floppy and 5-1/4 inch floppy
Family Guy: Pam: Yes, thoughtful of them. Lots of little things, pool pumps, sprinklers, etc...
R.MacFaker: but the HD unit won't work
Pamela: and who is the couple in the picture with you and Tamara?
R.MacFaker: by the way Rich, tell Frances she will get an e-mail from me tomorrow afternoon with disk images attached, and a bit of a write-up
BobS: ok ron, you had a center slot card.............and internal hd right????????
R.MacFaker: yes sir
R.MacFaker: that's still ok, so far as I can see
BobS: sounds like ide.........
rich-c: Frances is going joyriding with Pam tomorrow afternoon, but should get them in the evening
Family Guy: Hey Daniel: Didn't see you on-line! Yowza!
R.MacFaker: suppose I should take the cover off the MI unit and look.....that might help
BobS: external power supply???????
Daniel Bienvenu: me?
Family Guy: Yes Daniel, the 1 and only.
R.MacFaker: yes, MI external power supply
BobS: drive may just say IDE right on it mon
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guy
Family Guy: hi Dan! ;)
Judy: must be Meeka couldn't get in again, she was going to try
BobS: I would say almost 99% it must be ide
Daniel Bienvenu: did you work again on space hunter?
R.MacFaker: expect so, and if that's the case I have a spare 10Gig right here
R.MacFaker: won't use much of it, but it'll be better than nothing
BobS: won't work, have to have max of 1.6 gig OR speed is too dast to talk tot he ADAM
R.MacFaker: Should partition the sucker into a bunch of little drives
BobS: anything under 1 gig is best
R.MacFaker: ah...
BobS: speed is still too fast to talk to the ADAMnet
R.MacFaker: will surely one of my junk stores should have one
R.MacFaker: that'll make their day..... if I go in and ask for a 520 Meg hard drive
R.MacFaker: 0r less
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rich-c: yes, I think mine is an 80 meg of which 64 are usable - now if I only knew where it went
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Family Guy: Dan: No, I haven't as of yet. I should, maybe tonight.
rich-c: oh, it's OK, it was just hiding behind something on my desk
R.MacFaker: know what you mean Rich. Hauled all of my Adam stuff out of the closet last Sun
Meeka: hello
R.MacFaker: Hey Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka, how goes it - and how's Doug doing?
R.MacFaker changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I have also to work again on my coleco projects. I have arcadia festival soon and december is the deadline for everything I want to release.
BobS: man,........time FLIES whilest we have fun and then it is GONE
Meeka: yup
rich-c: fwiw Ron, I've often had problems with my boot disc for the hard drive - just doesn't like to respond
Ron: hunger strikes - bee rite bach
Ron: yeah, that's also a possibility Rich..... back in a sec
Pamela: I see spell check strikes again
BobS: OH, were going to tell me why the new Java will work now with XP
Judy: you made it I had just said that maybe you couldn't make it in, Hi, Meeka
Family Guy: Ron: Are you using Bootcamp or Parallels?
Meeka: yup i made it
Pamela: how are you Meeka?
Family Guy: Rich + Java = not a good combination. LOL.
Judy: you get your loot put away?
rich-c: I haven't a clue as to why, Bob - all I know is that it didn't before and now it does
Meeka: pretty good
BobS: ok, a mystery it is
Pamela: loot???
rich-c: I think when it balked before it may have sent an error message to Sun - maybe they got enough to identify and fix some little glitch
Meeka: yup
Pamela: tell
rich-c: or I was bitching to Dale and maybe he updated the program
BobS: hmmmmmmmm
rich-c: all I know is Ron got it and it worked so I tried it again and it works
Judy: we were over at Bob's dads apartment, we all could take what we wanted
Pamela: oh, that kind of loot, okay
Pamela: seems to me that's how we got most of our furniture : )
Judy: he got married
Pamela: excuse me???
Judy: that is kinda how we felt
Pamela: I guess so
Judy: the furniture was gone
Pamela: wow
BobS: what was left was mom's memento's, etc
BobS: and some stuff with our name on it that we were not informed was ther
BobS: there
Ron: Interesting but not funny
Judy: we weren't ever invited to the wedding
Pamela: things that were bequests?
Meeka: :-P, ya, i did a few minutes ago
BobS: some stuff we had given mom
BobS: and she put our name on it to be returned to us
Pamela: to quote
Pamela: Russell, holy cow
Ron: exactly
Meeka: k, we gonna go to bed early tonigth so I try to be here earlier next week
BobS: that works Pam
Judy: well, he was lonely
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried a chess puzzle online to see if I play well chess. the result : I'm not playing well, in fact I'm one of the worst than a novice.
Judy: night then, Meeka, do come earlier next time
Pamela: Meeka poofed in a hurry
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight meeka
Ron: gone is she
rich-c: far as I know the only Adam chess program is a port running under CP/M
Judy: she had a shot tonight maybe she wasn't doing well after that
Ron: yeah.... Sargon
Daniel Bienvenu: Sargon... I know this name... There is a Sargon II for a commodore computer
Ron: Same Idea Daniel. Think I have it around here somewhere
rich-c: likely it also runs under CP/M
Pamela: it's amazing how often you feel crappy after any shot, even those that are supposed to be benign, like boosters or flu shots
Ron: medication worse than the problem
Pamela: so I can imagine that her shots might make her unwell
Judy: no this is for the MS has them on Mon, Wed and Fri
Ron: Why do these thing always happen to the nice people?
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: does she do them herself, go to the doctor, or does a nurse come in?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Judy: makes them stronger
Ron: Mr. Bona
Pamela: when you figure that out you'll have the key to the world
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: Ron
Family Guy: Yo GuyB!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Ron: the Chicago connection
rich-c: hello GuyB
BobS: hi guy
Guy B.: GuyF, you know that's the name of show on Fox that I despise!
Ron: think so Pam.... alls I know is that I'll be around forever
Family Guy: Guy: Hahaha, I love that show.
Judy: sounds good, Ron
Ron: <evil grin>
Ron: another equipment thing.......
Guy B.: Well, I'm no longer a fan of Family Guy
Ron: anybody got an Orphanware interface they're not using.... to connect up Rich Drushels ADAMserve setup on a DOS box?
Pamela: I have never had the urge to watch it
rich-c: whoops! time for my beer
Ron: seem to have lost mine
Ron: I pay
Guy B.: In case you Canadians haven't heard. Our Chicago Cubs clinched the NL Central and are playing Game 1 against Arizona Diamondbacks right now in the NLDS.
BobS: oh Herman and ask if he has one
BobS: or GK
Ron: right
Pamela: I heard Guy
BobS: I think ................................OR it is on my webpage under links
Pamela: it's the first time the Cubs have made the playoffs in years, right?
Ron: Yup, I can find them ok
BobS: go to
Pamela: woohoo, dollar is still at par
BobS: just checked and went ther
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell in the kitchen and Annie is wondering when I'm taking her out again]
Ron: got an old 386 with a 5-1/4 inch floppy. Runs Windoze 3.1 Haven't got the heart to throw it out
BobS: THAT would be the best bet to find another I think
Guy B.: 2003 was the last time Pam and we came close to getting in the World Series
BobS: AND Herman has the software on disk
Ron: right....expect he does
rich-c: as wse say about the Blue Jays, Guy - wait till next year!
Pamela: surprisingly enough Guy I have no idea whether the Blue Jays made it or not : )
Ron: When was the last time the Cubs were in the post season?
Pamela: at least the Jays won the world series in the last ten years
Guy B.: I think it was a long time ago for them.
Pamela: sorry, fifteen
Guy B.: 2003 was the last time
Ron: ah
rich-c: you mean my old 386 isn't useful any more, Ron?
Guy B.: 1908 was the last time the Cubs won the World Series
Ron: send it here, I'll set up a pair of them
rich-c: that recently?
Ron: dual 386's WOW!!!
Pamela: as a boat anchor, perhaps Dad
Ron: Find it easier to make and test disk images. That's what the 386 is for
rich-c: you just don't understand thes3e things, daughter - maybe have to get Ron to explain
Ron: It won't run the emulator very well, but it will run the utilities
BobS: si senor
Ron: Is Frances handy Rich?
rich-c: interestingly, apparently even the latest desktops have IDE/ATAPI connections that will support DD 5-1/4 and 3-1/2 floppies
BobS: runs the utilities well and also the ADAM-dos program form Dr D
Ron: yup
Ron: this 386 doesn't know how lucky it is
rich-c: within yodelling distance, Ron - need her on?
Ron: Ok Rich....ask her (or perhaps you know).... does the have Filemanager (AJM) on her emulator setup?
Ron: like as a disk image/
Ron: ??
rich-c: I am pretty sure we do - of course we have the "real thing" if not an image of it
Ron: you'll need an image that you can access with the emulator. I can send it along just in case.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for a wifi card for a pc to convert it to a nintendo ds download station to be able to test my creations to my ds console directly without paying and using a hack cartridge to pass the nintendo protection.
Ron: That and about 1 para of instructions, you'll be able to make your own 320k images
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried one wifi card but it wasn't the right chipset for the custom driver
Ron: I'm going to send a couple of blanks she can use with LOGO
Pamela: Ron is there a Christmas card this year?
rich-c: Frances says yes, File Manager is there as an image
Daniel Bienvenu: This is the list of cards :
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for rt2560 based cards.
Ron: yes Mam. that's part of my motivation for setting up ADAM. Doing the disk images for Frances is the other.
Ron: and there's also just plain having fun like I used to do with my computer back a while
Ron: ok good Rich then I'll just send the blanks with a very short "howto"
rich-c: back a while - like before you let Redmond take over?
Ron: yeah,, somewhere there
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried one wifi card, but the revision of it used rt61 chipset rather than rt2560 one. so it didn't work
rich-c: I have lots of blank discs and my desktop will format them
Ron: but I wanna make sure my procedure works first
Ron: amazing how memory of this stuff fades
BobS: NO LIE Ron
Pamela: sometimes reflex is just as good
Ron: But Frances wanted images she could use for her LOGO stuff
Ron: I think
BobS: the process is kinda fuzzy for a lot of things we used to do
Pamela: don't htink just do it
Ron: ya got that right Mon
rich-c: oh, is there something special about blank discs for use with Logo? or am I jumping to a confusion?
Judy: sometimes that doesn't work
Pamela: yeah but sometimes it does : )
BobS: I jumped OLFF a confusion once
rich-c: or are you sending images of blank discs?
Ron: no, they're just plain blank disks. But if she's going to use them with the emulated LOGO then she'll need images
rich-c: unfortunately, the emulator is on the laptop which doesn't have a disc drive
Ron: they need to be init'd by Filemanager for EOS
Ron: but you can receive e-mail on it right?
rich-c: oh yes, it is the computer we use for email (though Thunderbird is wonky at the moment)
Pamela: that's the technical term, right Dad?
Ron: ok.... so I'm going to send you an e-mail with the images attached, and also a text doc
rich-c: yes - surprised you recognized so advanced a term, Pam
Ron: after that, you should be able to make your own images right on the laptop without recourse to the outside world
Pamela: I'm just full of surprises : )
rich-c: OK, for that matter, push come to shove, I can copy stuff from the laptop onto the USB hard disc then plus it into the desktop
Ron: yup
Pamela: you'l have your jump drives tomorrow too Dad
Ron: all of this assumes that I come up with something that works. Think I've got it right, but need to check.
rich-c: oh, the little drives I have now would handle those images, Pam
Ron: It's not as tricky for 160 and 320k images as for 720 and 1440
Ron: Also have a 5-1/4 inch version of Guy's Utilities that Bob made up at AC15
rich-c: but the gigabyte drives will solve a different class of problem - like the scanner driver
Ron: hello world!
Pamela: I love my thumb drives
BobS: hello Ron
rich-c: we're here, just quiet
Ron: thumb drives are cool
Ron: right
Ron: need one embedded in my head
Daniel Bienvenu: #include<stdio.h> printf"hello world!";
Ron: tee hee Daniel
Ron: That's the only thing I know how to do in C
rich-c: yes, I found gigabyte drives at Future Shop for $10 each - they were o/s but I got a raincheck and Pam cashed it
Ron: there ya go
Ron: So many projects, so little time.
Daniel Bienvenu: PRINT [Hello World] ... in Logo
Ron: Have a Manx C Compiler for CP/M here that Tony Morehen gave me 15 years ago
Daniel Bienvenu: Print "Hello world" ... in Basic
Ron: need to actually use it
Pamela: I was prepared to argue but they didn't give me a hassle. I'm impressed.
rich-c: yes, the Future Shop is a long way for me but just up the street for her - we coordinated well
Ron: ah so
Pamela: you should have tried the one here at Crossroads Dad - it's probably just as close as Leaside
Daniel Bienvenu: writeln('Hello world');
Daniel Bienvenu: ... in pascal
Ron: remember that vaguely Daniel
Ron: db 'hello world'
rich-c: it's about a sawoff, but going on 401 makes your mother twitchy
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: and why do you need to get on the 401? Take Wilson
rich-c: now write it in CP/M, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm wondering why the english version of this wiki page didn't include all the languages for the "hello world" classic test program.
rich-c: likely a space issue, Daniel
rich-c: Keele and Wilson is deadly - takes all day
Pamela: not in the middle of the day it doesn't
Ron: By the way, if anybody wants to take a look at my latest photographic efforts, go to
Ron: just thought I'd throw that in
Pamela: the best time to travel around this town during the day is between 9:30 and 11:30 am
Pamela: and I'd rather take Wilson than Lawrence any day
Ron: Wilson.... I remember Wilson
Ron: And Lawrence
Ron: they were both plugged as I recall
Pamela: if you drive them at rush hour, they are Ron
Ron: indeed
BobS: you are gettign to be quite a photographer ron
rich-c: neither is any joy, Ron - of course I'm no longer up at the hours Pamela mentioned - or not driving yet, anyway
Ron: it's fun, and some actually turn out
BobS: pics look GOOD mon
Ron: thank you sir
rich-c: didn't know Google has a picasa photo storage website, Ron - one of the others is closing down
BobS: like the 'airport' one and the boats reflectiolns inthe water
Ron: I don't know how long they've been offering this service Rich, but the camera club just discovered it a couple of months back
Ron: we really like it
Ron: and the price is right
rich-c: well, there are lots, like imagebucket and flickr and such, but how trustworthy are they?
Judy: it that time again, so night all talk to you next week
Pamela: good night Judy
rich-c: goodnight Judy, now go ace the rest of those tests!
Ron: flickr we're going to check out. Was talking about that the other night at our meeting with one of the memberts
Ron: Night Judy. Be well
Ron: good luck with the exams
Judy: will try
rich-c: and Bob, guess you'll be off too - take care
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit bob
BobS: yup, got to go, early day again tomorrow
BobS: next week all..................................
Pamela: night Bob
rich-c: I found the flickr interface a bit of a pain - they do not explain things well
BobS: and I am OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Ron: night Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: it's close to 23h... I leave too.
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Ron: ah... noted Rich. We all Like Picasa's way of doing business
rich-c: right, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: well, goodnight all! talk to you next week.
Ron: all 50 of us
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ron: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine, aurevoir, a la semaine prochaine.
Guy B.: t BobN
Ron: ballgame still on Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: |-) zzzzzzzzzz *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: some folks are concerned that their images are too easy to download
Ron: yeah, they probably are, and if you're interested in copyrighting your work, that could be a problem
Ron: There are many other photographer sites where the pro's hang out
rich-c: but I figure if you don't want to be copied all over the 'net, watermark and copyright
Ron: we just hit on this as a way of sharing our photo's after a day out
rich-c: and why not? there's one of our carnuts will take over 900 photos in one day
Ron: yes
Pamela: I must admit I love my digital
Ron: I 've never done that many. Think my high is around 150
Guy B.: Well, I'm off too. Going to see how the Cubs are doing
Pamela: and I'm using it more than I ever did my film camera
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Family Guy: I just bought a new digital camera a few days ago, a Canon A550. For the price I paid, it's incredible! Also got 4.0 gigs to go along with it.
Ron: Niters Guy. Be well
rich-c: goodnight then, Guy - hope you enjoy the game
Ron: cheer for the Cubs
Ron: that's a nice unit Guy
Ron: my sister has one of those, and it'll do everything my $900. Pentax will do
rich-c: Frances has the Canon A530, essentially the same camera, and she is quite happy with it.
Family Guy: Ron: It's an entry level camera, but has features that a lot of more advanced cameras have. I wasn't ready to shell out $500+ for a camera. But I am fully satisfied with it, even if it doesn't have a lot of the better features nowadays.
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Ron: Yup.... there ya go
Ron: and mine isn't top of the line by any means
Ron: Somewhere mid-range
rich-c: Guy, the way camera technology is moving these days, yours was obsolete before it hit the store shelves
Pamela: Mine is a Fuji Finepix A610
Ron: But the thing is now, the newer ones are getting smaller and have more features
Family Guy: Rich: A550 has 7 megapixels, A530 has 5 megapixels. No biggie there. I am really happy with mine, and will use it till it breaks, like my older Fuji Finepix 1400Z camera I bought in 2000.
rich-c: they're even worse than computers at the moment - I have a Casio 7.2 MP Exelim
Ron: When it comes to photography, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
Ron: there's so many possibilities
Family Guy: I didn't want to get any camera which uses Li-Ion batteries, only AA!
Pamela: mine uses 2 AA rechargeables but will take regular AA batteries
rich-c: for us the critical issue was for it to have an optical viewfinder, and I wanted image stabilization
Ron: Something to be said for that Guy. I have two Li-ions, and last week they were both dead. Would have been nice to run into a store and pick up some AA's just to get thru the day
Ron: that's what attracted me to the K10D (Pentax) Rich. The image stabilization has helped me immensely
Family Guy: Yes, optical viewfinders are not a standard feature anymore. My camera doesn't have the stabilizer, but that would have been an extra $80 or so. Not worth it for me IMHO.
rich-c: I take most of my pictures in 800x600 size, 3 mp resolution - anything else burns soptrage space usellessly for me
Family Guy: Rich: I have 4.0 gigs, so I embrace large pictures. :)
Pamela: It came in handy at the War museum when my first set of batteries died
Ron: that's usually good enough Rich, unless you're going to make a 16x20 printed picture
Ron: 8x10's are fine
Ron: only thing I find with my 10.2 Megapix is that I can crop into stuff I couldn't get with the Nikon
rich-c: mine are for home use, or web posting where
Ron: yeah, that's right.... and it depends on what you want to do
rich-c: standard is 800x600 anyway, and 640x480 can be better
rich-c: and anything over about 100 dpi is wasted
Ron: The club I'm in are very much into making prints, framing them, matting them and displaying them as art
Ron: not so sure as I'm going there
Family Guy: Well, when one wants to zoom into something, higher resolution is better.
Ron: I like DVD slide shows better
rich-c: oh yes, if you want to get detail in a long telephoto, very high resolution is very helpful
Pamela: you just love your tech toys Ron
Ron: oh yeah
Family Guy: What I love about my new camera is that I can take movies!!! It's an incredible digital video recorder as well... Very impressed.
rich-c: it's a guy thing, Pam
Ron: Was at a Mac club meeting last night, and our local merchant brought along one of the new iPODSS
Ron: iPODS
Pamela: no its not, I love my tech toys too
Ron: I'm trying to speak stearnly to myself
Family Guy: Yes, I am drooling over the new iPods, I have an 80gb iPod last year, and it seems like I'm outdated now.
rich-c: oh, Pam - looked for HUB today but it wasn't in the box
Ron: ya can't win with Steve Jobs
Pamela: got me a 1G MP3 player too - same size as a thumb drive. I mean, how cool is this?
Ron: you're always going to be behind
Pamela: that's okay Dad, I haven't read last month's yet
rich-c: don't know if it isn't published yet or sold out already
Pamela: why do you need 80 gig?
Family Guy: My Mac Mini is outdated, but works perfectly for me... I might end up giving it to my daughter in a few years when she starts learning how to use a computer.
Pamela: how many songs is that?
Ron: well, my son Jeff says, (and he just bought one) that he's going to put his entire music collection on it
Family Guy: Pamela: Movies.
Ron: I dunno
Ron: why I would need 80 G
Ron: yeah, the graphics will chew up the space
Ron: I mean you can get TV shows as podcasts now
rich-c: why would anyone need to carry a bunch of feature films arrounf with him?
Pamela: yeah but who wnats to watch them on a 2" screen?
Family Guy: Pamela: I have a TV out, and can basically use it as portable music/Dvd player. When we went to CUBA I was able to put 20 or so DVDs on my iPod, and all we had to do was connect it to the TV and tada! I also have my ENTIRE picture collection of over 5000 pics, etc....
Ron: I know Rich. Suppose the answer is, "Because you can"
Ron: there ya go
Family Guy: Yes, been doing the iTunes podcast thingy for a while now, it's great. Watching a movie on a tiny screen is doable, but I enjoy the TV out feature. Carry an iPod, a small cable, and that's it.
rich-c: too much like work for my taste. Besides, isn't Cuba on the PAL protocol?
Family Guy: iPod can adapt to whatver system you have.
Ron: Oh I suspect it's just a matter of time before I have one of the new ones
Family Guy: Well, it's better than lugging 5 family albums full of pictures, 40 or so DVDs, and 300 CDs with you.
Ron: gadget guy strikes again
Ron: true
Pamela: that's true. I tend to think only in terms of music still
Family Guy: Also... a neat feature that not too many people know.
rich-c: just make sure you back it up - regularly
Family Guy: I can connect my digital camera and upload all of my pics to the iPod and free up space on my camera.
Family Guy: My Mac Mini syncs everything to my iPod, I have everything on my Mac Mini.
Ron: What I'd like to know is what's the new iPOD display like outside in bright sunlight
rich-c: yes, or you can just put in a new memory card, or transfer them to your computer, or...
Ron: have yet to meet an LCD that does well outdoors
Family Guy: Yes, but you need to lug around yoru computer... new memory card, well, that's more $$$.
Family Guy: I think in terms of portability... I have my iPod, digital camera, and I'm good for a few months! :)
Ron: One of the problems I have with my camera is seeing the LCD in bright daylight....also the Mac Book, and the HP PDA
rich-c: ah well - I belong to a digital age that thinks in kilobytes
Ron: right Rich.
Pamela: I'm finding that too Ron - I took many of my river tour pictures in Ottawa by instinct : )
Ron: yeah, Pam - exactly, and that was bright sunlight
rich-c: I, on the other hand, have yet to use the viewscreen that I can recall
Pamela: especially standing on the dock on the Gatineau side, waiting for the tour boat
Ron: yup
rich-c: I just used the optical viewfinder and fired away
Pamela: I didn't realize mine didn't have a viewfinder until that day
Ron: One feature this Pentax has that I've yet to really use is a "preview ": feature. You can take a shot and have it appear on the LCD, but it doesn't actually get recorded on the card
Pamela: never bothered to check when I bought it (which admittedly was only the Saturdya before)
Ron: but if you can't see the LCD, then it's not much use
Pamela: we need to get parasols for our cameras Ron
Ron: one thing I discovered recently is that the viewfinder works best if I take my glasses off
rich-c: I thought the Fujis still had viewfinders - guess you have a renegade model
Ron: that's right Pam
Pamela: finally, a use for those little paper umbrellas!
Ron: On the Penax, the viewfinder is for taking pics, the LCD is for looking at them after
Ron: and never the twain shall meet
rich-c: after all my years with a film SLR, a camera doesn't feel natural without it's against my face
Ron: that's what most of my buddies think too. I have a little 6.2 MegPix point and shoot (Panasonic) that will let me see what I'm taking on the LCD. No viewfinder
Pamela: I don't miss the viewfinder especially
Pamela: at least not yet
Ron: and apparently OIympus will let you do either
Ron: one photographer's meat is anothers poison
Pamela: anyway gents, it's time for bed
Ron: yeah.... I'm gonna go back and play with ADAM
Pamela: so Dad, I'll see you tomorrow at 11:00
rich-c: yes, Pam, I agree - what time will you be here tomorrow?
Ron: look for an e-mail around 6pm your time Rich
Pamela: Ron and Guy, I'll see you next week
rich-c: thanks Ron
Ron: niters Pam
Ron: g'nite all
Ron: pooooooffff!!!!
Ron left chat session
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: Pam, what time will you be here on Sunday?
Pamela: late afternoon, about 4:00 ish I think
rich-c: need to know how much beer to put on ice
Pamela: now you know
rich-c: OK, I'll make appropriate allowances
Pamela: okay. I'm outta here.
rich-c: any idea how long you and your mother will be away tomorrow?
Pamela: we'll talk when I get there, okay?
rich-c: OK - nite and sleep tight
Pamela: gnite. Kerpoof!
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rich-c: and Guy, goodnight to you too
rich-c: and colour me gone
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